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Two Old Q1SP Maps By Orl
It has been awhile since I've been active, but I am still alive, and while the progress on my current map is at a standstill at the moment, I will make sure it gets done one day. For now, I present you with two maps made four years ago that I've never released because I just didn't like them that much.

The first map, oms24, is ugly. It's very ugly base map. Why is it ugly you ask? Because at the time, I had no idea the difference between a good texture from a bad one. All the custom textures in this map were made by me, and thats why it looks terrible. But if you can get past the eye cancer that is the textures, the map layout and gameplay isn't all too bad. It has plenty of flaws, but nothing too gamebreaking. There are I think a couple of unique ideas in this map, but as I said, it would be much more bearable if it had a complete texture overhaul.

The second map, oms25, is better in terms of looks. I guess you could call this map the predecessor to my officially released map back in 2010, oms2. It's nothing special gameplay wise, but it does involve a bit of backtracking, so it's not too linear like some of my other works. Interestingly enough, these two maps include what oms2 completely lacks: traps. Spikeshooters, lasers, crushing ceilings, exploding barrels and other hazards. But whether these traps are a positive or negative for the maps themselves, is up for debate.

So I guess if you have an hour to kill, heres something that will occupy your time. Don't hold any criticism back, let it all out :)
The second map is cool. But I really don't like the first one (base map with gooffy colors). 
screenshots please? 
OrlFox Classics 
oms24: shit map is shit. May have worked with a complete quality overhaul, a proper touch-up on construction and textures. The bomb button below the shaft... nice trap. The map felt familiar somehow, the beginning at least.

oms25: quite okay. Some nicely shaped arch-itecture (and surprisingly well aligned). Still could have used more polish. Funny beginning, unnecessarily bland unfortunately. Gameplay feels a bit repetitive, but I had some fast music in the background, so it worked out as a short action-packed romp. Though I missed a quad damage to spice it up a little.

You add a readme file to that zip right now or I will delete all your previous maps. 
First map: Hallucinatorily bad textures, like Madfox playing with Duplo. Good layout, good gameplay, quite tough. Basis for a good map but essentially decorated in turd.

Second map: Pretty good, plenty of nice design touches and a good theme. A bit haphazard and unpolished in places. Good gameplay, again quite tough but fairly balanced. 
Well Done 
Just as Shambler has pointed out, the first map loses its appeal due to textures. The second one is much better with its larger scale and mostly outdoors design (always a plus in my book).

I'm sorry that I forgot to record demos. :/ 
I always like looking back at my previous maps and see how much my mapping habits have changed since then. I don't know what was going through my mind when I made oms24, why I thought those textures were acceptable back then. Looking at it now, it makes me want to vomit. Purple, green, orange everywhere, blech. At least its colorful than most maps, probably not in a good way :) 
Wow - map 1 deserves a cheese award ;>
though the initial wall breakage is cool.
Second seems ok, but a bit bored to finish it right now. Made it through the collapsing roof second go.
Went to upload demos to quaketastic, but no passwd/account creation? They're shitty things anyway. After a bug run around, died facing off a shambler in the second map. 
No readme yet, has been deleted. will be deleted tomorrow unless you put a readme into that zip file. 
LOL Spirit ! 
Maybe you should awake at nights and do some full scale blood sacrifices too. Begin to crucify your own maps. 
Well I know you hated me Spirit, but I didn't think you hated me this much though. :) If you think you are proving some kind of point, go ahead and delete my maps from quaddicted, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I didn't even want these two maps on Quaddicted anyway cause they are terrible, but you didn't ask for permission to put them on did you? You would have just put them on there anyway wouldn't you?

Anyone who has played any of my previous maps has them already, and they know where to get them outside of quaddicted. Seriously, all this fuss over a readme file? Here, let me ask you this. If I put in a readme.txt in the zip, but instead of it containing any information regarding the maps whatsoever, it was instead a recipe on how to cook fried giant silkworm crumble pie, would you even care? 
Yum - Pie. 
Now That Went South (into Bavaria) 
it was just meant as a novel way of saying "please add a readme so in 10 years people will know who made it". I expected awkward laughter about my silliness.

I don't know why you think I hate you, I have zero feelings about you actually (that is meant to sound nice). not liking someone's maps is a completely different things. 
Duplo Delux 
I'm sorry I loved your maps very much!
It took about ten minutes before I was forgotten all I read here and enjoyed quiet a lot.

I don't mind the strange texture, lightning was very good.
The use of large space and the feeling for sizes is well done.
For some reason I felt in e1m1, bad the slime was fatal.

Feel like a fool having fun in a level that blames for such sillyness.
I think you lost the first sight, something happens quick with mapping.
I hope your next levels will be more outstanding and excentic
so idiots like me will like to play them!

Where the hell did the scrags go? 
Now Spirit, Why Didn't You Say That In The First Place? 
It's not always easy to detect sarcasm in just text. I didn't perceive your comments as silliness, I truly thought you were being cruel by ordering me to put in a readme otherwise you will banish my maps to oblivion.

Now if you had said it more politely from the very beginning: "Hey Orl, would you mind putting in a readme.txt so I can archive it onto quaddicted?" I would have happily obliged. I can understand if you were joking around, sometimes I joke around and the outcome isn't always as I plan it, as was the case here. :)

I will put in a readme this afternoon when I return from class. 
Orl, please, in your readme file, don't forget to add a recipe on fried giant silkworm crumble pie. 
The Zip Has Been Updated With A Readme 
For your viewing pleasure :) 
Yummy ! 
Heheheee, I'll be in the kitchen today, after I find all the ingredients.

Now, the Quake Map readmes should be more interesting in the future... ;-) 
Zero feelings = complete indifference?! Then why bother asking for a readme... 
Woohoo, thanks!

Barnak, do NOT read than's readmes.

negke, that was about us persons, the readme is for the file which I care deeply about. I am so lonely. 
Do You Plan On Re-adding Oms2_2? :) 
Of course, just did. These new maps will be available once negke adds their description. 
I'm still looking for a quakemap I played once downloaded from BBS, that was hidden in a dukenukem wad. It won't read me. 
hehe, in 10 years someone will read that and wonder what the last section is about. :P 
...I wondered what happened to these two maps. 
I didn't pick up on Spirit's sarcasm either, I was thinking, "there's no way he'll do that, it'll hurt him more than you to have an incomplete archive... he'll make his own readme before he goes that far!"

I should get to playing these this weekend. 
Ha, neither did I, but I never remember who has beef with who. Spirit always seems like a decent dude, so I presumed there must have been some harrowing incident in their history. Maybe Orl tied Spirit's shoes together and he fell over... maybe he stole his girl at the dance. 
As If I Would Go Any Dance... 
but I do fall over when girls talk to me

current gossip:

gb and I got beef because I know everything much better
for trinca I am adoulf
quaddicted posse alienated a guy who left shitty ratings

scampie is opping me again after emerging from his evil'air
czg is sometimes sending me pictures of horses which I appreciate (as opposed to pictures of bears) :-b 
wait... stole a girl... in Quake?
Spirit seems reasonable to me!, but he has one area of unyielding principle: which is archiving, mofo. Kind of like Shambler in the old days, whose principle was not archiving but encouraging, with uncompromisable standards. Kind of like how I often consider myself reasonable, yet then whenever czg shows up it's like high school again and I make rant after rant condemning some imaginary ingroup even though this is just a map design forum I've been part of for so long I should be ashamed. Anyway. We all have our obsessions, is the message, except there's probably legitimately well-adjusted people here to contradict that claim and in any case the examples I provided were weak. 
But Why Did I Have The Bowl Bart 
why did I have the bowl? 
No Beef With Me? 
For having the telemitry to work on a mod?

Aw, that's nice. :)

Hm.. can do better than a smiley though: 
I Did Take Spirit's Lunch Money One Time Back In Middle School... 
But other than that, I have no beef with him :)
Here have some larvae pie :D 
Oh Great 
now I can't eat pecan pie again. WE GOT BEEF NOW BRO 
Spirit Is Weard 
But don't let this disctract us from the fact that Orl's map is even weirder. 
What Tronyn Said... 
...I think?? :S Spirit is teh weird....but he's cool in his own weird way...

Need moar Quake maps tho. 
Pay No Attention To My Maps... 
Let's continue the conversation we are having! Whatever it is 
Spirit's girls don't screen readme's because they're not archived beta shots. 
I Liked Them 
And found time to make a couple quick first run demos. Will post shortly.

24 is ugly in a way I find charming, sort of evoking Area 51 etc. gameplay wise I actually liked this better than 25. Thanks for sharing! 
Demo Action 
Hey Drew 
Thanks for the comments :) What engine did you record those demos in? I can't play them back in anything. 
Oh Sorry 
hey, this may appear on the Quaddicted main site soon, but since the reviews are actually there I got impatient with waiting (yes I'm pretty impatient unfortunately). There's reviews of these maps here:

I'm not sure what to call plural "Alcatraz's" nor do the red fortresses in map 2 contain or imprison anything. But to me it's all pretty glorious in a way that no one but ORL could deliver these days. 
i actually enjoyed these way more than that conflagrant rodent map. even the first one; it may have looked like ass but gameplay was fun and varied and the layout wasn't half bad. loved the part where you land on the blue button :)

the second was obviously a big step up in the looks department but the large open areas meant it took a lot of monsters to fill and it got a bit repetitive picking them all off whilst running around. and it needed some supplies before the end! still decent though, quite different 
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