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Rubicon 2 Released!
Rubicon 2 is a new Q1SP experience with three large single-player levels, plus a custom mod featuring new enemies, sounds, textures, mapmodels, hazards, and more. It should run with any Quake engine, but for the optimal experience I recommend Fitzquake or any derivative engine such as Quakespasm or RMQ.

Screenshots / Readme / Download (9.5mb)
Holy F**k! 
It's done and I even managed to release before Duke Nukem Forever.

Special thanks to CZG for making one of the maps. 
It's Ok I Guess. 
Most Likely Fake 

Christmas in 11-02?

Awesome gift to try in my new machine... 
Congratulations, John! It was worth it! 
Nice one metl.. think I'm actually gonna reinstall quake to play this one and I didn't even do that for Vondur's last map �_� 
this better not be fake. Not that I can play it right now. 
New Monsters Sound Wicked 
especially Centurion. 
Added to the Quake Injector in record time (<30 minutes).

Can't wait to play it. 
uh oh!

[02]WARNING: Couldn't load progs/centurion.mdl
[02]WARNING: Couldn't load sound/misc/laser_off.wav

Did you rename but forgot to recompile the progs (or do package the correct progs in the end)? Wake up! 
This is exciting! Can't wait to play this one through. This shot here makes me go all moist BTW:

I just love the aesthetic, the base looks so cool. Concrete + hazard stripes = awesome. 
Okay, it turns out the demos included with this were recorded before i renamed some files, and as a result if you try to play the demos it will crash your engine.

Solution: add "+map start" to your command line. I'll see if i can patch this tomorrow or something. 
rub2m3 -- "A Thousand Years Into The Past" by czg 
Ah Wow! 
And I'm only on the start map so far ... 
A Minor Complaint 
Please build zips with the files in an appropriate subdirectory. For mods, that means the zip should have the game directory in the zip with the actual files in the game directory.

However, on a much more positive note: the little I've seen so far (due to some problems in QF, only parts of rub2m1): very nice. 
Please build zips with the files in an appropriate subdirectory. For mods, that means the zip should have the game directory in the zip with the actual files in the game directory.

I suppose it's not very hard to just extract them to a new directory? 
*Checks Date* 
Holy fucksticks, were nowhere near April!

Screenies look absolutely amazing! Gotta work now but will play asap. 
This is the first Q1SP map pack in a long time (years) that I truly, genuinely enjoyed playing.

Thank you.

It helps that the Easy skill in this pack is dead on target; this removed the idiotic stress that often comes with playing a Q1SP and let me really enjoy the gameplay, which is fucking good. These guys are pros.

There was tons of ammo and I always found a healthpack right when I needed one, which is how it should be. I liked it so much that I'm now motivated to replay it on Normal.

All three maps are very good, but I enjoyed czg's the most because it simply gives you most of the weapons, which means you can spam grenades and shaft things with impunity, to your heart's desire. And this is what matters in a shooter game, is it not.

The progression in the entire pack is more playful and varied than the typical Q1SP, with lots of rotating hatches, ladders, air ducts (?) and multi stage lifts. The color coded lasers are a solid way to guide the player through the game. The moving crane in czg's map was especially nice, something you don't see very often in Quake maps. The diving bit with the timed door was also cool.

The new baddies are very good, the Floyds being particularly humourous, and best of all these guys die quickly enough instead of shoving their leetness down your throat by having tons of hitpoints or crazy strafing patterns.

Ace job guys. Haven't had that much fun in a shooter game for a long time (although negke's Runic Recycling was also very good).

Just to be irritating following GBs comments, but I played through it on skill 2 and barely ever dropped below 75 odd hp. Generally you were never pressured or sealed in by enemies and thus could pretty much back off and play safe the whole way. Also no tougher monsters whatsoever got a little dull imo :E No grenades to dodge or Fiends to run from.

Only map that got slightly hard was rub2m1 because I missed the nailgun and thus ran out of ammo a few times... why was it hidden like that? It's not like it's a super weapon :(

Looked gorgeous, loved the ambience and the sounds :) 
Oh and the sense of scale on CZG's map was really cool. I think I'm going to have to go through each map again taking some screenshots :p 
Please build zips with the files in an appropriate subdirectory. For mods, that means the zip should have the game directory in the zip with the actual files in the game directory.

ALL the old idgames2 ftp releases contained either a pak or bsp file(s) in the zip root so this is pretty much accepted as standard. what you wrote only applies to mods with a custom engine that needs to be extracted directly into the quake directory

looking forward to playing this tonight :) 
This probably means that Hard could have been harder, while Easy was OK. 
Ok So.. 
walking in the Hydroexploitation Plant slipgate crashes the rmq engine, thought i should point that out. time to try quakespasm... 
Nice pack of maps!

I played through the maps on easy skill, died once to a turret, but figured it out later.

This is one solid episode which was highly enjoyable and very playable, even the new monsters weren't too annoying! The architectural style was coherent throughout (to me) and I like it.

In return, demos. This pack includes first-run demos on all three maps including the one where I die, and even a demo on the original rubicon which I started first by accident. I think I may have accidentally short-cut some part of czg's map because I exited with a whole lot of missing kills.

I suppose one could say that this has been worth the wait I've been hearing about. What are we waiting for next? Duke Nukem? Who gives a damn! 
firstly, why three independent maps instead of an episode? that was a bit of a disappointment from the off :|

marvellous attention to detail. loved the particle effects and new textures. new monsters were ok; not really a joy to fight but not too frustrating either (when used well)

rub2m1: loved the outside/dam sections, but got lost in the inside parts because i kept running past a crucial ladder. obviously fine detailing but it was a little bit pokey in places and short on nails for long-range fighting. lots of cautious duck & cover play. average in all

rub2m2: much better design & layout; some lovely shaped corridors here.. better scale too. gameplay still rather frustrating though; died multiple times due to low supplies, and could only beat the main atrium fight (after the blue lasers get unlocked) by coaxing the centurions down into the doorway & picking them off with my shotgun. steam traps were cool (i think they were in this one?)

rub2m3: excellent, MUCH nicer to play than the other two due to more supplies, bigger weapons and more manoeuvring space. atmosphere was fantastic too, particularly in the areas with vast unreachable chasms engulfed in fog. ambient sounds seemed to be used a bit more sparingly too, to positive effect. the first of the two end-battles was cool, the second a bit disappointing though as i was left low on ammo & health after the first and had to resort to cautious duck & cover rather than going in guns blazing.. only negative point though. best q1sp in a while :) 
This is awesome, thank you! 
Too Excited. 
I'm peeing my pants as I type this.


wasn't this already released?

I could've sworn I played this before looking at the screenshots 
Paint me a colossal grin. I am just so delighted to see this after having heard about it for so many years. I haven't even played it yet, I haven't even downloaded it yet, but I just know it's gonna be awesomeness on legs.

Well done you lot! 
I have played two first maps. The levels are gorgeous. The texturing and detailing is top notch. I loved the look of the levels with new textures, good lightning, vents, lifts, teleporters, buttons. Also the rocky outdoor areas looked so cool.
New monsters were ok. Floyd got boring over the time. The monster models are great work.
It all is high quality and very professional release.
Skill 1 first play demos:

Now to play the czg map... 
Nice Sounds Bro 
but I was wondering; did you sample some nine inch nails songs? Specifically Closer and Sin from what I've heard so far (menu sounds, some aspects of some ambiance). Or am I just hearing things? 
yeah, there are a few sounds sampled from recognizable sources in there. The menu sounds are the only ones from NIN (specifically the downward spiral), though. 
They're The Same As In R1, Right? 
Just played your levels Metl - pure awesomeness. Love the centurions, they look great!

This has made me happier than dead space 2 so far, tbh.
Congratulations, by the way, on finally getting it all done, and thank you! 
Nice Stuff 
The attention to detail everywhere is great, really good to see.

I focused in a lot on the monsters - the dustbin guy is good, although I felt he could have used a fire rate increase to make him more of an all-rounder. Is he explosion resistant? Also, his uncertain gib state is a nasty surprise.

The flamethrower were cool, almost a melee enemy although weaker near water, which was a nice dynamic to the levels, as was the occasional helpful healthpack placement.

The flyers were a bit outlandlish, but I grew to like them. Maybe a rocket variant would have been good in the more spacious areas, but the SNG was pretty good. And some have learned to phase through walls? I see what you did there :)

I played through hydro-something which was good and detailed. The combat could have used a fiend or two I think, just for the getting in your face shock factor. More guns as well, as some have mentioned. It felt like a warm up for an episode, because of Quake's standard difficulty curve with base enemies. I noticed that the Enforcer has a health bump for that. The stacked layout was oldschool, by which I mean well realised, complex yet intuitive to learn.

CZG's map was great as expected. Gameplay had lots of neat stuff, things that tend to get ignored. Did think that some of really open bits could have used more criss-crossing beams to make better use of the fog, but was more a changeover shock after coming from the metslime hyper-detail.

Haven't played the third map yet, saving that one.

Also, why did I never think 'what a cool mechanic' about the Q2 lasers? Oh yeah, layout design. 
scampie drunk-tested this 
Demo Crash Bug Has Been Fixed... 
If you download the latest version (readme should now say version 1.1) from the same URL it should now play the demos correctly. Thanks to a hex editor and an ancient copy of the Quake Demo Specs i was able to do some surgery and save the patient! 
Just finished playing this, highly enjoyable!

The levels were as expected visually pleasing, loved the detailing, and especially the textures were cool! Makes me want to make a map with the texture set myself.

The new enemies were good, but the sentry robot thing looks so silly, particularly the walking animation - like something out of a 50's sci-fi film! Still like it though.

Didn't think any of the maps presented a huge challenge (skill3), but managed to get low on health on a couple occassions still. Fun nonetheless. Have to second that it should have been an episode, though, instead of three independent maps, or at least give the player some beefier weaponry in the first two maps.

All in all, a great release! Will definitely be replaying this many times for sure. 
Just Watched The Demos... 
Anhk: nice work getting the MH in rub2m1 without hitting the trigger_secret :)

Mandel: i like your shortcut in rub2m3. Also, you seem pretty skilled, i'm suprised you played in easy mode. 
Grown up R2D2s firing Lasers,
Nail Enforcers on Hoverboards....
Quake is alive and well!!
Thanks metlslime and czg! 
I think I did not record some parts.

Fantastic work. I like the first map the most. 
The build quality and texturing in this release were absolutely spot on. And the detailing was completely over-the-top. Even the outdoor portions that look cheesy in typical maps looked great in these. I particularly liked the little homage to e1m1. The new effects really contributed to the overall awesome atmosphere.

The gameplay was great, too. I liked each of the new enemies -- although the flamethrower guys surprised more than I would like -- and thought they were put to good use. I accidentally broke the flow of CZG's map, though, by jumping to an early ledge and found myself catching a lot of baddies facing the wrong way :(

Please release the complete texture set and development kit so we can see even more maps based on this excellent theme.


P.S. The fallen Floyd had me cracking up :) 
just finished this superb map pack and i'd like to thank you guys for this afterchristmas present. i played with the latest dp autobuit and there were no problems besides some minor light glitches like the litlle dark spots on otherwise lit textures here and there. i haven't tried fitzquake or directq so i can't tell whether it's just dp bug or not. it doesn't matter anyway... these maps are top. thanks 
I've played only first level, but I'm in love with it already. Amazing job. Beautiful design and texturing, really neat gameplay. Just perfect Q1 sp experience. 
O M G 
been waiting for this for so long... what a glorious day! contrats metl! 
Yeah, I Guess It Was Mind Blowing 
Great vibe, loved the HalfLife feel of the maps, the layouts were tight and interwoven with cool back tracking. I suck at finding secrets.


Awesome work you guys, when can we expect Rubicon 3? 
...crawls out into the light

*thumbs up*

lurks back into the shadows... 
What Was That Mysterious Tools Creature? 
Hey, are you still fixing up that Q2 oblivion pack? 
Argh of arghlite fame? 
Me Too Waiting For Q2 Oblivion Fixed 
I didn't play original Rubicon :(
Are these 2 episodes linked by sort of plot/theme ?

-I take this chance to thank CZG for his "mapcols.wad" very handy textures! 
Initial Impressions, And Excellence In Small Arms 
Minor touches: The new help screens are very useful (Baker mentioned a few years ago that mods could use them, but this is the first time I've noticed them being used). The main menu option does look like it's grayed out, though. A different colour would probably have worked better.

Dreadnaught: This felt like Quoth's Pyro done right. Does enough damage to be dangerous, but not too much to leave you without a chance. The lingering damage is enough of a deterrent to not get hit, but not enough to leave you with no chance. Slightly difficult to tell apart from a normal enforcer, but doesn't need the bright yellow skin of the Pyro because you don't need to terminate with extreme prejudice. Not sure of how much health it has (and this, for all of the new monsters, felt a little unsettling), but feels to be around 150.

Centurion: Probably the most "fitting" base monster with MOVETYPE_FLY I've seen. Dangerous enough to need to be respected, without being impossible. Would possibly be an unfair fight if the player doesn't have the nailgun. Tough (200?), but killable before its stream of nails gets old. Feels like it would be best when used sparingly, which is seems you did. My only gripe with this monster is that the reward for killing it doesn't feel enough. Maybe 10 nails instead of 5 would have been better.

Floyd: First impression is an immediate comparison to Super Metroid. Is that the same sound effect that I hear? And then it starts shooting. Damage feels maybe a point or two too high (but I can see why it is what it is, as it makes things simpler). Seems that this monster doesn't open doors when near. If so, this is a nice touch. Health (200?) feels enough, and the explosion (don't know how much damage this does as I was never close enough) is a nice touch. Comparisons to the Spawn may be made, but this moves slower, so is less dangerous by being more avoidable. I feel that it should do less damage than the Spawn, maybe 80?

Welcome to Rubicon 2: Nice start map. Demonstrates how ladders work for those that didn't RTFM. Being able to climb down them (with +movedown perhaps) would've been nice. I like the skill selection system. Wonder if the nightmare switch can be reached without assistance. Obvious homage to The Slipgate Complex.

Hydroexploitation Plant: Take note people. Small arms play is fun. This is how to do it right. Played on normal, as from past experience, you have a good feel for skill levels. Completed first time, 24:13, 73/73, 1/7 (the mega health that everyone seems to notice; was very much needed at the time). The boxes that looked like misc_explobox were worrying. Noticed a texture homage to Doom (the exit sign font). In a few places, it wasn't obvious that you had to jump to progress, but the jumps were easy to do. Another homage to e1m1, which suggested another secret, but I didn't find it. I'm also disappointed that items were reset after the map was over, as the lack of firepower would be unlikely to throw off the balance of the next map (and I think that the next map would not need much tweaking to accompany it).

Other observations: The lighting felt overall slightly darker than I'm used to, but not dark enough to make me want to fiddle with brightness controls. Was getting some crashes when trying to load the maps from start using RMQ engine (Jan 25th build - mh, can you take a look? rj seemed to have the same problem), but wasn't able to reliably reproduce it or isolate what causes it.

So far, though, a solid release. This + digs05 = 2011 might be the best year for Q1SP we've had in a while... 
Ok, So I've Just Finished It Whole. 
Once again congratz on great release. Alsmost perfect sp piece. My only remarks would be that maps in few places are a little bit too dark, and tbh it's all rather low fps :/. While the dark maps are not big issue, I must admit it was first time I had so low fps in DP (sometimes even about 20, while normally I have ~100). 
Darkplaces problem... same happens in other, er, pretty detailed/large/complex maps. 
So it's fair to say that as far as reference for easy/medium skill balance goes these maps are golden then? :) 
Rubicon2 - Demos 
I really enjoyed these maps. Usually I'm not a fan of base/industrial style (though I prefer industrial) but these I liked. Nice moody, dark, quakey atmosphere. I really have no complaints except that maybe it could be a bit harder. (I was playing on Hard). And its devoid of fiends/shamblers! I know it's a base map, but its still fun to throw in the occasional elder world monster. Base experiments gone wrong! :P

Here are my demos (I played in Darkplaces latest autobuild, used sv_protocolname QUAKE before playing to ensure the demos are compatible with other engines):

rub2m1 was my 3rd or so time playing, rub2m2 my 2nd time playing, and rub2m3 was my first playthrough! :D Suprised I survived... Congratulations czg and metlslime! 
OK, Here A Firstrun On The First Map 
I missed the Nailgun I think, which lead to an amusing and truncated demise. Found a couple of secrets. Here demo:-

Please watch it and pledge never to hide the nailgun in such a place ever again!!!

Full review comin later. Metl/czg(?) do you mind if I put some streaming footage of me playing the map on my site? Will just be an NH demo probably. 
I found the nailgun in the first map to be a problem, too. I died due to lack of shells. Had a feeling though that I should have had the nailgun when I reached the dam section, but it took me a while to find and get it. 
Awesome, Fun Levels 
Nice detail and excellent construction. The texture theme is sweet, except for the blue sky. Proper industrial vibe, very atmospheric. The additional steam, spark and sound effects added nicely to that. Crates and pipes ftw. (goes without saying). The new monsters are nice, not over the top or anything, though I expected Floyd to be smaller. And I always caught at least one of his shots...

Played on Hard and it was very bearable. Died twice on the third map, but it was okay overall - only the end battle is tough when one doesn't know what to expect. I suck at finding secrets, though... only 2-3 on each map.

I don't mind the maps being individual like that, but it might have been good if they all had some kind of story or something to bind them together ("retrieve object X" from each facility) and some sort of concluding event like a boss fight. Guess you'll have to make Rubicon 3 after all. Maybe by 2016.

How About 
Guess you'll have to make Rubicon 3 after all.

Rubicon 2 turtlemap pack?

A Lost Chapters-like event?

Rubicondom 2? 
The maps are awesome all around. I finished all three on Normal and enjoyed them all, I already feel like replaying them. The highlights are the e1m1 homages, the "new" slipgates brushwork, the dam, and the chasms in czg's map. (czg: finish honey.bsp please) In fact there were many more highlights but I don't even know where to start listing them.

Minuscule, pedantic gripes:
- Centurions should drop more nails to be rewarding, I'm thinking 10-20? I also felt they could use better weapons, like grenades.

- Once a Centurion dies, the hoverboard verts could be hidden inside the body and a separate model could be spawned as a gib - right now, it looks a little weird when they die.

- As been said before, it was a slight letdown to see that the maps didn't exit into eachother. I wouldn't mind seeing them connected at the cost of losing my weapons (Quoth style).

10/10 stuff, this was very well worth the wait! 
What OTP Said, Plus This 
I'll go into more detail about how the other 2 maps were for me later, but this is worth saying now:

Floyds should be DAMAGETYPE_YES instead of DAMAGETYPE_AIM, so that grenades bounce off them. 
I wanted to play this weekend, but the new Spartacus episode took me the time I had available sunday�
Need one hour of peace, to proper play and record this jewel with no interruptions(hate to make pause in demos)... 
Regarding The Long And Meandering Development Of This Pack: 
This was originally intended to be a 4-map episode long ago with a real plot and ending, but as time dragged on I decided to cut the scope down to just two maps (map1 and map3 were the only maps that really existed at that point -- and some random fragments.) The dam was originally intended for another level, plus there was a half-finished e1m1 remake. So I started merging things together -- the dam and the e1m1 start got shoved into map1, the outdoor part of e1m1, plus some other scraps, became start.bsp, which would lead to the two maps. And the dam was built before i saw the dam in Travail! I think the travail one is bigger.

Then as the new map1 got close to completion, it turned out to be way over the marksurfaces limit. So chopped off the entire last section (which was some concrete tunnels with steam traps, and a large outdoor area) and started to build a new map around it, which became map2. The steam tunnels now appear in the early part of map2, and the outdoor area that was the end of map1 is now the end of map2. And i added the third slipgate to start.bsp.

As for the lack of connection between the maps, this was part of "reduce scope and ship it already", it seemed easier to tune 3 separate maps than one big episode. Plus then i would need a boss or something to finish it off.

As for timelines, map1 was mostly built in 2002 and polished afterwards, map2 was mostly built in 2009. Development actually began in 2001 i think, but none of the brushwork from that era was good enough to keep.

Another note about my maps; map1 was largely grown organically with no real plan, other than the basic idea of spiraling up to the top of a tower (inspired by apsp1.) As a result the tower is somewhat confusing, but also interesting. map2 was designed on paper and built section by section in a planned way. I basically had a flowchart with a bunch of bubbles with text labels like "teleport hub", "robot lab", "turret lab", "helicopter pad", "4-story freight elevator", etc, (for each of these bubbles i had the basic gameplay concept in my head) and then built those sections in seperate map files and put them together. In the end i used about half of the original planned areas because marksurfaces built up fast.

The teleport hub was originally going to be a "teleport lab" where you had to repair each teleporter with electrical components collected from the previous area. I changed this to colored lasers because the "repair" idea seemed too complicated to tutorialize.

You'll have to ask czg for details about his map, but i know he discarded away a couple of partly-finished maps before creating the final version of map3. There was one or two from 2002, then there was one around 2005, i think, and then final one which he mostly made in 2010.

The monsters are also interesting. Floyd was the first; he was (obviously) based on the robot from Super Metroid, which is where his idle/pain sound come from. Floyd didn't change much at all after 2002 until last year, when I doubled his skin resolution.

The dreadnaught also was made really early (around 2002 probably) and at that time there were no flamethrower enemies in quake (quoth was not out yet, and neither was pbrsp1.) The dreadnaught was actually a standard enforcer model until sometime last year when i finally made and animated the new backpack and hose, and retextured him. There was actually a really old model i made of sort of a fat, linebacker-looking dude with a flamethrower, but i realized i do not have the patience to animate a human in qme.

The centurion didn't exist until 2010; I had for a long time wanted to make a quake enemy based on the "air centurion" from the Masters of the Universe movie, and when I finally had some momentum going again I realized it would be pretty easy to create a platform and modify the enforcer model to stand on it. 
As I Stated Above, 
Holy F**k!

This felt great.

These are Quake maps. These have the Quake atmosphere. These have the Quake Gameplay.

These show the very reasons why we're here, squeezing life from a 15 years old game.

Thanks guys.

(I'm on my 3rd playthrough, trying to find all secrets, gonna write something more about the experience later on) 
Ah Hah! 
the outdoor area that was the end of map1 is now the end of map2.

"This feels like it would fit the first map well" was exactly what I was thinking at the end of map2 :D

When playing, I did wonder how much of these maps come from the beginning of the development, so this was a nice read. 
I thought this bit in map2 was funny:

No animals were harmed in the making of this 10 second demo 
I like the separate-map nature of the pack, actually, so one can play them in whatever order. I think I played the Subterranean one last. Felt OK to me.

I still think that there is a ... noticeable difference in feel between the czg map and the metlslime ones, which mainly comes from the use of heavy fog and Quake 3 style bottomless pits of death, which doesn't exist in all of the pack.

Having noticeable fog in the metl maps as well would have helped to visually pull the entire thing together. czg's fog is also very default grey.

Quake needs volumetric fog so doing the bottomless fog of death pit thing doesn't require the entire map (area at least) to be fogged.

This is the main criticism I would level at the visuals (plus ladders could have been less blocky, ne_tower has good ladders) - it could be overall more coherent.

Main criticism at the gameplay is the lack of heavy weapons in rub2m1, but this is a matter of taste. The only other thing is the turrets - it can take a while until one notices the buttons.

I don't have more to criticize :) 
Great Mod - 10/10. 
Rivals and beats up Quoth in more than a few ways. The ambience of the two mods is quite obviously different, and it's nice to have some variety. 
it seems nonsensical comparing it to quoth; one is a map-orientated mod with a few extras and one is a generic expansion pack 
It Makes More Sense 
to compare this to Contract Revoked. 
My Fog Is Not Very Default Grey It Is A Very Desaturated Purple 
0.27 0.21 0.229 you filthy heathen. 
... AWESOME !!! 
Do I Reinstalled 
For mac?
Awesome maps. liked the new enemies, especially the flying enforcer. he probably could have had cells though, at that same speed but similar damage to nails. Hated the turrets though... hope I never see those again.

The first map I liked... tight and a little confusing but looked good. The second map was bigger, but didn't look quite as good on a detail level, especially the central arena.

CZG's map was obviously the most epic. Great design and spot on ammo/health. I had plenty going into the 1st end battle but it was still quite hard and took a few tries. Final battle was too easy but at that point you didn't really need a second battle. Only gripes with this map were FAR too many tin cans (floyd?), they got old real quick, and the map was way too dark in darkplaces. Even in a dark room it was hard to see in places you didn't need to see, so it felt like the darkness was hiding the less-detailed areas. Still, i'm the only one that complained about that, so maybe it was more dp or my settings.

Overall great maps! 
0.27 0.21 0.229 you filthy heathen.

Haha. OK. 
Secret Hunter's Delight 
I finished Rubicon 2 on Skill 2 and got all kills but more importantly, I found all 22 secrets in Rubicon 2 without cheating. If you like clever and interesting secrets with lots of variety and new spaces to see, this is a great map set. Some drove me crazy and took many revists to ferret out but they all were fair game.

Overall, I loved this map set and it stays true to the grimy industrial feel that is Rubicon. Layouts were complex and quite maze-like for two of the maps but that gave a stronger sense of being trapped in this hostile regime. I loved the dam in the Hydro map. Crates and pipes abound and fog creates a mood of menace.

Supply balance was good for the most part but I do recall on one of the maps getting thin on ammo. Health was good and on skill 2, no battles were impossible - some got intense but I didn't feel they were too hard.

The one thing I did notice was that on my PC (it is about 9 years old), the shoot function either didn't respond or lagged and often didn't sustain fire when pressed while fighting the defense bots and the disk men. Shooting was fairly normal otherwise.

Fantastic map set and I'd play it again. It's stuff like this that keeps Quake going and going and going... 
This is the best map pack in years, and I'm not just being polite.

Still missing a secret in each map. 
What's the recommended engine for this ? 
It should run with any Quake engine, but for the optimal experience I recommend Fitzquake or any derivative engine such as Quakespasm or RMQ.  
i found 2 secrets. the mh one in czg's which was easy (and useful for that final battle), and the grey armour in the first map which was pointless.

i suck at secrets :P 
rj, thanks, but fitzquake085 looks very bad, I think it's the colored lights - everything looks like a rainbow :(

I played a little the czg map : awesome work, great feeling. 
Fitzquake Looks Fine 
But your monitor seems to suck. 
The Disco-Lights Effect 
Check your id1\maps DIR for a start.lit. I bet there's one there. Delete or re-name it. Try loading a map from the console:

map rub2m1
Check your id1\maps DIR for a start.lit. I bet there's one there. Delete or re-name it.

This brings up a good point in that fitzquake should probably do some sanity checking on a lit file before loading it, since the common case of start.bsp being replaced in a mod will cause errors that an average user might not be able to diagnose. 
Lit Problem 
RickyT23 : thanks. Removing the .lit file from id1\maps solved the problem and the map looks awesome :)

jt_ : yeah, sure, my monitor sucks only in fitzquake - you are very smart... (end sarcasm) 
Sanity Checking 
By definition, the .lit file should be 3 times the size as the light lump in the map, right? Would that be enough of a check?

I have had the blessing of seeing the error in question once, so I would probably recognise it again. Fortunately, it was only in the ending room of e1m1red, where I had the lit file from e1m1rmx (this was before I extended that room). The results in that room were interesting, to say the least. 
Lit File Loading 
> This brings up a good point in that fitzquake
> should probably do some sanity checking on a lit
> file before loading it, since the common case

I added a paranoid check in quakespasm for that, so that the engine allows the lit file only if it is from the same gamedir as the map itself.

> By definition, the .lit file should be 3 times the
> size as the light lump in the map, right? Would
> that be enough of a check?

Well, no check is fool-proof, but that seems another way of feeling safe. 
Thanks for the feedback and demos everyone. I have now watched all the demos now except zwiffle's, because fitzquake can't playback multi-map demos. Something I should fix :)

Oh and Ricky: sure, you can post videos if you want, i have no problem with that.

It's good to see people figuring out the turrets fairly quickly. Sometimes frustrating when people look right at a secret and then don't seem to recognize it. I also saw some common behaviors like shooting every flickering light you see, randomly axing computer screens, and everyone seems to want to climb up the crates by the green armor in rub2m2. Several people used the trickjump shortcut in rub2m1 to skip the row of blasters, including one person who didn't realize what it was they were skipping until they backtracked :) Getting the megahealth in rub2m1 the "wrong" way was also common, i should have extended the trigger_secret to cover that situation better. 
axing computer screens is true quake dude behaviour! :) 
I Do It 
all the time! 
These are Quake maps. These have the Quake atmosphere. These have the Quake Gameplay.

This is what I came to say. I'd be really proud to have made this.

(completely forgot to record demos. :( ) 
I Have Now Watched All The Demos Now Except Zwiffle's 
You're not missing much.

Also, hi Lunaran. When is your next Quake map out? 
Very Nice

Frankly, I liked czg's gameplay better, but loved all the touches in metl's maps that tell me how good of a level designer he is. Awesome maps.

The flyers are nice, the Droids are okish (tedious to fight), hated the flamethrowers because they look exactly like the usual quake guys (and i have a strong tendency to run up to them to shoot them in the face). With water the flamethrower guys were pretty cool. Missed the gl in the first two maps, the third had way too much ammo. The new enemies can be pretty devastating if you run into them in the wrong way or get stuck somewhere, that nearly killed me a few times.

Secrets are hard to find, i think i got 5/7 on all of the maps but couldn't find the others :( 
wow, just wow.
great stuff!! 
A Vary Short Demo;

I swear I found it on accident! (the first time I played) 
Being able to climb down them (with +movedown perhaps) would've been nice.

I thought about this, too, but figured it isn't needed. How often do you climb down ladders instead of just jumping down, if health isn't an issue?

That said, I do prefer the Quoth/RMQ ladders because you can just walk up to them and you'll ascend, without the need of pressing another key. (Again, this is a typical onetruepurple overly perfectionist complaint) 
That said, I do prefer the Quoth/RMQ ladders because you can just walk up to them and you'll ascend, without the need of pressing another key. (Again, this is a typical onetruepurple overly perfectionist complaint)

Actually that was a planned improvement, but got cut because I wanted to release it this decade. Maybe in the next release... 
Just a bit of code, I can't remember where we robbed it from tbh - can email it over if you want. 

Is hard to say anything more than had be said...

Love the flags at the wind :) I think nobody said that...ehhehe

honestly this is a awesome work from both of you, very cool maps and very cool time spent playing then! will replay again to get all secrets :) 1� demos!

1% sometimes but I SURVIVED LUCKLY :)

my favorit demo was melt2 because I was always in red line :) only at end I was ful of power and just one bitch!!! 
Yeah The Flags Are Sick. 
Feels Unlike 
any other quake environment, really well done guys!. Blast to play through too.

Special mention to the lighting in metl's maps which is exquisite and czg's use of fog which by itself added so much foreboding to the map's atmosphere. 
>> By definition, the .lit file should be 3 times the
>> size as the light lump in the map, right? Would
>> that be enough of a check?

> Well, no check is fool-proof, but that seems another way of feeling safe.

3 times plus 8 bytes for the header. I've been using this check for years and it seems quite robust; nothing's caught it out yet.

Of course it's possible to (and some day a mapper who hates LIT files will probably do it out of spite <evil grin>) but highly unlikely. 
got this 100% secret with a trucky jump :)

but found the secret later :) 
Do you have any document (description of items, monsters, entities, etc, etc...) that could help to map for Rubicon2 mod ? 
Not yet, but I plan to release one soon. 
Cool ! 
Thanks ;) 
Easy Skill 
I've always preferred easy skill over any other skill and I'm quite happy with the recent movement towards making easy skill easy again. The maps in this pack were enjoyable on easy skill (survivable without feeling empty).

<quote>one person who didn't realize what it was they were skipping until they backtracked</quote>

If this refers to me I'm still not realizing anything! My sense of direction is a joke but I'm happy to have found my way to the exit in all 3 maps! 
I Thought I Hit The Preview Button 
Sorry 'bout messing up the quote. 
i can't remember now, but somebody did the trickjump and then backtracked into the trap_shooter hallway not realizing there were trap_shooters there. 
Review Coming Soon 
I thought this was awesome, the perfect mix of oldschool and new. hopefully we see these textures/features in other projects as well. 
I like that if you speed run CZG's map he has a message telling you :)

Also I can in theory get it under two minutes, in practice I keep dying :P 
oh yeah, speedruns! I'd love to see some people attempt a speedrun on these maps. I guess with SDA in hibernation they won't pick up on it soon. (plus I think I'd need to release the source so they can add their grenade timers or whatnot.) 
Correct Metl... 
...and might I say, thankyou! I was totally absorbed. Am now looking forward to knocking out a section for Rubicondom 2.

Favourite moment: argh, why is that enforcer chasing me so hard. Oh crap, that's right...

CZG - back in the saddle, again soon please. 
Some More Demos Metl & CZG 
Firstrun for CZG (yours was rub2m3 right?) - just dripped of Portal (&HL) on what I have seen so far. Moments of Doom 3. Amusing panic-death 34 kills in :)

Metl here was my second attempt at rub2m2. Got about 80% in on skill 2 this time :)

Both files: 
Well Done! 
Without a doubt, these three are among the best of non-id base maps Quake has ever seen. All the custom content fits right in, enhancing the atmosphere immensely. Masterful brushwork, effective lighting, high interconnectivity and a great flow. What more to say? Top-notch stuff.

First run demos on skill 2 - fitz085; 17/18/20 minutes, 100% kills, 5/21 secrets (if I remember correctly). Normally I'd hunt around more for secrets though I didn't want to bore you with my wanderings. 
Just wanted to say thanks. This was a great release, I'm looking forward to playing it again to take in everything! 
god damn, i still haven't had a solid chunk of time to play this. >_<
there's irony here, i'm sure of it. 
Fantastic work. Coming back to Q1SP after about 2 years? I played on Hard, expected to get my ass handed to me, but didn't, so for me the difficulty was perfect - challenging but doable. rub2m1 was good but I missed the ladder to level 4, which was frustrating. rub2m2 was fantastic - wonderful architecture. One question, for rub2m2 I had to find the grenade secret by a fluke in order to grenade jump onto the yellow armour, which then triggers the turret. Is it possible to do that without the grenade jump? Seemed weird. Anyway the end of that map was great and very hard, I had fuck all ammo so tried to run past the centurions - what a mistake :) Just scraped out of it.

rub2m3 was beautiful! Really atmospheric map. Had some low fps on the open areas in Quakespasm. The map was probably the most enjoyable as it had the most action. Even though I got megahealth I still had to dodge most of the enemies in the second to last battle. Not sure how you can kill all those in such an enclosed space? I didn't have GL or anything like that so maybe I missed it, or maybe just am not good enough :)

Floyd was a great enemy, seemed cheesy at first but his bullets hurt a shitload and it's fun to practice dodging them. Lots of floyds in a small space are deadly, they're really fun to kill.

Kudos guys! 
Demos of each level, but not my first playthrough. I keep forgetting to record whenever I check out new releases;

Review on the way. 
As others have said, beautiful maps with solid gameplay, not too hard but not too easy. Each map had its own unique touch and style, even though they were all the same theme. I didn't make any first run demos, because I wanted to take my time through each map, and really admire all the work and detail put into them.

Fantastic work metlslime and czg. 
Excellent Maps 
Found all secrets reasonably easily on 1 and 3, 2 seems much harder for me for some reason... map 3 is also the most confusing in terms of progression, I think I did bits of it backwards. Oh well! 
These new monsters would've really fit in Fort Driant 
At least in my twisted mind I imagine that your day job has left a mark on the style of your map. 
Weapons Of Map Production! 
Texture wad, entity.def, map sources, and quakec sources have now been added to the Rubicon 2 webpage, for anyone that wants to use this stuff. Note: even if your editor doesn't read .def files, you might benefit from reading through it in a text editor to learn about the entities -- all the new stuff is at the top of the file (when you see air_bubbles, you're done.) 
I don't know why, but that subject line is just lol. 
Some centurions have learned to exploit the experimental technology of the flying platform to "phase" through solid matter. It is not currently known how this works.

None of this is in the centurion's qc. Did you have problems getting this ability to work (I vaguely remember you posting about an invisible + noclipping enemy), or was it another case of cutting scope? 
no, this is the same old "scrags fly through walls" bug that i could never fix, so i decided to claim it as a feature :) 
That's What I Assumed When I Read That... 
2 Out Of 3 On Monster Healths 
The centurions felt like more than 150, though... 
Anyone Want To Make An Fgd? 
that sounds familiar. ^_^; 
Especially as those who are ignorant of the past are damned to repeat it. As are some of the less ignorant... 
Amazing game! Thank you! 
"Subterranean Spookworks" is pure genius, I still can't believe that a map can look so good, it makes you feel you're THERE. 
7/7 in rub2m3.
7/7 in rub2m2.
6/7 in rub2m1.

Thanks A Bunch 
The one you forgot to list was the one I couldn't find. 
So how do you get to the quad in rub2m2? I've found everything else I think. 
Spoiler, Too. 
Gurer'f n fubbgnoyr ohggba ba gbc bs gur pengr vzzrqvngryl evtug bs gur fcnjavat cbvag gb gur ynfg nern gung ybjref gur tengr lbh fcnjarq hcba gb gur yriry bs n qhpg yrnqvat gb gur dhnq. 
Rubicon and Rubicon 2 reviewed. 
I thought it would be something like that, but couldn't find it. Ta! 
Thank You 
That was good fun. I played through all three maps yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was too busy hacking on qfcc for the last two months to have time to play, but rubicon2 was a great reward :)

While fantastic for single player (probably coop, too), the maps are a bit big for a small death-match game, but I noticed that especially 1 and 3 had nice hidy-holes for ambushes.

Other than some draw-order issues with transparent brushes and map models, everything works well in QuakeForge (so long as you use multi-texture rendering with the fog).

I had a similar reaction to the flame-thrower guys: why's he chasing me? ... uh oh!

As for the flyers: maybe along with the 5 nails, a cell or two? (scavenged from his disk).

Again, thank you for the fun :) 
All Secrets And Demos On Easy Skill 
I did som demos on easy skill and all secrets.

Rubicon 2 Fgd 
I made one. Who wants to test it? Hammer doesn't complain, but I might have overlooked something. 
Post A Link 
...and I will have a look. 
Get it here:

I copied all the instructions from the .def so make sure you read through it to know how the new stuff works. Some bounding boxes might not be optimized properly. Monsters are with the other monsters, other stuff is at the top. 
Re: FGD 
one thing i noticed, you have "movedir" and "movedir2" as integers for the func_turret, they should be vectors.

Another thing, all monsters should have the "spawn_triggered" and "spawn_silent" flag. (Although, i'm not sure if fish support that feature, since they have a different spawn code than the other monsters.) 
Fixed & Added 
Still Looking... 
Some of the bounding boxes are indeed off. I have been tweaking items so that they show up correctly in the editor. I will post a new version next week-ish. 
cant get it work for coop.

quakespasm -dedicated gives me:
SpiritQuaddict entered the game
IFNOT 4332(???) branch 23
client.qc : SelectSpawnPoint
client.qc : PutClientInServer
runaway loop error
Host_Error: Program error
Client SpiritQuaddict removed


QUAKE ERROR: Host_Error: Program error

./darkplaces-dedicated +sv_protocolname quake +map start -game rubicon2 crashes ~28 seconds after a client tried to join (unsuccessfully):
SpiritQuaddict connected
server Profile:
[CallCount] [Statement] [BuiltinCt] [StmtTotal] [BltnTotal] [self]
1 45000000 800000000 0 0 inf% SelectSpawnPoint
5001479 ----------------------- builtin ----------------------- find
710 34790 101768 34790 101768 100.00% RotateTargets
Host_Error: server runaway loop counter hit limit of 10000000 jumps
tip: read above for list of most-executed functions
QuakeC crash report for server:
s6464: CALL3 find (=find())
s6465: STORE_ENT GLOBAL1, lastspawn (=entity 0)
s6466: NE_E lastspawn (=entity 0), world (=entity 0), GLOBAL4330
s6467: IFNOT GLOBAL4330, statement 6469
s6468: RETURN lastspawn (=entity 0)
s6469: GOTO , statement 6503
s6470: IFNOT deathmatch (= 1.0000), statement 6503
s6471: STORE_ENT lastspawn (=entity 0), spot (=entity 0)
client.qc : SelectSpawnPoint : statement 25
client.qc : PutClientInServer : statement 0
Client "SpiritQuaddict" dropped
SpiritQuaddict left the game with 0 frags
Quake Error: Host_Error: server runaway loop counter hit limit of 10000000 jumps
tip: read above for list of most-executed functions
It works fine if I do it locally with non dedicated (but listen?) games started via the menu with both Quakespasm or DP as the server and client. 
Note to self:
Use +deathmatch 0 ... 
Oh Dear 
and +coop 1 
i don't think i put any coop starts in there... 
Yeah, at least the start map has no coop starts. Shame on you!

On the other hand both quakespasm and zquake are simply choosing normal player starts so I guess that is an engine-side feature? Darkplaces fails. Is picking a normal player start for coop an engine feature and is it in vanilla Quake? 
I Am The King Of Double Posts 
What i meant is that even if there are NO coop starts, quakespasm and zqds work fine since they simply spawn players on the normal player start. 
according to this code in client.qc:

if (coop)
lastspawn = find(lastspawn, classname, "info_player_coop");
if (lastspawn == world)
lastspawn = find (lastspawn, classname, "info_player_start");
if (lastspawn != world)
return lastspawn;

it will search for coop starts first, then, if none are found (or it ran out before all players were spawned) it will look at SP starts. 
It was just all too confusing for my simple mind and I did stupid things. I think the problem was that I did not explicitly set "deathmatch 0". 
Beautifully Detailed, Solid Gameplay 
The opening map has a lovely feel with references of E1M1 and the extra help on the menu is a really nice touch. First time I have seen that done in custom content. I was surprised but I read the readme file so was prepared, I thought! :)

The first map is breathtaking on detail with particle effects, ladders, railings, hatchways and boxes littered at odd angles everywhere. The lasers are a really nice touch with the key doors having colour coded panels next to them to keep the visual language consistent.

The game play is up close and personal most of the time and the layout is like some crazy rabbit warren, weaving all over the place. There are several main routes that go through water for no apparent reason, which seems odd, especially as the theme is tech and it is trying to maintain scale and a believable environment. This was highlighted by the fact you had arrows on a wall point down into the water. I imagine because without the arrows it would not have been obvious to go down.

After I got the gold key I was lost and wandered around looking for the gold key door for a while. The flow of the level worked well in some places but felt disjointed in others. Played on easy so I could see the place and enjoy the visuals more first time through the maps. The set pieces (especially the dam) was amazing, I loved how you progressed from one side to the other.

Map 2 started out with weird flow, you arrive on a platform with water below and no natural route down? There is a lift, but it set to go up all the time. There are teleporters but all of them are locked, did not make any sense. Eventually jumped down and found the half pipe tunnel (looked amazing) and worked my way through the complex. It was very dark inplaces, could not see some mobs.

I liked the concept you did for the turrets, especially later on when you put mobs on top of them as well. The initial presentation of the turret was perfect. The turning speed was not too fast which gave me time to look around for clues. Eventually when I found the trick I looked up and saw there was huge diagrams on the walls! doh! Very cool idea and probably more important to me, it was presented to the player really well.

Again the environmental detail, architectural shapes and flow around areas was amazing. I especially liked the final gold key building, the exterior looked like it could physically stand up. Having structures that look believable with a good choice of materials really helps to sell the whole environment immersion.

Map 3 started out weird again, jumping down some huge hole in the ground to water below. It was a nice touch having the door close after a certain time limit. The map felt a lot bigger and certainly had a nice feel of epic space to move around in.

The only map to kill me a couple of times and cheap deaths as well, falling off ledges while fighting with no railings around. :/ Probably the best implementation of the flame guy because when it was introduced it was up close and personal (even thou the map was huge).

Lots of weaving up and over and plenty of 'Oh I was down there' moments. The level detail was nice and the crane was a cool surprise. Most of the rooms had beautiful architectural shapes (angled support beams, high ceilings, solid supports). I laughed when I got to the final room, I was thinking 'I bet I will get locked in here with lots of enemies' and it happened right on cue!

Overall an amazing release for Q1 with a strong theme and solid gameplay. Plenty of down time between encounters and occasional surprises. I certainly will be playing this map pack several times on different skill levels!

The only problem for me was the textures, they looked too low-resolution. It was made worse by the fact that everything is so close to the player. (small spaces). Coupled with the level of detail, it felt disjointed. Tech maps in Q1 are like the uncanny valley of game visuals, they are trying to be modern with human scale detail (keyboards, doorways) but it all feels too low resolution and clunky. 
are you playing with texture filtering? if so, try disabling it. might feel more "high-res" than the blur. 
Default Settings 
I was using the default settings for FitzQuake. I checked the readme file and it did not suggest any other settings. I downloaded the textures (wad file) to see what they looked like and they are Q1 size, which to me is low-resolution. As said previously, the game play and level design were awesome, I was just expecting some external high resolution texture pack and did not find any. 
thanks for the feedback, sock. I knew map 1 had weird layout, but was suprised to hear that you thought the hub room of map 2 was strange (forcing the player to drop down.) I guess I like exploration, and I like "interesting" traversal in maps, so I take it to extremes in my own levels, which I think is a positive, but sometimes produces rooms where the way forward is unintuitive, which I should try to improve on.

Surprised to hear a complaint about textures, I guess since you are more of a Q3 person you are used to higher res as a default. I have considered making a higher res texture pack for rubicon2, it probably wouldn't be that hard assuming I can find the time to do it.

Question for the crowd: if I did make a high-res texture pack for rubicon2, what res should it be? I'm leaning towards 2x res, since the higher you go the more jarring it is to see high-res images on low-res geometry, and the monster and item skins are jarring too. And if you try to fix the monster skins, you end up highlighting how bad the UV mapping is on those guys. So then I need to fix the UV mapping... 
I think high colour is more important than high-res. Wouldn't go more than 4x, 2x sounds OK (agree with you about the jarring aspect of it - I find that even skyboxes look "wrong" in Quake maps). 
4x pls :) And monster skins for your unique monsters or all of them. And be sure to include hi-res assets skins too. I'll definitely re-play. Cheeky to ask for normals :S 
2x should be fine, yeah. 
Texture Density 
@Metlslime, I do enjoy exploring levels but the theme of your map was tech (human scale architecture), which implies at least the possibility of realistic foot routes. One of the two initial routes could of gone downwards via a curved staircase to the lower floor. The lift on the other side was not obvious because its default was up. IMHO artist theme should have an impact on layout because you want the environmental immersion which comes from the art and sound.

Unless you are planning to use the texture set again, I would not do anything hi-res. Once you start upgrading one part of the visuals, all of the others pieces look odd and disjointed. This is the art problem with any of the current Q1 mods, texture density across all assets has to look the same. Otherwise the technical limitations of how the assets are put together starts to look obvious. 
Moster Skins 
Grunt is barely ~60 units hight, the skin is 200 units high... draw your conclusion. 
What conclusion do I draw from that? At higher screen resolutions you'll see all of those extra pixels as you get closer to the grunt ... ?? 
"could Of" 

... sorry. 
"could Of" 

... sorry. 
But If You DO Remake Textures 
Make them as high resolution as possible, and then scale them down and release the high-res ones for others to use (in other projects) as well! ;-) 
Wow. Nice Work 
I have to admit that I've not played any Quake in ages, nor done any mapping, and was aware that there are a few relatively recent releases that I should check out, this being one of them. Since today has been a rare PC gaming day, I just spent the last hour or so playing through Rubicon 2 (on normal, because it's been a while).

Great architecture, great lighting, nice work on improving the ambient sounds, fucking nice textures that work great with the lighting (I especially liked the white concrete and rusted girders on map 2) and the gameplay was awesome too.

At first I thought the new enemies were a bit pointless because there are similar enemies in Quoth that you could have used, but they flamethrower guys were much tougher here due to the fact you continue to burn for quite a while after you get hit. The flying guys were a little less annoying than BOBs, and the walking dustbin enemy was quite fun to fight in numbers, and despite his cuteness (especially the one that had fallen over on the training course in map two) managed to fit in quite well.

Oh, I also liked the recurring laser platform set piece. Nice way to completely obliterate my health... actually, I figured it out pretty much instantly the first time I saw it, but there were a couple of times they were combined with grunts etc. and I got owned. Still lots of fun, and reminded me of something I wanted to put in a base map a few years ago but didn't (it was similar but used nails and you had to pop a grenade down to turn it off. Was inspired by HL2 floor sentries).

I don't think I ever felt lost during my playthrough, which is amazing considering how dark and similarly textured the maps are. I think the way you lead the player around with lighting, enemy placement, textures and set piece architectural areas worked great.

Some of the areas in the game really felt like they were inspired a lot by the first half-life - particularly CZGs map and the main atrium with teleporters and the big tunnel in map 2.

Anyway, great, inspiring work. 
Glad You Enjoyed It Than! 
Well, I've got years of Quake releases I need to catch up on, so I figured I'd start with this pack.

Not much for me to say apart from if I could give a standing ovation over the internet, I would, so just imagine me standing up and clapping at my monitor. (I'm only wearing pants, if it helps).

Releases like this only remind me that Quake is truly immortal; if Quake's not old after 16 years - and maps like these prove that it's clearly not - then it never will be, and that's a comforting thought, especially when this is living proof that you don't even need to deviate from the classic Quake gameplay to create little nuggets of gaming gold.

I'll admit I played on easy; whether that was because I'm becoming a much more casual gamer as I get older (and I think a lot of us undergo this change, tending to be less tolerant of frustration or grind than we were as young 'uns), or whether it was because I feared years of Quake abstinence had dulled my sk1ll0rz, I'm not sure.

Whatever the case though, the gameplay grabbed my attention enough that in the end I regretted not whopping the difficulty up a bit more. Ultimately, it matters not - I had an enormous amount of fun as there was still enough challenge to keep me on my toes, and the timeless Quakeiness of key/button/door interplay with looping layouts was as gleefully cunning and satisfying as it's ever been.

I loved most things about the maps, so I'll mention just a few:

- Weapon restraint. Quake is at it's best when you don't have the SNG, RL or LG in your inventory and it was great to see these maps hold back on that (for the most part). Similarly I liked the way your weapons reset in the hub, so that you could enjoy that delicious weapon progression again on the next map.
- Map themes - the maps combined to create a cohesive whole yet each had a really strong secondary theme that individualised them - whether it was the sublimely awesome dam in that one map, the half-lifeiness of the other metl map, or the czg-ness of the czg map...
- Flamethrower dudes were by far my favourite addition to the bestiary as they had a truly different type of attack to what we've already seen, but I liked the others too; Floyd had a surprising amount of personality for what's essentially a tin can.
- The steam blast traps were brilliant - I've never seen a better use for Quake's sprites - and an honorable mention goes to the flamethrower on those dudes too - the effect works really well.
- Textures, sounds and br�shv�rk - 'nuff said :}

A million thumbs up. :} 
thanks for the lengthy feedback.

- than, apsp1 was actually a direct inspiration for rub2m1; I really liked the feeling of traversing a big spiraling layout that looped around a center, so I tried to recreate that with the main tower section.

- part of the reason I didn't use quoth enemies is quoth didn't exist when I started making this pack. But, I'm glad I wrote my own code because then I could add specific features I wanted (steam traps, lasers) that wouldn't have been available otherwise. Once Quoth was out I tried to make my flame guys play differently, though, so they didn't seem like clones.

- I've had a few comments that the maps were "Half Life inspired" and I haven't even played the game! I guess I should (I did enjoy HL2 though, so the same kind of influences could have reached me through there.)

- Kinn, I agree about the low-end weapons, I feel that especially in a base map with low-HP enemies, the big guns are too overpowered, unless you turn it into a horde map. I feel like smaller, tactical encounters feature the enemies better, since each enemy matters.

- I wish I had used the steam traps more; what you see in there was basically the "tutorial" encounter to introduce the mechanic; I was planning on following up later with more of a puzzle (i.e. multiple valves, multiple pipes, where you have to observe which pipe goes where.) But that got cut for scope; maybe I'll build something like that for my next map... 
It's always great when people complement your work, but the best complement is when it inspires the work of someone else. Very happy that apsp1 was an inspiration!

I agree with you guys about low end weapons being more fun, but if the ammo is kept low for the real powerful stuff (RL, shaft) and there aren't enough nails to make the SNG a staple or it is introduced later, this can also work. I also know pretty much exactly how long to hold down the fire button to kill any enemy with the SNG after all these years of playing, and it's very satisfying. Anyway, no problems with Rubicon 2's balance in this regard.

Anyway, like I said, Rubicon 2 was really inspiring stuff, and I'd love to make a map using the progs and textures if I get time.

By the way, this is perhaps warrant for discussion in itself, but are there any modern games that have this kind of level design (or design similar to typical Quake maps)? I can't think of a single game, but I haven't played that many recently; SS3, Duke, Bulletstorm and Rage are about the only shooters I played recently, and none of them had particularly interesting level layouts or vertical maps. Level design seems really dumbed down these days, or has very different objectives at least.

I heard Crysis 2 levels were quite vertical. 
I wondered about that last year, still haven't found any game like it.

Prey maybe but I really did not like the demo. 
they're not exactly the same, but I feel that Metroid Prime and Dead Space both share some commonalities with Quake, in terms of level design. The Metroid series especially has inspired Rubicon 2. I would say that Dead Space has too, but I didn't play it until R2 was almost finished. 
yeah, you are right about Metroid Prime!

Dead Space was pretty nice from what I played (about half of it) and I do seem to remember the route passing through a couple of areas multiple times. 
LD In Current Games 
I know it's old and it's a massive oversimplification but there's more than a hint of truth in it isn't there? 
eh, i've seen that before. the problem is, those two images are not comparable. one is a representation of gameplay, the other is just a 2d map.
it's just a stupid picture.

besides, if you analyze the route of that doom map (or whatever it is), it'll come to nearly the same as the other side except minus the cutscenes. 
Man, this would make such a bitching Q2 unit. 
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