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Quake Expo 2008 Discussion Thread
August 15th - QUAKE EXPO BEGINS!!
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Those Don't Look 
half-bad, actually.

The mastermind is a bit of weeny, tho. 
I Know 
but that is the texturing thing. The textures from doom are rather flat. And it takes quiet some time to do that better in Wally.

For sofar I am only interested if I can make them excist in Quake.
And giving them a reasonable subroutine.

Or playing x time the Imp map, and half the time
they become solid and won't die!
They just won't DIE, DIE ! Stupid IMPorted actor. 
You are a genius. Seriously. I haven't got a clue what you meant, but fuck me did you mean it!


They look fucking perfect! 
One Thing

I think the spider-mastermind is bigger :) 
It's The Little One From Doom2, Guys 
you have played it, right?

Here's a nifty retro-article about Quake's then-ongoing development, written for Wired, by Marc Laidlaw: 
It's just a bunch of model property nonsense.
I think it's the perspective vieuw that mislead your scale measure.

Now I/m just playing Doom again to see how they realy were. 
Travail Interview For Those Who Are Interested 
Oh nice interview, very detailed. You guys remembered my early involvement - yay! You know I had a big scrap left over for Trevail, it was just 2 large rooms, and one huge 3 tiered outdoor section. I should have donated it to Trevail!!! Maybe I'll still use it if I make another map one day. Here's some screenies:

So, you guys gonna do a Trevail sequel? :D I don't mind waiting another 5 years. 
According to the distrans booth, "There is some hope that I will release dis_sp2: Grendel's Keep,
a prequel to Travail, sometime during QExpo2008." 
Baker: Nice interview, good job. Font choice and toilet paper backdrop make it awkward to read, though.

Kona: The shots look awesome. Hope you do finish those scraps some time, or alternatively release them for other people to do. Maybe there's going to be a Travail addon... I have a fitting scrap, too. 
That's way too hard to read in that font / size. 
release that map please :) 
nice, solid screenshots up on your booth, man :) shame about the release date, but i'm sure it's worth the extra time. :) 
Grendel's Keep 
The second screenie looks like something from Doom. The skybox definitely helps :)

I might want to play that when it's finished. 
Sagdoll Mod 
looks pretty cool:

I'll have to try it when I get home. 
Its About Time 
actually im really surprised someone didn't do it sooner.

Looks like it needs some work, but as the guy is basicly pioneering this tech on the Quake engine I can let him off :)

From a mapping perspective, it would be quite exciting to get a full physics engine to work with in Quake, you could create some really cool traps and puzzle elements with it! 
we could have that seesaw puzzle! and that puzzle where you cut a rope and a thing swings and hits another thing! The physics puzzles are endless!

A real draw bridge would be neat. 
So it turns off gibbing in favour of painting the level with big blood.

Looks a bit like gameplay following technology so far, but it looks to be early days. 

Anyone played it ? The shambler referee is just too cool :P

This sounds great: Wouldn't this be a cool centrepiece gimmick for a REAL singleplayer map? i.e. you are roaming some base map and come across this ring where captured monsters are being made to fight. 
you already get to watch infighting in quake except you're still a participant in the action. I've never liked singleplayer ideas that start with "wouldn't it be neat if we made this thing and made the player look at it" 
Check out lurker's "QuakeBuilder". That's gotta help a lot with map tweaking, setting up entities etc once .map or .ent dumping works. Awesome! 
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