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New Q1SP: Gravey Trail By Madfox
Rinie 'Madfox' Brouwers makes his Quake mapping debut with Gravey Trail, a single player level that also functions in deathmatch mode. He describes it as a "medieval Castle, inspired by e2m4 Ebon Fortress."

So far the map is only available from fileplanet as a 637k .rar file:

(thanks aguirRe)
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I Found The Thread 
:) The interconnection in the map is fun as hell -- though the first time I played it last Sunday, I got really lost because I did not see how the outpost window in one portion connected to a higher area. 
The Quad Damage 
by the func_train is wasted in that position unless you throw in a few fights while riding it to heft that sucker into high gear.

Personally I like the tight corridors, though they need some design variation; I'd suggest studying the Quake2 corridors, it should give you an idea how tightly spaced areas can be made to look more decorative and functional. I like the rooms themselves because most are oddly shaped -- interesting how your rooms tend to butt up against one another at odd angles and levels.

The best thing about the level is how intricate it is; the lay out surprises the hell out of me after the first time I gave it a go and got lost.

BTW -- does the title refer to Leon? If so, he is the real intellectual father of the American Conservative movement -- if you are curious, look up the name James Burnham sometime, and the connections may surprise you. 
Quit curious.
Since there has been so much time delay, I suppose we are talking about the level Quatrotski. Yes???
If so, I can start re intrepret your answer.
For now I am a little entangled by your answer.

Quatrotski is the name of a dwarf with spectacles, and has no political meaning afterall.

Why do I send Scampie & Necros betalevels, if they can't find the time to even answer? 
I'm A Slow Learner ;-) 
You are quite correct that this is an old school map -- kind of Scourge of Amagon in its visual appeareance, great playing levels whose brushwork was more fuctional than aesthetically appealing compared to Id's original Quake levels.

You can do a few things to make the route a little more identifiable, like the ramped window port I mentioned where you see the base soldiers and a button. I would sugest lowering part of the upper platform so the player notices its purpose right off.

I didn't notice it in the editor when I pulled the map up to inspect, but then again I was looking for brush related errors. It may be just me that I didn't see it before playing it a second time so if those guys could weigh in . . .

I can't speak for them, but I had a tight schedule last week. You saw me sniping with Wrath (thanks Wrath, that helped me keep alert), but while that was happening I was busy designing a pair of tats which netted me several hundred dollars Saturday.

And, though politics can be interesting at times, its ultimately bad for you, and bad for me. I burned out of it back in college. 
I'd Just Like To... 
Wish this thread a happy birthday. 
is the map still in beta? 
Well Happy Birthday! 
From the unhappy land (for the day :( ) of Carolina. I'm often asked why there is a North and a South Carolina; the split came in colonial times when all the legislative delegates South of the city of Charlotte wanted to pass a law that would allow you to marry your first cousin. Those to the north were steadfast against the idea, and thus there was a split.

Okay, so I steal everything from the Simpsons . . . So sue me; uhm, I didn't mean that Fox! D'oh. 
shut up you ape. 
He He 
I'm wearing my raybans -- and having them on I'm too cool to let anything phaze me. All right, I have them on to hide all the cryin' I did last night. A freakin' out of bonds punt return!! Kasey how could you? 
someone should change the topic to "Old Q1SP" because i keep getting fooled into thinking there really is a new release! :P 
I don't think the current map is part of MadFox's Gravey Trail release. It is a single map called Quatrotski. He decided to use this post to continue the discussion. 
I Know 
i was just kidding around :P 
this is the "madfox has something new to say" thread. Whenever he has something new to say, he posts it here, regardless of the subject. 
mostly, i find it amusing that the thread is so old. this must be the oldest news thread on func_ still in use, and it probably has good competition in the old qmap for the same title. :P 
there are some interesting old flame wars in the archives we can dredge up for a good time. Eh, nah. I'd like to finally get this map finished and move on to other projects. 
Victim Of Knowoneness 
I would like to thank you all for your patience.
It was februari 2003 I decided to send a pack of 18 Quake1 maps to this section.
Then UnderworldFan ak me to wait and make them better, let them beta tested by people on this board and all.
Suddenly I came between a bunch of hillirous idiots, who thought it a good job to wrench up this intention.
I am quiet sorry. I never knew people could be so hartless to mute once enthousiasme into the shape this toppic has become.
People ask which radiostation I like. People decide to use their name as betatester and suddenly I find my posts ruined.

It was just a sincear comment to lend you a Quake1 event. But finnally it has become a point of useless cries.
I hope I did not hurt anyone, who liked to give comment on my tryings.

I wish you a happy birthday Xen, I don't think you ever have wondered that this toppic was about a sequel of 24.
So now I am still in beta state Starbuck.

I never had expected the func_board could be used to nihiliate someones tryings.
But I hope you have a good party of American Football.

Thanx to all who gave me good advice, it was worth trying.
I think I end this toppic here.

Great Fun to you all 
Er --- 
I thought what you said was a bit odd -- but then I took a look at my last post, and I see what you mean as what I wrote could stand some clarification.

'I'd like to finally get this map finished and move on to other projects.'

That was in reference to my turtle map which I have been labouring on for the greater part of a month. The development has been quite slow. The other projects refer to Tronyn's new project which I have a map idea (based upon the ruins of Angkor which I'm impatient with myself to get to). I wasn't refering to Quatrotski which you have my support on as long as you need. 
Is There Anyone Out There? 
All right, let's try it again.
I hope you realize the name of this toppic ought to be - A New Q1 Mod - because it are actually 24 maps.

Don't let me be a zombie, and explain I had the intention of letting people beta test these levels on this beautifull board.
But before I could start a beta, I was asked for my favorite music station. And yes, I like 9#nails a lot, but I could never promote my radio to make it their favorite tune.

So let me just go on, and offer you the second map, as sending it to people and remind them again only leads me for an "Are You Waiting For Christmass?"

The second map is Quatrotski, and is packed in the awfull *.rar archive.
But as I explained it before above, I won't even argue about it again. I am just a freak with 5Mb Webspace and that's all there is...
Have a nice try, and bark up your commands,
or just let me woe like an unmortal!

And don't take the changelevel, because your computer will get haunting for the mod!!! 
i found a new map at the bottom of this thread 
Or It Was 
the bottom (no pun intended) til i posted that 
Madfox: It wouldn't kill you to start a new thread from time to time... 
I wouldn't encourage that; new threads are for discussion. Although it would probably be better if he posted this in the Screenshots/Beta thread. 
fuck this thread!
madfox go awaey to screenshots/beta thread!!! damn you to hell bastard!!!! 
Shut Up And Play! 
...and then you tell me to go to mapping help
don't you see how much you crosstalk eachother?

reason why this board is not as beautifull as it could.

and Vondur, you may call me that after playing
the level 
It may help the betatesters if you wrote out a questionaire for those who play the levels.

1) Overall impression? Fun, tedious, or just okay?
2) If you answered tedious, could you specify the areas or encounters that annoyed you?
3) if you found it to be 'just okay' what would you recommend to spice it up?
4) Were the textures correctly used? What did you think about the textures aesthetically speaking? Did they match up well? Did they contribute to the level in terms of mood and did they help make the brush work look convincing?
5) On a technical level did you find any misaligned textures? Or poorly scaled textures?
6) Were the entities set up competently? Any lip over hang in the platforms or doors that should not be there? Monsters facing in the correct directions to notice the player, or are they doing interesting things, like walk patterns?
7) How was the layout? Too simplistic? Overly complicated and fustrating? Or done competently enough to help sustain your interest in the level?

This sort of list could be helpfull in pointing out things you may have over looked. 
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