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Coagula Pack #3
After literally days of procrastination and delays, the 3rd Coagula Pack has been released.

And it just so happened that on the third of the second in the twothousandandninths he who calls himself Trinca proposed the gathering of mappers to thereby form a conglomerate of maps.

Those maps - which as He suggested to be of the Coagula style - would be floating in the void. The peons were interested and so it was decided that delivery day was to be the last of March. Rules came and went, people joined and dropped. De-Quothed it was and to be started within Idone Vanilla.

There were screams of pain and moans of happiness to be heard all across Funcia.

Pack contains 6 maps and a start map.

Screenshots: : ericw : gb : RickyT23 : spy : Trinca : Willem : Start Map


i'm impressed with your start map, for me its the best map from the pak 
This pack is plain amazing. One map nicer than the other. Wow!

I still have to finish Willem's map without dying in that lift though. :P 
looks great guys - nice variety in themes/build styles. 
"I still have to finish Willem's map without dying in that lift though. :P"

There's a pretty easy trick to it but I won't spoil it unless everyone gets stuck there. 
I Agree With Spy! 
Be-ea-eaut-ifulll start map! Good job nonentity :D

I will play through these maps as soon as I get the time, more later! 
Great Pack 
I'm very pleased to see this many entries, more than I'd expected. Good job, guys. Boring skill 1 firstrun demos with lots of dying and drunken laming:
And a superficial ranking since this was meant to be a contest:

1. spy
2. ericw
3. RickyT23
4/5. Willem/Trinca (tied -can't decide)
6. gb

spy: Small, but solid layout and style. A bit tricky in places but very enjoyable overall. Probably comes closest to what I had in mind for my map (besides the brown brick theme).

ericw: Most Coagula contest-like of the pack for some reason. Pretty hard in the beginning, but then it worked out fine. Expect more Shub deco in the future. ;)

RickyT23: Basically good, also given the short time you made it in (?). Somehow felt something was missing, though - a certain ingredient. Still fun. Colored lighting looked weird, especially with that brick texture.

Willem: Good theme (original Coagula) and I liked the blocky geometry in places. The monster jumping was neat, though their void behavior looked kind of strange and there was always the risk of Fiend superjumps. Gameplay was fine until the elevator. I obiviously didn't get the idea or whatever method you intended for the player, so it ended up being a very frustrating ending for an otherwise potentially nice map.

Trinca: Clean construction that could have used more slopes and less boxy walls. Reminded me a lot of one of your speedmaps (a sequel probably). There were too few medkits for my taste and too many Hellknights.
I found the frustration level in Willem's and your map to be quite equal, that's why your tied for the 4th spot.

gb: Unfortunately, the map looks very basic and rushed - hardly any details and good lighting. I understand it's because of the deadline and all, so that's ok. The fiend pit/lift thing was cool, though it could have done with different monsters (kind of reminded me of that one Doom map - e2m2?). Could be called truely oldschoolish if playing with sunglasses, I guess. Would have been nice with more polish.

nonentity: Nice start map, especially as I expected something way simpler. Its style reminded me of qtfin. Also yay for the negke exit. The ladders are a bit odd, I would have prefered narrow half-spiral staircases or something like that (to fit better with the theme). I'm a sucker for broken bricks and loose stones.

I played all the maps without the skyboxes, by the way. Shame on those of you who used that pseudo-space sky texture. None of the maps had proper 'void lighting' which made some of the Scrag encounters challenging and some kind of annoying, but never mind. Anyway, thanks for these maps - it was about time such a pack was released again. 
Negk3's Was The Best 
then the start map 
OK, before anyone else gets too irritated ... the message at the beginning is meant to imply that bad shit is about to happen. Hide in a corner of the elevator and kill only what you must. It's the best way to get through it... 
An evening of RQ for this, but was well worth it - and to finish all maps will cost me another.

Don't read too much into gameplay comments - modified progs.

These will all sound like negative comments, but hopefully they're constructive.

ericw: This looked great until I got a bit higher up and the platforms got thinner, then just good. Still above average visually but it seemed a bit odd. Also died more from falling than the monsters, though that's probably just my clumsiness. Was tough at the start because of all the Ogres but got alot easier towards the end - Id've preferred kill 16 Vores as opposed to 4 Shamblers, who I could just back away from. Very solid map on all fronts and seemed to keep the DM format well.

Trinca: Clean looks, if a bit bland. Gameplay was good although a bit more mix would have been nice - a few more in your face enemies just for shits and giggles, like Spawn and Fiends. Strong Trinca theme.

Start map - looks great. Only annoyance is having to bunny hop the rocks every time or play on an easier skill start2 or some spawn trigger hack could have solved.

Ok so I played less than a third. Getting old. 
ricky - another very good map, not as detailed as usual but they style is still great and fresh for both quake and coagula. I liked the colored lighting again, you definitely know how to use it. Would have preferred slightly more broken up texturing.

ericw - nice visuals but the gameplay was terrible IMHO. It's pretty much a selaex box arena and the horde combat didnt work for me. Nice shub use and skybox though.

trinca - solid build style but repetitive and flat. Gameplay is 2d only which is a shame. Developed well enoguh from the speedmap but might have been better to keep the speedmap style but build from scratch.

nonentity - brilliant start map!

havent played the others yet. 
screenshots look great. I'll have to try and find some time to play the pack. 
I Know What I'm Gonna Do This Evening 
Play this pack: the shots look good.... more feedback later :) 
Great Pak,congrats To All Guys 
ricky's map is fucking brilliant, highlight of the pak, here's skill3 demo 
One can finish Ricky's map quite fast, I accidentaly did so on my first attempt. 0:35, beat me!

Unfortunately it runs not so great for me, I died some because of laggyness (no VIS?) & jump over the void. 
Just Did It 
0:31, sorry no demo, i'm sure it's possible to run it even less time 
willem - nice build style, very clean, very pleasing. Nice use of the jump void too, clever. Gameplay was fine but I do think the elevator was a misstep. I worked out what to do quick enough, but then it just becomes a boring ride down :)

gb - um, quite plain and the gameplay is ridiculous. where's the ammo?

spy - very nice looking and playing map. one of my favorites from the pack along with ricky's. 
Here's My Shitty Demo 
cant open the demo spy in joequake and fitzquake085 
Try Aguirre Quake 
Haha, you totally kick my ass on the route. I walked way further because I did not realise I was passing above that platform. Duh!

And now I'm gonna beat your time. :P 
Nice, Trinca 
but, try the skill 3 instead, that shitty vore is blocking the way, (mine031 is skill3 run) 
gb - um, quite plain and the gameplay is ridiculous. where's the ammo?

Did you go atheist? If so, replay and pick a god. Try several, too. That's kinda the point of this map. Atheists are expected to cope on their own ;-)

I suggest Yogg-Sothoth, Shub is more geared towards the RMQ shotguns and if you pick her, you'll have to save ammo until you get the SNG, which is doable since you can kill most monsters there when coming back. I made killing monsters in this map completely optional, you can even exit without any kills by just jumping off at the start.

Otherwise, you can't really miss the ammo in this map unless something is still (or again) broken. Map was tested in Tyrquake, so I dunno if items fall out in DP or something (which would be the only explanation if you really can't find enough ammo).

It's interesting how people actually expect to "finish" a map after the first playthrough, typically by killing all monsters. Don't you people ever get tired of that? There is no law saying that you have to kill each and every damn scrag on the spot. Again, sorry, wrong map to expect that from. If you run out of ammo, 1) blame yourself and 2) simply ignore monsters. Don't waste ammo on scrags just in order to be fried by shalraths later.

You guys take far too many things for granted (like killing all monsters in the order in which they appear - if you have no ammo, continue further into the map to find some, yes?). Then you get grumpy when you aren't given those things on a silver tablet. Wake up, Quake doesn't have to be that way all the time.

Negke: Well, here, have your money back. I like almost abstract maps with fast gameplay and a couple new ideas, you like painstakingly broken up floor and other stuff like that (which is why your maps don't make the deadline). Sorry, not going to see that from me - wrong person to ask.

Pope and others: Rating a map without gameplay (but with broken up floor and chopped off columns) at the top, second only to a nonexistant map, is sadly typical for this "community". I don't believe it was a joke actually, which is sad.

I hope one or two ppl will have fun with my map, which is the point.

I'm pretty aware I map for the wrong game at this point. Although I still think Quake doesn't have to end there.

Finally, I also played a couple maps!

Spy: Like I said earlier, this is a typical Quake map in many ways, which is why people will like it. The best word to describe the map is "solid". I really don't get why some people here and on that abominable IRC channel say that the startmap is the best map of the pack, you must be kidding. Spy's map should pretty much satisfy even the most conservative players.

Ricky: Neat map, I thought the "dark powers" stuff has been done to death though, same as breaking bricks out of the walls, but I liked the gameplay. The SNG jump thing was nice. The final stretch with the SK and across the roof was a bit tacked on, I think there should have been a boss fight in the church instead. :)

ericw: Hard arena style combat made me run like a rabbit here, and die, and die again, which I liked. The upper parts of the map, ie the walkways, felt a bit less satisfying. Some nice looks in part of the map. The four shambler bit again felt somewhat unnecessary and tacked on. But I liked the map overall. Probably OK in deathmatch, too.

Trinca: Looks like this was your speedmap with some new layers, so many of the same comments apply. Gosh, that's a lot of monsters in the same place. My crappy skills can't cope with this, sadly. My fault though.

Willem: The map kept segfaulting so hard it froze my X server in Tyrquake .59. It seems to do something unusual. I'll have to try this in another engine still.

Nonentity: The start map is adequate, but I think it misses the bus on being a start map somewhat. Top priority for a start map should be giving the player easy access to all the other maps, and to the skill selection, and otherwise stay out of the way. Ijed said it best.

In general, jumping puzzles over void/lava should be avoided IMO, since the punishment (instakill) is out of proportion to missing a jump. It creates frustration and not much more.

Thanks to all the other guys for a fun pack and lack of flamewars over deadlines. Overall a pretty mature thing. It was fun, see you guys around. 
ricky's map on easy in 26 seconds:

Do use the SDA demo progs for accurate times.

I hope NahkahiiR does not start running. ;) 
I was down to 27.5x for Nightmare, but now I lost my mojo and knights always get in my way (or I bump into the geometry just above the exit). Damn fun though. :) 
NH Someone Please! 
Nice hard run Spy!

Nice speedruns everyone! Spirit is the winnar!

I take it no-one has found the early Quad right at the very start then? 
Nice hard run Spy!
why? it was nitemare run :) 
"you can even exit without any kills by just jumping off at the start. "

"If you run out of ammo, 1) blame yourself and 2) simply ignore monsters."

um, ok thanks I see where I went wrong...

seriously, I am all for trying new things, but how about some warning instead of just saying "too bad if you dont think like me"?

and for what its worth, I did do exactly what you said (keep playing and avoiding monsters till I could find ammo), but it was *not* enjoyable. And that's the bottom line.

just my $0.02. 
Just Realised 
that second last para may sound like a quote, its not. 
Spirit ;)) 
Your wish didn't come true, I did some speedruns. :P

ericw_023 ER
rickyt23_023 ER
spy_029 ER
trinca_103 ER
trinca_119 NR
willem_009 ER

As this was a contest, my rating for maps is this: start, RickyT23, spy, Trinca, Willem, gb, ericw.

I don't get the whine about "jumping puzzle" in the start map. I never fell down there yet. Those details... they are something.

The bad thing about ericw's map is the skybox. It gives me only 15-30 fps and kills my quake experience. :( 
Nice Beat Down 
You guys take far too many things for granted (like killing all monsters in the order in which they appear - if you have no ammo, continue further into the map to find some, yes?). Then you get grumpy when you aren't given those things on a silver tablet. Wake up, Quake doesn't have to be that way all the time.

The board could use a little more sass like that. 
Sorry my mistake 
Fine Whine? 
The jumping wasn't a pain - I only fell off when looking for the NM entrance. The complaint was havint to redo it each time I respawned in the start. 
I wasn't just referring to the start map there, sorry. The jumping puzzle where I fell off was at the SNG in Ricky's map, apparently there was a teleporter that I missed or something (it did kick in once, but it wasn't very clear.) But I saw that the startmap also had void-jumping.

More a general comment, not aimed at nonentity's map specifically. 
but it was *not* enjoyable. And that's the bottom line.

Good, all right. 
Sorry, But This Has To Be Said 
You take far too many things for granted (like having no jumping obstacles in your way - quicksave when things look dangerous and if you fall down and die, just reload, yes?). Then you get grumpy when you aren't carried through the map on a silver tablet. Wake up, Quake doesn't have to be that way all the time.

In general, making it hard to get 100% monster kills should be avoided IMO, since the disappointment (achievement of "completion") is out of proportion to one or two more ammo boxes. It creates frustration and not much more.


I like your map, don't get any false vibe out of this post. It's just almost that you are saying one thing and then that you are exempt from it. 
Oh and the praise for the start map might be coming from the fact that some people here primarily map like "sculpting" and not necessarily "creating gameplay". And the start map is a fucking mind blowing example of a monsterless map. It's not only the lighting that is plain beautiful, it is also the layout, the texturing, the atmosphere, the creativity, the whole composition.

I honestly have not seen such perfection for a long time (apsp2 does not count for me as it is base). 
Nice Pack! 
My rankings:

1) Spy
2) Willem
3) RickyT23
4) Trinca
5) ericw
6) GB

Why rank a start map? Especially one with an insta-gib bottom in it ;)

All were good-looking, except GB's, and fairly true to the coagula theme. I thought Trinca's could have used more void -- and health --in the interior. Some of the gameplay gimmicks weren't so well executed, though, but I liked Willem's highjump demons :) I managed to survive them all on normal :D

If I were a pixelated Joe Montana I would point at you all and say, "Great Play!" 
Spirit: Hmm well, it was an experiment. Experiments go many ways :) 
Gb It Could Have Been Better Concieved I Know 
basically you have to stay where you were when you picked up the sng for about 1.5 seconds and you will teleport back to the trigger which moves the stones into position. In retrospect I dont think this was very obvious. Ah, well.....

Well done for finding it!

Someone do a nh demo using the QUAD at the start.

Or I will :D

Regretably I havent done demos yet for the other maps, but I will!

Nonentity - help Ijed/gb do a map for RQ :)

You have a talent there for very aesthetically pleasing maps!

Spy also. Really good map! :DDD 
Well, who can resist an SNG when it says "Jump at it!" :)

not me :)

Yes, spy's map is really good I think. #1 for me. 
Firstly, respect and praise for everyone who created a map for this. It being the weekend and all I haven't had a chance to play through them all yet, but will post opinions once I do...

Many thanks for the appreciation (altho they may be slightly ott, I think my unproductive cyncism makes people forget this isn't my first map ;)

However, as people who were listening to me rant in #tf while trying to release on Friday are aware, the map is far from complete in my eyes. Unfortunately I didn't start the map 'til last weekend so it is very rushed, to the point of being fast vis'd rather than full (this is what happens when I try using an engine that doesn't support static meshes).

Rather than delaying the pack, I decided to release as is and then tidy up the map over the next week (or two). Currently the brushwork & vis/clip hulls need optimising, the lighting needs tweaking (was done in ~2 hours, so no light has non-default fade for example (although non-default algorithms are used)), sound needs adding, DM starts/items (as should be the case with a 'coagula' map, etc.

The one thing I missed that does annoy me (since it affects gameplay) is the lack of a start2. I was aware of the issue and knew in the back of my mind it was possible, but was too hurried to find out how to implement it. My apologies, it'll be fixed when I release the updated version.

As for gb's snide remarks I shall avoid vitriol and remind you it was (a) a hub (albeit one without a start2) and (b) some of your own words;

Wake up, Quake doesn't have to be that way all the time.

I like almost abstract maps with [...] a couple new ideas

Sorry, not going to see that from me - wrong person to ask.

...and otherwise stay out of the way 
Good Pack 
Globally, nothing more to say more than what others said.
This pack is so far one of the best pack ever.
The start map is a real peace of art.
All the contributors made really enjoyable map. I don't want to make a ranking here, as I really had fun with all the maps.
BTW, the skyboxes are fucking good !

I want to see more pack like this!

Go map and keep it up ! 
Huh, having looked at the start map I now realize I didn't know I was supposed to name my map. Dammit... 
Very Good So Far 
I played the maps in order they appear on the start map. This means Eric, Trinca and Willem's maps - and Willem's up to the lift part where i fail to not die (i'll fight it though before i continue to the next maps :-P). So far my favourite is Trinca's (awesome map for monster infighting) but i have to check the others. I'll post more detail later when i finish these :-).

Btw, packs like this makes me wish that Quake had a similar "title/mapper" announcement at the map's beginning like Unreal 1. 
You wanted someone to run NH on your map? Well, here it is -

It was quite hard to run. :) 
Ricky ... words fail, man. GREAT work! Your map is the highlight of this pack for me. I loved every second of it. Good pacing and very creative. Congrats dude! 
I'm not against abstract maps or new ideas. In fact, the gods/weapon set idea is pretty good, even though I didn't realize in my first run and made the choice by accident (I must admit I didn't read the txt which basically explained it all). And a simple style (as opposed to one with an abundance of detail) isn't bad, either. However, in the case of your map I think it could have been executed more neatly without too much additional work. That's what I was getting at. 
Thanks :) 
Means a lot.

I have started making some demos (recorded some first run demos last night, a bit drunk, probably quite funny, some stupid deaths) but i will record a more complete set and then post them up!

Thanks for the NH demo Nahkahiir, I was very impressed by the grenade jumping. I tried to beat it but I think I was perhaps being a little bit optimistic....... cool 
negke: Ok, I see what you mean. 
Willem's map was good .. just a tiny bit rough. Getting into the descent with no health/nailgun is obviously a mistake, but the elevator is v. well done imho and i quickly realised to hide in the corners.
GB's map [crashes tyr-quake-0.59 and fitzsdl for me!] is quite interesting and rough, but i hated the fiend pit (which the darkplaces crawl accentuated). Obviously ... time constraints, but it had interesting themes, and i think is an example that doing the little things right is important. Perhaps redo it as a H2 level, with an intrductory plaque explaining the "choose your religion" when you have the time ?
Ricky, as others have said, great map. There's some very nice snippets: the wall smashing shambler which i missed first time, and the brickwork, platforms and exit. But it's slightly let down from mixing the coagula sci-fi theme and the mystical theme of the stones. I found the secret at the beginning on my second run.. those glowing floor plates made me look around.
Eric.. top notch coagula map. Loved it ;> Shub is a nice touch, but am unsure if it has any other purpose ?? Found both secrets.
Spy: fun, very polished map.
The start map is the winner imho. Amazing work of art. Shame it's not used in a bigger mod. 
stevenaaus you forgot to type /map coag3_trinca :(

chif chif 
Wow!!! At Long Last I Managed To Play This!!!! 
Let's get right to the meat!

Easily the best of the pack, great flow, even greater architecture. Lots of nice touches, like the flying stones in the temple. Precious!!! Nice secrets. There some flaws, though, like the first 2 crossed stones elevator passing one through the other, like they were clouds... The end is a bit bland, I was expecting something more furious...

second best, run around! Avoid monsters! Get geared up! Come back, get quadded and clean up the place! You may now exit... (If you wanna have a laugh, get inside the GL room right after the vore has exited, and wait there for the knights to come... ).

Loved the arena feel, loved running around to gather ammo and starting infights, loved a little less the shortness of the affair, the doubling of weapons(feels like dm), the unclimaxing ending. Loved the decorative (or is it?) Shub.
The skybox is the best. Absolutely rock'nrolling.

Another short one, fast and brutal, lots of interconnectivity. Love it. Nice, helpful secrets... Ties with ericw for third place.

Hmm... Good ideas here, not fully well developed, I'd say. The elevator is a very nice idea and brings back a classic feeling, not being able to trackback and get 100% kills, though, sucks huge... Jumping fiends in a loop are as fun as it gets! Not that laughing hard is required in a Quake map... No climax. No end.

Beautiful cult choice idea. Not developed at all. Unpolished and not that good looking. But this is all in the readme... Would love to see it brought to a proper completion...

Nonentity, simply, wrapped the gift in a paper far better than the content... ;P No offense to anyone! This start map is gorgeous.

Great job guys, you gave me a good time!!!
Cheers to Trinca(buy yourself a bottle of Sassicaia and charge it on my credit card) for organizing this and to you all for having provided such a pack!!!

Awesome effort! 
I liked spy's the best, I thought the layout was fantastic and it felt like a really solid design. I would love to see it expanded to a full map with proper lighting/details/etc.

ericw's was very frenetic, took me once or twice to beat it. Never found any of the secrets. :(

gb's was fine, with most varied gameplay. Possibly the ugliest map of the pack though.

Ricky's was good, and I don't think there was anything wrong with it except for maybe some weird func_train problem where you could get squished. I liked the being cleansed part, and the small little details like the blocks flying around on their own.

Willem's was good but I was somewhat disappointed (mainly the elevator to hell part sucked) and the rest was just kind of a lack of linear progression. Also, FLYING FIENDS. WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? They just show up out of the void somewhere.

Trinca: Good map, thought it was ridiculously difficult, until I ran around looking for ammo and saw I missed both the grenade launcher AND the rocket launcher, then all of a sudden it became easy. Found 2/3 secrets (Red Armor, Quad Damage) not sure where the last one was.

Great pack, no horrible maps, some really good ones considering the time limit. Start map was sexy as well, and I'm not sure, but just to be certain I jumped over the rocks of Hard Mode each time until I just got tired of it and accepted Normal Mode. Still, was very pretty. 
Thanks for comments Zwiffle there are two quads and one red armour :) one quad level 0 and other in level 2

Maps were very rushed everybody got there own life but i think it was very good, my time was really few :|

I�m recording first demos for all, but i still have willem map to play, i will try tonight and upload all first demos :) 
"Also, FLYING FIENDS. WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? They just show up out of the void somewhere."

They apologize for being late. They were tied up at your mom's house. 
GB's map [crashes tyr-quake-0.59

O_o Sorry. I can't even guess why. That's the exact engine I tested it in.

... I may have hacked it with the packet overflow fix though... was the error a packet overflow? Hard to imagine.

What was the problem with the fiend pit? Getting stuck somehow?

I take it that next time I should clearly announce any weird unusual gameplay in the map, which apparently was a main issue, and polish it more, which was the other.

I halfway expected that people would somehow "get" the atheist button for example, which was meant as a joke ofc, and just replay the map and not step on it again. Well, I expected too much of the player here.

I realize I treated this map like a concept map or an experiment, and as such it seemed fine to me, plus I thought that people would simply "get" it, too, but I didn't expect that "no looks" is something that turns most people off immediately (which is their good right ofc) so they might just quit in frustration especially after accidentally going atheist or something instead of giving it a second chance (which I still think is a problem with the players' expectations). I somehow expected that most of the people here would routinely look past the visuals, which again was wrong, as is clear from people's reaction toward the start map.

Pulling the choose-an-alignment thing through to the end was very problematic, since there is no conditional item spawning in id1 and the second half of the map seemed not well suited to doing the "ammo cabinet" solution like near the fiend pit because it's mostly platforms. I contemplated putting items up in the air on invisible func_walls or something to killtarget the matching one and drop the ammo, but this was getting pretty acrobatic and yup, I ran out of time and switched to just standard combat. Because of this, I had to give a mix of ammo boxes for the rest of the map, to provide for all possible choices the player could have made, which was suboptimal ofc and made it hard to tune the item placement. The optimum would have been spawnable items (and monsters, although people wouldn't have gotten 100% kills then, which seems to be another unforeseen problem) dependant on the initial choice.

Another assumption of mine was that players would immediately recognize the choices available and appreciate them. There were three red altars with big fat triggers as you approach them saying "Do X/Y/Z", and an unmarked button which I assumed would be understood to do "something else" by logical extension. Anyway, the assumption was wrong.

I like to do radical things, which is one of the reasons I'm part of the RemakeQuake team. It was interesting to see the issues arising with this little map and people's reactions toward both it and the pack as a whole.

good pack! liked the theme, liked the start map, liked Trinca's and Willem's ones from what I have played so far.

I also think RickyT23's is one of his best efforts to date, blue coloured light felt almost magical this time, still not big fan of coloured lights in quake though.

got some r_speeds problems with others.

as for a BACKTRACKABILITY: I am used to play coops a lot, so please place a button/trigger from outside near all the trap doors/bars next time, so it is not dead end after 1 player gets in, shuts the bars and gets torn apart by monsters. kinda frustrating. 2 coop starts at the very same spot are not the best idea neither. thanks 
"as for a BACKTRACKABILITY: I am used to play coops a lot, so please place a button/trigger from outside near all the trap doors/bars next time, so it is not dead end after 1 player gets in, shuts the bars and gets torn apart by monsters. kinda frustrating. 2 coop starts at the very same spot are not the best idea neither. thanks"
Quoted for truth.
It's not enough to add coop starts to make the map "coop compatible".
Anyway, VERY nice maps - some are really great, other ones just very good :-). 
The crash was probably because your map exceeded the lightmaps limit. After playing it again, I realized the poor performance in the beginning is related to it - the use of flickering light styles for every torch.

As for the gods choice, it's simply lacking a centerprint explaining what to do (the possiblities), because it's not immediately obvious that the altars are important buttons and not just decoration. 
OK, Some Demos, Not Done Any For Spy Yet 
but its definately coming.

TBH I did these on saturday night (well Sunday morning rly) quite wasted. So please dont be upset if I die very fast :P

But I'll do better....... 
ok finally got all demos ;)

Ricky was my favorit
spy -> great layout
Ericw -> loved the start :)
willen -> still need to replay died in elevator :( to hard... but i will try again...
gb -> nice idear the weapon choise :)just brushwork was less good(the time was few) but i had fun playing

thks guys for participate 
Just got back on and saw this, well done guys, 6 entries is a fine selection, will download and enjoy soon. 
Four Demos

couldn't coplete gb and willem's maps, b/c of my stupidness :) the more i playing gb's map the more i like it. it's really pitty it seems
that gb's map wasn't fullvised. i'll try to fullvised myself.

gb, how much time you're vised your map? 
One More Demo 
recorded using kascam mod [ricky's map]
thank you aguirRe and thank you Ricky 
Heres The Link To Spys Kascam Demo ;) 
forgot to add the link 
Map Review Roundup Mp3 
Available at
Great maps guys! 
Great Pack 
I'm finally commenting now even though I played the map pack the day it came out.

While I am not really big on coagula maps, I did enjoy these, but I forgot to use the skyboxes for the maps on my first playthrough... shame on me.

The only map I had trouble with was Willems. I just couldn't get past the elevator to hell without god mode. Perhaps there is some easy way to do it that I haven't realized yet.

I won't list in order which maps I enjoyed the most, I'll just say I liked them all in their own way, even the gorgeous start map.

Great pack guys. 
I like Goldenboy's map screenshot a lot, fan of ebony maps, but when I try to start his map, AllocBlock:Full error occurs. I use fitzquake080 to play the game, starting it like

fitzquake080 -game sm36 +scr_menuscale 2 +scr_conwidth 600 +sv_aim 1 +gl_texturemode +skill 1 -gl_texsort 0 -gl_detail 1 +map coag3_start

(I use the "game sm36" because I have my config stored there, when I remove the "game sm36" command, I see only yellow smudges instead of game)

please help, thanks 
Use Fitzquake 0.85.
And the yellow stuff might be a missing -bpp 32 (yay for HackNeyed! 
Oh, gl_texturemode without any argument does nothing, does it? And the gl_texsort and gl_detail would need a + to be actually used.

I'd suggest putting all the stuff into an autoexec.cfg 
I Think Someone Said It Exceeds Lightmaps Limit 
I would need to confirm this. But if thats that case then DP, AGlQuake and Fitz 0.85 should all run it fine. :)

Not sure about the yellow smudges thing, im guessing you have an ATI card in your computer..... 
Just Checked... 
yeah, gb's map exceeds the lightmap limit, so you need an engine that has expanded that limit. 
im guessing you have an ATI card in your computer

Not True 
I am no NVidia fanboi, ATI's graphics card features intruigue me. The thing is that on this forum time and time again ATI cards/drivers seem to cause all sorts of problems with engines and editors. And weird yellow smudges sounds like the sort of thing.

I just dont think that they are very software backwards-compatible. 
Or maybe the glquake codebase is just shit?
I've never had any problems running Quake on my ATI cards. 
Elevator To Hell... 
Pretty much fails as a gameplay idea. The potential is there but not well executed.

Easy grenade jump out of it, wait 2 mins, drop down Quad kill exit.

Rest of that map is cool tho. 
Or hide in the corner. Grenade jumping is way too much work. :) 
I Agree With Shambler. 
I got fried about 5 times on the elevator to hell before I finally made it through - other than that section, which was creative and just too challenging, best map by far! Great atmosphere and the fiends were fun and kind of hilarious.
Awesome pack! haven't played quake in like, weeks and this was just what I needed. Thanks to everyone involved! 
thanks, fitquake085 really can run the map, but it is very laggy at the start area, horrible r_speeds. and yes, I got ATI card. 
Good to have sass on the board, yes. Nice beatdown, errr no.

Bloody obviously flawed argument. Can't be arsed to demonstrate why, yet. 
1. Ricky23T

some considerable distance

2. The start map.

3=. Everyone else. 
For GB Atheist route. I dick around, ignore monsters, and all sorts of knobbery. 
Half-played The Pack So Far... 
random comments:

1. willem's lift was pretty tough, even hiding in the corner seemed like a bad tactic because it failed me the first couple times i tried it... i think there's a specific corner that probably works better.

2. willem's monsterjump-in-the-void idea was hilarous and effective, the random fiend suprises kept things pretty tense and interesting in that outside section -- and added a freshness to the generic "fight guys on open walkways" gameplay.

3. the start map was good, and I disagree with the idea that start maps should just "get out of the way" -- part of the purpose of a start map is to set the mood for the map(s) to come. It's not just a glorified map menu. It's possible that the various entrances could be more identifyable from a distance, and maybe they should look different so you can remember which ones you've used. Also, there's a spawnflag to skip the intermission screen which would have been good to use here. But overall, I thinkl it was a nice start map.

4. gb, I think the only thing that was really needed in your map was an initial centerprint message saying something like "choose a god before you continue" and then for the altars to say "touch this altar to choose the protection of Cthulhu" etc. 
Half Played Too 
The start looks very cool. Nice theme.

Ricky: don't really like the skybox, looks a bit too colorful. Highlights for me were the moving cross stuff and the end looks really cool. Overall very good map.

Ericw: Not too fond of the skybox again, kills a lot of atmosphere. Was a nice blast, my favourite map so far.

Willem: Like the metal theme, those fiends jumping around were cool. Elevator was a bit too hard for me. Very nice too. 
How does one get the Quad secret near to the start on ericw's map? Darkplaces likes to drop it randomly (yay, proof that this engine is not good for playing Quake). 
nice to play some non-base maps finally! void maps are my favourite. Shame it got de-quothed though, as I love the lovecraftian feel of that. 
Start Map 
I didn�t mean before that a start map should get out of the way - I reckon alot of the recent releases suffer from lack of start maps.

Instead that skill should have been selected only once, at the beggining of the pack, and then have a loop back if the player wants to change skill after finishing a map for some reason.

that�s all. 
yeah, that would have been good... too bad info_player_start2 works only in maps named "start.bsp" right? Or would it have worked here? 
No, But 
The player needs to be holding a rune for it to work. Digs04 uses this trick. 
This Pack Is Layed Out As If 
each individual map was an episode.

I like the abstract way in the past Remix Mapping Challenge pack where the pack had 1 or 2 maps from each episode all inked together in a hub. It was strange because it only had 1 or two maps from each episode, and it told you which when you were at the teleporter.

As did this start map. I guess :)

I dont think there was anything wrong with it, but i can see how the immersiveness is slightly removed because of this, because it makes the experience a lot less epic-feeling.
Less connectivity >:o 
The secret in Kadath is reached by means of jumping into the void at a very specific spot in front of a column (indicated by buttons) which is across from a set of stairs, which teleports one to where the Quad Damage should be; the teleporter works even if the Quad ended up on the floor. 
Start Map Does Not Launch 
writes some backpacktouch error under quakespasm, pls help 
Start Map Does Not Launch 
ah, incompatible with bastion/marcher games by Kinn I guess, ok 
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