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The TrenchBroom Level Editor
Today I am releasing TrenchBroom 1.0 for Windows and Mac OS X. TrenchBroom is a modern cross-platform level editor for Quake.

- True 3D editing, no 2D views required
- High performance renderer with support for huge maps
- Vertex editing with edge and face splitting
- Manipulation of multiple vertices at once (great for trisoup editing)
- Smart clip tool
- Move, rotate and flip brushes and entities
- Precise texture lock for all operations
- Smart entity property editors
- Graphical entity browser with drag and drop support
- Comprehensive texture application and manipulation tools
- Search and filter functions
- Unlimited undo and redo
- Point file support
- Automatic backup
- Support for .def and .fdg files, mods and multiple wad files
- Free (as in beer) and open source (GPLv3)
- Cross platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux supported)

Check out a video of TrenchBroom in action here.

You can download the editor here.

If you would like to give feedback, please do that in this thread. If you find a bug or have a feature suggestion, please submit them at the issue tracker.

If you are wondering where the Linux binaries are then sorry, but currently there are none. The Linux version has a few problems which I could not fix before this release. I will get working on those right away so that the Linux version should be available in a couple of weeks, too.

Finally, I would like to thank necros for all his work over the past year. Without his tireless efforts, TrenchBroom would simply not exist. Or it would suck.

Alright, enough of this. Have fun with the editor!
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You Need 
To load a separate .wad file for map textures. It doesn't pull these from the quake folders. There is a comprehensive amount of .wad files on 
Can't Get It To Start 
The window opens for about a second. I can see it trying to load stuff, then it just shuts down with no error message or anything.

Log file just ends abruptly.

4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Renderer info: GeForce 7800 GS/AGP/SSE2/3DNOW! version 2.1.2 from NVIDIA

4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Depth buffer bits: 16
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Multisampling disabled
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: OpenGL instancing disabled
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Loading entity definition file C:\Trenchbroom\Resources\Defs\Quake.fgd
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Loading 'progs/player.mdl' (searching )
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Unable to find MDL 'progs/player.mdl'

(etc, etc....)

4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Loading 'progs/g_shot.mdl' (searching )
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Unable to find MDL 'progs/g_shot.mdl'
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Created Face Shader Program
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Created Face.vertsh
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Created Face.fragsh
4068 2013-06-26 10:35:38: Unable to link Face Shader Program, linker output was:

and that's where it ends. 
What version are you using?
What operating system are you using?
If you're on Windows, did you install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package"
Trenchboom is 1.09.224
Windows XP SP3 fully updated
VC++ x86 redistributable 10.0.30319 is installed

Computer is an old Athlon 64 3400+ (nVidia chipset)

I guess I could try on another computer, but this is the one I do all my dev type work on. 
What is the GL driver version? It looks like the driver is failing to compile / link the shaders, which may or may not be a driver bug. 
The video driver is really old (2007). I never mess with it because I updated it once and had a lot of problems, so I went back to the old one and have never had any problems since.

That was so long ago that I don't actually remember what the problems were, only that I made a mental note to never screw around with the video driver again. Maybe a new driver wouldn't have the problems. 
I didn't ask about video card drivers, because I thought it was obvious and common sense by now that people update their video card drivers. You see the message everywhere now a days. 
Sorry about that. The Face shader which is failing on your system is quite complex and might therefore cause these problems. However eithout an error message I have nothing to go on to fix it. If you're willing, We could try to pinpoint the problem by removing functionality though. Write me at if you want to try this. 
Loving this so far. :) My biggest gripe is that I don't know all the Quake entity key/values and Trenchboom doesn't list them (either in the documentation or in the Entity tab). Seems pretty hard to find that info on the net too. :) I ended up opening up GTKRadiant, placing entities and seeing what it's descriptions say. Any chance of having better entity descriptions/more options in the Entity Properties Tab? 
The Happy Friar 
That feature is coming, but the author of Trenchbroom is on vacation right now.

But, if you can find 100 people to start using TrenchBroom, and get 100 websites to start praising TrenchBroom, then I think the author will come home early from vacation and implement that feature ASAP. ;) 
I'm Not On Vacation 
I wish! 
Thank God 
Hey, I love you for this. No really, I LOVE you.
Keep it up :) 
Google quake map specs and also google worldcraft guide. Both are what I use for mapping. Or alternatively download my map q-deck because it was made entirely in trench and I included the source :) 
Here's The Links 
Thanks For The Nice Words, Guys. 
just open the .fgd or .def file included in the download and search the entity you need. Should be a lot quicker than opening another editor at the same time! 
I just found that out later today. I was looking to see if I could add that info to the .fgd and saw it was already there. What would be useful is a Windows help file with all the entity info, similar to Doom 3's script reference help file. 
such things are planned. 
Select A Subdirectory Within Your Quak Direction To Search For.. 
In the map properties option, the 'Select a subdirectory' spot there are no options.

I feel like this is a very simple thing to fix but I'm blind. 
Do you have the path to Quake set up correctly in View->Preferences? 
I like it!

some crashes on win32 though.

*when i click on the titlebar symbol (accidentaly)

*clipper sometimes 
if you get any errors, it helps to track them if you submit them on github: 
There's much improved version that I still haven't finished. If you would like to try it out, send me an email at 
@necros I'll report the errors :)

Anyway those are not really showstoppers and It is a joy to work with trenchbroom ;)

@SleepwalkR Thanks :)you got mail 
This Is Really Cool. 
I only wish I'd seen this thread five months ago.

At first I was frustrated because it doesn't work like radiant, but after a few sesssions I'm getting into the paradigm of TB a little better.

I found a funny bug, not a showstopper but it did cause me to lose a few minutes' work: Open a new map, make a few random brushes, but don't save the map. Quit Trenchbroom - a dialog box will come up asking me if I want to save changes to unnamed1 - only problem is, nothing happens when I click any of the dialog box options of "cancel," "no," or "yes." So I am just stuck there and have to force quit the process.

After reading the whole thread, it sounds like this could be a bug in the backend stuff (wxwidgets, gtk?) rather than TB itself.

Early 08 Macbook Pro with 8600M, OS X 10.6.8. 
It's A Known Problem With WxWidgets 
The State Of TrenchBroom 
I just wanted to let everyone know what's going on with TB lately and why there haven't been any updates for a while.

The currently released version is written in C++ and based on wxWidgets, a cross-platform GUI toolkit. I have written this version in quite a hurry without knowing either C++ or wxWidgets too well, and unfortunately it shows. There are all kinds of hacks and shortcuts in the code that make it hard to maintain. The worst effect of this is that whenever I touch something to add a new feature or fix a bug, I often get new bugs and problems.

This is the case with the current codebase of the next release (TB 1.1), which doesn't work properly on Windows (can't use arrow keys) and has a lot of problems on Linux as well. I would like to fix the Windows bugs and release this version, but it has been quite difficult to track them down, so it might take a while (or not happen at all - read on).

At the same time I have started over completely from scratch. This new codebase is much better structured and easier to maintain. It will become TB 2.0 and it will have (almost) all of the features of the current 1.1 codebase. On top of that it will support multiple games (probably Hexen2 and Quake2 out of the box, with Quake3 and Half Life support coming later). Also, I'm making sure that this version will work fine on all three major platforms from that start. This version is coming along well, but it will be several months until it's ready for release.

So, as you can see, I have been silently working on TB, but I can't say when the next release is going to happen, or what it will entail. I'll try to get the 1.1. release out of the door so that you can keep using TB until 2.0 is ready, but I can't promise anything. 
Sounds Great 
Sweet. We may see a resurgence of maps for other games! 
You need any more people to test on linux?

I eventually got TB working on my laptop some time ago, but various bugs and incompatibilities with my particular ageing machine made it a bit of a chore to use tbh. I'm using my desktop a bit more often now though.

Out of curiosity, what is your main/favourite programming language? You said you don't know C++ that well, but you managed to write a Quake editor :) 
By Now It's C++ 
Until three years ago, I mostly used Java. Then I switched to Objective-C to write TB, and about 1.5 years ago I started learning C++ in order to make TB portable to other platforms. C++ is however quite different from purely OO languages like Objective-C and Java because it has meta programming facilities. Because of that and the manual memory management it requires, I find C++ quite difficult to learn. I guess TB 1 was my testbed, and now that I know a bit more about the language, I hope that TB 2 will be better. 
Great News On TB2.0 
Thanks for the update... just one request: Instead of targeting other more or less dead games, how about support for Xonotic, Warsow etc.? 
Once Multi Game Support Is Done 
you are free to add support for these games, or find someone who will ;-) 
Other Games Are No More Dead Then Quake... 
and id-based .map format is pretty similar across all their .map tech.

A neat feature would be to use GTKRadiant game info in TB to support games.

But, glad to hear you're still plugging away at it! Looking forward to TB 2.0! 
Committed To Making A Proper Map With This Now 
appreciated you aren't in the place to be implementing insignificant little suggestions at the moment with the rebuild going on. but here's one anyway (feel free to shoot it down if it's just me being really lazy)

it would be nice if the clip tool remembered the most recent previously used 'mode'. case in point, if you use it to split a brush in two without deleting anything, with this functionality you wouldn't need to tab twice each time you wanted to repeat the operation. normally when i use the split function i use it multiple times in succession (eg. for cutting up a floor in order to lower part of it) 
This would be handy. Small time savers like this can add up to big ones, especially with something as fundamental as clipping. 
Please Add It To The Issue Tracker 
Otherwise it will get lost. 
Will Do 
just making sure it wasn't a completely retarded idea first. wouldn't want to clog the tracker up otherwise! 
is the broken transparent textures a known bug or is it only for some video cards? (nvidia 250gts) 
Known Problem 
It's not really a bug, though. It sometimes happens when there are intersecting transparent polys. 
i meant how transparent brushes aren't actually transparent, but selected brushes have their faces drawn and models are always visible through them. 
I Don't Understand 
Can you show me a screenshot?
liquids occluding unselected brush
selected brush's faces being drawn through liquid brushes.
model is always drawn over liquids
even though it is behind them 
Its Useful 
in many cases. There when i need to isolate stuff i'm using the view options - with models for example.
In other cases, like multiple water brushes fighting with each other, it can get confusing quickly. 
oh, is this intentional??? i thought it was just bad drawn order. 
Not Intentional 
It is bad draw order, and I don't really know how to fix it. I'll have to think about it. Can you please submit a bug report? 
sure. i've just been away from TB for so long that I didn't know if it was known or not. :) 
I Don't Get That Bad Draw Order.

You can see that I have the same entity and a brush selected, it all looks like I'd expect it to.

ATI 3850, Catylist 13.4, Win XP-32.

Didn't happen in the 12.x driver series either. 
It's More Or Less Random 
necros, I'll look into it, and if you are saying that you're spending a bit more time with the editor now, that would make me quite happy ;-)

Happy Friar, I don't think the problem depends on the graphics adapter. It's just that sometimes the faces will be sorted correctly and sometimes they won't. It depends on where the camera is and where you're looking.

That said, I could be wrong and maybe I have broken something. 
doesn't look random to me. i've never seen it work. :)

however, even though it is being drawn in the right order for happy friar, the brushes are not actually transparent in his screenshot either. 
Never Seen It Work? 
Which Version are you using, anyway? 
About says 1.1.0, build 317 
Is There A Seperate Transparency Tag? 
I thought if you use Lava (water, etc) it automatically applies a transparency flag. I tried it again with a sky/water on top and water/pentagram on bottom, still never shows through.

Version 1.0.9, build 224. Didn't have a new one last I checked. Nothing newer on the TB website. 
The 1.1.0 Release Is Beta 
Necros, does 1.0.9 work for you? 
Yes, sorry for the confusion. :( 
Ok, So It's Only Broken In 1.1.0 
Oldschool Solution? 
Use 3 layers of screendoor + opaque. 
Can't Seem To Run This 
on my brand new Surface Pro. No idea why, I click the icon and it simply doesn't load. No error messages or anything. 
That's A Shame... 
But I can't really do much about it right now. Last time I checked it ran fine in Windows 8. 
Does this have any dependencies on other things I should know of (like .net framework or anything similar)?

I need to get this to work because it's likely going to be my main way of working for a while. 
Is it possibly because the surface is 64 bit? 
If It Doesn't Support 32 Bit, Then Maybe 
The TB builds I'm publishing are 32 bit. 64bit builds should not be a problem. Can you test whether the SF Pro runs 32bit binaries? 
Well it runs everything I have used so far, including a really old copy of Paintshop Pro that I have installed on every box I have ever owned since 1997. ;)

The surface also is only compatible with DirectQ from all the quake engines I have tried. (literally, something to do with the touchscreen messing up the controls in other engines) 
Dependancy Scanner 
So I decided to download a dependancy scanner to see if I am missing something.

According to the program Dependancy Walker the editor is trying to run something called IESHIMS.DLL... 
"Warning: At least one delay-load dependency module was not found.
Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module."

Had a look to see which things are highlighted and they are -

But I don't suppose that would help you massively. Weirdly, I have found IESHIMS.DLL and I can't see any reason why it is showing up as a problem. 
No Idea 
Not even why TB would try to load those. Probably something else that depends on them. Sorry! 
Looks like they're dependencies of other dll files that TB uses. I will run the profiler on dependency walker and also run process monitor and see if I can find anything there.

This is a real bummer though, my old computer died literally days ago and the surface is my replacement computer. 
PSA just in case: Don't download dll files from random websites. Doing so is a security risk! 
I'm not going to be downloading random .dll files any time soon so don't worry about that.

I think it's something to do with running 64bit windows 8, it'd be good if someone else running 64bit could confirm this though. 
I'll Have A Look 
When I get back to my home pc in a couple of days. 
A friend of mine has 64bit windows 8, it works on his machine.

This is quite annoying. Of all the programs that I use this is one of the ones that I really need to work. Damnit. 
Seems like the default drivers (and even the updated ones through windows update) are no good for running TB.

Had to go to intels website and download the latest drivers manually (the auto-update wont allow me to download them). 
If in doubt, update your drivers. Seems to be the TB rule of thumb! 
Is usually crap for Windows regarding hardware. They can be years off of the curve if they bother at all. I had a laptop that used a 2007 update that they never had in their update database. 
I Remember 
One update that partially disabled my laptop. Had to download the fixed update on another machine and use a pen drive to fix it. 
Having a slight issue with using this editor. When I spawn in a light, there's no obvious way to control the radius/strength of the light fixture. When I compiled the map, the entire room was made super duper bright. Is there some flag i'm supposed to set? I think i'm missing something. 
you need to add a 'light' key to the light entity and give it a numerical value, something like 100.

(the editor isn't very friendly to people new to Quake editing when it comes to the entities and some of the properties they may need or use. It's a work in progress)

also, make sure when you compile, you also run a light compiler. qbsp only generates the polygonal hulls of the map, you also need to run a light compiler on the bsp to generate the lightmap. may be of help if you are still confused! 
Or Cheat... 
I used Darkplaces with RT shadows. :) 
RE: Lights 
I already know about the lightmaps generator, I just needed to know about what key to put in, thanks. 
These are Bengt's tools:

Which are still the standard for q1 compiling; very dependable and the tool tips document on that page is full of useful information.

There's also Tyrann's tools, which are more modern / experimental and support detail brushes (more detail without longer vis times): 
I Had The Same Question A Bit Ago... 
Here's two sites given to me in this thread with all the info about the Quake entities: 
Smart Editor? 
I always notice that when i'm using Trenchbroom, there's the words "Smart Editor Not Availabe" on the window. Why is this? 
Smart Editors 
The Smart editors are a set of specialized editors for entity properties. Currently, the only smart editors available are the spawnflags editor and the color editor, which is shown if you select a spawnflags property or a color property, respectively.

There are plans for more smart editors for properties such as angle, angles, mangle and so forth, but these are currently not implemented. The editor shows the "not available" message when you select a property for which no smart editor is available. 
Awesome Editor 
Can't stop playing around with it. Good job! I'm even considering dropping Radiant for Quake. There's only one thing I can't figure out. In Radiant, you have 2d views which I use extensively for clipping complex curves.

Trenchbroom doesn't have that and without it, I'm kinda lost on how to do it. It does show the coordinates but I'm really missing the grid. There's probably a viable technique for this but so far I haven't found it.

To illustrate my point and make my question easier:

How would one go about creating that arch brushwork in Trenchbroom? 
That Really Is A Question For The Users, But 
I'd use the 3D clip tool and the vertex tool for this. It really does require some practice to create this kind of architecture in 3D, but it works. One thing that is really different from Radiant et. al. is that in TB, you have to move the camera around a lot.

Maybe necros and others can shed some light... in the long run, I hope someone will get around to making a bunch of tutorials for TB. 
Maybe You Could Add A 2D View To Make Such Editing Easier? 
As in snap to a fixed orthogonal axis and have a non-perspective view.

Not sure if this was reported, but the editor crashes if you snap vertices and then try to move them around. 
Hit 'C' to activate the clipping tool, you can then place up to three point to define the clipping plane.

V activate vertex manipulation, although it can cause microleaks if used as structural stuff and you don't use the snap to vertices action.

Use Tab to lock movement to X or Y axis, and hold Alt to switch to vertical Z axis movement.

With those you can easily make complex geometry fairly quickly.

Trenchbroom allows for much more freeform brushwork.

Which is where the grid mindset becomes hard to shake off. I've been using the editor for months now and still find myself constrained by the habit of thinking in front/sides/top grid terms.

It is worth unlearning that :) 
Could you create an issue on github? Please also add steps to reproduce. Thanks. 
Done. It looks like this doesn't always happen, though. I've given more information about that in the issue entry. 
Good and quick replies, thank you all. It was more a question in general. I'm having some difficulties finding the right words in English. Clipping and free form brush work is one thing, controlling the coordinates is another.

I made this in Radiant:

I was only able to do this by using some math in determining the grid coordinates to make all the curves out of brushes. That's something, as far as I'm aware, that I cannot do in Trenchbroom. I hope this makes sense.

Anyway, I can always build those parts in Radiant and convert to them Quake and import it in Trenchbroom. 
It looks like you're already basing your stuff off it. 
would it be helpful if you could place a grid plane to help you find the proper coordinates? Is the problem that you can only see the grid where it is already projected onto brushes? 
I Made Deck 
entirely in TB and I managed to get a lot of curve action going on. You can still apply a 2d grid mindset to working 3d.

You can make any of those shapes shown there in TB quite easily, you can just point the cam directly at it and use brush clipping with the grid enabled to get the same results.

The only thing I wasn't able to figure out was making curved pipes, I'm sure it can be done but I couldn't manage to figure it out. Someone should just make a bunch of prefab shapes to be honest. 
You mean a curved pipe like that?

I did this in TrenchBroom with the help of the grid. Granted, it's not the most curvy thing ever, but it gets the job done. :p 
Looks Nice 
... originally I was going to have my deck map have pipes leading into the different slime pits. but I scrapped the idea after several failed attempts at getting the pipe-work done (though there are some quite primitive pipes in the map in the final release). 
The CZG tutorial depends on being able to scale brushes as a whole rather than adjust faces alone.

I've got a map full of right angled pipes, should probably figure out a decent curved pipe construction method.

I'm guessing you used rotation, clip and snap vertices skacky? 
Yup. I didn't use the snap vertices command since it's glitchy for me, but I did use vertex editing. 
Thanks for the link Ijed. Different math, but the same system.

I've been a dumbass since I didn't realise a couple of things in Trenchbroom. But I do now. Tada!

So this will be my editor of choice for Quake. Can't wait to start making maps.

Btw, I do miss a brush merge option but I see it's already on the list. 
everyone has said it better than me already. :)
I will say that it is a little bit awkward doing some brush operations without a 2d grid.

placement within the map coordinate is difficult to gauge, for example. i often put down point entities at the +- 4096 mark so I can keep track of where I am.

I have yet to start a map from scratch in TB, but i suspect the lack of a easily visible global coordinate system would be annoying. 
Personally I open my map with worldcraft to see if it's near the boundaries or not. It's also useful to see if I've made some bad manipulations. Now that I think about it, an error report window would be handy. 
error reporting is definitely planned. i think i'd just like some extra visualization stuff like being able to see '0 0 0' as well as the boundaries (or even arbitrary boundaries to help me keep a sense of place relative to the map origin). 
Necros 4 President 
Necros said what I didn't manage to phrase correctly. I take it this would be helpfull then:

would it be helpful if you could place a grid plane to help you find the proper coordinates? Is the problem that you can only see the grid where it is already projected onto brushes?
Unreal Ed 
had a grid plane that ran through its 3d view that also showed you the edge boundaries. Maybe a toggle version of this would suffice? 
I think this would come under a general 'helper objects' thing. Maybe including other stuff as well, like a tape measure. 
Tape Measure 
That's on my todo list along with a placeable grid. 
I sometimes find myself applying different textures in order to measure things. 
Crashing While Using Vertex Tool 
I moved my trenchbroom folder to my laptop so I can map during my studies' pasttimes, but whenever I try to use the Vertex tool, a message comes up saying an error has occured, and if I choose "ignore" the map just deletes itself and I cannot make a brush or spawn an entity. 
Check the system requirements stated on TBs download page.
Had the same problem, my hardware (gfx-card) was just too old to cope with OpenGL 2.1.
And you need to have the VisualC++ package installed, when running it under Windows. :) 
Try Playing With The Instancing Option In The Preferences 
Report back if it doesn't help! 
Forcing OpenGL Off Worked 
Thanks SleepwalkR! 
TrenchBroom 1.1.0 Released 
- Keyboard customization
- Restrict to X or Y axis when moving objects
- Limit face points to integer coordinates
- New duplication options (drag to duplicate and duplicate in specific direction)
- New information bar at top of 3D view
- Moved search field to information bar
- Improved precision and stability of vertex tool
- Select objects by line number
- Brush resizing feels more natural and snaps more accurately
- Autosave when the applicaton exits
- More brush filtering options
- Better performance for view filters
- Clip tool remembers last clip side
- Clip tool adds new brushes to parent entities of clipped brushes
- Clipped brushes remain selected after deactivating the clip tool
- Double click on brush selects all brushes belonging to the containing entity
- Shift + double click on brush to select all of its faces
- Paint selection
- Show entity angle in 3D view
- Camera tracks for point file navigation and center on selection
- Show compass in 3D view
- Buttons for texture flipping in face inspector
- Hotkeys to activate inspector tabs
- Smooth camera navigation with WASD keys
- Customizable texture browser icon size
- Render skip / clip / hint / trigger and liquid brushes semi-transparently
- Numerous bug fixes

220 .map Support? 
Wasn't that on the 1.10 todo list? ;) 
I See 
Even more Kölsch for you!
Thank you Sleepy, you are awesome! 
Can't get this to work... bloody drivers!! 
What's Happening? 
I click it and it says "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available"

Probably would be worth me rolling back the drivers and reinstalling. 
Could You Please Create An Issue Report On Github 
With hw specs, windows and driver versions? Thanks! 
I will when I get home from work sure 
hope it helps. I have the next few weeks off work, I might try and reformat my machine and freshly install the latest drivers. I need to try this new version, and hopefully make something. 
As I wrote in the issue, I can't support the Surface as I don't have access to one. The latest build works in my Windows 8 VM, so I guess it's a driver issue. 
Very Likely 
It doesn't come up with any insightful error messages either cause windows has always been a piece of crap in that regard.

It won't be a huge bother to reformat probably, I keep my machines fairly stock most of the time. 
TrenchBroom 1.1.1 
- More natural snapping when resizing brushes
- Remove limit on maximum mip texture dimensions
- Don't fall back to software renderer on OS X

Finally Had A Chance To Test 
sadly I'm using this on the old decrepit laptop that I used to make my first TB map. BUT, it does run TB and this one works too.

I love the changes you've made to this version, I especially love how the entities are now linked showing you what is connected to what (in terms of what it triggers). This is a very UnrealED change that I greatly appreciate.

I would love to see some of the worldcraft texture features (like align to floor and the auto-align tools etc), plus obviously 220 support (more accurate texture mapping ftw).

I will dabble in some map making soon, keep up the good work Sleepy! 
Oh Yeah... 
and thank god you added the texture viewer zoom options. That is a god send! 
Glad You Like It! 
Groups And Instances 
Hi there, nice job with the editor. I'm thinking it is possible to make a group of brushes and turn ON the instance mode so if I'll change something in one instance it will change in all other instances of this group. Saving such groups to files would be neat :) 
Instancing Is On The Todo List 
But I still haven't figured out how to make it work well. I have some ideas, but it'll take a while. 
Dropping In To Say AWESOME Again 
Just dropping by again and snagged the latest update. Much appreciated! I love this tool and its made my willingness for making maps in quake2 rejuvenated. I might have missed it but was there a request ever for colored lights / general lighting previews with this tool?

Either way keep on with the great work! 
Quake 2 / Lighting 
Quake 2 support is already being worked on for TB 2.0. It's coming along nicely, but it will take a while as 2.0 is a complete rewrite.

Lighting preview has of course been suggested by quite a few people, but it's hard to get right and there are more pressing issues right now. Meaning, it's on my to do list, but not with a very high priority right now. 
Surface Pro + TB 
Got it to work (dunno how long for), using driver version from 05/12/2012.

This was from going to settings and "refreshing" the system, not a complete reformat.

There's definitely some driver issues with the surface pro. 
I Think. 
It may be a good idea to turn off GL by default, or at least externally. This seems to be causing a lot of the problems I am experiencing with TB and my Surface Pro.

If I try to use the vertex manipulation tool while opengl instancing is active I get this lovely crash - 
GL instancing is more hassle than it's worth and will be gone from 2.0 anyway. 
Looking For Help 
I'm looking for someone to help me out with some icons for TrenchBroom's UI. I need about 10 icons:

Preferences (32x32)
Game Setup
View Setup
Mouse Setup
Keyboard Setup

Various (16x16)

I would describe the style as "flat and reduced". Does anyone want to help out? I'll warn you right now that I'm picky ;-) 
For the "various" icons, I also need an "Edit" icon. 
Flat And Reduced 
You mean something among these lines? 
Game Setup - don't really know what to put here
View Setup - A widescreen computer monitor
Mouse Setup - A stylized mouse seen from above without any rotation, e.g. the buttons point up
Keyboard - A stylized keyboard seen from above without any rotation.

Add - a plus sign
Remove - a minus sign
Path - don't know
Save - a flopyy disk of course ;-)
Delete - a trash can? 
since it's gpl you could just pick from the many free icon sets. I had good experiences with 
Some from that link above.
I love drawing these things, but then again, why reinvent the wheel every time?

They should all have compatible licenses afaik. 
wxWidgets 3.0 is out now, wasn't there some issues where you waited for it? 
Oh Thanks 
for the update! That's great news. I was already using wxWidgets 2.9.5 which resolved many of the issues I was having. 
How Do I Compile The Maps I Made With Trenchbroom? 
Compiling Tutorials 
thanks for those tutorials, but I already figured it out. 
Sorry To Bother... 
...But I'm having a bit of an issure with the light entity in trenchbroom.
I want to make a lighting affect like this:
But I get this:
Any idea how to fix this? 
Light Keys 
Try going into the light entity and click the plus sign, then name the key "wait" or "delay" without the quote marks. And change the values a bit.

Try wait 5, delay 0 and light 500. That might make a bright light with a small radius. 
It worked! but I'm wondering how I'm supposed to get lighting styles in trenchbroom. (this might be the last time i'd bother asking here for today.) 
is key. A lot of the compilers will come with info in readme files on different settings you can add to light entities.
That's how I found out that setting. Make a few different test maps too, nothing beats testing your ideas for different results. 
Nvm, I just found out how to do it, but thanks anyway! 
Problem Is 
TB doesn't show the values to configure the entities. Open up the source file, either .def or .fgd and it will list how to configure everything. 
Also Try Delay 5 
Personally I think delay 0 has way too much "reach", it just goes forever. I try to use only one or two in a given area, mostly for fill lighting.

Here is some pretty good info on Quake lighting: 
Delay 0 
is the default light setting. You must be thinking of something else. 
You're Right 
I was thinking about delay 1.

I guess I wasn't yet completely awake. 
If only we had this 16 years ago. 
Splash Screen 
Since you've got a Modern Quake Level Editor, Maybe a Modern Logo/Splash could work. It would go perfect on T-shirts to generate awareness and funds. Appeals to the New Gen Level Makers?
let me know if you like it? 
It's Too Difficult 
To read. It also looks like you've got two seperate logos next to each other. 
T-Shirt Design (from my previous post) 
That does look cool 
Nice Design 
The broom part looks a little out of place though. I'd also drop the texture and outer glow personally. 
Torch Broom? 
ehh, as long as it goes away on it's own when the editor's loaded. 
I'm Making Something 
Cool! But if you want more feedback, it's best to post screenshots in the "Screenshots & Betas" thread. 
Thanks! I'm glad you like it so far! 
When Is The Next Update Coming? 
Long Time 
The 1.1 branch is not getting updated anymore unless there are serious problems with it, and the 2.0 branch is still under heavy development and it will be a long time until that gets published.

I was just wondering... 
Any sweeping changes for the user with 2.0 or is it purely a rewiring of the internals? 
Hopefully 220 Map Support ;) 
I need that improved texture alignment! ;)

Also, I am coming up against problems with TB atm where anytime I try and place an entity it comes up with this -

I click ignore and carry on but it's a pain all the same. 
Lots Of Things Will Be Improved 
It's really too much to list right now, but most importantly TB2 will have support for other games than Quake. 
Please provide a reproducible test case. 
Ve Got A Few As Well 
That I've been meaning to post.

The most interesting one seems to be having a selection out of view, which causes a cascade error message which continues even when closing the editor itself and has to be closed from the OS.

I believe this is down to map size though.

Will post it when I get near a PC. 
it happens every time I enter the entity menu. Dunno if it's a compatibility thing or the build I'm using but it happens every time. I'm using build 368. 
You Mean The Context Menu? 
just click an entity and dragging into the work area seems to produce the pop up error. 
So the entity browser, or more precisely, dragging entities from there to the 3D view is the problem rather than the context (right click) menu in the 3D view? 
Sorry, Im Being A Fool 
Dragging the entities from the bar on the right into the 3d workspace is causing the pop up error message. Like I said, I click ignore and I can still work, but the pop up is a nuisance. 
Using right click does not produce an error. 
Post on the board, it's right there in the header! 
I'm already aware of that problem, I will fix it in TB2. 
As a general warning, be wary of clicking ignore. While you may be able to continue using the editor, behind the scenes some things may have stopped working or processes within the editor may not have completed successfully. I would recommend saving to a new filename and restarting the editor to be safe. 
well since that happens upon every click of the window pane and every entity dragged into the work space that would take forever. Not had any problems with the maps other than some wandering vertices (which, can I say, is the biggest issue I seem to have in general, I like to throw down a lot of brushes in between tests and having to go back and redo entire areas due to wandering vertices makes me not want to map). 
Make sure to enable the "force integer plane points" option in the map properties. The other problem is likely related to Windows 8 or your Surface tablet, but I'll try to fix it for TB 2. Or you could just use the context menu to create entities instead of dragging them from the palette. 
Win7 has that issue too. 
I'll persevere. I clicked force integer plane points after I went back and corrected everything. I thought this caused problems though?? 
No, It's The Other Way Round 
Not having integer coords causes problems. 
why is this not default?! 
It's A Long Story 
but it will be different in TB2, trust me. This has caused too many problems for too many people. 
It's a bugbear. With it on there's less precision, with it off you can produce bad geometry. I turned it off, then bound 'snap verticies' to the space bar and hit that whenever I'm vertex editing brushwork. 
Compiling On A Mac 
First off, add me to the chorus of folks praising this editor. Even more mind-blowing is that it runs Mac-native -- thanks!

Anyway, I wanted to know if there were any Mac GUI compiling tools out there, a la Necros' work? Yes, I have TyrUtils (for which I'm grateful), but I just feel a little dirty using Terminal ;) . For that matter, is there any chance of in-editor compiling arriving with TB 2? 
To answer your questions, there is nothing like necros' tool for OS X, and yes, in-editor compiling is on my todo list. 
Compiling On A Mac 
Huh, I wasn't aware of a Mac port for Necros' compiler. Actually, I can only find the Windows version; could you (or anybody, really) post a URL to the OS X file? 
I Think He Might Mean 
that there is literally nothing for the Mac OSX that is like Necros' compiler. 
What drew says, only necros' tool is not a compiler but rather a compiler frontend. 
Compiling On A Mac 
Sorry, I misunderstood. TyrUtils for the time being it is, then. Thanks again! 
Rebindable Mouse Buttons 
would be a feature I request. mouse 2 bringing up the entity menu thing is annoying me because it's also the move view button and the menu pops up all the time. I'd prefer to have the menu be the alt key or mouse 3 perhaps. 
It Should Only Popup Up 
if you didn't move the mouse in between mouse down and mouse up. Does it pop up regardless of whether you moved the mouse? 
I have a problem with the mouse? 
Turns Out My Mouse Is Garbage... 
I don't have good luck with hardware, I don't know if this shows. 
Haha ;-) 
That's bad for you but good for me I guess - one less bug to fix. 
Buy a Logitech. 
I Have A Logitech... 
G400, and it is great. But as I am on the surface I tend to use the Cerulian keyboard/mouse combo thing I have. I'm looking to replace the keyboard with a type surface 2 as the keyboard I have is also garbage (but with only 1 usb port on the surface I needed an all in one thing, luckily I just bought a usb hub).
At some point I am going to get a proper desktop PC again I think, looking to get some evil genius set up involving several monitors and an all-black scheme (and fulfilling my dreams of owning a das keyboard). 
I really cannot see myself dropping so much on such a keyboard. And I'm the kind of guy who would drop lots of cash on a keyboard too. 
I have two of those Pfu keyboards. I've been using one of them for almost 15 years. The other is stored in a closet in case the first one ever breaks. Built like a tank. 
The ones I have are the Happy Hacking Lite 2 which are much less expensive than the one in mfx's link. Still not cheap though. 
For $260? Yeah, it BETTER be built like a tank. 
More like $70 for the Lite 2. Still quite a bit for a keyboard, then again, I've been using it non-stop for 15 years. The other computer in the house generally needs a keyboard replacement every year or two, so it probably all evens out in the end. 
I just buy a clean refurbished one every year at a thrift store for a buck or 2. Most haven't ever been been out of their wrapping.

And I swear, somehow cheap keyboards type better. 
Trenchbroom EverQuest?? 
I Like The Selection Feature 
It's basically selection brushes, but it's rendered differently and it seems a bit more useful like this. 
Arrow Keys 
I can't seem to make them work for moving around in the 3D view. I found where to change this in the preferences but it just doesn't seem to take. It shows up, down, left and right as the keys but they do nothing.

I don't like the defaults at all, even at maximum speed cranking the scroll wheel is tedious and my finger starts to hurt after a while. For some reason I find the middle mouse button awkward to use. 
You Can Use WASD, Too 
Also, what are you trying to do with the Arrow keys? What OS are you on? Which version of TB? 
Windows 7
Mouse is a plain old Logitech M100, $10 at Walmart.

I just downloaded TrenchBroom today (and the VC runtime). It says it's version 1.1.1 Build 368. I had tried it last year on a different computer but it wouldn't work with the video card in that computer. This one is a GeForce 210 and display seems fine.

I just want to drive around in the 3D view the same way as in Worldcraft and Netradiant, arrows move forward and back and strafe right/left. Aim with mouse. Just like Quake :)

I was also having problems such as clicking on parts of the interface didn't do anything and the arrow keys wanted to act like the Tab key.

I maybe messed something up so I deleted the TrenchBroom registry key and I'll start all over. 
That's Odd 
Please try if the WASD keys work after you deleted the registry key. Also make sure that the 3D view has focus when you try to move around. Finally, TB doesn't have a property flythrough mode, i.e., you cannot use the mouse to aim while moving around with WASD, but you can right drag to emulate that. 
is working now, but I never did like using them as controls. 
Arrows Still Don't Work 
I tried changing the wasd keys to the arrow keys, but couldn't get them to work correctly. What's weird is that they would work if the menu was popped up, otherwise nothing.

Also, why is it that none of the other actions that used the arrow keys were conflicting until I set the arrow keys as movement keys. That was kind of strange. 
That's Because The Arrow Keys Are Context Dependent 
uses Voxelfarm

Author seems to be playing with editing methods from time to time. 
So It Can't Actually Be Done? 
I removed all the conflicts and had the arrow keys used only for camera movement and it wouldn't work.

So it can't actually be done even though it looks like it's set up correctly in Preferences? 
It Should Work 
if it doesn't it's a bug. You can file a bug report on github, and if it's a quick fix I'll release an update. 
Partially Transparent Textures { 
Sleep, how do I make these usable?

I remember you said the texture name can be forced by enclosing it in "" qoutes - did you mean doing this using a find and replace in Notepad++?

Will Trenchbroom respect the change?

Will it revert it to none-quoted texture names if reopened?

Will I need to redo the find and replace if duplicating brushes with their textures named in such a fashion?

All stuff I can find out by experimenting, just haven't got around to it yet and a bit of extra info would help.

There's No Special Support For It In TB1 
If it's really important, I'll try to hack it into the map parser, which is the source of the problem. And no, if you save it the map, it will discard all the double quotes. 
So I can do one changeover as a test and then only worry about it for proper testing builds.

I think I can live with that for now, it's pretty easy to run a find and replace from a text editor. 
I'll make sure that TB2 doesn't choke on those. 
{ Is A Crap Implementation 
and should really be changed to _alpha or something else etc. 
Whoever came up with that has clearly never opened a .map file in their life. 
I Agree 
but sadly, this doesn't matter - I'll have to fix the parser for it anyway. 
When can we expect TB2 and Quake 3 support? 
When It's Done ;-) 
I'm sorry, but I currently have little time to work on TB. I'm constantly working on it, but I'm not making huge progress. I do expect that TB2 will be released this year, and I am currently preparing actual beta releases.

I don't know yet whether Quake 3 support will make it to TB2, but if it doesn't, it will be at the top of the list for 2.1. 
And Valve 220??? 
That Will Be Supported In TB2. 
@onetruepurple or they already fixed the issues that happen when someone puts a space in a texture name, etc.
if the exporter isn't embedding the texture name in quotes, and its importer differs from how qbsp will parse it, then that's actually a bug in the editor.
but hey, at least this little issue helps prevent the engine from bugging out on existing maps! :)

also relevant: 
TrenchBroom 2 has a new interface that makes better use of screen space and is at the same time cleaner and less distractive: 
Is that a texture alignment window in the upper right?

Love it! 
OMG dat texture alignment window ... Think of the hours that will be saved. 
Can You Select Textures 
By 'used' and then apply transforms across the whole map? 
Not Sure 
what the texture alignment window is trying to show. It just looks like a big texture to me with lines on. Are those lines part of the brush?

For texture alignment it would be nice if we could skew textures in a similar way to Worldcraft. (you can make it angled but the horizontal stays the same)

I know not all mappers like the wait that looks but I think it would be a useful feature. 
Find And Replace 
would be a neat feature like ijed says. I currently do this in notepad if I want to make a huge change. 
If you've ever used a modeling app, that texture window should make you all tingly. Sure, it's still restricted to Quake's texture alignment limits but man WHAT a great idea. Being able to rotate and align faces in a UV editing style window will be SO much faster and more accurate than trying to do it in the viewport.

Unless I'm not seeing the right thing and am maybe projecting too much. :P 
Search 'UV map tool' and you'll get it. 
I've Never Opened 
a modelling app. Or should I say, I never got the point with any of my models where I was making the skins and uv maps.

It's something I intend to pick up eventually, even soonish. 
Dat Texture Alignment 
- supports Valve's 220 format, i.e., UV mapping
- snaps texture offset, scale and rotation automatically to the edges of the face being edited, that is you can
-- move the texture around and it's edges (yellow lines) will snap to the face vertices / edges
-- scale textures (by dragging the yellow lines) and they will snap to the face vertices / edges
-- rotate (by dragging the white ball on the circle) and the rotation angle will snap so that the yellow lines are aligned with the face edges

Basically, you can very quickly fit textures to faces. The only thing I haven't quite figured out is how to make it easier to align textures on adjacent faces to each other, but I'm working on that, too. 
Fuck Me 

it's / its
and other grammar and typing errors 
And Of Course 
you can drag the rotation / scaling origin (red lines / white circle) around so that you can rotate about any point on the face's boundary plane. 
I Wouldnt' Mind 
seeing this in action. Looks interesting from how you describe it.

I really hope we see support for other games soon, I wouldn't mind trying my hand at quake 2 engine games (maybe even heretic 2 or something really obscure) 
Quake 2 is already supported and so is Hexen 2. I see no reason why Heretic 2 shouldn't work out of the box either, I'd just need to set it up with an FGD file.

I also plan to support Half Life out of the box, and later HL2 and Quake 3. 
Sleepy: Are you still experimenting/planning any kind of 2d view or virtual grid on areas where they are no brushes? 
Both, actually. TB2 will have 2D views for those who can't work without them, and it will also allow you to place a virtual grid in the 3D view. 
I think that defeats his objective with the editor. However I would really love to be able to create blocks of a certain size by typing in the dimensions rather than click/drag out the shape. A feature like this would have helped me a lot recently. 
Yeah, That Objective 
My original vision was "What would level editing be like if you were in the game?", which is why I didn't want to add 3D views. But after having all those long discussions with many people, I do realize that somethings are just easier to do in 2D that in 3D. But TB will always put the 3D view first, and you will only have to switch to 2D for certain special tasks when you need that kind of precision. 
Will v2 have more primitive options? Cylinders and such? That's something that gets me whenever I fire it up ...

This is the point when someone tells me it already supports that and I'm blind. :) 
Another nice feature would be something like in UEd where you can select adjacent walls. 
Something I've been doing on things like columns and curved walls is what I call "texture wrapping". It's similar to what was done in Doom editing where the texture tiles continuously across multiple surfaces with no breaks in alignment (DCK could do it automatically).

It's a pain to do in Quake because of the need to scale the texture when the surface isn't on 90 degree angles.

It might be something useful to add to Trenchbroom. I can make some screenshots if it's not clear what I'm describing. 
Auto scaling to compensate for off axis walls would be really nice. Hard to make it work with rotation tho. 
Auto Scaling 
will only work on surfaces which have their normal parallel to either of the coordinate planes. For arbitrary normals, all bets are off unless you're using Valve's 220 format (which you should if you're working on a new map). 
maybe at some point, yeah. Or, in a more generalized fashion, procedural brush generators. 
Valve 220 is just something you toggle on/off in TB2?

That's awesome. 
Currently, there's no conversion process. You create a new map and choose whether to use standard Quake or Valve. But conversion from standard to Valve is simple. The other way around can't be done without loss of precision, though. 
I've tried to do it by hand before and the results are unpredictable.

Stripping out the extra data also has fugly results.

Looking forward to TB2! 
Hammer has the alt-right click texture alignment, that will automatically align faces across edges. Ridiculously handy.

That and the targetname eyedropper are the two hammer features I really wish Radiant had. 
> Hammer has the alt-right click texture alignment, that will automatically align faces across edges. Ridiculously handy.

When it does this, is texture stretching also corrected for surfaces that are off axis (not on 90 degree planes), or is that already part of the Valve 220 alignment? 
"maybe I'm projecting too much" is the best / worst unintentional pun you could make about a texture mapping feature 
New Feature 
TrenchBroom 2's live issue browser with quick fixes: 
Obligatory feature request:

'reload def / fgd file'

So that when writing / fixing one you can update with a nearby button instead of reloading the map entirely.

Probably not a common user feature though. 
Please Out That On The Issue Tracker 
This Can't Come Out Soon Enough. 
I really am finding a lot of texture alignment stuff to be a pain right now.

Plus the idea of being able to map for other games is a huge bonus. 
why does trenchbroom render everything flat for even when i choose the option render with texture? 
Because You Haven't Loaded Any Textures? 
Accidentally unbound escape from deselect, when I try to rebind it the damn thing no longer works! Am I doing something completely wrong here?1 
how the hell did I not realise that tab pretty much locks the axis you want to move along? This could have saved me so much time.... 
there's a manual! it's pretty good! 
When I Try To Open The Map Source For Metal Monstrosity: 
I get this error: Malformed map file: expected token of type opening parenthesis, or closing parenthesis, but found integer number at line 15, column 89 
Read the MM thread again carefully. 
Also, holding alt while you move the brush will lock movement to vertical only (y-axis). 
Really Now 
I went to make a sandwich and came back to this. Console says there were no errors. WTF? 
How Long Were You Gone? 
Hard To Say 
5 to 10 minutes(?). 
Could Be The Autosaver 
But that should have kicked in before, and others would have run into it also. Sorry, no idea what that was. Hope you didn't lose too much work. 
I actually lost nothing, the editor continued to work just fine. 
So Many Things I've Learned This Week... 
like double clicking a func_detail will select all the brushes in that group... or pressing alt and the arrow keys will flip the brushes 90 degrees.

I feel like a noob! 
Read the docs and have a look at the cheat sheet. All those keyboard commands are in there.

Btw, the double click behavior might change in TB2. Single click on a brush that belongs to an entity (other than worldspawn) will select all brushes in the entity. Double click to select individual brushes. Discuss. 
Do That! 
I personally prefer being able to just grab a single brush of an entity right off the bat, because most of the time, that's all I need to work with. If I need the rest, there's a shortcut to select all it's siblings.

I forget what other editor it was that selected all the brushes of an entity when you clicked just one, but it was honestly one of the most annoying parts for me. 
I forget what other editor it was that selected all the brushes of an entity when you clicked just one, but it was honestly one of the most annoying parts for me.

Seems like Worldcraft used to do that. On the other hand having to go to the menu and click or use a 3 key combination just to select all brushes of an entity is a pain.

Just selecting a single brush by default seems best. Maybe highlight the other brushes if the one selected is part of an entity and then use an alternate method to select the rest (double-click, shift-click, whatever...). 
Keep As-is 
It's hard to say without trying it.. but I think it would be annoying for people who use func_group/func_detail heavily. if most brushes are part of some entity, then you would have to get used to always double-clicking to select a single brush, and i'd guess that selecting a single brush is more common than selecting the whole entity. 
Once some brushes have been tied together as an entity, you click once to select the whole entity. Seems logical to me, but I've been using the same editor for freakin' years. 
As Long As 
select one or all the brushes is just as simple as one or two clicks it doesnt matter for me. 
I Think It Was Me 
That originally asked for this, just because I'd been used to Worldcraft working like that.

Now, after using TB for so long, especially managing func_groups a lot, I'm not sure which method is better.

Not quite a full 180 on opinion, more like a sharp 90. 
It would be nice to get some sort of simple grouping that wasn't reliant on turning the brushes into a fund_group ... then you could include entities in the group as well. 
It can get a little messy since you need to sprinkle stuff into the MAP file, but that's just extra parsing for Trenchbroom and if they are comment lines they won't affect the compilation at all... 
I want to be able to group brush and point entities. 
I like the way selecting entites currently works, but grouping stuff is needed yeah. 
I'm All For Grouping 
if it can be done well. I'd love a function like this as I have, at least in my latest map, a few entities together that rely on separate alpha values... 
TB2 will feature groups and layers which are based on func_group, but extended so that you can also add entities to them.

Okay, the more I think about it, the less convinced I am of the new selection stuff for brush entities. I'll keep it was it was, i.e., one click selects one brush, and you can select all brushes of an entity with a double click or a keyboard shortcut.

Ogre grenade arc preview.

Do it. 
Holy shit yes. 
But how? It would be much more than an arc and ogres don't stand still. 
Just Make It 
Playable in editor. 
Wow, I've never considered an Ogre arc preview before ... cool idea!

And how about a "Fiend will fuck up and get stuck here" marker. As long as we're asking for stuff... 
Really Interesting Idea, Lun. 
As Long As We're Wishing... 
While you're at it add operating doors, platforms, and animated func_train/path corner combinations, etc. (actually, I seem to remember an old version of Radiant that had some of this). 
Some automated way to set up pathing networks would be awesome too. Select all the path_corners you want, in the correct order, hit hot key, enter a base name, and it gives them all a unique target/targetname combo that links them together. Easy patrols. 
Some automated way to set up pathing networks would be awesome too.

That's basically what I was saying. I'm certain there was a version of Radiant that did this. It didn't automatically name everything, but once you had it set up it would animate it in the editor and you could see the stuff move in the 3D view the same as it would in game.

It's possible it was a plug-in of some kind. I remember using it when I was working on a Quake 2 map, maybe 10 years ago. 
Automated Pathing 
I will try to make entity "scripting" easier, that is, provider some way for quickly setting up paths and logic gates. I don't think I'll be doing in-editor animation though because that would be very specific for every game, and TB2 is not going to be limited to Quake. 
Degrading Behaviour 
I've been having some fun messing around with Trenchbroom on my poor old laptop here, and I've found a way to reduce the complexity of the face shader (at a small cost to quality). If you've previously hit an error when launching Trenchbroom and would like to try tweaking it to see if reduced graphics settings help, then open up Face.fragsh in the Resources folder in a text editor, and change the getSoftStripes function as follows:

float getSoftStripes(float value, float gridSize, float stripeSize) {
  float mainVal = value * gridSize;
  float triangle = abs(2.0 * fract(mainVal) - 1.0);

  float sSize = stripeSize;

  return step(sSize, triangle);

This gets rid of the anti-aliasing on the lines and the bolder lines every 64 units, so you wouldn't want to apply it generally, but if your graphics card is as weak as mine it might just get things running! 
IIRC, AFAIK, BBQ, ( TB1 at least ) didn't do an Early Z Prepass or similar, so shaders are potentially invoked quite a lot, even if the fragments don't end up visible.

Whats your laptop's hardware like ?
Do you know which OpenGL Version it runs ? 
I put this in the issue tracker and I'll add it when I get around to it. Maybe there are a few other places where I could disable some stuff to get better performance. 
Hey, Whoa, No 
Unless you're gonna put a low-graphics fallback or option in don't go adding it in blindly. You lose features, I only wanted it to be there for people who can't use Trenchbroom otherwise. Loving the editor btw, really is quick and intuitive to use. 
I would only add this together with other features which would make the editor usable for people with low end hardware, basically like a "safe mode" option.

And thanks for the nice words, happy that you like it! 
yeah, went back to radiant for a bit and while the 2d views are useful, it felt awkward and slow working in radiant's 3d view. 
2D Views Are Coming To TB2 
Yeah, I caved. Some things are easier to do in 2D than in 3D. TB2 will have two layouts, a Hammer-like 4-pane view for incest enthusiasts and a full size layout where you toggle between 3D and XY, XZ and YZ views with the tab key. 
Maybe Another Layout 
With 3D view and 2D view side by side, using tab to cycle through the 2D views. 
2d view is good for making accurate measurements, something I really found difficult when I first started with trenchbroom. I don't feel like I need it much now, infact it may have been a bit of a crutch.

I'm looking forward to 2 things from next versions of TB, making maps for other games and making quake maps with 220 format texture accuracy. 
a Hammer-like 4-pane view for incest enthusiasts

lmao, but yeah, thanks for this. I love 4 views. I find the single view at a time way too limiting; having access to all 3 axes at onces helps me keep a better overview of what's going on. A nice toggle to go straight to full screen 3d (maybe camera centered on current or last selected brush/entity?) would be fantastic. The more fluid 2d <-> 3d, the better!

I don't feel like I need it much now, infact it may have been a bit of a crutch.
I often have to make 'measurement' brushes to get the precision I want which slows things down for me. But even with that, I still prefer TB to anything else right now. 
I've Read That Trenchbroom Has Support For Huge Maps 
how do I enable that feature? 
What Do You Mean By Huge? 
I think TB currently limits you to -8192 to +8192, if you need to raise those limits, then this is currently not supported. 
I'm Outside Those Limits 
But those areas aren't playable.

To enable the feature:

Step 1: Build a huge map 
*I Ment Large, Sorry 
Grumpy Today 
As SleepWalkR says, there is the +/- 8192 limit, but this is only visible in engine.

In many editors (WC is an exception) this limit is not even visible and you can just keep building forever.

Trenchbroom is like this, at least in current release version; without anything delineated to say 'won't work beyond this point'.

In any case this is an engine limitation; I don't think it'd be good to retrofit TB to impose it as well since that'd affect development for other games.

I think FTE allows for gameplay outside the 8192 limit in Q1 as well. 
Its +/- 4k, 8k range.

And its a protocol limit rather than a random engine limit (read: makes stuff incompatible).
Some engines always use more wasteful/precise coords(DP). Some engines guess at map startup and probably get it wrong half the time(FTE). Some engines hack the protocol and probably crash. Others just crash outright. And others will just wrap coords in a really buggy sort of way because noone hacked them to do weird stuff yet (the inevitable fate of all quake engines - doing weird stuff).

BSP format limit is +/- 32k, due to the use of shorts in the node+leaf structs. This can be worked around, but its not pretty.

QBSP has an expectation that all geometry will be within +/- 99k.

Anyway, geometry outside the +/- 4k limit is fine (distant details or whatever) in any engine, so long as entity/effects don't leave the boundary.
Maybe generate a clip brush on the boundary the first time something gets put beyond it, just to make a point, or a popup message warning them or something. Otherwise, let the mapper shoot themselves in the foot if they really want to.

Limiting yourself to 18-year-old limits is stupid. 
I've Got 
Rocks and stuff beyond fences and out of windows, plus a train arriving from 'far away'.

Also some walls and stuff that if I moved 32 units would send the player to an alternate dimension, if they stepped up close. 
Limiting yourself to 18-year-old limits is stupid.

0/10 flamebait, try harder. 
An editor that intentionally cripples its users is never a good thing. This is the TrenchBroom thread after all, not the 'I hate everything that wasnt made by id' thread.

oh noes! people might use it for things that are not cripply faithful! we can't have that! get the pitchfork!

its stupid, and its not helpful. 
A train moving in from "Far away" is an entity as are any lights and so on, and entities outside the +/-4k limit can cause bad things to happen. This is Quake, not Far Cry or something like that that may seem unlimited.

You can try the huge clipping brush barrier to keep the player inside the limits or make a detail brush with a skip texture that will also effect entities unlike a clipping brush. 
bsp entities tend to have an origin of '0 0 0'. they can start outside and move 4k qu in any direction without a problem - so long as the player, other pointentities (lights are okay), or projectiles/shotguns can't enter that region. 
It's already in and working - func_trains don't cause any problems as far as I can tell. 
The path_corners are outside - I assume this isn't causing trouble because they don't do anything.

I did have the train teleporting to the world 0,0 (and being invisible) at one point but this was bad qc / configuration of the path corners. 
ijed literally pushes the boundaries 
Off A Cliff 
Then I map where they landed at the bottom.

Then I whinge that it's taking too long to finish.

After mapping the group of tourists taking photographs of where the boundries landed from some distance away. Etc etc. 
so your new map is even bigger than your Warpspasm levels?

Is it as evil? :) 
#1348 - Split 2D-3D Layout 
I like that way of working usually. 
It's Bigger 
Not sure about evil since it doesn't have the music.

Although considering the corpses decorating it, hidden altars and stuff, creepy ambient sounds from Spiney and the Rubicon setting... maybe.

I never really think about making my maps evil. They just happen that way :D 
Support For Source Games? 
Would be possible to add support for source engine (HL2, CS:GO, Portsl 1/2) games? Because Hammer is very outdated tool and Source needs something like Trenchbroom. 
This is definitely on my todo list for TB2. If you're willing to help out be testing and discussing necessary features, then get in touch via email: - same if you know someone who is serious about giving TB2 support for these features. I will only do it if there is someone who helps out by describing requirements and doing testing. Otherwise it's just not possible as I don't know these engines very well. 
I Will Always Test!!! 
I have almost every id tech game ever made!! 
I Need Someone Who Will Work On Actual Maps For These Games 
otherwise it's just not possible to fine tune the support for these games. 
I Started Making A Heretic 2 Map 
But it was a nightmare working with quark. Hell I will make a map for every game!! 
I think he's asking for someone who is well versed in each game so they can tell him the nuances and subtleties that are wrong. He can test raw map compilation himself. :) 
Bitch I Am Leet 
Heretic2 would also be on the list of games which could be supported. For now I have Quake 2 and Hexen 2, and it would be cool to find people who work with those games. 
You ask like I haven't got those 2 games installed ;) 
If you want to make a Quake 2 map, then the easiest way to get at the current betas is to install dropbox and give me your dropbox email so that I can invite you to the beta folder. 
Protip: Sort The Files By Date To Find The Latest Betas. 
So far I feel like this is kind of a huge step back in a lot of ways from version 1.

- bring back ctrl d duplicate. Please.
- Would like to bind keys without needing ctrl as a modifier, I like to snap to grid using space bar (like all the time). That is unless you have fixed the issue of wandering vertices
- Would like to WASD without having to press F first (it seems terrible that this is a toggle), and allow flying to be back to the speed it used to be.
- bring back the reset button for textures
- bring back copy face attributes feature (when a face is selected press alt and left click on another face)
- would like to be able to work in a window straight away rather than having to select it, like in tb 1
- would be nice to have the old black void rather than pure white. Or at least allow is to choose our own colour
- would be neat if TB showed us when we were getting to the map border (+/- 4096 units)
- make it easier to select the frame to adjust the size of the windows please, right now it feels like I have to select something 1 pixel thick
- why can I no longer add my own keys to entities? Please bring this feature back
- The texture rotating thingy on the face
manipulator is way too sensitive to be of any use at all, this would be better as a slider IMO. Less fancy but I would rather have something that works.

-might be worth having the texture implimentation that I *think* is in quark, that is it just grabs the textures from the .bsp files rather than having to find the appropriate wad file.
I dunno how this works with compiling though? It might be a better way of getting the textures though instead of searching around online.

I am tempted to flesh out maps in TB1 and then use TB2 to finish off the very last bits. I suppose this defeats the point of having a new TB though. 
First of all, remember that this is a complete rewrite. Some features might just have been forgotten, so please do create feature requests for the stuff you're missing.

- bring back ctrl d duplicate. Please.

Add a feature request to the issue tracker. But you can now duplicate by Ctrl+LMB drag or by Ctrl+Arrow key as well, so I'm not sure whether Ctrl+d is still necessary.

- Would like to bind keys without needing ctrl as a modifier, I like to snap to grid using space bar (like all the time). That is unless you have fixed the issue of wandering vertices

This is simple impossible due to the fact that some OSs don't allow this and it basically rendered the editor useless on Linux. That said, some actions which are only useful in the 3D view can be bound to single keystroke hotkeys, and I can add the snap command to those if you wish. Please create a feature request.

- Would like to WASD without having to press F first (it seems terrible that this is a toggle), and allow flying to be back to the speed it used to be.

The fly speed can be set in the preferences. WASD can be always on, please create a feature request.

- bring back the reset button for textures

That's already on the todo list.

- bring back copy face attributes feature (when a face is selected press alt and left click on another face)

That should already work, but you have to hold Ctrl+Alt to copy the face attributes too. Without ctrl it will only copy the texture.

- would like to be able to work in a window straight away rather than having to select it, like in tb 1

That was never the case in TB1. You have to click a view to focus it - how else should the view get focus?

- would be nice to have the old black void rather than pure white. Or at least allow is to choose our own colour

Feature request.

- would be neat if TB showed us when we were getting to the map border (+/- 4096 units)

Already on the todo list.

- make it easier to select the frame to adjust the size of the windows please, right now it feels like I have to select something 1 pixel thick

Yes, this is a problem, but I'm reluctant to make the dividers thicker as it looks shit. I'll think of a solution for this, but it shouldn't be such a huge problem now because TB2 remembers your window layout.

- why can I no longer add my own keys to entities? Please bring this feature back

That's a bug ;-). Please make a bug report.

- The texture rotating thingy on the face
manipulator is way too sensitive to be of any use at all, this would be better as a slider IMO. Less fancy but I would rather have something that works.

You can have more precision by increasing the radius. Just start your drag and move away from the circle center. Also notice how the textures are snapped to the face edges to make alignment easier.

-might be worth having the texture implimentation that I *think* is in quark, that is it just grabs the textures from the .bsp files rather than having to find the appropriate wad file.
I dunno how this works with compiling though? It might be a better way of getting the textures though instead of searching around online.

I don't think getting and using wad files is such a problem. Notice that you can add wad files simply by dragging them onto the editor window from Explorer.

I am tempted to flesh out maps in TB1 and then use TB2 to finish off the very last bits. I suppose this defeats the point of having a new TB though.

Yes, it does. I can only repeat that this is beta software and stuff is still missing. The point of being a beta tester is to report these things. 
To Add An Entity Property 
Just hit Ctrl+Enter. Sorry, that's not very obvious I know. 
This is simple impossible due to the fact that some OSs don't allow this and it basically rendered the editor useless on Linux. That said, some actions which are only useful in the 3D view can be bound to single keystroke hotkeys, and I can add the snap command to those if you wish. Please create a feature request.

Can this just be required on Linux? I've been resorting to hacking the registry keys... :D 
You Will Get Into Trouble 
because those shortcuts might no longer work in text fields etc.

If there are functions which you feel must have a one key shortcut, then they must not be menu items, and they can only be available when the 3D view has focus. And no, I won't make this a Linux only requirement because it has created a nightmare of problems in the past, and it violates the UI guidelines of Windows and Mac OS X. 
if there are such functions, then I'll gladly move them from the menu to the 3D view, where they can have any shortcut you want. 
I Will Be Back 
At some point to give usable feedback.

So far I haven't tried the TB2 builds, but will. 
off the top of my head:

Clip mode: x (I would actually prefer if you could flat out drop clip points without having to enter a mode at all)
Entity editor: n (like simulating radiant)
Face editor: t (radiant again...)
Deselect: Esc
Grid size: 1-9
Grid snap off: 0
Grid display: g
Freeze selection: f
Hide selection: h

Basically, modifier keys suck. While I am a firm believer in GUI and control standards when it comes to generic applications (eg: Winforms, web), with specialized applications like this one, I lean more towards efficiency and speed. 
put this in the issue tracker. It will just get lost here. 
Beta Request Is Possible? 
Hello SleepwalkR,

Been away for ages but its nice to see you still working on the new revamped editor. Possible for access to the beta version as well? If so awesome. My mail is rbanninga[at]gmail[dot]com

Does the current beta work with quake 2 map editing or still quake 1 at the moment? Sorry if this was already covered in the discussion above

it does hexen 2 and quake 2 editing. I haven't tried quake 2 editing yet but I will be doing it soon. 
Just Fyi 
I wouldn't call TB2 in beta really. It's more of an alpha. There are a lot of feature just plain missing, and many things do not function 100% correct just yet. You can't really use it to make a map. 
Please Add All Missing Features 
To the issue tracker. That would be very helpful. 
Trying To Add As Much As Possible 
sorry dude I have been really busy, you did mention to add things to this thread though. I'll try and keep stuff github as well (though I still get a bit confused on where things are on there). 
I'm Probably Bringing Up Old Issues And Such... 
...but I can't get the stable release of TrenchBroom 1.1.1 to work properly. The two main issues I'm having are crashes when either choosing the vertex tool or trying to drag and drop certain entities. I didn't quite know where to put these issues, nor could I find any fixes for them. Sorry if I'm not posting in the right places. 
Go To Preferences 
And set OpenGL instancing to force off. That should fix the vertex tool. As for the other issue, I need more info, such as your OS and steps to reproduce. 
Thank You! 
The OpenGL setting fixed the vertex tool for me. My OS is Windows 7 64 bit, my graphics accelerator is built into the processor, an Intel 4000 HD. I saw the entity issue on the GitHub issue tracker, and supposedly a driver update should have fixed the problem, but I'm sure my drivers are up to date. 
Well Then 
Which entities crash the editor when you try to drag them? 
Well I Think I Got It To Work... 
I rolled back the driver to a previous version which seems to have fixed it for me, but the entities that previously crashed the editor were the ones that are represented by a 3d model. Now the editor runs fine, thanks for all your help!! 
this editor.......
from this to this took 30 minutes.

Literally just built one section of that inner circle bit, started rotating, then just lopped off a few bits that were poking out. And yes, that is a 32 sided outer circle and a 16 sided inner one.

I feel like I have been waiting my whole life for this editor. 
should have mentioned to not deceive anyone, this is with the beta of TB2. 
That is amazing, it looks so perfect, you just rotated, no errors? 
This proves once more that SleepwalkR is but a giant troll. Being able to create nice curves and angled architecture used to be a real skill; in TB you just press rotate and it's done. Even the greatest noobs like skacky and mfx can now pull things off. Disappointing. 
Looks Great. 
Anytime I try anything so crazy in TB ends with me getting some wandering vertices and stuff and the next time I load up the map it turns into my worst nightmare of fixing.

Unless nightmare time has been fixed? 
This looks great!
With the geometry inside this ring, is it possible now to compile it with "vanilla" qbsp?
(without max_windings raised?) 
That's My Secret Plan 
Making Quake editing easy ;-) 
hipshot: yep, all rotation. you can set the origin of the rotation in TB2, so I move that into the center of the ring and set the rotation angle to 11.25 and rotate as I paste copies.
I simplified a bit of course, there is some preparation:
First you build the section a little wider than it should be.
Then you make two copies and rotate them to both sides of the original.
Next, use clipping to remove excess brushwork so there is no of very little overlap.
Now, delete the two extra copies and you can start copying the original again.
mfx: no clue... haven't switched back from rebb's compiler since you mentioned it last time. i would suspect no, though, because when I check this out with r_drawflat and r_showtris, I can see some faces have absolutely tons of edges... 
Tons Of Edges? 
What do you mean? 
It's a product of the compilation process, not the editor. :)

Essentially, all the rotated stuff creates so many intersections with the floor that you end up with faces that have large numbers of edges.

You can see this when you turn on both r_drawflat and r_showtris: you find a surface that shares the same colour which is 1 face, and then count all the edges from showtris. 
other editors have rotate functions, too. always had. there's more reasons than the editor that people usually don't try that, like the near 100% likelihood of point on plane or winding errors and the heinously messy geometry that results. 
mfx: I checked and this map does compile with normal compilers. the map where I was getting this error was a much crazier map that I was using for testing.
With the added brushwork on the ground, there are now extra splits on the faces which reduce the number of edges on each face.
I suspect that if I started seeing winding errors, I could just easily go into areas with that kind of problem and force qbsp to split those faces either by offsetting textures a small amount or by placing brushwork in the middle to cause intersections. 
thanks for checking necros. i was asuming the same. 
Someone Made TB1 Work With Quake 2 - 
That's Cool! 
Thanks for posting, fifth! 
Uh... Why do I keep getting this?

Unloading existing map file and textures...
Loading file D:\Games\Games\Quake\id1\maps\
Assuming floating point plane coordinates
Malformed map file: expected token of type string, but found integer number at line 6, column 51
Loaded map file in 0.003000 seconds

Even in the autosave map? 
What's at line 6 in the map file? 
Open it up in a text editor - but I suspect you've got a texture with a numerical only name. 
Well 2.0 
"spawnflags" "0"
"classname" "worldspawn"
"wad" "D:\Games\Games\Quake\id1\t2.wad;D:\Games\Games\Quake\id1\quake101.wad"
( 352 -272 256 ) ( 352 -272 -0 ) ( 224 -272 256 ) 2 -0 -0 -0 1 1
( 224 -272 256 ) ( 224 -272 -0 ) ( 224 -176 256 ) 2 -16 -0 -0 1 1
( 352 -272 -0 ) ( 352 -144 -0 ) ( 224 -272 -0 ) 2 -0 16 -0 1 1
( 352 -144 256 ) ( 224 -176 256 ) ( 352 -144 -0 ) 2 -0 -0 -0 1 1
( 352 -144 256 ) ( 352 -144 -0 ) ( 352 -272 256 ) 2 -16 -0 -0 1 1
( 352 -272 256 ) ( 224 -272 256 ) ( 352 -144 256 ) 2 -0 16 -0 1 1
( 224 -208 -0 ) ( 352 -144 -0 ) ( 224 -176 256 ) 2 -0 -0 -0 1 1 
Yes I do, I named my tex 1 2 3 just for testing, that's bad in Q1? 

Is that in the file, or just func formatting? 
Or That 
Yes, rename the textures. 
Texture Names Containing Only Numbers 
cause TB1 to go balls up. No idea if qbsp will handle them fine, but TB1 doesn't like it. 
One thing I find quiet annoying, when I create a new brush, it's spaced away from the camera, so it can go below or to close to the camera if I'm far away from where I want it. Maybe there's already a setting for it, but can't brushes just appear "on" the brush you aim at when you create one? 
When you draw a brush, TB will position it on the face which was under the mouse when you started dragging. Brushes are created on the XY plane by default, but you can change the height of the brush by hold the Alt key during the drag.

Or maybe I didn't understand what you mean? 
i've been meaning to create an issue for this, but sometimes the brush goes inside the surface... 
^ God Damnit 
actually, while i'm here, just dumping something so i remember... shortcut to make new brush appear snapped to face that would normally be moved (ie: face under cursor or face linked to the zone when face is not pointing toward camera) 
Thanks, I didn't know that's how it worked. Now when I know, I always keep the pointer above the brush I want to build from. 
How about using numpad 1-9 to change the grid AND also numpad + and -? Cause now I need to do ctrl+/-.

Sorry if my questions are basic and has been asked before. I'm new. 
Look at the docs and the main menu. You'll find all shortcuts there. Also check out the keyboard preferences. 
In TB2, Ctrl+Shift+Drag will create a new brush instead of resizing. 
i almost never drag out new brushes. i think that might be worth discussing too. 
This Feature Is Part Of The Resize Tool 
yeah, thanks, i just haven't had a chance to check anything out yet. :)

#1433 was mainly for a different subject I want to bring up later... 
Been going through the settings and so, but I can't find a setting to set the default texture? I would love to have the skip texture as the default one... 
^^Why Would Someone Do That? 
You Can't 
There is no default texture in TB. 
Ok, cause when I compile I get some red/black checker texture, thought that was the "default" one, I guess that's just an "missing texture"-texture then. 
Yeah, that's the default Quake "I couldn't find the texture" texture. 
Ok, after using this feature, I see how it is basically what I was talking about in #1433. 
No Smart Editor Available? 
Trenchboom doesn't like me. 
That's an interesting interpretation ;-) 
It would be nice if the filter list could include func_detail =) 
Corrupting Funky Curves And Angles 
when building structures like this with less than ideal geometry ( if you use the duplicate function (ctrl+D) and then align it, the brushes tend to be broken with the edges and vertexes off of the grid, slightly resized and moved. Some faces are also split into having 5 sides and everything tends to get all kind of janky. Sorry my screenshot doesn't show the result of geometry getting screwy. However it can be repeated by doing something like it.

However, building it by creating a unique brush for every bit of geometry as opposed to using the duplicate tool makes it work. 
What Do You Mean By "align It"? 
There is a function that allows you to snap to grid. I have mine bound to the spacebar and I hit it every time I edit a vertice or duplicate a complex brush. 
There is a function that allows you to snap to grid. I have mine bound to the spacebar and I hit it every time I edit a vertice or duplicate a complex brush. 
I'm Missing Something. 
If you snap every brush to integers every time you touch anything, why exactly haven't you just turned off float precision? 
Because even with forced integers, TB can create offgrid geometry sometimes (vertex editing is particularly tricky). 
Whether Vertices Have Integer Coords Or Not 
has no relation to the plane points being integer or not. 
Would it be possible to have an vertice integer snap mode or would that produce problems?? 
It's Generally Not Possible For Anything Beyond 
brushes which consist of all triangles. 
While Typing I Realised It Would Be A Terrible Feature Request So Here 
Re: "TrenchBroom 2 now has a layer system. Layers can be hidden and locked individually."

Please add some more options:

"Exclude from compile"

"Hide all layers but this one"

Being able to group layers into (multi-level) groups would be great.

Also being able to assign colors to layers/groups.

Can you duplicate layers?

Can you drag'n'drop prefabs from the TB Store into the list????

Maybe check out how QuArK does things, random link to its documentation where you can see some of the GUI and features: 
Please Go Away 
Feature requests go to the issue tracker, please.

Btw, if Quark does something in one way, then it's very likely I'll choose the opposite direction. Quark is a UI nightmare. 
Feature Request: 
Make it possible to request features in this thread. 
I don't have time to move stuff from here to the issue tracker. I really just don't. 
moved the first two. the third was already talked about. fourth is not that useful. fifth would just by copy/paste and make new layer. 
Agree on your verdicts. If anyone disagrees, they can open an issue on github. 
Thanks necros!

Sleepwalkr: That's like saying iOS is a UI nightmare just because the back button is at the most far away place in the top left. Quark does lots of things very well and editors could oh well your decision. 
Which BSP compiler is recommended for Trenchbroom maps? I'm beta testing 2.0 and I sometimes get into situations where my alignment in the editor doesn't match the alignment in the game. Passing in "-oldaxis" just moves the problems to other faces so I'm wondering if there's a specific BSP compiler that is known to work well with TB.

Also, a link directly to it would be appreciated. :) 
Sorry for the tone earlier. I know you like Quark, but I don't like its interface at all. I surely has a lot of useful features, but every time I try to use it, nothing works intuitively they way I expect it. That's why I consider it a nightmare. 
that may be a bug actually. i'm taking a bit of a break from testing right now, but i did notice that in some cases, faces at 45 degrees wouldn't match up in game. in fact, adjacent coplanar faces wouldn't match up with alignment either AND once you reload the map, the faces would go back to the old broken alignment. I can't figure out what particular circumstances causes that though. 
btw: i am using rebb's txqbsp (based on aguirre's txqbsp) without the old/alt axis switch. 
I'm using Tyrann's:

With -oldaxis but haven't run into the problems you describe, since I turned it on. 
I'll Check It Out Soon 
I'm in the middle of a big refactoring right now and can't work on the bugs. 
Tyranns Tools Seconded 
pretty much what I use exclusively. 
So help me out please? How do I configure a custom entity so that I can rotate the entity in the editor? I've been bashing on the FGD and whatever else and I can't figure out what allows some entities to rotate (like players and monsters).

I have this:

And the FGD looks like this:

@PointClass base(Appearflags) size(-2 -14 -40, 22 14 16) color(255 255 255) model(":progs/decoring.mdl") = deco_ring : "Iron Deco Ring"

I can't rotate the entity in Trenchbroom. It ignores me. And I don't understand why. :-/

Is it obvious? 
The Origin Of The Entity Must Be In The Center Of The Bounding Box 
As defined in the fgd. 
Ahh ... Ok, will try that! 
Ha, nice ... that fixed it AND it seemed to resolve the weird lighting problems I was getting in-game. Yay! 
Yay Yay! 
You're Not Alone 
That gave me quite a few headaches. 
I remembered it being submitted as a feature request but what's the status on adding a 2dview and grid? 
Everything Is Being Worked On 
Progress is currently slow due to real life obligations. That is all ;-) 
I Did A Quick And Dirty Helper Model 
This may be useful to users of the editor;

It's just a scaled up and reskinned version of Sock's voreball, colour coded to match the various entity types.

This means you can turn off 'bounds' in the model view to make your screen less cluttered. You will need to add this;

model(":progs/helper.mdl" 0)

To the various entries in your .fgd (not sure if its the same format for .def) replacing the 0 for the corresponding skin - each skin is correctly named inside the file.

I'd share my fgd but its got modded entities inside and I can't be arsed cleaning them out. 
Status Update 
Updates have been slow recently, so before people get worried I thought I'd give a small status update. TrenchBroom 2 has been progressing nicely in the past months until the point where I started to integrate a new feature for layers and groups into the editor.

It turns out that the internal structure I had for representing maps did not lend itself well to this particular extension, so I had to change it significantly. This of course rippled into basically every other part of the editor, and I'm working on adapting all other parts of it to these changes.

Progress on this has been a bit slower in the past two weeks as I am quite busy with real life stuff, too. But I'm still working on it, and it's going forward. I'll start pushing new builds as soon as the editor is back in a usable state. 
Great to hear it's still moving forward. I'm just grateful that people find any time to work on projects like this.

I think we all understand that real-life gets in the way a lot more than for example 13 years ago... when I was living at home, playing Q1SPs while mum makes me din dins.

The cool thing about Trenchbroom though, is that it's making mapping so much easier, it seems to be combatting lot of mappers real-life time constraints, and therefore caused a resurgence in Q1SP releases! So keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated. 
Yup, That Darn Real Life 
I wish I had started with TB a couple of years earlier when I was still a student. Oh, the time I could have sunk into it then. Now, it's just the odd couple of hours here and there.

Thanks for the encouraging words! 
Haha, seriously ... I wish I could take everything I know now, and rewind a few decades. Single, all the free time in the world to work on projects ... I didn't realize what I had. :P 
Not really touched the editor for longer than 5 mins while I got a new girlfriend. I have a crazy mapping itch needing to be scratched 
Anyone Compile TB On An Arch Based Distro? 
Didn't realize there was a newer thread for TB and posted in another, but here is my issue compiling on Linux. I have finally gotten to the point where it almost compiles, but now craps out with 4 g++ errors ;

It might be a simple error on my part or obvious to someone more knowledgeable than I. Any help appreciated. 
Also BTW 
When I attempted using latest wx src 3.0.2 its still failed, but a whole different way. 
Pet peeve:

"wad" "C:\new\new.wad"
or worse:
"wad" "C:\new\"
(found in at least one map)

C:<NEW LINE>ew<NEW LINE>ew.wad
makes no sense, and the other one:
will just corrupt the world entity and everything that comes after it.

Seeing as most tools take significant shortcuts and don't parse things properly, can you at least ensure that wad paths are written out with / instead of \ or \\, so as to ensure maximum compatibility with existing tools, without outputting unsupportable gibberish please?
The alternative is to ban \n and \" etc, but this issue interacts with saved games, but making special cases for parsing wad values, or special cases for saved games vs initial load is annoying and clumsy. 
So / is preferable to \\ ? 
/ works fine in the core windows api, but may be rejected by microsoft's commandline tools.
\\ will generally work, but might cause problems with things that do try sanitising things (poorly).
/ is a single char
\\ isn't usable at the start of a relative path (unc shares), and is thus potentially dangerous in windows (if poorly sanitised, // is identically dangerous).
/ is portable
\\ is not (poorly sanitised, // is equivelent to /../ on amiga and thus unsafe).

so yeah, / is preferable to \\ or \
but hey, \\ is at least a correct C string, and acceptable as-is for most of the windows api. 
/ May Be Portable For Relative Paths 
But not for absolute paths. TB supports both. So I think I'll use the escaped version with \\ on Windows. 
as far as windows and the C api is concerned, / is as portable as \
leading \\ (or //) will be interpreted as a unc path if the tool doesn't de-markup the string (hurrah for lazy parsing), so be sure to use / instead of \\ if its the first char of a drive-relative path, even in windows. 
Hexen 2 Support? 
So are there any plans/chance for Hexen 2 support?

I have a couple of mapping ideas I want to try out for it but I'm sick of the editors I used to use 
Hexen 2 is supported in TB 2.0... You need to speak to SleepwalkR about access as a beta tester 
Beta Test? 
How would I go about that? Should i just ask about it here? 
Send me an email: 
Annoying Issue 
so i go and make some terrain looks fine in the editor and compile it looks fine in game

then i load my map back up in the editor and some of the terrain vertex points are off by one unit or more which is impossible to fix sometimes without making the terrain again and hoping it will be trenchbroom valid

yet when i load the map up in hammer those vertex points arent messed up 
Is That In TB1? 
seems to load vertex points correctly nothing is off grid in 1.0 
Seems I Fixed It 
running trenchbroom.exe with compatibility mode for any OS fixes it idk why but it does 
That Is Unlikely. 
But do make sure that you use the latest version, which is 1.1.1 
You do tend to see vertices wander off grid over time. I think a fix was suggested but not sure if it was implemented 
There Is No Fix 
But if you keep your plane points on the grid and don't build too complex brushes, the errors will be small enough to ignore. 
i wasnt even making anything complex just some raised or inverted brushes and they were going off grid until i set compatibility mode

and the problem doesnt occur on my win 8.1 x64-bit computer if i dont set compatibility mode only on this computer which is win 7 x64-bit so maybe its OS based 
Posessed Map

In Mac OS, if I double-click this map in the Finder to open it in TB (latest 1.1 build), look at the brushes, then quit the TB application and repeat, the map will look different each time: sometimes there's vertex drift (with different amounts/directions), sometimes not.

On the latest Windows TB1.1 build, it seems to always open with no vertex drift; but if I open the map, go to File -> New, then open it again, it has vertex drift then.

Here is what I got when saving the drifted version in Windows:

It's pretty weird, I might see if I can debug what's going on. Maybe memory corruption somewhere? 
I Have No Idea 
But it doesn't happen in TB2? 
Doesn't Seem To 
I opened in TB2 a few times and it looks OK. Also when I load and save in TB2, the saved file is the same as the original (ignoring the order of the faces) which is good. 
Well, I ran TB1 in Valgrind and it reported that while loading my test map, Face::Face(worldBounds, forceIntegerFacePoints, point1, point, point2, textureName) was using an uninitialized value, m_forceIntegerFacePoints. If I stick in a m_forceIntegerFacePoints = false/true; there, my map reliably loads correctly/drifted, and the valgrind warning disappears. Will post a PR on github.

I think that can explain the weirdness a lot of people had, since it would mean every time a map loads, each face had a chance of being snapped to have integer face points. 
How did you get it to ignore all the warnings from within wxwidgets? When I tried it, I got so many that I couldn't find those which originated in my own code. 
I didn't do anything special; there were only 10 or so from wxWidgets as the application started, but none after that. I was using wx 2.9.5 and followed your instructions in Linux/Build.txt. 
Maybe it's worse on wxWidgets-Cocoa. 
TrenchBroom 1.1.2 Is Out 
- Enable texture names starting with '{' (ericw)
- Fix hang when adding multiple updating entity targets (ericw, necros)
- Simplify build instructions (ericw)
- Fix vertex drift on map load (ericw)
- Fix crash with colors in byte format (ericw)
- Add option to invert zoom direction when using Alt+MMB (kduske)


Thanks to ericw for the fixes! 
Nice Nice! 
Danget Trenchbroom 1 needs the vertex snap to grid option from 2 :)

Right now I bounce between the 2 for map diagnostic bug hunting. So easy to find brushes that have verts not snapped to the grid.

But this is a nice fix! 
Issue With Latest 1.1.2_374 
it seems when i try to copy paste somewhat complex geometry mostly arches by ctrl+c then ctrl+v the vertex points go off grid with a result like this when it should look like this

this issue happens on both my computers win 8.1 x64-bit and win 7 x64-bit

it doesnt happen when ctrl+d cloning

the issue is made worse if i turn the grid off

the issue doesnt happen in the previous version of trenchbroom being 1.1.1_368 
I can reproduce that, will look into it. Seems that copy/paste rounds to integer plane points. 
What Mod Is That? 
Thewaz154... what mod is that? I see a bunch of additional corpse deco meshes :)

Which makes me ask the question... where are the wall corpses as place able objects for quake1? 
@thewaz154, thanks for the report, I think I fixed the copy/paste bug. I need to check with SleepwalkR but there will be an updated build at some point.

@Skiffy, The corpses in id1 are monster_zombie with 'spawnflags' '1'. In TB you can just enable the "Crucified" checkbox to set the spawnflag.

For a wider variety, check out Quoth. in TB1, go to Edit -> Map Properties, then select the Quoth2.fgd in the first popup and the 'quoth' directory in the second (you'll need quoth installed.) Then you should see all the corpses in the TB entity palette. 
Another Bug 

#1. load trenchbroom and open a map with a decent amount of stuff in it and dont do anything yet

#2. go to face texture browser, pick a texture, and then create a brush

#3. re-size, clone, or copypaste that brush

#4. watch as trenchbroom crashes :c

this issue can be bypassed by moving, re-sizing, or cloning and already existing world brush and it wont happen for the rest of the session but its a bit annoying to have to do that every time i open my map up again

moving, cloning, or editing non brush entities doesnt bypass this 
TrenchBroom 1.1.3 
- Fix vertex precision problems when copy/pasting brushes (ericw)

Ah awesome. Yea was having some trouble with this lately 
Ummm Virus Scanner Now Hates TB??? 
Ok that is weird. Now for some reason my Virus protection software thinks TB is an evil thing and kills it after a second or so. 
Which Scanner Is That? 
I built it on my Windows 7 virtual machine - maybe it's infected? What does your scanner say is specifically wrong with it? 
Cant Check Right Now 
It just removes it outright without telling me at the moment. The current scanner I have expired. So it scans and does all the usual but I cant check the logs... 
Sorry scanner is bitdefender 
If It Just Removes The File 
without telling you anything about it, how do you know it's your virus scanner? 
trendmicro HouseCall and windows defender don't find any viruses for me. maybe you can whitelist it with your scanner? 
virustotal's static check was clean as well. Maybe the title is triggering some children protection mode? ;) 
Its The Scanner 
It also made it so that I could not extract the file from the zip into any folder anymore either. It just hates the file.... But I removed the virus scanner software and installed another one and now it works fine... also works fine at work. I dont know but my home PC virus protection freaked out and deleted the EXE and did not allow me to put it back. Was very strange. 
-1 And -2 Dont Work For Func Secret Doors? 
It just goes sideways and never up or down... but this works for func doors normally... I don't get it. But it has the flag to move down first and then in a direction which I don't want. Needs to shift back then up or down... confusing 
Angle Key... -1 And -2 For Up Or Down Direction 
Secret Doors Fucking Suck 
The Way _color Works By Default 
is poor IMO

It should be done with a scale of 0-255 for each colour choice. That way when lighting is compiled you get smooth blends between colours. 
Secret Secret Door Keys... Wtf Haha 
Thanks Onetruepurple! 
Secret Doors 
The angle determines the direction of the second move, the first move is always to the right of that unless you change the spawnflags. 
TrenchBroom 1.1.4 
- Fix crash when updating graphics resources (ericw)
- Fix vertex drift issue leading to grid snapping problems (ericw)

"Fix vertex drift issue leading to grid snapping problems"

Tested, looks good so far.. this is one of the biggest problems I was having with TB1 (that seemed to be fixed in TB2), lots of brushes with crazy decimal values (like 63.989801 rather than 64 units, this usually happened with duplicating or copy and pasting) 
Hope that's the last of the drift bugs. For reference, there were different bugs depending on whether you used "force integer plane points" or not:

For maps with "force integer plane points" turned off:
v1.1.2 fixed rounding brushes to integers when opening a map (with a random chance each brush would be rounded)
v1.1.3 fixed copy & paste rounding to integers, when they shouldn't

For maps with "force integer plane points" turned on:
v1.1.4 fixed a bug where the editing tools (vertex editor, clip tool, copy/paste from other maps, etc) weren't rounding the results to integers when they should have. The next time you loaded the map, all brushes get rounded to integers, so the brushes with decimal coordinates would get messed up. 
Bugs Fixed 
now all trenchbroom needs is texture alignment like in hammer mostly for arches and or things like curved floor trims which is in trenchbroom 2.0 / 2.1???

an ability to create a 8,192 by 8,192 unit box because world size limitations which i found out the hard way and created a 8,192 box world centered in hammer after my map was all buggy <.<

a prefab creation tool like hammers arch creation but also with spheres, spikes, and cylinders

maybe a grid option which is also in trenchbroom 2.0 / 2.1??? not that i care for overview / side view grid like in hammer but an option would be nice for some

and uhm.... hmmm.... i cant think of anything else just add those things and trenchbroom will be perfect 
What this, or Jackhammer, really need is a good prefab system. Like, a real one.

In Hammer, you can place instances of external MAP files into your level and they are copied in as if they are real brushes before compile time.

This allows you to do neat things, like build a destroyed building sitting straight up and down but place an instance into your level rotated into position. So it's easy to work on but more interesting to play on/look at in the game itself.

Just a thought. With these editors having damn near perfect texture lock these days, I'd say the time has come! Let the prefabs fly! 
A prefab browser in TB would be awesome. I think with TB especially though that SleepwalkR will probably be trying to keep as pure and simple as possible, quite often you find with editors that they continually add bloat. It gets to the point that unless you were from the beginning that the tools become extremely difficult to learn, this isn't so with TB. 
Hammer has an entity called func_instance. You place it and then use the file browser to point it at a MAP file. It then shows a preview of that MAP file in the level itself but you can't edit it - just move it and rotate it. To edit, you double click the entity and it opens a new editor with that external MAP file in it.

Instancing Is Definitely Coming 
TB 2 will have proper groups that can also contain entities. From there it's a small step to having instance support. 
TB1 RGB Colors Not Floats? 
Any chance of getting this for the original? Right now the color picker always goes float and some compilers do not like them.

For now I just type them in manually. 
Which Compilers? 
afaik, all light utilities will deal with 0-255 or 0-1 colour values automatically. 
I'm Using Tyrlight 
and I get some weirdness unless colours are 0-255. Colours don't blend properly with 0-1 values and sometimes the colour will be too diluted. 
Float / Int Toggle In Tb1 
Float or RGB Int in TB1 please! It would be most appreciated. 
well... don't know what to say. your compiler is bugging out somehow. I have always used 0-1 for my colour values and have never had any troubles. 
maybe it would be better if you could provide examples of colours not 'blending properly'; eg: screenshot comparisons. 
There is a bug in tyrlight it seems.

If you do not have a delay key set, using a _color on a light of 0-1 will not be scaled to 0-255, and end up appearing white.

Excuse this dark screenshot despite the brightness cranked, but here's an example. The upper two lights are "_color" "1 0 0" "light" "100" and the bottom are "_color" "255 0 0" "light" "100" :

If there is a delay key, it will work fine. These are the same lights as above, except with "delay" "2": 
One More 
very odd. same set up as before, except ONLY the upper right light has "delay" "2" (this is a light with "_color" "1 0 0")

It's like only the most intense areas of a 0-1 color light will get correct coloring without any delay settings. 
(using TyrUtils V0.13 Btw) 
I believe that is latest, I originally saw this in ericw's dirtmap version as well though. 
Actually, fuck those previous screenshots, blending of multiple lights was playing tricks.

delay doesn't seem to be the culprit, it just doesn't scale 0-1 _color lights right.

The values with bright red in the middle and then quickly falling off to white suggests that maybe it does scale 0-1 up to 0-255, but then the falloff isn't being scaled up to the correct color values? 
checking the tyrutils code, I don't see any special support for 0-1, so that explains why it never worked. It should be easy to add.

But I can't seem to reproduce this weird result you got here, with the inner red spot and white on the outside.

This is my light:
"spawnflags" "0"
"classname" "light"
"origin" "816 288 -872"
"_color" "1 0 0"
"light" "300"
"angle" "-0"
"delay" "2"

I get a very small, dark red spot. (with r_lightmap 1) (lit up with a rocket)
This is also with the dirtmap version, but 0.13 looks the same. 
"classname" "light"
"origin" "240 128 128"
"light" "300"
"_color" "1 0 0"
"delay" "2"

is mine... so the same.

Is my .map, the compiled .bsp and .lit, as well as the tyrlight I used if that helps.

Could it possibly be a strange Mac vs Windows thing? I am on Windows 
I put your colortest.bsp/lit in my id1/maps folder, loaded it in fitz085 and quakespasm, and it looks normal (small red light on the left, large red light on the right) - no white halo on the left side. Maybe something weird with your quake setup? 
very weird.

It appears to be a difference between Fitz MarkV, which I was using to test, and QuakeSpasm.

Here's shots with r_lightmap 1


many engines match rgb lighting intensities to the luminance values from the bsp as a cheat-prevention mechanism.
so intensity comes from the bsp, colouration comes from the lit.
it also helps for certain dodgy lit files, where a different tool+algorithm was used to generate lits from the one used to originally light the map without editing the bsp itself.

Its a shame that brightness, radius, and colour are not separate settings. I guess it depends upon the light tool used. 
I see.. so here is scampie's .bsp+.lit in QS 0.90:
If you crank the brightness there is a small red light on the left. Given that tyrlight doesn't yet have special support for 0-1 colors, this is the correct rendering ("1 0 0" meaning a very very dark red).

With the lit file deleted, I get this:
So the lightmap that tyrutils is saving to the .bsp is wrong - it should probably be a greyscale version of the .lit - and this is confusing MarkV. 
1 0 0 
IS black! So the light is black... 
no clue what the data looks like when it's read into the engine. the only thing that is actually important here is that no matter what value is used, 0-255 or 0-1, it should work exactly the same. eg: '255 0 128' is '1.0 0.0 0.5' 
Yeah, it looks like the issues are two pronged.

1) Tyrlight does not recognize 0.0 - 1.0 values of _color correctly. Should just be an easy case of checking all 3 values are between 0 and 1 and if so, multiplying them by 255 to be the format Tyrlight expects?

2) Tyrlight does not account for the brightness of colored lighting when creating the .bsp's lightmap, which can be problematic for some engines. That sounds slightly more tricky to fix, and often not an issue if the above is fixed? 
Thanks for helping isolate those, Scampie.
I sent a patch for 1) to Tyrann. I'll post an updated test build with the -dirt flag plus 0-1 color support.

2) is probably not that hard to fix, but I'm inclined not to mess with it unless it comes up in a realistic situation. 
Rain / Snow Particles 
is it possible to have snow / rain particles in your map with brush entities / entities that i assume require the equivalent of smartedit attributes in hammer? 
You Need 
A mod to do that. There have been a few that add such features but in general they all bring along a load of crap that you don't need, or the effect is poorly done.

The extras/r4 mod added a lot of handy features and wasn't bloated with assets, maybe you could check that out.

It'll be somewhere in here:

That's basically a collection of all the old mods going back since the early days. 
If you don't care about anything else, rip out the gorgeous snow from dpmod and force your players to use Darkplaces. 
b-but how would I make the snow look like quake? 
Poop On It 
Mapping Contest 
Hello Quakers!

Q2Cafe is proud to announce the 10th Mapping Contest that will be hosted at This is the big 10 so we're planning something memorable. There's no pressure to construct superb works of art, unless of course you want to, and we're also pretty flexible with the dates to accommodate new mappers and beginners alike. We're also looking for people to help rate and judge the maps, so if that's more up your alley we'd love to have you too!

The past events were all smash hits that rewarded the community with awesome new maps, and we don't see that changing this time. We're looking for new talent as well as Pros, either way all sorts of contributions are welcome. Most importantly this contest is about the fun experience and group activity that will enrich and expand our playing field. We would hate for any capable mappers to miss out on this exciting event, which will surely stimulate everyone's imagination for years to come! And just imagine what you can make with an awesome editor like TrenchBroom. All entries are welcome, big or small, they will all help make this Mapping Contest a success. So please stop by Q2 Cafe today, and join the Contest:

Null (aka Level Lord) 
would love to get an invite for the beta versions on dropbox (maxmx65[AT] 
Send me an Email please: 
Any Estimate On TB2? 
Not trying to be dick, just checking in every couple of months :) 
I am constantly making progress, but there are still a few features missing. At least I can count them on one hand now though. 
A Lovecraftian hand with over a dozen fingers and probably some tentacles? 
I Wish I Had Those 
Maybe I could type faster then ;-) 
If I Had To Choose 
Between this editor and having a third testicle, Trenchbroom wins. 
Excellent. I can't wait for the 2dview. Like I said in the email, let me know if I can help with testing or whatever :) 
That makes TB sound kinda superfluous? :) 
Yeah, I'm not sure how much use I'd have for a third testicle... 
How Much Use Do You Have For A Second One? 
TB Haters Have No Use For Either One 
Maybe TB Doesn't Actually Stand For Trenchbroom 
Three Balls
Triple Bollocks

you get the idea 
How Much Use Do You Have For A Second One?

a) it's a spare
b) otherwise you'd lean to one side when you walked 
And A Second Spare Is Useless? 
Basic Laptop 
Can this be used on a basic laptop without a fancy video card? 
I'm running it on a Surface Pro Laptop. Before that I ran it on an old Dell Laptop that was probably about 4 or 5 years old when TB came out. 
Getting Errors.. Will Not Even Install 
Dell Lattitude D410
Windows XP Pro 2002
Installed the C++ thing also (from above)
It says "Trenchbroom has encoutered a problem and needs to close"
It's a Microsoft message dialog.
Any clues anyone? 
unfortunately, the dell specs say it has an intel GMA 900, which doesn't support the OpenGL 2.1 required by TB :-( 
Thank EricW 
It works on my other machine, I was just trying to make it portable so i could get more work done. :) Appreciate your help. 
Romero Mentioning Trenchbroom

Romero is talking about making levels again and he mentions Trenchbroom around the 10 minute mark. <3 
Holy Shit 
The vectorpoem guy emphatically going "Yes! It's an amazing tool"...

Go map? 
Holy Shit! 
Totally would not mind seeing a modern Quake Romero level. Perhaps we could sacrifice czg to win Romero's favor? 
I Wonder 
if textures will be properly aligned there ;) 
Maybe TB2's UV View Will Help There... 
Totally would not mind seeing a modern Quake Romero level. Perhaps we could sacrifice czg to win Romero's favor?

i'm totally wouldn't sacrifice czg in favor of JR
but i'd love to see the "modern" quake map from Romero

Geez i guess he's completely forgot how to use an editor 
I think that would be a huge mistake, actually. The hype surrounding it and the inevitable let down when it doesn't deliver the second coming of Christ would be unfortunate. 
stop lurking, post moar 
I'm actually now wondering if he checks these forums o_o 
Creating Brushes In TrenchBroom 2 
You GodDamn Tease 
Looks good. 
Holy shit that was cool.

I was half-expecting one of the examples to be a curved brush (like the 2d-shaper). To be fair though I am super impressed as it is. 
Some of it looks familiar ;) 
What do you mean, curved? 
From where? 
Yeah I mean like curved (like a bendy corridor or something) 
Baby steps ;-). 
An Old Issue Tracker Suggestion 
Cool to see something like that implemented now. 
It is very reminiscent of, I imagine, how you would edit a level in doom. I bet if you tweeted this to romero he would literally jizz in his pants. 
Oh Yeah 
rebb, you're right. This has been on my todo list for a long time. Finally gotten around to doing it so that people don't used to the old way of creating brushes when TB2 is done. You can still create simple cuboids in the 2D views though. 
Sleep Does It Again 
not surprised, but very impressed. slick implementation! needs some lasers though, but yeah, awesome. 
Very nice! 
Good Stuff 
I am not sure who but one of SleepwalkR and Romero made the other his bitch: 
Hahah Nice One... 
trenchbroom should be used for every bloody bsp editor... 
Haha, Nice Of Him! 
That's good press! 
20 Minutes Later 
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