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Quaddicted Singleplayer Map Archive Is Complete
Wow. This looked like a task for sisyphus at first. 3 years later it is done.

Singleplayer Maps:

Quake Singleplayer ("partial") Mods:

Be aware that you can sort the tables by clicking on the "Author - Map - DL - Size - Date DMY - Rating" header. You need Javascript enabled. Warning: It might freeze your browser for a second or two.
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nice work. 
2nd That 
And thanks Spirit for one of the best archives that exist. 
Really Good Work, Spirit... 
... Very helpful, too.

Just to be picky, I think it would be nice if the sorting by "rating" was in ascending order of quality instead of simply alphabetical.
The way you arranged it, when you sort, the first maps to be displayed are "Average"...

Just my 2 cents.

Great work! All my love to you!!!

P.S. If you'd ever need a hand in playing all the maps all over again to include in the archives a complete rundown of secrets for each one(it's been an idea of mine for a loong time), count me in. 
Deja Vu? 
Its not there!!

Not good enough for ya? 
Oh Yeah - Well Done BTW ;-P 
Seems like some more recent maps are missing. Sorry. Please just report missing stuff unless you miss an old version of something when a new version is listed. 
My brilliant Distractions is missing although the file is there. 
Nice Job 
But what exactly is "average" rating? Is that like, id software quality maps, or more recent quality maps? 
nice work. This is probably the only complete (or near complete) website of SPQ maps.

Note: there are two maps released in 1995; how is that possible? Didn't quake ship in mid-1996?

now, all that remains is putting it into a database :) 
Thks guys!!! hope people now replay more the maps that are in database ;)

realy cool work! 
Great Work Spirit! 
Congratulations for its completion! 
Iirc aren't those maps hacked QTest maps of some sort? 
more date of computer wrong :p 
Sham, Kuro 
Yeah, should be one year later. Also, it seems both files are actually the same map, though one is rated poor while the other is average?! :P 
There are two different maps 'tomb' by t.person
and 'tomb' by tiddles but discription page goes
only to t.person's 'tomb' you need to fix it 
Dunno about Kuro/Sham but it sure is poor. :p
Some early map(s) were binary(?) hacks though, not sure which.

ORL: "Average" would be simply "the middle". Not great, not bad, somewhere in between. The spmaps graph shows how it should be like, most maps are average.
x-axis is the rating, y-axis the amount of maps.

Something is wrong about those mods though, you guys spent too much effort polishing them, heh.

metl: I don't like Databases. My plan are plain XML files rendered with XSLT, might handy and surely will be "fun" (a lot of work).

Thanks Mikko and spy, will fix. 
You Don't Like Databases 
Mostly because I like being able to backup everything by simply copying the files. 
Great work. I agree databases suck.

One thing, I never looked properly at it, but does the archive include all maps from the ID FTP server? Or did that server only have multiplayer maps? 
The Only Way 
to keep this stuff archived for reasonable time frames (100 years) would be to have a foundation that had enough money it could cover its expenses from the interests. And strict laws to prevent it from being spent anywhere else.

Great effort. I hope it will stay up for a long time. 
amoe: You mean the ("Walnut Creek") idgames2 archive I guess? Yes, those are all included. There might be a few partial conversions that would qualify though, I don't know.

bambuz: Actually 100 years of hosting would be something around only 5000 Euro with today's prices. I do plan to maintain this as long as possible and since it is plain html finding hosting should never be a problem. :) 
And If You Run Into Any Trouble 
there's always 
Why not create a torrent from /filebase and html+screenshot (v1.0) stuff? Offline Quaddicted for everyone 
Thanks for your work on this. I also like neg's torrent idea. 
I real achievement. Well done to Spirit, and the hard working submitters. 
Congrats V 1.1 
A... A real achievement. :D 
Put this on 
great to have this archive. good work! 
Great Job 
I'll have to play the "excellent" rated maps that I haven't heard of before.

I know there have to be a few diamonds in the rough.

I think the ratings system is helpful because it helps guide what to play. There are too many bad maps out there to deal with. 
Torrent Idea 
I don't know if the torrent idea is any good, but I know that if the point of the effort is to preserve Quake history that it should be duplicated.

We've seen all too often (PlanetQuake,, Quakepit, the loss or destruction of archives, whether by neglect or by accident.

Since a "new" devastating blow to Quake history hasn't occurred recently, it may only be faintly in the back of most of many's minds.

But as the number of Quake sites dwindle and thin out, the concentrating of material increases.

/And so it went with the Quake Wiki 
Going For The Threepeat! 
Does anyone else find it sad that the boon of great releases in 2007 might be the last significant year of single player greatness?

Travail, Warpspasm, the Hand that Feeds, Breakfast at Twilight, The Onion, Trinca's Base map (that I seemed to be the only one who didn't enjoy it ;) ) a couple of others that elude me for the moment.

I'll always remember Warpspasm as what was for me the surprise and unexpected treat of 2007. 
I won't make a torrent, even though they've become more mainstream I doubt that there would be more than ~5 people interested and those would not seed it forever.
Instead I will surely make three simple zip files, one with the descriptions, one with the screenshots and one with all the maps.
Dunno about, I will look into it.

I don't see why 2007 should mark any end of great maps, just look what has been released this year already, quoth2, cjhsp1, if those are not great then I don't know. ;) 
There's plenty of stuff in the pipeline - as long as there's players and mappers there'll be q1sp. And it seems new faces arrive fairly regularly. How long they stay is another matter, but there is a solid core who continue to create stuff for sp. 
And today I am feeling like a particularly solid core :P 
( probably too much fibre ) 
hope this comunity still alive i dont like to play new games... honestly... i get bored real fast :\ the one that bring me more interress was HL2 and Painkiller but even those got bored after 1 or 2 weeks i will keep playing Quake for a long tim for siure... and maby still mapping! 
Btw, Duke3D is doing a bit better than Quake, and although the DN3D community had a bad year last year with only a bit over 20 high quality releases this year we have had already around 15 high quality releases.

So, I guess Duke was right when more than ten years ago he said "I ain't afraid no Quake!".

And it seems that both Doom & Unreal trail behind Quake & Duke in terms of new single-player releases but they're still doing far better than, say, Q2. 
Your density does you credit ;)

The modern games I play are basically Dawn of War and anything made by Valve. Soulstorm (3rd DOW expansion) is looking very nice, especially with the dollar being so low. 
Average Is In The Middle 
I think.. 
Duke was right when more than ten years ago he said "I ain't afraid no Quake!".

hehe yes I went rofl when hearing this one.

Good to see Duke still having good releases these days, and with the eduke32 engine it�s actually very nice to play (smooth mlook etc..) 
Hats Off 
a serious load of effort was made organizing that rat's nest. You have my respect.

reflects on self...Once upon a time, i had free time.
couple years age i found the beta of 'darkbase'
map it seems there is no such level at your database i'm curious who's autor, it's fantastic level (don't know why, but i always thouhgt it was NotoriousRAY) 
That sounds interesting, could you mail it to me? Address is in my profile.
"darkbase" somehow rings a bell but then it is a very generic title. 
ok, spirit check your mail
ps. age=ago :) 
I was asking about that map ages ago. The author made two maps that I played and they were both pretty good. The author's name was Ray, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't NotoriousRay. I think the other map was called darkhalls or something - if someone has it I'd love to see it again. Not sure if it was DM only or SP/DM like darkbase.

I got both levels from some old PC magazine coverdisc, though I've no idea which one it was. There were a couple of Quake Mega CDs released on PC Zone and PC Gamer in the UK, so it was probably one of those, though both mags regularly featured Quake maps and mods on their discs, so it could have come from anywhere. 
but it isn't SP. Sorry. 
dm map is good for that time!!
and the single player? 
darkbase says "0.9 beta" and to me it really feels like that too. Feels like any "guidance" for the player is missing, it is basically some base complex with enemies and an exit teleporter. Looks sexy though.

I would rather exclude it but when it was released on some magazine disc I should include it I guess. 
That Quad Cage 
looks awfully familiar to another old map where you spawn inside the cage and lasers are frying you immediately ... 
last battle tough especially the shamblers the easter was the only still not found until completed). three tries to succeed. hint for players: keep the nails in the room for the shamblers. 

Now it is even more complete! 
I didn't see Slave in the list (christ I feel like such a demanding pain in the arse)

PS: Stop voting for the pink for heaven�s sake!

We fear change... 
Oh Yeah! 
S00ry dude!

I must have been having a spaz moment. My perception of the order of the alphabet had become somewhat warped in my haste...

Thanks :D :D :D :o 
Actually I added it after your report. Thanks! 
How about adding Qonquer to the SP mods section? :) 
The "SP Mods" at Quaddicted are actually "Maps that come with custom content". As Qonquer is a "Mod that comes with custom maps" it does not quality. ;)

I am not too convinced about adding actual mods to Quaddicted since
a) hosting space will fill up quickly
b) I am not much into mods
c) mods often are not "Quake" to me and a dividing line is impossible to draw

If someone would like to volunteer to do the work AND using the (much less reliable and often fricking slow) Shub-Hub for the files then I might think about it. 
In The SP Mods Section 
Quoth part 2 is down as "Kell and Necros", but "Kell and Preach" would be more accurate!! :D 

You're on notice! 
Quaddicted Maps 
Thanks for the resource. Hopefully the LDP will post my latest linux howto sometime , with links to teh maps and mods pages.

I didn't notice the Armagon Death's Dominion Level Pack ( mentioned ? 
You can now add comments on the maps' pages. 
Spirit to president please!!! 
Wow, a completely open comment box? Unless you want to read about poker and viagra a whole lot, I'd put some sort of restriction in there. :) Like logging in or something. 
Not That Open 
It's got Akismet spam protection. I don't know if it works but if it does, then it should be fine. 
Akismet is what allows me to keep my blog open and my sanity intact. It works. :) 
that website keeps getting better. 
Damn Straight! 
Spirit could sure use such a loan to buy himself some spare time or extra staff so as to finally be able to do post news, update the site, and FFS fix the issues!!!!!! Or bribe his critics... 
probably the best bot i've seen so far here. properly written and even posted with a proper name and subject. 
And Get You Kicked Out Of Collage 
th' 'nd 
If That Was A Serious Offer, It Might Actually Save My Life 
But I guess metl should better delete these posts posts before they attract even more spam. 
i've heard of getting the class nerd to do you homework, but that's a little extreme... 
Oh crap. sorry. There was discussion with about another high revenue online advertisement deal and I guess they mixed up posting their links on versus the Quaddicted thread here at func. I will talk to the upper management and see if we can come to a solution for this mess
Yay Nostalgia 
Sorry the site is offline at the moment. Not sure what the problem is but the server should theoretically just be rebooting. 
Working Here 
quaddicted that is, im in da UK. 
Yeah, seems like it was just checking the harddisk when it booted and that took a while. 
If you have special suggestions on how a proper search function for Quaddicted (the maps archive) should work or what features it should have, please share your thoughts. Either here, per mail or at (that would be best).

Don't worry, Ricky won't write it. :P 
It's fine as it is right now imo. In fact I *love* how it works at the moment, just type and the page changes straight away without loading a new page etc, really nice to use and fast.

Or are you talking about a search for the entire site? :P 
Not for the entire site, the maps section you are talking about.

It kinda works for play filtering and sorting, but linking to it is broken, you always have to load the whole page even if you just want some search results, you cannot nicely combine results. 
and thank you.

No input re the site, since I am, like Daz, more than happy with it's current incarnation. 
Actually my search function is working fine now :) 
if you could forward the filter to the page, that'd be awesome...
so like with those javascript &filter="text here" or something? like how we can link a single page on func by use the &start=/&end= things... so like &filter="stuff here"? 
haha wow... repeating myself and everything. been starting at ms access too long i guess. o.0 
Uh, Rebooting Again Or Something 
what's the quaddicted server IP again? forgot to save it last time you told me, sorry!

that's if it is online at the moment. i'm assuming it is and my dns is just being screwy again 
oh poop, i paid last minute so maybe the server got suspended. will check when I am home.

alternatively I might have filled the hdd again with my fileplanet mirroring... 
Yeah, they are awaiting payment. Stupid fucking bank mafia who still are allowed to exploit your money for days before transferring it. I can get really angry at our financial abuse. 
I pointed the domain to another ip for the time being. 
Server is back online, DNS will take a while to travel to your DNS servers. 
not sure if this is the place to report such things, but the beyond belief hotfix ( link did not work from quake injector (opened with the url:
but the link on the quaddicted website for the same file worked fine. 
fixed, thanks 
Is there some sort of file --- hopefully of plain text or tab-delimited or space-delimited format --- of the Quaddicted archive. 
Ther'es The Injector Xml 
And Before You Complain 
the data is a bit too complex for csv iirc 
i want to make the database available, just need to think further about licensing. and I am not sure what detail I am comfortable to expose in terms of user ratings etc.

it depends what you need. some stuff could be done in csv and I would gladly provide that. I would much rather have an api like doomworld has now.

there is a partial dump in our forums somewhere iirc.

license would be something that requires attribution, same license and non-commercial. so probably a cc by-sa-nc. maybe even nd. I would have a clause that allows unlimited exploitation in case quaddicted vanishes. 
database is sqlite3 
database is sqlite3 
About ready to try to wrap up an in-engine mod installer.

However this leads to other issues:

I'm not sure I want to have a user have to wade through more than a thousand items.

I also --- at least for a FitzQuake style implementation --- and not sure whether or not to make the engine possibly generate a map on the fly or if I might actually find a way to implement a "gallery" that looks like it belongs in a FitzQuake or oldschool engine.

I know I don't want a "list" in the engine (that's impersonal) and I personally feel the Quaddicted ratings get skewed towards 4.5 and 5 star ratings (maybe the # of ratings says more about a release).

Plus I think some of the maps that have lower ratings are of definite gameplay value (many of the 5 star maps are too hard/too big for a non-hardcore person ... )

Perhaps I should prototype and tune first, and then bother you more.

I guess I'm not sure how to deal with ...
1) The sheer quantity of entries.
2) A way to limit to a relevant pool.
3) Some way to know to ignore things that aren't going to work (require some non-FitzQuake 0.85 engine or feature.)

the data is a bit too complex for csv iirc

I know megaman, I just want mod name, URL to archive and image name. I want to test installation, presentation and some other details. 
I might also want to exclude by necessity huge download size mods. Maybe ones over 3 MB zipped.

(Which sucks, but an end-user having to wait 15 minutes to play something or maybe 2 hours on a bad connection ...) 
mod name, URL to archive and image name would not be enough to successfully install stuff. You will need at least the zipbasedir too. See the XML at quaddicted_database.xml

I made a bayesian rating a while ago but something broke it. 
Not sure if, but I think I fixed it (only works if logged out, just a wip) 
You will need at least the zipbasedir too

Hehehe, actually ... I don't!

With the engine, I can have zip functions give me the directory contents. And then write some code looking through the directory contents to see where .pak or .bsp lives and derive the basedir.

But yeah, early yesterday I was thinking I'd need zip basedir too.

And then I realized if I write something to look around the zip file directory section, I can have an engine know how to install any archive (and tell the difference between a gamedir mod and a mere map with extras).

Still, I suppose other things are important --- there isn't a way to tell if something requires -hipnotic or know if a map requires Quoth or is a Nehahra or Travail expansion map. 
that is so stupidly simple and nice I wish someone was actively developing the Injector so I could nag about it bring added. 
It's Probably Simple If The Map Is Simple 
the nightmares dealing with all corner cases I wanted to avoid :-) 
Also having the MD5 checksum and the file size would be useful. So that the engine has some way to validate expectations of what it downloaded as being correct. 
Say exactly what you want and how it should be formatted and I will make it if it is easy enough. Might be deprecated once I really make an API though. 
Let Me Think About It For A Week ... 
I can make a fake template for personal use while prototyping.

I'd rather ask once with a tested out plan than ask 2 or 3 times when something unexpected causes trouble.

When I'm ready I can graft the prototype into the Quakespasm source (so you can compile it) and you can tell me what you think or suggest tweaks. 
Sorry About The Downtime 
Should be back in some hours I guess. It is all my fault. If OVH's "plug in a 2TB USB disk" was not so expensive I would not do stupid things all the time. Just trying to host the forumplanet forums...

90% uptime is good, isn't it?!! 
it's back. I would be interested if you notice a slowdown (even slower...) in the coming days. 
Slowdown on the overall site? Seems about the same for me (maybe 1 second for the main page) 
Aaargh, it has happened again. But now I know why. I am mounting the forumplanet files from a compressed archive. That works well until updatedb runs... So I have now disabled that. Unfortunately the process is unstoppable. So I will reboot. Unfortunately it will fsck on reboot so it will be a longer downtime, I guess an hour or two. I THINK afterwards I will be smart enough to prevent this from happening.

How often do I have to do this until someone gets annoyed enough to add local caching to the Quake Injector? ;) 
lol, that's one way to solicit help.
Are you saying like, download the urls for maps so that quake injector doesn't have to ask for them from quaddicted itself? I didn't know it was doing that.
Wouldn't it just be a matter of dumping the urls it has in memory to a file and then reading that one back?
Course.. i have no idea how the thing works. Is the source available? 
now that was a quick reboot, guess I counted wrong and the fsck will happen next time.

the forums stuff will be mounted tomorrow (it takes 10 hours to do so, no kidding, several tens of gigabytes in a 3G .tar.bz2)

for necros or anyone else who might look at this:

the Injector has 3 online dependencies, the zips, the screenshots, the xml "database' with the metadata. zips are already easy to store locally (just dump everything into its download directory), for the screenshots I made an ugly fork iirc, the xml is what is left. basically you would just need to download and store the xml file instead of directly opening it from http. I think megaman had started working on that.

the source is at , pester megaman with questions, checkout the issue list and the forks before doing anything. might be a pain to build on windows since ant is used. 
I was able to click and drag the thing into netbeans no problem except for one class that can't be found, "BuildCommit", which seems to be needed to tell the server what build you're using. Part of svn or something?
Netbeans uses ant for compiling ( ) so working on it in windows doesn't look like a problem.

basically you would just need to download and store the xml file instead of directly opening it from http. I think megaman had started working on that.

Looks like that's line 354 in which seems to try to deal with an inaccessible online database. I guess the only missing component is saving the xml to disk? 
Yikes, lots of stuff in here I know nothing about. I'm afraid I will be of no help to you. :) 
Thanks For Trying! 
Ant is no problem at all on Windows.

The Antscript builds the BuildCommit class from the git version nr. 
E4m7rmx Is Missing 
Fear Not! 
I had only seen it in a zip by itself on SDA, didn't even realize there was a pak. sorry. :) 
negke wants to know, are the videos on unusually loud? 
no, I didn't find them to be too loud. 
seems ok to me too. 
They're Not Too Loud 
But they're louder than other gameplay vids IMO. And I think sometimes the sound distorts. 
should be back online later today or something 
What Did You Do This Time? 
sudo rm -Rf /* instead of ./* ? 
Nah, I still haven't moved it to the new server and always pay for the old one at the last warning which is too close to the shutoff for bank transfer processing times.

I got a file named -i in my / so that would not work. ;)

Can't wait for the massive meltdown when I fully switch to systemd... 
It's Back! 
don't break it again 
Idiot :-P 
Vote That Map A Five For The Cocks! 
we should get this spammer to write essays for the wiki 
5 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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