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New Q1SP: FMB_bdg
I ummmed and arhhhed for quite some time about releasing this but I suspect vanity had the final say, so here it is.

I cannot deny that the map is not had a final 'polish'. It is part of a much larger map that due to the usual marksurface and clipnode limits, I was never able to play outside of aguiRe's development engines. I have therefore carved it into two, this being the first half. I doubt that the second part will ever get finished.

It's dark, hard on hard, does thing to standard monsters that the purists won't like and you won't find any of the secrets by chance.

The progs.dat is bloated, the sound file is bloated and the files are not in a Pak because I cannot face going through and changing all of the file names to standard DOS format.

So, anyway... if you like it, great; if not, well...



Old downloads (may not work):
Mike Woodham Map??? 
I say Hells Yes! Downloading soon as I get home tonight! 
Screens look good. I think quake 1 will never die. Am dl now 
GG Mike 
Can't wait to squeeze some time this weekend to play. 
Wtf People Actually Have Time To Play Quake? 
'xcuse Me... 
...while I kiss this guy!

Just what the doctor ordered, thnx Mike...I'll be fighting my way through this tonight :) 
Quake Not Dead ! 
Man, this map is awesome ! Great atmosphere, great map, great monsters, I love it. You should continue mapping man ! 8*) 
The shots look so sexy I have to play it now ! But I'mn at office all the day... bouhouhouhouh.... snif...
I'll play it and give feedback later but it seems that DKT3 texture set is very well used there: it looks like CDA ;) 
A++ for the awesome atmosphere. Wow. I loved the music. The slaughterroom! The bossfight. The Layout.
I found (ahem) one (duh) secret (that red armor with the lowered trim). Very good balance, I played on Normal.

I did not really like the textures though, but that's my preference.

Linux users will have to lowercase all the filenames before playing, that's a common thing unfortunately. Why can't everyone make them lowercase (or at least the same like used in progs.dat)? ;)

The big open "room" ran like ass here, like 20fps. I blamed Darkplaces for it, stupid engine. Same behaviour as in Tronyn's masque back then. :<


Very nice! 
and feel welcome to use the Shub-Hub to avoid stupid mirrors next time. ;)
password is ilovetheshubhub 
Only Works In Fitz ? 
what about aguire's engine ? 
I guess you misread this sentence:

I was never able to play outside of aguiRe's development engines 
it only talks about fitz in the readme as far as playability goes though so that's why I asked. 
.. I thought you were talking about Mike sentence in the map announcement... sorry... 
Omg Awesome! 
That's enough for now. 
I Recommend 
using -heapsize 48000 in most engines for best performance. 
Excellent, thanks for that. Exploration, atmosphere, monsters, eveything was great. The Rocket-Ogres were fun, the Qouth bestiary was well used (apart from the Vermis - no spoilers). Health was maybe too generous and I never found the NG so had a nail stockpile for the first half. 3/12 secrets, 125/152 monsters - I know I must have missed alot so will have to replay a few times, nbd ;)

I can tell you went through a few style revisions but it'd be shit-hot if you could make the second half. Just seeing the fort in the distance is a real teaser - I tried climbing past the imp statue to reach it.

Very nice work. 
I played in AguirRe's Nehahra engine - no problems. 
OMG !!! What a level !!! Even in easy skill it was really hard, but I did it... I found 3 secrets on 12... Nice piece of art. Architecture, lighning effects, ammos/monster/health balance.. I got a pure moment of adrenaline ! Nice work ! I cannot wait for the second part ! And now go map ;P 
Bloody excellent is what this is. I kept dying though so there will be no first run demos from me. But wow! Unfortunately I grabbed the gold key via a slope and, I guess, was able to skip some parts of the map...

But with the music and all! Wow. So pretty with the textures and everything. 
This Was A Nice Map. 
But not the music! Aargh! >:( 
What a map. Big, beautiful, and challenging. Brushwork was top notch and those textures were pleasureful to my eyes. My only gripe was the darkness. Not only did it screw me up a few times, it covers up some of the nice detail :(

But other than that, super job. I hope this won't be your last map. 
Great Level!!! 
WTF mike is back!!! after long wait it worth!!! great level will post a demo soon ;) 
Very Beautiful 
nice architecture, very nice textures, funny monsters

Great work, Mike! This level oozes with creepy, medieval atmosphere thanks in part to the fog and the music (reminds me a lot of Danzig's Black Aria). The texturing, brushwork and gameplay were all spot on!

My only regret was jumping out the window after the first(?) secret ;-)

Thanks for cutting us another heaping slice of Quake goodness. CHEERS! 
Thanks Mike... 

Thoroughly enjoyable. From the readme all the way to the boss fight. I like it dark and atmospheric. Thankyou also for letting us have the option of turning the music off (as I agree with CZG) - very thoughtful.

Excellent mix of gameplay, everything from creeping and sniping through to spawnfest infighting. The mini-lavaboys were well implemented. Architecture was really solid and (please take this as a compliment) reminded me of some of Von's best work in places, if somewhat grander. Your attention to detail is impressive. What with your designs, the integration into cavern, lighting and fog effects I really felt like I was somewhere.

About half way through I couldn't help but think "Hmmmm, I wonder what would come of an FMB-JPL collaboration"? His work in CDA and yours here would compliment each other nicely.

Very grand experience Mike, ta much! 
Man, ... Finish That Work ! 
I just replayed that map for a third time, and really, ... it's a great classic. You should finish it and make it a proper pack, it's really worth it. This map deserves a classic pack treatment and we need the sequel. Where's the second level ? Or else, I'll release all Hell lose hunting your ass, man ! ;-) 
Waiting For The Second Map 
Great fun! The all thing is fabulous, had satisfaction in finishing the level. I really hope that you will consider to release the second map...

Thank you for the music triggers. 
The Music 
I really liked it as it added some kind of "arcade" feeling to the map. And that's what Quake is for me (to an extend(?)). Also it created a lot of atmosphere, I HAD to kill all the monsters, I HAD to "free" the map. 
Liked It As Well 
Gave it a blaster feel, like the music in HL1 - eg. when you come up underneith the mini-bunker complex of soldiers and the pace changes. But good idea including the toggle buttons, after I died or quickloaded I had to hit a button twice to restart it. 
Amazing Map! 
Really nice map. Can't wait for part 2! Did 2 demos on easy skill:
100% kills and secrets:
just run through: ( sorry, couldn't resist :D )
then I found a bug that made quake crash: 
Great map. Tried it on normal skill and it was just right. I died only once (at the big thing just before the end). I liked how you have used the rocket ogres and vorelings. There were many interesting fights - the biggest one was the most exciting of course. Brushwork and textures were great. The music added a lot to the atmosphere. I saw a lot of secret items but couldn't get to them. I couldn't find any armor either. A good reson to replay the map again (for secrets searching I mean). I have recorded a first run demo yesterday but unfortunately quake crashed when I tried an jump you didn't expect. It always crashes there for me but I tried only with joequake.
The map is really great. I wish I could map like you :) 
I Haven't 
checked the demos yet, but is there any other crash info or how to reproduce it? I've tried several engines before (including Joe) without having any crashes in this map. Which Joe version did you use? 
Joequake-gl build 0.15dev (1329). Check the demo from sidd. It happened in the same place to me and it is reproductible. I have checked with qdqstats progs - the problem is caused by a trigger. The game crashes without any message. Maybe it is something simmilar to the e2m2 bug? 
it's exactly the same engine bug as seen in e2m2 and here it's also easy to reproduce as the demos show. Very nice demos btw :) 
Little late getting on the boat with this one...but what a marvelous surprise. Mike, this level is absolutely engaging. I could't stop playing it. I had only a short time to check it out initially, but I had to just see what was beyond the next corner and keep going so to speak. Fabulous atmosphere, brushwork, lighting, music, gameplay (love those vorelings). I can only pray that ther is more to come eventually! 
What engine did you use for the planetquake pic of this map? 
Very Nice 
fun gameplay and great use of dkte2 textures. i always wonder how people can pull off such large scale maps all the time without hitting any limits.
the lava in the large cave would have looked better with an increased texture scale though.

i so hope you'll find the energy to finish the second map too some time. 
I Like This Level, A Lot 
More fun than I've had in quake for a long time. The atmosphere was great, the gameplay was pretty spot on, the difficulty levels seemed very well done (nice and easy in tourist mode, nice and evil on nightmare!).

Great stuff. I hope you find the energy and the motivation to fix up the second half some time. 
Nice One 
One of the best levels since a while ago.
I really hope Nike's going to change his mind about the second part :>
Gonna try the level for the 4th time now, i need to get all the secrets :) 
JoeQuake Users 
that also have Nehahra installed, can get the fog to work by adding
-nehahra on the command line and then run this script file from the console:

Put the script file in the fmb_bgd directory and run it with exec joefog.cfg after you've loaded the map. You may have to run it again after loading a saved game. To mimic the Fitz fog, you can try increasing density to 0.04. The fog might help those who think the map is too dark. 
I Finished 
The FMB brand remains strong in the SPQ1 world. Here's some comments:

- I like well used darkness in Quake, this had pockets of darkness to build a strong mood. Where you needed light, there was light.

- Nice crawling layout with a mix of wide open spaces and dingy low corridors and spiral staircases.

- Good use of Daikatana textures. I agree that CDA and this would fit nicely in a themed episode.

- Very nice secrets, I have found 8 and I know where the prize is for two others. I'm not sure if the one is missing a button since I see a pocket in a wall and can find no other means to open it.

- I played on Hard and found it fair - I died a few times yes, but there were no cheese deaths.

- Good use of old and new foes.

- I kept the music playing.

- Really no faults other then some potential shortcuts to the GK and one could perhaps take an alternate route by jumping through the small passage way at the bottom of the square lava well with the spiral ramps. Not sure if this is really a problem - I returned to the expected route.

- I hope to find the other 4 secrets without cheating if I can.

Overall, we needed a map like this - we're starving! This is true Quake goodness. 
Linux And Lowercase 
Like Spirit said, Linux recognizes upper and lower case in filenames etc.

Thus Pak0.pak, PAK0.PAK and pak0.pak are different files! It's preferable to just use lowercase.

Linux users who need to lowercase file names can use this script (just copy and paste):

for filename in *
fname=`basename $filename`
n=`echo $fname | tr A-Z a-z`
if [ $fname != $n ]
mv $fname $n
exit 0

Save it as a text file and name it "lowercase". Don't forget to run "chmod +x lowercase" to make it executable.

Go into the folder where you need to lowercase stuff and just run the script from there.

works like a charm. 
About The Map 
everything that has been said already, really. I only played in "tourist mode" because my old laptop was struggling to cope. I'm not too keen on these textures, especially the lava.

The lighting looks like Day of the Lords. Which is a good thing. :-)

Now what was the intended route again? 
Note that some of the music files are requested from the bsp with mixed case, so you can't just lowercase everything. 
Two Nights Long 
I roamed and wandered in full frenzy. This map must be carved on the fronton of Quake Heritage for posterity! Perfect lighting and texturing (no worry about misalignments or lack of polish here), dark gothic ambiance, low rusted ceilings, thick walls and narrow loopholes. Earthquakes. I felt like 'being there' all the time. The scale is wisely crafted in human proportion. As you progress through the map the whole thing feels more like an episode. The no turning back ending casts an ultimate menace. Monsters choice is great (special mention for Baby Chthons, Rocket Ogres, Vorelings, rare Zombies ;) and Vermis location). I really enjoyed the big BKey arena! Long time not had such a space to stretch the fight and run under rocket trails! Cool music too. I'm big fan of Hexen II! On/off buttons are just top class.

My best run so far, second one (I'm in the middle of the 4th one right now ;)):


About routes. Again, well done job here. You can always finish the map (from what I tried). Beware though, some choices lead to be trapped. Less ammo, lack of weapons and above all, you're trapped in a part of the map. Your only way to escape is to solve a secret! I must admit this was the thrill of it all! I searched for about an hour, thinking "Come on, there must be a way out... It's an FMB map after all!".

I mostly used AguiRe's engine. In Fitzquake I ended up on the extending ledge in the lava stairwell, not being able to pick the YArmor!!

CDA and FBM-bdg are undoubtly siblings. I hope you both MW and JPL will help yourselves for the last map/episode!

From the bottom of my Quake heart, thank you Mike! 
Great map. I am not a mapper. I am a player. I think if someone takes the time to make a map you should play it. Some are better than others. I did not see anything wrong with this map.
When I try to make a map it turns out to just be boxes. Something this forum really criticizes. No imagination I guess.
Quite unusal I didn't see anyone pick this map apart.
Like others I hope you finish map 2 and give it to us but if not thanks for this one.
I think it is amazing what you did with just a few brushes and for me the music was a nice touch.
BTW I played it in regular glquake 1.13b. Think my puter is to old for fitzquake or my video card or something. 
Excellent Stuff 
awesome atmosphere mike, I liked the music too. Really good stuff all around, I have no idea why you put all those warnings/disclaimers in the readme, this is a very high quality map.

Add me to the list of people who would very much like to see part 2. even if it only plays in one or two engines. 
Great Job! 
Great job Mike! I'm really hoping you can muster up the willpower to finish your second half... Even if you don't, this is seriously radical. 
Great Map! 
I finally got a chance to play this weekend. Very fun atmospheric map! Genuinely spooky in spots with some of the Hellknight placements! It was difficult, but overall well-balanced and survivable if played cautiously (for those of you that didn't get the opportunity to die in the lava, there's a really cool new sound as you lie there dead, contemplating your fate!).

I enjoyed the killable Chthons, and the other varied and well-placed enemies.

Not much more to say that hasn't already been said. I've always very much enjoyed your maps, and if this isn't truly your last, then I look forward to your next release!

P.S. - anyone find a way to get to the hall that leads to the megahealth secret when you're in the room with the broken bridge over the lava without - a trick jump? I tried normal jumps from the ledges near the RA a number of times but couldn't make it. 
Nightmare 100% 
I just recorded a sloppy nightmare 100% demo, first finish time 14 minutes 24 seconds. I had to pause the game once because an antivirus update interrupted me thus making game choppy. Too bad the mini Chthons take 10 rockets each, as they took only 3 on easy skill. The way I took the last secret almost messed me up in the end. I had had several attempts where I fell to the lava. :)

The map has a very good atmosphere. New monsters and old monsters behaving differently were a nice extra. :)

I would like to coop on this map with somebody, 2-player time goes easily below 10 minutes. :)

Oh and here is the demo, I once again abused Mandel's temp directory.

Try to enjoy. :) 
More Demos. 
I improved my Nightmare 100% by 87 seconds to 12:57 a bit after the first finish demo. New route was better.

Then, this evening I suggested mwh to coop on this map and he agreed. Soon after I had planned routes for two players, sidd wanted to come in and I had to plan routes again, for three players this time.

We got a terrible 3:06 in the Easy 100%, where mwh has lots of free time and sidd runs out of rockets. The most annoying part of the map was to get to the rocket launcher secret at start. We kept falling to the lava quite many times. :)

Here are the demos then: Easy 100% 3-Player Improved Nightmare 100% 
Oh And Mappers: 
please put coop starts in. 
Check Triggers Too 
Chton doesnt spawn when you take GL with coop 1 setting. 
Finally Found A Free WiFi Hotspot 
I'm up here getting some heavy doses of Colorado powder (as they say here, awesome!!) so have only just had the chance to review all the comments. I'm chuffed to bits that so many people liked the map. Thanks for taking the trouble to post.

The music seemed to get the most thumbs down, although if I do ever finish the Imp's Castle, it will (already has) have music.

The darkness also was commented on and I can only say that I like it dark. However, I am sure that there are major differences between graphics cards that affect the screen display (I use ATI Pro 9800). For example, there has been a lot of discussion about screenshots being too dark: for this map, mine were done in FitzQuake at default setting and no adjustment other than to convert to jpeg. They are just as I see it in-game. However, if your engine of choice does not support fog, it will be darker than I intended as fog does light the map a little. I only use FitzQuake for playing Quake.

I also saw the z-fighting during sidd's demo in the room where the ogres jump out of the wall. This is not happening on my system in either FitzQuake or aguiRre's development engine, so I never saw it during testing. AguiRre did warn me but I had already 'finished' the map by then.

Likewise the crash: I knew some people would jump up there so placed a trigger_once to killtarget the trigger_push, which was used to get the monsters into the Slaughter Room. I now know that some engines crash, but not FitzQuake. The error causing the crash is mug-trapped by FQ and I never spotted the error message during testing as the game was never interrupted.

Generic: jumping out of the window was one of the planned short cuts - just don't land in the lava :)

Aaron: I didn't put any screenshots on Planetquake but the ones listed above were all FitzQuake.

Spirit: that was the intention for the music - I thought it made the level more immersive and intense. But I knew it wouldn't appeal to everyone hence the on/off switch.

Ijed: I never developed the music module to include it in the save file. The reason you press twice is first time to switch it off (even though after a quickload you can't hear it) and a second time to switch it on. As I say, I never finished the module.

Ankh: great demo, sorry about the crash - even I was gutted at that point!

Sidd: nice jumps in your demo - I'm still not sure how you opened one of the secrets ;)

Neg!ke: this map is right on the limit for marksurfaces and edicts, and only just inside clipnode limit. Before I split it, marksurfaces and clipnodes were around 50k. Total brushes for the complete map were 14k: This_Onion is 6500+ and Imp�s Castle is 7500+.

Scragbait: I'm not sure about your 'pocket in the wall' but I can give you some clues if you are stuck. Also, all short cuts were intentional.

JohnXmas: I'm glad you liked the no-turning-back ending. I rather suspected most players would be so glad to have got past the Vermis that they wouldn't have turned around to see what was happening. I'm curious about you getting trapped in the map - I thought I had all short cuts covered? I have no explanation as to why you couldn't pick up the yellow armour unless you were already full up?

Now, it�s time to get back on the piss/piste � only 7days left!! 
You Must Be Right About The YA, Mike! 
I just went back there in FitzQ, AguirRe's and TomazQ148 and couldn't reproduce the problem. Weird...

About being trapped... mmmh yes... I think what I wrote in my previous post was more reflecting my own phantasm! Being trapped there was such a delight... 0_o ;) In fact, on my second run, I took the bottom passage underneath the stairwell. Following a shortcut in my head to reach the exit avoiding the BKey area, I found myself trapped, trying to grab the GKey! I was already playing the map since hours when I finally found my way through the floor grate! Then, I completely forgot the broken bridge route when I wrote the review... Lol!

The ambiance of your map is a sure trigger for my old addiction to puzzle games! Wish I can get more of this in Quake sometimes... 
which one? :) 
Normally in coop, picking up a weapon doesn't fire triggers like in sp. It can be changed of course, like e.g. in Quoth. 
The one by the stairs where you have to jump into it. It's trigger is miles away. 
I open it with RL after I kill scrag. The trigger takes splashdamage and opens the secret :P 
Mike - I Use The Same ATI Card 
...and as such loved the light and dark of this level. The fog fit in with no problems.

If you ever decide to finish the sequel and if you need a tester, I'm compatible with your display card. 
Just watched your demos: brilliant!

Thanks guys. 
Well Well. 
Less of a map, more of a way of life.

Very good in both gameplay, design and layout. The challenge was good and succumbed to both altertness and positioning.

Someone has probably pointed out that if you drop down from the YA secret, you miss a fair chunk of the map out. 
nice design, nice layout, nice gameplay.
i like the atmosphere of the giant underground castle, large caves without any sky cracks.
my next map (that is almost ready) will also be a giant underground. 
Glad you lked it.

All short cuts were put there deliberately, the one near the YA being the easiest to use.

The main (long) route through the map is really just 'follow your nose'. The short cuts add a bit of interest for second-plays: some are available via secrets e.g. jumping out of the window near the start, some via 'trick' jumps e.g. the GK. (It's unfortunate that I wasn't aware of the trigger_once crash in some engines when bypassing the Slaughter Room otherwiae I would have put fancy bars there to stop that particular short cut)

The map can be finished, without touching lava, in about 35 seconds on Easy with just the one kill. 
Finally Played This... 
Nice work. Great texture choices, good architectural details, and nice use of multiple routes (though I wish I could have backtracked to see the areas I skipped when I jumped down into one of the secrets.) The feeling of exploring lots of secret passages and hidden tunnels to progress was cool.

Music was buggy -- didn't loop forever, plus if you reload a savegame it stops playing. I would restart the music every time I saw one of those buttons, though :)

A few textures used fullbrights well, but some others seemed to have accidental fullbrights which looked weird in pitch-black areas. (gold key room I think was one of them.) 
Thanks for your comments.

The music wasn't supposed to loop forever. There were three 'turnoff' triggers throughout the map that played an end-piece to whichever tune was playing. I just felt that playing music all the time was too much. Even the Vermis music finished before you end the map.

If you play the map in the 'normal' route, you will have music1 until the GK room. It then starts music2 when you leave the GK room and plays until you cross the bridge leading to the Slaughter Room. It plays music3 in the Slaughter Room and until you go through the Silver Door. And then back to music1 when you go into the cavern just before the GK Room, and stops that just as you go through the GK barrier. It then plays music4 when you start down the stairs to the Vermis, which stops when you get around the Vermis just before you finish.

In playtesting, I had each loop playing for over one hour without problems (in FitzQuake of course). I found out that the engines only play non-looped sounds for 3m 11secs, which is why I used loops. Anything longer simply stops playing at that point. All of the music is edited from much longer pieces.

As for the savegame problem with the music, and the fullbrights... well, I just ran out of interest: sorry.

That's probably too much information, kind of like explaining how to kill a turkey just as you're sitting down to eat a Thanksgiving dinner! 
General Point For Mappers 
The Progs.dat is not encrypted. It can be decompiled with standard tools. Obviously, no comments will be retained but I think the code is fairly self-explanatory. 
On Second Thoughts... Pangs Of Guilt.... 
I don't think it's my place to prompt a release of other people's code even though I have released a map using other people's code that I have altered. It is still primarily their code.

Oh dear, perhaps a moderator should strike my last comment? 
About the music, I understand now. I actually think you made the right choice by not having it play for the entire level, it's just that I misunderstood and assumed it was a bug rather than the design.

Don't worry about planting bad thoughts in people's heads. If they do something bad, it's their choice and their fault. 
Nice Level 
Loved that main atrium. All the best bits happened in there imho. There was one good ambush at the sk, but it was annoyingly hard for me because I had little health when I went in and the drole was just a little too much. Because I have slightly dodgy hands at the moment I decided to cheat there to avoid being killed by the drole for the fifth time.

The music was great too, when it stopped I definitely missed it. Not like the Quake soundtrack at all, but it still managed to fit into the Quake theme.

The battle with vermis was pretty easy, but also very cool - especially with the gate to the city or whatever in the background. There was some nice rock modelling evident in that room, and the scale kind of puts my attempts (in my upcoming map) to shame :)

Good stuff. 
Still Great After X Playthroughs 
Don't know how many playthroughs but I'd guess 10+, (I'm onto 11 secrets now) and decided to noclip outside and look at the castle beyond the level . . . Mike, please make That Shallot. 
The Screens 
remind me of ocarina of time (in a very good way!) 
A Query 
as I have seen no one mention this yet, is this all to be installed into the ID1 directory as separate folders, or lumped into its own directory with a -game tag? I am using Fitz btw, but am unaware if it has an option to throw together all these separate folders...

Thanks for any assistance,

Forget Question Above 
its all about the +map command after extraction.

Hey Noob 
Mike uses custom sounds and game data, the progs.dat file. If you put every in
folders under Id1 it would override the
progs.dat file in Pak0 and possibly screw up your regular Quake gaming experiences, so it is best to go ahead and make a separate folder for Mike's map. 
A Solid Map 
Those secrets were a very top notch addition to a top notch map. It's too bad we may not see the castle map.

Kudos on a map that has serious replay ability! 
those links at the top of the page aren't working. Probably should update with info on the shubhub download so those who wonder on to the page wont leave in frustration not getting a chance to experience your wonderful map. 
Cheers Mike! 
I played the level only half way, because of the flux the map crashed on my system everytime.
Probably because of its hugh format, but as I started quicksaving the challenge appealed me more and more.

Must save you a bear for this great experience!
Hope to end the level soon. 
Please put this file back up so I can play it please! 
Working Link

Some moderator might want to change the address above. 
Here's my take - too bad I missed out the (possible) NG area and thus, also missed a great number of baddies (30+). Superb map, by the way. 
Nice demos. What I liked most is that when you died, you came back for more.

Yes, by taking the early short-cut you did miss some of the map but as you found out, the map was still playable. I did notice that one of the switchable lights was the wrong way round because of the short-cut but that is easy to put right.

I notice you looked around a lot, was that just secret hunting or scenery watching? If you are up for it, go past the final monster and enter the tunnel backwards... 
it was both secret hunting and scenery watching. As you know better than me, these maps are works of countless hours of labor and love - thus, the most I can (and I must) do as a player is to enjoy them thoroughly. Again, thanks for the great map.

I'll check out the area you'd mentioned. Better than that, I'll replay the map to its full extent. 
Bumped For Mic 
Music files need to be 11.025kHz, 8 bit mono

There is a one second delay from worldspawn
before the sound is played. 
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