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Quake1 Community(hard To Find)
ive just installed quake1 for the 1st time in a few years and remembered what a great game for level deign,modding etc .

so i had to start a map straight away
however i had lost all the old files and utils associated with mapping, modding quake.
very quickly it was apparent the old community
:quakeitecture, quakelab, qmap etc were no more.
slayweb, telefragged and planetquake had a small collection of maps and mods but i was given the general impression that quake 1 had now died. the planetquake 1 mapping forums last post was in 2008

then i googled for a 'map to bsp' utility and ended up on 'quake terminus'pages
'wow' what a contrast it was like being in a candy shop and i was directed to tons of great new utilities and stuff and all the original id utilities plus a living, breathing quake1 community

so many thanks guys for a real treat, but why dont telefragged, planet quake etc direct people to the obviously alive N kickin' 'quake 1' community?

gonna get mapping now guyz
many thanks again
"so many thanks guys for a real treat, but why dont telefragged, planet quake etc direct people to the obviously alive N kickin' 'quake 1' community? "

PlanetQuake mentions this place in the news feed whenever something gets released but I don't think they want people leaving their site - gotta get those page hits.

The Quake1 community is pretty niche at this point so it's not surprising it doesn't get a lot of press. 
Topic Of The Decade. 
Well, you've found this place now. Hurrah. 
Re. Topic Of The Decade. 
its so nice to have a warm welcome shambler

maybe if i just browsed through these pages taking what i need without so much as a hello or goodbye or a thankyou you would appreciate it more eh? 
You should have read the text on more closely.

But welcome aboard! Check out the links to visit the other Quake communities.

The people here tend to be grumpy, sarcastic and mean yet on the other hand helpful, wise and friendly. Just be careful and if you feel offended, wait a day before you expose yourself in a heated outbreak of words. 
Quaddicted is going to be your best friend for quite a while. 
Nice to see things like this pop up from time to time :)

Glad you found us eventually, in our fortified mapping fortress!

Good luck with the map making, the mapping help thread will be worth its weight in gold for you im sure! 
1� paddypain welcome!!!

2� I�m so out of motivacion :\ let�s start another pack?

id1 textures
id1 size of maps


Glad you found us eventually, in our fortified mapping fortress!

fortified mapping iceberg
Hi Paddypain!

Er I found the "Quake1 Community" about a year and three quarters ago. What a bunch of freaks!

So did you have any releases of maps (or any unreleased projects) when you previously played Quake?

Quoth-agula this time ;) 
hey, welcome.

very quickly it was apparent the old community
:quakeitecture, quakelab, qmap etc were no more.

This pretty much is the qmap community, we all jumped that ship as it sank, and a dude called metlslime threw a raft our way. BOAT METAPHOR ENDS. 
So Much For Asaki 
He was hoping to get a bigger boat.

Paddypain - Did you ever hang out in #botepidemic? 
yes i wasnt paying enough attention 'spirit'

seems pretty warm here to me now 'zwiffle'

actually 'rickyT23' i found a couple of my maps on an old disk the other day (leaks n' all). maybe ill post them sumday (4 a larf)
full of vores n' fiends doing odd things to each other
i was playing about with an old release of 3dsmax and the qmap plugin recently 'starbuck' but back then i was using an editor called 'quiver'(yes on mac duz any1 remenmber it?)so i hung around on quakeitecture site alot where it was hosted 'scar3crow'

which brings me to this: macquake editng didnt require the qbsp light vis utils . the quiver editor processsed the bspmap in-editor. so iam unfamiliar with using those utils for mappin
if anone can give us some tips it would be most appreciated,. cheers
Well "excu-use Me!" 
Are you still on a Mac? If so I would look at Willems site - he has Toetag, which looks pretty cool to me except I dont have a Mac. And he has some of his own super-cool compilers (multi-threaded vis tool)

If your on Win-blows like me then I would use Worldcraft 3.3 with the Quakadapter, which sets you up with all of the compile tools which I would use unless you want to use colored lighting, in which case you will need to use Tyrlite .99e, or hmap2 tools (Lordhavoc of Darkplaces fame) which I dont use bacause Darkplaces Quake port is pretty much a different engine all together.

For an overview of the tools I would check out AguirRe's site - he made the best tools (although they are included with the Quakadapter package)

Some people get some wierd performance (GPU driver related?) with WC3.3. A lot of guys use GTK Radiant 1.4, but not me. You might want to look into that, if you arent keen on the Hammer style editor. Or you can use Worldcraft 1.6 (a few people still use that thing), the BSP editor is meant to be good and QuArK editor for crazy people (its meant to be pretty powerful but I couldnt figure out how to use it)

Meh - links, er......

AguirRes site:

He has some very good info on his site, read Quake 1 Tooltips at the bottom of the site.

Heh - would love to see your ancient maps too ! 
the real question is where is the quake2 community? 
Our community is so hard to find even DaZ lost track of us. 
DaZ is so noob very noob...

Nobody understand the British... even then! 
Even then them didn't understand! My head hurts. :(

metlslime: They're making sweet love to the q4 community. 
All two of them are in hospital because the yellow light burned their skin. 
I Think They're Mostly At or following Quake2World. 
cheers for that info rickyT23
yeh quark baffled me too

well ive still got a mac and the 'quiver' installer plus tuts, exept the comunities dead duz that mean its abandonware?

where can i upload my old maps rick? cos i dont have a site or anything. saying that you would have to keep an open mind here mate . my maps were all about bundling in as many monsters as possible just to see how much havoc they can commit on each other. when they cant get to you . its hilarious but wont win any mappin design awards
ive done more serious stuff in ut2k4

ive just started playing wit bspeditor so i was going to go with that, and qmap cos 3dsmax is great.

do i run these build tools from dos window or quake console? im confused 
OK, Er Cool, This Will Be Interesting 
upload maps the

(email me for password or some other person tell 'im, email is in "people" at top of this page)

and the tools are run in windows from the good old command prompt, or from the "run" dialogue on the start menu (i prefer to make a shortcut to the .exe (on the desktop) and adding the command line options there).

Worldcraft has a compile prompt which is set up from the options tab and allows you to easily compile levels. I have limited experience with other editors but know that many people will just write a .bat file (batch file) in a text editor (notepad) but i cant remember how you do that off the top of my head.

easiest way is to go start, programs, accessories, commmand prompt:

then type "cd c:\quake\id1\maps\yourtool.exe -option -option b +handle c" or whatever.

The commands are in the documents on AguirRe's webpage linked to above :) 
Meh Drunk Again 
i mean "cd c:\"


"yourtool.exe -blah ...." 
Or More Like 
"cd c:\quake\id1\maps\" (thats where i keep all my tools and files rly)


"yourtool.exe -optionsblah....."

if you store your maps in id1 and your WIP .map files and any other editor formats you might have in id1\ folder then they will work with any of the mods you might have (unless you have custom entities where it may crash the engine depending on the engine you use. 
Running Tools 
If you are going to use BspEditor, you can run the tools from the application - look at the Export option on the menu bar:

If you use a version that is 96b or earlier, you can also use Tony Brownlow's BspBuild utilities GUI, which allowas you a few more choices and will run Quake, amd tidy things up on exit. 
Not Tony Brownlow, it's Tony Browneller.

(Tony Brownlow played fly-half for Winston Academicals) 
Here Is An Explanation 
Good Show 
thanks alot rickyT23 and Mike

this lot should keep me busy 4 a while

ricky i usually play quake in tenebrae or telejano are these still popular? i do like the doom3 style bumpmapping/shadows in tenebrae

ive not yet checked out darkplaces, whats that all about? 
Tenebrae Is Rarely Used I Woul;d Say. Its Pretty Buggy To Be Honest. 
Darkplaces is the way to go if you want uber-eyecandy.

You need to download one of Rygels hir-res texture packs though. The texture pack is installed in id1\textures, and contains all of the actual bump-map files as well as the textures.

Most mappers use FitzQuake because it is fairly true to the original Quake in look and feel, and considered to be sufficiently stable for pretty much anything. It also support colored lighting and external hi-res textures, in the same way but doesnt support all of the normal-maps files and bump-map information files and shit like Darkplaces does. I use FitzQuake.

AguirRe's Modified GLQuake used to be the standard for map which are too big for the standard Quake engile limits, and his engine supports many superb features for the mapper, like leak detection and enhanced bug reports.

Telejano is a cool engine :) I dont think so many people still use it really, but I liked it.

You should google "darkplaces quake" and you''l find lordahvocs webpage for his engine, there are loads of links there. Alternatively there are links at\ 
In Darkplaces to view the bump mapping effect you have to set the lighting to real-time from the options menu. ;) 
Just go directly to

Be aware that Darkplaces likes to not work well with maps you find here.
It still is much MUCH MUCH better than Tenebrae in that aspect though. Tenebrae is a techdemo, it does not qualify as Quake engine. You cannot even play mods with it.

Do use Fitzquake if you want to play Quake. Darkplaces if you must have blingbling (I suggest setting sv_blowupfallenzombies 0 and that other one that makes grenade not get stuck on downward slopes).

Telejano is a fun modding engine. I love the snow thing and fog in one of the releases. 
Does Darkplaces Actually Screw Up On A Lot Of Maps? 
I am aware that there are occasional glitches with specific behaviors in mods or even maybe id1 progs, but I assumed it was still 98% normal and you could basically get the same gameplay with it. 
I exaggerated.
But it breaks maps every now and then (the Quad on coag3_ericw drops to the floor right at the start sometimes).
And personally I find some of the sv_gameplayfixes highly questionable. 
I Find It To Be 
better than it was! It used to break Slave to a Machine because of a door which had the textures skipped. But thats been fixed in the last few builds! 
cheers guys im gonna check it out

does Darkplaces have realtime reflections in water etc like in Tenebrae? 
I Think This Is What You Want Maybe 
nice one meTch for that

'RickyT23' i didn't upload my old maps after all cos they were my 1st ever maps and are good for a giggle but are also quite shit really.

however as u asked about them so i posted them as an attachment via your email address so u could have a look

did you receive the email yet mate? 
Yeah Sorry Man, I Got Them All! :) 
I just totally forgot about it, eh!!

Silly me, I will have a peak ASAP... 
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