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Who Most Old-School Here?
I can't really claim to being particularly Old-School, I used to play Quake in 1997 on a P133 with 16mb RAM and Windows 95. I think. It was a long time ago. Err, it WAS a long time ago! I have only one map which I managed to salvage from some floppys, which I will never post, it's got three rooms and a corridor, and loads of trigger_once messages which make me laugh!

But really I only entered into this community last year! And my only other experience of mapping was for Witchaven 2, using the Duke Nukem Build engine.

(Gratuatous shots)

Hehe - I actually bought my copy of Quake and Witchaven 2 at the same time, from Cash Converters. I remember at the time pretty much all of the mods and tools I had came from PC game magazine CDs. And to think I downloaded the Bioshock demo the other day, just to see how my PC handled it (!)

Hehe - Anyhoo, I know some of you guys must have some pretty cool more public old-school tie-ins n' stuff. Reminisce / fight about it here!

Also somebody should be eventually humiliated / named as the most old school Quaker here!

(a true old school person would never post on a thread like this ?)
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Lesson learned, always do a quick draft first of any dm level to get the basic layout and flow mapped out, throw it away and do it right :)


Plus, if you know you're going to throw it out and redo it right, you can just map in a box and not care about overlap and gaps and all variety of technical ugliness and you can crank out multiple layouts, versions, and changes in a matter of minutes.

It deactivates your inner technician and frees up the artist to throw pigment at the wall as desired...

Also, I'm with Willem--no text editing for me. I wanted to make maps, but was/am way too lazy for that kind of tediousity. :) 
Text Editors 
Do you know, I never believed anybody actually composed whole maps using text editors. Editors were available from the start so I cannot understand anyone doing it willingly, Utter massok... mascichi... massuc... nutters! 
Yeah, the 'ol map-in-a-box is a really good technique.

I would add though that it might be a good idea to do a room or two (perhaps separately ) early on to flesh out the style of the map both texture wise and architectually since it can inspire stuff in the general layout (even though you're not filling out all the details in the beginning)

Stuff like trim's doorways, general theme etc 
You Could 
argue that the theme makes you think in certain directions, thus making your layout a tiny bit worse than if you would be free to think in all directions ;-)

It helps a lot with detailing later though :( 
Editors were available from the start

Not from what I can remember or maybe I'm wrong. I know that id released the tools after a few weeks and then people starting releasing editors some time after that but it wasn't from the start at all. id's editor only ran on NextStep at the time (written in Objective-C) so it certainly wasn't a simple matter of recompiling it on Windows.

argue that the theme makes you think in certain directions, thus making your layout a tiny bit worse than if you would be free to think in all directions ;-)

It helps a lot with detailing later though :(

I like this discussion. :) I think you're right. Theme can be somewhat limiting but I'm a sucker for graphics. I can't really work on a level unless I know what it's going to look like. I need to lay down at least a medium level of detail so I can envision what's going on and see how it fits together.

I'm learning to do the rough shelling stuff first as a result of how we work on Gears of War, but it's harder in Quake for me since the simple shell is generally the final architecture as well. :) 
i dunno, is there such a thing as layout in abstraction? In general having a theme like "city like level" "mountain-level", "underwater base" etc will need to be tightly integrated with the layout and architecture and isnt something you simply "paint" on in the end

Another thing I can recommend btw, is mapping out a couple of "trick" areas separately. In general layout should be done as whole but these areas tend to give a level it's character so they're worth getting right first and then connecting them with the rest of the layout 
That's true but I think the point is that once you have a basic understanding of how wide your hallways are, how large your door frames are, etc. you shouldn't get hung up on visuals and just lay out areas quickly so you can iterate the gameplay with minimal hassles. 
After A Few Weeks... close enough to the start for me.

But there's an ineresting point, which was the first freely available Quake editor? The first BspEditor that I have is dated 12/96 (v0.67)and that was not the first editor I had been playing with. I remember Thred, Stone, QuArK, The Forge (09/96).

Who can place the earliest i.e. closest to the June 96 release of Quake? Shambler, you must have been a spotty oik around that time, you must know. 
A few weeks is forever when you're a Doom level designer wanting to make Quake maps. Believe me, every day was torture. 
Spotty oik, haha. I was relatively late to Quake itself, 1997-98. 
Only DM Layouts 
a theme like "city like level" "mountain-level", "underwater base" etc will need to be tightly integrated with the layout

in dm you simply can't apply such a strong theme to good success, unless the gameplay is made to play great in the kind of architecture the theme implies anyways.

I wasted years trying to detail my maps within such a nice theme always getting stuck at one point or the other ;-) 
preacher_ where is waterwalk? :) 
Sorry, but that shows what effect you have had on the community - it's like you've been here forever :-) 
Re: Waterwalk 
>preacher_ where is waterwalk? :)

the layout sucked, unfortunately, and had to be scrapped 
Man, I remember reviewing Aerowalk for MPQ back in the day. Great memories! 
;) you will make something much better soon for sure :) 
Hehe, I'm working on it :) Then again, people seem to redo aerowalk for me on every platform imagineable so perhaps it's not necessary ;) Quake Live soon, wanna bet? :))

Willem: was it a good review? can't find it 
Aerowalk from you and Skull from Zaka are my favorit duel that arent id maps! 
"Willem: was it a good review? can't find it"

I believe it was 5/5. I'm talking about the old, old MPQ when I first started it up as Taskmaster. I don't think those archives survived the many ownership changes of that site once I handed it off. 
Aerowalk from you and Skull from Zaka are my favorit duel that arent id maps! there are many classic none id duel dm maps, especially from such dm guru mappers as frib and headshot, pkeg/fribdev my favorite forever 
zed from vondur is pretty sic also 
spy of course there are a lot of excelent maps... but those two are the ones i played more online! 
i'd like to watch your dm demos, i'm sure its somethin' spectacular 
when i get home i will sent you one ;) 
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