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Concept Art: Need It For Your Mod?
As some of you may (not) know I've gotten back into drawing recently and am on a challenging road to grow and improve as an artist in hopes to become a concept artist.

So what better way for me to get some work/experience/learning by doing concept work for your mod(s) if you need it.

If interested, contact me via

Thank ya.
If you could do concepts for a space ship/ 3d fly-by video ... 
If you really think some conceptual designs for that would help (i.e. serious), by all means elaborate and I'll see what I can do! 
No No No 
Phait, if you're the concept artist, it's YOUR job to elaborate, not the art director's (aka Speedy).

Supposing you take up Speedy's offer, just draw a spaceship flyby story board and whatever pops into your head along the way! 
Sometimes it's the artist's job, sometimes it's the director's job. 
I hear the urban warfare team needs a concept artist..... at least there you'll know your work will be put to use. 
Thanks Copenhagen... I've got a few other things needing CA too though...

SPEEDY! Come back here mofo 
that's the high-achievers mentality there 

I'm weird like that.

(I finished a drawing today too.. shh) 
mail or icq 68154481 
You finally got that job at the local branch of burger king? You show em' speeds! <smile> 
With All Due Respect... 
(...i.e., a little), the last thing most mods need is more concept art - what they really need is to be bloody well completed.

And probably not have such shite ideas in the first place.

And not releasing 20,000 beta versions.

And have more than just a bad idea and a "help wanted" page asking for every person they need. 
"And probably not have such shite ideas in the first place."

This is the integral part concept art plays - to furnish/flesh out working/good ideas. 
i get the feeling that a lot of mods need more concept work, not less, most of the time. This is because, as you say shambler, they are often just a bad idea and a help wanted page. With more specification on what exactly to include, and better guidelines on how everything should look, and how it should all work, the mod development would be a lot more organised, i feel.

Though given the choice between just getting the damn thing completed and getting some pretty pictures done, ill take the finished mod. 
With more specification on what exactly to include, and better guidelines on how everything should look, and how it should all work, the mod development would be a lot more organised, i feel.

That's not what a concept artist does though 
Yes But ... 
you re link is dead ... 
Cause I Quit 
I'm beginning to think if it's as frustrating as it is and I can't seem to accept it then concept art is just not the route I should go. So I'm not sure if I'm going to get back into improving myself or not. 
I Like This Guy... 
...but maybe your name should be phickle, not phait...

We've seen you take up and quit quake mapping, what, three times so far? Now you've taken up and quit the artist gig, what is going on in your life??

I can't decide whether to feel sorry for someone who is struggling to decide what to do with his life, or glad that the glorious freedom and excitement of youth is still pushing you to explore your potential.

Whatever... you decide! 
Better Yet! 
The Phickle Phinger of Phate. 
*frames that post by Bascule* 
I can count 
Read Above 
Suck my cock you worthless thread bumping jackass. 
Holy Shit 
this is old and I don't even draw anymore ^_^

invalid thread. 
Phait would be happy to compose music for your mod! Limited time offer! Get your requests in now, before he gets frustrated and gives up on music forever!!!1 
Wrong on that one. Not quitting on something I've been wanting to do for 11+ years and spent over $5,000 on ;) 
Just Curious... 
I came across this forum just googling stuff. I am currently a concept artist at a game studio and I just wanted to know what you ended up doing in life.. Are you still into art? Doubt this gets answered.. I am posting this almost 3 years after this thread died. 
SomeDude haha nice1
afaik Phait works at wallmart or some retail chain 
Thread Bumping 
stop doing it cos you're bored - why not think of a new discussion topic that's interesting . . . oh, yeah. 
That was 2003.

No, going to college for some graphic/print design this summer. I've more patience/confidence in web/graphic design for the past 6 years so it's only natural that's what I pursue. 
come back to tf 
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