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How Does Your Quake Look Like!?!?
just to share some pics and some possible improvements in sbar and stuff :p

there it goes one pic of my Quake Darkplaces... Zwiffle made me change to DP

for some in here 24 bits look like shit but I like it :p
Qbism Or Bust 
I also use directq and get crazy fps, like 1000. 
I thought DP supported bump mapping? Those textures look horribly cartoony without it. 
... with resolution to its highest setting 1024x768... nothing more 
You guys might want to limit your FPS so your graphics card can relax a bit. 72 is fine. 
your hud looks like shit , really

personally , i prefer the classic hud, w/o advanced textures and such 
And That New Marine's Face 
The Shotty 
in trinca's pic looks pretty good. What's that from? 
TextFish And Trinca 
Darkplaces bump-mapping does work, but you need to type into the console:

r_glsl_offsetmapping 1, r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping 1

If I was Lordhavoc I would put a line in the graphics options to turn on and off the parralax occlusion mapping effects..... 
nitin is darkplaces and QRP


what I love the most in the LG gun... is so fucking awesome!

Spirit thanks I've always forget to put fps smaller :p already fix it! 
i like the qrp when i use dp. model skins are generally all quite good.
for normal play, i use gl_texturemode 3 to disable linear filtering, but use a high anisotropy at 1600x1200 in quakespasm. 
It Looks Like Fucking Quake Of Course. 
GLQuake, usually via Fitz, but strictly no bullshit. 
RMQ or Directq, 1600x900. fov 110.

Nothing else, I like clean, simple, and fast. 
1920*1080 with 16xAA, 16xAF, starbuck's hi res base textures, vsync (60 fps) and idgamma. 
Wot Smabler Said 
no way to fancy retextured bollox and colored lites! 
Real men don't need eye candy. 
I like playing vanilla Quake with Darkplaces, hi-res textures with normals, parralax occlusion mapping, hi-res monsters, coloured lighting, hi-res sounds, fov 85.

But most of the time I just use RMQEngine, cause it's fast, it likes 16:9 wide-screen. And did I mention that it's fast? 
RickyT23 hi-res monsters from where?

I want to test this out! 
Fitz, 800x600
aguirRe's WinQuake, 320x200.

Nothing remotely hi-res. Interpolation in Fitz disabled. 
That's Not 
vanilla Quake. 
It plays like vanilla Quake, but it looks all hi-res n' bumpy n' stuff.


Quake Re-Forged have had a skin pack out for quite some time now, they are super-cool and very hi-res, and they have all normals and everything too. 
It didnt feel good back then, and it doesnt feel good now. Short sighted Quake. I wear spectacles so I can see more clearly, if I had lazer eye surgery I wouldnt wear blur-tacles for nostagic reasons, that would be silly..... 
1024x768 In Quake SP and QW 
i have nothing against hi res in general, but generally speaking amateur hi res remakes of lo res textures tend to look a bit shit. the same goes for skins, especially combined with low poly models.

so i tend not to bother with that stuff. i am, however, a bit of a sucker for the coloured dynamic lights in rmqengine, as well as the contrast slider and linear texture filtering inherited from fitz. i am fond of the 16 bit colour setting too, but it tends to screw with my system and cause crashes. and i absolutely cannot play any game with centered weapons anymore so moved all my models 4 (or 8?) units to the right: (which admittedly fucks up the lightning bolt but i'll take that hit given how often i use it)

so in summary, i can assume my penis is a tad bigger than trinca's but pales in comparison to vondur/shambler (that's what this is really about isn't it) 
you wish rj :) 
Tsk Tsk Tsk... 
... bad assumption: it is not about penis sizes, it was about what HUD looks... though..... ;) 
320 omg.
yeah, i couldn't even stand that back when it's was considered normal res. it's like looking at a screen through a beer glass.
the minute i got a machine that could handle 640, i never looked back.

these days, i find 1280x960 more than enough for modern games. i only use 1600x1200 for quake because that's my desktop res and i have to switch back and for from the engine a lot when making stuff. 
I just installed the Reforged monster skins and QRP textures - wow everything looks awesome! I've been playing with the original textures and skins all these years!

Some of it's not perfect - the grunts look odd, but overall it's a nice facelift imo. The enemies now have character and look modern, instead of pixelated blurs. The Ogre and Shambler are awesome. 
for me, it's not that the skins from qrp are all that great, but that they managed to get them going on the stock id models. that's impressive. 
~just instaled the monsters textures and didn't like much :( 
Some Of Those Skins 
look ok but some look shite. Might download and pick and choose if possible. 
wasnt starbuck making more hi res from scratch textures? I've been hanging out for those. 
true some are nice, other shit :\

don't like ogre and scrag 
Starbuck's Debaser textures are not what I'd consider hi-res, by any measure. They're not much bigger than the original images.

Some QRP textures are also not very sharp.

Just look at the actual image sizes. 
and as for "comicky", that's more Quake's art style than any textures. 
and finally, why not just tell nergal what you don't like about certain skins? He's pretty open minded. 
standard hi-res or not, they are one of the few sets that fit the original art style and are a noticeable bump over the stock resolution. 
also, the simple version of the retextured ammo packs (animated bsps not the md3 version) is cool. well, except the rockets, but the other ammo boxes and health kits look great.

i still prefer to play in vanilla mode, but when i test things in DP, i like having the new monster skins and ammo boxes in. 
DP is very impressive tech wise but it's lack of support for large maps is pretty annoying. Especially as people insist on playing with it, against recommendation, and complain it's slow :P 
it also breaks basic qc stuffs which, for a modder engine, is just annoying as heck. 
Since I bought my AMD Athlon II X2 250 with a GeForce Gt 430 Darkplace runs perfect with all maps...

Made a miracle 6 month ago with 220 �

who need's intel processors? 
this is how my quake looks like
why using anything another engine when everything is perfect and clean? :) 
You've got a big monitor, Vondur! Is it a 27" Dell? As a guess? 
New Map Vondur? 
That's Ac.bsp 
hm... ever since i started playing with gl_texturemode 3, i can't stand the sight of the blurred bilinear filtered textures. :P 
I'm afraid my e1m2 retexture attempt ( ) died a death when my laptop got stolen.

Glad you enjoyed the idbase textures though, I was very happy that the response from everyone here was so positive, considering most people (like me) are predisposed against retexture packs. 
that looks AWESOME. wow. fully high res yet unmistakably the original texture!

real shame about the theft. :( 
That Is A Shame 
would have loved to see that. 
When Will You Ever Learn 
that you have to make daily backups! Sorry to hear about the laptop, that picture looks really great. 
and yeah... lesson learned :/ 
FitzQuake 0.85 @ 1024x768 - 16xQ CSAA.
gl_flashblend 0
gl_polyblend 1
gl_overbright 1
gl_overbright_models 0
gl_texture_anisotropy 16
gl_texturemode 3
host_maxfps 120
r_lerpmodels 1
r_lerpmove 1
r_particles 2
r_shadows 0.4
r_wateralpha 0.4
scr_clock 3
scr_showfps 1
scr_sbaralpha 0.5
vid_refreshrate 85
vid_vsync 1 
hm... ever since i started playing with gl_texturemode 3, i can't stand the sight of the blurred bilinear filtered textures. :P

Ha ha, I know the feeling. Compare health boxes with and without filtering - without is just so much more crisp and clean.

Welcome to the club. :) 
that just linear_mipmap_linear? 

or maybe something like GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST ?

uh, well, unless linear is the same as nearest? i don't know much about the terminology 
GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST should be preferable as software Quake used 4 miplevels. For best accuracy the engine should also restrict mipmaps to at most 4 levels too. With GL_NEAREST you're going to be getting a lot of noise and aliasing artefacts on far off surfaces. 
if I understand this right, GL_NEAREST_MIMPMAP_NEAREST increases pixelisation but also detail? 
Generally GL_LINEAR and GL_LINEAR_* filters will blur. GL_NEAREST and GL_NEAREST_* will give you pixels.

GL_NEAREST will give you a lot of flickering and ugly patterns.

The differences between GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST and GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR are almost invisible. Try the outside on marcher.

I guess the first part of the string is the non-mipmapped texture and the ending is for the filtering of the mipmaps? 
just make sure to turn on anisotropy for mipmaps! it makes a world of difference and unlike linear and bilinear filtering, works very well with old school low-res art. 
How Would One Do That? 
In fact I have no idea if I have that enabled. 
r_anisotropy 16 to set it to highest in fq/qs.
some engines don't have it (or the command is different) but you can always force this kind of setting in your ati/nvidia driver config menus. 
gl_texture_anisotropy in fitzquake (and darkplaces i think) 
Since all my maps use QRP textures, and I also have them installed for id1, I always use GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR. It just looks best to me. 
gl_texture_anisotropy in fitzquake (and darkplaces i think)

oops, i totally got that one wrong. :x 
Will Have To Try This 
have been using GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR with 16x anisotropy since forever. 
I guess the first part of the string is the non-mipmapped texture and the ending is for the filtering of the mipmaps?

Not really, Quake's options are a bit misleading as they don't really reflect the way texturing works.

You've got two basic types of filtering on a texture - what happens when the texture is magnified and what happens when it's minified (a third relates to how miplevels are blended). The setting as exposed in Quake is just that for minification, but a magnification filter is kinda derived from it.

So, GL_*_MIPMAP_* - what does it mean? The second part refers to how an appropriate mipmap is chosen, and the first refers to how the correct texel is chosen from that mipmap. GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST for example will just pick the closest miplevel in size for the pixel being textured, then take a weighted average of 4 texels from that miplevel. GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR picks the two closest miplevels, then takes a nearest neighbour sample from each, and produces a weighted average of those two samples for the final result.

It's quite legal to have a magnification filter of GL_LINEAR but a minification filter of GL_NEAREST (or GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_*) - Quake just doesn't allow it. Instead it grabs the first part of the minification filter and forces you to use that. 
Wow, after carefully reading this twice today (I think) I actually understood it. Thank you very much!

While we are on the topic, how does one change the texturemode in DirectQ (if that is possible)? I saw some gl_ variables (and was surprised and thankful for I guess the config compatibility) but none for texturemode. 
gl_texturemode is there, I've kept the same names as OpenGL uses for it (for consistency), it has TAB autocompletion on ("gl_texturemode gl"+TAB - >grin<) and is also accessible in the video options menu (although it's called "texture filter" and "mipmap filter" in there). 
Oh, silly me was using version 1.3 without noticing... 1.8.8. sadly does not run in Wine (failed to create smokepuff texture) and my laptop has no Pixel Shaders so no go for me. BUT I just needed to know if and how, so thanks! 
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