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Quaddicted News Spam Thread
From now on this thread shall be used to post about news.

Big stuff shall still be posted as independent news post but not for example: Changes, features, outages, articles, pages, reviews, projects, things and Spirit's movie review whining.
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Ideally Spirit will do whatever is necessary to return to being comfortable with leaving Quaddicted open, but for now I'm making a snapshot of the filebase directory here:

(in progress, not everything is there yet)

If this becomes a necessary thing we can worry about a custom domain name or whatever else.

I will poke around with it more later to see if it can play nice with Quake Injector etc. I'm sure I'll need to also mirror the database XML and maybe the review pages for that purpose.

There's also all the other Quaddicted files of course, we eventually might need to save those too. 
OK I added these three lines to the for Quake Injector and I was able to use it through a French VPN endpoint that can't access Quaddicted:


Screenshots are not showing up in the injector though, even though I do have the screenshots mirrored. Not sure what's up with that.

Mark V installs should be able to use this similarly by setting the install_depot_source console variable to that filebase URL.

Of course keep in mind that this is just a snapshot of some Quaddicted content from this morning... I don't have any regular syncing set up. 
Oh I see what's up with the screenshots. They're special image URLs that are different than the ones used on the review pages. I'll see what I can do about that later -- not quite as easy to bulk-grab those. 
To Europeans 
OTP has posted this link on Discord. Totally free, works great! Now we can all enjoy Quaddicted again.

Thanks again OTP! 
Whoah, that's amazing, a free proxy service! :D Thanks, OTP; and Mugwump, for sharing it at func! 
This is good for bitcoinfunc_msgboard anon shitposting 
Quaddicted Available For Europeans! 
Rejoice, Europeans, for Spirit has unblocked the site! He'd still like some help with making the site GDPR compliant, but at least we no longer need proxy sites to access Quaddicted. 
GG WP Spirit. 
Thanks For The Heads-up 
Thx To All Contributors 
Hoping Is here it‘ll stay Up. 
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