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Coop / Dm Quake (other FPS?) Meet-ups - Make Bitches Here!
I don't where to put this message, so I'll just put it here.

I want to meet and play co-op or dm Quake on a server with you users... there's definitely few people playing these days, but for those of you like me who find some weird sort of nostalgic enjoyment out of playing games...

I don't know what server we'll use yet, but I imagine we can figure something out. It would be nice to have a server to play maps that were submitted here at func_msgboard
I Nominate 
Spirit to setup a quaddicted server! 
2nd That 
With donations, blood sacrifice, gold bullion, whatever is needed. 
ye Germany server is pure fun ;) good pings at least for me :) 
There are a couple of KTX coop servers but it's a mod with different features so no good vanilla Quake coop:

Oh WTF a WARPSPASM server! How is that possible. :o
excoop is a good mod, just bugfixes and stuff.

These have truly gay mods running:

Honestly I think it would be a waste of time to setup. Not to mention that many recent maps won't be able to run. And that NetQuake sucks as network protocol whereas QuakeWorld rocks but not for Singleplayer/Coop.
Plus a quick coop game is easily hosted on a home connection. 
guess we need a good coder to fix netquake problem no?

or isn�t possible? 
Seems like that warpspasm server runs the maps in id1... 
spirit: internet connections and computers are so fast now, i can't imagine that the protocol makes much of a difference, but maybe i'm wrong. what makes netquake so inefficient?

also, why wouldn't recent maps work? don't most maps work with fitzquake? 
And Speaking Of Money... 
i wouldn't mind shelling out $5 a month for a good quake server to play on. with the amount of users on this board i bet we could coordinate a weekly quake night or something.. 
I Know I'd Pay Good Money 
to kill all you bastards!!! 
Netquake is lacking the client-side prediction the QW protocol has, which allows for fairly playable games even with higher pings. Internet connections are much faster now, but hosting a private game is still problematic especially for overseas connections.

Hosting a simple NQ coop game seems easy in theory (just create an MP game and let other people connect to your IP), but for some reason it always failed every time we tried.

So yeah, and with appropriate mod/map rotation please! 
There Are A Lot Of Differences 
in summary quakeworld is probably the best multiplayer engine in use so far, since the server runs at high fps and also because of many other things made to improve playability. NQ is about a thousand times worse in every department.

The trouble is that the physics of QW are a bit different from NQ and that breaks many singleplayer maps, since you can move faster and make different jumps.

Zquake server can run SP mods with qw nowadays. I don't know what is be done with the movement and I think there might be an issue with the ssg spread, not sure about that though... 
Heh, not too sure about 'truly gay' but I know what you mean. (but I really know shit about coop servers) The Flanders Coop server is, afaik, a bastardised hack, (bit like Bigfoot's Euroquake) it has bugs but works for cheap thrills. Maps are getting stale and needs refreshing.

Interestingly, over all these years, I've often wondered if the Func people actually play MP quake (in any guise) although I've mostly played on euro servers.
I liked the physics/speed with QW, just couldn't gel with the playstyle compared to NQ. (but that's another old, old argument)

Also in agreement with Negke/Bambuz.

The Idea Is Nice 

a) if I was involved it would be a "vanilla" coop server. That means playing the maps and mods exactly how they are meant to be played. Sure those weird coop mods are fun but they are a different thing. But people don't like playing vanilla Quake coop over the internet, they want that bastardised 10000 monster and insane weapons and blingbling stuff.

b) Netquake is unresponsive over the net (the ping is the problem, not the bandwidth ("speed")). Quakeworld is not "Quake" and its popular engines (and servers) are made for competetive multiplayer (obviously). Just try it.
Darkplaces has its own protocol which seems to work rather well. But hey, it's Darkplaces, no good choice either.

c) There would be 2-3 people playing for 2-3 hours a week I guess. That's not worth it.

So as a conclusion: I will not invest anything into something like this. No money, no time, no (more) thoughts. And I highly recommend no-one else does (unless you really like doing it and watch the process/setup itself as archivement).

If there is interest I could try getting a server ready for the time of QExpo though. No promises. 
Can that about a server for qexpo, I got other stuff to do. 
I Wonder 
how much work it would be to rip that protocol out of DP and rape it into SDL Fitzquake. Would people be interested in something like that? 
problem of DP is that is very slow :\ 
i've looked at it, it's a pretty wildly different protocol, but if you grabbed enough of the right code, it should be doable. One problem is DP's internal variables data structures are not all the same, so you'd have to go through and rename variables and references as needed in the network functions. 
what's DP? 
Dark Places 
It's an enhanced engine with extra graphics and support for more formats, by LordHavoc. 
He He He 
I had to sit on my hands for that one! 
is an awesome pak for coop. 
maybe you could setup and maintain the server if we all throw a few bucks into a paypal account in order for you to keep it running? 
No, Sorry 
maintaining a server is just too much work.
However, I could probably plug my laptop into the router and host some games on my home connection. That would be a minimum ping of ~60-80 and a max of 4-5 players I guess. That would be not much work and quite a bit of fun to setup. If you say "that day, that time, that mod/map" I'll try it. 
I like that idea. I want to play as soon as possible. No mod, just Quake coop in Nightmare with 3-5 players. Who wants to play? 
if the server will ever exist with 80 ping is great i will showup for some shoots for sure! 
Anyone else? 
i'd love to give co-op a try. especially on custom maps, that would be cool 
Trinca, rj: what date/time works best for you? 
21:00 central hour 
I Could Possibly Make That 
not tonight though. or sunday, cos top gear is on :D

tomorrow maybe though? 
... (will be updated if something changes) = Darkplaces server with Warpspasm. You must connect with Darkplaces (even though FTEQW supports the protocol, it is jittery and crashes on the later map at the time of writing). I know this sucks, especially since it makes playing anything but the start map impossible for me� = ZQuake server with Travail. ZQuake is recommended as client, any QW client should work though. = Good old nightmare Quake. QuakeWorld once again.

These will be gone again in ~2 weeks. Have fun! 
in theory I should be able to, er, connect?

sucks that it's coop though, I could have killed yo' ass.

oh god - can you imagine ME messing round with Darkplaces or even worse ZQuake (which I have never used before) trying to figure out how the hell it works....? 
i�m at 
QW FFA Server With "unplayed" Maps
you can vote for the next map with next_map.

Currect very random map rotation:
Ricky pvt me at gtalk and let�s rock in qwdm i want to rape you bitch!!!

Whose up for it biatches??

Quake / L4D / any other options?? 
Im Game :) 
But I only have Quake, not left 4 dead unfortunately.

And I dont know if you can co-op on HL2 but I lost my serial (damn)

Err... Doom 3 (nope probably not your cup of tea?) 
steamID: ijed

But my home pc is too crappy to run it, so I can only play at work. Means odd times + 3 hour time difference. 
Your hl2 serial gets linked to your steam account you install the game, so err how can you lose it? :)

+1 to steam yet again, because I have 3 older games I cannot play because I lost the serials for them. 
Is That True? 
i didnt know that.

i have the holiday 2006 collection on DVD and I went to install it and it installed steam first and then when it went to install Half Life 2 it asked me for the serial, I looked in the box and had lost the booklet which it was supplied with, so I figured I was d00med :|

so how the hell do I retrieve the serial? 
If you registered the game with steam, just log into your steam acc. that you registered with and you can dl/install it from the games window.

If you didn't register it with a steam acc. (which it sounds like) then you're fucked like a hooker at Yoshio Kodaira's house... 
No I Already Installed It When I Got It In 2006 
and I registered a steam account. I even got a few matches of HL2DM in! I just havent installed it recently since I re-formatted because I've been pre-occupied. And I only had 80Gb.

So in theory if what you say is true I should be able to get it working again.

I'm gonna try...

RickyT23 I think . . . 
Anybody Wanna Play Some OG Quake 1 Co-op? 
i really want to play the original quake on co-op , and mabye some of the mission expansions. does ANYBODY know ANY ips to a ANY kind of co-op for quake that will work with ezquake client? i really just wanna play SOME form of co-op... (BESIDES TF) 
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