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Map. Play. Die (new Q1SP From Speedy)
you feeling ok? all these releases.

screenshots look good, back later with comments. 
Good map, but had a pretty hard time with it. Kept running out of ammo, didn't get nail gun the first time through, etc etc. It does reward exploration, which is a good idea and overall the map is well executed, but a perhaps you should have given a little attention to the main route for better overall balance.

I rate this as a lesbian teacher and two naughty Catholic girls that need to be spanked. 
Yeah Speedy 
did you lose a job or a girlfriend, or find a God or something?

Looks cool. 
i've finished it with a 3rd attempt on skill3,
one of the best levs of 2008, nice work 
Nice map ! I want to see more like this ! 
I thought it was very very dark. Which often made it hard to see the enemies. Anyways it was great fun.

firstrun on skill 1 
cool i will play it when i return from holidays...

after all spy make coments on other people maps... 
this map is a piece of art, nice spd 
How Fitting. 
A dark, depressing map that sucks made by
a dark, depressing man that sucks. 
the map doesn't suck but there is far too little ammo in the end part. It was impossible to me (skill 1), had to godmode. And I did find most secrets (which were cool).

I like the architecture and style, it's not traditional but still the scale feels right and nice.

Not many maps have been done with the CR8 set am I right?

coupling shamblers and lifts and no ammo just results in a no win situation. 
Another Release 
wow, haven't even played cogs yet, more later. 
Me Loves Speedy 
ok ok ok didn�t resisted and moved the Quake that i have in my pen drive do my wife�s computer!!!

P.S -> please don�t say anything to her...

simply amazing in game play and in visuals i don�t think is that hard... died in my first run on hard with only 2 monsters left...

since i�m away from home and i don�t have Quaddicted account password had to upload to my older page!

P.S2-> please more Speedy

P.S3-> Fuck Off czg 
ops forgot... this was my first run on Hard 
the version i played (very recent, might be the same), was, albeit hard, quite beatable on hard skill. Almost beat it on the first try, but died on the last spawn :( 
Cool Map ! 
Great map. I love it ! I played it in nightmare and God mode, though (I always play this way since I'm a freakin' bastard anyway).

More maps, man ! Gimme more ! 
I didn't find it too hard on skill 1. Never ran out of ammo either, not even remotely. Exploration pays off, but the map is not that non-linear and the off-route areas (items) aren't really hidden. 
2 Tries 

unfortunately, i had 'c' bound to impulse 9 and accidentally hit it during my first run which screwed everything up.

when i played the second time, it was a lot easier, but i think i would have been ok the first time.

i realised a little late what kind of map this was. i wasn't really conserving ammo at the beginning, but i thought it was pretty cool. the ring saved me a crap-ton of ammo and work though, basically allowing me to bypass 2 ogres and the fiend, and making the final 2 tarbabies easy as well as the last vore.

the ending with the two doors was wierd though... it was like "oh... ok, if you say so..."

anyway, yeah, i found it a tad dark at times, but i play with a crt so that's probably why. but aside from the dimness, the lighting itself it well done. nice subtle colours (except for the last two doors 9_9 ) i liked all the exploration too. it wasn't a big deal to backtrack either, for health kits i saved and such. although that 1 secret is annoying, and i was able to get the armour by jumping without going into the secret itself. 

Recorded in AGLQuake, sorry spds. I know you said a coloured lighting engine, and I actually downloaded Fitzquake to give this a try, but I didn't like the visual look of it, so I stuck with what I knew (it looked pretty good as a normal Quake-looking map anyway).

Errr, anyway, that's a demo. 20 minutes of tedium, enjoy. 
Another Demo

19:45, skill 1, 63/65 kills, 3/5 secrets.

Plenty of inane trickjumping and generally doing things the hard way.

I took it pretty carefully and didn't really find it at all hard. 
Oh Yeah And... 
I enjoyed it, I like exploring. Also found it a little dark. 
Good Map 
(Explorer's Hat for Icon)

I played skill 2 and found it to be just fine. Not really that hard and supplies held up.

I like to explore so I enjoyed this map. I also liked the visual theme. I uncovered all 5 secrets without too much trouble.

I'd enjoy more maps like this. 
Gg Speeds 
Another nice release. I also ran out of ammo a bunch, as I missed the nailgun the first time through also. Making it more visibly obvious through the window would have made the section where you pick it up a really strong introduction to how this map wanted you to get items/stuff. (The red cast of the lighting on weapons tended to just make them darker and harder to see anyway).

A valuable experiment. I really hope we start seeing more stuff like this - quake that needs to be played in ways other than classical straightforward quake. 
I ran out of ammo a lot and died but I apparently suck at exploring. I will say that this is maybe the first Quake map I've seen where I liked the colored lighting. It seemed to work well. 
Good Stuff 
I like the look and gameplay. I think it was a good idea to have the 'exploring' bits not be a whole new path but always visible to encourage detours. That way you cant really complain about choosing the wrong path and skipping over stuff so not having ammo (although I see some people did exactly this). oh well, i liked it. 
Liked the feeling, the look, the "almost everything at the same level of height" gameplay and loved the alternate routes to gain ammo-weaps-health.

Here is the first run on skill 1

Please, I want more to explore!!! after I'll found out all the secrets in this one :)-- 
First run:
17:42, skill 2, 83/83 kills, 4/5 secrets.

A very competent map, with nice architecture & texturing. The gameplay was pretty standard, and having been heavily prewarned to explore, perhaps the whole "hidden stuff" idea was lost?

The coloured lights were understated and I think rather well done. The icey blues of an alpine base, in sharp contrast with the warm yellows of old filament lighting.

The ending with 2 the two doors... erm why?

Yeah, good map. I enjoyed it. Thx. 
Ehi Megazoid 
I liked the ending with the two doors 
"The ending with 2 the two doors... erm why? "

I was thinking that was a punishment for those not playing with colored lighting. Green door? Uh... :) 
If it is so it's a cool idea 
Firstly, I guessed right, without coloured lights, so suck it down bitch.

Secondly, it's not. It's nothing to do with gameplay or anything. In fact, being at the end of the map, it's not even attaining the lofty heights of a gimmick, it is merely irrelevant. 
End Doors 
I used the blue one, thinking it was a trap, as usually done (like choose this one if you want to survive: oops, it was a joke: you are dead :P)
Anyway, it was cool :P 
Me Too :( 
Just - saw - shots . . .

Meh. (Jet Lagged, I'll try later ;P )

WTF - Screen shot with missing stuff . . . Showing massive sprawling layout of nice lighting and interesting-looking textures!!!

...OK, just saw the shots on your site...
So you're the secret screenshot poster from before!!! Oooh - such a dark horse.

Seriously man, I'm gona check this out ASAP

(Seriously JET LAGGED, head dizzy, cant - sleep . . . (!!!)) (:-o)

Also suffering from sun - stroke 
played on skill 0, very interesting and enjoyable map. fun2xplore. I have never seen similar. 
First run -
Skill 3 / 20+mins / 81/83 / 3 of 5 secrets

I thought it was a great little map. The lighting was fine. Ran in Fitzquake no problem.
I was expecting a real punch in the face but had enough ammo ? :/ (146 nails/34 shells)
I took my time, gave each beastie exactly what was needed to take them down.
The ogre helped me out with the vore and only needed 2 shots in her ugly face. Saw no Smablahs. Hence my monster/ammo count I guees.
Quality little map with some nice details.
Thanks :o)

Shambler Is The Sexiest One Of All... 
"Firstly, I guessed right, without coloured lights, so suck it down bitch.

Secondly, it's not. It's nothing to do with gameplay or anything. In fact, being at the end of the map, it's not even attaining the lofty heights of a gimmick, it is merely irrelevant." 
But...'s a good map. Good solid style, nicely made. I like the somewhat disturbing looking hanging room that you get the lift into, good piece of design that.

Good gameplay. A little sparse on the ammo perhaps but well balanced apart from that. The end was a bit weird and weak but the secret Shamblers were good - a challenging arena to fight them in. I can see how if something when wrong that part could be hard. It was a good combo of base monsters and normal monsters - funnily enough the normal monsters made me more wary but the base monsters took more damage, it seemed, lol.

I liked the exploration of course, but I explore a lot anyway so it didn't feel that different to me, but felt good. I liked being able to see lots of the side areas and then work out how to get to them.

Some improvements would be maybe a bit more spectacle a la end room, a couple more hectic combats especially to finish, and perhaps a smidgen more ammo (or a GL!). More exploration would be cool too. 
Good Map Speeds 
compared to cogs, you put combat back in the spotlight and made the button pressing less intrusive.

- Doors that don't open yet should give some kind of feedback, either "opens elsewhere" or just a sound.

- Lifts should be automatic after pressing the button the first time. Pressing the same button twice or thrice sucks.

- I would have liked a GL, if there was one I didn't find it.

- I still think that buttons should be "logically" related to the objects they switch, I said this elsewhere, but personally I find it too unlikely that someone switches a door with a shootable button high on a wall in some other part of the map. It destroys the illusion of being there, because it's obvious the mapper did it because he could, or because he found it clever. Not all buttons in the map were like this though. Most were placed somewhere sensible.

Nice map, personally I'd like even more weight on the combat and even less on the button pressing. Some good ideas in it. Also good examples of "see it now, find it later" which is always nice. The stairs that came out of the floor were good, when I first passed them I thought "?" and when I finally saw what they did, I went "Ah! Of course!" so that was a nice detail, much better than another lift.

Thanks, will replay this one. 
again, brilliant textures, great colored lighting, fun layout. 
Boring Speedrun

All the grunts make it pretty annoying. 
I wasn't that fond of this map. It had some nice design, good lightning and interesting textures. Just the gameplay wasn't thrilling enough.
Here is my first play demo on hard skill. It ends at the shamblers :/ 
Rmx Hard 
Xplore was ok. Cool buttons around every corner, and interesting layout. The lift + shambler was too hard.

Found e1m1 rmx hard... which is great. Funny playing this old favourite with serious monsters everywhere. Just love the shamblers and the lightning gun placement. Replaying it on "hard", i saved up the quad for the final run. Sweet. 
Nice Map 
A good sense of gloomy place and generally nicely balenced gameplay, although a final showdown would have been nice.

There were a couple of things that bothered me, brush-wise. The barrels seemed big and I didn't really get the idea of the spikes, but they're minor things.

2/5 secrets and a handful of monsters missing, so will be continuing to explore this one.

Nice Style 
with careful play it wasn't that much necessary to fully explore, but all in all a very enjoyable and good looking map. Thanks.

As requested, here's my first completed run: 
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