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Quaddicted News Spam Thread
From now on this thread shall be used to post about news.

Big stuff shall still be posted as independent news post but not for example: Changes, features, outages, articles, pages, reviews, projects, things and Spirit's movie review whining.
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Yo scampie. Ill be honest, kind of sad to see you rate the pack a 1 just based on the drama alone.

When the people directly involved with the pack NEVER SPOKE DOWN ON REPUS. Naitelveni, Skacky, and myself.

Sounds like this whole situation is people assuming the intentions of the WHOLE(func_) based on the actions of a few(those who spoke down to Repus).

Oh and I emailed Repus. He enjoyed the pack and literally didnt give a fuck about the title.

Go map. 
Dear Scampie. 
Are you sure you want me to reply to one of your posts again? 
Quaddicted Drama Spam Thread 
Seeing as everyone is so mad in the community regarding func_/tf and Quaddicted, why don't the func_ bois go and start their own donation fund to host a replacement :-))) 
The Internet 
= srs bizniz

For reals though everyone needs to chill out. Maybe take a break from the forums 
lol uuuuuh ok

hold my hand daddy im scared 
The thing I always liked about Spirit is that he was underpowered and non-elite, much like my own newbie self, but he never stop pursuing his goals.

He was always awesome to intermittently pay attention to, because he had ideas.

He kept at it and over time he scaled up and got what he wanted, making mistakes a long the way but then he'd learn/revisit/fix.

And ultimately he would finish something that was in many ways a ridiculously impossible idea at the time.

While keep the altruism and spirit of open source as themes -- a noble act. 
Personally I Don't Care About The Speedmapping Drama And All That Jaz 
but i like spirit, and i miss him 
The Question Is... 
Would all the drama go away if otp went away?

I don't have a dog in this fight but this is a question that came to mind reading these recent posts. 
Yeah OTP had nothing to do with this situation. 
Sowweee Otp 
I guess reading the few your antagonistic posts above, coupled with the remembrance that your posts can be some of the most toxic here, made me think of that question.

Again, I look at this all from a distance and most times it just makes me laugh. 
Sorry if posting a quote of Spirit is antagonistic to you. 
It's not OTP.
This is bound to happen in a narcissistic group where dick jokes, in-crowd memes and personal cults are the gold standard and empathy a rarity. If anything OTP has simply played some tunes that were inspired by all this in the first place. 
Dang post #420 coming in with the realness.

Blaze it fam! 
Could anything else really be expected after so many years? 
What the hell are you smoking man?

Just because we're blunt does not mean that we're narcissistic or unempathetic. Dick jokes and in crowd memes are common among any small community who enjoy non-PC humour.

Even if you're correct about OTP and he is a bad actor, asserting that it is this place that is at fault/breeds that kind of behaviour and not the fault of his individual actions is foolish.

Also what the fuck is a personal cult and where is there one here? I haven't seen one.

Next time post with your name, otherwise map more, troll less. 
...that wasn't a troll Shamblernaut, that was a guy saying exactly what many of the old-schoolers of this community have realized over the last several years: We've created and encouraged a toxic atmosphere on this board that enables the constant abuse and negativity that goes on now. It was wrong to do and be ok with this shit then, it's still wrong now.

And these aren't new criticisms of the community (and aren't so different than the criticisms of gaming culture as a whole), people were calling us Qboard posters elitist jerks ~20 years ago, but this is the latest chance to confront these problems and maybe do it right this time. I was always the one making some of your same arguments then, but you learn and grow and so should a community.

Drama isn't going to go away by ignoring it, telling people to just 'go map' and pretending like the causes are 'just how things are' and that makes it acceptable. Just means you've limited the community to assholes, people who are ok with assholes, and idiots who don't realize they are surrounded by the shit of all these assholes. That's no way to run a community when you want it to also be encouraging of creative and interesting voices; because what exists right now only feeds biases, revels in its own ignorance, and glorifies bludgeoning anyone who has "wrong opinions" to feel a bit superior. And if it takes only a few bad apples to spoil the bunch, well it takes even less in a smaller community.

But, since you seem to love "non-PC humor", a codeword for dunking on minorities and people different than you and it somehow being ok because 'free speech!', maybe you want to be surrounded by assholes? Realize though that all the truly smart and interesting and talented people will be less and less excited to be around such garbage and will dwindle more and more; and maybe when some sycophant in the community decides you're target of the moment and chases your every move around the internet telling you to kill yourself and that you're a jew sjw cuck like someone does to sock and MFX and me; you'll have no one to care and be bothered to defend you anymore and you'll wonder if a few silly Quake maps was worth that. 
Wait, why was #420 deleted? It was completely on topic and worth discussing. 
SM181: A Map pack fuck it 
Maybe the tone, the contents were understandable given the situation the community is. 
Dude Chill 
If a person posts anonymously blaming a whole community for the actions of a couple of people, then yes... They're trolling.

If they have a problem with an individual and their actions, then they should take it up with them.

I find it pretty odd to go into somebody else's online space (not that we don't welcome everybody here), and anonymously rag on their community. I don't do it to others and I expect the same from them.

Telling people to go map is me telling them to do something more productive with their time than continuing the drama. 
Haven't read the rest, sorry, I'm not really following this discussion, but:

We've created and encouraged a toxic atmosphere on this board that enables the constant abuse and negativity that goes on now.

Not sure I agree with that, I am seeing some good discussions on here, lots of good chat from indepth discussions to standard banter on discord, some great streaming / playthroughs, and of course a fuck ton of cool releases.

FWIW Shamblernaut is definitely part of that positivity, in all of those ways above (+viewer interaction). 
Free speech is important. People evolve over time.

Someone who seems ignorant today, might be someone who maybe tomorrow has something of value to contribute -- or may be contributing in an what seems like an "unwanted way".

The weakest communities on the internet are the ones with censorship.

They have "me too" group think like Facebook and other places where having independent thought probably means getting "banned".

Excellence is not necessarily politely. The truth can also be rude. Sometimes an unpopular person has something valuable to say.

The best way to figure these things out is a very ancient way ---> arguing.

The worst way to figure these things out is a very ancient way ---> silencing an unpopular person so they are denied the ability to express their thoughts. 
I'll never get to know what post #420 said, apparently.

But I will tell you this, conventional wisdom about "jerks" is wrong.

The adage goes "Never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you will experience."

That it is dead wrong.

Engage an "idiot" (who am I to make that judgment, I'm not qualified and I won't) and raise the bar so they have to think.

If they are an "idiot" force them to think. And do NOT pre-judge them.

Raise the conversation to your level and then find out where that discussion leads!

Civility is demonstrating to the barbarian that your system of ethics is so strong that it can even accommodate the "unwashed" into your equation of fairness and do so effortlessly.

That your superior levels of ethics is so powerful and so generous that will it will treat the unfair with fairness -- and do it without batting an eye.

Kindness to those that least expect such treatment is the ultimate display of strength.

Strength is something that those that have made the journey hope to share with others! It permeates. It penetrates. It is the irresistible goodness wrapped up with the force of justice and fairness in a single package. 
Unfortunately, Baker 
that only works in an ideal world. Not saying that it doesn't work, but that it works only for some people and against some others: When engaging with unreasonable persons in that composed, confident going by facts and reasoning way, it is the most common thing to get brushed off, mocked, ignored, or in a more ''modern way'' be called a normal-old-new-fag, with them closing off their hearts and ears to anything they don't approve or supported by what they think they know or its normal, going to the point of twisting reality to extreme points in the worst cases as time passes.

I also thought that way also back when i was young, and saw others try it too, but facts, putting doubts on their minds and proof don't help in a conversation when the other side is confronting you: in my experience, charisma, patience, reputation, followers, very strong self-confidence and/or even forcefulnesses, or having the support of someone with those characteristics will convince or at least put doubts on those persons way better than that way.

That's why ''Don't feed the troll'' or "Never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you will experience." advice are useful, as most of us don't have enough of those characteristics to pull what you say of and would end up entangled on the flamer/troll plan. Not that we should follow those advices always, but having them at hand is a ''necessary evil'' for most of us.

Also, if you want to know what that guy said, it was a very small text (4 lines) around the lines that Func was filled and promoted dick jokes, in crowd memes and personal cults amongst others, and that Onetruepurple was just someone going with that dance, not one of the perpetrators or promoters. That with less composed words, of course, but not resorting to insults if i remember well. 
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