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Gloomier Keep By Kell - E1m5 Remake
(Fine, I'll do it :P)

Gloomier keep is a remake/remix of e1m5 in Kell's "Knave" texture set and using the Quoth modification. There are also some new map models included in the download for various objects.

This map also continues Kell's tradition of epic secret area's :)
Hmmm, Wait.... 
Did Kell officially release this? I haven't checked out this version, but last I saw of it, it was incomplete, waiting for Quoth 3 entities to complete it... 
Just read the text. I stand corrected. 
Though I think I missed the point of the super secret area. 
Amazing Work 
I played this a couple of years ago and was amazed how cool this map was and faithful to the original layout. One of my favourite levels from the original ID stuff and feels a million times better. All skill levels are nicely balanced and use of the extra quoth stuff is awesome. I was always disappointed that this level never saw the light of day, until now ... :) 
some new maps, been a while,well not a new map remember this one but still nice. Did a ER in 0:43
Unfortunatly i blew my gfx card this week and i had to play it in software quake from my onboard card
(i knew i was stressing my card a bit but it used to be fine at 90+ degrees :P) 
Though I think I missed the point of the super secret area.
?? It was awesome. 
It Was! 
But I also missed 4 monsters (skill 2)... 
Just finished playing this.
Looks gorgeous with the Knave and super fun to play, great stuff. 
This was awesome as always! I love all of the little details you manage to sneak into your maps, like shooting the gears above the spike shooters to turn them off and revealing parts of the super secret area through windows and grills. The Quoth entities were used well, the architecture was cool, and seeing the Knave texture set back in action made my heart go pitter pat :)

Please let this mean that you plan on staying a while longer...

is knave the library stuff or the alien zergy monster shizzle? 
Can't wait to play this!

Orbs: even better, they're all from knave (monster skin, bookshelves, etc), which is Kell's own texture set btw. :-) Pretty stunning to see someone who's a great mapper, texture artist, and modder! 
One of the best contributers to this scene, so happy this finally got released!
Will play soon.

Kinn - please come back! 
great level by the epic mapper , that is the same ole e1m5, but heavily improved , i wish that upcumming rmquake_ would 've been the same vein

just a level improvement 
Go On Then.. 
apart from the fact that it is great, and i loved it, i've farted around trying to find that 5th secret.
grenade jumping to that part above you near the beginning, only to find a pillar blocking my way saying "this opens from the other side".
i had to give up on it, in the end.
if anyone can give a clue, i'll rest easy tonight:) 
is your friend :P 
Nah, I Could, But... 
i'd be interested in seeing how to go about it the 'proper' way.

the only time i had to noclip was when i got stuck in a well playing one of the arcanum maps. 
Amazing Map! 
A real Kell map. Good brushwork, lots of trim and details!
The super secret area was very nice as well.

Somehow I missed 4 monsters. Wonder where they should be?

There really has been some fine maps so far this year! Please folks keep it up! 
100% Demo 
Here's a demo showing all the kills including the 4 hidden ones as well as the non-secret secret. Expecting this to be superseded by a DaZ-tube though! I'm playing on easy skill as usual. 
I spirittubed it earlier but without the 4 kills and without the secret (but including painful minutes searching it). 
Spirit: "Gloomier Keep by Kona"? :) 
how do i play the above mandel demo?

the .dem file needs to be situated in
the 'maps' folder, i assumed?

i have put the .dem file in the 'maps' folder and typed:

playdemo e1m5quotha_mandel

it tells me it couldn't open it.
i managed to do this a while back, but can't remember how..

Probably, put the demo in your quoth directory, start quoth, and use playdemo as you yourself suggest. 
necros: What? Ssshhhh! :P

By the way, I used gamma 0.7 to make negke happy. I like the outcome. 
cheers for that mandel!
i thought i was inquisitive, but. that was a tough secret. need to look with better eyes from now on! 
Due to this demo i found out my onboard card cant play regular (joe)gl quake, but it can play fitz! (since its protocol 666 i did some effort).

Mandel you're getting old! you missed twice :P And what i find strange is when i went for the trinity i had avoided a trigger wich spawned a ehmm one of those floating lightning monsters`. you walk right through this doesnt spawn and you get all kills...strange :) 
Pixels Wot Move 
Contains spoilers for ALL secrets fyi - 
Nice Jump, Daz! 
You made good use of the super secret, which is much easier to get to than that :p 
Thwere is an easier way, but the payoff is it's less useful! 
Ah Kell, 
i noticed the fields of the nephilim lp cover.
sitting on the table in the small ultra secrest room withe gibbed heads!:) 
'ceremonies', isn't it? 
ER Demo 
After findign otu i can run fitz somewhat decent and that i did the previous run on normal (hence the gaunt i was confused about) i had another go at it:

stil a couple of unsmoothies here and there. I think with some effort a decent videocard and maybe one more boost (and then taking the health just left after the door) i could do 1 or maybe 2 faster 
One More Try.. 
2 More Try! 
Should allow editable posts so those spammers can get their posts right. Not 
I finally found the trigger for the final secret. Damn thats a cluey one. 
Nice re-texture / remonster.

Super-secret was pointless, I didn't even try to find it as there were no monsters at all to lure you in, and since the readme says the map was missing a few finishing touchs, the obvious assumption is that the super-secret is unfinished and not supposed to be accessed. Pity as it would have made a better remake. 
Uh, Not An Obvious Assumption 
Not pointless, or no more than his other super secrets. Te map is built around the super secret in a way which highlights it. Agree some monsters in there would've been nice though. 
Nice Map, Good Remake 
I thought the lighting was somewhat dull. Making the movers external bsp files seems unnecessary.

The super-secret isn't pointless unless you have a purely utilitarian understanding of things like that. It's a nice example of subtle visual story-telling. Subtle in the sense that it's off-path. The idea is to appeal to the player's imagination, to enhance the atmospheric/thematic value of the map. Questions arise, like "what is this place, what happened here?". Is the Gloom Keep the home fortress of some arcane wizard who conducted experiments and rituals there? Or did the fortress exist prior to his arrival and he set up a secret laboratory to research the creatures, to harness the magic of the place? Were the monsters his guards or did he summon them by accident? Did he succeed in opening a portal to the nether realms or did the ritual go wrong and turn him into one of the creatures? Did he flee from the slipgate ranger in order to face him later? 
My Interpretation 
The secret is the titular gloomier keep inside the gloom keep. 
It's near impossible to find, there's no motivation for doing so (1. Plenty of maps these days have detailed bits you can't reach, 2. The readme clearly states the map isn't fully finished), and the lack of monsters or useful weaponry (LG after you've finished the map woo) indicates it's not supposed to be accessed.

Just a missed opportunity in the remake stakes. 
But having the LG at the start of the e1m6 remake would be awesome! 
Hey this was great. Only found 1 secret because I was busy saving my butt. I got them all though playing regular quake. I remember how excited I was when I found the secret where you had to jump up and hit the torch holder with your head. May go back and try later. Got to play the other Quoth maps now though. Good job. Thanks for the fun. 
but a little unspectacular, was expecting a bit more from a Kell map. 
I thought the lighting was somewhat dull. Making the movers external bsp files seems unnecessary.

I have to agree with the lighting. I found it very flat and "fullbright"-looking in many places. There was something of an aversion to using animating lightstyles too - most noticeable on the "Q" secret (when you enter the teleport from behind - oooeerrr missus!)

External .bsp models was also a very odd choice. These don't interact with either map lighting or dynamic lighting (unless you're playing with gl_flashblend 1) which hugely limits their reusability (and completely wrecks player immersion). 
I thought the map was great, like the original - only more so!
I'm probably not as experienced as the rest of you though, and Shambler's posts are offering a notably different opinion to the rest of the posts, so I was just wondering if I could play your maps Shambler? Only I can't seem to find any on there somewhere else I should be looking? 
Don't Be Daft. 
If you've lurked enough you know bloody well I've never touched an editor, so the ancient "well what maps have YOU made" troll is a waste.

My opinion is simple:

Secret with no monsters + no gameplay purpose + very hard to find + MAP IS RELEASED AS UNFINISHED = purposeless secret.

Remake map without additional gameplay / map (i.e. not just purely aesthetic) enhancements = less interesting than other remake maps.

This map IS good for what it is but it misses out on 1. It's own potential if it had been finished, and 2. The interest that E1M1rmx and E1M2rmx etc showed. 
"Secret With No Monsters" 
lol sounds like someone didn't actually find the secret ^_~ 
I didn't really try to. It's an unfinished map and thus a natural assumption the "secret" is part of the unfinished bit. Noclipping and further investigation pretty much confirms that. 
mr. czg, you have to complete/finish your 05_17 scrapmaps

i actually would pay for completed versions of maps 
In Fact There's No Lol 
i'm serious, some time ago i have asked for permission to complete your maps , but my mapping skills doesnt allowed me to ... , so i ask you to...

just please , there's so much potential to


of course if you have some free time 
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