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The Binding Of Isaac
Boasting, discussion etc.

The game is by one of the developers of Super Meat Boy, who also worked on Time Fcuk, which is free to play.

For TBoI, here's the wikia for walkthrough stuff:
To Start With 
It's not fair on Rage that The Binding came out at the same time. 
Someone should "borrow" those monster models for a Quake mod! 
A Bit 
Too disturbing for Quake :)

The four horsemen are already on stained glass windows, making them Quake mini-bosses would be cool. 
Nah, too Hexenish. 
Thinking ring-wriath but more stylized like in TBoI.

So maybe four ogre bosses, like that one from the mexx series could be War - a berserk ogre, basically, but in a small space with lots more health.

...or four Shamblers... 
4 Shamblers 
War: Melee only,does berserker charges like a bull that knock the player around.

Pestilence: Regular shambler, but when killed splits into two smaller, faster versions that cause less damage. Each subsequent version also splits.

Famine: No melee but drains player's blood by proximity. Constant Blinking, teleporting around the place and launching multiple lightning attacks.

Death: Lightning strikes cause persistent black spheres which cause constant damage to anyone touching them. 
Those 4 are not Shamblers, they are the horsemen of Apocalypse... though... 
That's The Point 
The 4 Shamblers of the apocalypse!

Mom is beating the crap out of me - I beat her pretty quickly a few times, the last 3-4 times she's killed me when her bar's at less than a 1/4 each time.

The little adds keep on scraping at my health and the game slows down completely... 
I never died in any of the Mom battles. The monster she spawns can be either ignored or taken care of if necessary in-between the stomps. Many times they are killed by the stomps - try to stay in the center of the room and spam the eyes.
In the Mom's Heart battle you can put a bomb there that will damage her and destroy the new monsters right as they spawn.

What I find more challenging than finishing the game now is trying to play through the levels without getting hit. Except for the basement I always managed to screw it up somehow, even in runs that looked most promising at first (having good stats + shovel and all).

Good hilarity sometimes.. well, annoying fuckups. Like when I deperately needed a key earlier and hit the slotmachines. Three dollars but no key. Eventually I got one somewhere and rushed towards the room with the door, only to accidentally waste the key on a padlock right behind an entrance.

mh: Definitely. They would make for some badass Quake monsters. Not only or necessarily the bosses, but the regular enemies, too. 
Good Advice 
I was sticking to the corners.

3 completions now, not long to go...

RMQ has had work done on it btw - it's sat on another HD. 
I think it's coming to Linux too. Holy crapper - another decent Linux game. 8P 
You Know You Can Shoot The Leg Too, Right? 
For anyone wondering about the difficulty in this game, it's brutal and uncompromising at first, but the longer you play and the more items you unlock, the easier it becomes. I'm surprised Bal hasn't 100%ed it yet, though.

I'm still missing some 8-10 items. Trying to beat the game with ??? now, which is a very tough challenge and even more luck-based (he only has blue hearts). And damn that Super Meat Boy achievement...

ijed, try Cain or Judas. They are good for regular runs. 
Linux? Wow. I might actually have to get it.

What a shock. 
Everything Is Terrible! 
Rocks that give stuff look exactly the same as others by the way, although their appearance seems to have the same frequency as the blue rocks in other levels. 
Dr Fetus + Meatboy are not a good combination.

The silly little fucker keeps kicking my bombs back at me... 
> Everything Is Terrible!

Is that bad ? I saw the demo - looks a little like Robotron in therapy.

And does it really need a Core 2 2400 ?! That's a hard for me to imagine for a top down shooter. My NV9400M macbook has a 2.0GHz (3M cache) C2D if i want to install steam. 
A Demo 
Steven, it's the title of a Steam achievement and means that ijed has managed to beat the full game five times.

Those requirements seems very high, but then again the problem is that the game is made in Flash which isn't a very good platform for stuff where a lot of things a drawn on screen at once. In rooms with a lot of enemies and projectiles, one frequently experiences slow-downs, even on fast machines. It's still playable, just a little annoying. 
The fifth character ???? aka Bluebaby wets himself whenever he enters a room and is able to produce shit as a special ability.

Does the shit do anything special I hear you ask. No, not really.

The majority of health powerups are useless as well since he only has soul (temporary) hearts...

Think I'll call it a day. You win Negke :)

Even so, completing the full game 10 times is the kind of replay you don't get with most games, and tbh I didn't really like SMB.

TBoI isn't quite as abusively difficult as that, mainly because its got a very clever difficulty curve which depends on the player learning as opposed to the level design.

Counter to most design it gets easier the more you play, but doesn't bump the difficulty (at least until you've completed the game five times) to compensate for how much you've learned about how to play it, and how many more items you've unlocked.

A very interesting game, all said. 
I Made You My Bitch! 
With ??? it's not so hard either if you get a bit lucky with soul hearts. If helps a lot if you can grab the Book of Revelations, or better yet, the Nail. In my successful run I even had more hearts than displayed by the time I entered Womb 1. 
I only just realized that Shy Hives and regular flies don't hurt you when you touch them. 
Book Of Revelations + Battery 

I managed to overfill the UI on one run - I had more hearts than it could show, but they still counted. 
Just missed getting the Spelunker boy by taking a bad trip pill.

That's an achievement for not getting hit during the entire caves episode, and bad trip hits you for one heart.

Also, pro tip - doing a full compile whilst playing slows the game right down, making dodging stuff easy :P 
The linux version is out with the humble indie bundle.

I had to go find some library from firefox before it worked, but it seems to go ok i guess. The mouse only fires, doesn't move player which sucks, and there seems some sprite collision issues - my weapon fire seems to hit rocks when it shouldn't ?

Can't really get into it. Everything is so cramped. No f-ing readme or nothing, laugh.
Lots of polish and ambience though. 
Hmmm - sprite Y-axis resolution is definitely broken on my box. You can shoot over the bottom half of rocks, but you can't shoot above the rock. The flash player just doesn't know where the rock is. Bullshit. 
That's a shame. Hopefully there will be a fix. 
War Knight: melee only, spiked mace, Nehahra charge.

Pestilence Knight: human head on a pole, shoots projectiles in a shotgun pattern, random chance to poison the target.

Famine Knight: large hammer, smashes the ground and bounces the player around, centroid-like strafing. 
I Love This Game. 
I hate this game. 
Making them knights is better, with the added bonus that there is already a death knight.

Head on a pole is basically a turret though, and I reckon the floor smash would better suit the war knight.

Some sort of health leaching for famine would be good as well. 
Forget Me Now 
Sends you back to the start of the current level, so is best used when you complete the boss and take the reward, but before you advance to the next one - so you can re-farm it for upgrades and items.

It does require your item slot though, so you lose whatever you were holding. 
I made you my bitch TWICE. 
I Beat You On Hours Played 
Oh, Wait 
Very interesting discussion about Isaac with Edmund McMillen, definitely worth a listen.
They talk about Isaac of course, but also game design in general, and lots of other interesting stuff. 
Oh And... 
The Wiki Has Moved 
I don't think this is supposed to happen normally: 
Bumping Again 
There will be an expansion ($3) coming out at the end of the month, it grew from "50% more content" to nearly doubling it:

10+ bosses, 100+ items, 20+ enemies, 4 chapters, 1 character, 6 rooms, 40+ unlocks, 4+ new tracks, new final ending

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4
Screenshot #5 
This Is Bad News! 
ijed, can I have your savegame? 
This is bad news!

Damn you video games! 
It'll cost you. 
This is what I'll be playing for the next 6 months then. 
I'll post my save here for anyone who wants it tonight. 
Just To Clarify 
Anyone who uses ijed's save is a big fat cheater!

negke, that's what you get for deleting your save silly! 
Don't Worry 
I'll encrypt it with the password IAmACheater 
Fell Asleep 
Before uploading.

I'm getting old. 
Postponed To Late May 
It's that big. 
Trailer + Release Date 
Freaky, not as freaky as the first trailer though. :)
Love Danny's music, hope he made some extra tracks for this, Meat Boy + Isaac soundtracks are awesome.

This is good, will give me a reason to stop playing stupid Diablo 3. 
And Another Trailer! 
<- Samson 
Of all the new unavoidable items, Blood Lust is amongst them... and I fully embrace that fact. 
I Broke The Game Again. 
It's Been A While. 
I Know What 
I'll be spending my next 1000 or so hours of gaming time on. 
I'd expect them to be better at the game... 
You'd be surprised. Devs are generally pretty bad at the games they work on. You spend all day trouble shooting something and creating content for it, you lose a lot of drive to play it for fun. And playing it for fun is usually how you get good... 
Of Course They'd Play Better 
If they were interested in spoiling the entire thing. 
I Tend To Be Pretty Good 
At the games I work on just because I know how they're put together, which means I don't need to learn how they work.

Part of the fun of a game is learning it though - like I already know how to play it, and how it'll end. So we always put in the dev cheats to skip ahead, give stuff and so on.

QA are the poor sods who get insanely precise at a game since they're like a normal player but with access to the best game guide ever written (assuming they're in house) and, very rarely, some say in how things should be balanced or developed. 
That was about as good as I am at Isaac. My best runs are usually me finding Dead Bird and it being what does the most damage and carrying me, which is pretty fucking sad. 
QA Guys 
Raven had an internal QA guy who was fucking awesome. I would pick his brain all the time for suggestions, and he'd often get included in balancing discussion email threads. 
PAX Footage 
It Looks Great 
The pixelart is a bit hit and miss for me though. 
Have You Got A Second 
To talk about our Lord and savior, Edmund McMillen? 
You are terrible at the internets, please stop!

Here's the right link... 
<Daz_> I heard that if you grab the dirty nappy and place in the dead fathers eye it opens a secret door to the mothers anus where yoy can collect 3 dying hemorrhoids and as long as you have the g-string you can use them all at the same time to destroy the rectum and escape and skip like 3 stages. Pretty cool 
Godhead Unlocked 
Now where is my preorder. 
Lmao Fuck The Lost 
I am so looking forward to Daily Runs against Bal, and both of us getting smashed by ijed. 
btw The Lost is easy...

Just get Dead Cat, Guppy's Collar, Guppy's Hairball, Demon Baby, Mom's Knife, Polyphemus, and the literal best use item in the game: Crack the Sky. 
The Lost 
I did both the runs without the stopwatch... But the Dead Cat is basically a requirement.

It sucks, but you just have to hold R until you start next to a curse room with it in. Make sure to die without leaving it though, otherwise you'll respawn back in it.

The lost as a character compared to the rest is almost unplayable.HD should have had spectral tears.

You know something about Cracking the Sky that I don't Scampie ? I dunno it'd take a lot to give up my Butter Bean. 
I haven't even unlocked the Stopwatch... never donate enough :D

I haven't been doing the R restarts, but likely will to get the boss rush with Lost at the very least. Afterbirth is going to make him have Spectral Tears by default, which will make the early levels much better since you can hide.

Crack the Sky can actually do some significant damage to bosses actually... it's just really really random if any of the beams hits, so it's not that great. But if a few of them hit, you can do like 75% of a many of the bosses HP instantly. I just never found any better use item that run. 
Isaac Rant 
The Stopwatch is completely broken - I'm guessing Afterbirth will fix it, since it essentially disables the majority of enemies and bosses, and their ranged attacks.

R restarts are scummy, but not illegal or anything. And until the Lost has those Spectrals I'd say its fair game. I did try restarting to get the Godhead for a while (early Goats Head) but then decided to just let it appear on its own, while avoiding Shops (to avoid Special Items blocking it) and Devil Deals (to create the Angel Rooms).

Its a bit devaluing to make the lost Spectral now, after people have been doing his unlocks without. But hey, I've got the achievements already and if it makes him an actual viable playable character then that adds more value to the game... so whatever cool alright I guess.

Which reminds me, I got a pretty awesome Lost Run with Leo, smashing all the rocks I flew over. Turns out it was a pretty good tactic for finding cash and hidden items. Wasn't even killed by crushing a bomb brick - I think it was Brimstone to the face after getting the Stopwatch (one of the few things it doesn't break).

Crack the Sky isn't as good a boss killer as, say, the Krampus Head, or even the Book of Belial, and the low charge items are even better since you get to use them all the time - Spider Butt, Doctor's Remote and Telepathy for Dummies are all decent room clearance helpers which aid you with chipping down a boss fairly well also.

I used to like blue spider and fly minions for this, but they're just not as dependable.

So, uh, yeah. Looking forward to Afterbirth.

I put some more time into Spelunky but I'm guessing you'll still have the edge there. 
One thing you could do to get your shop upgraded and get the Stopwatch unlocked is R-Spam donations.

I did do it legit before I knew what the Donation Machine did back when the game came out. Although I can understand any skepticism :) 
39% off for preorder... $6.66

(in other news, I beat the chest with The Lost!) 
Well Done! 
What Was Your Build? 
Mom's Wig on first floor, Holy Mantle on second and Devil Deal for Guppy's Tail... Curse room on third had Guppy's head and collar to become guppy. And then somewhere along the lines got 9 lives and infestation2... so I just spewed a billion flies and spiders and was really safe. Sadly missed timing for Boss Rush by 30 seconds :( 
This thread is just a game of mornington crescent, right? 
I'm trying to get boss rush done with the lost... managed to get to it a couple times, but died due to stupid mistakes:( 
Let the Carrion Queen crap everywhere - it's a bit more risky, but her poop will kill various bosses that blunder into it for you. 
Pro Strats 
Fuck Yeah 
Keep Going! 
You have 13 days until the DLC unlocks, for this:

The Daily is going to be good, but I suspect you'll beat me more often than not. 
42 Days 
Oct 30, not Sept 30 
Thanks Obama 
Or is it Bernie now? 
Breaking Run 
So far this was my longest streak on rerolling the chest with the Undefined/Habit combo:

I think I missed some items, but eventually I couldn't keep hurting myself to recharge the Undefined since the Dark Bum converted all the red hearts to blue :(

I'd killed Bluebbay maybe twenty times by this point and rerolled the chest many more.

The best Error rooms were the ones with two Key Bums in - every normal or gold chest had an item in - so many it was difficult to collect them.

I then went on to obliterate Mega Satan - luckyily Dad's Key spawned in the last rerolled Chest.

By this time my shots were a swirling cloud of bombs which did no damage to me, were poisonous and split into multiple bombs when exploding as well as causing fires and other mad shit. 
Not hard mode, -1/10 
I Don't Like Hard Mode 
I just find it annoying, not harder. 
Holy Shit 
I just met Eternal Peeps and it was horrific.

Many eyes OOO_ooo 
I'm not even going to touch eternal update vanilla isaac. 
It's A Lot 
More difficult than rebirth. 
Only 69% achievements now!? 
I Should Probably Preorder Now 
I hate Lilith more than anything :| 
More Than The Lost? 
Might have to see if he's actually been fixed now. 
Lilith In Greed Mode 
Ok, Lilith is better than I was giving her credit for: There was a bug where you would unlock her, and she didn't start with the friend box... making her significantly worse. 
Lol Lilith is hilarious in Greed Mode

In fact, Greed Mode itself is hilariously breakable :D 
Just Beat The **** On The Daily 
And got nothing?!?! 
Everything is unlocked on Daily, and like seeded runs, you don't get unlocks/acheivements 
also: lol fuck the challenges

Guardian one especially...

PROS: You have flying and some OP sword item and can't take damage!

CONS: Punching Bag with fucking Isaac's Goddamn Fucking Heart following it. 
I Created Challenge 25 Btw. 
Fuck You 
oh wait, that one was easy...

still fuck you 
Like when you leave speedrunning routes in your map?

I should probably look at the challenges though. 
Breakable as in: If I felt like sitting there for awhile, I likely could have gotten every single item in the game that I've unlocked. 
Beat first floor of Greed Mode as Lost.

It's a Curse of the Lost floor and going to the exit room transports me into the curse room and I cannot leave.

Why the fuck are there even curses in Greed Mode :( 
All Saints Day Daily 
Guess who. 
ugh, did so bad these dailies 
That sucks. A lot needs to be trimmed for greed mode :(

Mod maker? Does this mean unencrypted game files???

Also, I can confirm that the glass cannon is awesome and my favourite item so far. The spear... meh - a cube of meat is better. 
I could just look it up, but - does chaos just spawn a random amount of random crap?

I think it increased my health by 1 red once as well.

I always take it anyway, just for the grin. 
It's a major improvement. Two things bother me;

Level design
So there are thin rooms now, and L shapes. This seems to lack.

Voice Acting
I want the same for every item and effect in the game, not just the pills. I feel fine demanding this because its the internet and that means its ok to be entitled.

Also Scampie, I did get what you meant with breakable... I was more jumping on the defense of disruption as a valid game mechanic rather than trying to keep everything clean and perfect. In a game like this, the more you can break it, the better - because it probably won't happen again unless you're very luck and hunt for it. 
Chaos shuffles the item pools. So item room items can drop from bosses, shop items can be devil deals, angel room items can be shop items... It's kind of insane if you get lucky.... but it can also turn all your item rooms into breakfast. 
And I wasn't saying breaking the game was a bad thing, it's fun to get everything! It would only be bad if it's too damn easy, which sometimes it is in Greed mode. 
Poor Bastard

(That's not actually The Womb) 
Fuck Experimental Treatment 
Just reading all the reddit posts about the 109 hour unlock.

What a whiny bunch of self entitled little turds. It was pretty obvious to anyone who looked at the thing how the super secret was going to be:

'There will be a big patch at 109 hours' is pretty unequivocal.

I admit I haven't checked out the game yet to see what has supposedly been nerfed...

Either way, this is atypical gamer bile. Is the whole ARG / super secret thing a pretty dumb idea? Yes. You can only solve a puzzle once. the time and energy wasted could have been better used on making something more cyclic and flexible, like a daily achievement goal (win 10 dailies in a row against 10 friends or more) or something similar.

With item unlocks from that.

Or items that unlock other items but it's almost impossible to get the daisy chain going that eventually unlocks them all.

Is anyone following the daily boards much? I played yesterday but nobody was up yet. IMO it'd be better if the friends leaderboard was displayed on the splash screen. 
r/bindingofisaac can be pretty fucking awful, but I was hoping I'm preordering a content complete game.

Dennaton and Nicalis were the only two companies I decided to trust with preordering and both have shat the bed somewhat :( 
3 days wait is nothing. I played quite a bit and din't get all of the 74 items before the patch. 
The DLC hasn't even been out a week, it's just amazing how excited people are getting over all this.
People should really learn to be more chill. 
Not only is Azazel properly balanced now (and not an automatic win) but the game also removed by cathedral completion pip :( 
In Fact 
He now seems like a proper character. Before there wasn't much point in finding damage up items. And even tears up effects were marginally good. 
Edmund said he was over-nerfed, they will probably reboost him a bit in the next patch. 
Well, I've got enough to be going on with for the rest of the content in the meantime. 
Bumbo is the hero we all deserve. 
If you exit the daily you lose without warning.

You win Scampie... 
I apparently did really well on today's... Shitty Maggy run until Caves 1? (maybe 2?) and you find Dr Fetus. I was also lucky in that I decided to buy Remote Detonator the floor previous, so I just steam rolled the rest of the daily.

Also, I went for 'clear everything' meta. Last few days I noticed my score was mostly the same as negke's, but he too much longer. So I specifically cleared every room I could and I think it is worth doing if you can. I also did the secret boss (little too slow for Boss Rush though), which gives a 5555 score bonus.

Sucks you can't continue... That's likely to prevent scumming though, for instance you can exit and continue to save your life sometimes if you do it fast enough. 
So time isn't so important then, good to know.

Also, there is a new beggar!

According to Gothika_47 he Feeds on misinformation and has a huge chance to start outrage. 
Yeah, Damage is the biggest negative factor I think. Time is just 1 point per second... but each key you have on you when you die is worth like 10 I think, and the other pickups are worth a lot too. Killing enemies are worth a bunch too... so really as long as you are doing things quickly, you're gaining more points than you lose by killing everything and getting all the stuff.

Completing Boss Rush and Hush are big score bonuses, they are the biggest factor for wanting to go fast really. 
Looking at it closer, it seems reasonably fair and logical.

I wish the friends leaderboard was shown on the start screen :( 
Seems like you lose points when spending stuff as well? I noticed I was losing a lot when spending coins or keys on beggars. 
I was in time for hush but it didn't open. Bible'd the heart and mom herself, which was a good call early on to take. 
Curse Of The Tower 
Is hilarious. 
Azazel is pretty much back to normal then.

I assumed the 'nerf' would be making him work like bluebaby, but only able to collect black hearts and all health ups just adding a black.

But I saw today that he can still earn reds like before.

Anyone know if this was mentioned by the devs? 
Yeah, pennies are worth points... shop eats your points if you buy stuff you don't really need! 
Most Infuriating Daily Ever 
I had guppy, cthulhu and mom transforms, loki's horns with moms knife. Got boss rush and hush, only to completely burn all my hearts on a terrible hush fight and then dies to it 11 times with dead cat / guppys collar DX 
I gave away too much health in devil deals today, did Boss Rush but decided against Hush (door opened) because I had 2 hearts... died several times in Dark Room because I had only 1 heart, then died the rest against Mega Satan cuz none of the Dark Room items gave anything to really help the situation. 
now i realize what OTP was talking about in post#110... there's no score bonus for doing hush on the daily, only boss rush. bleh, shouldn't have bothered with doing it today, but still did quite well 
Error51 For Me 
Good to know the Hush is worthless on Dailies as well as tedious in general :> 
Fkn Oops 
Doing the daily will delete any run you have in progress. 
It's Been An Emotional Series Of Posts 
Wow Duh 
It seems the answer is actually: You get 4444 for doing Boss Rush, and 5555 for doing Hush, but can only get one or the other, and Boss Rush takes precedence. 
Seems like a bug really, both should give a bonus together.
I wish there was a Daily Average score like in Spelunky (which had it as the average of your 10 best scores). 
Not sure a 'Top 10 Average' would work here, there's a lot more variance in the scoring potential of each day than Spelunky had, and Spelunky's scoring system really felt a lot more risk vs reward due to the Ghost mechanic. Isaac's score system rewards good play, but doesn't really give a ton of incentive for risk other than the Boss Rush/Hush bonus. 
So instead calculate it with rankings instead of score? The average of your 10 best daily rankings or something. 
Cut Short Today 
Did everyone go for boss rush? Interested to know turtling is a comparable tactic. 
While the daily backend system works fine, the frontend feels incomplete. Things like ranking and so on would more accessible and attractive to play. 
Bal: yeah, that would be a cool idea... too bad it seems they only keep 1 week's worth of leaderboard though (you can only scroll back that far in game at least).

ijed: I didn't make it in time for Boss Rush today... I hate Anti-Grav tears. Luckily there's The Pact in one of the curse rooms and you get stupidly strong so it doesn't matter that your tears are wonky and annoying to shoot. Fruitcake too. Fun and the explosions from it's random Ipecac shots got me several tinted rocks I would've missed. 
Yeah antigrav isn't fun, but it seems its been buffed and ups your tear rate more than it did before.

Today I got a whole load of different stuff from the curse and devil rooms as well as fruitcake/pact I had god's flesh, head of the keeper, mom's perfume and I think some other mod as well but I can't remember what it was.

Interesting run... but I ran out of time and it was either eat or play. 
Greed Mode In Q1 
Epsilon Mod Has It Enable After You Survive For 10 Minutes 
Today's Daily Is The Absolute Worst. 
Lost with Holy Mantle and no item rooms. Couldn't get any deals with the Devil, saw Chaos in the shop and thought it was the way to victory.

Never again. 
I Can't Decide 
If The Lost starting with both Holy Mantle and the D4 is genius or retarded. On one hand you've got a very strong risk/reward element, because you could potentially become a superb character, at the cost of losing the mantle... but on the other hand you could replace it with utter shit and die 5 seconds later. 
According to Ijed, after like 2 rerolls you get Mom's Knife... but still likely not worth it imo, Holy Mantle is the best you can get. D4 is kinda dumb on him once you get Mantle. 
I Lost 
Well there are 3 items that make the lost a playable character - mantle, dead cat and stopwatch.

He also needs a lot of damage / ROF items to ease the amount of concentration needed and not make the rooms so drawn out that you eventually crack.

If it was me, I'd have him start with a passive item which destroys 1 other item each time he's killed, but then brings him back to life. If you run out of items and die then you die for reals.

This would have to be immune to the D4 to have any point. 
Reading this thread is like listening to people talk about sports. I have no idea what's going on. 
it's nice to know i'm not the only one. :} 
We're Just Elaborately Trolling You All 
The Best Thing About Bluebaby 
Is that he can shit on the floor of rooms that displease him. 
New Hidden Character!

There was some ARG going on that ended with people finding a poster with a phone number with a message and then finding a Greed statue in real life... and apparently has unlocked a new character that we can now get by maxing out the Greed Mode donation machine 
Good God. 
Do not, and I repeat do not browse the Isaac subreddit until further notice. 
How is this different from the rest of the time? 
I Wouldnt 
Unless somebody told me not to. 
last 2 daily challenges have fucked me... that is what I get for bragging... 
I'm On The Unlocks For Now 
Just destroyed hush with Lusty Blood or whatever the retro samson item is.

Basically it ups your damage for each minion killed :D

And it seems that mega greed now goes red when he becomes damage resistant.

And the greed machine keeps locking after 1-3 coins, even though its supposedly at 0% 
The red is Ultra Greed being enraged, which happens when he picks up coins or gets healed by heart coins. Pretty sure it just makes him faster at everything. 
Maybe, but I had a OP damage run and thought I saw him going more or less red depending on how much I whaled on him. 
I think he also enrages just for the fuck of it too, cuz Edmund realized he didn't bother to balance Greed Mode at all and it was fucking easy beyond the first floor so he had to do something to make it tough at the end. 
Ok Then 
Had A Few Of Those 
But by getting unlimited chests in the chest. 
Swallowed penny Keeper run - had the key for mega satan plus a load of carry items.

Cathedral, stepped on some spikes then (without picking up coins) wandered into a super secret room with two magnetic champion invisible demons (the one with runes on the floor).

Ohh, web based daily leaderboard.

At least I can compete against everyone else... all you scums stopped playing the daily :( 
Too Busy 
With the achievements... 
I Might 
Start playing the daily again - finally hit the wall with the unlocks.

Just got the especially BS challenges to unlock now, plus the final completion pips for the Lost and Keeper.

SPEED! is incredibly fucking broken. The stopwatch item nonsense already proved they don't have a reliable method for modifying the game clock, this just confirms it.

The Keeper isn't so bad. The real hurdle is getting the wooden nickel, once you've got that (kill Isaac in Cathedral) he's pretty playable. I can see the hush being frustrating unless you luck out with orbitals and possibly the soul as well.

The Lost does look pretty good with his new stuff, although the D4 is irrelevant with the Holy Mantle in tow.

Both these characters are very susceptible to the random BS the game occasionally throws at you though. So they can wait. 
I'll go for unlocks again once I am finished the map I'm working on. Just play the daily each day. Still a million coins to even unlock Keeper for me. 
What The Fuck 
They Fixed 
Crack the sky? 
In Any Case 
The beams of light suck as a mechanic - both for you and the enemies.

There should be a warning glow, a delay (not moving), and then it hits.

This would make it effective against slow bosses or enemies and crap against fast ones.

Bosses like conquest could then aim it directly at you, rather than just randomly taking hearts away if you're unlucky.

Bosses like Isaac could then have more complex and entertaining patterns as well. 
Just bombed a shopkeeper and he woke up!

Also realised you can use the poop item to make bridges over gaps... 
Mutant Spider + Soy Milk + Holy Light 
That is all. 
Soy milk is a no brainer - it's meh on its own, but combos great with pretty much every shot modifier.

I still want to find the soy milk / libra combo for full damage machine gun tears. 
200th Post 
And all completion marks unlocked.

Still got lots of missing achievements though, so I suspect the marks are bugged.

Aside from that, only the Brains! and SPEED challenges remain... 
Maybe I'm completely behind here, but I just learned and confirmed that the sacrifice rooms now actually work.

You can pretty easily get the big key on any floor which has one, either by getting into the angel room from it (teleport) or summoning first one and then the other angel to get the two key pieces.

Wish I'd known that before doing all my mega satan runs the old fashioned way :( 
Yeah, that got added last patch, it's pretty cool actually... used it on a few dailies too to skip to dark room on days where you can only go to mom/the heart to cheese some free points. 
Speaking Of... 
did it on today's daily. womb2 -> completing the dark room instead of killing the heart like you're meant to. missed boss rush though :( 
I Gave Up On Caves 2 Out Of Hopelessness 
And apparently Godhead was in the Depths 1 shop. 
Binding of Isaac would be 1001% better if it were always like the Christmas Daily.

Double item rooms make things so much fun. 
When I first saw the images of the double rooms haI d high hopes - more choice = more game play. Was disappointed to find it was just an item. 
Daily Tip 
Take the left devil room item when you get Curse of the Blind - it's Cambion Conception, which allows you to farm demonic familiars with the Razorblade.

Didn't make it to the Dark Room (target is Sheol) even though there's a sacrifice room right there in Sheol - just didn't have enough health or a way of farming more. 
Sackboy + D20 = Every Item In Game 
someone needs to make a remix of lil jon's magnum opus "shots" replaced with "sacks" overdubbed on a looping video of isaac with sackboy just generating a billion sacks. 
oh opps... apparently that song is by the highly acclaimed group 'LMFAO', and simply features lil jon... my rap cred is down the drain :( 
Another incomplete feature that can be exploited :( 
How are sacks incomplete? 
The Design Is Broken 
It's like not taking red heart damage to get angel rooms to receive more red hearts.

A sack should be a once a level max thing which throws out a tonne of prizes and has a specific finding mechanic.

The original lost was the same - it wasn't almost unplayably difficult on purpose, just ignored. 
A sack should be a once a level max thing which throws out a tonne of prizes and has a specific finding mechanic.

You mean like a golden chest? 
Edmund is a great designer, one of my favourites. He's great at these broad stroke concepts but less analytic when it comes to finishing every detail and thinking each decision through to its conclusion.

I don't think TBoI is his best game design. That probably belongs to either Ether (awesome concept) or Time Fcuk (awesome in every way).

TBoI has a amazingly compelling skinner box mechanic whereby you can try again and again and again, because maybe next time you'll get that awesome random combination of items and smash you way through everything. Maybe...

It's the addiction cycle that works for casinos, and he himself has described the game as a giant slot machine. 
You mean like a golden chest?

Yeah, I was in a hurry and didn't think.

The mechanic is probably meant to be 'better than a coin but worse than a brown chest'.

If that's the case then, personally at least, I'd apply these changes:

o Only replace Nickels (not normal coins)
o Cannot drop Batteries
o Can drop blue spiders / flies when collected

The first two should be self explanatory. The third is just to reinforce the blue minion mechanic and therefore make both those features more cohesive.

Rank 11 (currently) on today's daily, baby!

Managed to reroll into The Shovel on the Depths 1 secret room... guessing not many people went from that, was kind of tricky to do since you had to kill Greed, he drops Steam Sale, leave the room and reenter before you use D6 so it rolls into the Secret Room pool, and then reroll Black Lotus into Shovel. 
I want to find one of the breaker combos in a daily.

A few people have done them already - they're the guys who have a #1 position which eclipses everyone else by several magnitudes.

First that comes to mind is blank card + jera, which basically gives infinite items as soon as you find a battery. 
It's always bothered me that there is an item penalty. For me the whole goal of the game is to get as many items as you can.

Maybe its there to stop D100 runs or something. 
The massive top scores on the ingame leaderboard are all straight up cheaters actually.The game does basically nothing for sanity checking possible score per second, and barely anything to confirm the game isn't modded when a score is submitted.

GreedButt does do some sanity checking, but doesn't clarify how so hopefully cheaters won't get wise to break it... but you are right though that some of the high scores there are breaking runs that generate tons of coins and bombs and keys, but beyond those caps the time tends to cost more than the small extra points gained, so it tends that 50-60k is the maximum possible anyone can legitimately get in a run, but even that you must beat Boss Rush, Hush, and the Chest/Dark Room.

The idea behind the item penalty would've been sound if the game was better balanced... it's intended to reward you for skipping items, but it just ends up being meaningless becuase the penalty is so low, and even the shittiest items tend to be worth the minor hit. It's basically pointless. 
Today's Daily got super OP...

Tammy's Head + Brimstone + Car Battery + Guppy + Hive Mind.

Got 47,440 which is still only 350 so-ish ranking 
5 Years Later 
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