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New Q1SP: "Dry Sorrow" By Tronyn
Tronyn has released a new map, a small Egyptian/industrial Q1SP based on an old DM map.

Screenshots: 1 2
Download map: here (2.8 MB)
Drake mod (required): here. (16.3 MB)

Tronyn says:
If you play this map, I'd recommend going through the first door you encounter in the map the first time it opens, since that will be the only time it does (thanks to Spirit for pointing out this large flaw). Thankfully if you get trapped and have to hit kill you'll be no worse off given that the door is right by the spawnspot.

I guess I could have addressed this and delayed the release more, but not releasing anything at all during 2010 pissed me off, and this release is not much that said. PM is on hiatus at the moment and I've decided to finish the maps I have with the resources I have. This one map is only the first of several which will appear in the next month or two using this mod.
sorry for being unclear, this map does require Drake - and my only requirement for a 3mb map requiring a 17 mb mod, is that more maps are coming. 
updated post 
Awesome. haven't played yet, but was this originally supposed to be part of a single release episode? how come your releasing them all individually now? 
Still Cant Play Quake Yet 
so can I ask what this Drake mod is? 
I think the explanation your looking for is that my forthcoming (aka the vis should be done in a week or two) episode UNFORGIVEN, was something me and you originally started (it's fucking awesome that ur still around for me to say this to btw). BUT that episode is still vising (gimme 2 weeks). THIS map was originally a DM sequel to the DM map crocodile tears, but I have always been shit at Q1SP and I realized that in time to not even bother with this map... thus a decade later is a Q1SP ;) 
Re: Nitin 
It's the mod that was included with (earlier versions) Soul Of Evil Indian Summer and A Roman Wilderness of Pain. It's just PM's giant single player compilation mod. It's just a single player mod with a lot of extra features, I'm the only mapper that really uses it, all of my maps post-Masque use it, and ther are a few to come. I don't know if PM is coming back, but in the meantime I'm releasing everything I can with this version of the mod. I have always wanted to make a Quoth map but I won't do that until I finish what I have, with no discipline you end up with nothing more than 20 scraps and no maps. 
in post #5... by "you" I'm referring to [Kona], and by the first occurence of the term "Q1SP" I mean "Q1DM."
Bah. Hopefully y'all will forgive me when I release something decent. 
i shall have to get to this tomorow... it was much to late to start in on q1sp. :( 
oooooh unforgiven, that's probably my most anticipated release for quake for the last few years, since it was a kona-tronyn project. will be good to see how cool it ended up.

what's awesome is your still mapping tronyn! i gave up 10 yrs ago now. its good that your using your own mod as well. 
well it worked out that PM (who wanted someone to finally use the mod he'd been making for 10+ years) and me (who wanted someone to make a mod for the style of map I'd been doing for 10+ years) were all right place right time. Unforgiven iirc started as me you necros and tyrann... you released autumn haunting forever ago, necros and tyrann gave me their scraps, and I decided it'd take me so long to make those scraps a map that that map is not even part of unforgiven anymore. I'll release the map of their scraps after unforgiven.

My main motivation is just the fallacy of sunken costs. But once I finish all these little shit maps, I have more ambitious ideas, although given the state of my personal life for the last 8 years I should probably leave those ideas alone. 
This Is An Awesome Map 
This is the first time I've seen a slaughtermap for Quake. They're quite popular for Doom, but I haven't seen the same design sensibilities used in a Quake map yet. Until now. Please make more. Many Releases ! 
Where will I find the time to play them all !

Am I the only madman who has created a giant dvd (8gb) with all Q1 sp stuff ever and still not played any ?!

eheh soon I'll start playing.. and goodbye real life :) 
Hi there, thanks for this and i enjoyed it. Its nice to know there will be a new quake episode this year - thats great news, theres been very little episodes released in the past few years iv noticed - so I appreciate your work! 
Nice Map! 
The gameplay was good -- despite the broken first door -- forcing you to use the chainsaw on several occasions. Your typical Tronyn hordes were usually manageable thanks to nearby mega-healths.

The level design was good, too, with some great gate models, curvy architecture and slotted spiral metal walkways. The Egyptian theme felt a little forced, though I did like the giant obelisk in the corner. There were also a lot of texture misalignments and odd combinations. I would try to simplify your texture set in the future. BTW, wm1_1 from the ultimate metal wad can be your friend ;)

All in all, the map was a pleasant diversion -- but I still can't wait for the ones to come!

This Is Something 
From the screenshots, I'd expected difficulty that of nsoe levels, but this was surprisingly bearable. It was a very fun, little blast, like the first map of an episode.

The shotgun mod definitely helped (holy shit, otp approves of a weapon rebalance??) - I'm guessing that the DBS's power was doubled, while the SG became the old DBS? I'm curious what was exactly changed. The new DBS sound was way too weak though - RMQ has a very good sound for the new DBS.

As for the map itself: very good theme and atmosphere. As again, I loved the mashup of textures - could use less Egypt and more inexplicable runes, though, IMO. Wouldn't mind if there were more dark shadows, too. The skybox was great.

The highlight was getting bombarded by three Shamblers simultaneously and then getting to kill them with an LG before they had a chance to react. I also liked the ambush that was entirely optional for the player (no spoilers).

This map has a lot of 'casual replayability' - much more than the average Tronyn release :P I'd say it's about as replayable as Kell's I Pity Thee Not (which I run through on skill 3 every once in a while when bored)... which is pretty damn good. 
Is there going to be a broken door fix? 
you mean, so that coop is supported?
yeah, I guess I could do that... on a day that I'm less hungover, heh. tomorrow. 
Nice One! 
All said, ...uhmm dont hesitate at the first door. 
delor how could you have 8gb of q1sp? i've got every worthwhile release dating back to sep 1996, and even that only adds up to 1.8gb. even both the mission packs only add up to 35mb.

unless you've got absolutely everything from 
Sssh, you don't ask if someone talks about his size.

That being said my quake collection is approximately 75 inches, err ... gigabytes. 
Kinda Cool... 
...kinda not in places. New sounds / weapon upgrades without new models detracted from it. Totally unbalanced with the first foray into the big room being waaaay too hard, and then generally being reasonably easy - and much more fun after that. But once you're through the ground floor of that room, it's pretty cool. Useful layout for a tiny man, some good combat (especially the optional ambush) and decent secrets. Just needed to fix the balance really. 
I have everything excellent and nice from quaddicted unzipped, comes out to about 4.22gb 
Sweet little map, a quick blast. The MH in the tunnel was wasted, I didn't pick it up till the end, assuming the end was a teleport which would bring me to the last 20 monsters. Instead it spawned them all around me, and there wasn't really an end battle afterall. Only used ssg and gl the whole way through, didn't use the the sng or lg at all.

Pretty fun, albeit easy. 
Sweet little map, a quick blast. The MH in the tunnel was wasted, I didn't pick it up till the end, assuming the end was a teleport which would bring me to the last 20 monsters. Instead it spawned them all around me, and there wasn't really an end battle afterall. Only used ssg and gl the whole way through, didn't use the the sng or lg at all.

Pretty fun, albeit easy. 
Fun, infuriating map on hard mode. Twisted layout, somewhat confusing with all the areas that are right next to each other but with a door that opens from one side.

Also, with the subtle weapon changes and monster alterations the combat was awkward - not bad, just awkward. Like it feels like Quake, but I had to change my normal 'feel' of how Quake played, which was harder than expected. My normal Shambler Shuffle tactic didn't work which threw me off, etc etc.

Pretty fun map, tons of monsters in a tight space. Kind of weird rail things though, looked off to me, and the room with the pentagram was pretty bad - I had framerate slowdowns and I don't think it was clipped properly.

Can't wait for your next releases around the end of February ;) 
<Kona> ..I've Checked My Quake Dvd 
..I can say I got EVERYTHING Quake single-player(maps&mods)(and some dm)..all sorted by authors (!)
In the last 3 years I had much free-time so I started download every Quake thing worth!

example: do u have VictoryPlanet conversions by DanielKuciel? or Hunted1&2 by CrisCarni(hundreds of megabyte)?

I've sift out all Planetquake, Quaddicted, Talon, Underworld,!),...
anyway to reach those 8gb you must include also Quake movies, tools, engines, etc... 
quite a collection then :)
never heard of victory planet or hunted. are they any good? 
ok the hunted looks pretty crap... found it at 
he said every map/mod ever put out, ie most of them are not great :) 
hehe my Quake folder is like Spirit... with movies dm stuff e.t.c. :p

Anyway nice map tronyn, small map with lots of monsters, but real nice to manage! very powerfull weapons.
The SNailgun is a blast... zomggg have same efect as SNG with quad, poor shamby.

I�ve recorded a demo... is the second demo, because first I died in first room... the rest of demo is exploring and surviving with very few energy :) if you want demo say something and I upload when I get home! 
Yes.. Not All Are Great 
but I avoided crap maps/mods.. all that I have is of enough quality to be enjoyable

VictoryPlanet series are 3 rare big total conversions(episode 0,1,2) I said before I got this dvd ready on shelf but I still haven't touched it.

I look forward 
Quite a cool little map. I did think that the skill balance was a little off (I had to godmode the first room) but otherwise it was enjoyable to run through. The Egyptian theme is something that doesn't really do it for me but it wasn't too overdone in this one, and the layout was interesting but yet still managed to guide you in the right direction and without obvious handholding (something that a lot of maps fail in, IMO).

Definitely looking forward to the rest of this one. 
What kind of bullshit is the door/notice??? If it's a major flaw than it should have been fixed no matter what, instead of resorting to a lame non-solution such as warning people about it in the thread. As if delaying the release by one day would've been a big deal. 
I'm not sure what door/notice problem exists? I haven't noticed any problems with the map really ... 
..what Is This Door/notice Mystery ? 
Starts Hard - Gets Easier Later 
I played skill 2 and got all kills and secrets. It was tough going until I got to the second level. It was still tough but once you're no longer getting 360'd, it's the player on top. Used the saw on all zoms. The chaotic visual style suited the chaotic gameplay.

I've been hoarding Quake stuff since the first review site that I'm aware of began ('Only the Best Quake Levels'). Then there was Matt Sefton, Blue's News, Eternal Hell, Team Shambler, etc. etc. I prefered to only download from review sites just to avoid the tons of crap maps. Although I preferred single player, I grabbed just about anything that made news. My hoard which is almost all zip files is around 7Mb. I'm still collecting. 
7GB That Is... 
...a bit over 7Gb.

And growing slowly. 
two problems with this:
it's very short. :(
you fight 90% of the monsters all at once. :P

i managed on my second try, but i had to turn god mode on when i dropped to 6hp. turned it back off once i got some health kits.

not sure what everyone is talking about the door? it opened every time, not just once, for me.

anyway, the map was fun, but nuts. i was just basically hiding in a corner trying not to die for the most part.
thanks for the wild ride. :P~ 
I made a demo but I died like 30 seconds in, so I just didn't bother sending it in. =/ 
That was great! I remember running around in this scrap YEARS ago! I wish I still had all my old files...

Anyways, I thought it was pretty good - it's odd playing a non-epic Tronyn map now though.
Didn't find it too hard, only found the one easy secret, as far as I know. Tried to move quickly though, since my comp overheats and dies at a moments notice these days.

Can't wait to play the rest Tronyn, thanks for putting the time and effort in on this stuff! 
When's that broken door fix coming, lol 
How about just going forward and not caring about the door 
Replayed This 
this time i ran right passed all the hordes and went into the tunnels on the far side of the second large area. was much better this time and i wasn't even close to dying. it was more fun too because it was really run and gun action. no sniping or hiding. it cool that that's how you play the map, but at the same time, i dislike that you have to play it that way for it to be fun. maybe if all those hordes spawned in AFTER you go into the side tunnels or something. oh well, thanks for two fun play throughs. ;) 
coop would be broken as soon as someone joins the server a bit later or dies and respawns. 
and Tronyn maps are supposed to be flawless lol 
A very nice challenge, although short lived. Since I normally play maps on hard, and being this is a Tronyn map, I had to play it on normal first.

I did make a first playthrough demo, but because I died so many times, I figured it wouldn't be that interesting to watch. But regardless, I did have fun playing it.

The very beginning was the hardest, getting pounded by enemies left and right, yet after that things went much more smoothly.

As others have said, I didn't notice any door problem, so that wasn't an issue. But overall a nice little map that all can enjoy. Also looking forward to the many other maps you have in store for us. :) 
this is second demo, but is like first because in the first I died in first room :)

After that I run again and finish on hard!

Not as hard as other maps from tronyn

demo if anyone cares :p 
Nice Little Map, With Unnecessry Issues

Got tired of waiting for a fix and just played it. I thought the door was more of a problem, but I guess it's bearable considering it's right in the beginning before the action starts.

Proper Tronyn style gameplay, hordes and beefed weapons. I didn't think it was overly hard on skill 2, but maybe I played more conciously because I read about it in some comment. Short fun blast.

I like the style, it's quite unique and quakishly ugly (in a good way), and the achitecture, even though it's obviously inferior to your more recent works. I'm glad you decided to finish or recycle the map after all - I was toying with the idea of doing so myself for a long time, but never actually started.

Some of the texture transitions could have been indented or something to give it a more 'rounded-off' look. I prefered the metal lights over the wooden ones from Doom.

Unfortunately very sloppy execution in places, quite a few technical issues. From improperly aligned textures, especially riveted metal, to stuck monsters and missing items. Also wtf at that boxed tunnel?!

Drake mod: Good fun as usual, ideal for horde maps, but I disliked the new/replaced sounds. 
A very fun map! Lots of good action, room for movement, fast gameplay - just the way I like it. The new/modified weapons were very satisfying to use, although the sounds left a little to be desired. I also think it would have been cool if you could gib zombies with the chainsaw.

Here's a skill3 demo, I did die once though - from an enforcer shooting me in the back...

Looking forward to more! 
Nevermind, appears you actually can gib with the chainsaw...

Also, I found all three secrets but the quad at the start wasn't one of them? Was there some obvious way of acquiring it that I simply overlooked? 
Would you consider adding skill settings to your next map?

The beginning of your map reminded me of this: 
Oh Come On 
Skill 0 has like half the enemies on other skills, and you can wipe out the big horde of Grunts right away with the new DBS.

I do miss that hen shooter game though... 
i switched to skill0 after dying on skill1 and found the map completely empty. i actually went back to skill1 because of that. ^_^; 
Played this map before i had Drake, and then again with the mod. Hmmm.... I kind-of prefered it without that bouncing laser thing, the out of place chainsaw, new shottie sound and nailgun wielding ogres. Anyway, loved it the first time round, and it's probably hard to give it a fair go second time.
Great Tronyn gameplay and though the start was tough (i think i got it second go) the map was fairly well balanced imho. +1 the spiked sliding door.

and Negke has a barny over a door. Wot...! 
I don't get what the obsession with Nailgun Ogres is.

Grenades is what makes the Ogre unique, give him nails and you've taking away the Ogre's most important feature. Especially stood next to a phalanx of Enforcers.

Would further note that nails are annoyingly hard to see, add to this a scatter fire and they're pretty annoying. Nailgun for Ogres that are below the player would be okay mind. But otherwise, gimme grenades to dodge! 
I suppose there's a reason why id changed the Ogres from using nails to using grenades, after all... 
Ogres Should Have 
nail grenades!

Best compromise I could come up with. 
isn't that just flak grenades then? :) 
Shush, U 
Flak Grenade? 
Isn't that just a regular grenade? Or is there a subtle difference between flak and shrapnel that I'm unaware of? :P 
A nailgun and a grenade launcher.

Sorta like the avp2 pulse rifle. 
ohhh just replayed last night and notice that chainsaw kill zombies :( I'm such a noob... in my first demo kill all except 2 zombies...

had to cheat a Quad :( 
I completely missed this thread: gonna have to play the map now :P 
I completely missed this thread: gonna have to play the map now :P

i don't mind when that happens. it's like finding a twenty wedged between the couch cushions! ^_^ 
Or In Your Pants After You Was Them 
Nice Map 
Looked great. I had no problems with the 1st room being to hard because I played on easy, which really was easy. Had plenty of stuff all the time.

8:46, 1/3, 59/67 (no rockets to kill last zombies)

I even have a demo:

Maybe The LG Should Have Been The Chainsaw Instead 
the chainsaw does gib zombies mofos! thanks for the feedback everyone. ill watch the demos tomorrow, ive basically set aside tomorrow as a quake day. more soon, thanks for still being around to play. I GUARANTEE that anyone who likes quake, will like unforgiven. at least, I think it's some of my best shit. anyway! 
I don't have drawing of weapon models enabled and don't know the mod, I didn't even know I had a chainsaw tbh. Should turn weapon models on, hehe. I'll do it when I find the time to replay the map on higher skill setting. 
Tronyn, I think I was overly critical when I first played this... I'll give it another try. 
7 demos:

7 deaths on skill 0. What's the culprit? 
gb you are a real noob :) 7 deaths?


I died in first run at first room... did a second run and finish on hard.. dowload my demo and learn ;) 
It's the player's problem when Easy is too hard for them? I don't think so.

I have no problems beating semi-recent games, so I wonder why I have problems beating recent Quake maps.

Compare the monster counts in Bioshock or Doom3 on Easy skill with this. Just saying.

The constantly respawning monsters remove any sense of progress btw; it feels like playing DMSP. While that is OK, I think having them respawn on Easy skill isn't the best thing to do.

I'm sorry, I really tried. 
constantly respawning monsters

I dunno what were you playing but it sure as hell wasn't this map... 
hehe gb I got Dm experience that might help in tronyn maps ;) 
I said everything I have to say about the matter, take it or leave it. 
..about DMSP By Aardappel 
I see someone has mentioned Dmsp mod by Aardappel.. how many memories

That was an awesome mod, the best idea I've seen in many years of Quake.. do you agree with me ?

Dmsp mod was the only reason behind my interest in dm maps! 
hi gb, sorry I had some computer troubles the last couple days. sorry you found it too difficult. the amount of enemies in room 1 was probably too much. also there isn't a lot of room to run around/dodge/in this map as in my usual maps.
I'll try making the next maps easier on easy/normal, at least there is more room in all of those. as for unforgiven though it's almost done so not much will change, it's a different style than the gameplay here, more like nsoe. hopefully will be out by the end of the month. 
I Am Still Here. 
I have taken a long break from Quake, because I found the game Transcendence, played it, and wrote mods for it. As such, Quake has been on my backburner lately. Soon, I will resume work on Drake and help test Tronyn's stuff. 
Mitigated Impression 
Well, the map looks really interesting: nothing to say about layout, architecture, etc... as it is really well executed. The mix in between Egyptian and base style is quite interesting...

But why the Hell is this map so hard ? I died several / too many times (not to say too much) even on easy skill... and I had to godmode to finally finish it...
Or maybe it is just me that is rusty, as i didn't play Quake (neither map) since 3/4 months at least... thought...

Anyway, I will just remeber that it is visually really well executed ;)
Next time please make the map more accessible to newbie like me :P 
JPL watch my demo noob... 1� run on hard... peace of cake! 
No matter how many times you try to suggest it you ain't getting a medal. 
...headshot :P 
Played It 
thought the design was cool but gameplay was pants.

It's not just hard but also overly silly and not much fun IMHO. No offence but it just felt like the map was populated with a random number of monsters by a program. 
honestly nitin I tought this was one of the easyest maps of tronyn :\
had fun playing on hard... and I rarely have on is maps on hard(lots of deaths) 
I understand what nitin's saying. I intended this as like a doom-style map (I thought of it like ultimate doom e4m1) where you have to keep moving (in that case because monsters spawn in, in this because too many monsters snipe to deal with without hiding and moving ahead instead). no offence taken.

given that my last postings here were me making a giant flamewar for no reason (sorry CZG sometimes can't help myself) I feel like the next time I show up here I should have something positive to contribute rather than more pointless bitching. Thankfully that should be relatively soon.

I'm still worried that unforgiven, especially the last maps, might be pretty love/hate though. 
Have It Properly Playtested Then 

Also I usually enjoy tronyn maps, even if they are ridiculously hard, but this just felt like a chore. 
What Flamewar? 
just expresing opinions :p

still didn't like my tchak review tronyn :p 
On The Contrary 
Wicked fun! Was an incredible blast. I found it hard, I have to say, but challenging not ridiculous. Although I also didn't realize the chainsaw thing, which would have made everything much easier (all the way through I was just saying "where's the rockets", had to LG the zombies half the time, lol.) Nice work T. 
i'll be honest, i didn't enjoy this that much. i'm generally not of the belief that DM maps make particularly great SP conversions in most cases due to the lack of ground being covered, generally tighter scale and lack of a general sense of progression (unless they were too big for DM in the first place). there were some nice designs here but they weren't really given the space to be appreciated properly, and ultimately it just felt like one room with a few walkways and corridors around it

i dropped down to easy skill, given how brutal ARWOP was :) ..i just remember the entrance to the main 'arena' being extremely frustrating, having to pick at a shambler through a fence with a shotgun while grunts sniped at me from behind a gate on the other side. if i moved closer to try and hit them then the shambler would get me. died twice during that little section, mostly due to loss of composure. it got easier after that as i built supplies up but just seemed to be missing any truly satisfying gameplay setpieces (possibly because of skill 0 admittedly) then ended pretty suddenly. i would check out higher skills but that initial shambler battle put me off trying it again!

i think i preferred playing crocodile tears in dmsp2 in honesty ;)

thanks for sharing though, looking forward to your next releases all the same! 
The map was nice, a little too small and without details, but it's normal for a DM conversion. However - some things were too simple, for example doors.

But I liked A LOT something else : the skill. I played on easy and it was easy. I can't remember when I played last time a map on easy and had the feeling that it's really easy.

ALL good maps that I've played have this flaw : they are way too hard on easy, some right from the start, some only after you play a good part, but ALL are very hard in the end.

Not this one, this one was very easy, the last part was ridiculous easy, one greande in each room and that was it, I looked at the monster count : 67/67 and I couldn't believe it, especially when there was some custom monsters there - I expected a final boss.

Very nice man, congrats :) 
A Nice, Fast Romp. Thanks, Tronyn! 
I played @ default skill level, and had some trouble going through the courtyard, but just because I did not find the opened door soon enough.

I also found the SG an DBS a bit overkill, DBS has an ugly sound too. And... NO DRAKES?

Guess I'll have to take on it on skill 3... 
Thanks For The Feedback Guys 
The idea with the shamblers behind the fence was that they were guarding a point the player didn't need to go to yet (I had the same thing in masque), so the player could engage them but it'd be better to go around them, like the hell lords guarding the bridge in nsoe3 (I admit this could be confusing).

another release should be right around the corner. 
Need Testers? 
Re: Shamblers Behind The Fence 
the thing is that for me, and i guess most players? the first instinct is to kill them.

i mean, a real person faced by a giant monster like that would run away and only kill it when necessary, but as a player, you make a beeline for any monster you see.

it's like this: 
To add to that, I went after them mostly because on my first run through I couldn't find any way to progress, having failed to distinguish the door which opens from all the locked ones that I tried. Even though I was woefully underequipped, I assumed killing them was the way to get a door to unlock.

Which is a shame, because the map it self is really well constructed and aside from from that the combats were all reasonable to easy - even given that you were learning the altered weapons as you went. 
I Just Kept Going 
totally ignored em! I figured that, being a Tronyn map, I'd end up with a lightning gun or whatever eventually 
With Aguirre's helps, I've fixed the first door of Dry Sorrow so that it works multiple times now. 
Ahh, the annoying door issue, good to see it was fixed.
Played this map I think about 3 weeks ago. Really hectic, was too scared to try it on nightmare skill though haha 
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