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Hit Me With The Knowledge Yo.
Okay so what has been happening gaming / mapping wise in the last 6 months?? I've scanned through GA and stuff, spotted some things, but am getting keen on gaming again so want to know what's around.

So far:


Prey - this is good right?

HL2 EP1 - same?

Titan Quest - everyone seems to have been playing this?


Dark Messiah - pwn.

DOW: DC - kinda cool.

Penumbra - interesting.


(This is where I'll need to most advice).

DM3RMX - great fun.

There was some Doom3 map released that was some good, right??

What else is going on (yes, I saw Spirit's runes, classy stuff)??
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Holy Fucking Shit! 
Free fucking game? With fucking track editor? Really fucking easy? Why the fuck didn't I know about this! I'm fucking downloading it. 
You might like this, it's what I'm spooging for right now: 
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, since I've bleated on about it a few times... 
Kinne I See Yer Pointe 
yeah, that's rather unbalanced to have player respawned with full health, it should be 50% or something to keep things interesting.

Shambler: why wow? well i was ordered to play it at work. Though, I got bored after the week of insane play ;) 
Shambler (sys Spec) 
well every your respawn here leads to hardware update at your depot (or whatever sinister oubliette you live in). good to see you back and all, come to tf if thou wilt, feel yourself at home, and so forth...

since your last appearance here before going to cryolab for 1 year nothing much changed in terms of hardware specs. it's the same gf 6x-7x cards that are top these times. if you have something below 6x i strongly recomend you to get 7x cards (7800/7950). these have all the features and shaders supported and you won't have any troubles. as for the cpu, if you have something around 2-3k GHz it should do. and I think you have 1 Gig of ram already so you don't need anything more (well 2 gigs should improve things on very hungry games like oblivion or something).

as for the prey, it's very fast if you use hw spec like mentioned above, nothing will prevent you to set 1280x1024 and all high and play comfortably.

so there, hope my silly info helps. 
well every your respawn here leads to hardware update at your depot (or whatever sinister oubliette you live in). good to see you back and all, come to tf if thou wilt, feel yourself at home, and so forth...

Cheers for that, sinister oubliette LOL :).

Actually I don't think in this case I'm intending to upgrade now, just scouting out the options.

Zwiffle: Ah yes, good point. Hadn't followed that one much. But on a similar theme, what about Warhammer: Mark Of Chaos - looks like a seriously stylish RTS, will definitely get that.

Anyway people: MAPS! (please?) 
Seriously, I do not ever remember hearing about that ever before. Ever.

I've seriously downloaded it, and I'm going to seriously check it out next time I have a few serious seconds, but seriously that's probably not going to be any serious time soon. Seriously. 
Quick Tip 
Trackmania Nations has Starforce.
Just FYI. 
Trackmania Nations 
looks great fun, but it hangs my pc anything from 5 seconds - 10 minutes into a gam, which totally destroys it :( even blue screened windows at one point which is a massive achievement as I've never seen a BSOD on winXP before... 
True--I probably should have said that. It's never given me any trouble. *shrug*

Your milage may vary, so to speak.

Also, why Starforce on a free game? Who knows. It is a mystery... 
you guys think prey will run on a 2.0ghz AMD sampron w/ 896 of ram? with a geforce 61000 w/ 256 ram? 
The Demo Ran Like A Dream 
on my system, which in both CPU and Video Card is probably about a generation behind yours. 
GF 6100 = NO 
The 6100 is comparable to GF4 FX5200 in perfomance, probably even lower. 
Prey Demo 
Runs better on my Athlon 64 1.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 128MB PCI-E GeForce 6200 LE (shared 512 MB) than Doom 3 demo even does! Whatever. Not awesomely smooth, but about medium details it's quite playable. 
Guild Wars 
Shambler, im downloading the game as we speak (legally...) dunno how the servers work, is there just 1 or multiple ones? If there is more than 1 which one are you on? 
I See 
The 6100 is comparable to GF4 FX5200 in perfomance, probably even lower.

My current card is a Radeon 9500 Pro, so I missed that marker by a bit. 
Well...I'm not playing it much any more, kinda reached an impasse with the last missions. But if you get hooked on it and get to the later stuff, preferably the Desert or later, then I could meet up for some action. Certainly if you get to the Ring Of Fire (post-curry shizzle snort).

Errrr but it is quite a big and complicated game to progress in. You can do it kinda quickly by just doing missions but there is a hell of a lot to do not least with character customisation and all...

As for servers, they are divided into international and european districts, and sub-districts within that. You can only meet people in towns and cities and arrange to do missions from there. You'll see. There's quite a bit to learn. See if Kapt Kinn is still playing, he was quite early on.

P.S. MAPS! Where are the MAPS, people?! 
Guild Wars 
I stopped playing it around the time Shambler last saw me in there, which was quite a while ago. Would they still have preserved my account after all this time? I might be tempted to mess around in it again as long as I don't have to start over again 
As Far As I Know 
GW accounts don't get deleted due to inactivity. If you haven't loaded it up for a while you might find a nice little birthday present in the inventory of any characters that are over one year old. 
Yeah, after I started playing GW again I had a Christmas present for me. The expansion pack is pretty good too. The new classes are pretty unique, and the settings are gorgeous (at the start) but turn butt ugly for like the middle part of the game, when you're in this HUGE Chinese slum. I haven't gotten too far in Factions yet because my friend lost his internet, and I only really played because of him, but it's fun. 
Oh yes, I've got that in C:\Quake\id1 - so I guess I played it too. I seem to remember it being good, some nice surprises / ambushes, interesting layout, and an easy ending?

Any more or do I have to actually scan the news threads myself?? :P

Zwiffle - for some reason, I wasn't that enticed by the GW XP - it looks kinda cool but the settings didn't grab me so much...

My favourite places in GW are:

Southern Shiverpeaks
Northern Shiverpeaks
Canyonlands near Maugma 
Easy Ending 
everybody says the map had easy ending. I should have closed some bars behind the player to prevent escaping and it would be much harder.
Did you see the speedruns? Really good stuff I think. 
i assume you've looked at all the QExpo maps then? 
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