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Console Gaming Thread!
You know the score.

Thread for all your console gaming needs, discussions, game recommendations, questions, feedback, reviews, etc etc.

Post and enjoy!

P.S. Including old consoles too, although it's the newer ones people seem most excited about.
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"Hehe, I've had my 360 for about two years now, and I have never had a single red light on it (probably tempting fate saying this...) "

Yeah, I used to say the same thing - until my 360s started dying. It's not a matter of 'if' - it's 'when'. :) 

Is definitely the next game I'll be buying. It's from the same studio that did Killer7. 
I'd played enough wii sports at other people's houses that i don't have a huge desire to play it... but I did play a round of each game just for fun. 
The future of PSP belongs to Patapon


You can control an army, making them march and attack and so far by giving commands through the war drums. 
the video doesn't really show how that's supposed to work 
Many Worlds Mario 
This is similar to "Averaging Gradius" mentioned previously. A bunch of recorded runs of the same Super Mario World level, played simultaneously so you can see where the various runs seperate and converge. 
i decided that instead of getting a psp, im going for a ps2 :)

mostly because i remembered a game that i wanted to play when it came out, and sucks that there is no pc port! or even a wii port or something (said game is shadow of the colossus)

i'll probably get one by the end of the month, with these games:

the warriors
shadow of the colossus
katarami damacy

i also thought of getting on the far future the silent hill games and the god of war games too. and find ico for cheap somewhere as well. and the grand theft auto trilogy with all 3 games, because its cheap! :)

any other ones i should know about?

man, and to think i used to believe consoles sucked! :) 
don't forget guitar hero if you haven't already played it. Also, psychonauts... final fantasies... 
The Warriors??? 

Get Taiko drum master with controls (maybe not available outside japan?) 
the warriors:

you and metlslime just listed the games i doubt i'll ever get, except for psychonauts. that one looks funky as hell.

anyway, i have been so bored lately that i just went out and got a ps2. with colossus, and man, that game is fucking awesome! gah!! 
for psp just don't upgrade to the firmware by sony, do a direct homebrew search... 
Wii Sports Bowling 
Wii Fit 
So yeah, Wii Fit. It's actually pretty good!

The "board" functions as a scale and pressure pad and can determine your balance, movement, center of gravity, etc from the way you stand and move on it. The board is well made and feels very solid.

They have a good range of games in there under 4 categories (yoga, muscle training, aerobics and balance). You start out with a few games in each category, and unlock more as you go. Many of them are quite fun and novel, and they make good use of the board (which seems to be very sensitive, depending somewhat on how the games are tweaked, but it certainly can pick up an impressive range of movement).

Yoga and muscle training are more like traditional exercise/stretching (complete with "trainers" that have dodgy models and annoying voices), so they're not really "games" as such, but the balance and aerobics categories include plenty of actual games that are fun and will entice you to play them for the hell of it, rather than simply doing it to keep fit.

The game makes full use of the Mii avatars, so you can choose your own Mii and the game will be populated with any others that you've created as well. It's not exactly an intense workout (at least at the beginner level I'm at) but it'll get you moving in lots of different ways, and you'll feel it by the end of your session. 
No love for console gaming anymore? This thread had even dropped off the main page... 
Nintendo DS 
Final Fantasy Tactics A-2
Disgaea DS
Myst DS
list goes on and on... 
Currently playing GTA IV. Rocks! 
Currently Playing: 
Zelda: Twilight Princess on the gamecube. Not sure why I didn't try it sooner tbh - it's great :}

The oddly antiquated midi music and lack of voice acting feels a bit stuck in the past, but that might be more to do with a memory limitation of the gamecube than anything else. Besides, the music is still good, and I'd rather have no voice acting than crap voice acting.

I deliberately picked up the gamecube version over the Wii, because quite frankly I tried the Wii version and the wrist-flicking sword control got tedious after ~10 mins.

Will refrain from posting more impressions until I get more of a feel for the game - only just over 10 hours in, currently doing the second dungeon I think (Goren Mines). 
Anyone picked it up yet? Planning to get my hands on it before Monday (hopefully). 
Is That 
the game with the 2 hour cut scenes? :) 
My buddies and I are looking for a place that rents PS3s... 
I think those are called retail stores with return policies. 
First of all, if you somehow managed to live under a rock and havent heard about MGS4, watch this first to get the general idea:

So I picked up my copy today and spent a good few hours playing through Act 1 and I can now with confidence say the game is worth it's hype and then some.

I haven't played any of the previous installments and I am not a big fan of the stealth action genre in general (loved Thief series, absolutely hated Splinter Cell games), however the game so far seems to offer just the right balance between stealth and action and you can basically just pick a playstyle you like and just use it, you can go in all guns blazing or you can go covertly and finish a mission without being seen once. There are some points in the game (so far in Act 1) where the game forces you to go all out action, but I havent seen any forced and frustrating stealh parts.

The game looks, feels and sounds absolutely mind-blowing, it's quite easily the best looking game released so far on any system, ever. At times, I had trouble wrapping my head around the fact that the cutscenes were all done in-game and the transitions between gameplay and cutscenes are always done smoothly. The ridiculous attention to detail, quality artwork, the soundscape and the cutscenes providing the backstory all setup a very convincing and emotional feeling as you play through the game. 
Is There 
actually any game in it besides the 2h cut scenes? 
I've seen several people saying it's the greatest game they've ever played. Yes, ever. Not sure how much hyperbole that is but there you go. 
It's really weird cause all the actual gameplay vids I've seen looked really boring, but I'm not into stealth action, and I really have trouble with third person games (one of the reasons I could never get into GoW for instance).
I'd really like to try it though, out of curiosity. 
Is There A Video 
of actual in game gameplay?

Also, I don't get it, the player controls a geriatric ninja? ;) 
Stop repeating what you heard other retards say on the interweb, there are no 2h cutscenes and there are no 1h cutscenes either. 
MGS4 Gameplay Vid 
Saw that vid already, I loled at the part where he grabs a statue's penis for camouflage, but otherwise it just doesn't talk to me, not really my type of gameplay I guess. 
So, how far are you into the game? 
He already played through the 10 hours gameplay now he has to go through the remaining 23 hours of cutscenes and outro.

Sorry, but that joke is not old yet. :p 
I like it when he opens the mens magazine, that made me laugh out loud :)

I have to agree with Bal though, it doesn't really look like my kind of game I think. It doe's have some nice ideas though! 
I am guestimating I am somewhere around the midlle of Act2. Last save was right around the place where I was supposed to escape Laughing Octopus after talking to Naomi. 
Pretty Good Video Review

and yes, they complain on the cutscenes, the levels are linear, but you can choose tactics (its not just stealth ) and details are great

what I wanted to point is that many super-detailed current-gen blockbuster games use very limited color palete. I guess you simply have to do it in the age of visual overload to have some style and to hilight the important events and information.

btw Im so tired of hyped-up fanbois. stop doing the job for the PR jerks. go play your 9.9 out of 10 best-fps-ever Halo 
i actually sat through (what felt like) the first 2h of cutscenes with 10minutes of gameplay in mgs3. 
The feedback I'm getting from actual people (not the stupid media) is that in general, the MGS fanboys are wanking over this (and they had already declared it the best game ever 2 years before it was released anyway).

Meanwhile people without any attachment to the series (or just simply new to it) are sort of giving it a "meh". 
As I mentioned, I haven't played any of the previous MGS games before (ironically, apparently my girlfriend has played MGS2 to death), yet I had very little trouble "getting it". 
One such review from someone who was not impressed. The screen captions are great. 
Cutscenes And Their Lengh 
Some people seem to have a lot of gripe with the amount and lenght of the cutscenes in MGS4, so let's talk about that a bit.

Yes, there are SOME cutscenes that are a bit too long and perhaps a bit boring, but I just got to Act 3 and so far I've only seen such cutscenes occur perhaps twice. My guess is that most of the people who have this huge problem with MGS4 cutscenes are those who don't care about the backstory, plot and the universe the game resides in and just want nonstop buttonmashing action, because that's about the only explanation I can come up with.

I found the game universe revealed via the cutscenes to be very involving and rather emotional. Yes, there are lots of cutscenes, they some of them are pretty long, but why does it make the game bad? A few of my friends have been watching me playing and have been commenting that the production and graphics quality of the game combined with the game plot revealed in the cutscenes easily rival a lot of actual Hollywood movies. And this is precisely my definition of next-gen gaming: seamlessly blending the line between movie (storytelling) and game (interactive action) entertainment. 
And this is precisely my definition of next-gen gaming: seamlessly blending the line between movie (storytelling) and game (interactive action) entertainment.

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no


(sorry I couldn't come up with anything cleverer than that.) 
Why? I am assuming you are trying to say it's a bad thing? 
he really didn't enjoy it. I keep wanting to try it, but as I didn't like Twin Snakes because of a. crap camera, b. shit controls and c. way too many cutscenes with a greater length than the gameplay sequences I think it's probably best I avoid it.

At least he is giving his honest subjective opinion though. Perhaps he is revelling a bit in the controversy, but I'm not sure crispy gamer is a particularly well known site so I doubt people are going to get too fired up about it.

It's crazy how stupid people can be when a game they like gets a bad or even just non-perfect score on a big review site. Anyone remember the fuss that got kicked up about Zelda Twightlight Princess getting an 8.9 or something on Gamespot. 8.9 is a good score and the reviewer had some fair criticisms and who the hell is anyone to tell him what he should and shouldn't like. It's kind of sad how childish a lot of people are online and also a shame that nobody cares about what is written in reviews when there is a score attached.

p.s. I recommend listening to the Games For Windows podcast each week as it's very entertaining, mostly PC related and they often talk about problems reviewing games, the relevance of scores and pressure from publishers to score a game highly even if it's a pile of shit.
Sean Elliot is a clown (in a good way) but well spoken and smart, and I respect his opinion more than most journos. A couple of the other regulars are very likeable too (Jeff Green and the Silent Bob of the podcast, Ryan Scot). Despite being sponsored by Microsoft, they often criticise the Games for Windows platform, windows itself and make jokes about the security of their jobs. Definitely worth a listen. 
he really didn't enjoy it. I keep wanting to try it, but as I didn't like Twin Snakes because of a. crap camera, b. shit controls and c. way too many cutscenes with a greater length than the gameplay sequences I think it's probably best I avoid it.

At least he is giving his honest subjective opinion though. Perhaps he is revelling a bit in the controversy, but I'm not sure crispy gamer is a particularly well known site so I doubt people are going to get too fired up about it.

It's crazy how stupid people can be when a game they like gets a bad or even just non-perfect score on a big review site. Anyone remember the fuss that got kicked up about Zelda Twightlight Princess getting an 8.9 or something on Gamespot. 8.9 is a good score and the reviewer had some fair criticisms and who the hell is anyone to tell him what he should and shouldn't like. It's kind of sad how childish a lot of people are online and also a shame that nobody cares about what is written in reviews when there is a score attached.

p.s. I recommend listening to the Games For Windows podcast each week as it's very entertaining, mostly PC related and they often talk about problems reviewing games, the relevance of scores and pressure from publishers to score a game highly even if it's a pile of shit.
Sean Elliot is a clown (in a good way) but well spoken and smart, and I respect his opinion more than most journos. A couple of the other regulars are very likeable too (Jeff Green and the Silent Bob of the podcast, Ryan Scot). Despite being sponsored by Microsoft, they often criticise the Games for Windows platform, windows itself and make jokes about the security of their jobs. Definitely worth a listen. 
triple post.

for some reason the post went through but my message box remained full so I just assumed I hadn't pressed the button.

What Kinn Said. 
Cutting from a situation where you have complete control, to one where you have none and can just sit back and watch, isn't exactly what I would call "seamlessly".
Yeah I'm a fanboy, but check Portal instead for seamlessly integrated story.

If I want to watch a movie, I'll watch a movie. Yeah that's being a bit extreme, I guess I wouldn't mind a game with a really good story and cutscenes (maybe that's the case with MGS4), but that's definitely not how I hope next-gen gaming will evolve (probably will be though -___-).
Oh and most holywood movies suck, so that's not much of a comparison. 
non-interactive cutscenes are (in my opinion) a pretty dated and lazy way of progressing a games story and (more often than not) filling in for a lack of actual playable content.

"Next-gen" games, in my opinion - and you can write this off as idealistic bollocks if you want - should be moving in the exact opposite direction - away from cutscenes and towards (the ultimate goal of) incredibly rich and immersive real-time worlds that the player can interact with in as many ways as possible. In short, let the player create the story - not some hack wannabe filmmaker. 
Pouet Pouet 
Yeah That One Was Cool In 2002 
Now It's Not.

[b]DEAL WITH IT.[/b] 
REALLY Seamlessly Blending The Movie And Game 
hey I have a great idea how to make a movei into
a game in no time:
Just take a movie, I mean the video itself, right. Add Quick-Time-Events(*) to each scene that has any hint of action. Yes! You have to timely perform that arbiturary button sequence to watch the next chapter of the movie. And again.
Instant seamless blend of a movie(real actual movie!) and a game.
Can I patent this? I call this "Next-Gen Cinematic Gaming" �

I'm sure it's been patented already by someone. 
There Was A CD Rom 
game in the early 90's just like that. You had to time your button control movement to the movie cut scene footage or else your character was good as dead. Forget the name of the title though. 
like all those Mega-CD games 
Ping Pong 
Kinn Wins 
non-interactive cutscenes are (in my opinion) a pretty dated and lazy way of progressing a games story and (more often than not) filling in for a lack of actual playable content.

Exactly, I think this is why more and more people are getting pissed off with cut-scenes in games, because we've all seen that it can be done better without cut-scenes. You can look as far back as Half-Life 1 to see that, yet some developers just don't seem to get it.

Another game I played recently that has some fairly long cut scenes is Mass Effect, except here they play part of the scene and then give the player a choice about what action to take next. I won't put any spoilers here but there are some major decisions being made in these cut scenes and the fact that you get to make them yourself adds a lot of weight to them. 
Hehe, that last paragraph sounds horridly like those old FMV games :) 
I Liked It 
in Resident Evil 4 - a knife fight where the characters were growling plot at each other, every now and then you had to swing the wiimote or else get a cutscene of your guy getting his throat cut.

It didn't matter that it was a Res storyline (ie. crap) or that it could be repetitive retrying it since it was only a few different movements you had to do.

The good thing was it seemed like a really difficult and dangerous bit of the game because of the storyline fight going on, when really you could probably do it with not even looking at the screen, sound only. 
don't get me started on quick time events :( 
Quick Time Events are the fucking devil. Die already. 
Don't Agree 
Badly implemented good ideas are bad.

Bad ideas are bad.

And I've seen quicktime events that I liked, but most (GOW) are a pain in the balls. 
I don't think I've seen one yet that I liked but I'd like to be proven wrong. 
I thought about that, my "Next-Gen Cinematic Gaming" � will only have 1 button controll and a motion sensor. It will be gun-shaped ofcourse!
And dont compare with those old games. You dont understand. "Next-Gen Cinematic Gaming" � will use full real movies. Seamlessly Blending The Movie And Game man, thats the future! kojima would agree 
Satire On Mgs :) 
Cut Scenes, My Personal Opinion 
If Deus Ex did it, than there is a successful way to make an element work.

But if you do have them, obey the rules of action
flick cinema, get in fast, say what you have to say inside of half the time necessary to say it and not a second more and get out fast. 
Kinn Is The Law 
Thou shall obey or thou shall be judged and found wanting! 
Mega Man 9 
Old school Mega Man goodness!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever been excited about a game that goes back to 15 year old technology? I have now. 
The Last Days Of Dr. Wily 
What kind of an gay wet dream overlord of model is Snake?
That gigantic ass crack... And the ass humping when slowly crawling. Yuck! 
"I Have A Rendezvous With Death" 
So Yeah 
Fable 2. It's pretty good. 
In Response To Kinn 
Some games have stepped out of that mold and are experimenting with new ways of advancing the storyline. Dead Space never take a break from the action for new text and audio logs which advance the storyline of the game and while watching the videos, you can still interact with the environment and even be attacked. I know there are some infuriatingly null moments when you are waiting for some NPC to finish his/her speech, but it will probably be less and less in the future if other developers catch on with that idea that the experience should never take a break from the action. 
Bioshock Did That Too 
you could listen to the audio logs and carry on playing the game... quite a good idea really. 
And Doom3 
I don't think it's anything special, culturally - just that the people who've been making those comments for years finally work in games.

Gamers tend to prefer more input = consequences, as opposed to quicktime type solutions.

Sorry for bringing that back up just when most had had their say. 
AND System Shock 2 FFS. The Mother Of Logs :( 
Yeah, But 
AND System Shock 2 FFS. The Mother Of Logs :(

If you find the monkey proposition easter egg, it is totally worth it. 
I Did The Mother Of Logs 
this morning, after a particularly challenging chicken vindaloo the previous night. To use a cinematic metaphor, I would go as far as to describe the whole experience as a "Jerry Bruckheimer moment" at least in the sense that the emotional investment it tried to demand from me didn't really pay off in the climax; it may have been an explosive three-flush porcelain-pebbledasher, but there's only so much you can do to disguise the fact that it was just another rather predictable turd. I came out of the toilet feeling manipulated to say the least :/ 
Jesus Fucking Christ 
builds a charming metal picture 
My Best Ever 
and I will spare the details because I'm a fecalphobe, but I was driving home one morning after having a late night diner at a Greek restaurant in Washington DC where I had a shell fish dish, and I had to stop at a McDonald's to use the facilities. In the middle of doing my business, the guy in the next style over yelled at me something like, 'you son of a bitch, that smell . . ." and then he preceded to puke. Yup, so bad it made a guy puke. Beeming with pride here. 
Someone move this discussion back to console gaming before it's too late.

I know!

How about that one game on that console? Sure was a good/bad/average game, wasn't it? 
Nah, It Was Shit... 
Gears Of War 2 
Hey, if any of you guys are picking up Gears 2 and want to play this weekend, I'll be playing a lot of multiplayer. If you want to party up, friend me as "WarrenM".

See you out there! 
Damn, Gears 2 
need to get me an xbox. Willem, would you mind if I passed on your gamertag to my little brother? Pretty sure he's got Gears2 on pre-order and I bet he'd love to play against a developer :) 
Sure. I can't guarantee I'll accept the friend request but tell him my tag, "WarrenM". Come find me. :) 
Gears 2: Qonquer Mode?!?! 
Just watched the video review on IGN - there seems to be a Qonquer mode. Nice. 
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 
I just finished this game. Short summary: decent game, but you could skip it.

Longer summary: The first Metroid Prime was an excellent game in almost all respects, with a whole set of new 3D game mechanics that fit the Metroid feel, great envioronment art and level design, and good boss fights too. Everything worked and it felt like Metroid.

This sequel (as expected) continues all of those successful game mechanics, introduces some new ones of which none really enhances the experience, and strays a bit from the Metroid vibe with the storyline and the use of cutscenes and HALO-style FPS tropes.

So what's new?

Wii Controller

The control scheme from the earlier Prime games had to be re-mapped from a gamecube controller to the wii controller. Since the wii has a pointing device, this means that the big success is the aiming and shooting, which feels very good. The "lock on" mechanic of the gamecube Primes is still there but less important now that you are able to aim so easily.

Aside from that, there are fewer buttons on the wiimote and they are layed out pretty awkwardly, so a lot of secondary functions are mapped to weird buttons that are hard to reach. The designers had a moment of inspiration when figured out how players would switch visors: hold a button and aim at a region of the screen. If they had taken this to the logical conclusion they could have put even more options on this on-screen menu, and reduced the need for physical buttons even more.

Weapons and Abilities

There are no new weapons that introduce anything really novel to Metroid Prime, though all of the beams are slight variations of previous concepts (e.g. ice missles) or slight tweaks (e.g. upgraded grapple beam can damage opponents)

The only new major ability introduced is the Screw Attack, an old 2D favorite which didn't really belong in a first-person game. It's reintroduced here with an automatic switch to a third-person view when activated. To me it felt pretty much like a gimmick, you can only really use it on special "screw attack" walls means that it is just a key to get past a certain type of gate.

There was also a new minor ability; there are special green "grab ledges" which if you jump towards, Samus will grab and climp up, like prince of persia. Once again the camera switches to a third-person view, which i would say indicts both the screw attack and grab ledges as things which do not belong in a first-person game. They are just an excuse to play a cutscene. Speaking of cutscenes, more on that later.


The subtitle "Corruption" points to the main thematic and plot element of the game: Samus is infected with this "Phazon" substance, which threatens to destroy her body and is also responsible for corrupting and mutating many of the creatures you fight in the game.

This generates a new gameplay mode, "Hypermode", in which Samus's attacks are much stronger, but entering this mode will cost a full energy tank (a large measure of health,) and while you are in this mode you are in danger of being so corrupted that you die.

Is hypermode fun? Well, it's actually not that bad. It means you have a special way to blast through a challenging fight, but you have very limited uses of it (until later when you have lots of energy tanks to spare.)

Also, in a game where you rarely are in danger of dying by running out of health, it gives you a reason to need all that stored-up health. (more on the difficulty below.)

Exploration and Progression

Exploration and progression work in the typical way for Metroid, with some small changes.

First, the "zones" are all spread out on different planets, so instead of one giant map of connected zones, you have chunks that you have to fly your ship between. The ship basically functions the way the elevators did in Prime, but since you can choose your destination it lets you get around a bit faster.

Second, the game overall felt more linear and plot-driven, with objectives being given to the player so they always know where to go next. This doesn't mean you don't have tons of secret side areas, just that it feels like you never have to find your way. Prime had some of that too, but it was generally just a mark on a map.

(continued below) 
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (part 2) 
Story and Cutscenes

This game was chock-a-block with cutscenes and voice actors, including a gruff military commander type guy that made me feel like i was playing medal of honor or halo, getting told to "secure that hill, soldier!" And just in general the world felt more populated and less lonely. You were always in radio contact with someone, so you're not really "lost in a cave in the farthest reaches of space", as it feels when playing previous Metroids.

Rather than Exploring the Unknown Places and Discovering Ancient Mechanisms, you are following NPC instructions, going to known locations and activating things the NPCs know about. This just overall gives it a different feel.


The game was quite easy, i mainly died when i forgot how hypermode worked and got fatally corrupted. Most bosses i beat on the first try. This is in contrast to Metroid Prime 2, which was full of super hard bosses, and Metroid Prime 1, which had a pretty good balance, with a few hard bosses, but more exploration in between.


Prime 1 had a way to turn off the intrusive Visor graphics, and yet still see your health and ammo count in a simple display. With Prime 3, turning opacity to zero will turn off all of the visor, so you can't see your health or ammo. Because of this, I played most of the game with the visor turned off, and only turned it on during boss fights. This is partly why i died during hypermode, i couldn't see the "corruption meter" that displays when you are in it. :)

Power Cells

There was an interesting setup where you early on find a derelict spaceship, but most of the ship is inaccessible. Over the course of the game, you can find "power cells" which you can plug into various panels to gradually gain access to the rest of that ship, collecting items and eventually a passcode to get into the final area. The power cells are hidden throughout the areas of the game, and you find clues to their locations on the derelict ship. You also have a choice what order you use the power cells, and which order you collect them, so that part is nice and nonlinear.

Okay, that's probably long enough of a review for a game that I'm not excited about. 
Oh Wait... 
one more thing to say. There was a mini-boss called "Metroid Hatcher" which i was able to kill in a single shot. I hope that was a bug :) 
Awesome Review 
sounds like they lost a bit of the metroid spirit :( 
I've been stuck on the same boss in Metroid Prime 3 forever, and you beat most bosses on the first try. Pluh. I find it to be pretty difficult. I think I keep getting stuck on combat areas in this game more than the first one. I can't say how far in I am, probably not even half way, but it just gets infuriating getting stuck on these spots for a week or more. 
i had that problem with Prime 2 (still haven't beaten it, stuck on boss X whenever i try to dust off my old save game.)

Which boss are you stuck on? 
big statue thing with arms that float away to suck in these orbs - I remember I got him down to like 10% health and then unfortunately died due to a freak wiimote accident, got super pissed, and then decided to put the game down for a good long while. 
yeah i remember him being hard... he's got like 4 orbs in his body, and if you damage them enough they break and expose a hole that you can blast in Hypermode.

But then he sucks new orbs in to replace them -- make sure you completely destroy the orbs as they float towards his body, otherwise he fills in a hole with the replacement.

Then i think there's a part where he runs around with weird shells on his feet, if you roll into a ball you can damage the shells with bombs.

The last orb is on his back, this takes longer because it's hard to get behind him. I think i used ball mode to move around faster plus it gives you a wider FOV so you can see where he is. 
Yeah that's pretty much what I did. I guess I just haven't found enough life containers cuz I usually die, even if I spend a good amount of time picking up floating life thingies to recharge. 
the number of energy tanks you have probably makes a big difference in how hard a boss fight is. I remember that boss didn't give much opportunity to regain health during the fight.

Definitely worth checking to see if you can get into any previously-inaccessible doors or rooms on the map with whatever items you most recently collected. 
The Golem/ball Boss 
I didn't find too difficult compared to normal game bosses - but you've been cushioned into the 'nearly fps' theme by then that you try to beat him the same way. Shoot the orbs, when he tries to get them back shoot the connections. And concentrate on getting out of the way.

Once you figure out the patterns he's not so difficult. Same as the rock boss from 2. Or 1.

As to 3 - the robot city level was a travesty of level design.

I guess some exec found the levels too difficult and the whole thing got cut down to a poor version of its former self in a short time. 
Bump For Gayspire 
God I hate you.

But seriously, 248 posts vs 35000. Just merge the damn threads. 
And How May I Ask You 
Is he supposed to do that? Also 3500. 
Yeh, typo, obviously. Also, 3600 now.

And by allowing this thread to die (which it had) and reverting the name of the other pc games thread to 'other games'.

I play MW2, L4D 1/2, Bioshock 2, Nazi Zombies, Borderlands, &c on Xbox live when I have time. Gamertag is BetterThanUNIX. 
Unfortunately, I have all of those on PC. SSF4? Halo Reach? 
I hate halo, and I don't really play fighting games. I also have GoW 1/2, Wolfenstein, The Orange Box and something else I'm forgetting. 
Goldeneye 007 
Seems to be a good game based on the reviews I've seen. Anyone gonna pick it up? Anyone already picked it up? 
Black Ops 
Anyone else get Call of Duty: Black Ops yet? I got it today and so far the multiplayer seems better than MW2. Need to play more. 
Haven't Played Multiplayer 
but played campaign, and i agree with this review very much 
Mirror's Edge 
I'm surprised nobody has commented on this game. I just finished playing it a few weeks ago, forgot to post my thoughts then:


The environments of the game are stylish and cool. First, they do a very minimalist color scheme where most of the world is washed-out greyscale textures, and a few objects here and there are bold red, blue, orange, or yellow (such as shipping containers, murals, etc.) Second, the interior designs are all cold, clean, postmodern northern-European-looking offices and stuff, and they all have a stylized kind of abstract art on their walls. Outside architecture is all modern-looking, late 20th century concrete-slab buildings; the whole city looks like it was built in the last 20 years.

The menu designs are also consistent with this aesthetic, and as a bonus include a minimalistic 3d model of the city which is used well (highlighting different sections of the city during level select, for example.)


This is a game about parkour/traversal, but you do it in a first-person perspective (unlike Prince of Persia games.) The controls are very simplified and context-sensitive, i.e. there are "up" and "down" buttons which do a bunch of things depending on what your current situation is -- "up" includes jumping, grabbing, climbing up, wall running, and "down" includes ducking, sliding, rolling, dropping. The first-person perspective feels great 99% of the time, the other 1% is when you are climbing sideways along a ledge and can't see where you are going. Anyway this feels really good, the sense of motion and flow can really click when you time things right. And the first-person aspect of it was well-executed.

Another thing that's nice about the gameplay is the way they de-emphasize combat. There are guns and you can shoot, and sometimes the designers want you to shoot, but it's designed to not feel like the default mode for the main character -- you move slower with guns, you can't do all of your parkour moves, and so generally you don't mind throwing your gun down as soon as you don't need it anymore. There are also melee combat moves, but generally if you get close to a guy you will want to grapple and disarm him rather than punching him to death. The punches and kicks are useful to stun an opponent though, and once in a while i was able to slide-kick a guy off the side of the building.

Level Design

The levels are linear but not obviously so. On my initial play-through I found myself frequently unsure where to go next, which was nice in that I had to explore and test out ideas rather than just having a big blinking "exit" sign in every area. There are times when they do have that blinking sign, in the form of a red-tinted object (door, plank of wood, etc.) which are used as hints about where to go next. This feature can be disabled in the menus, though I didn't find it too much of a problem and it didn't spoil any puzzles for me.

I have only finished through the game once, but I feel like this is a game that is worth re-playing just to attempt better run-throughs of the levels (they keep track of your best times on each.) I also believe it would be possible to skip most of the combats with the right routes and moves.

Story and Characters

I wasn't thrilled with the story and characters overall. I think the story as written might have been just fine, but the cutscenes used to tell it were usually a kind of cheaply-produced cel animation, rather than using game assets. When they did use game assets they still take player control away, even though they probably could have done the half-life style "full player control while locked in a room with the other character" type cutscenes. Editing and voice acting weren't all that great either; overall something didn't click with this aspect of the game and I ended up not caring much about the characters or the plot twists.

Also, the main male character who talks in your ear during gameplay annoyed me, he was sort of a cliched gruff squad leader type character. He didn't seem to have a believable rapport/connection with the main character, which would have probably helped pull me emotionally into the story. 
Mirror's Edge 
I still think it's one of the best looking games in a while, I still regularly look through the 200+ screenshots I took while playing for inspiration.
Yeah the story is pretty much, and those cutscenes are horrible.
I loved the innovative gameplay though, it had it's flaws, but at least it was doing something new. 
MIrror's Edge (continued) 
Not sure why I forgot I had more stuff to talk about:


Mirror's Edge has no HUD at all (almost -- you have a crosshair which is alway visible by default but you can turn off entirely, or you can set it to only appear when you are holding a gun. Player health is represented by screen effects (first the screen gets desaturated, then red haze appears on the edges, then you die.)

Also the health regenerates. If you wait 5-10 seconds after getting hurt, you will heal back to full health. So as long as you at least survive a gunfight you will be as good as new in short time.

Finally, the other stat you need to worry about is your "bullet time" mode, which is a one-use ability that regenerates after some time has passed (or you run a certain distance, i think.) Once again, no HUD for this, you just remember if you used it or not.

I would say that this is one of the areas where the UI could have been better. There is no sound effect to indicate that you have entered bullet time mode, no obvious sound/ambience change during bullet time, and no sound effect when attempting to use it when it has already expired. Those little changes (plus maybe a screen blend when in bullet time) might have helped polish this feature a bit more and make it nicer to use.

Finally, there is a "disarm" mechanic where you have to hit the "grab gun" button at a certain moment during an enemy's armed-melee move (enemy will attempt to hit you with his gun and you can grab it and disable him with a special move.) It's timing based and your clue is that his gun turns red at the split second when you should hit the button. Good so far, but probably an audio success cue and failure cue might have helped reinforce this mechanic.

These are minor complaints though, overall the gameplay UI is really good.

Trademark Dispute

Another thing that's great about this game is it gave EA a reason to sue that Edge Games guy and win. In case you're not aware, there's this guy who makes no games himself, but spends his time suing anybody who has the word "Edge" in their products. This includes the excellent iPhone game "Edge", "Mirror's Edge", EDGE Magazine, and others. Anyway, EA went after him and he lost his trademarks. 
Mirror's Edge is fun. Its gameplay feels very smooth, a bit like speedrunning made easy. I didn't mind the comic cutscenes, but I agree they weren't particularly great, either. 
People did comment on the game in the PC games thread. 
think I read in an interview that it was only added to have something for people to focus on to not get dizzy (I might be confusing this with some other game though) 
XBox Kinect 
Quite fun actually. Some facts: The damn thing moves by itself! It can adjust its vertical pitch. Mine worked on a really old 1st gen XBox which has never been hooked up to the net. Its really easy to use :) 
Hadn't Heard About The Edge Guy 
Wow, what a shit for brains. 
Mirror's Edge had bullet time?!
Is it possible that I played through the whole game without using it? Or did I just forget about it. 
Fable 3 
Fable 3

Whoops. It would appear that Peter Molyneux thought that even Fable 2 wasn't "accessible" enough for his grand vision, and so decided to aim Fable 3 at a demographic that seems to lie somewhere between "casual gamer" and "vegetable". Maybe he was upset because his pet dog struggled to get to grips with the xbox controller. We all know how he likes his little doggies.

The game basically plays itself. You can't die, combat is practically automated (just mash the "shoot gun" button if enemies are vaguely in the same shire as you and the computer takes care of all that pesky aiming and killing and stuff). There's no need to accumulate money because you can literally just sleepwalk through the game without bothering to purchase a single item, but if you get bored and decide to play monopoly you can buy up every single property in the game well before the end and you'll soon have more money than Lionhead pissed away on the voice cast (but with absolutely nothing in the game to spend it on).

Apparently it was decided that hardcore concepts like menu systems and HUDs are too confusing for the game's (likely sub-simian) target audience, so every little micro-task (like selecting a different weapon or accessing a map screen) now requires you to quit into a sort of in-game lobby where you have to physically walk your character into different rooms to do basic character management shit that really does not need to be this drawn out and involved. It's a novelty for all of the first three times that you do it, but every time thereafter you're just pulling your hair out in disbelief and screaming "WHY??"

However, in going through the motions of "gameplay" (in the sense that a Russian circus bear goes through the motions of "dancing"), you are exposed (in a highly scripted way) to the storyline and to Fable's unique brand of charm and humour, and it is as good and as clever as ever. Does it make up for the shit gameplay? Does it bollocks
Hadn't heard of the Edge guy either. What a total fuckwit. Global trademark laws must have some massive holes for him to get away for that for decades. 
Bitches Don't Know 
Donkey Kong Country Returns 
Short review: Brilliant platformer. Genius secrets, gorgeous to look at, insanely maddening at times as a good platformer should be. If you like platformers and have a Wii this is a good one to get imo. I still have to go back to almost every single level to get all of the items and get 100%, which will probably have me playing for another ~6-10 hours just for the pickups. 
A Golden Temple is revealed after the credits! Fuck! Another world to play through. 
Oh :( 
I need to find eight more rare orbs to enter the temple :( Damn you secret-filled game! 
DKC Returns 
Yeah, really great game, love all the secrets.
Didn't really like some of the train and rocket levels, they feel overly simple (they both only require one button for interaction) and hard in a non-fun way.
The rest is awesome though, even my mom loves it. 
Epic Mickey 
Been playing this for ~5 hours, and so far it's a pretty bad game. Horrible controls and painfully dark graphics mar what could have been a good game. You can't see shit, both because of how dark and samey everything looks and also because the camera is completely shit.

Mickey feels very awkward with slow move speed and clumsy physics - his hitbox causes him to bump into things and miss easy jumps, often resulting in falling into bottomless pits or acid (paint thinner.)

This game is not Deus Ex in Mickey form even though the 'good choice/bad choice' theme is prevalent throughout - often times choices are not clear enough to make a choice really. Several times I failed a mission by doing something I thought I was supposed to, but turned out wasn't the case. This resulted in me failing even though I thought I was doing the right thing. Mission goals sometimes seem straight forward but are sometimes not so clear.

Overall I think I will quit playing as it's been nothing but frustrating. 
I have been hell-bent on finishing it, too, but I keep completing missions out of sequence and leaving obvious rewards behind thinking that I will have a chance to backtrack to them.

The first few levels and Space Voyage are especially guilty of this.

It is also bizarre how talking to some of the Mean Street townsfolk multiple times ends up giving you multiple items o_O 
Alan Wake 
got this for 10 bucks.

Just started - first level, looking for the gas station.
Does anyone know if this gets better? 
first level, looking for the gas station.

This whole realism in games is just going way to far, the next level will be getting a gas pump, then walking across the lot without getting run over. After that will be inside the convenience store, looking for a drink that doesn't have to come with insulin strapped to it and some kind of food that won't give you dysentery. The boss fight will be with the store; clerk getting them to actually stop smoking their tobacco product outside, ring up your items and 25dollah on the correct pump. 
Real Is Boring. 
If It Makes You Feel Any Better 
I *am* fighting ghosty darkness zombies with a flashlight and a pistol.

So far the set up has been pretty weak, and the story and dialogue has been uniformly pretty not good. 
what the trailers looked like :( 
Amuses me that reading magazines and other cack like that when talking about Max Payne they go 'omg the story, the story, the gritty setting and story'

Only morons played Max Payne for the story. They played it for the fucking graphics and bullet time combat :P

I played a brief bit of Alan Wake and it felt like they'd ke[t the most irritating bits of Max Payne and removed the fun. 
Alan Wake Looks Kind Of Ass 
Probably one of the last games I would ever get around to checking out from the game library at work. It just didn't look very inspiring at all really, not sure what all the hype was about. 
I play max payne for the story and atmosphere. That's where the game shines. 
Yeah, But 
the gameplay was so awfully boring and repetetive that i stopped playing after chapter 1. 
Watching Someone 
Play Heavy Rain is completely counter-intuitive to someone who designs games.

It's just a continual QTE. What's wrong with YouTube? That way you don't have to piss about with the controller in order to see the story.

The best game ever in terms of story was Silent Hill 2.

It's nice to have a good story (I can't envision a game without thinking of it in terms of story) but it can't be your gameplay. 
I think the best game story was maybe Grim Fandango? Biased. 
I play max payne for the story and atmosphere. That's where the game shines.

I'll get me coat :E 
Oh Noes, Different People Like Different Games 
I don't know what that expression means. Maybe it is an acquired taste? ;-) 
L.a. Noire 
Anyone else played this yet? I'm buying it tomorrow, it's supposed to be the bee's knees. 
Saw it at work. Based off what I saw at work and the fact that I'm in a torrid love affair with film noir at the moment, I am aching to get a copy of my own. The animation is gorgeous and the gameplay and world both look spot on, and there's a black/white mode if you want to play that way, which I plan to (unless it's unlockable.) 
You can change between black and white and colour anytime. I'm so giddy for this game ^.^ 
seen any more noirs lately? 
Heroes Of Ruin, 3DS 
Diablo style dungeon crawler on 3DS looks like it has surprisingly high production values and dare I say it: 'fun' 
i like the damage feedback. i find that kind of thing is missing sometimes and it makes a huge difference. 
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 
Yo, So.... 
T'burd is after some more XBox360 games. She likes gaylord girly RPG-esque things, in her own words "Character customisation, that's all I want from games, I want to make me look pretty" :P, and is quite happy with older and therefore cheaper games. Things I know she's liked: Mass Effect series, Assassin's Creed, Witcher 2, Okami (weirdo Japanese thing anyway), Portal 2, Final Fantasy (up to 10), Tomb Raider, etc etc.

Any suggestions homiez?? 
Witcher 1? 
and yeah second Fable. 
She's already done Fable on the PS2....and I think Witcher1 is PC only? If not then yeah she'd get that... 
Fable 2 Obviously 
But not Fable 3 - that one's a bit of a turd. 
Dragon Age 
the first one has an ultimate edition with all teh dlc in it. never played the second one. i did play the shit otu of the fisrt one though. its funky shieeeet. 
She likes Dragon Age. Anything similar but not that?? Oh she's playing Reckoning or somehting now....herp derp. 
how about divinity 2? have no idea how it might be on xbox, but there might be a demo on the xbox. divinity 2 looks nothing like the original divine divinity so i never played it.

there are two versions, the standard and the complete with all dlc one. so check before buying i say.

there's also war of the north that i bought a few days ago [online] and looks neat. has splitscreen co-op too [thats either a good thing or a bad one]. not into lord of the rings, but it shouldn't matter though.

dungeon siege 3 seems to be a very simple rpg, but seems to have solid writting, but again simple and nothing that would make someone go "wow"... from what i read anyway.

hunted: demons forge looks more of a shooter in a fatansy setting, but looks fun?

i believe two worlds 2 [and the first one] have a xbox versions.

then there is risen but that one i believe is just a crappy port. i played it on pc and i found it a bit boring. but i liked the combat and the world itself. it felt dull, but i dont know, a lot of people swear its good, but no gothic 2.

risen 2 came out a few days ago i believe, but being a new game = expensive right now.

speaking of gothic 2, there is gothic 4. made by dudes that didnt work on the previous games and seems to be an ok rpg, maybe boring. i dont know.

and the last one is sacred 2. more of a diablo type of game, no idea how it might perform on consoles, but looks fun for mindless rpg madness. i believe it has local coop.

those are all the rpgs that should be cheap that come to mind. i say xbox should be the way to go, since most of these are probably xbox only.

not sure about performance, but check for demos if there are any. sorry if i never played any of these, and to be honest i don't know how i remember them :D

like i said above, i bought war of the north to play with my nephew on ps3, hopefully it arrives by next week, then i'll write something about if its not too late.

hope this gibberish somehow helps. 
And This Too 
man, i should really read before posting. i blame sleep. i always seem to write before here before going to bed :D

two games just came to mind.

dark messiah is more of a hack & slash [think heretic or hexen] and it a first person rpg-ish sort of game, but its fun as hell.

no idea how the xbox verison of dark messiah might be, but if its just a straight port form the pc game and its not buggy, then it shouldn't be bad. i love the game though.

arx fatalis came out on the xbox1, i think the 360 has issues with some older games? maybe check if its backwards compatible. arx is just like ultima underworld.

and finally, the first templar. i know nothing about it, but screenshots made it look interesting.

and now i'll dive in the depths of sleep. 
Useful list will pass on. 
New Xbox Announcement Highlights 
Pretty embarrassing stuff, and with no backwards compatibility either. No sale.

(I'll probably wait 2-3 years after launch to allow it to accumulate some half-decent games). 
Brilliant. From listening to the poor fools in #tf who were actually watching the damn thing live (instead of SC2 / kitten videos / goat p0rn), that is uncannily accurate - I bet it didn't take much editing down. 
awesome video.

Definitely seems like they've de-prioritised core gamers to try and grab the TV market (that really is up for the taking, admittedly). It'll be interesting to see what happens at E3. They've got a lot of apologising to do, and hopefully they have some games to show.

HOW SHIT DOES THAT NEW COD GAME LOOK THOUGH?!!! It actually looks worse than the first Call of Duty. Not a lot of next-gen graphics in the building. Also LOL at the scene where the sun is on the right of the sky, and the sun rays are shining through some branches from the left
I Like The Dog! 
I Thought There Already Was An Xbox 1 
The Name Is A Big WTF 
Then again, if you're going to deliver a stillborn anachronism I suppose it doesn't really matter. Why bother putting any effort into it? 
What's In A Name? 
Well, they didn't out-tard Nintendo with 'wii' but they came close.

The whole announcement was a warm cloud of methane with a bad smell which by the time the console is launched will have no meaning at all. Same as the ps4 one.

I want a steam box. 
And Here's The Ps4 Version! 
Are you kidding, "wii" was a genius move 
Meanwhile, In XBone Land... 
This reads like an Onion article. In fact, I would have dismissed it as satire, but apparently....

A patent filed by Microsoft for Kinect describes a camera system that monitors the number of viewers in a room. Content providers will be able to set a threshold which if exceeded would trigger a prompt for the device owner to purchase a license for more viewers. 
Also, On XBone... 
Oh and apparently indie developers will no longer be able to self-publish their games on the XBox online marketplace. That's right - all developers will now have to strike a publishing deal with a third-party. 
Super Mario Maker 
Really? Looks very last-gen to me. 
Cool. Someone made a samurai mod for the Dark Souls 1 engine, and managed to put Geralt's head on the model. Woot woot. 
I know right? Can't wait to play it. 
If anyone has been following new Tekken games, I would recommend stay far away from Tekken 7 and stay with 6 and Tag Tournament 2. So they will learn not start mixing Street Fighter 2 characters with Tekken storyline. 
Tekken 7 Looks Great! 
I've just picked up an XBONE - mainly because my 360 has carked it, and I want the backwards compatibility. The option to play XBONE games is a nice bonus too I guess. Which leads me to a question:

Any idea why the prices of the downloadable versions of the games are so ludicrous? You can either spunk �50 on the new Doom in their online marketplace, and then spend the next week trying to download 80 gigs or whatever, or you can literally go to any street retailer, or Amazon, and get a brand new disc version for �14. This pricing pattern seems to be common across all/most of the games I've looked up.

In what universe does this make sense as a business model? 
Download Prices 
on the PS4 store are not much different. �59.99 for a brand new game is the recommended retail price but the stores have a more fluid and volatile market. It's mostly competition that keeps the prices down.

Oddly though the Steam store has a much better business model and I think it's because the games are competing with each other for real estate on the front page. Perhaps this is what happens when you have a free market. 
Right Ok 
Well that's a bugger because I was hoping to go all-digital. Was getting fed up with accumulating endless physical media. Seems like a backwards step, but if it's the only way of getting half-sensible prices then shelves full of plastic discs it is I guess... 
Any idea why the prices of the downloadable versions of the games are so ludicrous?
Because consoles. They typically make little to no benefits on the hardware, so they feed off overpriced games. 
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