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Operating Systems Thread
Vista is Microsoft force feeding us shit.
Linux - for jobless geeks only.
Macs might get you laid, but you'll have to pay and pay.

XP has a colour scheme for autistics, but is destined to live forever....
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Yet You All Happily Use Steam 
Mmmyeah. Steam is more limited in scope than the whole damn OS itself. 
Yes I've had a few issues with win10 so far.

One day turned the computer on to find a "no boot device found" message. Went to dos to find my boot drive was no longer c:. wtf. Managed to go back to a save point and that fixed it.

Also had about a week where explorer was having big issues. I couldn't right-click on any file, and some programs would crash when bringing up an explorer window (such as the Save window).

Uninstalled a couple updates twice, although it kept reinstalling them, but it seems to have gone away now.

Sometimes search on the Start menu doesn't work as well. Which is needed now because it takes so fucking long finding anything in the App menu now, compared to say win 95 where shit was arrange into categories at top level. Oh those were the days where you could get to a program in 3 clicks. 
Why not install Win7 instead ?

What is the point even of Win10 ?

I don't understand what its supposed to do for anyone that Win7 does not. 
Windows 10 is for Microsoft's benefit only. They want to make more money off the users. The need for more money is probably because they are not doing too well be due to idiot management.

There are a few small improvements over Windows 7, but those are not worth the price in my opinion, though DX12 may eventually become a necessity.

I only start Steam if I want to play a game that won't run without it, but Steam is hard to avoid.

Game developers seem to love Steam, so gamers are basically stuck with it. However, many games bought through Steam will actually run without it sniffing your balls running in the background at the same time.

Personally, my last 10 or so game purchases have been through GoG. Unfortunately, most big new releases are Steam only. The Witcher 3 is an exception. 
Sounds to me like your hard-disk is failing. 
Fork Yeah! Solaris History/rant 
The New Macbook Pro Tool Bar Is A Scab I Want To Pick Off 
I dont think this guy likes the new Macbook Pros,440581

He reckons Mickeysoft's Surface Studio is what he wants, but hard for me to think it will gain much traction in the creative community. Windows, and the PC experience is just too shitty imho/

But I'm pretty sceptical about the new touchbar too.
It just breaks too much os what we expect. Screen up there... keyboard down here. 
Rick, yes, my gobsmack moment is why did everyone just accept win10 showed down their throats like a smelly rapey cock, free or paid, whatever ?

Steam works fine on Windows 7

A lot of people gave Windows 8 a skip, and Vista etc... What the fuck happened? 

Some /. cuts -

BSD: Free as in Speech
Linux: Free as in Beer
Windows 10: Free as in Herpes

Hey all you Slashdotters, President Pussy-Grabber here,
I think Windows 10 is awesome! It walks right up to your computer and grabs it by the pussy, and I think that'll make computers Great Again! You should all stop using that 'linux' thing you all keep jabbering on about and just use this instead!

I mean, yeah... Chrome and Firefox do the same thing, but coming from the OS, that's pretty rough. 
Believe Me 
I am not surprised MS is pulling this shit, and it will probably work for most simple users out there.

It's very very intrusive and will make users very not happy believe you me. 
Microsoft have this thing where they get a product to a stage where it's "good enough" and then there's no compelling reason to upgrade.

Typically what happens then is hardware, not software, ends up driving it forward.

We all saw it with XP. XP was "good enough" for such a long time and it was only when we hit 32-bit limits that we needed to move on. Vista was shit but it had 64-bit and better multi-CPU support. 7 is almost "good enough"; the main thing it's lacking in terms of hardware support is good SSD support. 8 and 10 are just flat-out better with SSDs.

Microsoft are pushing 10 down your throat because they don't want a repeat of what happened with XP where people stick with an OS version for 10+ years because that version is "good enough". Rather than give compelling reasons to upgrade they're taking the choice away. They'd be better doing it the other way round but that leopard ain't gonna change it's spots. 
Is Windows 10 
Designed as the last operating system?

We're probably going to be sticking with it for a while 
Windows 10 is, in theory, supposed to be the last "version" of Windows. Microsoft has done many things recently to try and force PC users to switch to it.

It is well known that Windows 10 is basically spyware. This can be controlled somewhat by changing settings, but not completely, and the settings have been known to revert to defaults automatically in many cases.

Fortunately Windows 10, at this point, is easily avoidable and unnecessary. Much of what average people do with PCs is now web driven and runs in a browser. The OS is not that important and Linux can do this job as well as, if not better than, Windows.

Gaming is one of the areas where Linux is not so great. DX12 does not seem to be catching on at this point though, so Windows 7 still works well for gaming.

Steam is almost a necessity for gaming these days and it does a fair amount of spying also. Even when used in "offline mode" it is not really offline.

For right now, I have not seen a way to avoid Microsoft's garbage completely, so I have one PC for gaming with Windows 7 installed. And Steam. I use an Icy Dock in that computer, when not needed for games I can shutdown switch SSDs and reboot Microsoft-free and Steam-free in less than 2 minutes. 
Win10 Has Been Fine For Me. 
Vista also worked fine for a lot of people. 
I Probably Should Be More Bothered 
About windows 10 spying than I am. Most of the time I am not even thinking about it 
Is There A Compelling Reason 
to switch from, say, win7 to win10? 
I guess. 
If you find a game that is DX12 only, or can use DX12 and is greatly improved by it, then Windows 10 is your only choice.

There are some non-game related improvements, but for me, those are far out-weighed by the many drawbacks. Microsoft has just gone too far into areas where no operating system belongs.

This is a polarizing issue, many people just don't care. The logic is often along the lines of "everybody does it", "that's just the way it is these days", etc. Some say "I have nothing to hide, my life is an open book" or some other such nonsense. I am firmly in the opposite camp, and if anyone has a choice and asks, then I will always recommend against Windows 10.

Of course, I am a grumpy old man, and get off my lawn is a way of life these days.

If you have any choice, then you should at least do a little research so that you know what you're getting into when you agree to Microsoft's privacy policy and service agreement. 
It's Pretty Funny... 
That Microsoft basically released an OS that is clearly adware, malware, spyware and out-of-your-control-ware TRICKING millions into upgrading and yet... so many are complacent about this.

If things don't change, Win7 will be my last MS OS even if that means any future PC gaming, on Windows, is sacrificed.

And now they have it so if you want the newest CPU's from AMD and Intel, they to are tied to Win10. Linux is fine though. 
Oh And, 
I didn't even mention about how they use your bandwidth to deliver updates to other PC's! This all should have been illegal on so many fronts, seriously.

Personal Computer, I think not. Not with Win10. 
It's a huge breach of privacy and duty... which i'm guessing they are only allowed to do, because the win10 spyware is shared with the US government. 
I have windows 10, and I use SpyBot Anti-Beacon which automatically turns off any telemetry in windows 10. I havent any issues otherwise, yet i occasionally get a *suggested notification on the start menu of apps to get from the app store. Meh, i'm a sheep. :| 
Windows 10 Is Going To Cause Another Lawsuit 
Apparently Kaby Lake doesn't run Windows 7, for ***reasons***. I'm getting a new laptop soon, so hopefully I'll be able to prove that for myself. I'm hoping it'll at least run in a VM...

Seriously, the bigger your market share, the worse a company you become... Intel, Nvidia, Apple...

Microsoft was just always sketchy. 
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