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2006 Q2 Cafe Mapping Contest Results
The Quake 2 Cafe just concluded their 2006 Mapping Contest and a great turnout it was!

Final Scores:
Judges' comments:
More information:

Downloads: (individual maps) (one big zip)

1st map looks nice. the others seem to range from pretty basic to bleh... judging from the screenshots at least. 
Good To See Q2 Is Also Still Going Strong. 
the first place map looked decent, but it just reminds me of how orange Quake 2 was.

From the time when coloured lighting was new.

I made some very orange maps too, so I guess I can't criticise. 
Jester's Map 
looks great as usual. 
Heh, OT But... 
Compared to that forum, func is like a comfortable classy placid elegant five-star hotel decorated in good style. :) 
Good To See .... 
cool, good to see that the news has spread around !!
Quake (2) is alive and well.

just answering some of the remarks here :

Quake 2 IS orange ?
lol. what does this mean ? you can use all available colors and can bathe your map in green, blue, purple or whatever color you like light.

you can also create realistic looking white light, directional sunlight using Arghrad and use colored lights just to stand out ....
you can do whatever you want to do with light in Quake 2.

so I have a problem understanding what a sentence like "Quake 2 IS orange" really means .... lol


"first map is good, all others are basic to bleh ?"
hmm, I don't think Sabotuers map is basic ?
you are setting maybe a somewhat too high standard there. I mean, considering how disappointed I am usually when I download Q1 and Q3 maps (to have a look at them), even from the "bestest of the bestest" stites.
only few maps count in the end, independent for which game. most maps are unneccessary.
(I spent days looking for tons of Quakeworld maps and running through them, with the idea of getting inspirations by "going back to the roots" and such and ended up totally bored and frustrated by the sameness of all this stuff. worse: by the lack of originality. as soon as Quake 2 came out Quake 1 mappers started using Quake 2 textures and imitating the style, same repeated when Q3 came out .... there is no such a thing as a definite style for Quake maps. They didn't really have much more substance and self-reliance back then, that's just a romantic myth)


"Compared to that forum, func is like a comfortable classy placid elegant five-star hotel decorated in good style. (smilesmile)"

man, and considering HOW shabby your place here is we have to be really, really bad ... :P

however, it's all in your mind mind.

noone detains you from making up your own little reality, that's what freedom is for.

I Have To Say ... 
... if I were to associate Quake 2 with a colour, it would be orange. That's not to say Q2 isn't capable of rendering a fuller spectrum of colours, orange just happens to be very common [and possibly slightly overused] in Quake 2 maps. That's probably a result of the orange sky.

As for the quality of the maps, then based purely upon the screenshots I too think that all of them but the first-place map look rather bland. It's not the textures, the engine or the lighting, they just have bland brushwork and very sparse, flat looking areas. I think generally Quake 1 and 3 mappers do push architecture more imaginatively than the average Q2 map. Again, not saying Q2 isn't equipped for imaginative brushwork. 
there is no such a thing as a definite style for Quake maps

Quake is brown.

Jesper's map looks very sexy, good butresses, good use of height to add more detail, and it just looks polished. The other entries, look-wise, range from decent to below average. They have that dated look and feel to them from the screenshots, from the early days of Q2.

Still, nice to see such contests still going. Thumbs up for the effort and execution, and I was blown away by the number of entries. 
Quake 2 Is Orange... 
Ok, ok. I know you can make maps any colour you like, but the game does tend to be very orange. It's no big deal.

Quake 2 was one of the first games to support coloured lighting, and on voodoo boards it looked fairly orange. Nvidia boards seemed to saturate the colours even more, and it became even more orange.

Anyway, I made a bunch of Quake 2 maps a long time ago (if you search for ktimpakt - half of those are mine) and when I look at them now, they mostly look a bit orange. The textures are quite orangey (brown) and the lighting is also orange. White lights were generally made to be off white yellow or orange, so that's why.

That's all I can say aside from that I love Quake 2 (though don't play it these days) and didn't mean any disrespect by my comments about Quake 2 or the colour orange. 
yes, you did. 
Yeah Ok... 
I shit on you all, you filthy Quake 2 mappers.

Christ, I can't tell if you are joking, Inert or you really think I was trying to insult someone by saying that their map was orange. It's criticism, that's all. 
I like orange. 
Color picking in a map is a direct representation of one's value system... criticizing lighting choices is a rather circumvent way to insult the very soul of a level designer. 
criticizing lighting choices is a rather circumvent way to insult the very soul of a level designer.

Really...geez...honestly struggling for words...

If you really think that any comment which critiques any aspect of lighting a level should be interpreted as an insult (an insult of the soul, whatever the hell that means--I usually try to insult someone's left nut rather than their soul) then I really just don't know what to say. And a "circumvent" insult as well. Wow.

Than, you're Hitler goddammit! Quit raining down brutal underhanded sneaky abuse and destruction upon level designers and killing kittens and making old people weep in their troubled sleep and just die in a fire, okay? 
I thought inertia was messing about. If it wasn't a joke, then yeah, wow. What pjw said. 
criticizing lighting choices is a rather circumvent way to insult the very soul of a level designer.

Come on, how could something that melodramatic -not- be sarcasm? 
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