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Map Jam 1 - "Honey" Theme Pack Released
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a two week period using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th June 2014
Theme - Honey inspired map with plenty of platform / train setups Guidelines for Map JamTexture WAD files

UPDATE July 7th: Pack is released!

FINAL Honey Jam Map Pack - Download, Readme, Screenshots, 12 Authors - Arrrcee, digs, doomer, ericw, fifth, ionous/mfx, mechtech, otp, rickyt23, scampie, skacky, sock
Why Not... 
add in your custom textures from backstein? they would fit beautifully with this theme! :) 
How Much.... 
....flouncing will this involve? Bonus points for anyone who withdraws their otherwise excellent map at the last minute :P

P.S. Great idea, good luck all, looking forward to seeing any maps that come out of this. 
I Already Crossed The Rubicon 
sorry Sock, would have loved to participate.
That�s one of my favorite themes actually and obviously:)

..but i�m full of joy, thinking of another mappack!!

Good luck! 
@Fifth, yeah why not, just go ahead and use the wad pack from backstein, it should be compatible.

@Shambler, this time will be different, I am in charge of the final pack!

@mfx, your lose man! The first ever Quake Map Jam and you are missing out! Rubicon, blah that is sooooo last year! ;)

If anyone is interested please post, the more the merrier and there is no limit (well within reason) to how many (small or large) maps you want to submit. This is about creating content and having fun! 
I'll Make A Map 
I'm Interested! 
Cool idea. the timeframe is a bit daunting because I haven't finished a map in a long time, but this will be motivation to (even if it's a small map)! 
Messing With Brushes. 
Here's what I have thus far. I would love to do some linked chains but I have a feeling that I wont be able to do them as nicely as CZG due to having to force integers. 
Looks Great! 
How to call a map? jm1_digs? 
I Don't Suppose It Matters 
I think Sock is going to make a start map so he'll probably rename the file when he puts it in a .pak 
Great Idea! 
Can Be Interesting 
A big number of restrictions in proper releases can draw more imagination than something almost completely free-thinking in an smaller map like in a speedmapping event. 
@scampie, good to hear you creating another mini map! :)

@ericw, treat this as a speed mapping session if your time is short, the maps don't need to be over detailed. Also you can check out the source maps in honey if you want some inspiration or prefabs.

@fifth, nice, don't get too lost on the room details, try to block out the game play route first.

@digs, I will rename all the maps at the end to fit in with the start map, so no one has to worry about remembering names to type in at the console. 
Up to my midriff in Rubicon as well, but this looks like it'll be something very special.

I can donate some chain .mdls, but you'd need a custom progs to spawn them in level. 
Why Not The Honey Progs? 
One of the first things that often plagues mappers when opening the editor with a blank map is wondering what to make and deciding what details to fill the rooms with.

The reason this map jam has a theme is so that you can forget about which texture to use or what style of arch you need to create, you just need to think about fun game play setups instead. Don't get worried about trying to find the right textures or filling rooms with that special detail when the theme is there to help you.

Play the original maps in the Honey pack and use the same textures. Most of the architecture in the honey maps are freeform shapes painted with seamless bricks! You can even open the source maps to see how CZG created stuff if you are stuck for prefabs or visual ideas.

Remember don't get stuck with visuals, use the theme (textures/shapes) and simply have fun with the monsters, items and weapons setups. 
I've tried to make maps in that way but it doesn't suit me.

The way I map is by making a bunch of prefabricated shapes. Then I make a test room (which is what I have done above) to see how the shapes fit. Once I've got the test room looking as close to what I want I then make the map.

Usually I will go for a walk or have an "inspiration nap". Once I wake up I make the map proper. It's a weird process but I prefer it to doing rough blocking out, I've tried doing rough blocking but I usually end up getting bored and abandon the map.
I have a really great memory for shapes and geometry, the map is planned out in my head far in advance of me starting the map.

For making Honey I think the trick will be having as much verticality as possible. I forgot how good the maps were until I played it yesterday. 
Always Interesting 
To hear someone else's process. 
Textured Curves. 
I decided to use proper trim textures on the arches. I hope CZG is cool with me taking these from his map source, I doubt I would have been able to make these in trenchbroom myself. 
You can make such curves in TB. The clipper is your friend, use with care..
Shot looks good! 
I only took the one huge arch. I made all the others using the clipper and doing some vertex editing.

If you can make these types of things in TB I haven't figured it out yet. I wouldn't mind having a full set of geometric shapes (like pipes and arched/curved corridors).

I wish it was as simple as the 2d shape builder in Unreal Ed 2. You can make some amazing shapes in no time with that thing. 
I'm Actually Making A Map! 
As Prompted By The Above Gentleman

Trivia: this screenshot made affine break the laws of time just so he could comment! 
Just Replayed Honey 
And it reminded me why CZG is my favourite mapper.

Not my favourite pack of yours tho... time to replay Terra! 
Somebody should Finish Terra, give that map pack a final map and a boss fight. 
Another Pic

The gameplay gimmick for this map works very well. It's going to be hectic. 
Oh Man 
That looks great! 
I compiled it. What am I doing with my life? 
Yeah ! 
All those screenshots are looking great !

Can't wait to play them, Texan style ! ;-) 
Internet Map Legends 
@scampie, wow nice atmosphere, looking forward to seeing more! :)

@skacky, WTF looks awesome! Who would have thought that CZG would inspire so many people to map! :) 
Who would have thought that CZG would inspire so many people to map!

I hope that's sarcasm. Even out of you.... 
Who would have thought that CZG would inspire so many people to map!

Much like the "czg's anus"-themed sm pack. Some evil magic at play! 
One for the thread :)

I can't get the lighting to look good - help me mapping gods! 
That was me above this post. So evidently you can post without putting a name and it displays your IP instead? 
@affine, Wow that does look good, keep going :)

I would recommend moving the light fixture higher so that players don't bump into it when going around the wooden platform.

The lighting in the CZG honey map is strong shadow lights around the flame sconce's and light entities which are long range low value fill lights. The best thing to do is copy and paste a sconce and entities from his source map, it will have everything setup. To create the long range fill lights use wait=0.4 light=48 and remember to add colour values. (0.82 1.00 0.98) 
Thank you sock! I was wondering what the wait keys were for. A couple light setups I did in fact copy/paste because I was unsure, but now I'm eager to do some experimentation. 
Pictures Before Going To Bed 
Jesus, you guys are machines.

I have barely got past what I already posted (mostly due to fucking long working hours) I should pick up the slack in the next few days though. 
All Pics 
So far make promise drip out of my screen.

I should probably buy a new one; it's starting to burn a hole in the desk. 
Incredible Direction This Thread Is Going. 
Very Honey-styled 
*Skacky: even better looking than the previous ones. I would stick a step to the floor where the hell_knight is standing, or a crate, to break a bit the ground. 
you all need thicker fog! 
Very Nice Shots So Far 
FYI, I am using the exact same density setting as Honey except the hue is different. ;)

Or maybe I should use the same fog setting as Fatal Instinct from Quake 3? 
Damn Skacky 
I started a map today. I'll have no time to finish it.

Damn that looks good.
I'll just put the Hammer away and play yours. 
Yes! These look amazing, i�m very exited to play your map! And socks..

Mechtech, i like the shot, just make it a speedmap, whatever.. 
Yup, Very Nice Skacky 
The only thing that is bugging me aesthetically is the 45 degree angle on the pipes, considering the curves elsewhere.
verging on the superfluous but if it was feedback you were looking for there it is.

Looking forward to all of the maps, whether turtle- or speed- or something in between! 
@fith, there is plenty of time, the whole of next week and two weekend's worth of time to go yet! Closing date is really Monday morning.

@mechtech, lovely chain bridge! The beauty of the map jam is that you just need to create something with an exit trigger. It can be a single room or corridor that is up to you. Just stick an exit at the end of the map and create a bridge too far combat setup! :P

@scampie, very tasty, you have even gone with some different fog! 
Nice Shot Scampie 
That gets me even more excited for this! Even though I am discouraged by the lack of Zer crates...

I am way too busy and might flake out but these shots are really making me want to make a submission.
Would someone be willing to make me a HLwad so I can use my crappy WC 3.3 on my crappy computer to possibly maybe throw something together for the deadline? I can't get Jackhammer or Trenchbroom to work, and I've been unsuccesful in previous attempts to convert the textures to the HLwad format in the past (using RickyT23's method). In fact, if someone can hold my hand through that process that would be even better. 

Really nice work! Good lighting AND you took the time to do some decent composition set up. Impressive... 
I am tempted to attempt e1m3_honey 
Great Idea 
Please submit to your temptation. 
Map Jam 
is about just creating maps, they don't need to be textured masterpieces or complete adventures with multiple skill levels and encounter balance. They can be simple rooms, long corridors or complex environments, there is no restriction, no minimum or maximum amount of level you can submit. It could even feature no monsters!

There is only one rule ... one EXIT trigger! 
/me Makes Map With 2 Exit Triggers 
I Will Title My Map EXIT Trigger 
The Honey Yummy Metro System! :) 
Began one.

inverse honey 
Some More From Me 
Those Look Really Good Skacky! 
keep it up! 
Go Skacky 
looking great 
Pretty much all the pictures in the thread so far are right up my alley.

Are some of you using brushwork setpieces directly taken from or closely based on the honey mapfile sources? 
I Miss Something In The Pack 
Some saint.bsp or start.bsp based maps. All of them (including mine) seem to be based mainly on honey.bsp 
Till I Saw Skacky's Latest Screenshots 
Good work there. 
Guys, Err, These Maps... 
...looking fucking cool. Keep it up, all of you :) 
I seriously hope y'all jamming, 'cause two thirds of my entry are done. 8,000 brushes and 100 monsters so far. Oh and it's brutal. 
oh and by the way, what editor did you use? 
great to know that, screenshots are great too!
No, they are awesome, i�m just grudgy, not making a map:) 
^^that Was Me 
99% of the stuff was done with Trenchbroom. I'm using Hammer when I need to do rounded things with its arch tool (like the bridges). 
Wow Skacky ! 
Those screenshots are very nice ! Can't wait to play this jewel ! 
Finally Had A Few Free Hours Tonight... 
Editor shot:

Scheduled to work every day until contest's end, so I doubt I'll finish this, but I at least had fun starting it. 
Cut It Down 
if you see you cannot finish it in time, Sock said that he is OK with smaller maps, speedmaps and turtlemaps. It is better than just have it unfinished in a corner of your computer getting dust. 
Wins func_msgboard! 
Something Broke 
All of them seem to be based mainly on honey.bsp

The start map will be based on the village/start map with various archways for skill select and houses for each map sent. I got the impression that the saint/honey maps shared common architectural features so its fine if everyone uses the brick theme.

@skacky, awesome as always! I plan to add a small map for the pack, but no screenshots from me until after the end date.

@ionous, stop adding a couple of days before the end date, seal it, add lighting and create an exit portal. The maps do not need to have perfect ending, just a way back to start map.

@scampie, looking good, love the broken stuff! :D 
I've been incredibly lazy, between playing games on the steam sale and recently playing a very hardcore session on heretic 2 (awesome game is awesome). I'm not much closer to finishing my map now than I was when I first posted.

I guess I'm going to have to crack on with the map in the next few days I have off. 
A lot can be achieved until the deadline, everything I posted was made during a week. 
I'm progressing slowly too, but on the positive side, learning trenchbroom :) 
Said the guy who's worked on more games than I despite being younger! 
Attempting To Crank One Out 
(well That Killed The Conversation Lol) 
Screenshots Ricky 
otherwise no one believes you! 
You Do Know What You're Asking For Nitin? 
Urban Dictionary

Has saved me many times. For example one suggestion I had for the name of a game was 'Taint of Doom' at least until my North American colleagues pointed out what taint can be taken to mean. 
@fifth, I think you are over thinking/worrying about this, just create what you can, seal it, light it and add an exit trigger. There is no pressure to make a complete map, just do what you can in the time frame setup for the map jam.

@ericw, try compiling what you go so far, it will motivate you more once you see it all lit and working in game. Don't fall into the trap of detailing and trying to make some epic editor only map.

@RickyT23, wow! post a screenshot! :) 
no screenie, no belief :) 
Haha! No - I didn't mean that! I mean I'm attempting to create a map. Im still blocking out, so no screenies until it's sealed/lit.

But yeah - something is taking shape :P 
by the time this jam is toast we should have a nice spread of maps to make everyone else jelly

as long as spirit preserves them on quaddicted

i hate myself 
Still Working On It... 
Looking Good Everyone 
My map is finished as far as brushwork goes. All I need to do now is setup the final fight, clip some stuff and add the exit trigger. Should be done in two hours. 
I Demand A Screenshot From Sock 
in order to (de)motivate everyone else! 
Deliver A Screenie For Us, Lord Sock. 
Please hang up another odd pair of your cottony goodness on the line for our beaming rays of sunshine to admire your varied and pretty patterns~ B) 
One Quake To Rule Them All ! 
Come one guys, make me proud of a Quake1 player after all these years of awesome Quakeness !

I recently purchased a 5$ game with a few common features with Quake1 (portals, moving pads, "keys" to open some doors, ...) : Qbeh-1. It's nicely looking, but overall it sucks compared to good'old Quake1 !

It wouldn't have anything to do with you being 18 years younger when Quake came out and having never seen anything like it previously, would it? :) You always remember your first... 
I Demand A Screenshot From Sock

I have nothing to show, I still not found any time to create a map yet, hopefully I will have some time this weekend before the deadline. From what I have seen so far, this is going to be an awesome map pack to play/explore. 
Yes we get it, you don't like Quake the way we do. 
I love Quake and that actually offends me a little. That surprised me.

But I get it. Either love Quake unquestionably or keep quiet. 
Move On 
@OTP, Willem, please keep this thread about the map jam and the fun of creating honey styled maps. 

If you're going to thread cop us, at least start with Barnak. He started it! 
Heh - I Hope You Do Find A Little Time Sock 
I've spent a few hours on mine, but I've got home from work feeling pretty burned out the last couple of days, and haven't been so motivated.

My point being 'please make a map, even if just a small one, my map wont be huge and I'm sure even a small Sock map will be awesome/pak winner ;)'

And yeah, Willem GET OUT! How dare you not like Quake as much as OTP :P Also make a map (if you haven't) please :P :P :P 
I Submitted My Map 
Final stats:

Brushes: 10787
Entities: 2810

Monster count:
Easy - 106
Normal - 146
Hard/Nightmare - 151

Sheesh, that was a cool experience. Should last 15-20 minutes I'd say. Speedrunners can have some fun as well, I managed to complete it in 2 minutes on skill 1. 
I Think We Should Leave Sock Alone Now. 
I Think We Should Leave Sock Alone Now. 
Make that 2:15 on skill 3. 
A Bit Rough Brushvork From Me 
@RickyT23, yeah I can understand that, but remember your map does not need to be some epic monster hunt!

@DOOMer, wow nice shadows! :) Remember to add some hotness to the lights around the light textures. Look at the honey map source, it has some lovely light setups.

@skacky, bah! I have no intentions of running like a manic through your map. I am going to take my time and explore! :D 
Another Editor Shot

Lighting needs to be completely overhauled, entities fixed, multiple leaks stamped out, monsters and items needs to be added...but at least the architecture is done. 
Tough to tell but that looks very clean and interesting on my iPhone.
It's pretty cool to have a fairly close concrete date to look forward to in expectation of such rad looking maps 
Looking great ionous, same with DOOMer. 
Deadline Is Tomorrow. 
Deadline Is Monday Morning. 
Learning Comprehension 101. 
Did You Mean Reading Comprehension? 
Because Deadline - 29th June 2014... 
Maybe read post #50 with some comprehension. 
You are so aggressively sassy in this thread OTP. 
Sock that sneaky lizard! 
Likely in order to hide the fact he isn't going to finish his jam map! 
Go Map Drew 
I Have 2 Kids Under 2 Now, Sassmaster 
So I'm gonna go nap instead. 
Not Mapping Is Unacceptable 
Then You Have A Problem With Me 
I have to withdraw from this. I'll barely have time to sleep in the next days, less for mapping, even if i just put monsters in what i have done for now.

But i am consequent with #78, this map is going to be released for sure, sooner or later. 
today is the 28th for me. so I see nothing incorrect. 
Wow, he missed a comment from sock buried in a reply to a different user entirely. What a dumb ass. 
And Corcerello... 
don't push yourself when you want to make a map. I don't think it's a good idea to stay up all night just to build a virtual world for a game. 
@Sock, thanks :)
I added some additional lights around the light textures, but the card will still be more dark than bright - so conceived :)

I'm almost finished everything. Tomorrow finish placement monsters, triggers and items. 
This jam is going to rule. 
gonna be tight on mine. combination of biting off a bit too much and slacking. 
Extension Please! 
So I've been called into work and have been there for seven hours. I've probably got six to go. Then sleep time, and back to work again. Leaving precious little time to finish my map. It's 99% done. All that's left is a leak that showed up during the last few compiles, despite making zero architectural changes.

What do you want to do, Sock? I can quickly email you the level when I get home, before I pass out. It's completely playable...just has one leak I don't have the time to track down. Or does anyone else want to step in and take a crack at it while I'm sleeping?

Let me know. 
Mail Me Ionous 
I Also Offer Services To Find Your Leak 
If you've made no architectural changes then I'm guessing you have an entity outside the geometry. 
One Word 
one single word, and what i wrote in #130 means a completely different thing than what i wanted to say: I'll be very busy in the next days due to real-life issues, so much that i'll barely have time to sleep, so i have even less for mapping. Even if i just put monsters in what i have done for now, i won't have time to complete it, so i have to withdraw from the map jam.

I don't think it's a good idea to stay up all night just to build a virtual world for a game.

Haha, good one, ... Don't worry, that will never happen again, i learned the lesson with sm173: i pulled an all-nighter to complete that map and it had critical errors and became a bit crappy.

The start map will be based on the village/start map with various archways for skill select and houses for each map sent.

That idea seems very interesting, can't wait to see it.
I'm eager to see too if you can overcome the hurdle that no one has overcome till now in Quake mapping: maintain coherence between real-life scale with the player entity and Quake's scale, if you are going to put the trigger_changelevel entities inside the houses.

I got the impression that the saint/honey maps shared common architectural features so its fine if everyone uses the brick theme.

Of course its fine, and it is highly interesting how many differences can be shown with the same style, but my concerns were more to how curious it is that most people choose to use a style closer to honey than to saint or to start.bsp.
I was surprised and pointed that out because i expected something, like for example, like sm175, where the differences in style between the mappers where way bigger.
Well, truth to be told, is that i said it too because i expected that my words would turn on a light and someone would take elements from start.bsp in their maps, or just make one inspired directly from it and got an idea that strayed a bit from CZG's ideas (houses underground, a map made fully with pipes above the slime, a ruined church in the middle of a bottomless pit, a more horizontal sewers where the liquids flow through cave parts with crates floating, for example)

About the other part, it is true that the architecture is mostly the same, but the way it is used, the layout and the main shapes of the rooms are very different. Even the underground part of start.bsp has a distinct style. With this in mind one can see where the inspiration mainly comes from.

At first i didn't notice that either, but after i played it again i noticed how really that map was built. What surprised me the most is the usage of textures, how many subtle changes of textures are in there even though CZG used so many brick different textures without it turning into a colorful-looking map. 
Doubt I will finish mine. After the initial burst I did I just have been working way too much. I am still mapping today but I'm drained. 
Is like all speedmaps, MONDAY! I arranged the final date to be a Sunday so everyone can relax and add the final touches to their map.

Send your maps to me today/tomorrow, or if you need an extra day let me know. I just need to know how many mappers are going to submit so that I can create the start map.

So far I have Skacky, Digs and me, anyone else want to confirm they are going to submit in the next couple of days? 
@Sock, I will be send my map to you at this night (or first half of the Monday, if i haven't time to finish today). 
Thanks Mfx And Ricky 
I should be home in about two hours, and will send you guys the files. Yeah Fifth, maybe it is an item. I have been adding a lot.

Sock, don't know what time zone you're in, but due to generous help you should be receiving my map sometime Monday. Or at least Monday in my time zone ( it's 0443 for me now) 
I'll Be Submitting One Too 
I'm Working On It 
Really - not sure exactly when, depends how much i get done today... 
I�ll Try 
and tweak ionous map. Rich, or do you want to?
Or both? idk
I have pretty much time today and tomorrow, its raining and you know.. 
I will be submitting a map, it should be finished by tonight, but who knows! :D 
If anyone is really close and just wants Monday to finish the map, that is fine with me. I would prefer that people submit maps rather than just leave them collecting dust on their hard drives.

I have still got to create the start map, which I plan to do Tuesday night and have a final build for Thursday after some testing to make sure it all works. (map linking) 
How Can One Relax 
under this kind of pressure?! ;)

I will try and send you the file tomorrow morning if I can get it done. 
So The Deadline Is Thursday? 
And we can point all of the trigger_changelevels to 'start'? 
Enemy Issue 
I'm pretty much done with my map over here but I'm running into one last problem where it says that I have 3 more enemies in the map than I actually do on the intermission screen. I've hunted around, I know there isn't more that I accidentally added.

Anyone else run into this in Trenchbroom? 
Add two to the monster count instead of one. 
How many fishes in your map? 
I have 3 fish at the moment. 
The Knowledge Is Dying Out.. 
And Since I've Posted... 
I'm sorry, but there is no way I can get mine finished in time. I bit off way more than I could chew, and it will take weeks to get it out in the way I want it.

just create what you can, seal it, light it and add an exit trigger.

I could pull an all nighter and do this but it would be less cohesive than the average speedmap. (And I like sleep.)

So, expect a release in about a month, then. 
Ionous Leak Fixed.. 
Now the lights, its a small map. 
If it really bothers you, create one info_notnull per fish with the "use" field set to "boss_death10" and have each fish trigger it on death.

Then again, sock is probably going to use a custom progs.dat for this pack, so you could ask him to include a patch... 
Or just use the one and only reQuiem engine which fixes that widespread bug engine-side. 
Huh, weird bug. Well, I'm going to package it as is. It's perfectly playable and should be fine. Thanks for the tips! 
Correct Count In DirectQ As Well 
Final Word 
So The Deadline Is Thursday?
No, the deadline is monday night, I will create the start map on Tuesday, test on Wednesday and release on Thursday. Anything beyond that you will have to release on your own.

Final deadline MONDAY night!

All submitted maps must have a trigger brush (trigger_changelevel) with a parameter "map" and value of "start". Any submitted maps that do not exit back to the start map will be left out from the pack.

Also remember, could everyone add the source map to their zip files, so if anyone wants to learn/see what you did they can. 
Screens From Sewage Mouth 
So There's Going To Be A Period Of At Least Two Days 
Where you will have the maps, but won't have released them, but won't accept late entries?

... and release on Thursday. Anything beyond that you will have to release on your own.

...deadline is Wednesday evening? 
Oh! Very original take! 
Sent Mine In 
Very small map. 
@ArrrCee, love the broken stuff in screenshot 2, very cool take on the theme, got your map thanks :)

@RickyT23, the deadline is Monday evening, anything beyond that you will have to release by yourself. I want to test the map pack and make sure it all works. I personally don't have a lot of time to do this, hence the two day delay. Just seal your map, add your exit trigger and send it.

Got maps from so far:
Skacky, Digs, Mechtech, ArrrCee, Me. 
I'm trying, not gonna be too far off.... 
An original take of the honey theme indeed.

Also, rotate the texture on the face on the side of the waterfall on the first screenshot, so all the faces' texture go in the same direction. 
Finishing Off My Map Now 
It's not exactly what I wanted to do for the jam but then again I'm on a horrible 60 hour shift for work this week...

Just doing some final bug testing then I'll send it. 
Because Someone Might Miss It: 
All submitted maps must have a trigger brush (trigger_changelevel) with a parameter "map" and value of "start". Any submitted maps that do not exit back to the start map will be left out from the pack.  
Meh - Sealed This Brute. Still No Lights Or Monsters Lol 
Pixel Blockout I can't believe how much hassle it took for me to setup the screen cap, cropping and merging of the 18,000 files. After movie maker melted twice on me, I eventually got a movie file!

If you think you are aware of what you are doing when recording demo's, then imagine what it is like with a screen cap program recording your every move in an editor. It was weird because I use the camera a lot to move around and had to remind myself to position the camera so it would look better recording.

Hopefully part 2 should be the finished map! :P 
Given Your Productivity 
I picture that as your real-time mapping speed. 
This is how a jam works: if you finish by the deadline, you release, and if you don't finish by the deadline, you still release.

Everyone's allowed to build on what they made or polish/finish/change it and re-release independently later, but you can't post in the thread over and over that you're working on something terrific and then just withdraw it and keep it a secret because you're too good to let anyone see your work in progress. This culturally prevents the all-too-likely scenario of a promising bunch of community work all evaporating at the last second and turning into a "pack" with two maps.

It's not a photo of you in the shower, it's just an unfinished level. Put an exit trigger in it and throw it in. 
Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad I did something seemingly original. I don't think you'll say that once you play through it though, ha! It's a pretty normal and very short quake level. =)

Judging from everyones screenshots, I can't wait to play through all the maps. 
Sock, how fast is that video? 5 hours in 5 minutes? 
Its 5 minutes in 5 minutes. 
Lunaran Is Spot On 
Also I can't wait to play all these maps. 
Will Send Mine Monday Night 
it'll be a micro-map..

Excited to see what everyone did! 
Don't say I didn't warn you. 
Cunts Be Warned Of Onetruepurple 
Looking forward to this mappack! 
@ArrrCee, that video is about 4-5hrs spread out over 3 sessions. That was the third version of the map, I created others but they did not have a good layout so I deleted them. Most of the video is about placing the structure and a few monster setups. 
I'm done my map, and sent it to Sock. 
Well I Got A Few Lights Into Mine Last Night 
Stuck at work for 4 hours now. Then drive home, then I'll try and finish it. I'm on GMT/London time, so that gives me just short of 11 hours to finish! O_O 
I'm Just Starting High School, So I Don't Have A Job Yet. 
That should be fine, Ricky. You saw how fast sock works. You should be done in no time... 
Done And Send To Ionous 
Looks a bit like this...

Its not in my hands anymore... 
Oh Wow 
That looks super classy 
Thank Yoooouu.. 
Yeah That Looks Cool 
Wow Mfx That Looks Gorgeous 
Oh lol I didn't notice it was Ionous'. 
Haha, It Was Indeed Ionous 
That looks amazing. 
Just Sent My Map To Sock 
Looks Fucking Cool Scumpie. 
Like the variety of areas and the lighting. 
Yeah Scampie 
looks huge! 
In A Non-gay Way, I Luv's You Guys ;) 
You see, for me... I HATED QUAKE(SP)! But NOW...

I only play just to see what you very talented peeps come up with, you're all very awesome.

I usually don't submit demo's cause typically I just wander around looking at the creativity and only fighting when, well... the monsters get in the way of my sight seeing adventure!!! Hehe

All the shots so far are wonderful, can't wait for Thursday... hello helloooo, is it Thursday yet.

Thanks everyone who mapped for this and all past releases.

- Dan 
Caves shot looks excellent Scampie! Thanks for committing. 
Looking Great! 
@Mfx - Love the feel of this one, looking great!

@Scampie - Dude, that's looks epic! Especially like that sewer shot, cool broken doorway.

@Sock - Cool, I like the time lapse style when someone talented is working. Mine would be annoying because it'd be 5 minutes of me creating and deleting malformed brushes lol 
Just Watched Socks Vid 
and I really struggled to follow the process. I swear if I mapped like that I would be hunting BSP holes for months. 
Sock's Video? 
where can I find that? 
post 177 
I'm Going Full Speed, But It's Gonna Be 2 Or 3 Hours Still... 

Shot's look awesome. Better than mine... You guys have ARCHES!!! 
Arches Are Only As Good As 
their Bunkers. 
'Probable Carcinogen' Was Submitted Last Night... 
The rundown (borrowing Skacky's format):

3407 brushes
419 entities

Easy, 15
Normal, 29
Hard, 38

When MFX offered to help find the leak in my original map, inspiration struck, and he asked if he could add a few things, including overhauling the lighting, making a new start area and adding some scrumptious new details. His work was great, improving the map vastly.

The final ratio of work done was probably 75/25, thus he's getting co-author credit in the readme (which I should probably start at some point...) 
There Should Be More Such Collaborations 
It's like a cute I'll homage to czg02 (cog/fat controller) 
Statz 4 Nerdz 
"teh ratz in teh wallz"

3500 brushes (exact)
1215 entities (645 are lights)
59 textures

Easy: 81
Normal: 110
Hard: 122

9 secrets

Tyrann Utils v0.13
qbsp -oldaxis -transwater
6.646 seconds

vis -level4
27 seconds

light -lit -soft -extra4 -gate 10
77 seconds 
music track 5 
Mines Gonna Be Tomorrow :( 
Need sleeeeeppp.....

Also it's got 1120 brushes..... 
Map Sent In 
Final Pack 
I have 11 maps so far:
ArrrCee, Digs, Doomer, Ericw, Fifth, Ionous/mfx, Mechtech, OTP, Scampie, Skacky and Me.

Hopefully RickyT23 will send his map later on tonight and that will make for an awesome 12 jam map pack! The variety and quality of the maps is fantastic, congrats everyone. :)

I plan to create the start map tomorrow and finish off my testing (noclipping to the exit trigger brush on all maps). I have some tricky Personal Life stuff to deal with at the moment and need 1 extra day, so the pack will be ready for Friday.

If anyone wants to do some gameplay / item / monster tweaks to their maps, send me your final version on Wednesday. Same goes for any readme file updates or map waffle.

I do have plans for two more Map Jams so if you did not have the time to enter this one there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. 
Sock? Rock. 
I am 99% sure you will take care about it but since I have played lots of random maps recently just a reminder: No map ever should have track 02 as its soundtrack. 
Yeah - Sweet - I'll Get It Done Later On This Evening. 
I tried and tried last night but I just couldn't quite get it finished. Just need to finish my final area and put an exit in :) 
After Talking To Ionous 
hes quite happy with the outcome, but i found 3 or 4 things, which should be corrected.

So i�ll jump into it once again, recompile and send it to you, his sockness, k? 
Mine Uses Track 10 
** Music Update ** 
@everyone, please double check you have music setup on your maps. Add a "sounds" key to the worldspawn, tracks 4-11 are valid choices. (this can be added by doing an -onlyents compile)

@mfx, yep no problem, fix as much as you want and send it to me tomorrow. If I don't receive anything I will go with the version I've got.

@rickyT23, good luck with your mapping tonight, looking forward to receiving your map tomorrow for the pack. 
I Do Not Have Soundtracks 
Can I put any value for "sounds"? 
@Eric - I love the dreary scaffolding. Has a great look!

@sock Nice! That'll give me time tonight to fix that water texture and to add the soundtrack tag in there. 
@digs, the 'sounds' key value has to be number from 4-11 only. 
This map jam is one of the coolest things in a while, I hope I have time to play some of them soon. 
Sock And Roll. 
Fuck me that is a good turnout. 
11(maybe 12) maps in this pack!
And all the pictures we have been shown
are fantastic!
I'm really looking forward to this!
Good to see so many mappers participate!

Hope my own project will give me time to play some of them during the week end. 
What Project Is That? 
The Ikwhite thing? Update in screenshot thread please! 
Oh! Drew 
You know, the project with ijed and mfx! 
He�s Just Joking 
and prefers napping to mapping. 
Obviously I Was Napping As I Posted That 
I thought hrim was skacky for some reason. 
OK, Map Has Been Emailed To Sock 
Sock, if you didn't get it, something went wrong :) Let me know and I'll get it to ya somehow :) 
Houston We Have Lift Off! 
I got the final map from RickyT23 and a bunch of updates from everyone else, thank you everyone, I will get on the case with the start map tonight and get this map pack out the door for the weekend! 
Sounds good. Cant wait to see them other maps!
My mail will reach you soon. I�m afk for 2 hours now, after that i lunch, and then..

Please wait for me. 
looking forward to these maps. 
I�m Done! 
Mail send to Sock. Please get it. 
'Probable Carcinogen' Was Re-submitted Last Night... 
The updated rundown:

Brushes: 4406
Entities: 554

Monsters (after subtracting for rotfish tomfoorlery):
Easy: 30
Normal: 46
Hard: 54

MFX went into beast mode over the past two nights, and added a bunch of wonderful things to the map, including a new underwater section, new final fight, more delicious details and slight layout tweaks. Now it's even better!

Probably closer to a 50/50 split now on work done. 
Waiting The Release Of This 
in eager anticipation...

Hurry up guys and gals! 
Hmmm. The highlights with honey was the massive vertical layouts, large architecture and fog. and gameplay.

The low points were, for me, the textures, lighting, and finer detail. The darkness hides a lot of bland one-brush walls in Honey. I love contrast but I felt Honey was just too dark, even in a pitch black room where I couldn't even see the keys on my keyboard, half the time I couldn't tell what weapon I was using because there was no lighting. Maybe Darkplaces was worse than some other engines.

Anyway I look forward to playing all these, the screenies all look good. 
Duct Tape Mod 
In regular quake there's a minimum light level applied to weapons so you can always see what's equipped, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's changed in darkplaces... 
Did you make the mistake of playing with "RT Lights"? 
dunno what rt lights is...

last level of honey wouldn't even load, so perhaps not many used dp 
Why Would You Use DP 
for regular quake maps? 
Exciting Times! 
I kind of wanted to participate in this pack but stupidly decided I didn't have enough time, even though I have loads at the moment. I think it was partly because I only have computers that can't run WorldCraft and I convinced myself learning how to use Trenchbroom on my Mac would take too long. Doh!

Anyway, really looking forward to seeing what people have done, and also looking forward to the next Jam...

I think someone else mentioned some kind of episode 4 themed turtlemap or remake as an idea a while ago. I think that would produce some interesting ideas, since e4 was pretty ugly and flat (except the first map), but quite inventive and spooky. 
options -> lighting -> rt world on or off? 
Than Having Loads Of Time 
Is exciting news.

I'd be down for an E4 jam thing. 
Hope the transition to Mac/tb is smooth and your free time is uninterrupted Than! 
than, finish dm6rmx 
** Update ** 
I have all the maps sorted/tested with a basic start map. I am about half way through the detail and plan to finish Friday with a download link available Saturday. If anyone is itching for some Quake goodness then check out Cartographer's Nightmare and give some feedback/demos. 
Sorry sock, the deadline was 3-4 days ago. Jam pack cancelled. 
I'd completely forgotten about it, but I just looked at the page and it doesn't have a Mac build.

I'm OSX only at the moment, since I couldn't get Win7 install to start with bootcamp and wasn't in the mood for potentially fucking up my new computer just yet by trying to do it any other way. Also, I don't know of any Linux distros that work well on the latest Macbooks, although Clem, the leader of the Mint project seems to be doing some good work, which is great, because Mint (Mate edition) is my distro of choice (works better than Windows and Mac, just has less software that I need :/ ). Let's hope they release a Mint for Macbook update soon. 
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

Shut up you damn kids:)
Don't make me pull over!! 
I Know, Right 
The suspense is killing me. He did say it wouldn't be today though, so..... 

S U S P E N S E hype 
AAAAaaargh ! 
I'm gonna die, just before the release.

Just can't wait ! C'ant wait, c'ant, c'an, c'a, c', c, , ... 
I thought this was going to be out today...

I crunched like hell between my ridiculous 60 hour shift last week. I now have a bunch of spare time and I could have polished up what I had done. 
** Update ** 
Sorry everyone I need to go out and finish off some paperwork today, if anyone wants to adds some polish to their maps, just send me an update by the end of the day. I know this is frustrating, but shit happens and I need to fix it!

I recommend a leaf from Daz's new book - go outside 
outside is full of lions, tigers and bears... Oh my! 
But all of my computers are inside ... I don't get it. 
Neat Chance To Tweak The Rest... 
** Update ** 
It never rains it just pours! I sort of have a start map but I have had no time to add any detail. I will cut and paste some stuff from the original honey start map and just release the pack in a couple of hours. Not really the ideal situation but I want to get this released today.

I received a map update from mfx/ionous yesterday.

@fifth, any map update from yesterday? 
Sorry Sock, 
I haven't actually updated the map at all. I have moved back to a couple of projects I was working on pre-jam.

To get my map where I need it to be I'd need a few weeks, I suppose this is the point of jams though? Make something awesome and polish it later? 
Building Final Pack, Be Back Later On 
@fifth, no worries, I understand. 
Take your time to build a nice start map. Add more details !

There's no hurry, and there's no point in playing a dull cubic room map without any details to look at.

Details, geometry and atmosphere are why I love Quake1.

And come on, add more details. 
Maybe I'm in the minority here, but the start map is one of the things I'm looking forward to most. Take your time, and make it awesome. We got two weeks to make a map. Giving yourself at least a week to do the same is not an unreasonable request... 
Yes Please, Sock... 
Take the time needed to do your usual awesomeness for the start map. The weekends blown out so nothing to fret about now. 
As was proved by SM175, sock doesn't need a week to make a brilliant map. Pushing the deadline just to polish up a map would be pretty ironic, too, given the context of this being a map jam. 
And That Being A Start Map 
Follow Your Heart, Sock 
Or, alternatively, your spirit animal. 
To Hear Honey Drip 
the drips must be big. Very big.

Ever thought about that? 
Start Map... 
Suggestion :

Make the start map with puzzles to solve (or even a few monsters to hugh ?), just to unlock the teleporters to other maps.

I think that start maps are under-used in Quake1.

Start maps just to select the difficulty ? Come on ! Put some puzzles to solve too, for the explorer from another world who discovers. 
just slap together something worthy of a map jam instead of over-perfecting. 
Hold onto your buttes and let Sock make a start map and upload the pack. 
I Want My Honey Jam Nao 
Which Is An Anagram For 
I Love The Direction This Thread Is Going. 

Looks like I picked the wrong week to ... 
Never had to clean no fucking honey and jam off a backseat! 
ham. there. I said it. 
Scampie Wins Le Thread 
Heeh ! Old farts ! 
That's it, we're fucking switchin'. I'm making the start map, and YOU'RE pickin' up this dead niggers skull. 
** Update ** 
Its being tested at the moment, will be released soon. There is no start map, I have run out of time to finish it. Everyone will have to manually load the maps instead. (full details in readme file)

Next time I will create the start map early, it was stupid of me to leave it to the last minute. I was expecting more free time this week. 
There Is No Start Map 
Surely you're joking, Mr. Sock? 
@Rick, no joke, I need more time and I don't have it at the moment. Luckily most people who will play the pack will know how to set the skill level and load stuff manually. A lesson learned, next time will be better. 
Fuck A Start Map 
You've already done a lot by launching, curating and contributing to this (very successful) event. Also agonizing over the start map seems anathema to map jam vibez as laid out in post.
Anyways, a start map can be done up, the 'pak' sutured together properly, any time you like (shhh Spirit).
Thanks in advance for the hard work. 
Update For Top Of Thread 
FINAL Honey Jam Map Pack - Download Readme
12 Authors - Arrrcee, digs, doomer, ericw, fifth, ionous/mfx, mechtech, otp, rickyt23, scampie, skacky, sock

* Also zap my email address, no longer needed. Hopefully negke/spirit will have a QA link later on this week. 
I Think Next Jam... 
we should nominate someone to make a start map *only*. ;)

What say you? 
I have been pissing about with making heretic 2 maps in the last 2 days (using quark, I feel like a dirty slut).

I could have done it probably! Maybe in the next couple o' days? 
@fifth, next time I will allow time for it, my mistake, lesson learned.

Next map jam will be going up in a week or so.

@Func Admin, please could we keep all chat/news on the map jam 1 in this thread? I asked Vondur to update the top of this thread with the latest links, then at least everyone can post demos in one place. 
Quick Blast... 
through the maps and I gotta say there's some gems here.

I really love what Ionous did with his entry. The quality of the maps is super high! 
As Lunaran Said In # 179 
You could have done that.

Change of topic: have to download all those gems. 
I Wonder What The Next Map Jam Will Be About... 
Fookin' Legendary Pack Y'all 
I think ionous/mfx's was the most visually impressive. Absolutely killer architecture everywhere. 
About the start map, why don't you take the one you made previously ?

Just adapt it tp this release. 
OK I played all of the maps but mine:

I died quite quick in ericw's map, the others I got almost to the end or I finished... 
Oh Yeah 
I used Fitzquake Mark V to record the demos.

My Top Maps: 
1 - Skacky
2 - Scampie
3 - Sock
4 - Digs
5 - Fifth

They were all cool. I liked the map with the black fog ;) 
I Might Have Unduly Missed Ionous's Map From That Run-down 
You guys are gods !

This release is absolutly awesome ! The global quality of the maps is really high, I didn't expected this for a Jam party.

My favorite maps are (in random order) :

- ionous,
- scampie
- skacky
- sock (great scrags surprise party in there !)

The replayability of these maps is really great. Can't be bored with them !


otp, the black fog is fun, but dude, what's wrong with your penis ?
Is that a texture problem ? Your penis stamped on many walls... 
skill2 demos

Great maps everyone! I highly enjoyed them, and the jam as a whole went amazing. Been a long time since there was a fun community event like this and lots of people talking and excited for it. Thank you sock for putting it together, and for everyone for making it a fun time to map.

Ionous/mfx's map is seriously one of the best Quake environments I've seen, and it's a fun map to boot. Along with Skacky's and Sock's, if these maps were just regular releases, they'd be a 5/5 in my book. The only real shame with jam1_ionous is that the exit trigger is a bit sudden. Skacky's a great long map, with some fun uses of monster jumps and some really clever secrets. Sock's is one of his amazingly connected layouts with a bunch of fun combat and great detailing.

Fifth's map was fun and decent looking, but maybe a bit straight forward. I like the Oblivion gate at the Gold Key! Digs... this isn't in the demo because my first play was testing the pack for sock and I ran out of ammo before realizing where the zombie was! But after that the map was fun... except I died right before leaving... the silver key door is the greatest silver key door in the history of Quake though! :D

After that, I have to say that ericw's map has a great environment and I wish it had been longer, because I was really digging it... though the ammo balance could've been better! On the other hand, Ricky's felt a bit too long, the 'kill 10 shamblers' quest was neat, but I felt dragged on a bit due to the size and length of the area. Doomer had some nice look here and there, but overall the rooms seemed huge and empty, and the buttons didn't communicate well what they did. Mechtech's map I think the grenade launcher was misplaced? Sad that you get it after you get the gold key and right before the map ends. Really short map anyway. Arrrcee's map is a bit ugly construction wise, but the idea for the theme is neat. I like all the waterfalls!

As for my map... well, I wrote some stuff about speedmapping and of the construction of my map on my site if you want to read about it. I wrote the post few days ago and was waiting for the jam to post it.

Again, great maps every body! Excited for next jam, but I think I might only do a 1 or 2 day map next time. 
Oh Shit Lol I Forgot Otp 
make sure you watch the demo for my feedback OTP 
RickyT23, Here Ya' Goes... 
Great map. I played on hard but died with 2 Shambie's to go. It split the demo up, sorry :( 
I Hope I Don't Steal Daz's Thunder Here But... 
Also, Something I Noticed... 
the hidden theme of this pack was also: dogs

for unknown reason, so many of us used dogs in our maps!

(I know why I did, I intentionally wanted to use every enemy except fish) 
I ended up with the gold key but not the silver key on digs map 
Shambler'd Again. 
Turning the project discussion thread into a news/release thread is counterproductive. What a mess.

Hurray for the pack, though! 
That Was Me... 
i thought it was even weirder having a news thread on the front page closed with a link to another thread. 
Daz You Suck 
Scampie found all the secrets and got all the kills. I'm going to demo all the maps later on during the day. 
How? GL-jump? 
Turning the project discussion thread into a news/release thread is counterproductive. What a mess.

I wanted all the discussion and demos to be in one thread, so you can blame me. Shambler started a separate news thread and I asked it to closed so all posts could be together. The during discussion is just as important as the final waffle from everyone.

Congrats everyone, what an awesome map jam pack with some amazing quality maps. Time to plan for the next one ... :) 
I wanted all the discussion and demos to be in one thread, so you can blame me.

It's func convention to have one thread for project organisation and another for release discussion. Doing it any other way is making an unnecessary mess. 
I have a lot of demos to post but not in this thread. 
I'm really impressed with everyone's work and I'm really looking forward to the IKBlue-White map jam starting here.

Thanks for letting me a part and I'll bring more to the table this next time around. =) 
Very Impressive 
I wish I could build maps like these. It just amazes me what people can accomplish.

On a side note, is there somewhere online a simple tutorial for learning how to build Quake maps? I really want to have a go with this but it just seems to have such a steep learning curve to start. Something along the lines of just creating a few simple rooms at the beginning for example.
next time, close the discussion thread, open a news thread. 
Nightmare skill demos:

ArrrCee: Interesting take on the Honey theme. Construction was crude but gameplay was pretty neat, especially the fiend on the stairs, always dangerous.

Digs: One of the most Honey-ish of the pack imo. Super creative with some really cool pieces, and has the best silver key door in all Quake. Great uses of Ogres, and Fiends

were proper scary in that one. The layout is really cool and again felt like it could belong in Honey. Minor gripe: no secrets! Still, one of my favorites!

Doomer: Nice effort, pretty cool shadows. Some rooms were too big for their own good, like the room with the Knights and the Shambler. You should indicate the start door is a

key door. And put feedback messages on buttons! Other than that it was nice.

Ericw: Cool, short and sweet. The girders are a nice touch and are pretty original. It's like an anti saint.bsp which was all destroyed. I liked the Ogres+Tarbabies combo.

Fifth: Cool map overall. I don't think the full yellow windows go all too well with the color scheme but that's probably just me. Cool ogre placement with some neat

situations, lots of possible infighting. That last room owns! I felt like some of the rooms were very empty and lacked some spice though. Still, really really enjoyable!

Ionous/MFX: Excellent architecture, great lighting and top notch fogging. The map is fun to play with lots of really good situations. Vores are well used, as are the

underwater dogs, hehehe. My only complaint would be that space is sometimes a bit tight but it's only a minor gripe. Really amazing brushwork throughout, I'm really impressed

and it's seamless meaning I don't know which parts are by Ionous and which parts are by MFX. The only other Ionous map I played was chapters_ionous and it's really quite

impressive to see the improvement over the years. My favorite of the pack!

Mechtech: Unfinished but still nice. I don't really get why you give the GL at the very end either tbh. Nice bridge!

OTP: I love the black fog but it could've been thicker (or lighting a bit darker). It's unfinished but still cool to look at. Nice knight massacre and the little raft

sequence is a nice touch. Also, dicks.

RickyT23: Nice map but it didn't really feel Honey-ish imo. I liked the quad massacre at the start, it reminded me of that E4 map (is it the Pain Maze?). Anyways, the

Shambler hunt was pretty cool too. I like base monsters but they don't really mesh well when they're thrown with medieval monsters. Scampie had a more subtle approach that

worked better.

Scampie: Original take on the theme with the caves. I like how you used Grunts and Enforcers, they actually mesh well with the theme and don't clash with the medieval

monsters encountered later on. Nice use of the double lift as well! That map is a classic imo, and one of the best in the pack.

Sock: Excellent interconnected level with cool situations. Classic sock with lots of paths available but it's never confusing. I loved the secrets, some were devious and one

in particular was just plain evil! I loved that Scrag massacre as well. One of the best of the pack. 
Oh God That Formating. 
Mapping Guide 
Found a great one on the Quake Wiki. I know Spirit is responsible for the Wiki so a big thank you to him for this very useful information. 
I am just hosting it. That guide was written by Scampie. 
Re: Mapping Guide 
Yes, apologies. I didn't notice Scampie had provided the guide until I scrolled to the very bottom. 
I have played these maps and I thought they were good. 
Other Engines 
Does this work in other engines besides QuakeSpasm and Fitzquake? I got excited when I saw the release, but I use Qrack as my preferred engine.

I'm not sure why people choose these two engines to release content. I pretty much skip the map releases that do not work in Qrack. 
Lightning Hunter 
We use those engines because they are faithful to the spirit of the original game. But that doesn't mean that the maps won't work on the qrack engine 
I'm not sure why people choose these two engines to release content.

Partly because QRack looks like massive amounts of utter shit:

Funny that a lot of the maps in these packs really highlight the enhancements that subtle and effective new lighting / fog effects can give....pretty much the polar opposite to the visual diarrhoea seen in that Qrack demo video... 
I'm not sure why people choose these two engines to release content.

Partly because QRack looks like massive amounts of utter shit:

Funny that a lot of the maps in these packs really highlight the enhancements that subtle and effective new lighting / fog effects can give....pretty much the polar opposite to the visual diarrhoea seen in that Qrack demo video... 
Does this work in other engines besides QuakeSpasm and Fitzquake?

Yes these maps *should* work with other engines. I only tested the maps with two engines, try the pack and see what happens.

I'm not sure why people choose these two engines to release content. I pretty much skip the map releases that do not work in Qrack.

Personally I use Fitz/QS because I want my map to look a certain way. I design the fog colour, lighting and textures to look a certain way and find it annoying when it looks different to what I designed. So I would treat the engine choices as a mappers recommendation. 
Standard Progs? 
Not over standard limits?

Should run well on any engine except for Tenebrae. Which was that other cool engine of old that had loads of effects in it..... erm..... 
That's Gonna Bug Me Now...... 
Another old engine, with loads of effects built in like bullet casings and green fog and stuff. I used to love it, back when I was making Deja Vu! Can't for the life of me remember what it was called.... 
Great Pack 
Scampie's and skacky's maps require an extended protocol, that is what reQuiem detected. skacky also exceeded the standard number of lightmaps.

Many of the maps have items falling out of the level, guys, "developer 1" when you map!

My demos: (protocol 10002 for those mentioned above). 
"Partly because QRack looks like massive amounts of utter shit:"

Heh, I love how you give Qrack a rating based on a youtube video. Did you even try Qrack out for yourself? That video only shows what the game looks like for ONE particular person (who is using ugly .lit files and 3d models). R00k has done a lot of work with Qrack over the years, and there are a thousand cvars you can tweak to your liking. For purists, you can make Qrack look like default GLQuake, or you can make it look like Darkplaces (minus the ugly per pixel lighting). Qrack even has a skybox config - in which you can set a custom skybox to any official or custom map. Other features include incredible mouse support (something most other engines lack), great particle effects, Water caustics, a nice skyscroll effect, different torch effects, r_novis 2, lava smoke, rain effects, fog, shiny metal, a customizable HUD, different weapon glow effects, a bloom effect, laser sighting, customizable crosshair, customizable charsets, and too much more to possibly mention. R00k adds new cvars every few weeks to please the community. He is the type of guy who will add almost anything you ask for. He recently added support for maps that require a limit-removing engine, although I have not tested this extensively yet.

Anyway, I will try this out in Qrack sometime and make a report. 
mean Telejano mini.exe? 
Argh Spirit! 
damn you and your jumping on the little 1 pixel lip on my end lift :( 
Seems like you should use a duplo grid instead of a lego one! 
Yeah I Think That's The One 
What a great engine that was! 
I Still Run It From Time To Time 
its on quaddicted i think. 
I used to use Telejano until JoeQuake exceeded it in terms of visuals and features. Then Qrack came out - which is based upon JoeQuake, but adds thousands more features and visual improvements. Darkplaces is not a bad engine, but only really adds per pixel lighting and shaders. I'm not a big fan of them in Quake. I guess people don't realize the kind of flexibility that Qrack has. 
awesome jam! all maps rock, hurrah to participants!

personally i liked most, skacky's, scampie's, sock's and ionous'. 
Just found that on my second playthrough, LOLZor 
Qrack Video 
This will be my last post on Qrack (because I don't want to hijack this thread any further), but I uploaded my own Youtube video to show how I have Qrack set up. I do admit that I like a lot of high-res skins, textures, and effects - so purists won't like how I have it set up. Qrack can be customized to remove all that fancy stuff however, and is all personal preference. I just wanted to show what kind of effects can be accomplished. Obviously, I like a lot of customized content: 
Thank you for posting something that conclusively proves that Qrack does indeed look AND sound like DUNG. Did they just use treble on it's own to re-record the new sounds.

I shudder to think how these rather refined and tasteful Honey-themed maps would be spoiled with all that visual garbage.

Anyway well done that is a useful final post, ta! 
So I Was BSing About Having Demos. 
Skill 2 demos for ArrrCee, digs, ionous, Scampie, more will follow later.

Awesome and utterly mind blowing pack. I haven't played them all myself yet, but just from Daz's stream (which was peak Daz) I'm having a hard time deciding which map is my favorite, because every one is special and brilliant in their own way.

ArrrCee's was cute, and very fitting for what was essentially jam1m1. I enjoyed the jumpy parts. Check your jam 2 entry for leaks, though! ;)
digs' was puzzling, as usual, with a great layout. That SK "door" is the best SK door in 18 years of Q1SP.
DOOMer's had great shadows and big areas. I got some decent map ideas from watching this one.
ericw's was a nice reversal of the destruction theme from saint.bsp. Loved all the finicky brushwork.
Fifth's looked very refined. I want to grab a gravity gun and pull out all those huge chains. Liked the obligatory Quad massacre.
Ionous' was straight up beautiful. All those shapes, and vivid lighting. I felt like I was exploring a dirty cistern while on the outside was just the most perfect, brightest day ever. Felt a lot like apdm3 in that regard (and apsp2, of course). I think using the dirty textures exclusively helped a lot.
mechtech's had a more technological slant than the others, and felt all the better for it. That descending bridge was a thing of beauty, both looks and gameplay wise. Nice colored lights, too.
Ricky's was innovative in how it went outdoors for the final act. Pretty cool, reminded me of your coag3 map (sp00ky centerprints!!)
Scampie's was deliciously vertical and meticulously designed. The caves are brilliant, one of the highlights of the pack. I got some otherworldly vibes from that area.
skacky's I had the pleasure of testing a week (or two??) earlier, and it was as awesome as it is now. Great scale, tough and humorous gameplay. This dude puts brushes together faster than rabbits fuck.
Sock's was classic Sock. Lots of exploration and very clean design... maybe even too clean and neat in places, especially in comparison to ionous' dusty pit. But it was still an extraordinary effort.


onetruepurple's was the obligatory ugly duckling of every community map pack. It's pretty small, so it does it best to compensate. ;~)

I sort of regret connecting the unfinished areas in such a passive aggressive way, but you can partly blame Lun's post #179 and than's dm7rmx penis. Had I known that the pack would be out a week later than intended, my entry would be probably significantly less shit (but still shit).

The black fog was actually a last minute solution to the complete lack of lighting across the map, but then skacky and I liked how it looked. If I were to finish this I'd probably be keeping the blackness, and add some proper lighting... but to be honest, I've moved on from it the very moment I sent it to sock. Some brushwork is laughably bad and the plan is too ambitious for my current skill set, so I'll just let everyone fill in the blanks and daydream how cool the final map would be. :~)

Thanks to everybody who played it and enjoyed it, and to the rest of the Fellowship of the Jam! 
Lightning_Hunter is a cool dude and we shouldn't tar and feather him. :-(

I don't remember if Qrack has an easy preset for getting the combination of settings that provides a "faithful" look? It's good to have a lot of flexibility in an engine, but for folks that don't closely follow its development, discovering and properly tuning a lot of cvars can be a big hill to climb.

But anyway most SP releases are tested on Fitzquake-ish engines because that's the traditional engine that provides bugfixes and higher limits while not introducing a lot of unique behaviors. Basically just Quake but with some annoyances removed. 
@ Shambler 
Shambler, are you really being that much of a prick right now? I know you are a long-time Quake player and old host of Underworld's Single player site - but frankly, I couldn't care less at the moment. I flat out told you that everything in that video was customized by ME. you can customize Qrack however YOU want. Those sounds, models, textures, lighting, etc. were chosen by ME; they did NOT come with Qrack, nor do they have any affiliation with Qrack. I chose them myself, because it's how I like to play the game. My point was that Qrack can be customized to your hearts desire. People who like to play Quake with the default models and lighting CAN DO THAT WITH QRACK. My original question is why QuakeSpasm and FitzQuake is better - but evidently you would rather be an ass than build a case in support of those engines.

Have a nice day. 
Too boring, didn't read. 
I should be commenting on the maps. There are too many of them and I've got confused which one is which. I liked the one with the neat fog and strong lighting and knight ambush yeah. That one. Fucking good pack anyway. Will replay soon. 
I can't believe people are giving this guy grief over him wanting to mod his game. This is pretty much the essence of the community spirit that Quake is famous for.

I'm not a huge fan of the look of it (mostly because a lot of it is too washed out or flat).
Fitzquake or Quakespasm aren't necessarily "better", they're just faithful to the original game. 

Its a good time to be a q1sp fan.
Further praise/rants in demos.


Skackys, Socks and Scampies maps. And Ionous�s little gem :) 
For years, I always thought Shambler was a great guy and well-respected member of the Quake community. Alas, I have realized that he is no more than an nonsensical, egotistical oaf of whom I will no longer give the time of day to. Good riddance, Shambler. I'm sorry you turned out to be this way. 
Lightning_Hunter: If your engine doesn't support extended bsp limits, many maps won't work. Sorry, that's the fault of the engine at this point, because those limits don't even make sense anymore.

Mappers suggest Quakespasm/Fitz because those engines look and feel like standard Quake with no/minimal modification and have extended limits, but any engine with extended limits is fine.

Now let's move on, arguing about taste is pointless. 
What actually is nonsensical is: coming to a message board where it is widely known that most here are purists and use engines appropriately so AND...

trying to convince them, they already know mind you of all the engines, how awesome "your preferred engine/setup" is! And then when they come down on you, you get all pissy!

And the peeps you're getting pissy with are actual members who MAKE the freakin' awesome maps we get to play!

I myself use DP's and custom content but I also understand the mindset of the MAJORITY of this board. No need for me to bring it up..

The engines recommended don't need to be modified to look like stock Quake, they are that way by design. No fuss no muss.

I started using QS so I could make demo's as that seems to be the norm as a way of a "Thank You" and for laughs too! Mappers like to see how their designs played out.

That's my .02, refunds accepted ;) 
It's an engine.

Let's just move on. Shambler has always been blunt about his opinions. And completely uncompromising in his responses. For it is written and so it shall be. I mean don't take it personally.




OK, we get it, you guys both know which engines you like. I don't mind Qrack but I never, ever use it these days - I prefer Fitz because it's basically GLQuake but cleaned up a bit for the year 2010+ Which is nice for a mapper because you vaguely know what it will look like in stock GLQuake, because you have imagine that some people, newbies etc will use that engine.

I just like the look of standard GLQuake.

Some of these guys like the look of Winquake / DOSQuake more than they like GLQuake for various reasons, mainly nostalgia. It's been the topic of MANY very long and drawn out 'discussions', so I wouldn't worry about the fact that Shambler says Qrack is shit, no-one really cares which engine you use, as ling as the player likes it and it will run the map :)

So lets just forget about it, and move on.

The line
\ /
Wow, It's been years since I've been involved in a flamewar! All I asked was why people preferred Quakespasm and Fitzquake over other engines, and instead received verbal abuse about my engine of choice. Can you blame me for fighting back and getting "pissy" when I am attacked? Thanks goes out to the people who actually answered my question politely. The rest of you remind me of the Doom players who live and die by Zdoom, while all the non-purists are considered to be Heretics (I guess I fit that category for enjoying a modded Quake).

History has taught me that these flamewars never go anywhere, so I think a mod needs to delete all my posts related to Qrack, and all the verbal attacks in response to my initial post to end any further hijacking of this thread. Yes, I am polite enough to request all my posts be deleted. If Shambler and Damage_Inc have any honor left, they will want the same. 
Don't Worry About It Man, The Posts Crossed, So: 
New line
\ /
Back ON Topic... 
I played Scampie's an hour ago, I really really loved that one. It had just the "right" amount of everything for ME!

I love the boarded walkways that look like individual boards. It's small detail I know but love it. Also the holes in the wall with individual bricks jutting out around the edges is a cool touch to.

The monster placement(and types) was fantastic. The END battle.. OMG! I so suck at those horde setups but... I started well and then when I got to the bottom with the two big guys left and a few others I accidentally/frantically teleported to the TOP!!! Saving me :-P I killed what I could from up there and then drop down, twice, and finished off the map. Hehe, excellent.

skill 2 | 31 minutes | 114/118(I think) | secrets = no clue!

Also I played ericw's... the first time before I died I was trying like normal but I noticed something... all the monsters seemed to fight themselves so well that after I restarted I just "went for it"!!!

I don't know if that's a speed run but for me to finish anything off in under two minutes is something else...

Off to play some others... thanks guys, the maps are awesome in this pack. 
Come make Q1 maps! 
If ONLY!!!

I've wasted soo many hours trying, wanting to be a mapper but alas... my creativity sucks the big one. I have no foresight for design. I hate it.

I'm envious, and in awe, of you guys and I only play Quake to see your imaginations come to life on my screen right in front of my eyes.

I always wondered if I "dropped" some hallucinogenics if it'd "turn on" the creative centers in my brain!!! Hehe 
Ionous / Mfx 
OMG! Amazing feel. Want more :)

Will post demos when done, half way through now. 
arrrcee jam1_arrrcee
A bit bright throughout and pretty average looking.

digs jam1_digs
Couldn't finish. After getting the gk where am I supposed to go? Noclipped for 10mins, decided to move to the next map. Nice and big, similar to honey, but a bit dark and plain.

doomer jam1_doomer
Fairly cute and small. Nice layout.

ericw jam1_ericw
Kind of cool, I liked the scaffolding and weights bridge. Gameplay a bit unbalanced, no ammo early, too much later. Although it was

only 4 minutes to complete the map so more of a quick gimick map.

fifth jam1_fifth
The best so far if playing alphabetically. Some tough battles too, definitely the hardest so far. Maybe too many Shamblers. Good design

too, the last area was nice. I had to reload it a few times to get through - I somehow forgot I had the sng.

ionous/mfx jam1_ionous
Awesome. even better than Fifths. It's small and tight, but it has a really old skool 90s level design flavour and the level of detail is really


mechtech jam1_mechtech
Not so good, definitely needed a bit more effort put in. The first room started out thinking cool a unique twist on texturing, although 4

hps in 1 room made no sense. But once the doors open it's back to big bland brick walls. And then the very first ogre was floating in the

air followed by two fiends floating as well once I had the gk. Finished with 8/22 kills in a couple minutes.

otp jam1_otp
Nice to see some different ideas, but the level design was a bit ugly, I'm afraid. Needs more time put into detailing.

rickyt23 jam1_rickyt23
Decent. I think it started out better than it finished with the first corridor and cavern that was pretty good. The arenas at the end and

having to take out 10 shamblers felt a little tiring though, and quite plain design outside.

scampie jam1_scampie
Awesome. Best so far. Great design, lots of variety, good gameplay. This feels like a normal release not a map jam

skacky jam1_skacky
Another awesome map. Really good large scale design more like Honey, except less repetition and better lighting. Very good. Best in the pack.

sock jam1_sock
Lovely layout and detail. Good old style gameplay. Only disappointment was it suddenly ending after gk door with a single shambler when there were still about 1/4 enemies left remaining, obviously all in one secret area.

Overall though this is great and kept me entertained for a few hours. ionous, scampie, skacky and socks were the picks of the pack. 
I Have Demos 
Up to the S's.

Then died in Scampie's with my daughter screaming in my ear. So I'm gonna go parent now.

I'll upload all the demos in one go later, bit tired myself now... lot of maps! 
But I remember your Q2 episode... 
Skill 0 because I suck:

Basically an awesome map pack. I like ionous, scampie, skacky (although I need to play this properly, my first play was a bit gung-ho!). Need to find the rest of sock's map too... 
Jam1 + DMSP Mod 
I just tried all the maps while in nightmare mode and the DMSP mod.

The only maps that work pretty well with the DMSP mod are :

- sock,

The gameplay style is vastly different and, ... it's really cool !

Try it ! 
Holy Shit There Are Good Maps In Here 
Demoes recorded, but sleepy time now. 
In Fact 
got lost in Scampies map somehow after the GL. too tired to figure it out... although Digs' map was not a problem for me 
Shambler Rocks. 
And shoots lightning, too.

Even other monsters fear him, so expect a clobbering.

He shrugs off explosions.

Good luck. 
Applause To All Of You 
Instead of being boring and writing a description for each map, I'll just say that while scampie and skacky's maps were the highlights of this pack, each map was great fun.

As well, I feel its appropriate for twelve maps, instead of individual demos for each, a youtube video of each map being played for the first time on hard skill, in alphabetical order.

Arrrcee gets its own video, because of a screw up with the recording, and I couldn't combine it with the rest without going through a whole other mess.

Fantastic job to all! 
Thanks Orl 
If you want, you can tack the video of mine to the end or beginning of the other video through the youtube editor if you want them all together? 
Blooper Reel 
^ That's A 1 Unit Grid ^ 
My Demos 
Best for secrets: Sock
Best for Visuals: Ionous / Mfx
Best for ambience: Scampie
Best for Play: Skacky

Great choice of mapjam, and very good results from all mappers on it.

Why no honey progs? Axing zombies was great.

I was disappointed not to find any ghosts as well. 
Also, Sock 
One day you will crumble to pier preassure and put a secret under a lift.

And I'll be there, waiting to look underneath and find it. 
Uh, Peer 
Worth Some Image Spam 
He Did It Already Ijed! 
Agree re axing zombies!

Will upload demos when I get time to play Scampie map again.

I still can't believe the quality of some of these entries! Hope the next one will prove similarly inspiring! 
that explosive finish of your second demo drew :D

I'm sorry you got lost after the GL, you aren't the only one... In retrospect, there were a few things I should have done: 1) Move the zombie cave so that the player clearly runs into it and sees it's an objective, with nothing else going on. 2) Not let the player backtrack right off, so they don't accidentally get turned around looking in the wrong direction too far. 3) Not trigger the zombies that spawn to repopulate BEFORE you kill the 'key' zombies, because they can just cause confusion (not strictly needed if I lock the door so you can't backtrack, but still)

The whole idea with the Grenade Launcher was to pay homage to needing explosives as 'keys' in Honey. czg used clearly marked holes, and also directly communicated to the player that explosives were needed... I thought that zombies could fit that role reasonably well, but I think I didn't communicate it well enough that those zombies were, more or less, a silver key door in disguise. 
...with nothing else going on to distract. 
I actually should have paid more attention to Daz getting lost in the somewhat the same way when I had him test. I had tried to solve it with the special zombie face door (it used to be a normal metal texture), and with a message "ew, zombies", much like the "ugh, this door is jammed" message. But those aren't clear enough messages, especially when distracted with combat. So, live and learn, such is the nature of design :D 
Under Lift Secret Ijed... 
clearly you haven't played metal monstrosity... 
I Missed An Underlift Secret?! 
Clearly You Did. 
It's in the skill select area of metmon. 
I Think The Shortcut Opening Right There 
Also contributed somehow. Maybe a couple arrows popping up like in bad dark cistern? 
Whether You Alter That Or Not 
Your map could/should be a full release 
Fucking Epic Maps ! 
Geez, I can't stop playing and replaying many of the superb maps in this release !

Thanks again to the creators. What a bunch of geniuses you are ! 
I haven't had a chance to play any of these maps, but while working on another project I had Daz's twich video running and gave it a glance every now and then. I have to say I was seriously impressed. Exceptionally high quality maps overall. Congrats to all that submitted maps for this pack. 
Will Play Tonight! 
Will get my old gaming/mapping machine set up again so that I can play these maps. Quite looking forward to playing some more Quake and other games. It's been a while since I was gaming regularly and I started to get urges again.

Writing this on my laptop on the bullet train from Tokyo. Feels so futuristic and awesome even though it's been possible for quite a long time now :) 
Woah ijed you're insane, axing Shamblers on skill 3. :D
Great demos y'all. 
Easier than fiends, depending how much space you've got. 
Is It Just Me? 
but the starting area of scampie's map a bit laggish?
i haven't seen a lags from any quake map for a long time 
Congrats On The Release 
Thank you guys! That was awesome!

I really appreciate what you did in this pack.
And IMO this is far better than any speedmap pack in terms of style and direction. You can compare original and derivatives and see each mapper's vision.

Of course there are leaders and outsiders but most important thing to me is a feel of bringing memories back seeing these reinterpretations of known material. 
First Two 
I played the first couple of maps last night, and I think that so far they've been great.

Digs' map was very polished, although I found the GK door INCREDIBLY hard to find because I had forgotten about the little tiny arrow above some crates earlier in the level. Because of this I ended up walking around for what seemed like an eternity looking for something similar to the SK door, but with a GK mark on it. BUT IT WASN'T THERE. Eventually I noclipped and figured out where I had made an error. Would have been incredible if not for that. The layout was otherwise very nice and it great visuals.

Oh, and I died a bunch of times. Half because I seem to be very twitchy now and ended up spinning around and getting stuck on details or slashed by knights in cramped areas, and later on because I was low on ammo and trying to use the axe (and failing at it).

Arrrcee's map was OK, though over very quickly. I think I played it and began to think my Quake skills are still there even though I haven't played in a while, and so went into Digs' map thinking it would be a walkover :/

Guess I'll go play the others now :) 
Played Some More 
doomer - ionous

Doomer's map was gigantic and very easy, but fun. It was easy because there was so much space almost all the time, with the exception of a couple of ledges with knights on.

Ericw's map was pretty sweet looking, and had a couple of nice combat setups, and some scary spawn encounters, but was over very quickly. I completely fucked up the end and died, but I had fun :)

Fifth Element's map was fairly challenging and tense, with some good combats and well placed enemies. I nearly died a bunch of times, finally kicking the bucket at the end when I couldn't figure out how to escape the quad area until it was too late and I got scragged.

Ionous' map is my favourite so far. The gameplay is not especially challenging, but the atmosphere was excellent - especially at the start where you don't have many supplies. I had an extremely tense encounter with a spawn, which I knew had to be dealt with using my last handful of shells or I wouldn't be able to pass it. Taking those shots was nerve wracking! The underwater combats were sometimes a bit weird, but it was cool to see something a bit different. The end shambler was kind of useless though, since I just got out of the water and killed it from above :)

I'll play the other maps later. Kinda Quaked out right now. 
some awesome maps!

I just cleared scampie's map and it was amazing. Maybe scampie's best map? Lots of well placed enemies (vores and spawn were EVIL!), great layout, and some very fun combats with death from all angles and it looked great to boot. Dismal Oubliette ending was also quite well done.

Rickyt23's map was very large, with lots of open areas to fight in. I liked the end, and thankfully there were a few cubby holes to hide in to avoid getting bashed by the shamblers. Vores were pretty evil here too.

otp's map was kinda weird, with the fog and the weird penis texture all over the place, but it had a couple of fun moments. Wa generally very easy and I didn't feel the flat lighting and thick fog really worked that great visually.

Mechtech's was super short, but had some cool looking architecture. Gameplay was a bit weak though. The fiends were kind of fun to fight.

Guess I'll play the last two after I do the laundry. 
Psychedelic Jam Pack 
I haven't played Quake for years so thought I would have a nostalgia trip running through this pack. But what were you guys on... ?

What did you put in your so-called 'jam', 'cause I'll have some of that.

Anyway, what's my problem here - notice the HUD colours are all OK. 
Try r_drawflat 0
All Clear! 
Skacky's map was insanely good. I was very impressed by how much gameplay he managed to fit into it and the size and polish achieved in the two week deadline. There were a few ineffectively placed ogres, but mostly the monster placement, item balance etc. was about perfect. Definitely my favourite of the pack.

Sock delivered another very well polished fun map in this pack. There were lots of ogres on small stairs, which I love, because you can run under their grenades as they fire and shoot them with the dbs. The end was a bit anti-climactic and felt like he ran out of time, but it was still a great map.

Thanks, that put it right. And I found out what put it wrong: I had the sound switched off when I started the map and when I switched it on during play using the touch-switch on the laptop, it went psychedelic. It doesn't matter why, I wont do it again.

Played a couple of the maps and died in various ways - fell off a walkway, got trapped by DK, ran into a vore ball that I didn't until I died. "Oh what fun we had, but did it really turn out bad..." 
than: so you did finish my map? (you died horribly in the demo you sent)

I was so scared for you when you fell down into the sewer with the vores! But then you were doing fine until you got freaked out by the spawn :D 
A Box Of Quaker-Jacks ! 
I was replaying Skacky's map and found a nice box full of Cracker-Jack's :

I droped in-there just to say "Hello!", and then it was a bloody Rave party, Texan style !

Hehehee ! 
Yeah, I finished it, I just don't know how to record a continuous demo after dying. That spawn section was hell because it was so dark (at least on this comp) and I just knew that I was going to get pwned by it if I stuck around. I tried to run but ended up dying anyway.

In most of the maps I just ran away from spawn when I could hear but not see them. Once they start jumping around they become extremely dangerous, but very prone to infighting so I tend to just run away and wait until the mayhem calms down a bit. 
are some of these maps a bit slow for anyone else? Quite a few like ricky's, scampie's, skacky's and especially ericw's. 
I noticed one of them chugging a bit yeah. Don't remember which now. 
I Would Say 
about half chug for me. 
Those maps can be high on the polygon count if you have an old-ish machine running Quake. I took a look at a few with r_speeds 1 on.

wpoly = world polygon: all the static geometry of the level
epoly = entity polygon: any dynamic actor's polygons, so this includes doors, lifts, monsters, and so on.

sock and skacky's maps can get to around 4k wploys and around 10k epolys in some spots. Mine tends to cap out at 2k wpolys and 9k epolys in a couple areas. These numbers are just because the maps are large, open, and detailed with curved surfaces. I know I tried to make an effort to visblock areas reasonably well, which is the only reason my numbers don't get too insane.

Ericw's start area is roughly 5k wpolys, most from those girders which eat a ton of polygons. Looking in r_showtris 1, it seems that vis made the entire height of the girders visible despite the lower polygons clearly being behind a solid floor... possibly this is because they are a single func_detail so they are thought to be in the same leaf as the higher parts? Or just vis being lazy with creating vertical PVS leafs as was suggested a few weeks back in mapping help. This might be something to investigate, vis wasn't doing much favors for this map.

Ricky's map just isn't vis'd, so it hits 5k wpolys and 20k epolys because the entire map is rendered much of the time.

These numbers would have once seemed insane to Quake, I remember when guidelines for DM maps would try to stick to no more than 600 wpolys. These days, people have stopped caring as much since most graphics cards are quite optimized at chewing through large amounts of polys... but I'm sure there's a large range of machines out there running Quake and these are likely pushing those a bit. 
For Referance 
a couple areas and their rough r_speeds

e1m1 - bottom of first elevator looking across bridge : 350 wpoly 1200 epoly

ikspq4 - main room : 750 wpoly 4250 epoly

februus - end arena : 1350 wpoly 1050 epoly

apsp2 - looking down watery shaft : 1300 wpoly 2500 epoly

scampsp1 - V shaped room : 1050 wpoly 2650 epoly

zendar - start, looking up at castle : 3000 wpoly 2450 epoly 
Interesting Notes Scampie 
Yeah, vis didn't do much for my map. The girder towers are divided into func_detail chunks 3 cubes high.

I haven't played all the maps yet, I stopped when I had chugging / stuttering on ionous's caused by dynamic lights, which I'd never noticed on my setup before (quakespasm, macbook w/ nvidia graphics). I sent in a patch to quakespasm with MH's dynamic light fix, that fixes this particular instance of chugging for me, so hopefully that will make it in to the next QS release.

So if you're running Quakespasm and have any chugging, and if "r_dynamic 0" fixes it, try Fitz Mark V. 
saint - looking across main room : 6000 wpoly 1500 epoly 
any Tronyn map - average 25000 wpoly 
thanks for the info but I really havent had these sorts of issues with chugging before, running on an i7-3770 with 16gb ram and a gtx 680. Hardly state of the art but hardly slow. 
Oh And Using 
fitz 0.85.

And yes every now and then in a tronyn map there is slowdown, but only every now and then. 
I had significant lag when playing with quakespasm, on severa l maps (ericw, scampie... Others) but they played fine in fitz mark v. 
Awesome Pack 
Finally got to play all the maps. Really an impressive effort and I'm positively surprised how many people participated in this Jam session. Great turnout. Demos (protocol 666)

otp: The running out of time shows - the map would have benefitted from a little more time for polish, indeed. Simple layout, though I would have wished for it to be more interconnected. The trashy bits were unnecessary. Still an okay entry, pretty speedmappish.

ArrrCee: Looks like a first attempt at mapping, with quite crude and sloppy construction, linear corridors with predictable monster placement. But it's a start! Focus more on layout and 'managable' details in the future and it should work out well. The drains/waterfalls are a nice touch. Though shame there's no water ambience whatsoever (both due to the leak and the lack of ambient entities).

ericw: The scaffoldings are very cool, especially in such a large foggy underground environment. Very small map, feels like it's over just as it's starting to get interesting - would have liked to do more climbing. The SK feels like a missed oppportunity. Something else to do instead of just walking back up.

mechtech: Much like ericw's map, this one looks cool with the chains and the large bridge, but it's so small that it kind of ends before even starting.

I like the large grated arches/windows, they add a certain sense of grandheur to the place. Some areas, like the one with the MH ambush (which feels kind of pointless tbh), are too bright. Large areas like this shouldn't be too well lit, at least not the ceilings and far walls.

mechtech, ericw, doomer and otp should have merged their levels chainmap style, for the win! Nothing wrong with small/short maps in general, but these kind of feel unfinished (which they probably are, so no blame), lacking a conclusion of sorts (not necessarily a boss fight).

Ricky: Solid jamming in the true sense of the word. Not much in the way of details, but it felt very appropriate for this event. Somewhat reminded me of that other map of yours, the metal one with the red fog. Some good quad action. Odd to see this many crates, but then again CRATES!

Fifth: Nice small map with good details, especially the huge chains in the tall rooms are very Honey-like. The light fixtures could have been clipped off for neatness (possibly to get stuck on them in the heat of battle).

skacky: This one looks fantastic... the details, arches and vistas. Layout seems good, too. The gameplay, again, I found to be quite a bit on the grindy side. Lots of ogres and hell knights to fight with shitty weapons - got a bit tedious after a while. Then again, I played on Hard and didn't find many secrets (they apprear to be super-hidden). It may have been different otherwise? Would have wished for a RL in the open and some more cells. The jumping monsters are a hilarious twist on gameplay. Too bad one doesn't get to kill Scampie at the end...

ionous: Short and sweet. It looks very nice, and unlike the other maps which are rather spacious, this one is tight and with gameplay that accomodates it. I really like the beams and the chain/crank mechanism. The whole place comes together when noclipping around and looking at it from the outside. The ending was abrupt - I wasn't expecting it.

Scampie: Yay!!!sscscmapue!!121edlnjm
scampsp3, it's a nice map! The grunts and enforcers are a refreshing change to the other maps in the pack (okay, Ricky's has some enforcers, too). The cave bit turned out well. A bit underused perhaps. Some good detail... well, I'm a sucker for broken brickwork. I found the under-the-lift secret!!!!Therefore: victory. The forced czgness of the centerprints felt unncessary.

sock: What's there to say, typical sock level/awesomeness. Though perhaps not as unique as previous ones, because essentially this one looks like a blend of Backstein and Zendar with Honey textures. Still, all the good things are there: great architecture and layout, nice secrets, gameplay etc. Though sloppy as fuck construction: I saw several brushpockets behind the walls!!!1234gtfo Maybe could have used some bigger vistas (chasms with chains or stuff in the distance) to set it apart from your previous maps and add another link to the Honey theme. The RL-scrag scene is great fun (remember dmc3m7), I had already planned on making another one of those myself in the next level, so it was nice to see you beat me to it.

digs: Nice one, and a bit non-linear, too. I thought the style was a little bit odd, because of the different brick colors all used together so closely but often without proper borders or trim in between. It also seems somewhat boxier than your previous levels, and the grates are so chucky. This must be the only map without secrets! No digs-style weirdness or puzzles this time, but a solid map. 
Seems Like I Owe An Explanation 
If you see two areas connected via penis, then know that I wanted to put around 5-10 minutes of gameplay there instead. There was never meant to be a teleporter or a ramp, they're just crude bandaid for the amputated parts.

Thanks for all the demos. I'm very relieved that nobody looked upwards in the spiraling staircase part. 
...I wanted to put around 5-10 minutes of gameplay there instead. an entire map... 
two areas connected via penis

jam 3 theme right here 
Playing Them With Mark V Now 
and no slowdowns whatsoever. So definitely something going on with regular fitz and quakespasm. 
Dynamic lighting. 
so does that mean quite a few of these maps use more dynamic lighting than regular maps? 
Fitz always gave me terrible dynamic light slowdown on my laptop, but Baker put a fix in his version.

Best way to test is kill Shub. The final telefrag sequence messes with lightstyle 0, meaning the base lightmaps for the entire level. \o/ 
Played Them... 
...liked Skacky's the best.

Won't play the next Jampack as I just don't see Quake in that texture set. 
Also, FQ85, No Lag Anywhere 
I Don't Get The IK Hate 
That so many seem to hold so dear. At all. 
Me Neither 
And refusing to play maps just because of that is ridiculous imo. 
Great map pack!

Did the digs map require a grenade jump to win? 
I, too, am having difficulties in finishing your map. Can't find the way to go on the other side of that large blue key door, without cheating. 
Large living room with exit has a pointer where you want to jump off the elevator 
I don't play Base maps either. And it has nothing to do with hate but everything to do with like. 
@everyone Just wanted to post a quick thanks to everyone who gave feedback. This was my first map jam and my first actual map so all of your feedback will definitely help with the construction of my next one!

Also, playing through the pack and seeing what everyone brings to the table in just a 2 week period is such an eye opener. Hopefully I've learned enough from this jam that my next jam will offer a lot more. =) 
Welcome To Q1 Mapping :) 
Better Late Than Never 
<a href=">Demos</a> for ericw, FifthElephant, mechtech, Ricky, sock, and an actually finished one for Scampie.

DOOMer: I'm very sorry, but once I finished replaying yours I realised I forgot to record it. :( 
@Scampie :) 
Great Set Of Maps 
I had a lot of fun playing these maps. Also, noclipping/walking around afterwards was interesting to, lots of neat stuff.

I was gonna review everyone's map individually, but that's already been done over and over and they pretty much reflect my thoughts, especially negke's.

Great job guys, I look forward to playing the next one! 
Had A Bit Of A Quakeathon Today And Finally Played This 
short comments follow.

Arrrcee - quite liked the style, crudeness and all, would like to see a full map in this theme.

digs - repetitive texturing and simple brushwork, but it had good atmosphere and nice gameplay.

doomer - bit too plain and crude for my liking.

ericw - some nice vibes going on, although it runs quite slow, but its over just as one is getting into it.

fifth - not bad, a bit unpolished and speedmappy but a decent entry.

ionous/mfx - hides its small layout well with good interconnecting routes and tight, cramped gameplay (the underwater stuff was a surprise). Looks wise I loved it. One of the best in the pack.

mechtech - sorry not my cup of tea.

otp - whatever the reasons I actually liked the black fog, created great atmosphere (can only imagine a metal map with the same fog: evil). Cant say the same about the rest of the map though.

rickyt23 - totally felt like a speedmap. I would have preferred smalled more focused layout with more details and less random gameplay.

scampie - IMHO, this was the best in the pack. Loved the look of this, very very nicely pulled off and the gameplay was an absolute blast.

skacky - I think the fog colour actually detracted from an otherwise cool looking map. The colour is just too sickly IMHO. As for gameplay, I found it a bit of a grind like the last skacky full release map. Too many mid-high enemies with the player being given low-mid weapons.

sock - typical sock quality map, not his best but probably the second or third best in the pack. Lacks wow factor moments but once again, gameplay is an absolute blast. Sock seems to know the quake enemies inside out. 
Here's A Bunch Of Demos 
digs,doomer,5th - i believe they're first runs
scampie,skacky,sock - second/third etc runs
the "s" maps are truly winners 
Shit Forgot To Paste The Link

ionous map and scampie map
with intermission/interruption
property my cat, sorry guys

gonna compile the new honeypak for myself
czg msps with additional help from scampie,skacky,sock,ionous,fifth 
3) Whatta Fuck Is Goin On? 
that sunglasses guy named ����puple finally maped , and you ignored it ? 
No BSP No Commentry 
The Last Bunch Of Demos 
arrrcee, otp and ricky

i like arrrcee's map and would like to see an expanded version

otp - i like the idea and not like the penises ^) an expanded version would have been good too

ricky is just ricky

overall the great pak with some good ideas and executions
congrats on the release guys

i suck at playing quake, the lots of deaths 
Today was a shity day in Lisbon

No beach = Quake :0)

Had great time playing your maps guys, like ones more then others but love then all.

My favorits were skacky, scampie, digs and sock not in particulary order.

First demos for all... 
WTF Is Protocol 3504 

3502 DARKPLACES5 darkplaces LH: "uses EntityFrame5 entity snapshot encoder/decoder which is based on a Tribes networking article at [1]" 
Skacky did u load the demo? 
Yeah I saw it. Thing is DarkPlaces has huge lightmap issues in this map (and my jam2 map) so you should've played with another engine like QS. The demo was pretty cool though (not too sure what's going on with the monsters and the fact you can jump higher). You're one of the few people who actually found the Megahealth secret. :p 
That's QS? There I can download this engine? 
actually you need darkplaces, which is slow on some maps.

@mfx: thank for engines
@Trinca: thank for demo 
What Others Said 
Finally found some time to play the pack (holidays helped)
Really good set of maps, with a lot of architectural details, and good ambience. Needless to say I had a lot of fun playing all these 
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