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Scampie....and Now Trinca! <3
<Vermeulen> You there?
<scampie> no
<Vermeulen> Funny, very clever. But have you been telling people that Alientrap is a bad group to be a part of?
<scampie> yes
<Vermeulen> Why?
<scampie> because
<Vermeulen> Good reason. But if it is because of what happened before, that is quite immature. I did nothing wrong, you did, you thought it was a huge chance to get into the gaming industry, i said no such thing
<Vermeulen> All i said was that if we sell the game, you get some of the profit
<Vermeulen> You asked for a contract, i said no, then you write in your column how evil AT is?
<scampie> and it looks like in the long run, I've made the right choice
<Vermeulen> scampie, I am asking you for a reason why you are still telling people this
<Vermeulen> Because I did nothing wrong
<scampie> because LordHavoc asked my opinion, and that's my opinion.
<Vermeulen> But, i must say i am sorry for getting your hopes up, but i didn't think someone would actually think they were getting into the industry threw it. It was just like a basic mod
<scampie> yes, it was a bt of a misunderstanding, but still, even if you asked me today to do anything you even THOUGHT about selling, I'd not do a thing before any acual physical writing
<scampie> it's common fucking sense
<scampie> now stop wasting my time you fucking dipshit
<Vermeulen> "I noticed you also have a bad reputation in #terrafusion, something about being affiliated with the guy who claimed to have made all of ZTN's maps" This, i have to say, pisses me off the most.
<Vermeulen> Scampie, if you look at any internet game studio in the works, they do the same thing. There is nothing wrong with that.
<Vermeulen> and you could of just said you didn't want to be a part of the game and left it at that

This is what i was saying to scampie on IRC. I was not borthering him, i was just asking him why he was saying such bad things about me and my projects.

He then kicked me out of terrafusion, abusing the small power he had.

Scampie, could you give me some answers?
Scampie, Could You Give Me Some Answers? 

fuck off. leave drama on irc please. 
BTW, i would guess scampie would bring the ZTN thing into this.

What happened was this guy called Mattrew Rye, stole the ZTN maps and claimed them to be his.

he was in a group called Liquid Space. This group decided to split up after this.

The only connection i have to all of this, is that i was once part of the group Liquid space, BUT EVEN BEFORE THIS ALL HAPPENED!!!! 
Scampie, Could You Give Me Some Answers? 

fuck off. leave drama on irc please. 
Heh, Double Post 
Oh, And To Anyone Wondering... 
Mr. Vermeulen seems to be angry at me because of a column I wrote on Peej n Frib over 3 years ago...

Recently, I was speaking with LordHavoc, who is working with him on some kind of mod thing, and linked him to that column relating my experiances with him back then. 
I have to say scampie, i can see how that column would be useful to people.

But to say that I was apart of the ZTN scandal?
Or that I lied to you?
Then you ban me when i ask why you are saying these things? I've been going to terrafusion for 2 years, and i am banned now for asking a question. 
Good Column 
Those three points apply to any industry you could find a job in. 
that column doesnt mention your name at all, so if that's all that he linked to, I dont see the problem. 
Kick ass, scampie =) 
I know how you deal with this situation. You bring it up on a public forum. A public forum is the place to resolve issues. 
hye Lee Vermeulen, could u plz sux my cox? thx 
Back to the good ol' days of QMap, it seems. It's been a while. 
i know what you mean :) 
Vermeulen, scampie just wanted a contract, it's a concept familar to anyone who does a job.

You give someone making something for you a guarantee that they'll get some money if any is made.

It's that fucking simple. And you're not a company, you're a mod team with to much faith in 'Valves' 
Nonentity: I never said the group was a company. It was a simple deal, and is standard with most starting internet groups.

He wanted a contract saying no matter what he would get paid. If you go up to any of the online developing groups right now and ask them that they will give you the same answer i did.

The problem was scampie thought this was a chance to get into the idustry, and was very upset when i told him it was nothing like that. 
Do we really need you polluting this forum with a thread dedicated to this bullshit?? You have a problem with scampie, email scampie about it. We neither want nor need to hear your personal issues with him. 
Yeah, i know. This forum has no need anymore.

I put it here cuz he banned me from terrafusion. I am unbanned now, so there is no point to this thread. 
Ah Yes ... /me High Fives Scampie 
scampie + banning people = qmap/func_msgboard is a cool place again!

Keep it up brotha! 
C- Typical, Predictable, Fast delivery though. 
QMD has gone, you might think it's time to relax. But no, here Vermeulen goes. SIGH...

This conveyor of Satan will never end! 
Metl Should Delete This Thread 
i lost brain cells reading it 
what a fucking wanker. 
Lee, scampie happens to be a small shrimp. How about you lay the fuck off and pick on someone your own size? Eh? I would also appreciate it if you sux0red my b0ll0x once you're done with inertia's cox. kthx! 
... they'll never convict me. 
did I win this thread? 
no, you're fired. 
yeah, well you're even more fired! 
fire-proof exo-skeleton.
nyah-nyah, your mother == very fat, etc. 
I steal your donkey! 
/me Grabs The Global. 
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 1/2 pounds fresh shrimp, shelled and deveined without tails
1/2 cup olive oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 shallot, chopped
1/2 cup fresh parsley, minced
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano, crushed
2 tablespoons white wine
2 tablespoons brandy

1. In a small bowl, combine flour, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. Mix thoroughly. Dredge shrimp in flour mixture.

2. In a large skillet, saute dredged shrimp in olive oil for 5 minutes over high heat. Toss shrimp often to prevent burning. Transfer shrimp with a slotted spoon to a serving dish, leaving the oil in the pan.

3. In the same pan, saute the garlic, shallot, parsley and oregano over medium heat for 3 minutes; stirring constantly. Spoon the mixture over the shrimp. Return pan to the heat. Preheat your broiler for medium heat.

4. Pour the wine and brandy into the skillet and ignite with a match or lighter. When the flames die down, stir to loosen any browned bits on the bottom of the skillet; pour over shrimp.

5. Place the serving dish of shrimp in a preheated broiler for about 2 minutes. 
pull out the shrimp jokes! hurrhurr so funny!

Scampie has won this battle! 
This is ~qmap, where we don't just beat the horse senseless with a tire iron. We drag it out back and whip it into a pulp, and then try to ride it to the finish line. 
and i think that was a home run. 
k..... i didn't want to post in this again because there really was no point. But now that someone has brought it back from the dead....

I started this forum when i was banned from Terrafusion, and scampie ignored me, in hopes that i would be unbanned and scampie would at least answer my questions. I was hoping for some real answers, rather than supporting scamp because he owns TF. Of course, since this is such a small community focused around TF, i got no real answers. Now that i really don't care anymore, Metslime can delete this thread if he wants to.

But i must say, this community has developed to the worst community i've seen (i am comparing it to what it used to be 1999-2002 with Qboard and PeejNfribs). It is just full of flaming in TF, with very little discussion about level designing or quake. The best example of this is when speeds left, and he said he wasn't coming back to the community (scampie, and the rest of the people on TF spent at least an hour talking about how "gay" he was) 
You're "gay". Ok, this community sucks, but we can still be elitist! 
Idiots Like You Vermeulen 
To be blunt and honest like myself, I've delt with people like you vermeulen, you promise them what they rightfully deserve but then the project changes and you expect them to do it for free. You can't live off nothing, thats why people have jobs to begin with. Volenteering for a studio to do work for them for free won't put food on the table, better yet, won't put a table for food there. Besides, how can you pay morgages with a bottom line of nothing. If you are going to ask someone to do maps for you and he downright asks for payment, if you cannot or know that you may not be able to promise it, you don't hire them, simple as that.

By the time scampie hears he will not be getting paid probably, he could have already made maps for a serious gaming company, one that would have paid him. Time well wasted.

I've had this problem with many sites I've done coding or would have done coding for, they say pay, they shaft you and don't give you a penny for it.

Vermeulen, goto hell. 
I can see your point taco, it is valid. But i never told scampie i would pay him for sure. at the time i wanted to publish the game, and i said if i did i would split it with the team if it got published.

I DID not promise him money. I did not say this was a way to get into the industry. Then he came up to me asking me for a contract, i said to him that this was not anything like that, that this was basicly just a MOD team trying to publish a game. I was not one of those people (and i know the idiots you are talking about) promising the team members money for their work, then just let the project die. 
DINOSAURSAREBIG (or Maybe Not Just Look At The Birds Outside!) 
at the time i wanted to publish the game, and i said if i did i would split it with the team if it got published.

So you were planing to potentially publish and as a result make money from the project. Even if it's only a possibility if things go right you should work out agreements BEFORE money starts rolling in.

I was not one of those people (and i know the idiots you are talking about) promising the team members money for their work, then just let the project die.

You don't have to promise them money no matter what but should have a contract to guarantee they get their share if any money ends up being made. 
He wanted a contract that says he gets money no matter what....

But i am glad to see i am getting some response 
I have no idea why I read this. 
...because it's like the online equivalent of car-crash television... 
Title, My Arse! fact it's like car-crash TV on constant repeat, because the same arguments go round and round again with no apparent differences. 
Sup Doods 
hay guys what's going on in this thread? 
"He wanted a contract that says he gets money no matter what...."

Damn him for expecting a paycheck in return for time spent, damn his commie hide to hell! To hell I say!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you are 20 years old, previously unemployed, and are running this show from your parents basement. 
But i must say, this community has developed to the worst community i've seen (i am comparing it to what it used to be 1999-2002 with Qboard and PeejNfribs).

We aim to please, mind the claymores. 
This Thread 
Would be better if it had more links to amusing pictures of monkeys. 
I couldn't care less about who said what, but boy, do you lot (scampie, and those who "praise" him") have a sucky attitude. Replying every attempt at discussion with evasive rudeness sure is smart. No wonder this community shrinks and has been getting more pathetic over time.

Hey, if you are going to be elitist, do it right: make sure your superiority has some basis in reality (i.e. you have significant stuff to be proud of), and you actually have an audience of non-elite people to stand above. You people have neither. 
Now where did I put that really fucking tiny violin? 
My dog's name is Bailey and she likes ice cubes. 
THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU KINda misrepresented what was up with your proj. Actually the problems are several fold, but that's one of the major ones.

here's an example: a friend of mine asked me to talk to the team lead of a proj he was working on, . . . 227 (leads nick) talked (icq) to me about the proj, what his goals were, what i'd be doing, and a timeframe for the project. One of the VERY FIRST things he said was basically "I'm trying to startup a game company, and we have NO MONEY but i am looking for backers." and then said further that he was trying to get people that would stay with the proj if they got backing. i said "ok sounds cool."

He then emailed me an NDA that i printed scanned and emailed back, and then he emailed me a 47 page design document. The guy had not only his shit, but other shit completely together. this year he went to e3, talked to publishers and showed them a demo and had several of them want more information.

This isn't the way YOU came off with your proj to scampie THREE YEARS ago. from all the sounds of it, you wanted to do a mod but all your energy was devoted not to the mod but hoping that it'd become a valve or 2015 or splashdamage... a mod team turned commercial team. Those 3 teams are not JUST teh exception, but an outright unique happening... it just doesn't happen.

On top of that, you need to get over it: that article is dated over 3 years ago. on top of THAT, regardless of whether it's your fault for misrepresenting or his fault for being money grubbing, you have in scampie a person that had a bad experience with you. When this happens, you get bad reviews/references. I have both received and given bad references/reviews, and the best way to deal with it is to accept appropriate responsibility head on and be ready to clearly explain your position. you have not done this. DOING THIS is how you get hired even with a bad reference.

As a former mod-team lead, and Core Member of a recently deceased project, i can tell you that you are NOT a game company, therefore you can't hire people... you can only ask for volunteers. As a mod-team lead, you have no teeth. you can't force anyone to do anything, you are comepletely and totally at the mercy of the individuals that volunteer for your project, and you need to be able to mentally bounce back from the millions of setbacks that you're likely to have.

Get your shit together, know your goals (incremental and complete), and get over the 3 year old OPINIONS that don't directly blacken your eye. it was only an opinion. Ask yourself "WHAT PART OF THAT WHOLE THING WAS MY FAULT" AND THEN HERE'S THE KEY... you answer that question, learn from the answer, and move on. you haven't done any of that.

especially the 'move on' part. 
He wanted a contract that says he gets money no matter what....

sure. if someone is going to HIRE YOU, you want to get paid.

if you had asked scampie to do a couple of maps for a mod, he probably would have done that.

it was all in the way you represented it.

besides that IT WAS 3 FUCKING YEARS AGO.

Good Post, Monsto. 
pretty much the only post worth reading in here. 
Let's Release A Book.. 
"The love and hate of func and #tf - Volume 1"

With random monkey pictures. 
It should only have monkey pictures. 
no cheese and crates? 
If it only had monkey pictures, everyone would have to guess who is who.

I suppose that wouldn't be so hard, though. 
wrath, Grahf, bascule, you guys rock. 
no cheese and crates?

I'd say there's plenty of cheese. Just no crates. 
: ) 
"No cheese and no crates makes Homer go something something..."


"Don't mind if I do!" *goes crazy* 
did i miss something or is this thread retarded? 
Lee Vermeulen Is On Qmap ??? Fuck You Lee 
The leader of the nexuiz project ...
There is 1 year I contact him to map for the nexuiz mod he answer me very quickly ... He say the team need me for maps . At this time i haven't any site and first connexion on the web (sorry for my bad english , i m french). My maps wasn't very beautiful and worked, He pretexted : "i didn't like your light effects" He give me a very beautifull map "croctears" . After this message i ask to him if he can help me, no reponse no contact since 1 year i send to him an icq message to him but never he try to answer . I hate you lee vermeuleen you are motherfucker . Scampie you help me but sorry i hate lee he is a ... sorry for bad word i hate this man. Lee I hate you . I want tyou to know that stupid man ...

PS : All the mappers are started with bad maps and i can t accept this things . Thanks to all mapper of this website to ignore vermeulen . 
i don't even know who you are :P 
"Hate" is a pretty strong word. Hating somebody over something this trivial is what's stupid in my opinion. I think the people involved should just get over it, kiss ass if you have to - or just go your own ways and go about your lives and learn from it.

Lighten up. 
Sorry it 's real it is a little strond "hate";
I just have a long dicution with lee Vermeulen he is not a bad guy but the story is real. New mappers are our future, we must believe it. I was very vexed , But i have been too violent . Sorry...
I must correct my langage ... 
thanks for the kind words Here, but it may be just as well to let the argument drop. live and let live I guess. 
QMap Owns.. 
I Want To Be Here... well =) 
after 6 year the guy still a fucking asshole...

some things never change :) 
shame the article is gone. 
Nice Thread Bump. 
I have no fucking idea what you're on about now.

<Trinca> scampie you still a fucking faget aND a shitty mapper get a life bitch
<@scampie> k
* Trinca ( has left #terrafusion

and this PM long afterwards

<Trinca> you can stick fagetfussion in your fucking asshole stupid mother fucker

are all the interaction I've had with you in MONTHS. why you're continuing to yell and moan about me is beyond me, and you're likely quite right that I'm a complete asshole... but at least let me do something to piss you off before going off in a rage. I barely even chat in #tf or even here. 
Had sex with any protuguese women of late? 
the nice thing you made if fucking #tf first ban then the -O when someone OP me...

fuck you man, after 3 years still with -o

the only chirld i see in here is you... I�m just sad because that people still join in #tf with a fucking radical guy like you owned... 
Ijed to have sex with a Portuguese women you need balls not to be hide bewind a computer banning people because they had a bad sex or any sex at all... 
[23:51] * inertia sets mode: +oooooo ankel bambuz c0burn grahf Trinca Zwiffle
[23:51] * Q sets mode: -o Trinca

So funny... this still in this state for the last 3 years...

And I�m a mapper... and a original one... I dont play any others games to copy stuff, all my mapping came from my head! 
Trinca, I have nothing to do with Q deopping you. And I haven't kicked nor banned anyone in well over a year. I'd really give a fuck about anything that goes on in #tf... I just map and idle there and randomly chat when something interesting is going on. Only reason I looked at #tf at all today was when you spoke to me and messaged me. 
Really Don't* 
Heh, maps I made... Also, AT is a bad group to be a part of.

(no, I don't understand why this got bumped) 
Ever stop to think that maybe someone set Q to take Ops from you because you're a hot-headed person who is very easily irritated? I for one wouldn't want a guy like you to have any power. 
This thread looks like a children recreation center.. pathetic...

Please moderators, close this thread definitely... it sucks too much ;) 
Internet Relayed Cockyness 
Chill out, IRC is for chatting, not power games (on either side). An +o does not make you hip and cool, actually it just proves that you are a nerd who hangs out on the internet too much. 
Can I have ops, though? 
Had sex with any Portguese men recently??

This thread should be a sticky. 
Only owners can do this... .

And you are the only guy that piss me up nobody have any problem with me...

Anyway i will not return to #tf but I still think if a shity attitude and you are the responsible of it.

I have the right to have OP I�m much more of a mapper than some people that pass the all week talking crap in #tf the last time you ban me you said was Vondur.. so why should i beleve in a lier?

honestly I dont even think if I will make any other full map... speedmaps maybe full map I dont think so. 
JPL shut the fuck up!

aren�t you in vacation? go take a bath in the beach. 
Please calm down and stay polite you damn mother fucker :P

And I'm not in holidays: I'm back in the office since monday.. *sights*... 
*gets Popcorn* 
*sets thread to auto-refresh* 
Great! The big vow never to return - spoken by many, broken by most. 
Better get gasoline to pour into the fire! Then we can bbq some meat! God, I love it. It's so great that this community also attracts idiots. 
while (quake) {
_if (i%3=0) {
_} else {
_if (counter_trinca_quits > trinca_releases_map) {
__echo "HUMP MY RUMP!";
wait, that totally fails because I used a i++ loop before and was made a funny but then I ... ach crap... 
JPL did u ever saw a polite Portuguese? errr you should quit drinking at office...

fuck you all I own!

@Spirit: i must be initialized before starting the loop, else it will not work... though...

@Trinca: I QUIT ... good idea, and good afternoon ;) 
*eye roll* 
Its A Loooove Thing! 
Al these powerful feelings only point to one thing..... 
Firstly, for the record, I do actually have a problem with your drunken bitching, flaming and general aggressive, spammy attitude Trinca. It's not just scampie.

Secondly, since when was #tf OPs based on mapping ability? I thought there was some test involving spending the night with czg without the touching of balls...

Thirdly, who actually owns #tf now and can I get OPs? ;p 
Dear Scampie 
I'm sincerly sorry for having ripped you off when trading #Terrafusion ownership with you for a Gir plush toy.
I did not fully realise at the time, the burden I was passing on to you.
My deepest apologies.

Best Regards,


P.S. Trinca is an asshat. 
Reply Prediction 
nonentety STFU bich and go map!

i will not return to #tf total faget chanel so don�t worry i wont give shit about OP anymore becouse i QUIT!

i�m just very sad to see fucking losers like scampie be owner of a mapper channel :( chif
No I will not reply like this I still think some of you are just some stupid fuck frustrated guys that dont have a women to fuck and hide in the internet to show power that dont have in real life...(nonentity, Scampie, czg, Bal e.t.c)

nothing more to say already wasted to many time with people that dont deserv it.

And fuck Quake to... wasted to many hours of my life with this shit. Thanks god wasn�t at home... this way whould heart even more the wasted time! 
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow 
I Was Going To Ignore This Thread But... 
ya know what's pretty funny? The chatlog in the topic. 6 years down the line, where are they now? Scampie has worked in a professional game studio, and alientrap is still working on their amateurish game. Guess who got the last laugh. 
Guess who got the last laugh.
i guess its Trinca %) 


he is my fucking hero! worked in a profecional game... LOL

Grahf go get a women to... you American ediots spent more time with computer then with womens that�s why all america is coming black...

better negros then nerds 
ahh I never wanted to map for a company... I get good money in my country and I never FUCKING NEVER LEAVE THIS COUNTRY TO GO TO FUCKING USA... 
...Big hand slapped a white male 'merican.... 
"Grahf go get a women to... you American ediots spent more time with computer then with womens that�s why all america is coming black... "

I like that you spelled "idiots" wrong in the middle of your almost impenetrable racist diatribe. 
Willem I can read French, Spanish, Italian, English and of course Portuguese.

Can you?

I think some people like you are off topic no?

Or are you Scampie bitches? please keep quiet because you and others in here are not in my hate list 
"Willem I can read French, Spanish, Italian, English and of course Portuguese."

You need more practice.

"I think some people like you are off topic no? "

Oh sorry, was this the thread for hateful, racist sputtering? I thought it was something about Scampie.

"please keep quiet because you and others in here are not in my hate list"

I care about this? Piss off. 
You're an embarrassment right now. 
Not Just Right Now... 
My guess is it started with his first breath ;-) 
.. is a great Napalm Death album BTW...

Off topic I know, but it is like racism versus Scampie drama you know: who cares ? 
Shut the fuck up, really, because noone gives a flying shit. The only thing you are doing and accomplishing right now is turning even more people against you with your gibberish elitistic racism drivel. 
Who's got some good curry recipes? 
Also, For The Record 
I haven't been owner of #tf for years. Vondur is (czg was after me, then I tricked him out of it, then gave it to Vondur) 
I've got the Ashoka take-away menu :D 
Stop your bullshit. 
Drive Down Application Management Costs 
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Akatsuki List. (strongest To Weakest) 
TOBI- its madara who controled 9 nined beast your talking about, has to be strong

PAIN- couldnt fight naruto in 8 tails so not as strong as tobi but still bloody strong

ZETSU- not is known..should be either strong or uselss and just watches

ITACHI- amazing sharingan skill and let sasuke win.

KISAME- little is known but if he�s partnered with itachi..he should be very strong

DEIDARA- C4 attack was wicked..i recon apart from people with sharingan wouldnt stand a chance against it.

KAKAZU- could use all five teqniques at the highest level..woww

SASORI- unrated�but he proves how strong he is against chiyo..and killed 3 kazekage who had iron sand.

HIDAN- not very skilled..he can only use one teqniue which is that stabing himself thing�and just because hes immortal..doesnt mean he�s strong..just cut him up into little peaces or something then hell be useless�lol

have i missed anyone out?? reply if you wanna critisze my chosen list�thanks! 
I Know A Song About Hedgehogs... 
Bestiality sure is a fun thing to do
But I have to say this as a warning to you:
With almost all animals, you can have ball
But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all.

The spines on her back are too sharp for a man
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The result I think you'll find will appall:
The hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

Mounting a horse can often be fun
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With a shark it is faster, but the darned beast might bite
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You can roger a skunk if you can stand the smell
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Antipodean pranks -- you can futter a wombat
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You could thrust with a thrush if you fancy a climb,
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A skinhead's pet cat if you don't mind a brawl,
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Thats Beautiful :D 
what happened here

a wtfbomb went off 
you even say zetsu is unknown yet you put him above kisame??? one of the few akatsuki to come in contact with naruto and not die???

how dare you sir 
Who Likes Chili? I Like Chili. 
Chili De Morte

Start with a can of commercial chili and use the cheapest one you can find. The thicker the orange shell of sheer grease on top when you open it, the better.

The very idea that you would use real stew meat instead of cheap ground beast that's more pink than red and then add onions, tomatoes etc. in their fresh states is laughable.

Pour in a fistful of salsa and maybe leftover spaghetti sauce. Squirt several packets of Taco Bell sauce into it. Then crumble into it a whole package of Ritz Crackers or half a bag of half-stale Doritos and a bit of tabasco, if you are either feeling adventurous or are too stoned or zoned out to consider the possible aftermath. Squirt half a can of gooey cheese surrogate over it. Nuke some broccoli in a valiant but vain attempt to get some tangible nutrition into the glop. Add several jalapeno peppers to give it some zing.

Scarf down enough of it to serve 4 or 5 normal people and spend the next morning with your ass under a cold tap running at full blast (because you are too stupid to remember the last time you did this), as fire shoots from your rectum like Gamera in full flight.

Go to the store later and buy 5 more cans of chili. Repeat. 
That Looks Like Fun. Let Me Try. 
To prove that 0 < 1, we first need to prove the following two lemmas.

Lemma 1. The set of positive real numbers, {x in R : x > 0}, is closed under addition and multiplication.

Proof. For a = 0 and positive real numbers b and c, we have a < b, which follows from the definition of a positive real number. By Axiom 7, we then have a + c < b + c, and since a = 0 then by Axiom 4 we have c < b + c. Since 0 < c by definition, we also have 0 < b + c by Axiom 9. Thus the positive real numbers are closed under addition. Likewise for a = 0 and positive real numbers b, c, we have a < b. From Axioms 4 and 8, we have 0 = ac < bc, so the positive real numbers are closed under

Lemma 2. For any real number a, we have aa = -a(-a).

Proof. This follows from Axioms 3 and 5, since we have
a + (-a) = 0
a(a + (-a)) = 0
aa = -a(-a).

Theorem. For the real numbers 0 and 1, we have 0 < 1.

Proof. From the field axioms, we know that 0 != 1, and by Trichotomy of the Real Numbers this means either 0 < 1 or 1 < 0. By way of contradiction, assume 1 < 0. By adding the additive inverse of 1 to both sides, we get 0 < -1, i.e. -1 is a positive real number. Thus from using Lemma 1 above, multiplying both sides by -1, and by Axiom 8 we get 0 < (-1)(-1). By applying Lemma 2, this becomes 0 < 1. This is a contradiction to the assumption that 1 < 0, and thus it must be that 0 < 1, which is what we wanted to prove. 
Near And Dear To My Heart 
What we would gain from P = NP will make the whole Internet look like a footnote in history.

Since all the NP-complete optimization problems become easy, everything will be much more efficient. Transportation of all forms will be scheduled optimally to move people and goods around quicker and cheaper. Manufacturers can improve their production to increase speed and create less waste. And I'm just scratching the surface.

Learning becomes easy by using the principle of Occam's razor�we simply find the smallest program consistent with the data. Near perfect vision recognition, language comprehension and translation and all other learning tasks become trivial. We will also have much better predictions of weather and earthquakes and other natural phenomenon.

P = NP would also have big implications in mathematics. One could find short, fully logical proofs for theorems but these proofs are usually extremely long. But we can use the Occam razor principle to recognize and verify mathematical proofs as typically written in journals. We can then find proofs of theorems that have reasonable length proofs say in under 100 pages. A person who proves P = NP would walk home from the Clay Institute not with $1 million check but with seven (actually six since the Poincar� Conjecture appears solved). 
These Are My Chili Peppers Now 
. . . A Song About 
Buggering a hedgehog with a chilli pepper. 
Don't think I'm gonna watch that 
... watch the video: I need an account 
Why would you want to watch a video of an animal processing tool which nonentity posted and even Zwiffle is wary? 
Just By... 
.. curiosity :P 
I Watched It 
Mmmm - lamb stock :D 
Just By...
#137 posted by JPL [] on 2009/08/27 14:29:10
.. curiosity :P


Liberal philosophy?

Constant velocity? 
None Of Them... 
.. just curiosity...

Oh nevermind :/ 
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