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New Q1SP - 10,000 Feet Below (quoth)
First map of a projected 4-map unit. All four maps are in varying stages of completeness but I'm releasing this now just to give everybody something to play in the meantime. Please don't be sparing with the feedback because I will revise when the full episode is released. Enjoy!

94/116/127 Enemies
5 Secrets

Skill settings function slightly different from the norm: check the readme for details.


This is the "Contract Revoked: Episode One" of 2012. 
is exactly what I was going for tbh 
1. In first room can get stuck between pillar and wall on the right.
2. Lava damage needs more highlighting.
3. On RA balcony can get stuck on tiny step trying to go back in (when running back from 4 nail tings)
4. Ogres opposite RA balcony lift are stuck.
5. Roof of first GA room is flickery and broken.
6. Item pillars in GK switch room are flickery too.

Other than that, pretty damn good. Gameplay was a bit frustrating at first but there were some great moments later on, usually involving rope ladders. I thought the Eddy was out of place but the other Quoth monsters were used well, the knight things were as tedious as usual but the other bits were fun. Good style and non-linearity. 
Feedback soon. 
Re: Borkage. 
1. D'oh! Fixed in next version.

2. Having lava in that one area was a joke that went too far. Toned it down for the next version.

3. You're the first to get stuck here but it's sloppy anyway so fixed in the next version.

4. That's not a bug it's a feature ;)

5&6. What engine are you using that stuff like this is still happening? I've tested it in Fitz, Quakespasm, and even Winwarp for all the software render lovers like myself, and even now can't reproduce the errors. I'd expect something like that to happen in JoeQuake or a stock engine, but then again I wouldn't even expect the map to load using those.

Re: gameplay at the beginning - might have a few more of the monsters teleport in to avoid all of them waking up at spawn (largely dependent on which route the player takes). Not sure yet, but glad you enjoyed the rest. 
Dunno what version. 
Well I had a very pleasant time playing it. Vigil mode, 94/94, 3/5 secrets, 17:37, no deaths.

Spent some reloads on trickjumping from a secret area with a balcony to the room where you need the gold key, and on slopejumps in that area collecting nails I couldn't have :)

I thought it was fun and well balanced for an easy playthrough, I liked the flashlight bits with vorelings, and I accidentally telefragged a shambler somewhere which is always great.

Worked without issues in DirectQ, but there was quite some z fighting going on here and there, and the ceiling directly above the hammer has a HOM. 
All the sequence breaks in this map are intentional, as is the second shambler being telefragged. I'm glad you're finding all this fun stuff. My fastest time is 1:24 on skill 1 but I didn't use all the tricks in one run. I'm waiting for a better time and maybe will release the best demo along with the pak. ;)

Slope jumping to the nails could theoretically make the real ending harder but it is what it is. Originally the MH and RA were on those pillars instead, which would have wrecked it completely.

While you're in the middle of breaking everything, have fun looking for the popefish secret.

And yeah there are two HOM areas and the one you mentioned will be patched in next version. (The second is hard to find without some serious effort)

thanks for enjoying 
Short demo...

I was a bit distracted. Will reocrd another one when I can.

Basically make it to the first ambush X( 
This Map's Been Quakeinjected 
Thanks But... 
Spirit I've been meaning to ask, could the author names on Quaddicted for perssp1 perssp2 fr3n1m3 fr3nrun2 and dom3m1 be standardized to something or other (I don't really care what)? I have five released maps and none of them have the same author name. ;) 
Great Map ! 
Another great map for 2012 !

Played the map in nightmare skill and God mode. Hehehee !

I noticed some misaligned textures under an arch, but nothing severe.

Gonna replay it again Sam... 
made some comments and recorded a demo which speaks for itself.
Will play again and see what happens, and leave a 2nd impression.
gotta run, but I like this map, basically! Good gameplay for the most part! 
Lol Ijed 
that's why it's a bad idea to do a first play on nightmare ;) 
Kinda Fixed The Authors 
I just got mariostompinstakilled by the fucking tarbaby in the second fucking room! This map sucks! 
20 minutes end time, 20+ reloads are some particular places. Mixture of very very nice and a bit meh. Wonderful secrets (the dopefish :) ).

So many HOMs!

Nice work! 
Spawn jump to GK, RA secret and jump around balcony to GK switch, surely. 
The original plan was spawn jump to GK -> MH/GL secret -> double GJ off a knight but I don't know which is faster. 
Good point. Mandel get arse in gear and compare the two. 
Nice One 
Tbh, I kind of expected quite a mess after you mentioned your avantgarde approach to brushwork and all the error reports, but if one doesn't look too closely, the map is good. Standard bunch of obvious issues like improperly aligned textures (on transitions mainly), empty spaces, portal errors, z-fighting, clipping. But it's a unique theme and well pulled off despite everything, which is nice.

Gameplay seemed okay, except would've been more fun and varied with more weapons (yeah, I know: first map of an episode). The sentinel bit annoyed me a little, though it was no problem on the second try. Overall enough supplies; a bit pressed for ammo at times on skill 2. I think I even found all five secrets (except didn't get the item from the first one).

I'm not much of a fan of the Quoth flashlight, but the darkness section here worked out well. A nice gimmick with good timing.

Hope you're going to touch up on the most blatant issues for the episode release.

Demo GG 
16.22 2/5 full kills

I enjoyed it overall, but some parts were a bit strange, basicly everything Shambler said I was going to say :)

Something I noticed was that I didn't really know what any of the buttons I pressed did. I had to just look around the level for new doors that were open etc.

Sometimes enemies would spawn in right in front of me with no sound and particle effects, unsure if that's by design or some sort of bug somewhere.

The visuals are certainly unique, I enjoyed it for the most part. I think the blue metal texture looks a bit out of place in most areas though (usually used for wall spikes and some trims) and perhaps a more grey/yellow material would look better.

Lighting was a bit dull in areas, I think some wall torches with bars around them, casting large shadows across the rooms could look really awesome here, but that is just personal preference.

Anyway, I enjoyed it :) Looking forward to the next! 
The Really Annoying Thing... 
...About the z-fighting issues is that they generally seem to happen to everyone EXCEPT myself and beta testers. The HOM over the hammer is the only exception, being something I didn't notice until after uploading (d'oh! x2). Pretty sure I've fixed the flickery ceiling in the GA room (it was just a customobject I forgot to delete... d'oh! x4) but even now I can stare up at that ceiling from every angle and at least on my machine there's NOTHING wrong with it. :( 
Oh And... 
I say "fixed." - currently VISing. download for the most egregious problems will be available fairly soon. 

I very much enjoyed the map, very nice Fern! The architecture was very nice, and I liked the feel of discovering things all over and how nonlinear it felt.

There were a couple areas that were a bit large and drab in places, and that some of the combats felt like they were a bit wide open because of it, but I wouldn't take that away from the map any. I do wish the initial spawn point had something that told you how you arrived, if only just a teleport pad or something.

I know of at least 1 secret I missed, not sure how to get it... not sure how I managed on the secrets overall... I beat the map but... well.. um... watch the demo. GJ and GL on next maps in series! 
(oh Yeah, That Demo Is Quakespasm Fyi) 
We're not going to discuss the gold key button.

It was too goddamn obvious. 
Scampie FTR 
Both the "initial spawn point" and the gold-key-switch-room were hella more complicated in earlier drafts of the map but were eventually sacrificed just to make the whole thing compilable. Bear in mind this map won't stand on it's own forever - all will eventually become clear. But it's also good to know I piqued someone's curiosity. 
Start Points 
is one of my pet peeves. I like to make at least SOMETHING of a story as to how the player got where they were (that's why you start inside a crate in scampsp1) 
Let's Just Pretend... 
you stepped out of an airlock :P 
Something simple like a teleporter platform is already sufficient. Or a blocked *teleport portal.

Btw. do not put items on the same spot the player spawns. They will fall out if the map restarts. Instead place them 8 units above the info_player_start - they will be picked up instantly, but never fall out. 
Well here you go Shambler!

The double gj route is faster but oh so much harder. Not used to gj without grenade counters. My runs are 28 and 25 seconds but oh boy it's been a while since I ran so they're not very pretty.

I have tried to enforce protocol 15 but I can only guarantee they play back well in DirectQ... At my place... 
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Brilliant Mandel, good skills.

Could you do the spawn jump in two SSG shots BTW?? 
You can kill a spawn with two SSG shots but then almost every pellet counts. Also, my r_wateralpha reset to 1 between re-records so the thing is basically invisible!

There are other optimizations to be had even using these exact routes, like bouncing the first grenade on the floor for example, but I'm rusty... 
Slight Update... 
Downloading again will get you a fixed version that removes the hammer HOM, (hopefully) the graphical errors in the GA ceiling, and fixes the clipping bugs by the tower in the first room and the RA balcony.

There are other modifications but they will wait until the rest of DOM3 is released. 
Other Stuff.... 
Mandel: the map resets wateralpha because the water in this map is supposed to be all full of oil and not see-through. :P But while recording I made a hotkey to change the wateralpha after loading and with that I could get the spawn with 2 shots every time.

Negke: fixed the items dropping out at startup (in the update) thanks for the tip. I'm still not adding the complicated entrance until full release though.

Scampie: Taking the YA after I put a frigging wall around it specifically to keep you out? You suck. Seriously. ;) 
I really enjoyed this. Very cool style, quite a unique take on temple. Unusual palette and interesting designs. Good feel of exploration, and monster placement that really gets mileage out of each monster. Full review for Quaddicted coming soonish. 
Thanks For Releasing This 
will check it out soon. 
Quaddicted mirror updated. 

Recorded in the RMQ engine, for some reason. 
Dancing Pixels With Sound Effects 
Nice Video 
There were parts I wanted to shout "TAKE THE AMMO YOU'RE GOING TO NEED IT!!!" but still, point made. ;) Left a slightly more detailed response on the video. 
Seen one of those in a while, was good - thanks. 
Daz You Are Hilarious. 
You must have good Quake skills to survive that well by missing half the bloody ammo and health in the map :D. I wish you'd reloaded after the first ending death to go find all the things you missed. Also RTFM, literally.

Nice commentary btw :) 
Skill Settings 

My fault then, I tend to just skim read news posts and instantly click on the download link and assume everything is standard.

For those interested, here is the blurb from the readme:

Difficulty Settings : Skill settings affect monster count and
available items in the expected way.
Also dependent on skill are the presence
of messages and navigational clues. I
originally wanted the map to be
completely text-free but that wasn't
everyone's cup of tea, so the settings
are as follows...

Skill 2: "Silent Mode" - there are no messages.
You don't need me to tell you what a
locked door looks like. That area you
found may or may not be a secret (just
like DOOM). And if you want to know
how to open or move something or where
to go next, try paying attention.

Skill 1: "Standard Quake Mode" - messages appear
for secrets and key-doors in the
expected way with a handful of tips
about doors and switches when their
dependencies and effects aren't
immediately obvious.

Skill 0: "Vigil Mode" - the map grabs you by the
cock and drags you all over the place
more or less talking the entire time -
with huge neon lights marking the way in
case this isn't helpful enough.

Skill 3: Same as Skill 2 with faster monsters.
You probably knew that already.

Skill 4: Same as skill 3 but drunk (requires the
bourbon mod, check your liquor cabinet).
Most of the playtesting was skill 4. 
Everyone Interested Already Read That ;) 

Fern please add 'Daz Mode' next map where the secrets are all pointed out with giant golden arrows. Especially the crate. That one, single, lone crate that looks nothing like anything else in the map and that he broke open in his skill1 playthrough demo he recorded and then didn't bother to open on skill2 in his video. 
Theres A Crate? 
I don't remember seeing or braking any crates :o 
You are a genius :D 
Finally Played It 
style was interesting but overall map felt a bit "put together" rather than a cohesive whole.

Gameplay I did not like at all. no real sense of pacing or flow and felt very stop start. 
Nice Map 
and very nice demo mandel, and very nice route! (a.k.a wasted a an hour to coem up with almost the same route to be 1 sec slower) (my dgj was a bit nicer (without a timer aswell) but got stuck a little)

had fun though :) 
Youtube is really unhappy with it but at some point in the future will display my playthrough. 
Youtube Is Retarded So This Is What I Was Going To Say 
1:44 - LOL, never seen a spawn do that. Sorry ;)

2:48 - that switch opens the MH/GL secret but you found that out already

4:40 - emptying the shotgun with 300 nails available...

4:50 - what the hell is that ambient sound? not something I put in.

8:51 - congrats on finding the super-secret! of course, now that you've posted this video, it isn't super anymore

10:22 - you know polyps still take damage when invisible, right? you could have won this fight much easier ;)

10:33 - I had no freaking clue about that HOM on top of the facade!! thanks for using such a weird clearcolor value

12:28 - gotta say, despite your complaints, you've actually played pretty well so far. so many testers died at this spot that I added extra medikits for the gaunt, but you didn't even need them

12:34 - another weird HOM (all of these are just skip textures that I wrongly assumed were invisible)

12:46 - LOL you found the RoS secret and then the flashlight ruined it. I'll make a note of that possibility.

13:30 - no comment on how many people jumped into what is obviously a vat of molten metal expecting something other than third degree burns.

17:30 - again with the weird exit sounds. I thought maybe it was the exit trigger, but it's happening here too. wtf?

18:28 - no one ever took that much damage from polyps before, sorry.

19:39 - ok seriously most of these skip textures just show the geometry beyond them, but whatever engine you are using is turning them into HOM instead! :P

20:26 - ROFL @ missing the megahealth and getting killed for 2hp

20:54 - between all the instakills and the HOM it's obvious this engine hates you

22:52 - just pick up the damn 50 health already and stop trying to be a cowboy ffs :P

end: - still need to add another 100 nails I guess... sigh.

thanks for posting
Dat Super Secret! 
...still doesn't explain the mysteries of that room above the slime vat that obviously has a secret but fuck if anyone will ever open it. 
The button that opens that secret has a light AND a texture cue... ;) 
Finally Played! 
Nice map. Liked the non-linearity and loved a couple of the secrets (ring and quad were fun!)

I was never really bothered by the Quoth enemies, though I didn't especially love the section with the torch, though I think that was mostly because I didn't know how to turn it off. Luckily, the section was over before the torch ran out.

The spawns were fun ;)

Anyway, I've uploaded a fitz 0.85 recorded demo here: 
Oh Yeah 
in case nobody mentioned it, you can get the silver key without getting caught in the cage and moved up on the lift. As far as I could tell, the lift didn't reset either. I used noclip there. 
About That... 
the silver key trap actually IS supposed to be skippable (like the cage trap in e2m5) so you could have just kept walking. Thanks for being a completionist about it though. You also figured out the intended use of the RoS secret so bravo :]

The exit originally had the first room on dom3m2 at the bottom instead of a void but I had to simplify it for limits. Maybe if I'd used a screenshot... 
And You! 
any progress on the next installment? Or is it


When noclipping around the map, I found some intriguing triggers that prompted center-screen text messages which I found intriguing. Very intriguing indeed. When the episode is released in full, are you planning a more story-oriented approach to gameplay? If so, you created some vivid imagery with a scarcity of words... 
Um, Nevermind... 
I just took a second look at them. Now I realize their purpose... 
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