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TyrUtils V0.11
TyrUtils v0.11 has been released:

*Support BSP2 format (qbsp requires the "-bsp2" command line option)
*qbsp: Fix animating texture bug when brushes are textured with alt-animations
* qbsp: Fix a crash in tjunc calculations
* qbsp: Exit with error if verticies exceed 65535 (BSP29 limit)
* qbsp: Add experimental "-forcegoodtree" command line option (thanks Rebb)
* vis: reduce "leaf recursion" error to a warning and continue processing

Download from the utils page as usual (Win32 / OSX / source).
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Wild Hair Executed

complete q1 fgd with TyrUtils keys included. Honestly, this is completely untested but I know my syntax is right and I didn't make any format errors. There is no reason why this shouldn't work.

You can head to my above posted quakeone thread if you want to see the more isolated changes I made to the fgd. (give me a minute to actually write that post)

Also in my entities.ent, I realized that I spelled prenumbra wrong in the worldspawn entity. sorry about that just add an "r" and you're golden or you can dl the fix below. 
is there a good place to find fgd's for other id tech games? I wouldn't mind downloading them all... 
Somewhere, I have like all of them. Give me some time to search some drives and I'll get back to you. If I find them, the latest post I made on my quakeone link above shows you how to "Tyr" them in like 2 minutes. 
Here Ya Go

I couldn't find any on any hard drives so I just did an ass-load of google searches and downloaded as many as I could find.

This includes:

Quake, Quoth2, Custents, Zerostoerer, Hipnotic, Rogue and ?RRP? (I have no idea what rrp is). If I kept searching I could probably find more. I remembered a lot of the original filenames/zips that these could be found in and I just googled those filenames directly. 
What If I Made A GUI For Eric's Tool Chain? 
Unfortunately it would be windows only :( cause I don't know any languages that are OS inspecific (well I know one but I doubt y'all want to deal with AIR).

Would this be something that y'all can use? Are there enough windows users for this to make it viable?

I have the skills to pull it off and I also actually have half the code written already due to a similar project.

If I get enough "do it"s, I'll totally bang it out. I really like what he is doing to the map compilers and I want to contribute from my end of experience. 
what is the tool chain? it's not just qbsp -> vis -> light? 
Well that alone would be a tool chain but, you forgot bspinfo and bsputil.

I could make an interface that sums up all of them. For instance you would (ex) expand the qbsp panel and all command line swiches would be available upon click. In the case of switches that expect extra data, a textfield or potentially a selection box would be available as well.

Really there is only a couple/few reasons why this would be better than using batch/bash. 1 it would almost eliminate the potential for a typo. 2 you wouldn't have to remember shit cause all the choices/info would be right there in the interface and 3 it can come packaged in a way that separates the user from worrying about things like paths.

Of course the app could be made to accept data (MapFile) straight from radiant, making the stock build menu useless. I don't know if I could do that for hammer/worldcraft but, I would assume I can. Both obviously have the ability to call compile tools and inject data. The app could just be treated like a compile tool. 
"bspinfo and bsputil"

Having never used these, ever, what's their purpose to the average mapper? 
Bspinfo prints basic information about a bsp

Bsputils allows you to extract entities and textures and check that data structures are clean.

They aren't amazing tools but, they exist so I would have to include them in the app.

Heres an ugly, quick and dirty example of the interface I see in my head. Of course this needs tons of work, but the concept is there. 
I have created a tool like this: but feel free to make your own, mine is getting on in age and it doesn't have the best setup and some things can be awkward to do like switching to different maps that have different configs.

If i ever go back to it, i'd probably make the ability to save 'presets' so you could load a different configuration for different maps (including different compilers)... but yeah, dunno if I will.

I should probably just rewrite the thing in C# instead of VB anyway. 
Lol, i wrote what you see in html, css, (jquery, javascript) and VBscript. That's why it's windows only, it's an HTA.

I stripped the crap out of another project for the basic interface, styled it black and white right quick and detailed the light tool for example purposes.

The cool thing is: I already wrote a savable profile code that I don't even need to tweak cause it is REALLY dynamic, and the code to run your selections as a command line is actually in the image I posted, right behind the app.

In other words. I could probably make this entire app in one day just by cannibalizing (-sp) a different project, and customizing my collapsible panel info to erics docs. 
At this point, you should probably just do it. If you'd written code instead of all these words, you'd be done by now. :P 
If Social Reassurance Drives You, Announcements Fuel Motivation 
Truer words have never been spoken @ Spirit, and posts like Warrens crush it.

@Warren, Imma pretend you didn't say that so I don't feel the need to bitch slap you through the internet. 
Actually, I'm just done. It's time to find a social group that promotes being social. Enjoy your ents and fgds. I'm probably done at Quakeone too. I just don't feel this shit anymore. 
Le Sigh... 
don't get the point in forum drama. It's not like the quake community is super tight, it's fragmented as it is. 
Good lord, I added a smiley. Sorry you got all butt hurt. 
My post wasn't meant as insult, it's nothing special to tick that way. 
Ayy Lmao 
If anyone wants to play with it, I posted some alpha builds over at inside3d at the bottom of the first post:

Note that the format is not frozen yet, so please don't release maps using it yet :-) 
The pain of having the light compiling twice... ouch.
And .lit2 files are pretty big (only done a .5 lmscale so far). Like 3 times bigger than the original .lit file! 
Screenshots or GTFO. 
I'm trying to get a shot of the x16 lightmap-ness. It's taking an eternity to compile. I gave up on doing a full x16 pass after the line didn't move, instead I'm choosing a very select couple of surfaces.

I have to say though, even on 0.5 scale it's really really nice. I think having 0.5 scale as the default for .lit2 and then being able to up-res other areas should be the way .lit2 works IMO. 
jam2_sock relit with "-lightmapscale 0.25 -extra" (so 4x vanilla resolution) 
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