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SM 160 - CZG's Anus!
From the deepest darkest recess of the Quake community, I am proud to present SM 160 � Maps in the key of CZG�s Anus!
That�s right, eight excellent maps inspired by one terrible orifice!
We have six mappers this time around: RJ, Negke, Alan, Hrimfaxi, and myself, plus one MYSTERIOUS CELEBRITY APPEARANCE!!!

Just a heads up: As per usual, my two maps need Quoth. Also, they�re meant to be played in order.


Have fun!
RJ takes it as far as I'm concerned. pure atmosphere and great use of lighting.

Both of Negkes maps had his typically atypical thing going on. the gameplay was great in both - love the opening situation in the 1st one! I couldn't find the secret in the second map though...

Alan's is not bad at all considering it took him 20 minutes to put together - hope you keep coming out!

And Hrim. Really awesome. Loved all the hordes even though it took me a couple tries and a little bit of cheapness to get through it all!

Just played mine again and... I'm bummed out.
I added fog at the last second to sm160_drew2. but it's WAY too heavy. I put a value of .1 instead of .01. adjust accordingly for maximum not-ugly-sea-of-green-foginess.

I refuse to discuss the celebrity map.

OMG !!! 
8 maps for a speedmap pack: it deserves to be played it as soon as I'm back from office ! 
Ahem... Office? 
surely you mean orifice 
Cool Pack, Stupid Theme (which Wasn't Really A Theme) 
Nice to see this many maps. Fun and epic (and too many monsters as usual). Good job, everyone.

Got stuck in Hrim's map. After falling through the water, there didn't seem to be a way to return - I heard a teleporter but it didn't work? Possibly because of the sf64 monsters without a targetname. What's with the portal errors? Don't rotate items please.

Drew's second map was ace. Seriously guys, if you can make such refined maps for speedmapping packs that hardly anyone plays, why not whip up a mini episode, consisting of some seven of such small maps. (*)
After loading a savegame, the fog was gone. Can't Fitzquake store the fog values in the save file? I mean, it's protocol 666 and all.

The Quoth waterfall ambience sure sounds annoying when used like that. 
That�s Right, Eight Excellent Maps Inspired By One Terrible Orifice! 
Had me proper loling! 
Best SM Pack Ever. 
Overall TOP QUALITY!!!!

Negke - Nice layout. Thoughtful as ever.

Negke2 - Awesome. Gotta love gravity tricks.

Alan - Challenging gameplay. Nice execution of theme.

Hrim - One of my fave mappers. Fantastic map. This one could have easily have been an ID level. All beefed up. (The readme does not mention this needs QUOTH. I played it kosher id and, apart from a deluge of error messages, I finished it all right. Then I tried to load it in Quoth, but the double 3 fiends ambush gets stuck after the first half)

RJ - Nice combat, with a very good, altough very easy, ending.

Drew - Nice combat, little tad ending.

Drew2 - Nice combat, made too easy from weapons carried over from the 1st one.

The Superstar map sent shivers all around my butt...

CZG equals killer maps even with his anus. 
after drew's maps you may have to switch back to id1 before playing mine due to a modelindex issue. possibly.. i've not tested it. if there are backpacks next to the fallen player models, then it's worked ok 
No Problem With Your Map. 
I played it in ID just fine.

It's Hrim's that caused a bit of trouble... 
i meant it might have problems if played in quoth 
Where Are Screenshots! 
in czg ass


go dig it! 
Sorry about that, I didn't feel like going through the whole thing for all eight screenshots!

For anyone who hasn't played the maps yet: DEMOS!!! 
RJ - I played yours in quoth by accident this morning, and the only difference is that the backpacks look more spherical and orange. and they don't have shoulder straps. 
could someone patch up the news post so it mentions quoth is needed for Hrim's map? I didn't know! 
I Don't Know... 
...Quake gives a shitload of error messages if you play in ID, but if you play in Quoth, you don't get the error messages, but you cannot finish the map, either...

Hrim could shed some light on this, perhaps? 
I finished the map - watch my demo! 
I begun the map in the intention to use Quoth but since I didn't use any quoth specefic things or monsters I finished the map for ordinary quake.
I play the map fine in Fitz 0.85 - no errors or anything. Everything works just fine.
So I don't know what happens at your side folks.
I didn't rotate anything either as Negke mentions.

Just played through again to see what people was talking about - but still no error messages or any errors in the map.

I'm baffled!!

Can anybody come with an explanation? 
I Can: 
I assumed your map required Quoth when I saw all the error messages on id1 - invalid fields displayed in developer mode.
A couple of the ammo boxes are rotated by 179 degrees. This causes their bounding box and visual model to be misaligned (check with r_showbboxes 1). 
Yes. Jealousy. 
..Plus, the second wave of fiends not spawning in after the drop from the water. You kill 3 fiends and you're stuck... 
Dunno how that happend! (the angel bit that is!)

And yes there was some invalid fields left from the quoth start of the map.
Well its a speedmap so that's what happens when you are in a hurry! Sorry!

If anyone wants a fixed version (even if this is only a speedmap) - then get it here:

It's standard ID. 8-)

At least I think I got all the errors you mention!

Have just played a few of the other maps in this pack.

As always Drew made some very fantastic maps.

Alans is a true speedmap let's see some more from you!

Still haven't played any of the others. 
Rotation And Quoth 
Quoth has code to correct the rotation of items, but you have to turn it on in the worldspawn options. If you add 4 to the value of "aflag" in worldspawn (so set it to 4 if you haven't added any options) then the fix is enabled, resizing the bounding boxes to contain the rotation of the original box.

We originally had this code on globally, but it caused items to drop out of levels which already had rotated items. So we made it an option but didn't publicise it enough, because really it's recommended for any map which is designed in Quoth. I suppose the best way to do default off in old maps, default on in new maps would be to turn it on by default in the fgd, will have to see if that's possible... 
just watched your demo drew. that last room has nothing to do with anuses!

sm160_drew - prob my favourite, really nice atmosphere to it & fun combat

sm160_drew2 - died loads on this ;/ nicely designed but wasn't as much fun to play. loved the rotating thingamajig

sm160_hrim - lovely design, cool gameplay too, if a little excessive in places! died the once (spawns got me)

sm160_alan - aka 'avoid the voreballs' :P .. just about managed it first time

sm160_negke - neat little map, fresh theme. was the advert some kind of quake arena reference? :)

sm160_negke2 - nice idea but wasn't a big fan of it; supplies seemed on the low side and the excessive slow-jumping got a bit tiring after a while, plus the fairly monotone theme wasn't complimented by the minlight abuse! maybe low gravity could be a theme some time though as i'd like to see it explored a bit more 
I wonder how an ass hole could fuck, instead of be fucked, but that's another story!

I've found that hrim's and rj's maps are VERY good, to my anus taste, anyway (Now, I wonder how an anus could taste anything) !

Thanks guys ! 
nice maps, mostely not speedmaps but is much better this way :) love then all and there are some demos for all, first runs of course...

Just died in negke2, fuck i dont like to fly :(

lol@celebrity map (only one I played so far) and may I say, pardon the pun, that it wasn't complete ass. 
Fun Pack 
I recorded some sucky demos in which I die in most maps :/

random comments:

sm160_negke - really nice, the floor texture reminded me of a Lego base.
sm160_negke2 - yay for low gravity! cool texture theme as well.
sm160_rj - cool finale room, although with the red armor and megahealth I was hoping for more of a fight!
sm160_hrim - nice mouldy castle theme, hard gameplay
sm160_alan - quad + RL always a blast :D
sm160_drew - liked the waterfalls theme
sm160_drew2 - great base theme, I kept running out of ammo though.

These are impressive quality for speedmaps! Sorry I didn't get mapping soon enough to contribute too; hopefully next time. 
Thanks For The Demos! 
Great fun watching yours as always Trinca! You seem like you're always on the edge of death in my maps, but you keep pulling through... Glad you found the secret in my map after all of that hard work!

Eric, you went pretty balls to the wall too!

Maybe you found the ammo levels to be low in sm160_drew2 cause you didn't continue on from sm160_drew? 
Eh... Hrim... :) 
Now it works fine.


If you play it ID, you get the error messages avalanche...

Great map, anyways, love to play it over and over. 
Hrim map don�t work for me... I get stuck in daemon part :| and i played with Quoth :\


ahh and I said a lie... I died in rj map to :(

I�m a noob I will replay then again today...

Drew maps were always in the edge but the work is superb... you rock love then the most.

Celebrity map is AWESOME!!! 
It's So Wierd 
I've never had a problem playing the map in ID1. I mean, maybe there are error messages, but who gives a fuck in a SM? 
I try to see you demos Drew, but dont work in any client :| how do I play then in fitzquake? I dont know the command :) 
U suk at Quake. Give up and play TF2 instead. 
Either get the updated version and play it Quoth, or play the one you have in plain Id. 
give me the protocol 666 error...

so will just run in fitz.

Shambler dont have time to learn other games -:) I will keep stick to Quake some more years... 
Please, please, never use that waterfall sound ever again! 
Interesting Themes 
A very nice set of maps here. Some maps were more asshole-ish than others, but each map had its own unique way of being an asshole.

Good stuff.

And yes, that waterfall sound either needs to be redone, or never used again :) 
I Think It's More 
that I put too many in, with fairly high volume and too low of attenuation.

I didn't think it was SO bad, but I knew people would bitch about it too, haha

I think these were my first maps where I employed ambient_generalpurpose - learning process 
Hrim's Map 
i got the revised version and it worked without a hitch or an error message in id1.

it was however littered with b0rked spelling in the onscreen messages :P "some bas has opened!" "a door has opened abowe!" 
I Promise To Never Complain About That! 
as long as the mapping is awesome, the spelling may suffer.

...Especially if your name is spelled with a letter that doesn't even appear in english. 
This Pack Owns So Far. 
Drew - great.

Drew 2 - great, basically Rubicon2, fog worked well, wheel is cool. Good gameplay actually.

Alan - fitted the theme well.

RJ - speedmexx!! Very cool, easy ending but scary.

I like the waterfall sound. 
RJ - speedmexx!!

i was wondering when someone would pick up on that :D 
The first 2 seconds?? Cool tho. Good use of light and shadow. The spawn by the health were cool. 
yeah! mexx 7 or whatever? with all the monster closets!!! and minus the annoying maze section!

I never even thought of that...

I'm also surprised you liked the gameplay in Drew2! it only got thrown together in the last 15 minutes (along with the big rock columns). I played thru once and then added some more grunts/dogs etc.
I'd love to see a demo from you shambler! I'm interested in how you play, compared to trinca...
Also, I want to vicariously live your life. 
My Life. 
Makes CZG's look exciting and well balanced.


I recorded demos. I;ll zip em up. 
Mid Week Madness 
Finally got a copy of Q1 again :)

sm160_alan - wow crazy hard, no fun for me.
sm160_drew - only have vanilla q1.
sm160_negke - in-yer-face combat, tough.
sm160_negke2 - I liked the layout and style, ran out of ammo and found the gravity thing frustrating with slow jumps.
sm160_hrim - one of my favourites, very cool.
sm160_rj - loved the style and good fun combat.
sm160_mystery - tough, no fun. 
Where Do I Put Them Again? 
OH yes, I remember:

Recorded in AGLQuake apart from the Quoth ones. 
Heh, Sock 
Speedmaps are probably not the best things to play if you want to catch up on Q1SP or even just have a quick fix as they usually don't get much testing or have experimental gameplay. Better try some of the proper map releases of recent years - at least those have difficulty settings. ;)

Also, Quoth
Wonky Skills 
@negke, yeah probably right, but I was curious and wanted to see what everyone was doing. For some reason I can't get GLquake to work and software mode is just too ugly for my taste. 
OMG !!! What A Pack !! 
Overall, what others said..

Just got a problem with sm160_negke2: the gravity change seemed to not work at all (was using FitzQuake v0.85...)

Anyway... this is so far the bext pack I ever played, it is just a shame it requires so "bad" theme to have so many maps...

Now question: which guy's orifice will be tested next time ? :P 
tried to play your demo, and got this message:

host_error:server returned version 10002, not 15 or 666

What should I do? 
Drew: - glquakebjp

or convdem 
Well Packed! 
My preference:

#1 sm160_drew2 (minus running out of ammo before edie)
#2 sm160_negke2 (minus resetting the gravity every time I died)
#3 sm160_hrim (minus running out of ammo before the whole damn shambler nation started teleporting in)
#4 sm160_rj (minus not clipping the columns)
#5 sm160_alan
#6 sm160_negke
#7 sm160_drew
#8 sm160_??? (minus who the heck really did this map anyway?!?)

Nice Pack 
I've been able to play it in bits and pieces only but it's left my wanting to go back and play again.

Despite the name, not much shit in this. Wish I'd submitted a pure bsp without a player start that was a perfectly modeled turd.

Who did that scarily well done guest map? 
We May Never Know 
rj: The Blorf ad is a texture in malice.wad. I thought wtf and used it as a joke. Ddidn't even know it was animated until I saw it in game.

JPL: You have to change the gravity manually.

ericw: So did the developers - the texture is actually even called "lego".

Preach: Good to know. I wished you had also made that enforcer cell "fix" an optional worldspawn flag. With all the concerns for compatibility, I'm surprised it's forced globally in Quoth2 as it can break the gameplay of some maps.
Is there any chance the Quoth mapping tutorial on Kell's website is ever going to be updated with all the additional information you posted here in various threads? Because, as of now, it seems fairly incomplete in some areas.

Trinca: Noob.

negke2: The secret is in the starting area, left to where the player spawns. It holds a RA, RL and 250 health (and has a counterpart on the other side of the map). The idea is that hardcore players can try to beat the map on normal gravity by tactical rocket jumping - although I doubt it's possible. The two bone arches are teleporters, by the way. 
Been Tryin' Normal Gravity... 
...No can do. The best I got was blue key but too short on health to perform the remaining couple of rjumps to get to the exit. Took me a bazillion tries 'n saves, btw.

Bet there's someone who can make it, though. All it takes is to get any jump right with millimetric precision on 1st try. A breeze. 
Try AGLQuake maybe? 
Negke2 Normal Grav: Doable. 
Takes strategy and precision. And not taking any damage from monsters.

Easier said than done. 
Easier Said Than Done. 
Particularly when you end up in a small tunnel with a fucking Shambler.

I like how well the secret is marked :P

Someone needs to get SDA on the case... 
Working On A Demo. 
Don't know if I can make it through in one go, though. What's the name of that utility to record-save-record, again?

Killing the shambler without taking damage is a little bit tricky, but doable. It's just a matter of timing, really.

There are a coupla jumps tha are a pain in the ass to the trick jumping impaired people like me.

But I'm tryin.

Shambler's right. The secret is unmissable. 
The shambler should be the least problem. Fire three or four rockets, then shamblerdance with ng and sg.

The secret is not marked because it's not supposed to be used for regular playing (=low gravity).

If someone actually manages to pull it off (and post a demo), I'd be most impressed. 
Perhaps it's not a bad idea to only pick up the RL to clear the atrium first and only then get MH and RA. Because unlike I said earlier, the secrets only have 200 health each, and since the player's max health is capped at 250, picking everything up right away will let 50 go to waste. 
The Silent 
quello che ti serve � la mappa nome due volte nel record

record nameofmap nameofmap 
Demo Save Trick 
Start a demo recording the normal way. Quicksave. When you want to reload (after dying or, in this case, failing a rocket jump), stop the recording. Disconnect. Start a new demo recording (different name of course) without specifying the map name. Quickload.

I've just made the RJ run myself, so it's definitely possible. Knowing where the monsters are helps (stealth kills). The second last jump - to the middle ledge beneath the SK door - is the hardest. 
I Did It!!!!1111one!1 
Doing it was easy. Doing it in one go took a few hours. I got VERY lucky with a complete fluke at the end.

SDA need to get their asses on this. A billion variations possible. 
Hats Off To You 
That's one impressive run indeed (to a non-speedrunner like me at least). Using the tarbabies for extra boosts was clever. Totally different route than I used - so, yeah, lots of variations possible.

I'd definitely like to see how the SDA guys deal with this map. Someone tell NahkahiiR or something... 
Well... Fuck Me... 
I left my 'puter 5 hours ago and started getting primed for my display of sheer power and mad skillz to take place as soon as I was able to beam up Quake again and next thing I know, a sedicent legendary map reviewer turns up an AWESOME demo.

It's official, I suck Vores paws. And Shambler is anusless(so we can't use it fo future speedmap sessions themes). 
Thanks Guys. 
Nothing by SDA standards but it took some effort.

The spawn jumps....well the first one I managed to work out a reliable position for it, more fun than doing 2 RJs anyway. The second one....well it's a bitch to get to the SK, I found that going from a quicksave I sometimes got lucky with the spawn and that was easier than 2RJs+RJwallboost or RJ+RJ off the slope by the teleporter. This time obviously I got very lucky.

Edit: Have realised the GK door is the same level as the SK, so the first spawn jump is probably easier anyway.

The shambler boost makes no difference but is MOAR FUNNER.

What's your route neggers? 
My Route 
I suck at rocket jumping in NQ. So it probably took me twice as many jumps as you. Note that I didn't play it with time in mind and I killed the monsters.
Onto one of the pillars, then towards the NG/GK corridor. Then back to the first atrium and towards the second supply closet (I didn't think of the teleporters so it took me two more jumps). Up to GK door, button, and down to the SK button, then up for the SK, back to the middle room and two jumps towards the exit. Pretty lame, but it means the map is also somewhat noob-friendly. 
how the fuck do I read the fucking demos in fitzquake, dont know the command and these demos just work in fitx :| 
stop recording demos with fitzquake... fuck I CANT FUCKING READ NONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 
nothing work...






fucking errors after errorss!!!1!!! 
playdemo demoname

Possible errors: protocol 666 = Fitzquake 0.85, protocol 10002 = BJP's Glquake, = Trincaquake 
My Route... 
..should be towards retirement, but, since you asked:
2 RJ to balcony, GK, 3RJ back up.
RJ across to the other side, button, down to the supply room and then to 2nd button. Slope/RJ to the ramp, slope J through teleporter, refill.
3 RJ to SK, 2RJ to top (YA), drop to the vore balcony, RJ across last room to exit.

Did not intend to speedrun at all, only aimed at finishing. Killed all monsters as well.

Noob-friendliness is a good thing.

Trinca, try Aguirre's, I played the demo just fine. = Trincaquake 
dont work negke is giving me errors :| 
Good Demo Shambler 
because it's a hellofa hard route. Several of those rocket jumps are in the area of the maximum possible height... And at least one of them is even higher; after you get the gold key you actually need the shambler lighting + rocket to get up from the ledge to the highest level.

Seems annoying to get all those rocket jumps in a single demo... 
If you don't tell us the exact error messages, we can't help you. All demos in this thread play fine on either Fitzquake or Glquakebjp. Make sure you have the latest versions installed. 
Cheers dude. Usually I got out of the GK pit with 3 RJs, but then I realised that half the time the Deathknight doesn't hit the Shambler, so he can lightning me, hence a little pause to check he's there. To be fair it was pure luck it happened in a demo I actually go to the end.

Weirdly the most annoying thing was the little slope jump to the teleporter, easy but I fucked it up more times than any of the RJs!! 
server returned version 10002, not 15 or 666 
ye was that :( thanks noob

is a bit of an arsehole legend, laugh. Neg2 demo, and the map is awesome. I want to see a melee wave map in sm160_shambler.. or a free for all dm demo. @N .. great secret, which i missed. 
Gotta Say. 
As someone said above, best SM pack EVAR. Hrim's was badass, both of neggers were cool. Obviously an inspired collection. 
Try AGLQuake maybe?

not sure that was meant to be in reply to me? i use that engine normally 
Random Q2 Icon Fail 
I Just Found The Map... 
The theme brought up a memory of another buttock themed map, but I couldn't remember which, what, or when. But now I found it! sm119_neg!ke. He he. 
You must not speak its name!!! 
I know I'm proving my lack of internet knowledge...

what the fuck is goatse? 
Some Questions Are Better Off Not Asked 
You know, I first saw that at the age of 11, I feel it has certainly twisted my humour. You have to wonder what effect being on the net from the age they can read will have on current children... 
yeah I've seen that, but only like this year!

I didn't know it was goatse itself... I just thought it was an acronym or something.

Actually... is it?

Gaping Open Ass. Thus, Screaming Eyes 
zomgggg post 100 in a SM is fucking mineeeeeeeeeeeee

roulf I suck :| 
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr drewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeeeeeeeeeeee was mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
Some Posts Are Better Off Not Posted... 
That Seemed Ok To Me... 
You could have used an icon though. 
... pack everyone!

@negke: neat tex on 2 =) 
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