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TyrUtils V0.11
TyrUtils v0.11 has been released:

*Support BSP2 format (qbsp requires the "-bsp2" command line option)
*qbsp: Fix animating texture bug when brushes are textured with alt-animations
* qbsp: Fix a crash in tjunc calculations
* qbsp: Exit with error if verticies exceed 65535 (BSP29 limit)
* qbsp: Add experimental "-forcegoodtree" command line option (thanks Rebb)
* vis: reduce "leaf recursion" error to a warning and continue processing

Download from the utils page as usual (Win32 / OSX / source).
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My god. This is amazing. Just had a play with it tonight ... it's like getting lighting for free. Fuck ... FUCK. Gotta map... 
Glad To Hear It 
Minor Qbsp Update 
win32 os x src

* qbsp: fix broken -onlyents flag
* qbsp: fix texture offset on rotate_object, so they match in the
editor. Added "-oldrottex" flag to revert to old behaviour. From txqbsp-xt.

No changes to light though. 
Tinkering with this, it's great. I used it for the lava in my RJ3 map but I'm toying with it for all light textures atm, it might turn out to be a really good time saver :) 

will be handy for speedmapping 
surface light = very good stuff! 
Love these lights. Simple shot below ... the only difference is the addition of a lava brush. 
Light crashes when I tried this with surface lights =

_deviance 1
_samples 4 
I dont think it's surface light thats the problem.

I just made a standard light with the same keys and it crashes. 
May 1 Update
getting lazy about making all of those direct links.. This has _deviance fixed. 
* light: fence texture tracing, for bmodels with "_shadow" "1"

Wait.. does this mean that a fence texture would cast a shadow of the fence? Isn't this a huge deal?? 
Sadly not... it only casts the bounding box I believe. 
There's also a bunch of dev spam from the current light tool ... no big deal, just messy.

jitterning blah blah, or something over and over... 
Yeah, the fences cast proper shadows if you use func_wall with "_shadow" "1" for the fence. This is with fence textures with the { prefix. It can be hard to see with the low light map res in quake, but could be useful in the right place. (Tree branches? A grate over lava?)

@warren, thanks for pointing that dev spam 
Are you sure? That's pretty crazy if that's true. 
I was trying to avoid posting a hideous dev screenshot ;) 
I had no idea it had this feature. 
I guess I made this thing just in time, then. 
Now you just need lightmap resolutions that are high enough to do it justice... :s 
Radiant Ent For Tyrutils .15 
I turned the entire tyrutils docs into a radiant ent for q1.

I also posted the source of the individual ent lists that I created from the docs.

All keys, docs, everything are now included in the entity inspector 
thanks for preparing that, Gypsy! I think it would be nice to bundle with the tool next time I do a release if that's ok with you? 
I Don't Drink But Cheers Anyway :) 
@ok with me

I look at it this way. YOU did all the work, I just reformatted your docs to be ent nodes. Like quite literally that is exactly what I did. So hell yeah! Bundle away, brother. If I made some mistake somewhere or if I actually did forget something, please feel free to tell me and I will fix it.

You made one error in your docs though.

docs: "_surface_offset" "texturename"

"texturename" should be "n", right? If I am wrong then I need to fix the ent. 
Let me get a wild hair up my arse and I'll make you a fgd version too. Which will be a LOT easier cause fgd's let you make reusable "class chunks" that can be referred to by name within an entity.

I'll get on it eventually. I'm ented out right now. 
cool, thanks. You're right, that should be "_surface_offset" "n" (it takes a number), i'll fix the docs. 
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