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Q1SP: Intermission / Kleins Bottle
New-old map by mfx: A small mixed themed map for Q1, intended as a prelude for mfxsp8.


Nice Design. 
Very cool setting / atmosphere. Bad gameplay with awkward scenery to get stuck on and not enough ammo to finish. 
Ammo Was Fine 
For me. Monsters did have a hard time on the narrowness, but I liked the non-flat floors.

Short and fun. 
Cool But Too Short 
The ambiance is great. The map is too small. Too short. Again, I'll have to play this on hardcore nightmare with the DMSP mod with more assholes to squash, hehehee. 
Shit Map 
by a shitmapper. There must be a reason for him not to post this here. Maybe he just wanted to
make Spirit some kind of easter present.

Again, what a shit map, thanks OTP for posting this crap here, we all need a laugh now and then.. 
The Atmosphere Is Top Notch. 
Many Pixels 
Shadows are not aligned with the sun. It's unplayable! 
Yes, i�m kinda frustrated, waiting for feedback for some other project (you know what i�m talking bout;).
For how long now, a month?
So, don�t post shit maps here, send some demos, so i(we) can finish that other project.

But this isn�t only addressed to you, hint hint hint...

Anyway, i never thought this map would be recieved so well, i�m glad you all liked it at least a bit.

@Shamebeler: Ammo is fine, you just suck at quake:)

@DaZ: I love that video, thanks a lot.

@Scumbler: Look at Dazzers, stop whining about ammo. 
Haven't Checked It Out With An Engine 
yet, but from the screenshot I can see quite a lot of similarity in setting with the addon (third episode as it is titled) for Nehahra. 
I Think I Played It Wrong 
Looks Alright 
but besides that kinda meh to me(both for running and normal play)i hate slow lifts and the architecture around/below it is awefull to navigate through. I dislike closed skys,if something is high up there you should be able to jump up and down there. a secret with quad ra and rl is it a bit to much imo
and i was kinda dissapointed to not find a secret when i solved the jumping puzzle in the start area and got on top , i was convinced i was on the right track:) then just noclipped to find that grenade launcher

But having said all that negative i do like void maps a lot so that keeps it a a meh atleast :) 
@Scumbler: Look At Dazzers, Stop Whining About Ammo. 
Sorry, is that the same Dazzers who says "You really need to find both the secrets to get through on Hard", "it's really hard on hard", "it took me a few attempts to find the second secret and I only found it after seeing it on an intermission camera", and has clearly played the map a few times before??

Or a different Dazzers??

Conclusive proof that it's well-balanced for a first time play through with optional secrets, eh! 
P.S. Replayed For The Second Time. 
Finished with 90 shells, 133 nails, 13 rockets and 65 cells. Easiest map ever on second playthrough. 
Shambler, theres a skill3 demo from Ijed on Quaketastic(1st run).
Watch and whine again.

Hard is hard, i don�t understand people, who think that only because they�ve played Q1SP for years, assume they must be able to beat MY hard skill setup.

But i don�t want to offend you, in the end i can only say, i had reasons to not post this here, and they were confirmed in an exemplary manner . 
Hard was perfectly fine. Shambler likes Thiaf. 
is the gameplay choice of forcing infights and/or collateral damage between monsters not being accepted as a strategy for winning?

If so, i�m guilty, yes! 
Scrag swarms to mow each other down is fun. 
...and other gigantic bellends.

(joking, I like your maps at lot etc etc)

You know full well I don't have a problem with hard gameplay. I've been fair to all your maps and others - including when other people were crying onto their keyboards about backspawning. Hard is usually a perfectly fine challenge. This was a bit of an exception and I'm not going to pretend otherwise, just because ijed "i think quakespasm was fun" got through it nor because spirit "i'm a raving homo" says otherwise.

And personally I think it was worth releasing for the style and atmosphere alone. 
That�s why i like this board. Much.

Letting it rest, won�t we?

And in the end we can always blame OTP for posting this map here, hehe.. 
That is something we can all agree on, that it is OTP's fault and he should be beaten with a horse cock.

Also that you need to release MOAR MAPS. 
I Would 
but i miss some feedback on the current project.
Again, that�s a hint to all the invited testers, and my last.

I�m tired of unanswered mails, and i know you read this sooner or later.. 
Ok Mang 
I'll play it tonight, for great justice! 
You Want Releases 
you pay in the currency called .dem! 
Release costs.... 50 .dem?

We'll have to set a price point. 
Worst map by the worst mapper.
Hosted by the worst hoster.
Posted by the worst poster.
Played by the worst players.
Go smash a smartphone.

A poem. 
Herr NegKe 
Thou shall not use Quoth for this map..

Anyway, you�re like a surgeon, no misalignment can be hidden from your eyes!

Thank you for demos. 
Love Those Stairs. 
Damn near gave to vertigo. Love it. 
OMG your joking a GL. Couldnt make use of the second secr though. Anyway - nice quick fix. Amazing rickety stairs. 
Heh, I thought I had read something about Quoth in the readme... While playing I wondered why there wasn't a trigger_void.

As an "intermission" map, it's adequate. As an individual release, it falls a bit short, but still a welcome little snack. Could have used more polish of course, especially texture aligning and clipping.

I like the style; the combination of texture and architectural themes. In particular the random woodwork on the tower. It has a very nice handmade aspect to it - in a double sense: they appear built by actual people (unlike other Quake environments that simply exist for reasons of arcane) as well as delicate brushwork that feels more personal than large walls or bulky structures. I get a similar feeling from many of Tronyn's maps. 
Interesting Coincidence 
I finally played this tonight (first real spare time in quite a while) and immediately thought "there's something negke-ish about the look of this map," what with the power cords, mixture of base and medieval structures, functional yet mysterious details, etc!

I have no idea what this place was supposed to be, but it was quite interesting, although actually quite difficult in close quarters on the first playthrough (died a few times on normal). 
Mixed Thoughts 
My intention while creating this map was to create a place "in between".
I always thought the id1 levels (episodes) very poorly connected in visual aspects, meaning the base maps at the very start at each episode never really blended in to the following medieval, arcane whatever you call that quake style maps(apart from having a slipgate standing in the castle like in e1m2).
And this map does that in reverse, going from an somehow elderly startgate to a slipgate in a crate!
An attempt to look behind the slipgates, what dimensions unfolded there and such, hence the title.

Some misalignings are there because i have the habit of "never touch a running map".
When i�m in deep mapping mode, those detailed bits are actually made really fast and nifty.
Attempts to align the textures properly afterwards led to error messages, as the brushwork, especially those wooden bits is hard off grid and you know those noobish mistakes:)

Some misalignings are just laziness.
Same applies to not wrapping/clipping properly. 
Well fictionally you're teleporting between isolated locations so the lack of a blend ain't completely unjustified. Still a valid thing to try and correct. 
Ain't should be isn't -- worst autocorrect ever 
That's Interesting MFX... 
...qtfin1 was also meant to be a place in between. Given Azoth existed so far away the player had to make it through a way-station on the edge of the known universe. The parallels with your intermission map are that the texture set didn't need to mirror previous location or destination (except the player entered via the standard in-pod, and entered Azoth's realm in the next level via a port consistent with qtfin1) and it was a void map. I've seen DAZ do yours and as soon as I get a playable Quake set-up going I'll give it a run through. Your stuff in this map reminds me of Scragbait on crack :) 
If I Were In Charge Of An E1 Remake 
I'd repurpose E1M8 to serve as a place in between the earthly maps and the Chthonic maps.

reminds me of Scragbait on crack :)

Agree 200%. 
Quite Liked This 
didnt find it too hard personally and although a bit short, the theme is really nice and perhaps a bigger map with this theme is worth thinking about? 
Finaly had time to play... nice little map :p

Died near end with no amo :|

First run in attachement 
thanks for the demo, but which engine did you use to record it? Can�t run it with DarkPlaces or FitzQuake variants.. 
mfx � used Darkplaces.

Build 4 Mar 2013 release (progs 5330 CRC)

Just loaded now and it works 
thats strange, i can load it now, but its frozen.


Used same DP build as named above.
I want to see you die hard badly.. 
watching in any mode?
I played in QDQ progs 
Ah That Explains 
protocol 3504. Where can i get the progs.dat? 
Got it. 
The 1st secret was empty, that should�ve made you suspicious.
Else, you�d get a GL there. Easy.
And the glitches with the teleporters and skybrushes, how ugly.
I recommend Quakespasm now and forever:)

Anyway, thanks for demo, i urge for them. 
The English term is "Klein Bottle" (no S), by the way. 
get a room you two 
the english term bottle just appeared to be a bad translation of the german means of "fl�che".

So "fl�che" means plane, not flasche (bottle), not even "surface", which means "oberfl�che", and the corresponding term seems to have made its way into popculture.

Dissecting a Klein bottle into halves along its plane of symmetry results in two mirror image M�bius strips, which is mind blowing for non mathemathicans(can be..)

Now this is real besserwisserism, and i�m praising berlin for its pavement full of dogshit...

Oh, i�m drunk 
Oh And M�bius Strips 
are ze shit. My next map is moebius.. 
And Giger 
for sure. 
The oil of progress. 
i couldn�t have put it in words better...
blargh! thres islands in my puke, a docter maybe? 
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