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Quaddicted News Spam Thread
From now on this thread shall be used to post about news.

Big stuff shall still be posted as independent news post but not for example: Changes, features, outages, articles, pages, reviews, projects, things and Spirit's movie review whining.
New Tronyn review of dom3m1:

And I uploaded a lot of Quake 1/2/3 fan-art to

Also a quick overview on current engine development and random engines you might not know about:

And started a crude plain page for lighting parameters/options: 
Thanks For The News Post 
I was a bit tired when I wrote the review so there's some grammatical errors; "However, while" at the start of sentence three for example is superfluous and nonsensical. heh.

either it's been a long time since I looked at the fan art, or there's a lot of new stuff there. cheers. 
That Fan Art Page 
isn't rendering correctly. First column is too wide, by about 300px or something, and most of the far right columns are pushed off the edge of the page. 
FF 16.02 
There Are Two Pics With Thfollowing Title (or Similar) 

The thumbs aren't found. Either add the thumbs, or shrink the alt text/title. Then the columns will be nice and even again.

I just got FF17 and it still happens. 
john_quake_in_the_dark_ages_part 2_by_blackbeard666-d5bejrr.jpg 
The thumbnail missing is due to the software crapping out with a huge image I guess.

Firefox is a fucktard for rendering the alt text so big, FFS.

Tronyn: Register, login, fix, it's easy. ;) 
.gallery gallery_center table tbody tr td {overflow: hidden}

That could work. 
you need table-layout:fixed; aswell. 
overflow hidden would cut off elements.

it works fine in opera. 
I Know Right 
It's a good job that the majority or random people use Opera, rather than Firefox, right? 
Speaking Of Fanart

by some horrible shrimp person 
Spirite: Overflow 
overflow hidden would cut off elements.

something you can try:

white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

in the container which will truncate the text with ellipses, then use <abbr> tag to display the entire text. 
Scumpi: Welcome To Add It With A Nice Filename 
No can do, I am using a third-party plugin for the gallery, do not want to edit its source. :(

Wtf did Mozilla do to the Developer tools in Firefox. Jesus.

Tried all your CSS suggestions with no success.

"white-space: nowrap" just makes the long lines not wrap (awesome names with the random dashes). The overflow things did not do anything. 
table {
width: 100%;

td {
width: 20%;
Nah, other pages might require different sizes of thumbnails or numbers per row.

Right now all browsers show me some weird shift to the right, even though I did not change anything.

Enough for today... 
Maybe You Could... 
...stop ripping stuff off from deviantart without permission. 
are you serious? 
Nah, other pages might require different sizes of thumbnails or numbers per row.

you could wrap that particular table in uniquely id'd div tags to get around that? ie. #divid table {width: 100%;}

and you have a rather odd grasp on morality, fern... 
There Is No Homo Smilie? 
Good morning, negke! I uploaded both releases but don't have time to add them to the Injector. Love, Spirit 
You now use Markdown in comments so you can finally spam your genuine viagra handbags there too, Shambler. 
Scheduled Downtime 
if it fails, blame Red Hat. 
Let's Give It Some Hours, That Reminds Me 
What In The Sphincter Hell Are You Playing At? 
That Red Hat is ruining Lunix!!!!1

Well, I thought I did everything right to switch it to systemd and also disable the fsck on reboot. Right now I am not so sure. 
Maybe You Should Install Windows 
if you're not comfortable with working on the terminal and stuff. 
You Did It AGAIN!!! 
I'm Not That Innocent 
maybe you shouldn't develop a map editor if you are not comfortable with 2D views. 
You Devil! 
Getting Closer 
Insert root floppy and press ENTER 
Guess Who's Back, Back Again 
Note, if there is a note about some important file that affects network configuration during updates, you might want to read and make sure you fully understand it. 
Quaddicted's Back 
Tell a friend ... 
I have open-sourced the /reviews/ stuff, so if you know PHP (hopefully better than me), you are invited to collaborate: (warning, it is a mess) 
Added Some Files (older version of dxmf i guess) (dunno why it was not there, it fucking rocks)

thought about adding industri because 
probably cause the qep1_ext was never a proper release, i just posted about it in the general thread or something as it wasn't really a map or anything and since i lost the source for it, I couldn't finish it. 
took a look at it, and this looks like the broken version. all the bits in e1m6 and e1m7 are broken, but negke had haxored a fix for it by editing the bsp directly. not sure where that is thought. 
First of many new reviews by Tronyn coming in the next days: 
Sorry, I Forgot

ignore the missing margin around images, not sure what happened to them 
@Spirit, Thanks for the review, maybe one day I will get 19 or 20! :) The link for the map name and my name are broken and produce 404 errors.

BTW I like the screenshots, really nice angles, especially the one by the lava looks awesome. 
Well Sock I don't mean to make light of your talents or efforts. I don't want to give you 20/20 because you bullseye-nail every target you give yourself, I enjoy your releases a lot - but I have to factor in my own subjective enjoyment. I can't help it if I like more epic maps, where there's multiple vertical levels of attack and large setpieces. Anyway I just want you to know, that my reviews are subjective first and foremost. 
I would be perfectly happy with 18/20. That's still equivalent to 9/10.

No map or game is completely perfect, and neither is any rating system. Although I used to really have high regards for the old 5/5 CVG rating system as it was more opinion based than pseudo-scientific. 
Why won't the original Quake mappers like AliceMcGee or Willits publish a new Quake1 map undercover.

We could all beat them up with a poll for the most sharp score ever!

I can't help it, nowadays maps are so brilliantly perfect they murder my standards.
Not that I won't like seeing them coming, but they tinker my old school floppy size feeling. 
updated the bootloader and rebooted so it will either be back soon or not 
You can now upload demos.

Please test it and tell me how and why it sucks ass. See below the general map information on the map pages. 
By test I mean do whatever you like, I will prune files and database entries tomorrow.

I know it looks terrible at the moment, but hey, that is a visual representation of my code and really annoying to fix. 
a) stupid feature?
b) nice idea, terrible presentation at the moment?
c) fix the slow frontpage instead?
d) awesome feature but too shy to say so? is an example how it looks like when demos are uploaded, right now I am only displaying half the information. Those are bogus demos for testing. 
it looks ok, but what happens if there are a lot of demos? it'll push all the file into stuff way down. 
Agree With Necros (hi Necros!) 
Put the file info stuff above the demo stuff. Also make the form prettier ;-). Otherwise, great feature, hope it will get used a lot. 
I am not sure people actually look at the files, do you often use that table? negke suggested keeping that table on top too. The problem is that there are several releases with loooong tables, eg

negke suggested using Javascript to collapse both tables by default, I like that idea.

Maybe they could be cut off after ~5 lines (I'd check what the median is for the files table) with a "expand" button. I would need someone to write that for me though. 
Collapse That Fucker 
Also, make the form pretty! 
while we're on the topic, what *is* the point of the files table? i've never really found it useful because you're either dumping directly into id1/maps or into a new subdir. 
I Spose 
It's usage would be if you're looking for something that's usable on its own but bundled inside something else. I think there's a few things in Nehahra like that and a few other mods.

But yeah, usually it's not much use so +1 to make it default collapsed. 
I can't remember when or why it was added but the injector uses the information for its "what is already installed" scanner, so it might have been part of that master plan. I guess it is displayed "because we can". :D 
I suggested collapsing the demo uploading form, not the contents table. And, yes, all the demo stuff should be below the table of contents which I do consider a fairly important bit of information in the context of the archive.

Considering the expected amount of usage the demo upload form would get, perhaps it would be better if it wasn't on every single map page but rather in one central location (e.g. top or bottom of the map list). The user could select the map name and the system would automatically add it to the map page. This would keep it cleaner overall.

But to be honest, I'm critical of this whole thing to begin with. I don't think it really adds to the archive. Contrary to firstrun demos posted a map's release thread, which are for the most part only intended and being watched by the author himself (as posting them is meant as sort of a gesture of gratitude) and can therefore contain all kinds of derps and deaths, a demo posted on Quaddicted should be a quality walkthrough worth watching by all kinds of people. This requires certain standards, e.g. compatibility (protocol 15 in non-limitbreaking levels), ideally no deaths, a certain combat/navigation skill etc, and in consequence inevitably the need for moderation on Quaddicted's part. Otherwise it becomes more of a file dump, potentially anyway.
Of course, one should think (the few) people who decide to upload their demos there do consider them worthy and not just because it's an alternative to Quaketastic, but still... To me, it doesn't seem like a vital or necessary feature. After all, you could also post a link to your demo in the comments or somehow attach it this way. Wouldn't make it appear as officially approved. 
a) stupid feature?
b) nice idea, terrible presentation at the moment?
c) fix the slow frontpage instead?
d) awesome feature but too shy to say so?

I am not sure this would be a useful feature because when I go to your site I want to see the comments, read the review and play the map. Also from a casual gamers POV the engine mess with all the different protocols is not good. It would be more useful to show what engines the demo will work with than showing protocol numbers.

I certainly agree the zip file contents panel should be a collapsed by default, it never seems relevant to me. I would prefer if there was a way to get more feedback / comments on maps. Maybe get some editors to do a focus on previous maps on the front page. Like a classic map review but by several authors highlighting the different strengths. 
Getting 100% walk-throughs was actually my secret plan. I thought adding first runs would be good but now I just thought really hard and indeed, I cannot remember watching someone else's.

Externalising the upload form would be ideal but my code mess does not really work that way... :/

How about limiting to 100% single-segment demos in protocol 15, 10002 and 666?

sock, theoretically everyone can edit the wiki and submit news, I'd love more active participation! I should probably add a "recent comments/ratings" feed. 
Recent Activity 
Sounds good.

Youtube links to custom gamer videos in the description as well... 
Front Page Activity 
would be awesome, like what lvldesign does, you can see who has downloaded something or made a comment. Also having a big feature map on the front page would be perfect. I am slowly working my way through the previous maps and there are some really cool stuff, just it feels buried to me on your site.

theoretically everyone can edit the wiki and submit news Sorry I am not really into wiki stuff but I certainly will do a dual review format with someone else. It would be awesome to go back through the past maps and really break them down visually/gameplay wise. 
updated to make it walkthrough demos!

pull requests / patches welcome to make it suck less and look good: 
It's A Brilliant Idea 
I love it!

I think it's just fine, but if you were worried about a large cascade of demos you could put it in the footer. 
I pruned the demos so now it is ready for real uploads. 
On Second Try Maybe 
All requests to should now redirect from http to https. If you experience problems, please first clear the cache of your browser. Or shout at me madly.


I have uploaded 8 100% demos so far, what about <you>? :) now displays a better metric for "average rating", the bayesian average. That takes the number of votes and the global average etc into account (I think). Guess who is top #1? :)

So far 3 different people uploaded 100% demos, all people with nicknames that start with S. We are a specal breed! 
The top map should be Honey by CZG, honestly I can't believe there are people who gave that map less than 5 out 5! Internet voting is always weird on any site. :/ 
hkBattousai, rated this a 1

Unknown command "Fog".
Hunk_Allock: failed on 616944 bytes
Sorry but, 1 star...
I Wouldnt Take Much Notice 
of the ratings, I noticed my map is below a couple of maps with only 3 hearts.

But backstein is undoubtedly one of the best maps, though I think I liked both ITS and Midnight Stalker the most out of your releases. 
Re: Madfox On #45 
I don't know of anyone here (not that I'm particularly well-informed) that doesn't think that "1997 style" can be awesome (not that your maps are that, plus you introduce crazy new stuff that no one else would).

The wild creativity without any established standards of that early period was great.

If what you were saying with the floppy disk comment is you like the cheesiness of Quake, I kind of agree. The latest game will always have smooth beautiful stuff for map design. 
I Can't Believe 
kinn_marcher has been rated as 4.47 only, wow 
hkBattousai, rated this a 1 6 May 2012, 21:48
Error: "Hunk_Alloc: failed on 1650128 bytes"

whatta jerk 
Isn't Hunk_alloc 
when you have a really rubbish pc? 
Make sure you all watch my 100% demo on scampsp1 so you can learn where all the secrets are and how best to defeat all the enemies! 
Isn't Hunk_alloc
when you have a really rubbish pc?

it is somewhat related to an allocated memory

i guess "heapsize 32768" or higher should do the trick

also where are those 100% demos, could't find any 
be aware that ~4.7 is the highest rating a map can have or something. maybe I should scale the numbers to 5.

on each map page on the left if there are any. or 
lets rank em again! 
Hunk Alloc 
Can be fixed with command line on any engine, or is automatically handled on some 
So Basically 
some dude is down-rating maps because he's a complete ass? 
that was a long time ago and dealt with. more more natural ratings will easily leverage those votes. 
if they max out at 4.7 you should definitely scale them otherwise you should just make it 4.7 out of 4.7 ;) 
everyone should go make an account and vote for alll the maps



Except Scampsp1 
Trunk Alloc Error: Peepsize Insufficient 
Except Scampsp1 
Now go map!

you're lazy bum 
necros is right. 
Ha, I just noticed that the statistics finally work. 
map rating stats are interesting. was surprised to see that most maps are average, actually. 
Beer Funding 
Fundraising for the 2014 hosting costs is on: 
More than funded within 27 hours. This is heartwarming and awesome. Thanks!

Now excuse me while I book a flight to Hawaii! 
Wow Amazing... 
The amount you were asking for wasn't crazy but that you got the whole thing paid off in pretty much one day is fantastic. 
I Somehow Missed This Funding Thing 
So I just sent some. I guess you can apply it to next year. Thanks for keeping the site up and running. 
I Also Missed This 
And also just made my donation. 
It's Quake Injector Local Caching Wishing Time Again 
Rebooted, I guess it fsck's the disk even though my automated warning mail about that did not arrive (I wrote that myself so ...). 
Exciting news at

It was a pleasure with you all. The next phase in our incredible journey begins now. Here we go� 
I keep clicking on "Rude Shapes" but it doesn't take me anywhere. :-( 
Update Of The Decade. 
Negke needs to tone down the lighting a bit tho. 
Soo Good! 
Dopefish, lol!

what is map compilation
pure gold 
i love it <3 
Snarf Snarf Snarf 
"10 Quake Tricks To Give Her A Nice Surprise In Map "

Aprils' Fool Quaddicted... 
... awesome... 
An April Fools' joke? Well I never; would you Adam and Eve it. 
these eleven screenshots of colored lighting will shock you

think beating quake in twelve minutes is impossible? i did too, until i watched this video

sock suggests crowdfunding quake maps; you won't believe what happens next 
Developer Finds Self In South America, Creates New Quake Mod


Func's Biggest Twat Poll Announcement Shocker 
Also Also 
Please don't go back to the boring old frontpage. 
Thanks Guys! Procrastination++ 
Made me grin all the time, till i saw my nick in there and my heart skipped a beat, after that i was wondering how it would be there, till i read the entire phrase while chuckling.

But don't worry, your laziness gives me time to get the dust off more maps, add the screenshots, and fix some thins in those you already have. 
My favorite, by far:

Hands On: CZG

by far
I Wish There Were Hands On Me :-( 
Recent Activity
An error occurred while fetching this feed: 
Will fix itself once people add more ratings, tags, comments etc 
I am moving the main site to the new server.
Quake Injector and frontpage feeds are broken for now.
Please report anything else I have broken. 
My Heart! 
I wish switching the QI to SSL was trivial. :( 
Hint Hint 
You Broke My Bookmarks!! 
my bookmark is set to and I get "you should not be here, tell spirit how you ended up here
quaddicted only works via https" 
Also probably broke every single link I have on my tumblr. :( 
Quaddicted has been redirecting (almost) everything for more than a year now so if you copypasted the urls they should still work. I will set up the redirection again, because all the older links rely on it. I switched to a openvz system and it is all fairly new to me, especially the routing of traffic. 
Should be working, it was super easy. 
I just went back over some of my older tumblr posts, it appears they were using the https protocol 
Masque Of The Red Death and

The Quake Injector installs "" --- which is supposed to require hipnotic, but is the superior one that doesn't.

I don't think anyone sane would be looking for, I think everyone would want 
Added. Quaddicted has a dedicated forum, please use it ;) 
debugging some stuff 
Everything's Broken!!!! 
(Including Spirit) 
Yes, Posker 
And Now We Wait For Tech Support 
And that's why they are so cheap. I will restore the server for now and wait for their reply. The network port was limited to 10 megabit/s so I complained and they are too uptheirarses to investigate without me booting into some stupid rescue mode first. 
Everything is fine btw, we are just debugging network slowness. Because, you know, speed is more imporant that it working at all. 
It's all Linus Torvalds' fault!!! 
Those silly frogeaters rebooted the server. It is all back to normal now and faster than ever.

Now you can download Quake maps in milliseconds, hooray.

2014-08-12 10:43:41 (70.4 MB/s) - �/dev/null� saved [10737418240/10737418240] 
Lol Frogeaters? 
really spirit?
Nice screenshot! Thank you:) 
Is anyone trying to use Windows XP and Internet Explorer to reach the website? You will either have to switch to a better browser or a more secure operating system. Sorry! 
I Was 
Editing the wiki and it freaked out a few times and then defaulted to some prehistoric version of internet.

win7 + chrome but from behind a firewall.

It's also awesome having to submit twice, typing NIN every single time on the second submit! 
oh not the wiki, I meant quaddicted with its TLS/SSL.

please tell me of any problems with the wiki! 
I wish archives had names like

There are mods like DMSP or bots or other stuff and I actually can determine from the map what dependencies a mod has, but it is a fail.

Because assessing the dependencies isn't future-compatible, only backwards compatible with existing known mods. Which both sucks and is an engine failure. 
It's More Complex Than That etc

Not to mention the stupid =

I wish the idgames2 authority had never died. 
Well .. for accuracy's sake, warp has its own progs.dat so Quoth2 wouldn't matter.

But I understand your point regarding about every other Quoth mod having its behavior changed by Quoth 2.

If there is a reason warpspasm would be affected by Quoth2 I would like to know. 
Are There Mods ... 
That are affected very adversely by Quoth2 vs. Quoth 1?

I recall Negke complaining about Quoth 2 with his Vertical Mile map or something to that effect ... 
Ah, didn't know that. Can't think of any examples but I got quite out of touch with it all to be honest. 
Quoth 2 does not affect Warp Spasm whatsoever. This is why Shambler keeps bringing up 7 year old problems when talking about Quoth. 
Any plans to do an Advent Calender again this year? 
Quake Wiki 
Why does it return a 404 when using the www. prefix? 
I'd love to but it's unlikely unless I am even more strict to reduce the workload for me. On the hand last year was secret, maybe people could just mail me if they want in (with their topic and wished date). And I would make the deadline November 30st. Hmmm.

negke: Sounds like you use some DNS that tinkers with what it tells you, probably serving ads? Don't do that! The domain is, no www. Just like did it. 
Also it's Quaddicted's (well, quakeblog's) 10th birthday on the 22nd and I expect some surprises! 
Can't you forward it or something? Because what happens is people are told to check the wiki, enter the www. address like they're used to (since it works practically everywhere) and then think they site is down. 
Also, I have to reboot now. Thanks negke!

but I agree it should still be supported as a do-nothing subdomain for grandmas and dinosaurs 
Not really feel like I did remotely enough for the site(s) over the past year but fundraising for 2015 is on: 
Wait, the april fools page was this year. That was definitely a highlight. 
Hosting The Site 
is enough for the community tbh 
That April Fools version of Quaddicted is still used as the preview for Quaddicted in my Firefox new tab... 
<- Scampie 
61% funded, mostly from func_regulars, thanks! 
Thanks for your support. 
Automatic Updates Are Being Applied, Please Do Not Turn Off The System 
We Shit The Bed, Please Do Not Turn Off Washing Machine 
Expo 2016?

So this is an early look at next years stuff? 
It's 20 years of Quake! We should make it a big awesome mega hyper event. 
To Be Honest 
I'm doing a quake like id did thing and I reckon 2016 is when it will be released... :P 
Yes onetruepurple, I believe that everyone in the Quake community can put their energy into a common goal if they just try (exceptions prove the rule). I am not sure why you feel left out?

If I somehow give a wrong impression that it is about me and my projects, please talk about it. I just want to have it happen and have it happen big, so I do something. 
I'll Have Something For Then. 
maybe i can finish my map. 
A Lot Can Be Done 
In 'just one' map 
Zendar was just one map but it took me about 40 minutes to complete on my first go :P 
I Was 
Thinking of Altar of Storms 
If we had a map as intricate as Zendar on the scope of ne_ruins...

That would be a very worthy addition to Quake's 20th birthday yes. 
I Would Prefer More Something Like ... 
another jam with more than 20 entries, or a huge chainmap. 
I was going to say "post those things in that forum, you don't even need an account" but realised that the guest post forum does not allow creation of new threads. I'll fix that later today, sorry. 
Getting 20 maps together for a big jam would be awesome but a tall order... Getting a chain map going is even harder these days because of the differences in each editor that people use. 
Not That It Would Stop Me 
from wishing and hoping for that. 
jam5: remix a bad map and fix it 
Which bad map(s)? 
Make A Good Bad Map 
its fun 
theme: take an SM49 map and expand it. 
well, pick your own. ideally anything that shows promise unfulfilled or unpolished (and not just 100-monsters-in-a-box trash). sort quaddicted ascending by rating.

any of these

any of the SoA or DoE maps, if we're all being honest

also, spirit, is the first 7z file supposed to just be an archive full of EXE files? 
yes, that's what it is. not worth checking out unless you are into cataloging, it's files we know from elsewhere.

i'd love to see a fiffyjam, just because those filenames have been staring at me for the past 10 years. 
Jesus Christ Put A Trigger Warning On The Aftershock Textures PLEASE 
Spirit, Buy This Please ;)

I'm tempted but 40 bucks shipped... argh.

Anyone remember this issue?
All I remember is a screenshot with dragons, and a picture of a skeleton in id's office wearing a santa hat. 
You'd Be Jealous 
of my stacks of game mags from the 90's... I must have about 30 editions of CVG and just as many PC Gamer UK. :) 
surely there are scans available somewhere? Other people are better at that, I would not want to waste my time on scanning, it's painful... 
of my stacks of game mags from the 90's

Looking back, I regret I never took better care of mine. :( 
Hunted someone who has it and as the internet is awesome, here are the scans: 
Love early preview hype ... "you'll have attacks that send you crashing into the wall, leaving a smear of blood as you crumple to the floor".

Yeeeeah ... about that ... 
Wow, Awesome 
Thanks spirit! 
Haha yeah. It's beautiful! 
I Don't Normally Comment On That Kind Of Thing ... 
But wow! That is great!

The shots look part-Doom and part-Quake and you can tell the ideas haven't taken focus.

Some of those look like the Ebon Fortress, Crypt of Decay and the Elder God Shrine in early development. 
yeah, at least one of those shots i definitely haven't seen before (with the dragon and the row of blue torches) 
Thanks, Spirit. Very entertaining read. 
More Poop 
Is It Site Down 
Seems offline.... 
Sorry, I'll restart something in about 5 hours. Can't access it earlier. This will continue to happen until someone helps me use a different proxy/router or lighty stops sucking in that regard. 
ok!! I feared it was gone forever (I discovered quakeaddicted and quake injector just 3 days ago, really!!) however thank you and keep up the amazing work!! 
Don't worry! If that would ever happen I would make sure it would all be properly archived and ready for re-use.

It should already work again now. I also installed some script so it should only be down for 5 minutes at a time now. In other words, duct-taping over symptoms... :\ 
10 Years! 
now map us some cakes 
Firefox is a little special browser so it refuses to load Quaddicted at the moment and I am not sure there is anything I can do. 
Firefox 37.0.1 loads it fine, what's wrong? 
Resolved itself, Firefox is the only browser that requires OCSP response and the server that does that for the used CA was down or something. Pretty silly stupid stuff. 
#185 Lunaran 
Thanks for your bad good advice!

#193 Spirit - I sended you the Dutch version of PC-Zone I bought in those days. 
I updated to show the prices for the mods, have fun playing, thanks for being part of this incredible journey 
Thing is everyone will bitch for a few days, get bored, start paying for mods, and Valve makes another billion a month. 
i like how the price is just half of the average user score :) 
People will whine... but the thing is, the only mods that will charge and have any success are the same ones that did it before: small mods with cheap prices. People already were buying millions in CS:GO weapon skins and Dota2 items and outfits, don't pretend like people won't spend real money on user created junk.

Anything bigger will only really work as pay what you want, basically donation-ware. Maps for instance wouldn't work behind paywalls, you already have to fight for exposure to get anyone to even try them when they're free. Even mods like CounterStrike that eventually went commercial would have a hard time getting to that point if they require payment to even try them.

So really, commercial mods are not going to destroy games. At first it will be annoying with lots of idiot creators trying to make bank from 'fishing sim mod' for $5... but they will eventually realize no one gives a fuck about their mod at $5.

The biggest realest problem though is that Valve is taking such a large % of sales and the Author getting so little. Like, I've heard it as Valve 25%, Game Dev 50%, Mod Author 25%. That's broken and unacceptible. Game Dev should get some reasonably large amount, that is their incentive to allow commercial exploitation of their content, and is a good incentive for them to make mod tools. But Valve should not be getting the same cut as the author. Valve 20%, Dev 35%, Author 45% is much more in line. 
I think Valve gets a cut similar to that % for everything bought thru Steam (games, marketplace items, and now mods).

The publisher in this case then sets how the rest of the pie is divided between themselves and the mod author. 
I realize that Valve is taking about that much for all things, Steam is actually pretty abusive in that regard, marketplace items and sales I've heard are particularly bad because Valve stacks the deck in their favor.

The publisher is the one setting the cut between Dev and Mod author? I didn't realize that... I guess that's Bethesda being Bethesda then (since I believe the numbers I heard are related to Skyrim). Very scummy, especially if it's not known to buyers of 'pay what you want' that you may think you're paying $5 to a mod author and don't realize they're not the ones getting the lion's share of that $5 for their work. 
That Mod Thing Is Unbelievable Scummy 
Besides, half these mods use content from other mods and asafdhagsfdhgafsdajhdgjahsgj 
Will the royalty checks be retroactive to the date of the mods release? 
Yes, we just need to retroactively find everyone who ever downloaded something, shit in their hat and steal their car. 
and then send 25% of the hats to the mappers 
Sounds Premium 
Special offers have been cancelled, I can happily announce that I made 0� by selling out and that's the way it should be.

Any experienced designer interested in working with me for a Wordpress relaunch of Quaddicted? The maps part is external but I fancy changing the rest for the umptinths time. Some nice flexbox stuff with a classic game portal look. I want to get back into blogging, that drove motivation so well. 
Depends on what level of skill you're looking for. I do have some degree of experience using Wordpress for TAW when I made the transfer around mid-2006 and have been using it since. Though I've honestly only put together designs and features suited to the site needs. Rarely worked on stuff outside of TAW besides some localhost test site ideas and an unfinished request (due to a lack of communication).

In regards to using Wordpress, it's a common target for high volume spam and brute-force logins these days so you might want to conjure up some wizardry to prevent that asap. I've been considering some ideas but whether they work is another matter. 
Oops, I know my way around WP. I am mostly looking for someone who wants to design the layout and style, I should have said that. :) Something with nice 960 px width (if that's still the golden standard), maybe two sidebars, support for some plugins I want to use, non-responsive design. Could be based on an existing style of course, I would even think about buying a professional theme as base if it is a one time purchase and reasonable.

I could just go back to but ugh! 
Something I want to point out.

For almost any map in the database, there is a screenshot.

Unlike any of the other ones, the picture for Func_MapJam5 has letters on it.

/I know how much work maintaining something is. 
You Know My Pain 
Not a fan of composite screenshots myself. 
Webquake was featured on Hacker News and you wouldn't believe what happened next: 
Now Make A Graph Showing How Far People Played In Each Episode 
Short Maintenance 
Nike shop opens at 9!! 
always amazed when the server comes back and the sites reappear 
Quaddicted will sleep for the night, sorry. 
Also, I am assuming that if I have to take money from the hosting fund to rent a beefy server for a month to get Atomicgamer archived, that would be fine, right? 
Lesson of the day is that backing up the containers in which your sites run is a great idea but backing up the host system is a good idea too. Something broke and the server is not booting anymore. Backups are just a week old so no worries, nothing is lost.

I am focussing on Atomicgamer right now, so you will have to live without Quaddicted (and quakewiki and quakeexpo but who cares, right) for another day or two. Sorry! 
If someone knows things about mdadm and grub I could use some help. 
I have given up. Will be some days until it comes back. If this motivates someone to finalise offline support for the Quake Injector, at least something good comes out of it (I don't remember the status, sorry).

I will probably switch to a new server as this is a waste of time. 
what exactly is the problem? i don't know anything that would help, but maybe someone will stop by here and see. 
Try posting to the Quake subreddit at (

Maybe some people there will know how to help! 
System does not boot, that's all I know. Provider said grub did not find some disk when they tried to boot it. I can mount the disks fine in a rescue system. I chrooted inside then.

I had updated packages which included a kernel upgrade. So I checked and changed the grub config without luck. Updated the initramfs.

Since it's raid I also tried including various modules. Raid is fine and working if I boot in rescue system. I took out one of the big disks when i first got the server as I did not care for raid. I also tried many variations of device names and uuids in mdadm.conf and grub as I suspected the md0/md126 thingie was the problem. Fscked without problems.

I can use a rescue ubuntu fine but when I try to boot the broken system, the only diagnostic is 'does it respond to anything after many minutes or not'.

And that ruined my Saturday, not gonna let it ruin my Sunday too. I'll post this and some file lists and configs to some places later, good idea! 
I've Had A Similar Problem In The Past 
ended up reinstalling after wasting a couple of days on it. Sorry I can't be more help - short of regenerating the grub configs, I don't know how to fix it. 
Thanks :) 
New server is ready but it is not my priority at the moment. If people want I could upload archives of the files to, just tell me what you need.

Note to self because I cannot spam our internal forums at the moment: 
Can't Wait! 
Had to register a new account due to the fact that I forgot my 2003 password and gamersrevolt mail account is long gone!

Thanks for your efforts Spirit, has been dark days without Quaddicted! 
Quake Injector Is Awesome But Could Use An Update 
These recent outages are sore reminders that while we all love Quake, Quaddicted won't be there forever and lots of users install exclusively through the injector, which goes down when the server does. Local functionality would help fix this for inept users like me. I have two ideas for fixes and relatively little Java experience.

Idea 1: When Quake Injector installs a pak or a bsp, it creates a text file using the data it pulls from the site to populate its info. This could be used to display maps that are already installed if a connection can't be established.

Idea 2: When Quake Injector installs a pak or bsp, it creates a shortcut in a separate file in the Quake directory. This shortcut would direct to the engine the Injector is set to use and to the new pak's game name. Titles could be pulled from the site at the time of installation. This way if the Injector goes down, mods can be easily and individually opened.

I love Quaddicted and tools like the Injector. I'm glad Quake maps are still being released and that a community still loves the game so much. I hope you don't mind the unsolicited advice, but I'd love if the game and its legacy of user made content could outlast Quaddicted itself for more than just the most adept users.

Thanks Spirit for your time and for an awesome site! 
When Quaddicted is down it gets more praise then otherwise, I should do this more often, it makes me feel good!

The Injector is almost offline ready actually, I would need to check but megaman, Johnny Law and ericw did some great work. Downloads and screenshots can already be held locally I think. The only thing that actually fails it from working to play installed maps is that it downloads the xml database at the start. That can (is?) be cached, it would just need to read from that.

Maybe someone can poke around a bit. Generally this just reminds me what a metric crap the current system is, especially with the special authors always requesting updates with the same filenames. Maybe completely reworking the whole system might be a good idea but I would at least need an active QI developer for that (and lots of happy free time!)

Shortcuts would not be cross-platform. 
Thanks For The Response! 
It's excellent it's nearly there already! The Injector seems like it has been steadily improving over time, most notably in my case when it suddenly understood how to implement WarpSpasm. I should have figured there was someone already on that from the experimental "check for installed maps" function.

That said, if you need someone to help with development, I'm professionally inexperienced but handy with Java, and I'd be more than happy to help if I can.

I have no idea how the cross-platform issue slipped my mind. I've been tooling around with my Quake files for years and it never occurred to me that another system might handle it differently. I feel pretty dumb about that. Speaking of feeling dumb, how does one find that xml if it IS chached?

Thanks again for the response! Can't wait until the site's running again! 
You can poke around in the code at if you like.

At first glance (in the doParseDatabase function of the main class) it looks like the downloaded database XML is stored at whatever path is returned by getConfig().LocalDatabaseFile.get(). So that'll be some value specified by the QuakeInjector config... by default it is "database.xml". 
Atomicgamer archival is nearing the end, downloads should be done in the next 24 hours. Then I will see the remaining uploads finish. Then I will reset the server. Then I will start working on getting Quaddicted back online.

Not sure if I want to keep the new server. 6TB of space sure is nice but it also costs almost twice as much... 
Thanks Johnny Law 
You know, I was half expecting to be totally lost at first glance. Looks like my classes were actually pretty useful. I'll look it over and get back to you if I can do anything useful. This shouldn't take too long. From what you guys described I was expecting something much less neat and orderly. This reads nice. 
An mirror of quaddicted and quakewiki (and quakeexpo) would be an awesome historical contribution. Just my two cents.

Your work is appreciated, and worth saving.

9452 Gigabytes of AtomicGamer files have been archived at Last upload running right now. Phew! 
Let me second that, an archive of Quaddicted would be fantastic. 
Yeah, I should really make WARCs of my own sites. Please remind me when they are back online! 
Wait, you guys mean versions or tarballs? 
Is there an index on that archive? Right now it's sort of opaque.

I'm kicking myself for not having mirrored all of Quaddicted, when I was thinking of doing so a month ago. 
No index yet but I could share a file list tomorrow.

If you need any files or directories from quaddicted just say it! I just don't have the servers running, the files are easily accessed. 
It's good to hear that the whole Atomic Gamer Archival Process is going fine. I can't wait to get onto Quaddicted once it's back online. I still wonder why AtomicGamer decided to shut down. 
9.4 terabytes??? damnnnnnnnnnnnn, that's a lot of quake. 
The wayback machine does have Quaddicted archived! Those downloads work too, but the QI still needs a live version to work 
Not Quake, just generally all demos, patches etc from 199* to now. Quake is <20 gb. 
Awesome! I will try to get the map system up tonight in a quick and dirty way. 
How large are the archives that Quaddicted hosted, including idgames2?

I'm interested in setting up an offline mirror for Doomworld + idgames and Quaddicted + idgames2. 
Injector Works Again For Now 
It depends... It is all such a mess, otherwise I would set up some rsync.

81,1 GiB mirrors
36,1 GiB webarchive
20,7 GiB idgames
6,0 GiB engines
4,6 GiB idgames2
3,4 GiB filebase <- sp maps
2,9 GiB movies
1,5 GiB maps <- mp maps
1,5 GiB commercial
1,3 GiB music
1,0 GiB tools
938,1 MiB models
616,1 MiB mods
492,0 MiB temp
418,0 MiB wads
278,6 MiB misc
118,8 MiB advertisements
80,9 MiB demos

Bottom line is that it is just not maintainable as well as idgames. People did not care for proper release etiquette in the years between the death of idgames2 and Quaddicted and even then too many did not care to check for filenames etc. Having it directory structure based is bad and made me do ugly compromises. Not to mention SP maps with MP and vice-versa. 
Cheers for getting the QI database back up. Here's a pull request for QI "offline mode" (sort of), along with some comments about what it does and does not do: 
Fix That Shit Already 
It's been two weekes... 
And what a Freudian typo!! 
Ode An Die Freuds 

Making a new 404 error page was more important. 
Okay, That Was Worth It 
I'll take it offline again in some moments for re-imaging, grab what you need. 
I'm willing to RSync a mess. If you're hit by a bus between now and whenever you intend to get Quaddicted back up and running then we'd likely lose the archives; or face great difficulty in getting them back again. 
Indeed! Rsync:// 
eg: rsync -avP rsync:// filebase

HF! That server will go down some of the next days (7? 10?), I won't pay for it again. 
gah, installed a too modern linux which openvz does not support yet. will downgrade tomorrow or something... 
that pic!

Hey, now it's clickable! 
About Time! 
Quaddicted is back online! 
It's About Damn Time! 
Seriously though, didn't realise how much I used the site until it went down. 
Time To Upload RJ3DLC Negke!!!!!!!!! 
I Would If I Could 
But Spirit keeps all the good things to himself... 
Advertising On 

I�d like to inquire if it�s possible to purchase advertising space on your website.

If there is any space available please let me know and we could discuss further details.

Looking forward to your positive reply.

Ok Which One Of You Was That 


For the low price of $250,000.01 US dollars a month, we can place a 1x1 pixel of your choosing in the lower right hand corner of the website, guaranteed to be seen by the tens of users of this forum!

Looking forward to your postive reply.

Scampie - head website management 
Spirit, could you mirror this page on quaddicted for posterity? 
thanks, grabbed it, will be in the /webarchive/ some day. Also made sure has it. Btw, everyone can add missing pages to it, just paste the URL, if not archived, it will suggest to. 
Hi Negke 
Wanted to set up an "every Quake map" twitter bot but they require you to tell them your mobile number, wtf. :( 
Has anyone here played with ipfs? I fancy using it for the files as it solves several problems at once but I am not sure how much trouble it is and how stable. 
What a cheap attempt at getting my number! So you can do your thing with me, too...

Twitter bot: would be cool to have a tool or an engine plugin to run a script that automatically loads all maps and takes screenshots of the intermission screens for daily tweets. 
...Or, you know, just use the screenshots from Quaddicted! 
guess what I wanted to do 
not my fault, investigating 
The finger of blame, it searches! 
Got Python ready for

Ideas and requests are welcome, I will probably set up a daily random screenshot/map/link thing. 
seperate the hashtags, bla bla bla 
Fixx Ed 
Goo D 
DAE Advent Calendar? 
Only Once A Year 
Pay the bills! 
Elektronische Lastschriftverfahren 
I loved the Quake calender last year, I still think about Preach's 12 days of quakemas save file. 
Merry Christmas! 
Would it be possible to implement a "filter out" function on the maps page? Say if I would want to hide any maps for Quoth or with custom paks/models or whatever. 
I've donated! :) 
Happy Holidays! 
I've donated! 
Should be trivial for someone who knows Javascript. Would love a patch, I don't want to touch that abomination. :\ If someone would turn the horrible JS currently in use into something modern and good, I would love you forever.

Thanks so much for the donations, already 30% funded! 
Thank you, Spirit! 
I get a certificate error 
insideqc doesn't seem to get indexed in Google -- is there a robots.txt blocking it? 
Not my department. They can't even be bothered to let us stay logged in it seems... 
I thought you hosted insideqc. My mistake. 
Can't reach quaddicted. Only with the org channel, no loging.
Suddenly it seems my link isn't private. 
the certificate spirit is using probably hasn't been propagated to your browser (or whatever magic it is that does that). you can safely ignore that warning. 
Any modern browser works. I decided to drop some support of older browsers (and Android 2.x I am afraid) so we could have more privacy. Nothing changed recently though, did you not visit before or change something? 
Yay Let's Encrypt! 
By the way, my browser has this thing where it shows some icons for frequently-visited sites, and somehow the Quaddicted one is the Quake ranger pulling a goatse. I'm pretty sure you've done that on purpose, of course, but I haven't yet figured out how you did it. Bravo. 
Left over from April 1st? 
That's Been There For Years 
It's an Apple user exclusive because Apple is special and makes non-standard Apple-specific requests. 
I can login with the org.~ backside link, but as soon as I try to use the login file I end up at waybackmachine
I don't understand what you mean with "org.~ backside link" 
I don't understand what you mean with "org.~ backside link"

I don't either but it sounds rather arousing... 
If you look at the page adress there is something like

So this one gives the ph440, and this this is quaddicted that works, untill I log in and return on the waybackmachine.

Maybe because I'm not registered on Chrome. 
What exactly does your browser show if you visit ?

The wayback machine is just an external, static archive, there is no relation between that ( and Quaddicted. 
Could a mod please change to in the top post? 
Tsk No-www! 
The posse will be upset. 
Is That Windows Xp? 
this is the problem I guess -

Madfox, there should be an option to accept the certificate despite the warning, maybe under "advanced". 
A Scott Mailed Me Last Year And I Forgot About It 
Awesome, thanks for finding that one. That's the first rubicon-themed map ever made, I made the textures for his map first, and then built Rubicon with the finished set. 
Not In The Database? 
It's a deathmatch level. 
Check your certificate Spirit. 
Check your privilege mfx 
Mansplain Yourself 
What Are You Trying To Hide? 
What Is This Shit AGAIN 
Is this going to happen every year now - and once you've lost interest completely the whole archive becomes inaccessible for good? 
Why is HTTPS necessary for Quaddicted anyway? 
All Three Months 
Thx Spirit! 
Anything For You 
negke, the certs should renew monthly, automatically now 
still feeling a noob. 
Try Firefox ? 
Way Back Bugger 
I use chrome but get bounced by this bugger that seems to be a digital library of Internetsites.

When I use the htts page the only use is downloading a map.
As soon as I try to login this bugger ends up again.

Strange to see my old homepage while the site is long gone. my past is shadowed. 
foxed it! 
Sprtii, please unbreak the frontpage news script. 
I just got a new computer running Windows 7, and the Quake Injector doesn't open correctly. It's now a .zip file instead of a javascript app. Am I doing something wrong? 
Nevermind i'm very stupid and didn't even have java installed. Carry on 
@spirit ...

Do you know where this archive can be found?


Some Googling seemed to suggest you may actually have archived some different repositories.

Neither gitorious mirrors seem to work nor does seem to have that backed up (or if it is, it is inaccessible).

More of a curiosity than anything, that even if you don't have it the odds of not being able to find a living copy of Clean QC 1.01 is pretty low. 
what did you google? :P first hit for me.. 
also - spirit's archiving thread on insideqc:

In the first post he has a list of repos archived. There is some cleanqc stuff from gitorious but not that specific repo. I assume the one I linked is it though? 
(sorry For Smart-ass Reply) 
Yeah I Googled but apparently not that one. ;-)

I don't care about smart ass replies, haha.

Spirit is one of the best suppliers of smart ass replies around. 
(It doesn't help that entire insideqc site is like excluded from Google and all the search engines ... I read that repo thread within the last few weeks but when I trying to find the above an hour ago I didn't even think about that thread.) 
An error was encountered
Error: Unable to connect to MySQL and select database. MySQL reported: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2). 
I blame sock. 
Quaddicted's https certificate is expired. 
So donate that magnificent Spirit some of your last five pence, so he can continuate that site thanks that terrific certificate price hunter! 
It's not the price of the certificates I would imagine, but the hassle of mucking about with them every single year. 
I've been told that Spirit was busy with moving houses lately, so this may have something to do with that. Just add an exception for Quaddicted. It's not like it's some random virus-riddled russian site, anyway. 
Just add an exception for Quaddicted

Not all browsers support that. 
A good read for you:

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a web security policy mechanism which helps to protect websites against protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking. It allows web servers to declare that web browsers (or other complying user agents) should only interact with it using secure HTTPS connections,[1] and never via the insecure HTTP protocol. HSTS is an IETF standards track protocol and is specified in RFC 6797.

Browser listed on that page:

Chromium and Google Chrome since version[28][29]
Firefox since version 4;[30] with Firefox 17, Mozilla integrates a list of websites supporting HSTS.[20]
Opera since version 12[31]
Safari as of OS X Mavericks[32]
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 when KB 3058515 is installed (Released on Windows Update in June 2015)[33]
Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 support

Short version: It's protection against malware and spying tools, etc. "Exceptions" are a backdoor. HSTS is eliminates the backdoor. 
I went to read that page but I don't understand much of this technical stuff.

"Exceptions" are a backdoor. HSTS is eliminates the backdoor.
My Firefox is up-to-date (v50.0) and the exception works, so I guess Quaddicted doesn't use HSTS (or I misunderstood what you were saying).
By adding an exception, do I create a risk for the website or just me? 
I think Spirit is gone from func_ and maybe from Quaddicted, for a while. I can bug him about the cert but has anyone else already done that? Don't want to pile on him. 
If he's gone from Quaddicted, is there anyone to maintain the site in his absence? Besides the certificate issue, the new map releases are piling up and not being added to the site. 
Hmm... I thought it was possible to automate LetsEncrypt renewals? Or was I mistaken? Perhaps something has crashed at the site. 
Spirit Gone From Func? 
ayy lmao! 
Cert seems OK now for me, everyone else cool? 
I Broke Quaddicted 
Break Your Own 
exclamation mark
What's the address to the page on Quaddicted with the last 50 ratings or so? It was posted here somewhere a few weeks ago but I can't seem to find it. 
Welcome To The Cunt Circus 
Stop shitting on other people's subjective opinions or I will make ratings non-public.

Madfox: <3 
Hey Spirit. 
Stop letting people abuse your system with multiple accounts
How can you tell that's the same person? 
No-one's shitting on others' subjective opinions. Troll downvoters don't express subjective opinions, they only shit on people's work out of spite for no valid reason. You should do something about them rather than threatening to make the ratings non-public. 
I Had A Look And Otp Is Correct 
It does indeed look like someone is registering multiple accounts and systematically down-voting certain maps/mods. 
All signs of suspicious activity: recent registrations, same or similar ratings on the uploads in question (as in this case, AD, ITS, and sock maps generally), similar levels of activity (~20 ratings) done before moving onto another account. 
Man, how shallow and low does one's life have to be to do that kind of shit.

I've been around the internet for a fair while and probably done some pretty shitty things, but I don't ever recall systematically trying to reduce somebody else's work like that. Like seriously, was this person not hugged enough as a child? Have some god dammed integrity and address your beef like an adult, with words and stuff.

Seriously, I don't even mind trolling, because lets face it, who doesn't like a well written shitpost.

But downvoting somebody else's work because you have a personal beef with them, and NOT because of the quality of their work is a shitty shitty thing to do.

If that shit is happening, fuck them. If that person is reading this. Here is my message to you: Go into the bathroom, take a good look in the mirror and decide whether you like the person that you're staring at. Get some help or find something positive to channel your energy into. Your actions make you look like a child. 
otp: Proof?

Mugwump: What?

Write code to automatically detect abusive behavior, then provide low-click solutions and I might give it a try.

Trolls exist, just look around this forum. Guess why I don't come here anymore. 
So you looked at that and decided "nope, nothing worth looking into".

How do you go through your day without forgetting how to breathe? 
I prefer enjoying my days actually breathing instead of getting my girl panties in a knot about imaginary internet points. I could not care less about some petty trolling and I am not going to waste precious life time on some vague accusations. 
It seems some people are troll upvoting certain maps/mods: 
I voted on sock's maps because I haven't voted on them before, and felt it was appropriate.

In other news, go eat shit you insipid, boring cunt. 
Expect an angry email from Spirit stating "trolling and other abusing behaviour is not welcome" any minute now. 
It's That Time Of The Year Again 
When Spirit forgot to pay the hosting bill yet again... 
Cha Ching 
Donation complete. 
Is Quaddicted Main Page Kinda Broken Atm? 
It seems like recent activity doesn't refresh from some moment 
Why Can't You Sort By Rating For Speedmaps And Jams? 
Having Trouble Downloading From Quaddicted? 
My only trouble is that I released a SP map back in September and it didn't get a screenshot on the front page.

Guess it didn't rate. :(

No troubles at all in Los Angeles downloading for the record. 
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