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Custom Derper.

I am getting a bit of a geek-crush on the smoothly spoken Englishman that is DAZ with his insightful and thought-provoking series of derping around missing all the secrets and even items that are right in front of him errrr I mean talking about mapping while playing cool levels. So I thought his channel was worth it's own seperate thread - entertaining for players and mapping veterans, and potentially very useful for newer mappers as DAZ does offer some really good views on mapping theory. Also DAZ go ahead and put all your updates in here.
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thanks daz! :)

but whatever engine you use must have stuffed up the info_intermission, because I placed it facing a very nice vista and not right up against an ugly torch :( 
The intermission camera is almost always wrong in demo playback, even if it looked perfectly fine during the recording. BJP's convdem tool has an option to (attempt to) fix it, but it only works on protocol 15 and 10000-2 demos. 
Heh, yeah it had a nice vista when I recorded it. As Negke says, it got b0rked on playback :(

Not sure why, but every custom map (not id1 maps though) that I play in Quakespasm, I've gotten a weird intermission camera. I just assumed some people were being overly artistic... "Look at this torch, it is beautiful!" I noticed it during my playthrough of retrojam2 and The Hell That Is Coming last night. 
I don't recall any recent changes in QS that should have broken that. Do you get the same cameras in Fitz 0.85 or Mark V? 
THTC doesn't have a proper camera. So ignore that. :) 
I assume most people use only one info_intermission in their maps, not knowing they should place 4 of them.
QS resets to the playerstart as intermission then which is unfortunate.
I only assume this is the reason. 
4? For what, co-op? Is that a realistic concern these days? Was it ever? 
I'm pretty sure just one intermission camera is enough, and 4 is only the limit. 
Intermission Camera 
Doesn't it choose one of up to four at random? And if none, then the players start position? 
that is the behaviour I have observed 
That's Essentially It 
Also fun fact: you can killtarget intermission cameras. Get some sweet conditional action up in that. 
In the Shadows allowed you to switch between the cameras on the intermission screen by firing, I thought it was a pretty nifty addition. 
Maybe it could automatically cycle through them. 
A Floating Disembodied Camera Moving Around Polygons 
aka The Halls of the Blood God by Scampie

Youtube is being slow to encode the higher resolution 60fps version of the video so give it some time if its not available yet! 
Shared This On My Tumblr Blog. 
I might play trough it without cheating sometime. 

Also, the ammo and health don't respawn on timers, but instead they respawn along with waves of enemies. Means the health and ammo is controlled so that you have enough for all the respawns, but never lets you get too much to break the balance. 
Some White And Blue With Yellow Stains 
Is this just me? Check the fly around at ~35-40s in. If I advance frame by frame there are many almost same frames mixed with bigger jumps. This is visible as jitter in 1:1 playback speed.

Are you capturing with something synchronized to the engine? Otherwise this might be due to the difference between the recorder's tick and the engine's. 
Would setting the monitor refresh rate to 60hz with vsync on while recording at 60fps fix this issue? 
I Noticed It Too 
although I don't recall seeing stuttering on past CG videos. Trying vsync sounds like a good idea.
Enjoyed the review though :) 
Death By A Thousand Derps 
pixels wot move m8

Death by a thousand cuts by Sock, shipping with map jam 2! 
One Thousand Cuts 
if anyone liked my jam2 entry I did an updated version with more content, skill levels and better item balance. I also wrote a long articles about how the map was originally created and what went right and wrong with its design.

Version 2 - 
Nice On Sock. 
That's my evening sorted - map and words. 
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