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Return To Na Pali: Ultimate Edition
Spotted this one at UnrealSP:

This is a fully polished Return to Na Pali conversion for Unreal Tournament with all the great features of oldskool. It also contains the cut Unreal Beta maps in a finalized form, together with the RTNP adventure. Here is a full list of features:

- RTNP conversion to UT, without the pesky bugs that have come with previous RTNP conversions.
- The original 17 RTNP levels with bug fixes, texture alignments, game play enhancements, and more. Some maps have been given the treatment they should have received when the Expansion pack first came out!
- 10 new levels, completely restored from Beta content of Unreal. This content was originally cut from the official game. It has been modified to fit right in with RTNP, including proper transitions between levels. All of it feels right at home in RTNP!
- Restored beta content has been completely revamped. This includes better lighting, enhanced game play, new stories, added RTNP content, texture alignments, technical revisions, and much more. None of it is in beta form any longer, but finalized.
- Restored music from the beta releases, which are used in the new maps and even some of the old maps.
- Implemented Oldskool features, including permanent carcasses, weapon decals, scoreboard with kill counts, and more.
- A great menu system created by Integration.
- More of a challenge when used with the 'Limbo Difficulty Mutator', which has been included with this conversion. This is recommended for veteran players who found the original RTNP to be too easy!

Apparently, you don't need the mission pack to play this one - all the required files are packed in the archive. UT with Oldskool seems enough. Looks like a gift for those who hadn't had a chance to play the expansion before.
thats some release!!

Will have to get it to try out these new (old) maps. 
Didn't Expect To See It Here. 
This is my release. Didn't expect to see it over here on Func_msg. Haha. Anyway, you do need to have UT installed, which already comes with the textures and sounds that RTNP had (so this is NOT like a full version game, in case anyone is wondering).

There are specific instructions inside the readme file on how to install/play. 
something to play over the holidays, this should be awesome. Never played the original RTNP, but Unreal SP was good fun. 
Good, Just Bought UT At Steam 
at a very low price in the full Unrealpack.

And a few days later I run into this! This is great! 
Not played Unreal for many years, this is the perfect time for a re-install :)

Screenshots look great, reminds me just how awesome the UT engine was.

Downloading, hooooooo 
It's been so long I can't remember how you install .umod files =)

I seem to remember associating them with UnrealTournament.exe and they would install but that just gives an error so that can't be it. 
with an epic memory and the run command ;)

Off to play 
Now I have the problem of the sound being all distorted in-game, tho bizarrely the music is fine :)

I'll figure it out! 
maybe use just software audio instead of your sound card? dunno, i seem to recall having something like that with normal unreal. 
Fixed :) 
had to fiddle with some .ini stuff for sound, namely changing the latency value to 60 and sound channels to 8. Restarted the game and all was well. 
channels to 8
ouch man. :P 
What sound driver are you using DaZ? Galaxy? Or something else? I've heard of people having sound distortion using OpenAL, so make sure you are using Galaxy. 
Sound Problems 
I often encounter them on UT. I simply close the game and restart it, and the distortion is gone. 
Yeah Same Here 
I have to restart UT when I get them, sometimes a few times. Never figured it out. 
Let me know what you all think of this when you are done. ;) 
I have RTNP installed with UT, will it cause conflicts with this? 
Nope, it will not cause any conflicts. The modified maps go into different folders than the original RTNP. It might ask you to overwrite a few files; you can say "yes" or "no", it doesn't matter. They will be the same versions, so it won't mess anything up either way. 
Good News ! 
..I had RTNP cd was very good better than U1 !
But why all these sp addons need UT ? and not compatible with vanilla U1 ?!
2 engines are almost the same ! ..I've been always wondering this

-Is all legal this version of RTNP ?
-Too bad I dont have UT at moment :( 
"But why all these sp addons need UT ? and not compatible with vanilla U1 ?!"

Because more people play UT these days than U1, and this is a conversion. The original point behind this was to make RTNP compatible with UT.

"2 engines are almost the same ! ..I've been always wondering this"

I personally like UT better. It has a much larger base, and is easily expandable.

"Is all legal this version of RTNP ?"

Check my comment above. 
Me Unreal player without UT sniffs a bit. 
1st Video Done 
Really enjoying this so far, the unreal nostalgia is great :)

I'm doing a video playthrough on my yt, first video is up though it will need some more time to process the 720p version. 
I meant that I have RTNP installed in UT with rtnp2ut, will it cause conflicts with this? 
Nope. It will not cause any conflicts. All files that are different versions than RTNP2UT go into different folders. Besides that, this conversion is meant to replace the incredibly buggy RTNP2UT. This mod was originally based on RTNP2UT, but has basically been completely redone due to the hundreds of bugs in RTNP2UT. 
Thanks for the first video playthrough, DaZ. I hope you make more of them! I'll post it on the Unreal forums in the link above. Btw, why was that Nali afraid of you at 33:00? You didn't even fire at him, and he's not supposed to fear you by default. Lol. 
I Dunno 
I guess im just such a badass? :P

Thanks for the link, appreciated :) Got 3 parts up now, will do some more over the weekend.

Loving it so far, I'm not too familiar with the RtN maps so I don't know which ones are from the expansion pack and which ones are from Unreal beta, but they all flow together just fine so far, so I guess that is a compliment to you and your team that I can't tell them apart :)

The only bummer I can think of at the moment is that the CAR seems fairly overpowered against just about anything :) And I miss the original Unreal weapon models a little, these ones that are used (I assume they are from RtN) are not particularly good imo, the grenade launcher and rocket launcher in particular stand out as looking quite garish, gimme my 8ball and minigun :D

That aside, I will heartily recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Unreal, this pack so far has everything that made Unreal great. 
Great Stuff 
Just finished playing the pack. Even though I've already played the expansion three times before, this felt like a new experience thanks to the polished up beta maps and the added stuff all around.

Out of the ten maps that come from the beta, I liked Soledad most - although Merc Shipping Lane coupled with Cryox is a close follower. The expanded Velora Temple is greatly appreciated too.

Thanks for the all the hard work, Lightning_Hunter. 
I'm glad you guys are enjoying it so far. DaZ, I agree that the RTNP Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher are not as good looking as Unreal weapons, but they are official expansion weapons and I didn't want to remove them. The quality is the same as the original RTNP game. However, I do disagree about the quality of the CAR! It is my absolute favorite weapon in RTNP. What skill are you playing on, btw? 
Medium I Think 
The issue I have with the CAR is that while you are hosing something down with bullets it seems to be stunned or something and very rarely fights back, so what ends up happening is that you stand there and spray bullets at something until it dies, its just less fun than the other weapons for me at least.

Just after I made my above post I played some more of the game and got my 8ball launcher so it's all good now :) Is the Unreal minigun in this pack? 
Yes, all the Unreal weapons are in the pack, including the Minigun. The RTNP weapons are just extra. The CAR is definitely powerful, but the monsters aren't as stupid in 'Unreal' skill when you hose them down with bullets as they are in medium. If you really want a challenge, try playing in 'Unreal' skill with the Limbo Difficulty Mutator added to the mutator list (found in the new game window). This mutator is included with the conversion, and is recommended for veteran players. It is basically one skill above 'Unreal'. Personally, I feel that even the Unreal skill is too easy, which is why I included the mutator. For me, it is the perfect challenge. 
Btw DaZ, I noticed in the video playthrough you always browse through the item list to select the translator to read messages. Just so you know, you can bind a key to the translator in Options->Preferences->Controls, under the "useful" section (might be near the bottom of the list). That way, you don't have to select it in the list every time to read messages (gets annoying after a while.) 
DaZ, now that I'm watching more of your videos, I definitely think Medium is far too easy for you. The reason the CAR is cheating for someone like you is that you are an accurate shot, which means you can pretty much use the CAR the whole game with the reduced number of enemies and the extra ammo in medium skill. In Unreal skill, you should have much less CAR ammo to use. In fact, when I use the Limbo Mutator, I'm often forced to use the Dispersion pistol against the weaker enemies, so that weapons like the CAR can be used against tougher foe. 
So I Run 
my copy of unreal gold on win7, and it runs like hell , everything is so fast , what the heck??? 
First of all, this conversion will not work in Unreal Gold. It will only work in Unreal Tournament. Second, if you are experiencing the "super speed" bug in Unreal Tournament, visit this thread here:

This is a problem many people have with the game, but it can be fixed. 
sorry, the problem is not with your mod , but with the game itself

i fix it right now, just turn on vsync via NV control panel


atm i dont have UT , but i have to check this mod definitely later anyway

Yeah you could be on to something there, I figured I would go through on medium as I haven't played Unreal for years. I remembered it being fairly tough back in the day but I guess not :)

Just got done with the nexus level, I think it was nexus, with all the nali prisoners getting owned... That place was a maze, got lost a few times. Good fights though! 
All This Unreal Talk 
is making me nostalgic for HEXEPHET
my fav 
didnt you have another mappack in the works? Or was that abandoned? 
Not for Unreal. I was making a 32-map megawad for Doom2 (finished 14 maps), but that one may never be completed. I did also create the Frikbot waypoint pack for Quake, in case that is what you saw. 
I'm enjoying the video playthroughs, DaZ. Even though you are too skilled for Medium, I think it's more practical to show a video playthrough that way. Otherwise, you would have to search around for more ammo and health in the harder skills, taking up more video time. You would also die more often, making it more difficult to record a video. I cracked up at the way part 2 ended, lol. 
I Recall Playing It Back Then 
15 enemies per 15 minute of running trough a giant map. Unreal. 
Indeed, Unreal is definitely not a spam-fest game. It's more about the atmosphere and the build up before each battle. However, the AI is smart enough and difficult enough that the action is a-plenty, at least for me. Try playing with the Limbo difficulty mutator to make the game a super challenge. The first time you see the enemy run faster than you is quite a scare. Of course, the first level is merely a mood-setter and does not have many battles. You have to get to the later levels. There are times when you have multiple monsters attacking from different directions strategically.

I'm a fan of all the old games for different reasons. Doom is fun for the non-stop hordes of monsters. Quake has fewer monsters than Doom, but slightly better AI and more atmosphere. Unreal has the least amount of monsters, but the best AI, and the best atmosphere and story. Each game is on my top list. 
Whoops. That last post was made by me. Heh. 
Just watched part 5 of your video playthroughs, DaZ. Thanks again for these. I noticed you are missing almost all of the secrets, but I'm guessing you are just running through the pack for the video playthrough. It's fun to see how someone goes about exploring this for the first time. I would love to see you playing this in Unreal skill, but I don't expect you to upload another video playthrough of it. Hehe. 
are the bane of my existence :)

I cant find the secrets in my own levels, never mind other peoples! 
We don't need no stinking secrets. 
I Noticed That Too 
It's almost cute how he tenaciously keeps walking past half of everything. 
I Noticed Nothing... 
I haven't watched the videos. If an average player can't complete a SP FPS game on a medium skill setting without relying upon secrets then the game has a serious design flaw (or you just really, really, suck at playing the game but that's a whole different ball of wax).

Don't get me wrong. I liked Unreal and this Na Pali pack, and the game is well balanced for the average player but honestly, secrets are supposed to be an "Extra" for exploring but should never ever be a requirement for completing the game.

One thing that I liked about Quake, and to a lesser extent Doom 1 & 2, (and that gave them more replay value in my opinion) was that while finding the secrets was never required, the level transitions taunted you into exploring the level again to find them even when the eventual reward might not be worth the risk in finding them in some cases.

Games like Unreal don't do that. Today's games have brought that back in the form of achievements. Like them or not the secret areas (and letting you know when you missed them) were the forerunners of what we see today. 
Quaketree, I understand some of what you said, but secrets are NOT required to complete any level in this pack, or the original Unreal (otherwise, DaZ would be in trouble for his playthroughs). Hexen is the only game I know of that requires you to find secrets to progress. Unreal has no such thing.

You are correct about Unreal not labeling the secrets. They merely give you an extra sense of satisfaction once you find them. In fact, I was still finding secrets in the original Unreal years after playing it for the first time. It�s a huge sense of satisfaction discovering a secret for the first time, after not knowing about its existence after so long. I like that Doom and Quake label the secrets, but I also like that Unreal does NOT label them. Unreal really isn't an arcade-style game like Doom and Quake. It would make no sense for the game to tell you when a secret has been discovered; you just know when you've found one, and you get some sort of reward. It would be a slap in the face for a game like Unreal, which gives you a sense of loneliness and seclusion on an alien world, to tell you that �you�ve found a secret area!�.

DaZ only got lost once in all the video playthroughs. I don't understand why you think the secrets are mandatory; they are absolutely optional. In fact, the secrets sometimes give you less than they do in Doom and Quake... 
DaZ, just watched part 6. Do you ever use the save game feature? I just noticed I've never seen you save the game. Does this mean you always start the level over again when you die?

For some reason the sound was a little distorted in part 6. I've also noticed a few other strange bugs in your game, like a few black masked textures. You should open the console, and type "preferences". This will open a small window outside the game. Go down to "rendering", and select the driver you are using. Look for an option called "MaskedTextureHack", and set it to True. If the option is not there, then you are using an old driver for the game. you can download an awesome OpenGL driver here, which makes the game look much better:
Also in the rendering options, make sure "VolumetricLighting" is set to true. This enables fog effects.

Looking forward to part 7!

One really odd bug I saw twice in your videos is the seeds not growing Nali Fruit plants. They just sat there, and you couldn't pick them up or anything. How strange. 
Yeah I noticed the sound issue after uploading :( Part 7 is fine however (I double checked).

I try not to bring up game related UI during a playthrough as it breaks the flow a bit I feel, when I die I simply stop recording and replay the level up until where I was, and then save before starting up the recorder again.

As for rendering, I'm using the dx10 renderer that some dude released (I can't remember when) but I'll have a look through the advanced settings and check for that switch. The volumetric effects are on, they are my favourite part of the Uengine, even by today's standards they look fantastic.

No idea about the fruit seeds, I just assumed you could only grow one at a time :)

Got to say, I'm loving the area I'm in at the moment in the game, lots of natural rocks and huge valleys, with that classic Unreal rock texture that must have been used in countless custom maps and games for years. I'm still not seeing any obvious transitions between RtN/Unreal beta maps, they still flow really nicely together. I've experienced some annoying areas where I got lost (mostly in the temple styled maps) but for the most part everything is good. Solid Unreal fun. 
Hey DaZ. Still going to finish the video playthrough? I'm looking forward to part 9. :) 
slight setback as I accidentally deleted all the raw footage for part 9 before encoding it :P

Just re-recorded it, so will be putting it up later today. 
so is the nali guy supposed to get crushed by that rolling pillar? cause that guy was a total dick and tricked daz into getting crushed too. :P 
on further thought, someone should make a map with a dozen nali dudes who lead the player into instant death traps all the time. ^_^ 
Yeah, scumbag nali! Or however the meme goes :)

I did laugh out loud when it happened, so glad I caught it on film. Part 9 should be up in a few minutes, god damn my upload speed is awful :( 
Evil Nali's 
I never trust 'em. Falling bridges, ambushes and rolling pillars of death. I figure, what the hell, I'm a friggin' convict anyway. Kill 'em all and let their gods sort it out at their end... 
i usually did that by accident... apparently, my trigger finger is rather itchy. :P

these videos kind of make me pissed i don't have ut to play this though. i've heard so much about this, but could never run it! the pack looks fantastic. 
Looking To Play This Over Christmas 
I have Oldskool installed already, do I still need to install Oldmodels? Will installing oldmodels cause any conflicts with custom UT player models? 
Yes, you need the oldmodels installed. They are designed to work alongside the UT models, so no, you won't have any conflicts. They are simply addition models to the game. 
Nitin, just make sure to follow the instructions closely in the readme file on how to install. There are very specific instructions, and you can mess things up if you don't install it right. If installed right, there should be no conflicts whatsoever in your UT folder. This mod is an add-on, and doesn't not replace anything in UT. 
Yep I'll play it sometime and do a review of it. I need to get UT first though - what's the UT GOTY 2011 Edition like? It's on pirate bay so I might get that.

Are there any high def packs for UT now that'll improve the looks a bit? 
GOTY Version 
That's what I have (it came with Unreal Gold, which I purchased years ago). I still patched it up to the latest version (1.46 I think) before I installed this mod just to be on the safe side. The patch is small and took longer to install than it did to download. 
Hey Kona, there are better textures out for UT now. Visit this site here:
On the left bar, choose the quality you want. I personally chose high-end, because extreme-end doesn't look much different and takes up a lot of memory. After you click on the quality, go to "Master Files" on the left side. There are about 5-6 large packs you will need. These make the game look a lot better! You will also need the new incredibly awesome OpenGL or D3D9 drivers here for them to work:

Personally, I think the UTGOTY edition is a joke. It includes some user-made mods (like ChaosUT) that I don't even care about. I like the original edition of UT, because it doesn't have useless mods that could possibly conflict with other mods. All the stuff I actually care about, like player models, maps, etc. come with the original edition. 
I watched part 9 of your videos, DaZ. I laughed pretty hard at 13:40. I've never seen a Skaarj get caught in an elevator like that. I'll make a mental note of that bug for a possible future update. I also laughed at your invisibility tip during the last boss fight. On a side note, I wonder why on earth the Nali Fruit Seeds sometimes don't work for you? I've never once seen that bug, and nobody else has mentioned it before, either. There is not supposed to be a limit to how many you can use. Strange... 
Sweet, I love high res textures! Do I need all of these packs though? (I went for extreme yay!) 
If you want the Extreme End textures, then yes. They are separate downloads, because some of them are nearly 1GB! If it was just one file, you would be downloading 5GB in one go. That's why I personally got the high-end textures. The high-end are only about 6 downloads (instead of 20), and they look almost identical. The Extreme end really ARE extreme. They are HUGE! Overkill, in my opinion. I can't tell any difference once they get larger than he high-end. 
Are There Any Screenies For These High Res Textures 
because most the time high res replacements totally break the look of the original game. 
I will second the pimping of the opengl drivers linked to above, have used them for years without any hiccups. 
5gb holy crap I'll get the high-end instead in that case. New Zealand doesn't have good enough internet packages to waste 5gb on some textures. 
yeah Im amazed that texture site has precisely zero screenshots of what the textures actually look like inside the game! I'll pass on them for that reason alone, 99% of these "texture upgrade" packages, regardless of the game, either look like utter garbage or break the visual aesthetic that I enjoy :P

Lightning_Hunter, no idea about the seeds still, I've given up trying to use them for now :) I also realised that I have a stockpile of powerups that I should really be using :) Though, it helps to use them at the right time! 
5gb Replacement Textures?! 
Probably unnecessary overkill like that Rygel pack for Q1. Follows the noob line of thinking "bigger=better", but in reality the visual difference to downscaled versions is hardly recognizable while the impact on performance is considerable. 
I'll post some screenshots of the pack later today. I download high-res textures for all the old games (Quake, Doom, Duke3d, Heretic, Hexen, Unreal, etc.), and I'm also picky about how faithful they look. You guys will not regret downloading these. The author, known as "DieHardSCWS" has done an incredible job. He's worked on them for like 8 years or something.

Negke, I agree with you that extremely large textures don't make any difference. However, this author at least gave us 4 different choices for the quality. Extreme-end is for those who like overkill, I guess. High-end is much more practical. 
High Res Textures On Low Poly Brushwork 
Why would you ever... 
Not all Unreal Tournament maps are low-poly. In fact, some of them are comparable to modern game maps. High-res textures look beautiful in Unreal Tournament. This isn't Doom we are talking about here... 
Looking Forward To Screenies 
Ok, here are some before and after screenshots for the high-res textures. The screenshots really don�t do them justice, as they look much more detailed up close in the game. But this should give an idea of how they improve the look.

First some screenshots of RTNPUE:

Now the original Unreal episode: 
bunches of screenshots !

Differences are sometimes not that obvious... but still looks interesting ;) 
those are actually pretty good. Props to that guy. 
Yeah Totally Sold On Those 
they fit in well with the original look. 
Oh those are heaps better. I forgot how blurry and undefined the originals were! An Unreal must-get. 
Finished :) 
Finished this about an hour and a half ago, been editing the footage since :P

Overall, it's easy to recommend this release to anyone that enjoys Unreal, it ticks all the boxes and leaves little to be desired. There are a few quirks that I talk about at the end of part 11 (will be uploaded in a few hours, audio commentary = scary) such as some areas not being clear enough in your objective and some weapon balance issues, but these are relatively minor things.

I'm quite amazed that the Unreal Engine still looks this good after so much time, of course the poly count is lower than were used to these days but the visual aesthetic of the game has endured quite successfully.

Thanks Lightning Hunter and everyone else that worked on this pack, I enjoyed it very much :) 
Part 11, the final installment 
You Know It's True 
What has Unreal and Scampie got in common ?

They both suck

You could replace Scampie with Shambler or Grinspire/non entity and it still works.

Ah ah now, no prizes for second place !! 
Thanks so much for the video playthroughs, DaZ! I'm almost sad that they are over! Haha. I really like the way you did them, and I have to agree with you that commentary in the middle of the playthroughs can be very annoying in other videos. I like that you saved the commentary for the very end. Usually if I click to watch a gaming video and hear some nerds voice pop up, I instantly close down the video. You're method was wisely chosen, and I like the simple text on the screen for funny situations and/or when you die.

By the way, I know I mentioned this before - but don't forget that you were playing in medium skill for the videos! The commentary said the weapons were overpowered and that the end battles were a bit easy, but they are much harder in Unreal skill. In fact, I even find Unreal skill to be too easy, which is why I included a difficulty mutator with the conversion.

I'm really happy that you couldn't tell which maps were beta maps. That was my goal when I set out to compile this pack! For fun, here is some of the beta content that was not in the original RTNP

*Possible Spoilers*

New\Beta maps:
-Arcane Temple (the map with the first sighting of the Fire Krall)
-Nexusbeg (The Crypt maze-like map with lots of action)
-Nexus End (Map with the two red Boss Skaarj)
-Soledad (another crypt map)
-Passage to Jrath (the outdoor map between the crypt levels)
-Morose (yet another crypt level)
-Merc Shipping Lane (The giant outdoor map with space ships and pirate battles)
-Cryox (the inside of the Mercenary spaceship, also with pirates)
-Velora Cellars (the map with lots of spiders)

New Monsters (well, semi-new using old models):
-The Fire Krall with the flamethrowers
-The two mini-warlords before the end boss in the final map
-The Pirates
-The Red Mercenary Bosses in Cryox
-The two red Skaarj Bosses
-Snow predators in the final ice map
-Purple Titan in Velora Temple
-Many monsters with new skins it the crypt maps

There are also many beta sections added in the original RTNP maps, and of course, hundreds of bug fixes. I'd say I spent the most time on textures alignments more than anything! Bad texture alignment is my biggest nitpick, and the original RTNP had HORRIBLE texture alignment. It took me hours of aligning thousands of textures manually in some of the large outdoor maps.

Anyway, just thought you'd like to know some of what I changed/added. What I mentioned above isn't even half of it probably, but it gives you an idea. 
I recently enjoyed downloaded this mod and have started playing it. It's great so far but I have two questions. First the translator doesn't seem to work as nothing seems to prompt it and the few times it does nothing pulls up. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if something got messed up in the download.

The other question was that I was curious if you used any of Unreal's beta tracks and if so which one's. 
"- Restored music from the beta releases, which are used in the new maps and even some of the old maps." Doesn't say which ones, but considering he said "which are used" and not "some of which are used", I'm inclined to guess all of them.

Thanks for upping this 5-year-old topic! I never got into the Unreal community and wasn't even aware of this add-on. All I ever got to play was the original game, so this is pretty awesome news to me. 
Thank You For Bumping This... 
Unreal Tournament hasn't left my hard drive since it was released, but I haven't played Return to Na Pali in over 14+ years! Never even heard of this conversion to UT, but glad this thread got bumped. 
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