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Quake Advent Calender
Merry Quakemas everybody!

We're celebrating the season over on Quaddicted with an Advent calender of Quake content every day!

This is a Quake community wide project with several mappers and modders pitching in with a wide range of articles. The first post was written by Spirit and can be found here

Check back on Quaddicted or in this news thread every day to follow the new content!
Day 1: Spirit (because I Could Find No Willing QW Guy) 
20-30 minutes from now, the grand final of the European Quake League will take place. It's 4-on4 QuakeWorld best-of-5 between Suddendeath and The Viper Squad.

You can spectate with ezQuake (check for the game, then "Watch" and open with ezQuake). Or use the stream at which will have live commentary.

QW 4on4 at this level is incredibly skilled and entertaining. Have fun! 
Today Daz wonders about Androids at 
I still have a copy of that PC Zone disc somewhere, I think. I'll have to have a root around the nostalgia box at the back of my wardrobe later. 
Way Back When... 
simple weapon mods & the like were a big deal. I remember getting lots of weapon mods for Doom/Quake. With only a couple of what would be considered a mod today around (TC's & the like) those were GOLD. :) 
Sounds like Daz could have made good use of this mod back in the day: 
I Have A PC Gamer: October 1997 - Disc 3.7 CD! 
Titled "QAUKE-O-RAMA" The Best Quake ADD-ON's and SHAREWARE.

Sadly, the CD didn't live up to it's own HYPE! Although, at least it included Beyond Belief so not all bad. 
Well... Cool. 
In the early days, before massive HDs, I used to burn my collections of mods and levels and what not to cd. Guess what I called them?


Still have volumes II through V. 
I Got A Couple Of Cd's 
entitled "��� Quake 2001" - back in those days it was a really gem 
Eternal Darkness 
is my treasure of a CD-Rom.
First appearance of Steven Polges reaper bots iirc.
And a homing missile mod! 
If Vondur Was A Woman That Accent Would Give Me A Boner 
It's green and old today with Vondur: 
Whatever happened to Matt Sefton anyway? 
He's collecting guitars and living his life these days. We're friends on Facebook so I see his guitars and random goofiness... :P 
Heh, I was considering doing SPQLH for my entry, glad I didn't.

It was a haven for me, as though I had internet, I was running Windows 3.1, so no winsock.dll for q95.bat. The site, along with QCA, Minion, and QLG, were my home. Willem, pass the word along that his work gave Quake a life for me that has continued to this day please :) 
Yeah The Sefton Sites Were Great 
spq, spq2 and the unreal one too. 
I Wonder Where Day 3 Is... 
day 3 is long online. where are you not seeing it? are you behind a proxy that might be caching (work, uni)? try f5 or ctrl-r. 
is it opengl? is it software? hard to tell, it's QuakeForge: 
How Can You Miss It? 
I'm keeping the Quaddicted page open and refreshing every day. This is awesome, like a trip back to the 90's! :D 
This Is Cool 
Well done 
It's going great. The articles remind me of the first months I started playing Quake (that was a bit late though, in the midst of 2004). Keep up the good work everyone, it's highly appreciated. 
Forgot To Pimp Day 5 
onetrupurple translated a great piece of Polish fan-fiction for us: 
I very much appreciate onetruepurple's efforts there. One thing to note is that at some point that site mirrored the Dank and Scud comic, and their mirror still stands. Just as good as it ever was. 
Is Scampie Being Shy? 
Day 6!

Reminds me of visiting Ramshackle back in the day. (Which reminds me, it would be kind of cool to resurrect that site and save it from its dead-Java-navigation).

I also remember playing a lot of these on the old GGH custom maps server. (Great Green Heron I think?) Especially Clockwork, and efdm9 and other Frib maps. And I still play Spine duels when we have sporadic resurrections of the Shacknews quakeworld server. Good stuff maynard. 
Well, There's Always

Not Ramshackle, but still most of the old great maps 
That's a good page, glad it was saved.

It's also possible to get to a lot of the Ramshackle content thru, either by trawling all the ramshackle/* URLs:*/*

...or by looking at the source of the root page, since it lists the other main pages in the arguments that it fed to its Java navigation widget. Most of the screenshots seem to be lost tho. 
I Should Have Been More Strict With Deadlines 
Emergency filler for Day 7:

Come play the Quake Shareware in your browser. Either singleplayer or even deathmatch on some of the maps Scampie showed us the other day:

Play the Quake Shareware singleplayer episode at

Play Quake Deathmatch in your browser at

(Firefox or Chrome/ium work best) 
Day 8. 
crazy hack @_@ 
is some kind of fucking witch that needs to be burned. 
Well Done 5th 
You're now top of the sacrifice to Shub list. 
Clearly I'm Right... 
Preach is messing with black magic and needs to be stopped! 
The Man Knows How to Mod! 
On A Serious Note 
I really wish the upside-down vores and eyeball guys were regular enemies. It's rare that a quake mod gets me laughing and I really howled at this one. Bravo. 
Save Game Hacking 
Hey guys, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks to Spirit for running the Advent Calendar, I've had the idea of a modified save-game in my back pocket for a while, and this finally gave me a deadline to get something done. It works a lot like entity hacking, but with many of the constraints removed, so you can get some pretty "out-there" behaviour.

Fifth: The upside-down Vores are actually pretty simple mechanically. At first I created Vores that spawn upside-down, but when I teleported them, the teleporter actually undid the hack and turned them right-way-up! So the finished game doesn't actually hack the Vores, but just the teleporter destination - an idea that works fine as a conventional entity hack. Of course, a proper mod could do upside-down Vores better, but the option is there. 
I've seen the teleport destination hack done to the player view as well. 
Never Knew... 
Quake savegames were text files until yesterday. Thanks for that awesome bit of knowledge. 
That was freaking hilarious. Lots of surreal stuff going on in there. 
Fun Map 
didnt realy get a smooth run yet, 3:53 best time so far, not realy worth uploading 
2014, Year Of Rubicon? 
The Quake fanfiction tidal wave continues!

But what the heck is a Rubicon Rumble Pack? 
It's A Map Pack 
Currently in production, based off Rubicon2. 
Looks Promising, can't wait to play it! 

BTW you should make a printable CD insert for Quake that replaces the "story so far" with your version. Definite improvement. 
Really enjoyed that savegame thing, not very challenging but it did manage to put a smile on my face. The hacks were pretty out there, put an interesting spin on the standard Quake gameplay. I especially liked the floating heads and upside-down vores. Well done!

Also with all the Rubicon talk lately, been thinking about creating something for Rubicon 2 myself as a way of getting back into Quake mapping - maybe this is a sign that 2014 is indeed destined to be the Year of Rubicon. 
Always room for more, but you'll have to be quick and dedicated.

Johnny, thanks, but might as well just make a full game. 
So who's the 18th? It's still the mystery man/woman. :) 
That's The Surprise 
it's both 
If It Is At The Same Time Man And Women 
... then that's czg obviosuly :) 
Man, all this time I had NO idea that save games were text files ... just never had a reason to look I guess. Cool info! 
Neozeed Sent In Something... 
Just Downloaded QDOS And... 
anyone know how to get it to work? 
Qdos Requires Dos 
... are you running it from dos? (and not the prompt, the actual dos). 
I tried running it with DOSBOX, but I get this error saying: Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV Page Fault at epi=0000001 (I can't copy the error message from DOSBOX) how do I fix this? 
my guess is that you actually have to boot it from dos.

Lets be honest here, this is kind of a fun geeky thing to do (boot from proper dos), but in practicality you're better off using a modern source port. 
Oh, I didn't mean for this particular pack, just in general. Is that pack something that is planned as part of the advent calendar? 
Just something we're doing for the fun of it.

There's four involved including myself, if you want in then send me an email. The finish date is when we're all ready, so next year, not what remains of this one :) 
Tronyn Releases A New Map! 
You will want to quicksave and reload 
Fucking Hell. 
How long till bsp2 is supported by a proper engine? 
I Wonder 
what has changed since the early versions of that map? Only one way to find out... 
Not Sure If I Consider Quake An Arcade FPS... 
Serious Sam & Painkiller were more like Smash TV, Commando (the game) & that like then Quake imho.

Like the article today. :) 
Well I played the first map, much better than the first time I played it. Those teleporters make it far less of a pain when you fall. You still lose progress but at least you dont lose your mind.

Ran ok using directq, second map had a weird collision bug where I slowly fell through the geometry, this happened on my beta testing too but I think it's because I am stubbornly using DQ rather than RMQ. 
Re: 11th December Update 
Tronyn mentioned various Wind Tunnels-inspired maps (thanks for the nod to Ant and Chaos by the way), but didn't mention one of the better ones, from 1997:

Rust In Peace by Mike Reute 
Goddamn Nyarlathotep is some weird shit. Loved it. 
I'm pleased and excited by all of the Rubicon 2-textured maps in progress right now.

Hopefully some of them even use the rubicon2 progs.dat and monsters, but i know it's hard for mappers to give up quoth. 
Re: Map 
The first map is in BSP format, so should run in any engine (I tested it in fitz, for example)... the second map is BSP2 though.

I understand if some people hate it, heh, some of the testers pointed out it's likely to be polarizing. 
Easy Run 
route is doable with a +100 less, but meh getting through the "library/pillar" part is tedious 
that was awesome
I tried to be light on the pentagrams as opposed to quads and rings, thinking some people might just grenade-jump with the pent, not realizing others might do that with the quad lol. I still remember this old Quake Haiku:

Quad rocket jumper
Thought he could fly
Messy way to die 
there is a saying by mandel ( i think) if there 's an unused quad there's a faster route. Actualy was satisfied by a 0:58 route got bored (and was pissed by ajax's draw against milan) so went for a full clearance. ended with one kill and secret missing, wich was the quad and the shambler, so then had to redo the run:) 
Keep the demos coming, Orbs... This is the kind of level I won't play myself (not without godmode and such), but demos are always nice.

Shouldn't the map get its own news thread btw? It'd make it easier to find once the christmas season is over. 
Damn You Lazy Farts 
yesterday was johnny law's

I'm gonna make you wait today as punishment.

The apathic lack of promotion outside our circle jerk is :(. We need more fresh blood, so promote Quake. See the great new mappers who appeared recently, surely we all want even more ;) 
Posting For Lazy Fart Spirit 
Right On, CocoT 
I still think Coffee's tutorials are the best writing about QuakeC out there. They're written with such a tutor's voice, encouraging you to think about things at all the right moments, to try things out, and they never drag a lesson out too far before summing up. Above all, he shows time and again how impressive-seeming features are often achievable with just a little clever code, and what could be more inspiring than that! 
There should be a proper news post for Tronyn's release. 
I remember loading the minion website on ISDN and being sad that it was just two gigantic images. I only found out that content was hidden below the fold much later. 
Sorry, you are not allowed to do that! 
Finding Coffee's 
Tutorials a while back was like walking in to a warm sunny glade of knowledge. 
Day 14 
negke talks about Lunkin's Journey;

Have never come across this one before, colour me interested though. 
Lunkin's Journey Is Awesome 
One of the most fun mods I've played. :) 
Re; #66 
The Rubicon Rumble Pack is based on the Rubicon2 QC, with a few extra features bolted on. 
Day 16 
by efess

Pretty cool stuff! 
Yep it is. Just to copy some of the stuff I was saying in the chat widget over there: every now and then some other forum community (e.g. SA, Shacknews) puts up a QuakeWorld server in a burst of nostalgia, and schedules a few games, but it doesn't stick around for long because the energy for organizing games peters out and people don't have a good way to see when someone else is wanting to play.

efess' doodad could help with that, and I was also wondering how much adaptation would be required to embed the realtime status display from a particular server into some arbitrary webpage.

Also ironically(?) it might have helped getting players involved with the server that was advertised on day 15. :-) 
Online Quake 
This looks really cool.

But, not having any experience with online Quake (I mostly stick with Quake 2) I was wondering of someone could explain the difference between Net Quake and Quake World?

Tamarisk: the most basic difference is that QuakeWorld includes client-side prediction -- and then correction from the server, if the client predicted wrongly. That makes it more responsive to your inputs for moving and firing, but occasionally it can jump or "undo" stuff when there was a wrong prediction.

NetQuake has no prediction. Rotating your view is still done client-side, but every other change must be confirmed by the server before it is shown on the client. This makes the observed behavior very "solid", but also laggy, which is why people would say that NetQuake movement was like ice-skating when you had high ping.

On a low-ping connection there's not a huge amount of difference between having and not having client-side prediction, but it can still be noticeable.

There are also some differences in player movement physics between the two, and maybe someone else will want to tackle describing those. :-) 
Re: Online Quake 
Thanks Johnny Law.

Another question though...

Am I able to connect to NetQuake and QuakeWorld servers using Quakespasm for example? Or do I need another client. I believe I've seen in the past separate clients for QuakeWorld. 
Yep, there are different clients for NetQuake vs. QuakeWorld. I would humbly recommend this as one useful breakdown:

It's written for Steam users, but that just means there are some extra bits of information that you can ignore if you are not getting your Quake from Steam. 
Mr. Hand Needs To Know... 
Does anyone have a link to the file to Mr Coffee's tutor4 page? 
I mean Mr. Hat, I think. I didn't see Southpark in awhhile.

Link file is here: 
I love the idea that we can all refer to each other as Mr. (Object) as in Dark City. 
Yes, Mr Dog Gib 
Mr Tronyn 
Nyarlothep was amazing and weird. Thank you! 
What I meant is Tronyn himself should create a news thread here, because otherwise the map will slip by most people's radar. 
Will Do, Mr. Clock 
(seemed appropriate) 
This Thread 
mademeplay soem DM in a long while and actualy enjoyed it :) However it was on a US server (the one in new jersey mentioned in on of the advent posts)and i did manage to do some transatlantic ping fragging, but.... but.... but meh! ping 100+ thats realy to oldscool for me.
Anyone know any active EU servers? Found some lists but all seemed dead 
Irish Server 
It would be great to see more comments I know, but I would bet that you are getting more eyeballs than are immediately apparent. (Just because visitors probably don't have an account here, or a way to comment on the calendar entry itself.)

I'm doing periodic PSAs about the advent calendar in the Shacknews chatty and in the SA "early FPS" thread. Regardless of whether that's actually had any effect :-) I personally like the way the entries have turned out so far, sort of like a compressed Quake Expo.

And a new map today! 
Sock Releases New Map... Looks Like I Will Be Unproductive Now 
Also I do update my quakeguy blog quite often with stuff. I hope it helps with views and increases interest for Quake in new places :) 
That is a cool tumblr and I'ma follow you.

Also, about sock's blurb:

I've got a pretty bad memory in general but I still strongly remember firing up qtest for the first time and being mesmerized by simple things like pooting grenades off of walls and into pools of water. Actions that brought home the actual solidity and 3-D-ness of the environment.

Those pictures of The Grisly Grotto are also a really good choice because that's one of my strongest memories from playing the release version for the first time; the sense of depth from the water structures out in the main cavern.

This is likely nostalgia speaking, but one thing I still appreciate about Quake maps is that the bones of the structures and spaces are very clear and give you a sense of the space you are in & all its possibilities. That sense can get lost in a detailed photo-realistic environment. The memories and impact of the original Quake maps do get dulled from re-use, but fortunately we've still got folks creating new Quake spaces to explore. :-) 
I Remember 
A preview of Quake in CVG where they mentioned things like wavy water effects, and also that the textures looked like they were made from real wood and stone :) 
They do!

Kind of! 
although I'm largely out of the loop on the modern industry,I have friends who work in games & I do read about it.

If a team were to design a game engine/world system with its own consistent internal design, and then mappers/artists were to take that system to its extreme conclusions without any concern for modern BS like character storyline, user-friendliness, or realism, with today's tech some really fascinating things could be done. To me the idea of exploring the possibilities the game's world system offers, at least for an FPS, is the most fascinating. It's hard to argue that this element has been prevalent post-Quake.

Just make sure it's all Cthulhu-ish/Satanic (lol). But I do like that dark atmosphere. 
Love The Advent Calendar 
But it's been bugging me from the start, and I'm gonna get it off my chest finally.

Why is Santa jerking off that hexagon on the front page? 
Can you make a link at the end of each calendar page linking to the previous one please? 
good idea, thanks.

Dr. Shadowborg might not make it, if someone has a good idea/suggestion for tomorrow, please mail me. Rather not if you already participated. 
I want really want to try the Middle Evil, but it is too hard. Is there some ways for somebody to "hack" some more ammo in the map so it plays like normal? 
Not Really 
You can't add more entities to a level without a full recompile.

Spirit, that's a bit late. I know someone who does amazing stuff, but prefers to remain in the background. If you're stuck I could always post a favourite SP map list. 
Middle Evil 
Intentionally has no ammo for the early part, I remember it being a pretty rough adjustment for me but once I realized it's mostly about evasion for the first half if the map it went better for me. Still remember it as being hard though. 
It's Old School 
It's tempting to re fix things you've done before, but Middle Evil but doesn't need it.

Warp is a mess, and but I'd never go back to fix it. And that's my only real, released, contribution to the Q1 scene to date.

But that helps push me forward.

Fuck. Now I've got a new task on epic win. "Replay The Middle Evil" 
A lot of buts.

Maybe I could've made a joke about it.

What about a hack that increase the players start ammo? 
Why Not 
Impulse 9? 
I didn't want to give my myself all the weapons, just some extra ammo 
just use the "give" cheat. not really the point of the map though...

alternatively you can create an .ent file to add items to it. 
Gotta Say 
It's a bunch of great fun. If the production values were kicked up a notch (most notably some weapon skins...), it would be a very fine mod overall. 
For reference

give s <xx> gives xx shells
give r <xx> gives xx rockets
give n <xx> gives xx nails
give c <xx> gives xx cells

largely enough to not "impulse 9"... ;) 
Just a small word to say the Quake Advent Calendar was really an amazing idea ;) 

How does reQuiem deal with widescreen stuff... FOV changes, and proper aspect ratio for console text and HUD elements? I can't download it yet so I was just poking around through the screenshots; didn't see any menu options for those things so perhaps it auto-adjusts them? 
Requiem Seems Pretty Neat 

Need to give it a try... 
It does not automatically adjust the fov but you can scale the hud really nicely (apart from the con_notify lines, those are missing (bug)).

jpl: yeah! more work.than I thought too though. credit needs to go to sock too for the idea. 
Thank You! 
Thank you Spirit (and all the others involved) for organizing the Quake Advent Calender. It has been a most enjoyable 24 days. 
Merry Xmas, and a round of applause to Spirit for actually herding the necessary cats to get the calendar completed. It's a neat cross-section of Quake-itude; please archive it nicely somewhere on Quaddicted. 
Yay Advent Calender!

It owned! Great work on it Spirit and everyone who made entries! Especially me! 
Great work and a round of thanks to everyone involved. Especially Spirit. And Scampie. 
Very Enjoyable 
The highlight for me was Preach's save game hack, I really wasn't expecting something so crazy. It would be fun if mappers could run scripts to load crazy variables like this in their maps... 
The main map of Zendar crashes Requiem for me. 
The main map of Zendar crashes Requiem for me.
This is something that spirit told me about after I had released the map and he was one of the testers! :P

I checked the engine myself and it is failing on a map reload command (without intermission). The error is :
Host_error: cl_parseservermessage: unknown server command o
last cmd was svr_spawnstatic (20)

I tried increasing the memory pool just in case but it still fails. Also the Windows DLLs files (DZLIB, LIBPNG, LIBJPEG) for extra features are missing, the zip file seems to be setup for Linux only....

Also this engine draws fog differently (wow what a surprise) the fog is drawn infront of any skybox textures, so the sky is just foggy, no clouds or moon. 
Requiem Fog... 
is weird.

Having it in front of the skybox shouldn't be an issue as long as the engine assumes that the sky is much further than the brush. But it calculates the sky as being directly where the sky brush is, missing the whole point of what the skybox is there for! (to give the illusion of a distant sky!) 
Awesome Effort, Great Idea 
I am finally testing reQuiem on Windows and the sheer crappiness of my packaging dawns on me. Sorry for doing such a poor job, I will release a properly playable and complete bundle soonish. 
needs a proper resolution selection thing with correct aspect ratios and stuff. Also, I'm not a huge fan of having a "back" key just for menus, IMO escape should back you out of each screen. 
Yeah, that rarely seems useful. You can rebind it in the menu. I will make the next release have nicer defaults including always run, mouse look etc.

A proper video menu (and managing those settings in the config) would rock. Stupid Carmack should have been less lazy with glquake... 
has an interesting lighting system. Seems a bit smoother than other engines too. And the light from rockets and stuff doesnt seem to penetrate right through the brushes on opposite sides of the wall. 
reQuiem lets you choose 4 different lighting presets, i think the Overbright one emulates Fitzquake.

For me things still shine through walls partly, fire a rocket on start.bsp into a corridor and look into a different one. For me the light does not show on vertical walls but still on the horizontal ones. 
I made a better zip with hopefully most of the DLLs and assets (zlib dll is still missing).
It is meant for testing so it would be ace if people would give it a try. The release will have some saner defaults and hopefully some more bugfixes (johnny law is helping tremendously!). 
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