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Diablo |||
<Vigil> there will probably be a func thread too
<Spritit> probably by that Shambler guy who just gets a ego stroke by posting "THIS IS DIABLO3 (other) THread. Discuss" and not contributing shit


Anyway, May 15th bitches. Apparently some of you are excited about it...

(Edited the original fucktarded URL, I'm sure you lot can work out to find info on D||| ffs)
Prolly Wont Play 
Don't Give A Rat's Ass 
I'm somehow not surprised at these responses. :) Me and the wife are excited though! Definitely getting this and playing the HELL out of it. 
will play for doctor 
yeah, every one i know is excited about this but i can't seem to work up any interest at all. 
How many years has the hype machine been feeding off itself? 
Will Play 
definitely looking forward to playing this... VERY SOON. OMFG!

Actually, I'm also looking forward to Torchlight II, which I have a feeling might be a more fun game due to the probability that people are not going to take it so serious and get so hardcore; I think I tend to lose interest in things when my friends get too serious about them as for me it stops being fun when everybody is playing until 3am every night but I don't want to, so end up getting left behind. Seriously though, screw that.

The Beta is pretty addictive though... 
a friend of mine bought me Torchlight 2 so I'll be playing that instead :D

I tried the D3 open beta for a few hours, it seemed fun but didn't hold my attention for anywhere near as long as D2. 
Is Torchlight2 Good? 
I got bored of Torchlight for the level design... playing their previous incarnation of the Diablo clone style, Fate, didn't help either. 
It's Not Released Yet :) 
But looks much better than the original. No point in buying 2 point and click adventure games at the same time ;) 
Let us know - I'm actually more inclined to buy TL2 than D3. Torchlight was kind of a let down after fate, but showed a mountain of potential.. 
Not Playing 
The whole 'Got to be online' to play a game is stupid, my laptop is not always connected to the internet. I will pass and get TL2, at least it can be played when I want. Plus I really enjoyed TL, it had cute graphics and was fun to play. I even tried out the editor! 
Always Online 
Isn't a bother for me, but I'm used to Steam, so maybe its more flexible than whatever is up to. 
yer battletags, dudes! let's smash hellish hordes together! :) 
I'll be playing it, and if it sucks, that's ok cause I just got into Torchlight 2 beta! :D 
Will Definitely Play 
but knowing me, probably in 10 years time. 
I'm not not gonna play it because I'm too cool for school or whatever, but because I don't think I'll manage to find time for it with all the other things I'd also like to get done in my spare time.
It's probably a great game.
Though to be honest the apparent emphasis on multiplayer isn't really something I'm enthusiastic about. 
I Barely Play Games These Days 
But I've never really gotten into the Diablo and WoW kind of games and I think it might be because they seem to be too much of a designer drug just catering to trigger our biological reward systems... 
Fight The System, Bear! 
I wasn't addicted to Guild Wars and Skyrim, no not at all. 
I'll Be Playing Fo Sho 
Going to steam some d2 tonight. 
catering to trigger our biological reward systems

Games are though, almost by definition. The more refined and monetized games get the more apparent this will become. 
But unlike many other games there aren't much elevating these point-click-level-up-find loot above slot machines (possible exaggeration).

I guess what I'm saying is I find the game play really dull. 
Fair enough.

I missed Diablo 2 when it came out and then saw it and TL later, to get pretty much the same impression.

The clickfest thing seems kind of like a light gun game. Fun for a bit, but not something that'll hold my attention for long. Even with the loot backend to try and make it interesting.

Ah well, there's always Quake. 
The different between Diablo/WoW and something like Farmville is that Blizzard actually like the game they're making. They want to make a big game full of stuff, fighting dragons in cooperative groups, getting cool loot etc etc. If that doesn't appeal to you then fair enough.

But no one at Zynga could seriously say with a straight face that Farmville is a 'good' game. It's a mathematical equation refined over thousands of man ours of market research. 
PS I do fucking hate the random loot shit in WoW, but I enjoyed it's cooperative aspects to get over it (mostly) 
so, can I play with my friends if I just use the starter edition? 
Single Player?

I know I seem to be the only one here that won't play a single player game that requires constant online internet connection, but this article did make me smile. Looking forward to TL2 even more! :P 
Bear in mind that without the always online structure all those people would have been fiddling around installing ten discs (or whatever) and tapping in codes.

Being able to buy a game before its released is going to make people more inclined to piss and moan.

What games nowadays don't have technical issues at launch? If there's a 'call to arms' by the players then the publisher isn't going to care, because the people playing have already paid.

That Blizzard got it working so quickly gives them kudos.

This is an industry where a platoform can have massive security leaks of critical credit card data and not be outright ruined by it.

Game server being down for the first day doesn't even come close to an important, or even unexpected, event. 
I liken it to snow removal equipment around here. It snows badly maybe once every 2 years. The city basically shuts down for a day. But they never invest in better snow removal equipment because it's not worth the cost for a once every year or 2 event.

Same with launches. This will all blow over by next week and everyone will be happily playing Diablo without a care in the world. It's not worth buying more servers or whatever JUST to handle the launch. People bitch and moan, and then they don't. :) 
Blizzard Decides When You Play 
@ijed,willem I think you are missing the point I was trying to make, anyone who wants to play a SINGLE PLAYER game of D3 needs blizzard servers to play, this is not a product that can be played whenever you the player wants. This game works only if blizzard servers are working. I hope that this method does not become the standard way to let players interact with games. 
Offline Mode 
For Steam, but I've heard lots of people have trouble with it.

Sad to say, but always online is now the standard way for players to interact with games...

Not the way all games work, but even so. 
offline mode is awesome for me, it works really well on my laptop. I can download updates and play games I bought when I want. Luckily TL was on steam and fingers crossed TL2 will be the same. 
Pff, fuck Blizzard. You cannot even Coop with the person who gave you a starter edition guest pass. You can only play with other starter edition players. It is the same content like the open beta. </caring> 
Enjoying The Game But... 
...kind of starting to think I should be doing other things instead of playing.

Cleared the game once with my main char (barbarian, level 32) and have one alt at about level 10 or 11 (monk).

It's a lot of fun to play with friends and there seems to be a lot of content, but I can't imagine how long it will take to level up to 60. Also, I cleared it last night with friends, but it didn't unlock any new difficulty, and the last boss didn't really drop any good loot (WTFBBQ!?)

I noticed Scampie is playing a LOT ;) 
Guess Scamp2 
Will take more than a month 
Running thru the campaign single-player at the moment, but so up for some mp laters. 
I can't imagine how long it will take to level up to 60

I noticed Scampie is playing a LOT ;)

Only level 57 on my Barbarian that I've been playing Coop with a friend. On Act2 Hell.

My Monk that I play alone is only level 34 on Act2 Nightmare.

Protip for starting Hell: go to the Auction house. The gear you beat Nightmare with will not even get you past your first champion pack. The Auction House is a really good source of cheap gear that is WAY better than what you have laying around. 
Auction House 
yeah, I think you're fucked if you don't go in there to buy some stuff or just get really lucky with good loot. I was playing as barbarian with 2 other barbarians, so there wasn't so much item swapping going on as if we'd all been different classes. 
...time for inferno... 
Time For Bed... 
kind of getting bored of it now. I just finished nightmare and am onto hell now.

Scampie, you are insane! :) 
Yeah I beat Diablo nightmare at lvl 49 just to discover I had to be 50 to enter hell, had to grind a whole level to get access to it, that kind of sucked.
I'm still entertained enough with it, even thought it feels the Auction House destroys alot of the fun of finding cool loot, as it's simpler to just buy it cheap on the auction house. vocalises some issues I have with diablo 3 too,ie story telling and perception of the avatar, nice read. 
Is He Right? 
... they simplified the gameplay?! 
Dont Know 
but would it be that surprising? People are getting dumber and lazier. 
but would it be that surprising? People are getting dumber and lazier.

I would say a more correct interpretation is that games are selling to a wider audience which, taken as a _group_, is dumber and lazier. 
"Simplified" doesn't have to mean dumber. It can mean refined and streamlined, which I believe is what happened here. I don't hear a lot of complaining about Diablo 3, and I know some real fanatics. They all seem happy. 
That's True 
it's just hard to imagine how much more it could be streamlined from D2. Refined, definitely. 
yeah that came off worse than it should have, have just got back form 2 days of bullshit corporate speak so was in a more sarcastic than usual mood. 
i'm entering inferno soonish as i'm 59lvl atm and enjoying the game so far. with difficulty progression it indeed forces to choose abilities more carefully, watch cooldowns and get proper gear. i like all that and do not understand whines that hell and inferno are super hard.

from the other side, i'd agree with what Bal said that AH kinda destroys hardcore part of the game as u can buy practically for nothing super items (if to farm AH for certain amount of time). from the other side, AH keeps people playing and not getting frustrated with not so lucky items stats and drops.

anyway, great game, with nice dynamics of gameplay and awesome replay/farming value ;) 
It's not GOTY 2012 or anything, but it's a nice game.
It's definitely a lot funner in Hell difficulty (haven't reached Inferno yet), I love coming across a group of elite monsters and getting completely destroyed, then coming back and figuring out how to take them out most effectively.

I agree that the mood of Diablo is completely lost though (it already was quite a bit in Diablo2 as well). They've replaced dark horror with silly Lord of the Ring epicness, but considering how atrocious the story of Starcraft 2 was, it's not a big surprise. 
This Game Consumes Me 
About to finish nightmare with my demon hunter. 
From what my rather intensive Diablo 3 playing friend says is that they've royally screwed up the highest difficulty level, mainly via loot table balance issues that Blizzard should have already learnt from WoW (if you played WoW in TBC or Wrath, it's loot was way more fucked up in classic).

Also sounds like a good example of why you shouldn't make your open beta a tiny proportion of the final game, especially in a game where items and character progression are so important. 
From what I've read, they intentionally made Inferno pretty much impossible to root out imbalances and such. You're not supposed to be able to get through it! 
I find inferno pretty fun, just don't play it alone, and don't expect to just run through it like you can do the other difficulty levels.
Not sure what is wrong about the loot there. 
You need to try I seriously can't play without it. 
i'm more impressed with the way that website works. that's very cool. 
Very cool indeed! 
I Joined The Madness! 
Not a diablo veteran at all so just taking iteasy (normal) for now, somewhere in act 3 now.After an hour i kinda regretted getting the game an hour later i switched to playign somethign different. Th enext day i gave it another try and now im realy liking it :) 
Hardcore Inferno Diablo Down -- jump to 6:00:00, he's preparing his spec there. gg 
Actually It's 8:12:00 
Expansion Coming. 

New class.
New act that attempts a more D2-like dark and gothic look.
Random dungeons.
Improved loot.
Paragon becomes stat allocation, redistributed account-wide.

Might this save Diablo 3?? 
Save D3? It is a good game, slightly flawed but still good.

Blizz sure knows how to make a sexy trailer, looks amazing. 
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