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Quake Expo 2011 Site Is Ready For Registration
Hi guys, now that Easter is behind me, I decided to push this announcement even further. I decided - after some discussion with some fellow Quakers - to host the new Quake Expo 2011 on

I have a booth system built from scratch. It doesn't have ads, it will not have ads, it's completely transparent and it's open for registration!

I'll make this announcement on several other forums, I'll check them once a day. Any question you might have is welcome.

Get your booth babes ready!

Editor's note: Quake Expo 2011 will be held June 19-25, 2011
This would have been better off as a discussion thread 
Didn't know how to add it. Maybe a moderator will move it. 
It's Fine 
we can use this for qexpo news when the time comes.

also, i think i should have a couple of maps for this. 
Is There A Date? 
Because if there is, maybe it should be in the news text? Just a suggestion. 
i added a booth but i can't find it now..? doesn't show up in any lists. 
That's To Say 
my own lists, not the public index (which makes sense). 
Yes, your own booths. Maybe I should make it more obvious, and the profile screens more intuitive. Thanks for joining, necros! 
right, it says (0) if i click on the My Booths list.
so, did it not add it, or is it just not showing up? i don't wanna add like a dozen and have them show up later. :P 
Necros Maps 
I Can't Seem To Log In 
Just kicks back with an error.

RMQ is on board, and should have something to show. 
Ijed Map(s)? 
Wow.. Qexpo2011 ! 
I got a single player project for Quake in already late stadium so I'm thinking to join..

we need more details on how to join : ) 
click on that link and register, i think 
We've been working on several for Quake's birthday (June 22) so assuming this expo lines up with that date (we can't go faster!) you can count on at least one map. 
If a speedmap event will take place I will join, got an unfinish scrap in work with two rooms for 1,5 year :\ 
@ijed, you did not add a booth. It works for me, so you must have done something wrong. I'll be online all day, so ask again if you really can't do it. 
Will Do 

It was coming back with a login error, which is why I didn't add the booth. 
Yeah, adding booths work. I saw you registered twice, I'll delete one of them. 
Help On Booth Creation 
I want to add my booth, I never joined Qexpo before so..
when registering are there detailed info on creation of the booth?.. I mean for example the specific size for banners in booth list,..? 
A Suggestion.. 
QExpo2011 will be great but personally I'd like Quake3 NOT be included!
it's a whole different world from Quake1 both from player and developer point of view, Quake1 has something peculiar, magic, somethin u cannot describe and most of all has SinglePlayer !

Quake2 would be welcome cause the world seem have forgotten it! 
Personally I think all Quakes should be at a Qexpo, so maybe also post an invitation at for Quake4 mappers/modders. It has Quake in the title and id software behind it, so...

Or do we need the ridiculous "it's not Quake" discussion at Qexpo, too? :-/ might also be a good place to announce it? ModDB? 
Yep, ModDB, maybe ceriux can post it in his Quake group. I'll try

@milky: When registering an account you only need a username and a password. When adding a booth, you'll add a title, version, status and the actual page where you can include images, text, titles, almost anything. 
it's a whole different world from Quake1 both from player and developer point of view


Quake2 would be welcome
A Suggestion 
Dont be mean to Quake 3!!! 
does adding booths not work then?

i click on add booth, fill out the forms, and then it says 'booth added' but nothing shows up. 
It Works! 
I have found the glitch! It works now and sorry for the trouble. 
sweet, works now. :) 
also, could you put in a way to preview the booth? so we can see how it will look like when normal users look at them instead of just the text box preview. 
Yes, Sir! 
Added on TODO list! 
it's still early, so not a big deal or anything but it makes it a lot easier to make something nice to fit in the qexpo frame. 
There's a tiny icon in your admin section, by the booth title. That's the preview link. 
nj, and quick too. cheers! 
Again On Q3,.. 
sorry but I must repeat:

if you open Qexpo2011 to Q3 you must then include Q4, Doom3,Wolfenstein, ET, why not HalfLife1&2 then ?

original purpose would be betrayed..
that's my 2cent 
Q3 has already been included in QExpo2006. Q4, by all accounts, is also a Quake game.

Am I allowed to say that I have no fucking idea where you're coming from? 
if you open Qexpo2011 to Q3 you must then include Q4, Doom3,Wolfenstein, ET, why not HalfLife1&2 then ?

my logic may be flawed but i see two ways of it:

1. quake (1) only
2. quake *

either you keep it to the original game, or, if you allow additional quake titles then you allow all of them. you can't arbitrarily allow q2 and not q3a; that doesn't make any sense. doom 3, wolfenstein and HL on the other hand are plainly not quake titles (the jury's out on ET, admittedly...) 
Quake 4 is not old enough and doesn't have the source released (I think that was the reasoning last time, age and source). The other ones mentioned are not included for obvious reasons.

I fear that allowing booth creation now will give necros an excuse to slack for two months. Or at least not release anything until then. ^__^' 
I agree with rj...

Quake 4 has an SDK and a map editor... granted, there will be close to zero Q4 booths anyway... 
i've made huge strides... in adding extra stuff.
i'll be ready on one map for sure at anyway. (the one you tested recently). 
yeah, reasoning is nonsensical re: quake games.
why would it include d3 and wolf? let alone hl1/2?

let's put it this way: if it has 'quake' in the title, then it's ok.

still, like gb said, it's not like there's gonna be many (if any?) q4 booths. 
All things aside, are you ready for the Expo? Do you have anything ready? Or are you working on something? 
I'm been inspired by a "tourist" visit to some Victorian sewers to get a new single player map going. The workers call the sewer tunnels "barrels", so I've already got "Down the Barrel" for a title.

The map is coming on quite well, so motivation of an Expo would help give me a deadline to get it finished and tested. 
the one I looked at?(!?!?) 
no, i was talking to neg. although, the one you've seen is the other one i was talking about trying to finish. i want to convert it to run with my new little mod i've been working on which is a lot more boring than just making a new map. :P 
I Played Three 
The recent one and ne_cath should be ready, no? What about the awesome one - the metal fortress? (All of them are awesome ofc). 
to ne_cath 
ne_cath needs an ending though but i'm going to try do have it for qexpo. 
Yeah Whatever 
new Necros shit will be awesome, looking forward to it, hope it all comes togethe smoothly for you! 
Is It Official ? 
hi please,
When this QExpo2011 will be official and confirmed ? 
The QExpo Is Official 
The QExpo is official is confirmed. I'll probably have more booths this month, and people will keep pouring in. The remaining issue is promotion. I contacted PlanetQuake and John Romero. Hopefully , they'll put up a news article about this.

So far there are 10 active booths and 27 members. 
It's Still Really Early. 
iirc, previous qexpos have opened maybe 2 weeks before the event? you'll probably start seeing more people join later. 
Expo Map 
Would anyone be willing to wip up an expo-themed map? Like an expo playground or something? Or some Quake-art screens of something resembling an expo inside Quake? Just curious. 
got it.. see what can do
Do u need a playable map or only a screen art ? 
Anything! Both! Whatever you can do. :) 
Just showed me the previous two posts, and I can't remember what's before.

Those two posts are what it's all about.

Great work. 
..deadline.. Damn It 
I'm so hurried with qexpo deadline though god only knows how much stuf lies in my hdds :( I the only one ? 
I am scrambling against time and my ADD to finish some maps by the start of QExpo. I hope to complete one this weekend, when I can do a ton of work. It's still about 6 weeks away, so there's still plenty of time. 
I have to polish my boots again.
Mapping is awsome, but can give a real kickback.
Might have some crumbs left thou.. 
..booth Help 
just for info.. what is possible and what not when creating a booth ?

-a background image ?
-background audio playing ?
-a movie starting on booth entering ?
-last: HTML knowledge is requested ? 
Almost Forgot.. 
-can a guestbook/comment module be included in the booth ?

Booth Help Alright 
You can anything you want inside the content box.

However, a movie starting on booth entering: if you embed a Youtube movie, you should make sure "autostart" is "on" or "yes".

Background image, not yet.

Background audio sucks. You can embed sounds from other sites, but this practice generally sucks.

HTML knowledge is not required. You're adding text and images. You are presenting your mod/map/engine. You are not creating a web site.

There is a forum for members, I'm not sure if a comment module would be useful - all creations will be commented on other sites such as this one, Inside3D, and others. 
Don't make videos autostart, it's annoying. Don't use background music, it's annoying. Don't use excessive graphics/images, it's annoying.* Don't use blinking text, marquee, several different fonts and colors, it's annoying. DON'T USE COMIC SANS! If you desperately need a guestbook, link to a free external one.

* Chip, that's a nice logo, but 100KB?!! Don't use PNG, it's annoying. :) A transparent GIF should be half the size. 
The logo is way too big, scrolling is bad.

Remind me to mail you about a trivial loophole, can't do that right now. 
..about Image Format ? 
Hey, what image format is best to use for screenshots,..?

I'll go with PNG for its best balance between size/quality

-jpg causes quality loss
-bmp is too big
-gif is worst than png

do u agree? 
JPEG. With a quality of ~85% there is no visible quality loss or a just one that is irrelevant. 
Because i hate artifacts. 
.not So Irrelevant 
I personally verified a consistent quality loss in JPG.. so I'll guess PNG should be the way to go..

obviously also depends on goal/purpose picture is for 
I'd rather have minor quality loss than excessively large file sizes. We're talking about Quake sceenshots here, not HD renders or whatever else would require nearly lossless quality. 
'pegs Dude 
It's what they are meant for. Although All fo this anal-oldschoolness is a bit daft if u ask me. A lot of people have broadband now, and most have fast broadband, and it really dont matter if a screenshot is 500k if u ask me (even though i used jpegs on my website) because the website is still only gonna take a couple of seconds to load. I mean you guys can stand there and tell someone that 85-90% JPEGs are necessary because anything bigger is SOO annoying that you wont even look at the site, and if you do you will be genuinely annoyed and irritated, and conjour up these bad anal feelings, and I'll just siot here and laugh and smile and feel good whilst I watch some 1080p streaming videos on Youtube of cats getting stung by bees (in HD!!!). 
the website is still only gonna take a couple of seconds to load
Did you give up your web designer plans? 
Well How Long Does It Take For Websites 
to load on your computer? I mean this one for example, it's got to be a couple of MEgabytes atleast, it only takes a couple of seconds to load on my computer? 
It's not only about speed. Some people don't have unlimited bandwidth. Not so much a matter of anal-oldschoolness rather than common sense, or reasonable design. 
Dunno, Fast Loading 
Text-based websites are great, but personally I like the idea of lots of rich media content, lots of pictures and graphics, something which might take up to 10 seconds to load for example - well once it's loaded I can look at it for 5 minutes. It wouldn't bother me if people could even link pictures on func and have them actually appear in the posts. I mean in this day and age you could make a website which people can customize the appearance of depending on their mood or device. You could set Spirit's account to just show URLs, and mine to show pictures or something. It's not beyond the realm of possibilities. It's not in the style of Func or QMap and all that, and would therefore change this forum into something it isn't, and probably kill it, but it can be done, just meant as an example. A web designer has to define it's target audience and then cater for that, so a showcase website for content for a game which is played by hardcore gamers should probably have a bit more permission to go for flashy graphics than, say, a weather report website, or something. 
Unlimited Bandwidth 
Hmmmm - people who play on-line games have a lot of bandwidth. People with Steam accounts and download new games - they have a lot too. Hardcore Quake-fans are the cream of the crop, it hurts me to think that they are all still using p200's and 56k. OK, over-exaggeration, though people who have <2Gb/month probably use their 'computers' for emails and a 'little browsing'.
They aren't the gamers of the 21st century that I know, or at least not the vast majority of them. 
You Would Make A Perfect Designer For Gawker Media 
If you feel like learning something today, look up things about "conversion rates" in correlation with "loading times".

Random starting points:

Of course, if you target a LOLOL FAILZ CATSS FARSTS ROFL audience then disregard anything I said. 
Well the first link doesn't explain why my inefficient website has gone up in google rankings since it's launch, rather than down, and the second link sends me to a 14-year-old page with an update at the bottom which links to the following page:

And similar. They are all focused on usability, which is a much more modern approach than just saying "speed is everything", because it's just not. For example - your website is great and fairly feature-rich, but it does look rather bland to me sometimes, and I wish there were more pictures, and that the pictures that are there weren't so small and blurry. I would happily wait an extra second or two to see it. And really not many people are going to look at it via an iPhone anyway, because people like to play Quake on their 486 100s and a 14" cr8. I mean a computer with a screen and everything. Remember? 
I'd Rather Have Lots Of Text Than Purty Gfx 
Despite new technology, text streams are still a universal interface. I find it preferable to have content now, rather than wait for a stupid 5mb footer to load, even if getting content now means most of the page is text. Then again, I'm kind of 'radical' about this, i even use werc on my website, an anti-web anti-framework written in rc (the plan 9 shell). 
I Doubt You Guys Even Disagree. 
Put in a reasonable effort to keep file sizes down without degrading the experience. All sites don't have to be under 50KB any more, but don't take the piss and make 2MB screenshots the only option. The logo should be a jpeg but I won't cry myself to sleep any more than usual because of it. 
eugenics research? what? 
It came up in a discussion of humorous domain names in an irc channel i frequent one day. I thought it was too good to pass up and registered it. 
Loading Times 
Hey guys, enough. I'll optimize the images. I notices Spirit mentioned something about scrolling. What scrolling? At 1024x768 I don't have scrolling.

Got everything noted and I'll work on it tonight. 
Same issue, you want the relevant content (ie the booth's content) to be visible as fast and convenient as possible for the random, curious but easily distracted visitor.

The huge header image moves the actual content way down on the page so one has to scroll. The random stranger might not even bother to do that.

My qexpo goal would have been to attract new blood into the quake scene. Spoon feeding them soup with no pieces is crucial for that to work in my opinion/experience. 
I know what you mean! The header needs to be smaller! Noted! 
Been Looking At Some Weather Report Websites 
of 2011 I guess. Almost all of them have flash banners and multiple images!!! See for yourself if you dont believe me. 
What Kind Of An Argument Is That? 
Weather sites use lots of flash and images, so this is generally a good thing? Ridiculous.

Besides, you should also consider that the heavier your page is esp. with flash, the more energy will be consumed during transmission and rendering.. This is an often disregarded aspect. And it's not negligible either. Just look at what your CPU does when you load a page that has flash in it. 
I have the tiniest suspicion you were drunk when you wrote that. 
That is a suspiciously honest insight.

You were hammered when you wrote it weren't you? 
If I ever post not hammered, I'll let you know by using the Daikatana icon. It'll be our secret code. 
Does posting whilst baked count? :E 
Whats the crows icon?

I've just eaten a Gorgonzola by the way. 
Eeek!!! It's True!!! 
Flash uses the CPU!!! O.M.F.G!!!

Also I was not drunk, just half awake from sleep. 
That's the only way to post. 
spelt 'Chthon', not 'Chton'. 
with aich.., not ouch!

considdering the big bang was rather an implosion than an explosion, it just needed some more space.

Also I'm not drunk, just leak written... 
hey Chip if you read I need to know:

-Is Qexpo confirmed and official by now ?
-When is the deadline for signing to Qexpo ?

Until Chip Confirms Himself... 
- I believe it is.
- Unless, I'm mistaken, the deadline will probably be just about when QExpo starts. If it's anything like previous QExpo's, if you want to open a booth when it's already started, you might be able to, but only with the consent of the admin (in this case, Chip himself) 
"Chthon" has been corrected. Sorry 'bout that :)

I did not take part in any previous QExpo, but there is no deadline for registering. How could I stop anyone willing to contribute from registering a booth?!

So, @delor, go ahead and register now! Sorry for the late reply. 
Edit Their Booths For Them! 
right, now having my booths on whose brush can I lend..,

I had a rather stunt in adding my booth.
Only the first time the sreen opened halfpage, after that it reduced to a 1/8 colomn that was not to handle.

Drew is bannished to watch every booth without brushing. Wait.., my cock in my booth? 
released a goofy unfinished rpgish mod:

gain levels and shit! fucking crazy! 
Btw. you can post news items on the expo site too. Simply create a new booth and select news in the list at the bottom of the edit page. 
Ah Ok, 
that would have been more appropriate. :) 
This, By The Way... 
Too Dark 
Looks Just Fine To Me 
even against a white background. look forward to it; i'm trying to think now whether i've ever actually played dmc2... 

Well, I finally got round to adding mine :E

Doubt the map will be finished though, might change tack and just make a speedmap. The more work I do on this big project the more I find to do :( 
Holy Fucking Shit !!! 
I completely forgot to make a booth... :(
Arghh... My job is eating me alive: it's been weeks I didn't play Quake for more than 1 hour, and months I didn't open my level editor... shame on me.... 
Finally got my booth up as well, better late than never I guess? Don't know why I haven't done it earlier really, maybe because I've been reluctant to post stuff that I worked on several months ago as it's not representative of what I've achieved lately or something. Strange logic perhaps... 
woah, those idbase shots on your booth are awesome! 
Necros stop showing off and releasing things :p 
Is This A Bug? 
All the "More News" headlines at the bottom of the news page are links to , rather than to anyplace useful (like maybe the individual booth or news item or something?) 
looks like that link just displays all the news items since the start of qexpo instead of cutting off. should probably jump down to the post maybe? 
So... it over? Unforgiven
Oh Shit 
it ended that fast. i planed to make a booth with some screenshots today but found it had ended. 
Will Fix The News Link Today! 
Will fix the news link today! The news items will be visible again! 
It does seem like it was over too soon. :( But I guess the last one was extended to two weeks, and lots of people said it was too long. 
Thanks to everyone involved! It was fun while it lasted. 
..what A Sadness To See "expo Is Now Closed" 
..I needed only some weeks more to complete a fully playable level for my mod :(
I got many maps half-done but none of them 100% finished.

notes to Chip:
-booth background color didn't work for me
-visitors counter at page bottom was always under 30 ?!
-can you make a prediction of how many people
took a look at the Expo? 
Hey Delor 
I know about the background color. Yes, visitors counter was under 30. I will write a closing article and I will provide statistics, screenshots and other goodies. Tomorrow probably, I need to gather my thoughts :) 
do u think the Qexpo was underestimated then ?
Did Id software members visited it ? 
I think the counter only showed current visitors, not total. While the number of booths seemed to be higher than on previous expos, the 'community activity' was lower. There could be various reasons for that.
id people most certainly did not visit it, because why would they care about about such a small fan event. 
Hehehehe, great find Spirit! 
..if Remind Well 
last QExpos were more successfull: more visitors, more hype,etc..

still I cannot believe to the "only 30 visitors" counter :(

Chip.. are u still interested in pictures about Qexpo/aniversary ? I did some but not in time. 
Read the closing article/rant/post on 
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