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The Disease Of Modern Society
This isn't really aimed at anyone in particular. Have you noticed though, that in affluent countries at least, there's been a remarkable increase in the incidence of pathetic, self-absorbed whining and self-pity? You know what I mean... Wahh wahh, life is so hard, I'm a talented and unique little snowflake, and yet everybody hates me and doesn't appreciate me...

FUCK OFF AND GET OVER YOURSELF! You're a fragile little bag of meat and bones with just enough intelligence to fuck up your own miserable life and then be depressed about it for the rest of your days, is what you are. Accept it and move on.

Err, yes, sorry. Let's get back on track here. Now I'm not a particularly perceptive or observant person, and yet the answer is so bleeding obvious that even I can probably figure it out. Here's my theory, anyway: life is too easy.

Most of us don't have to worry too much about our most basic and important needs - food, shelter, avoiding predators, etc... day to day life is pretty damn easy. Most of us have to work for a living, but as long as you're earning enough to get by (luxuries aside), it's not really worth complaining about. Pretty much everybody has to do it.

If you're not sure where your next meal is coming from, your mind is going to be occupied trying to solve that problem. You're not going to piss and moan about inconsequential little things. If people have no genuine worries or concerns though, they seem to need to invent things to worry about!

Many people just can't seem to simply accept and enjoy life. I can't understand this. If all your basic needs are met, and you even have time and money to indulge in your own preferred leisure activities and hobbies, what's the fucking problem?

It's like people feel that they're bored or boring if they have no drama or conflict in their lives, so they have to invent shit to complain about, to entertain themselves or make themselves seem interesting. Maybe it's just a subconscious psychological thing where the mind needs to occupy itself somehow, so it gives itself something to worry about to keep the wheels spinning.

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Has Anyone Seen 
the 'de-xionized' version of matrix 2 + 3?

condenses the last 2 movies into 1 movie of about 3 hours removing almost all the non-matrix scenes.

i tell you, the movie is better off that way, and the story is pretty much unchanged. (which goes to show just how useless all the xion scenes were) 
Rhetorically, that sounds remarkably close to the writings of Alan Bloom, the late neo-classical anti-empiricist who railed against the Enlightenment and Romantic Ages for throwing the arts out of their symmetrical mannerisms and for rejecting the sublime.

You asked me a few weeks ago if I was turning leftward, well I should ask you if you are turning rightward (Bloom was the Dean of the younger generation of Neocons).

If you had to choose to watch a movie that was a travel tale through Europe, what would you prefer, a Dogma movie, or Beerfest, and more importantly, which would be more revealing of the human condition? 
Of course, in one sense, you are simply discussing standards, and those I believe to be too rigid for your own long term sanity, but I also share some of that concern despite my ltaste for raunchy comedy. Personally, I despise MTV, and the chic-hop set it glorifies. 'The Hills' in particular make me think that the Manson Family didn't take it nearly far enough. 
"I find your lack of passion regarding art admirable. "

And I find the height of your horse particularly impressive. 
Remember what I said before about how most Matrix bitching is basically meant to let the bitcher feel smart and better about themselves? To give themselves a perceived mental boost above the general populace by decrying something that they enjoyed and thereby elevate themselves to new levels of sophistication and taste?

Remember also how I said that it didn't apply to you guys? I take that last part back. Well done. New monocles for everyone!

I can only pray you guys find some films that might feed your incredibly well rounded and advanced tastes. None of this Hollywood pap will do, of course. We'll have to begin scouring the indie community to find anything of true value and, even then, most of the film makers there are dumber than you but maybe -- just maybe -- one or two can rise above the sea of drek and provide you with the smallest of intellectual stimulations. If only for a fleeting moment while you try and hold back from projectile vomiting up the bile they've been feeding you with for the remainder of the film.

It's a shame that you need to exist in a society where people create films like the Matrix. I feel a wave of shame come over me when I consider that your massive brains and finely honed predilections prevent you from letting go and simply enjoying a filler story with some great visuals interspersed - even for 2 hours. Asking you to let go and not analyze the story from every angle while watching Neo kick Agent Smith in the face and not think back to the plot hole you so keenly discovered in the first 15 minutes of the "film" is way too much. I'm able to do it but I completely understand that you are not.

You are patrons of the arts. Lovers of fine things and consumers of artistic vision. The Matrix is not made for minds such as yours but, luckily, enough people enjoyed it provides the ideal platform for launching your cerebral campaign against it allows you to beat down the lower life forms while attempting to show them that if they would just raise their heads slightly they could see above the edge of the gutter and marvel at the stars shining above.

Your work is noble and necessary and I wish you good luck and godspeed, gentlemen. 
Also, could you guys take this to the film thread so I can ignore this crap like I do everything else posted in that pit of pretension? Thx! 
oh come one, this is an elitist mapping forum, surely you're not surprised that topics other mapping also elicit elicit behaviour :) 
you know what I was trying to say. 
#146 - roflmao.

#148 - yes please. 
Haha Willem 
Oh, sometimes it feels as if your point was that Matrix is sanctity uncriticizable. But it's probably not that. Also I don't think you can really mean that people who criticize a certain movie are always just pretentious, that there can be nothing to criticize.

You missed my point (I see the analogies can easily be taken that way). I'm not saying "easy" movies should not be done.

Just that it's a shame that Matrix had so much more potential than the average film that was then wasted.

There have been movies that have changed a lot. Think about Star Wars. It went for some consistent vision. They probably did a million "stupid things" in the movie in my view but the overall vast gritty extremely immersive, detailed, innovative and fascinating sci-fi world idea was done full on, not half heartedly. No expense was spared there. They respected the audience in that regard and expected them to go along. It's a tour de force of scifi world imagination.

Matrix could perhaps have had many of those same things with the plot mechanics of the whole reality, illusion/disillusionment, power and control. It started out that way but it was ultimately not pursued. 
Oh Man 
actually I don't think Star Wars was all that great. The story is good, but the background universe makes absolutely no sense.

Willem - I dunno what your exact outlook is, and I'm not sure if any of your comments are aimed at me, since I think I disclaimed such an outlook by saying I've enjoyed some patently dumb (but self-aware) slasher flicks and that my attitude is "make a smart movie smart and a dumb movie dumb" - but you seem to think it's not legitimate to enjoy better art more than worse art, or even to argue that there is such a division. Well, I'm finding more and more that my enjoyment of films is based on whether they leave me much to think about afterward. This is why I think The Dark Knight is going to be good, because like Batman Begins it has a strong underlying theme (in this case anarchy) but it also looks to have spectacular action sequences. Compare that to something like The Fantastic Four, which is probably similar in budget and quality of special effects/stunts, and you can tell there is a qualitative difference. The latter is empty and brainless, and I could barely sit through it once, as opposed to TDK which I will very likely buy and watch multiple times. 
Were we not talking about depression, medics and stupidity of human being at the beginning of this thread: wtf movies are related to Modern society diseases... maybeit reflects how looks our society, though.... 
Star Wars? Fucking Star Wars!? A "tour de force" of sci-fi?

We're done here. 
back to what makes our society so shit. 
I do enjoy an occasional re-watch of Joe Dirt. Dose that qualify me as a card-carrying member of the modern disease society too?

...and is so, WHOA! 
Don't knock Star Wars. It may not be the best film evah, but it's not bad as samurai movies go. 
The problem of modern society can be summed up by reading (yes reading, not watching (they changed the 'I want to have your abortion' line and ruined the ending in the film) Fight Club. Not the plot arc, but the social philosphy behind it (see the 'snow flake' speech in it for a summary).

It's true, as is the already mentioned 'humanity is a virus' bit from The Matrix.

(and yes, I'm aware I'm using pop culture references to make my point since I'm in a rush, but given that culture arises from and depicts society I feel it's valid when discussing the issues of social interaction within the modern 'developed' world) 
i preemptively snarked that point over 100 posts ago :) 
you really gotta read more carefully. 
"you really gotta read more carefully."

You can say that but it's a cop out. Present a counter argument - don't just tell me I'm wrong. And do it in the film thread so I can ignore it. 
you didn't provide any counter-arguments to my post at all, just a short misinterpretation and dismissal of one small point. 
Ahh, well played then. I guess we can stop talking about this now. 
Can We Get Back To Frib Looking Down On Us Now? 
Damn j00 metl! That and the general 1 liner spam on func_

You read Survivor btw? I find it a nice take on how the media has caused the whiny emo culture reviled in Fight Club 
I Have Read Survivor... 
Survivor is probably my second favorite (after fight club) among his books that i've read. I liked choke too. 
I whine, because my life means little, I accomplish little, nothing is wrong yet it is empty and meaningless. I am aware that whining makes me a dick; being a narcicist is the closest to meaning I have. 
Go Suicide... 
... and stop whining.. :P

Who's next ? 
168 you rule, you should have just added that you're spoiled but also a misunderstood genius 
i bet you have that funny hairstyle that is sort of floppy and covers one eye and makes you look a bit like hitler 
I Can't Understand 
how people can go around with that hairstyle. It would bother me a lot not being able to see. 
the one guy I use to know who looked like that beat another guy to death with a parrot cage. 
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