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Q1SP: Red Slammer
A small to medium-sized terracotta style level for SP and DM with classic gameplay, if not slightly nonlinear, and a few surprises.

For maximum convenience, it features an in-built skill selection room and there is also an additional alternative game mode ("Carnage") where you can blast through the map with all weapons and need to collect four keys for the exit door to unlock. I dare you to beat this on Nightmare! ;)


(the map source is available on the site, too)

First-run demos are appreciated. Have fun!
Looks Awesome 
That should actually read "a few surprises". 
I'd just like to say fuck yeah. awesome. 
Looks Sweet. 
The weird texture angle on slanted faces that you can see on the beige bricks in the first shot, that can be cured in Hammer just by selecting the texture and clicking a button "to face".
Not so much as a niggle, as much as a "if you didnt know".

But seriously, the shots look really sweet man, nice work. More after I actually played it. 
Looks great, really impressive architecture, "big place"...
It's nice that we still see Quake 1 maps in mid 2010, after almost 15 years since the game was launched.
I have a map of mine in work, I really hope that I will be able to release it this year...
Let's keep Quake 1 alive 
gonna play it right now 
You make me want to map for Quake again. Perhaps after the 11 day contest. Will check out when I get home from work. 
I guess I'll play it... 
Here's The Demo

for some reason the carnage demo won't load. (((

a typical negke's map , :) 
In all ways. Negke IS Quake mapping. The boss combat was a bit too knacky though. 
How To Record Carnage Mode: 
because the map has to restart in order to change gameplay modes, you have to use negke's demo recording trick to record in carnage mode.

1. Start the map and jump to get to the settings room.

2. Select Carnage and wait for the map to restart.

3. Once the map is loaded, quicksave.

4. type 'disconnect' in the console.

5. type 'record demoname' (note i didn't specify a map to load)

6. it should say "recording" in the console. now, simply hit your quickload button.

you should be playing your quicksaved carnage mode game and recording a demo. don't forget to type 'stop' when you're done! 
Looks Awesome 
Wow, those screenies look great! Downloading now... 
Thanks, Guys. 
spy: Nice one. Apparently it didn't pose any problems to you - you could even afford being wasteful with the medkits. I'm glad to see you did just as I intended and killed the zombies in the lower area with voreballs. Good dealing with the tarbabies, too. What's that cheater mod you were using, though - that made all powerups glow brightly? Sorry for the portcullis thing; I put a safety push there for that kind of situation, but you seem to have found a blind spot.

Btw. If you played the map on Normal, I recommend giving it another run on Hard - the end battle is kind of fun.
Also, what I meant above is, try the carnage mode on Nightmare. And what necros said. 
thanks for the map!

What's that cheater mod you were using, though - that made all powerups glow brightly? my own custom progs.dat with glowing powerups like in qw(with various id bugs fixed) :ph34r:

also, the demo_sg was recorded with skill 3(nightmare)

i'll try to record the carnage skill3 demo

ps. my play settings: fov 125 and sv_maxspeed 400 :ph34r: 
Cool Map 
Cool map as usual from you
Here are my demos

1. normal skill - couldn't kill the boss
2. carnage - died somewhere in the middle but was fun 
Great Stuff!!! 
Another Negke classic! The architecture, texturing, and gameplay were excellent! I played on Normal for 25 minutes and found 5/6 secrets.

BTW, Chthon in chains reminded me of Donkey Kong for some reason ;)

I will try to beat Hard skill and Carnage mode next.

Great job!!! 
Very Enjoyable 
Another great map from negke. Plenty of traps and excellent use progs hacks (which negke seems to be the master of) with some really good brushwork and details, along with balanced, yet tough gameplay, and finally ending in quite an epic battle. Everything here is two thumbs up.

My only quarrel would be the lighting. In my opinion, the lighting looks a bit too bland and doesn't feel very moody. But it certainly didn't stop me from enjoying the map.

You have no reason not to play this right now.

My first run demo, protocol 15, hard skill: 
I keep getting killed at Chthon, i run about and hit the buttons but all I hear is lazer sounds, is there a specific way to hit the buttons? Or do I just have to try harder and doge more [my pent keeps wearing out because last time i fell in with him and had to use his attack to escape] 
F-ing Eedj.. 
I recorded first run... only to find it'd been nulled by game restart. Anyway... map seems cool. Running short most of the way, did a miracle shot with my last GL to take out scrag + two enforcers. Died trying to gain the little square over lava near silver key. 
And died there again. Great boss ;>.. got 'im first go with invinc on skill 1.
Very id1 sort of map.. just a bit better. 
Carnage Mode Demo, Skill3

i believe sg mode is much better though 
Skill 0/1 Jailbird 
Not that hard really. Each button lowers one half of the device; when both parts are in place, a teleporter sphere appears which you have to jump into. If you're too slow, it goes away and you have to press the buttons again.

I realize I should have made them stay indefinitely on Easy. Oh well. 
OMG !!! 
Simply brilliant !!! I think that is one of the best map I played since a long time. Nothing more to say...
I am just wondering how you 've been able to do several things, like the end area.... no spoiler... 
Seems Everybody Has A Penchant... 
...for releasing a map the very day I'm supposed to leave for holiday, with no time at all for playing! Tronyn did this during winter holidays, and now my fave mapper ever. Talk about lousy timing... ;)

Well, we'll see if I can wrestle my girl into leaving a coupla hours later... This will sure lead to a bloody fight. I'll try to record a demo. Usually she ownz me in a matter of seconds, though.. ;) 
Very Good 
I played it yesterday on easy (I don't like shooting and jumping on new maps, I rather look at architecure). Nice map, but I couldn't find any secret :( And I like searching them. Oh well, I'm going to try again :) 
I feel for you. At least you'll have something to look forward to when you return. 
F**k. I Forgot To Log In. 
#24 was me. Thanks for the feelings, Neg. ;) 
Managed To Get A Fast Runthrough. 
Awesome, as usual. Thanks, Negke.

A demo at the end of August, maybe. 
Carnage On Skill 3 Demo 
awesome map, crazy brushwork.

playing through this several times, i really felt it could have used some of thoes dragon/fire glass window features that were used plenty in ep4, or some other textures thrown into the mix.

anyway thanks for keeping quake alive man. 
Watched The Demos 
Thanks. Too bad some of them don't play properly due to restarting. And even though Ankh's and Trinca's demos were protocol 15, I couldn't fix them the regular way with convdem for some reason. Maybe because you played with QDQ progs? Or I simply forgot how the trick works.

So carnage mode on skill 3 is too easy? Ok, then I propse a competition - who can beat it the fastest and/or with most kills. ;)

Glad to see people enjoyed the map. 
I have noticed yesterday that the demo is broken.
I have managed to salvage the biggest part of it by cutting out the first 95s using demtool (sda tool).
Here it is:

recorded with qdq as you have guessed. 
You always make such fun stuff Neg!ke. Loved the Chthon in shackles. I got incredibly lost on my first play (demo below) but as they say, "the myth that you can make a map where Mandel doesn't get lost: busted". In fact I never found the silver key and had to grenade jump to make progress as you will see.

Solid level, and the fact that it comes with so much custom stuff without requiring a custom progs makes it a winner.

Included is also an easy 100% demo, I can't believe I found all the secrets, but I think I did. 
cool map, except i found the secret above the sk and then jumped down to get the sk, thus skipping past 1/3 of the map and not realising it till i'd finished and wondered why there were so many monsters still left.

the way to kill chthon was great; finding the pentagon definitely helped there. without that i probably would have died. great level design too! it was slightly too dark on my monitor, but i just had to reinstall quake so it's probably just because I need to tweak the lighting settings again.

i got all dizzy after playing it and my eyes went funny. wtf is up with that lol 
Great Map 
Loved the architecture and it was NOT too difficult for me, yay!

20:28, 1/6, 71/76 @ easy skill 
one nice trend going on... all three of the recent Q1SP releases (madfox's, trinca's, and now this one) have fairly wide open, non-linear layouts that encourage exploration and provide many route choices. 
OK, Here Goes: 
2 demos, normal:

firstrun included, used Darkplaces (hahahahaha!) with all Quake Retexturing Project and Normalmap packs. Had all reliefmapping and such on and it looked look. I turned rtlights off for the second run, because i was going less than 30fps sometimes. Looked cool though.

What to say about this map - well, a lot of nice detailing throughout, perfect brushwork and texturing. Excellent layout and sense of scale. The corridors felt a good size, if that makes any sense. Nonlinearity is here to a nice level, exploration is good, weapons are well balanced (not too much ammo, nice range of weapons as you progress).

End was too hard and a bit confusing. If fell down to the floor below on finding the boss, and had to find my way back again, only to try hard to complete the challenge but fail ultimately. Climatic, but the gameplay at the finale was a let-down. Kinda cool though.

Overall I would say this map was pretty well awesome, personally I give it 16-17 out of 20 :P 
"it Looked Look" 
wierd typo. I meant it looked cool. 
Apparently I followed the recording instructions wrong and played through the map without recording, though I thought I was. Confusing-ish layout, got lost a couple times, never died but came pretty dang close. Couldn't figure out wtf was going on with Chthon for a while, then felt satisfied when I figured it out after the ... 3rd try. Good map, somewhat confusing. 
What Do I Type? 
How do I activate the level after I place the file where the help file tells me to? I saw what it said, but I think I am mistyping it, or doing something wrong. First time using a level mod in almost ten years. 
Go to the console (the tilde ~ key) then type 'map mappi.' 
Cool map, Negike! Very proper Quake mood there, and finally map that uses orange set properly. I liked relaxed gameplay on skill1. I also liked the usage of pitch black shadows there, very well done.
Here's my first run of noobage: 
The map plays differently in Hard and Normal skills, e.g. silver key and end game. It is well worth another look, if you haven't already.

Carnage is next for me :)

I salute you, Negke! 
Nice Map, Lots Of Fun 
here's a demo, I died in the chthon fight: 
Ricky: Heh, either DP lagged a lot with those settings or you were playing drunk (probably both), for you seemed fairly clueless and ran past half of everything. :D In Chthon's hall a teleporter appears on the lower floor after pressing the button behind him. It was clearly visible in your FOV, but you still took the long way back.. Also, I imagine the map must have looked somewhat strange with all my custom textures along the DP'ified regular ones.

Kona: Perhaps you felt dizzy because you accidentally had a cocktail of the same name instead of playing the map? :)

Omg, Vnodru!!!

Funny how everyone seems to take the GK route first while in most cases the standard order is 1:SK, 2:GK.
In this sense, I also wonder how players determine which path to take if confronted with a left-right route choice, and how this can be influenced design-wise (e.g. by putting items/monsters in one of the ways). 
Oh, And By The Way 
Thanks again for all the demos. I'm surprised how many of you actually recorded/posted one. 
Not that I've played it, but I pretty much always go left since it's easier to turn that way with a right-handed mouse. Seriously. 
For me it's just a case of getting bored of always SK, then GK, and the signs seemd to indicate it made no diff so i tried something different.

After the gameplay of skill 1, i expected a similar puzzle ending on skill 2, and got further confused by the sound of the laser traps. Took me ages to realise i just had to beat them up, where the quad+invulnerability helps alot of course.

But getting confused by N's maps isn't anything unusual ;>. Amazing Cthon in chains was the highlight. Final quad secret was very slick too. 
just did a quick run again and went SK first.

the map plays much better that way, and it's clear that that's the prefered way. both the GK and SK door paths lead to a dead end, but only the SK path has a button at the end. when you get to the dead end of the GK path, it feels like you got lost because there's just a locked door and nowhere else to go. 
I love the map, but I sure am struggling. I didn't check the skill level but I'm sure I'm using skill 1.

With hard, I was running out of ammo.

Actually I am running out of health and ammo with skill 1 too.

But I am glad to be playing a Negke map. Other than giving up on the Vertical Mile one and the one where you had 2 minutes to find the bathroom or die (a classic!) ... I just haven't played any Negke maps. 
You have look around more carefully then, as health and ammo boxes are sometimes placed in spots where they are not immediately visible, e.g. behind a column.

There might be a slight shortage of shells for a moment on Normal when playing in a certain way - I probably should have made one of the boxes a large one. But if it's really a large problem for you, then you might want to try Easy first (if you're not too familiar with SP for instance). 
Some Progs Versions Do Not Display All Items 
This is in FitzQuake 0.85.

What version of progs.dat is required for this to run for the items to show up?

In JoeQuake on map start, I see a message "target3 is not a field".

Id1 Progs 
I have no idea what could cause the items not to show in Fitzquake0.85. Is this on ID1 and with a close to default config?

The target3 thing is a Quoth detection. It removes the statues and Chthon models because Quoth2 messes around with the modelindex values so the it would show the wrong models. 
As Far As I Know ... 
I've got progs 1.06 (progs 1.01 doesn't support previous weapon impulse).

I'll recompile. I know you use entity fields to the max and call QC functions directly. 
Stupid terrible mistake. Grrr. 
Demo here: (recorded using FitzQuake 0.85)

Anyways, played on hard and died once, during the boss fight, which is also when the demo stops (does it have to stop every time you die?). I had no idea what to do so I must've spent two minutes trying to find some buttons, messing with the lightning shooters etc. It's only after dying that I noticed you can shoot the Chthons. (I actually tried shooting them before, as you can see from the demo, but I was too far away for the lightning gun to hit, a fact I missed while playing.)

Took me 15 minutes, and I'd say it was a tad easier than expected but still fun. Good architecture, especially the two bigger areas (the silver key and the Chthon place). 
Nice Level ! 
Played on hard skill without too much trouble. Couldn't beat the Cthongs though, until I found out later one would kill the other when I hid behind the wall where the LG was. Then getting the other was easy. Great to see them Hellknight posers too. They add to this swell map. Secret face button was kinda funny switching right side up. 
nice map, very solid architecture! 
Finally Finished It 
Really cool. Liked the ending. Liked the secrets. Really well polished. 

Nice :D 
Quality Map 
felt like a really high quality speedmap (no offence intended). Some nice designs and top notch texturing. 
okay, so loved this.

seemed like a kind of concession... or a compromise... but not in a bad way...

Like, when a really abstract band becomes more accessible, but without becoming shitty. the core E4 ness of Negke mapping is still DOMINANT in this map, but it is somewhat toned down with regards to the tougher puzzles and eccentricities that are kind of de rigeur in the rest of your catalogue... fuck, I don't know. I think you did an amazing job with this - it is another step forward in your inevitable dominance of the Q1SP sphere. 
"E4ness" - Haha 
I like that. 
Btw. does anyone care about 100% spoiler demos for the secrets, or have you already found them yourselves? 
well i've already posted a 100% demo above and nobody seemed to care 
And I watched it, but forgot it was 100%. So, #33 then. 
Well I wouldn't mind watching a better demo, specially from the maker himself (or on some other skill!). Mine wasn't that planned... 
Last Demos 
first play on hard skill:

carnage on skill 3 - almost all monsters and all secrets just below 6 minutes: 
Great Demo, Ankh! 
fun to watch and I even learned a few things :) 
Chained Boss. 
Pure Negke Go(o)dness.

Managed to get a half assed run on my mother in law's Macpro laptop(like walking with tied knees): awesome stuff, as usual.

default skill(I suppose it's normal)




Shall play all other skills, I suspect there's more greatness to be savoured.. 
I'm going to play this again, at night, so I can see it better, and give better comments. The brushwork and angles are amazing in this. Errr yeah. 
carnage skill 3 demo with 3 kills missing. time 3:37s 
If I didn't watch some of the demo's here I might have missed the shackled Chthon. That scene looks fantastic. 
This Map. 
Is amazing. Probably the best brushwork I've ever seen in a Quake map. The angles are mind-boggling, I bet the brushes are begging for mercy after what Negke puts them through. The sheer amount of angulation, architectural details, and consistency throughout. All the little roof details and those angled grey're a genius. Hell the Eyes secret has better architecture in that one room than most old-skool Quake maps have in a whole map.

Gameplay is great too, both times I played it. The first time I got a bit narked with the twin Chthons, this time I saw the cells respawn, so that's fine. I like some of the wee surprises too. Good use of a variety of monsters.

Only problem is it's quite DARK. 
Hang On 
twin chthons? Is that a Hard only feature? 
the boss fight is completely different on hard. i much prefer the hard finale, tbh. 
Here is skill 2 100% demo as well as a skill 1 boss walkthrough and a carnage run.

Shangler: Woot. But how dark is DARK? Too much to see at night, or more in a E4M4ish kind of way? 
Its Not Too Dark 
if you were going for e4m4 levels, i'd say it's about like that. except with less huge pitch black shadows than e4m4 (which is good). 
Just A Bit Too Dark. 
The quality of the lighting is good, it just all needs to be upped a bit. 
I See 
I thought the flames were a bit too bright at 300, so I lowered them to 250. This is the main difference to id style.
It's another case of different monitor charactistics and settings. 
What it's a case of is what on average looks good on my monitor which is obviously factually correct.

I think you and Orl should do a joint map! Or you and Madfox. 
Not Madfox And Orl? 
brushwork a+++. great layout. not a massive fan of the texture theme but it was cohesively put together.

gameplay just above average (skill 1) - got really low on health at one point until i realised where most of the medkits were, after that never really properly challenged or surprised but there was enough to do

loved the shackled chthon. ending was confusing though and not really that satisfying

in summary, very well put together; barely any negative points. but save for the brief chthon moment above, nothing really left an impact on me or made me go 'woah'.. so even if it is technically awesome, there have been a lot technically simpler maps that have blown me away more than this did. still solid though 
Dude Your Map ROCKS! 
Heh, when I first played it I was like:
Damn, this map sucks, I shoot like 2 dogs and a grunt every half fucking hour, but then I restarted it, and saw the "jump for configuration" and picked carnage mode... NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! 
Just Played Through Hard A While Back 
loved it even more. ending was rad 
This Map 
There is something about this map that is largely unrivaled.

It plays like an id1 map, but has "more of everything".

It isn't too big, it isn't too small, it leads to a lot of map exploration and backtracking. It has little things here and there that make you think.

One thing I do know: it has casual replayability.

Gigantic maps, by their nature are not very replayable or very casual. A casual play map can be completely without dying or at least very nearly so.

This isn't to say there is anything wrong with gigantic maps, but more saying it seems like there has been a bit of a vacuum of medium sized maps [aside from Trinca's last few maps]. 
Anyone experience the lava flashing in DirectQ?

demo of the flashing. 
it's a known issue that's been resolved.

it has to do with the first frame having the same checksum (i don't know what that is, just paraphrasing) as the lava texture.

mh has since fixed this. 
ola jajajajajajaja 
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