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Winter Q1SP Map Pack 2005-2006
As warmer weather approaches, it brings forth new life, such as this small pack of maps authored by Zwiffle/czg and Hrimfaxi/Drew.

The objective of this event was to use the Quoth mod to make a map from someone else's scrap. Zwiffle and Hrimfaxi both submitted maps based on work by czg and Drew, respectively.

The Zwiffle/czg map is a tough and short IKBlue map with cool details and moody lighting, while Hrimfaxi/Drew made a sweeping egyptian and outdoor map packed with secrets.

Both maps require the Quoth mod.


Screenshot of "Teacups - Are My Intentions":

Screenshot of "Egyptian Rhapsody!":
Zwiffle/czg map: Please make it darker, I don't like to see where I'm going. Also, <Cristopher Walken>what this map needs is more teacup</Cristopher Walken>.

Hrimfaxi/Drew: Wow. Big rocks. 
I usually hate egyptian maps but this one at least had an interesting layout.
Zwiffle could have taken advantage of marking gold key doors and buttons as such and not trying to camouflage them as light fixtures. 
Finally I can play this in 9 months! 
Both Suck 
i dunno, but teacup was pretty cool until i got those walking polygon error monsters that shot with like every single weapon there is in quake. also those flying things make no sound like the shambler does before they shoot, hence they suck.

egypt was pretty cool until it got unplayable and crashed with gl_max_textures or something. 
Sounds Like... 
you need QUOTH MOD, megaman...
(quothed on top of the thread, ah!) 
Hrimfaxi's map was pretty damn awesome. I must say I was blown away. The only bad part was when it slowed down (about one third of the map was choppy) and the ending was kind of a letdown with the trinity secret. Other than that it was huge, bigger than the entirety of Serious Sam, tons of secrets, tons of combat. Just a great map overall. Great job Hrimfaxi/Drew!!!

CZG/Zwiffle, your map sucked hard. I blame CZG. He had subpar scraps. 
1 words "BRILIANT" :) i play this quality maps like last night and already want to delete all trincasp2 :| you guys make me puke on mine map... :| great work both! the one i like more was Hrimfaxi/Drew but more becouse i love Egypt themes...

congractilacion both for these great maps and thks for 1 pure hour off fun! will post demos wend i play alone...eheheh last night play with my kid :) 
lol post #7 was me... 
Thanks For The Great Pack 
very nice maps :) 
Hrimfaxi/Drew made the best map. Nothing to say except I love it.

Zwiffle/czg map has an interesting layout, and it is very deceiving that it is not finished.. and well, where is the damn exit ?!! 
On the bridge where the two Gaunts show up, there's a ledge you have to jump to with a teleporter blocked by some bars. You have to find a button for the bars then head back and jump across to exit. 
Teacups Rhapsody! 
czgiffle: yes, your map sucks. but in an enjoyable way. :) could have been a little more slopey, though. plus, i always wonder why you keep adding only so few monsters every time.

drewrimfaxi: wow, this really kicks ass. not only is it huge, drew's scrap was expanded in such an awesome way... gameplay was top notch, too. good use of ambient sounds, the sphinx statues looked cool (execpt for their backs) and i can't remember having seen the eyekeys before. :)
the fish beneath the first waterfall are stuck - i would have liked to see way more fish (like in the first water area) in general.
I still haven't played the new metastasis release, but I'll give this a whirl first.

I did play the first beta of Egyptian Rhapsody, and it was great. Didn't play the second because I was busy when I got the mail and then forgot about it (sorry, Hrim ;) Looking forward to checking out all the changes. 
Some Tech Issues 
Aborts or choppy gameplay in Fitz should be cured by using latest version (0.80) and enough heapsize (48000) like the readme says.

There are sometimes missing frames (e.g. 155-157) in the polyp animation, likely related to not resetting from cloak model when dying (QC bug). In latest DP beta, a cloaked polyp is still visible as a big white square (DP bug).

Teacups has a rogue func_door (brush entity without a brush) that can cause an engine abort ("SOLID_BSP ...") if hit by missiles near the spawn point.

Many of the Teacups torches are partly jammed into the walls, limiting their brightness. If you'd used an older light tool, they would've been completely black. Also, Teacups isn't vised at all, so it may run slow on some systems.

Egypt seems playable even in engines without extended edict support (600 limit), if the initial combats are done "carefully" (i.e. not too fast).

Some of the many Egypt paintings look better when used as external tgas, free from the palette.

I'm looking forward to play these maps! 
AguirRe just wrote a dissertation on the maps, and closes with "I'm looking forward to play these maps!" How funny. :P 
there is no fundamental reason why aguire's statements are in anyway mutually exclusive, as you seem to imply.

Aguire is helpfully listing some small technical issues, which he is an expert at. The correlation to enjoying gameplay is relatively small; if it exists at all. 
there was no sarcasm intended. Both maps look great and the above issues are either not caused by the maps at all or particularly detrimental. I was just posting my findings. 
teacups - too dark, very poor lighting. Architecture looked good from what was visible. Gameplay was unbalanced, but not too frustrating, but it was a little confusing.

egyptian - excellent excellent stuff. Having been to egypt not too long ago, the sense of awe that comes from seeing the structures was evoked in this map too. Some of the scale was very well done. Nice gameplay and good usage of Quoth stuff. 
Oh... "this" button... I didn't see it during the first run... I would have been great to use either a different texture, or a different light type... or maybe I should buy a pair of glasses ;P
Nevertheless, this very short level would deserve to be enlarged... though... 
Oh... "this" button... I didn't see it during the first run... It would have been great to use either a different texture, or a different light type... or maybe I should buy a pair of glasses ;P
Nevertheless, this very short level would deserve to be enlarged... though... 
Holy Shit 
.. sorry for the double post... 
Teacups isn't vised at all
again?! zwiffle, why? :( 
Kudos!!! you all!!! The Pack has finally come!!!! And I'm glad to see the community agrees with my view of Egypt as a true classic!!!!
Zwif's one has got very good architecture but lacks a number of other things, especially in the endgame fight... It's got a little surprise offender even, loved that... On the subject, I'm not that good at trickjumping but I suspect that if you manage(double jump from the lights? Fiend punch boost?) to get on the ogre platform after the gold key door while the ogre is still alive you can get a grenade boost to get on top w/o cheating, am I right? Anyone more skilled than me want to give it a try?
Oh, btw, Zwiff, maybe a lil' armour would have made the gameplay sligthly more balanced and funny, giving you the opportunity to get into rooms guns blazing, monster munching, instead of having to worry about being hit all the time...

All in all a very good couple of maps, with Hrim's going amongst my all time faves....

I meant that he seemed to become intimately familiar with the maps, and yet had not played them, which seems incongruous. I meant no implication regarding aguirRe's feelings about the maps' enjoyability. 
This Doesn't Look Normal 
are the death knights in Quoth supposed to look like poorly modeled spikeballs? 
try deleting the id1/glquake folder and playing again. 
In Mapping Land, 
maps vis zwiffle! 
Yo Yo 
had to use some haxor action, but i found how to get to all secrets in egypt. FUN! 
Glquake Folders Are Evil... 
Teacups: That was a very hard map. I wasn't able to complete it, even on easy. The map looked nice, though.

Egypt: Wow. I've been waiting for another epic. The ending felt a little disappointing, but I was playing on easy. Missed 2 kills, and found 3 of the 8 secrets. It also toook me over half an hour, but I got lost once, and I played like a complete pack rat. 
I'm writing this directly after finishing the Egypt map. It is a challenging and interesting level. The architecture was good and grand scale. Very nice looking through the whole map. I liked the textures very much also.
I played on normal skill and the combat was very tough. I died several times. I don't like maps with monster counts of 200 that much and I don't like quoth monsters either. There were many good combats but some unlucky monster placement also. For example knights that could be killed from water or ogres below/above you that couldn't hit you. Ammo was a bit sparse and I had to run away from monsters very often because of this. I didn't find any armor before the final fight (a red one would be good) and I had to cheat to finish the map. I liked that I could skip some monsters during progress but didn't know that I will meet them on the way back. I guess I have to play the map again on easy :P 
Mixed Results 
Teacups: Good looking small map with nice IK textures, but too tough gameplay. No skill settings and a general lack of ammo, weapons, health and armor. The overpowered Quoth monsters didn't really help this scenario. I also experienced progression problems early on.

Egypt: A huge, impressive outdoor map in the temple style that inherits a lot from Tronyn's earlier works. Lighting, textures and brushwork really fit together and form a believable place. Minor visual nitpicks were the slightly odd skybox, some lighting issues underwater, various thin brush seams and the occasional stretched or z-fighting textures. The underwater issues are caused by limitations in the ambient sunlight due to a finite number of "suns" and can probably be reduced by some ambient point lights.

Build quality was otherwise excellent, especially considering the size of the map. That it also seems playable basically in any engine is a clear indication of careful layout and good support from the Quoth QC entity management.

Gameplay was good on Normal; all resources felt sufficient. I'm also not very fond of the strong Quoth monsters, but at least the Gaunt felt visually very well suited in the open environment. Secrets were bountiful but pretty hard to find; I only managed 5/8 without resorting to QuArK. Especially the penta secret could've used some visual clue, maybe that was originally intended?

Thanks for the effort, guys! 
Thanks For Your Comments 
It looks like most of you liked the map I made of Drews scraps. Thanks!
Ankh: I'm surprised that you didn't find any armor before the endfight! There are several around the map to grab!
AguirRe: But there are a visual hint to where the teleport to the pent are! But maybe not good enough.

Zwiffle: Please don't hide the buttons to use in future maps as you did in this one 8-)! Otherwise a nice little map even if it was a bit hard! 
I have expressed myself not clearly. Of course I found at least 3 armors on my way, but I have used them up until the final fight began. I guess I had a bad day for playing quake and took too much damage :) 
Am I right to assume that you stretched texes to get lightmaps beneath the limit? 
As far as I remember - Yes I think that was the reason! It was skyhigh at some point! 
Egyptian Rhapsody Indeed! 
Great sprawling structures with massive obelisks and intricate details. Well lit throughout and good ambience. Huge map! All of it was splendor wrapped in a bsp package.

Gameplay was lovely. The final three enemies were beligerent and I had to cheat. :( Quoth enemies were well used and fun (except perhaps the very end). I found 4/8 secrets, but I also managed to get the pentagram even though I think my method wasn't sanctioned (see the demo).

Very fun and worth playing! The best fun I've had in a video game in a while. It was great to relax and play this. Thanks for the map, Hrimfaxi!

Demo (60 minutes long, 2-3mb): 
Thanks For The Demo! 
fun to watch. 
It Took Me A While To *finally* Get To The Exit, Though 
Hrimfaxi, there was some other way to get the pent, right? Did a lot of people use my method? 
I don't remember anyone getting the pent in any of the demos I have seen, so your method was a first allthough not the way I had made!

Want to know how?

Spoiler for anyone who want to find out on their own ........




Look at the light textures in the next area with the lift, one of them is rotated, shoot it! 
I Think (spoilers) 
I found the way back then... ***spoiler theres a lift that comes down spoiler*** 
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