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Func's Biggest Twat: A Poll
Simple enough, just vote for your favorite! You may also share any amusing BEEF you may have with us all.

metlslime (comedy option!)

Due to my judging this thread, I am uneligible to be nominated as it would not be fair for the other nominees.
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Not As Shiny As I Would Have Liked It To Be

Some explanation seems to be in order:
1) I counted Friction's vote as "everyone except than", which essentially gives him -1. He get's a vote from scampie though.
2) Shambler votes for both Zwiffle and Willem because he hasn't decided yet. 
Good Effort. 
Am liking the simple but effective X-axis. 
Hey Now 
I voted for bler and the entire thread in general. Why is my vote not counted? 
Fuck Pie Charts 
The ultimate in chart gayness, well, second only to venn diagrams I guess.

Bar charts fucking rule: getting the important information - of twattish most of you are - to the public as clearly as possible. 
Kind of amazing (and sad) that this thread has more posts in it than Than's new release. Just thought I would point that out (much to Willem's delight, I'm sure.) 
I would have to argue that a pink bar chart is slightly more gay than any colour barring pink of pie chart.

Oh and I vote metlslime, because its the comedy option 
In fairness, ~20% of those posts were kittens and ~50% were one liners, where as than's release had mostly in depth posts (and one liners ;) 
This Thread Reminds Of That Old Adage... 
"Twat did you say? I cunt hear you: I have an ear in-fuck-tion. I need to see the dick-ter, so he can finger it out." 
This Thread Is Stupid 
I do have an opinion, but I'll decline to share it. And really, some of you take yourselves way too seriously! 
Wise Man Say 
Swimming with shrimp belittles even the grandest of men 
... can somebody explain what is this thread topic ? 
Wiser Man Said 
Dignity? It is not like you can take it with you. 
that would be either Lao Tsu, Woody Allen, or Paul Tillich, they all tend to blend together when you had reports due on each in a span of a few weeks. 
Swimming with shrimp. As an euphemism for a flaccid penis. In cold water, it shrinks. 
I luvs you all! <3 
I'm voting BRACKETkonaBRACKET for not letting the thread die. 
Seconded. Kona for bumping the flame thread after it had served it's purpose. 
I'm The Biggest Cunt Of The World 
so fecking whaat?
p/s/ actually my ex-wife does ???? 
I Want To Be A Twat. 
It's not fair. 
you are what you eat 
It sure feels like there's plenty of lowest common denominator on those boards nowadays. 
I vote for onetrueviolet 
i vote skrillex! 
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