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Happy New Headf*ck Q1 SP By Digs.
"The Anomaly" indeed!

168 monsters. 4 secrets. Several tantalising pentagrams. A whole load of jiggery pokery with teleports and god knows what else. This sprawling base maze awaits the unwary...



wtf, my head is killing me now. :D

some seriously mind-bending shit in here.
also, all high quality brushwork! a little cramped, but as a base map, it doesn't feel out of place to be cramped like that.
reminds me of the more creative doom maps where the authors would find all sorts of interesting tricks to mess with you. very cool layout, got lost for a little while, but not long enough to annoy me.
seriously, a great map! thanks! :D 
Very Cool

Nice weirdness vibe and some pretty cool fucking with the player's mind. I like how you always try add an original twist to the map/gameplay.
The style is good and reminds me a bit of many custom Doom levels with a mix of stock and new textures and somewhat unorthodox layout/scale. Great construction, especially the tilted parts. Gameplay was fun, I didn't have any larger problems on Normal.

Will inspect the map more thoroughly for some of the tricks. 
Wot The Above Said. 
A good possibly great map for the reasons mentioned above. Or maybe, a good map but a great Quake experience - definitely added a fresh and intriguing vibe. The detailing and style was very well done, gameplay was continually good with one small exception: the GK ambush was almost impossible first go, whilst the end was quite easy with some patience. Other than that, cool stuff. 
the GK ambush was almost impossible first go

the two scrags? you talking about hard? 
This Map Was Like An Episode Of LOST

The brushwork was really good, I liked the mix of idbase and ikbase and Rubicon, the gameplay was fun (the LG made it quite easy, though), the secrets were well placed, etc.

I got a severe case of blueballs at the end, though, because this map had all those intriguing secrets and weird pents and weird keycards and a general sense of dread and knowing something's off, and then just abruptly ended without closure. :( I exited the map with the feeling that I missed the point of the entire thing.

The upside down room took me like 10 minutes.

I'll have to replay this some time. 
yeah, i felt that way about the ending too. i didn't even realize it was the exit teleporter. :( 
On hard I jumped for the GK that was upside down, and got two vores in close proximity with awkward scenery and weak ammo....! 
haha damn. :x

yeah, in normal, it's just two scrags that teleport in. talk about your jump in difficulty. :P 
Cool Map! 

The thing that really bothered me (in a good way) was how the hallways connected to the outdoor area with the slime pit seemed to change! I gradually started to feel there was something *wrong* with that part of the map.. I wasn't totally sure if the routes were changing, or it was just my bad memory, or maybe there were two similar looking outdoor areas.

Heh, I wonder if there is a way to open the green key door. :D 
what really makes this map great isn't that it's trying to fuck you up, but that it does so with subtlety. oh, there are obvious things like the bars covering the pent in the slanted room, but some of the things are changed in a way that feels like it should be that way. hard to explain i guess. :P

my hats off to you, digs. this is probably the most novel thing i've seen in ages. 
After Further Thought... 
i think the most amazing thing about this map is that i didn't get lost longer than i did. the number of red herrings should have been confusing as fuck. and... well, i mean, they WERE, but i still finished it in one go without being frustrated.

put another way, i've been frustrated and lost in maps that weren't trying to mess with my head. 
Re: Messing With My Head 
After playing through the map I noclipped around to see if more than that one room were tilted (however slightly). I couldn't tell. Most likely they're not, but when starting from that room, many others didn't look perfectly horizontal, either. A bit like those 3D images or the fractals that look like they're moving. 
Looks Great So Far 
Didn't finish it yet but it looks great so far. Cramped but in a good way.

Tried it 2 times on easy and died twice but it was my fault (hit myself with granade the 1st time, fell into acid at large crate room 2nd time). I should save I guess, hehe. Gonna try again later today. 
Watching Necros' Demo, I Realized A Few Things 
1. He always gets lost. :)
2. There are at least two things that make progression unnecessarily confusing: the upper button in the upside-down area, which suggests it has to be jumped to and pressed to get the GK - it would have been better if it had used the green (activated) texture; the SK/GK door sign switch - while you're right in assuming that the majority of players will probably touch the door for the message regardless of the sings (however strange this behavior seems), switching them seemingly randomly is prone to confuse others - I for example only tried the door by chance when carrying the GK while the sign was still set to SK (iirc).
3. The 'optical illusions' are in fact really simple tricks. But effective. 
Nice Map 
parts of it kinda reminded me of a map from 1997 called 'the fly' by marcus klar...

seriously, very inspiring. i wasn't sure if i was playing it or it was playing me half the time. my favourite touch was the disappearing pent by the SK.. thought i was going mad til i realised what was happening!

least favourite part was the upper (or should that be lower.. heh) button in the GK area. being as tricky to get to as it was i thought it would at least open a secret

more maps should do creative stuff like this! 
yeah, i was looking over the map a second time and rocket jumped to get the button. very disappointing. :(

but honestly, it holds with the rest of the map and it's numerous red herrings but it is the only one that can actually be reached. 
I Got Lost 
a couple times, for a long time.
Found one secret
died near the end
Had a really good time.
will put demo up later.

Thanks Digs! 
This Guy Can Make Very Good Maps 
A nice map to play. I didn't bother with the apparently blocked pentagrams etc. and the map was pretty straight forward for me.
I liked the gameplay a lot. Everything well balanced. The layout of the map was great. I loved the interconnectivity.

skill 1 first play demo. A nice experience 
very nice map! didn't have any probs with ammo on normal. liked the idea of inverted and slanted rooms. didn't get the idea with wooden pentagram.
all in all - awesome map! 
Ha Ha 
Pipes ;> The first couple of mind-f**ks was great... but then i got just kind of - screwed over in the end. And spent 10 minutes looking for the green key, not having seen the teleporter exit. Cheers. 
******potential Spoilers***** 
i just realised...the green key is a lie

at first i thought damn not another base map,
and then i realised "something isnt right here"
this is pure mind rape, its like David Cronenberg has taken up q1 mapping,

are any of the pents reachable? 
i never really tried but i don't think so.
a shame digs didn't put a bunch of empty rooms completely seperate from the map and completely unreachable with pents in them.

when you're noclipping around later checking things out... talk about mind rape. >:D 
There Was One 
With a dead Quakeguy lying on the floor. 
I misread your post a bit.

But, he's still there. 
******more Spoilers*****

second playthrough

damn the silver door changes into the gold door!, the genius of this map is how subtley it rapes your subconcious while your brain is asleep 
I really liked this map. I had an Idea to use silent func_doors in my map to F*ck with people at certain points but I couldn't find a good place, while you designed most of your map around it! And that upside down room was very cool - Did you flip the room after you made it? After i beat it i went back and noclipped to press the switch on the ceiling (floor) and it actually raised the elevator just like the one you were supposed to press did. All and all, really nice map but I was a bit disappointed by the ending. I saw the teleporter and I had a feeling that it was the end - but i still hoped for some sort of boss fight or something.

Oh well, still was a really nice base map. I loved when i was first playing through it, I had no idea anything was changing for a while until I saw the pent through the window a second time, then went around to see it wasn't there and was a Silver door - Although i found out something there, if you back up just right, you can see the room change :D 
Pure Class... 
Thanks for the mental screw, Digs! 
A nice map by one of my favorite mappers!

I think I might be jumping around a bit too much, because I didn't notice half the things you guys mention, like routes changing or gold/silver key doors swapping. Or maybe it was just because I was really tired when I played... anyway, a bit cramped for my tastes, died a few times but didn't have too much trouble on nightmare. My favorite part has to be the grunts and enforcers bouncing around like crazy, that was pretty hilarious. Fun map, some nice trickjumps can be performed. Not quite digs04 for me, but still great.

Thanks for this map! 
F*ckhead Recovery 
Didn't expect the kangoroo fighters and long distance ogres, but was amazed by the nicly fitting textures, so I died, while exploring them.
The place felt really excistend, and I first had to get grip of the two twisted outplaces, before the ogres caught me. Can't have it seeing rooms, that are not there.
And was glad to make my own bynnyjump comparing to those geek flying dickheads.
The puzling end took some time as I didn't realize the waterceiling could move me somewhere.
Good evolving gameplay, I mean, normal skill,which seems easy, and then getting anomal vary fast changing to harder.

Very strong Quake feeling! 
I didn't use the water ceiling. Just a slope jump to on top of the light "skis". 
Holeee Mindf*k!!!! 
This is tops!

Everything everyone else said. Why can't more people map pure quakeness like this? 
Because this isn't pure quakeness. This is a whole lot of sheningans and tricks that make a different but cool quake experience. 
Not Pure... 
but not terribly unlike showing you the silver key in E3M2 and then hiding it. 
Its Impressive Considering 
The fact he used stock progs. 
Was A Fun Little Romp. 
Can't say I felt this head-fuck/paranoia that everyone else is talking about. To me it seemed like a Base version of Haunted Halls :p really cool brushwork though to make the slanted bit and such.

Got lost which was a bit annoying. Challenge was okay (played on skill 2). It wasn't massively unfair given the tightness of the combat, which would make it a very easy thing to mess up. It was also very nice to actually get some powerful weaponry for once.

btw I have to mention that any map that uses multiple vores annoys me though. I find those things so fucking boring to fight. Give me a swarm of Revenants any day. 
This is a whole lot of sheningans and tricks that make a different but cool quake experience.

It's like an Elder World map, except textured in base. 
Kosher progs makes Kosher Quakitude. 
Looks Cool 
haven't played it yet, but it looks kinda like that map from 1997 called 'the fly' by Marcus Klar 
Headhache ! 
This map is really interesting. Globally, regarding the overall layout, �I will not say more than others said.
Regarding gameplay, the map is awesome. Puzzle and fights are well balanced, and I particularly appreciated the inverted place (i.e the GK area... ).. this one was obvious but you find here a really cool idea.
I am just wondering whether it wouldn't be possible to reverse gravity in such place just pushing a button, without teleporting the player elsewhere (negke: this is a challenge for you ;) )
Anyway, I'vebeen lost several times, but the good thing is that it gives time to explore and look at the details...
no go map digs06, I am looking forward for this ;) 
Excellent And Novel 
I played skill 2 and got all kills and secrets. Needless to say, the pents fooled me until I got all secrets. I agree that there is something DooMy about this level. The first brain bend was the Pent near the SK door optical illusion but I think I have it figured out now - eligant trick. Excellent construction as I know how tricky tilts are to build and texture properly. I liked the way things shifted and the upside down room was a cool puzzle. The fights were good and the start room battle actually roughed me up more than I expected - best to move out slowly. It was convoluted but I never got frustrated. There is lots of exploration. Excellent and memorable map Digs - thanks for a great play. 
I liked the gameplay, the layout of the map was very nice with good interconnectivity.

Love the elusion of the pentagrams, very weldone and the jumping enforcers and grunts fun to kill :)

Anyway I had a 1� demo but when I died forgot to save with another name and when my kid play the map he made another record in mine :(

the problem os binds :\ he press the wrong button

Anyway very nice map, hope to see more from you mister! 
what do I do after the inverted area? There's a new /silver/gold door and some monsters near a platform over slime with a ton of crates. but where from there? 
I Had That Problem Too 
not that I'm going to tell you 
I've Given Up :) 
so unless someone tells me I'm not going back to it. 
that map is so confusing... i can't remember. >_<

i think you're talking about this:

the icons for that key door by the pile of crates/slime change from silver to gold. the door itself doesn't though, so try using it regardless of what keys you have. 
Wander around the slime area etc etc for a bit and then something will have changed near where you first came in.... 
Yeah The Key Colour Changes 
but do I have a key at all? What an existentialist map. Will go back and check. 
if digs had been able to change the key to look like the opposite colour, he would have. -_- 
No, other stuff changes. Stairs go up instead of down, or is it vice versa? 
Nope Just The Door Key Changes 
other parts of the level change, which I hadnt noticed before (nicely done!) but they only lead to dead ends.

What I had really missed was the gold key which was up in the inverted room (ie down). Once I got that, it was all good.

Very interesting map, although I quite out of frustration last time, I really enjoyed the second play through when I was actually paying attention to all the environment chnages. 
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