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Map Jam 3 - Zerst�rer Theme - Released - Hype Level: "CZG Lubed"
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 29th October 2014
Theme - Zerst�rer inspired maps

Note: Your entries have to be made for the Zerst�rer codebase. You're not obliged to use any of the extra content, but the map has to be 100% functional when played under the Zer mod.

Guidelines for Map Jam
Texture WAD files
I'm Not Sure About Making A Map For This... 
...But it's an interesting jam idea. 
How About 
Zer progs?

I Guess Maybe It's A Big Ask For Mappers To Learn New Progs 
I Want To Map For This So Badly 
So I will 
Hm, still put off by the Zer turtlemap pack... Though efdat's map was nice.

Be sure to also check out the DM levels for inspiration. Good luck, everyone. 
Just Checking... 
...will these levels be Zerstorer dependant? 
Be sure to also check out the DM levels for inspiration.

This is very important! zerdm3 in particular.

Zer progs?
...will these levels be Zerstorer dependant?

I didn't plan on doing that since the first jam wasn't Honey dependant. The original Zer progs are pretty old by now, with all their lo-fi sounds and 1997 skins. (And they're buggy in some places.) If enough entrants hassle me about wanting to use Zer then it's fair game. 
Use The Progs! 
Warts and all... 
If enough entrants hassle me about wanting to use Zer then it's fair game. 
Chainsaw Or Riot! 
after seeing the Zer screenshots Daz tweeted I couldn't help but go map.

also +1 for the zer progs. There are too many tempting things in it like the gib fountain and the chainsaw! 
Those Daz shots are brilliant. 
Looking Forward To The Z7 Inspired Maps! 
(not really) 
This Is As Great As It Was When First Suggested. 
Firstly it is a strong but open-ended theme that allows players to adhere to a clear Zer atmosphere whilst expressing a lot of design creativity.

Secondly it is a nice compliment to the other themes (watery dungeon / arcane temple), being quite different in atmosphere.

Whether progs are used or not I think it has at least as great a potential as the previous jams so I hope lots of mappers take part :) 
Especially Negke. 
This is one where I can see your fucked up creativity working really well :P 
Hype Level Off The Charts For Zer Jam 

I think the way Zer works as a theme is similar to how Honey worked: a small subset of the original id textures that got expanded into its own thing. It's much more accessible as a theme, compared to ikwhite and its arcane shapes. 
zer without its own progs.dat would be a real shame 
To Those Interested In The Progs 
How would you feel about a custom jam3 version? Stuff like replacing the broken mega enforcer with the LunSP1 version, more flexible breakables, etc.

No new monsters or weapons obviously. 
Either original Zer progs or ID1. No 'custom custom stuff', so to speak. 
Looking forward to the stuff that will come from this. :D 
Had completely different enforcer types, not the shielded ones. 
I'm Just Hopin'... 
... you guys work your usual mapping magicks with the Zer theme Jam. I'll prolly be odd man out on this but, I never cared for it at all myself ---> runs and ducks for cover ;) 

The only problem is I have no idea how to do the camera tricks. 
To Those Who Are Starting On This... 
...Make sure you finish your map on time, otherwise the spooky scary skeletons will get you. 
Zer Fgd 
I know we're not officially using it yet, but I wanted to play around with zer stuff in Trenchbroom. Here's an updated version of the zer fgd from, I updated it to be based on the Quake.fgd included in trenchbroom, and added mdl names:

The weapons are weird.
weapon_nailgun with dmg 1 = chainsaw
weapon_rocketlauncher with dmg 1 = screw cannon
weapon_lightning with dmg 1 = chain lightning gun 
That's awesome :) 
weapons being weird means that it'll still vaugely work if 'yet' becomes 'never'.

although nailgun instead of chainsaw means you can't mow down zombies, and, well, that's basically all I remember of that mod. :s 
So I've Started Something 
...that would greatly be enhanced by Zer progs. 
I Vote 
Zer progs!

Or a cleaned up but true to spirit of original progs

Though my opinion doesn't matter cuz I won't be mapping 
I Vote 
Zer progs!

Or a cleaned up but true to spirit of original progs

Though my opinion doesn't matter cuz I won't be mapping 
so who's gonna 'clean up' the zerstorer progs before everyone starts mapping? 
Just Map For The Current Ones 
If I do make a cleaned up version, it'll be my responsibility to make it fully compatible. (Emphasis on if. Let's not turn this into Base Pack 2.) 
Mexx10 Enforcers 
Speaking of enforcers, I've been playing Mexx10, can anybody rip those boss enforcers out? Would love to fight them again in another mappack. 
As A Player... 
I vote Zer progs too.

Mappers can use them if they want, or ignore them if they want.

They're pretty cool enhancements for gameplay and atmosphere.

Being "old" and "1997 quality" doesn't matter that much, if you don't like them just don't use them. 
Fair Enough Then 
Rule update: Your entries have to be made for the Zerst�rer codebase. You're not obliged to use any of the extra content, but the map has to be 100% functional when played under the Zer mod.


So who's started so far? I spent day 1 putting together textures and making some silly prefabs. Time to figure out a decent layout now. 
I Started 
same stage as you 
Just Started, 200 Brushes 
Zer space/industrial 
You're Doing Space Zer Too? 
I Veered Away From Doing Zer Metal... 
because I thought someone else was apt to do it first. Oh well. Please don't let my decision negatively affect your creativity. My vision is of a 'blood asteroid', if that helps to differentiate the two ideas... 
That Sounds Cool 
And different enough from mine too! 
my vision is of a 'blood asteroid', if that helps to differentiate the two ideas...

so much for my two ideas... "viscera meteor" and "gore planetoid" 
Spaghetti And Meatball 
Ijed Go Zer 
I Admire 
Me Too 
Now go map! 
Well, I guess you're stuck with zer metal then.

On another front, I could have sworn that Zerstorer had forcefields in it, but looking through the FGD, I'm not seeing any such thing.

I saw an entity called 'misc_particle_stream'. Is this what they used for the rain in zer1m3? I tried using it in my map, but did not have much success. I guess it needs a target? 
Um, Nevermind... 
Apparently, I am illiterate. There's a 'func_rain'. Still no forcefields though... 
Turns out Zer has the hipnotic rotation code.

Necros, go jam! 
Apparently. The devkit says:

It appears when triggered, like event_lightning. This entity is one end of the stream, target another entity as the other end-point. 
Thanks OTP 
Checked it out myself today, and played around with it a little. I was hoping I was going to be able to use the particle streams to simulate forcefields, but that is definitely not going to happen after seeing the entity in action. Oh well. 
All This Talk Of Zer... I revisited Bunker last night. Yum! I hope someone is going to lay some brushes with that set and some modern sensibilities. 
I'm Certainly Trying some extent. 
I'm Certainly Trying some extent. 
So I've Abandoned My First Attempt... 
Due to frustration. Second attempt in progress. Zer metal. Metl, the viscera planetoid is all yours. 
The fgd seems to be missing trigger_strip (removes all ammo and weapons except Axe and Chainsaw). 
Zer as a theme is such a good concept (I actually said "Oh shit, son!" aloud when I saw the title... I don't use that phrase) that it is actually tempting me to try my hand at this one. I might even get a fully textured cube for it. I'll call it "The Murderbox Filled with Blood. Your Blood. Because you die." 
a map jam is a perfect opportunity to flex those mapping muscles :) 
...and that title needs to be affixed to a map. 
The Murderbox Filled With Blood. Your Blood. Because you die. has begun production. Don't expect much. Other than maybe death. Yours. Because you die. 
I Like Over-the-top Evil 
Seems appropriate to the Zerstorer theme. Sounds like a whole map full of spike-wall traps like the one in e1m6. 
That would be more along the lines of manson1 or 2 by Brandon "KillMe" James. 
So I Finished One Room.... 
This calls for a screenshot! A crappy editor one, nonetheless. At this rate, jam3_ionous will have four rooms upon final release. Oh well. 
Holy Fuck! 
Great Style. 
This Is Zer Alright 
Looking Great Ionous! 
finish it! 
...a long way from Periwinkle Paranoia :) 
Keep It Up 
and or pass it off to MFX pls. 
I've had to neglect my zerbaby this past week because of stupid real life distractions. Hope everybody else is doing good progress though! 
Digs Out Some Scraps.... 
Hopefully something will materialize :) 
Real life does interrupt. That and not liking what I've done so far...I might go for something serious, but of a tiny scale. 
All Is Good. 
That's A Great Name 
For a Zer map. 
Go Zer Map 
^ Mae With The Latest Version Of Trenchbroom? 
Mae Caught Me Slippin' 
Lame Editor Screenshots 
Looking Great So Far 
Palpably evile. 
I was close to a good screenshotty state, but I've not been able to do any work in two days due to constant thunderstorms and tornado watches. Got a lot of reading done though. 
Reading The Devkit I Hope 
DaZ mapping live contains scenes of the map being mapped by DaZ. Confirmed presence of blood liquid textures, buttons with Quake symbol. 
Found An Evil Pumpkin Face In Teh Editor: 
There's An Owl Right On The Pumpkin 
I See A Pig... 
Then Use The Icon! 
I don't think I'll finish what I have in time, I get ~1 hour of mapping a night, assuming nothing else happens at all, which it usually does with a kid. 
I�m waiting, as i haven�t made an entry myself..
How About Another Lame Editor Shot?

Glad people liked the other shot. Haven't had as much time as I'd liked to work on this, so we shall see...

Oh, and Distrans...I replayed it after your mention. There was once a time I was proud of that map. Now...not as much. 
Nice One Ionous. 
Keep it going man.

And the rest of you, go map FFS. Remember Zer stuff doesn't have to be super-complicated and intricate, it's as much about dark and evile atmospheres as it is fancy designs. 
Can't We Have At Least One In Game Screenie? 
You are my little guardian angel.

Excited about every entry but I'm hoping there will be lots more. 
Skacky go map! 
What�s Up Here? 
no screens til now?

Go map, you lazy .... 
MFX... that is an insane screenshot.. 
A Wicked Smile Crosses His Face 
Nice one MFX! That looks pretty nuts!

Map jam 3 hyyppppe 
Bloody Hell! 
@ MFX 
My reaction too.

Yay MFX. 
I Give Up 
Yup Me Too. 
Err no. Go map Ricky. 
So It's Final Week 
And we've got confirmed:


Also have-yet-to-be-confirmed:


Can this perhaps end up as big as jam 1?? 
I Hope So. 
Seeing Daz's progress last night I was impressed. Looked a bit crude at first but was rapidly shaping up very well. 
I Probably Wont Make It..... 
my map featured some rocks..... I seem to have lost all will to work on it at the moment. 
Don't Be Ridiculous. 
This is a jam, not a competition. 
Sorry, that was harsh. But remember that all maps are allowed, regardless of detail level, as long as they're sealed, fullvised, and playable from start to finish. jam1_otp was bad but I have no regrets about not sending it. 
I Regret Playin It 
I Think Everybody Does 
I haven't been able to participate in the past couple of jams due to my schedule but I am really looking forward to seeing everyones work! The editor shots and that shot from mfx really look great!

Yea, keep on going Ricky. My map was the crap of the crop in the first jam but I had fun making it anyway =P 
Mine Is A Complete Mess... 
Got too ambitious given the time frame and my slow mapping pace. I'll still submit it, but it's going to be a half-finished travesty. 
Also have-yet-to-be-confirmed:


More Time To Finish The Maps... 
I suggest that you guys add a week or two to that jam project, to let the slow ones to finish their map.

There's no hurry, and as a player, I can wait to play with your babies.

I much prefer to play nice looking maps than rushed ugly maps...

Oh well, do whatever you want, since I'm just a shit fly ! 
Ionous: Half a map is better than no map. I might consider a short extension though, since I'd like the pack to go up on Halloween, which is pretty much 5 days away from the current deadline...

Lunaran: #35 misled me, sorry.

Barnak: I thought a month would be plenty enough to finish. Again, I'll think about it closer to the weekend. 
Don't Wait For Me 
I've seen my arse 
...I could send in the vocal and brass charts for the latest production, because that's what I've been working on :)

So looking forward to the travesty. 
I wouldn't say wait for me, but I do have a little ways to go, so I'd appreciate any extensions. I need to add a few things. Like, lights. And monsters. And a remaining third to make it a nice short map. I blame not finding out about it for a bit, also tornado watches, also wife's birthday, also wasting time on a joke map for it, also having no plan. Also being really friggin slow in Radiant.

But yeah if it comes down to it, I'll seal it up and put in a trigger_once of "I had good ideas!" in front of the exit. 
just ignore your wife and camp out in your underground shelter for the next 4 days. 
Jam Organiser Power Abuse 
The deadline is extended to October 29th.

This is because of reasons. One of which is me extending the jamming period to a full 4 weeks instead of 3 weeks with a bonus. 
BTW This Is A One-time Deal So Don't Ask For More 
No Daz stream today. Such sadness... 
*looks At Calendar* 
*cuts "Texture Alignment" feature*

If anyone complains, it's "retro". 
Deadline Extension. 
Why not. Extend the fucker a week if you need to. If it gets people to make something cool, that's good. 
Working on this thing is making my head hurt. I just want to box the entire map and say 'fuck it'.

Ah well. Making a push to finish the architecture tonight. We shall see. 
Architecture mostly done, filling out details, putting in monsters and items, need to orchestrate the final fight and do lighting. Got a few ambient sounds in.

It is an incredibly ugly map, but if I didn't accept that, I'd still be working on the starting area. 
Leaks Ahoy! 
Leak after leak after leak. I may need to change the way I construct maps, because this is ridiculous. 
Oh yeah, horrid leaks here. And I've no clue where from. 
Zerst�rer map jam release for Halloween, could it get any better ? :D 
Nor I... 
I'm working on one where the pointfile 'line' starts at open air inside the map to another point in open air, again, inside the playable section of the map.

Gah. I can't look at this shit anymore. I'll try again in a few hours. 
Pointfiles are a waste of time.

Cover half your map in a brush. QBSP. Cover the half that still leaks in a brush. QBSP. Repeat until you find the leak/bad brush. 
It sounds onerous, but because you're covering half at a time, it'll always be a fixed amount of recompiles before you find the leak. (mostly). 
Gah. I can't look at this shit anymore. I'll try again in a few hours.

Sounds familiar to me. 
Thanks Scampie 
Never tried that before. Found it; it's a magically disappearing brush. Vanishes in-game, creating the leak. Deleting and rebuilding does not good. Only time it disappears is when I cover the entire problem area with another brush. Might end up doing this, since I don't know how to fix this. We'll see. Off to work. Try again tomorrow. 
If You Use Worldcraft 
There's an error-checker. Also in Hammer 3.4 you can load the pointfile and it appears in the 3D viewport, unlike 3.3 . Even if you don't use the editor, you could open the .map file in there and see if you can repair the leak. 
Just Gonna Say 
Thanks to the deadline, I'll probably actually complete this. Working on final fight, maybe adding a few more mini-fights for the mid game, and doing the lighting. Should probably fix that leak too... But yeah. This has been a lot of fun. 
I'm Excited 
About yours more than probably anybody else's (except mfx's of course!). This jam might not have generated as much mapping or hype as the previous two but at least your mapping cherry is finally popped. 
Hype level may be lower but I'm super-pleased that you guys went with the Zer theme, and really looking forward to whatever scenarios and bits and experiments and whatever get released for this. I really enjoy the kind of bite-sized Quake anthologies that the jams encourage. 
If nothing else, I've really enjoyed watching Daz stream his level design. That's been fun.

I wish MFX would do likewise. :) 
MFX Streaming 
Would be him putting 100 brushes per minute while this plays in the background. 
and no.

Need more time btw, maybe a day.. it sucks i know, but til weekend i be ready i promise. 
maybe a day

You've still got 24 hours? 
That Included 
cause the day i�m busy by now with that other life.. 
Please, Add One More Week ! 
I strongly suggest that you guys add another week to the project so mappers could finish and polish their babies.

What's the point of rushing out a map, so the players are getting some crap maps ? In the name of Quake, add more time !

Quake1 is a holly game. Please, respect that !

Nomore crap maps ! 
Look, the point of a jam is getting things done within a time frame. Take away the time frame and you have ... people mapping. Which is what they do anyway. 
It's one of those things ... So PersonA busts their ass to get done on time, but PersonB couldn't get done so the deadline gets extended. Is that fair to PersonA? If the deadline will always get extended if you simply ask then what is there to push people to finish?

Meh, whatever. It's not my jam so I'll leave it to the powers that be. :) 
Yeah, you're right.

But then, the deadline is too short. Just a few weeks to blow a map isn't enough, IMHO.

But then, what do I know, as a shit fly ? 
Yeah, exactly, you don't know anything. So shut up. 
Architecture done, leak kinda fixed. Somewhat.

To do:
Repair malfunctioning lifts (fucking things were working yesterday)
Fix lighting so play area is actually visible
Add monsters, items, weapons.

I'll have about eight hours tomorrow to work on this. Not feeling to confident, but we'll see. 
I�m Baffled 
I load my map, after one second the console appears with this:

Host_error: sv_startsound: volume = 510
Sending clc_disconnect.

What did i do wrong? I have no volume 510 set anywhere. 
Looks like something starting a sound with volume 2. Do you have 'volume' '2' on a play_sound_triggered? If so, just lower it to be within 0-1. 
Thanks Eric 
I have play_sound for the waterfalls, but i kind of derped it.
All volumes are within the 0.2 - 0.4 range. Having 5 of them works, 15 of them not..
How the..? Will try again, man, that progs..

Also the pickups are kind of off-center placed? I dont like that:) 
my memory is hazy, but if you put multiple sounds at the same location, quake will combine them into one sound and total up the volumes. 
Let's Just Say 
That I'll be very lenient in case of any eventual post-deadline emails. 
Zerstorer Features 
didn't Zerstorer have statues? how were those implemented? 
Perfectionism Kills The Jam. 
What makes people so scared of releasing unfinished things? Was there too much time involvement already? Is it me hosting them in the end? Is the (perceived) audience very different from game jams? 
Is it me hosting them in the end?
Meaning Quaddicted providing them for download and people being able to play them even if finished versions might be released later on. 
And you being anal about files and versions...

Probably a combination of all the points: time, audience, "final" hosting. With so little mapping activity overall and so few releases, the pressure to 'do it proper' is high and there are expectations on both sides.

On Doomworld, people often release their levels on the forums, and only upload them to the idgames mirror later on as final versions including fixes and improvements based on the initial feedback. 
From devkit.txt

Monster statues! courtesy of Ace_Dave! There are three statues right now, Fiend, Shambler, and Hellknight (2 poses). To make a monster a statue, give it a "spawnflags" "2", and for the second Hellknight pose use "4". You may target a statue, and when it is triggered the monster will come to life. 
Well, my lighting is done, and the map is completable (Plumb did a run through it last night before the lighting went in, seemed to like it). Going to correct a trigger texture that insists on rendering, maybe add one more very small fight in to thicken up the environment, and call it complete. I might go to bed at a normal time tonight. 
"I might go to bed at a normal time tonight. "

Whoah, whoah ... around here we call that valuable polish time. :P 
My Vote 
do what you can in time frame
release a final polished standalone post-jam if the impulse is still there 
My Vote 
Go map Drew 
I Wish! Haven't Had Time 
To even open wc since the last speedmap 
He might have been telling someone else to go map you. Like, you, as a BSP. That could be the theme of the next session.

We're going to need all of your medical records. 
Who The Fuck Speedmaps In 2014 Lol 
How Come Willem Is Now WarrenM? 
For the record I pulled out some old scraps and worked into them quite a bit, several evenings, but it's not going to be ready. On the bright side, I'll probably release a mini episode eventually, with a huge map I've been working on for a while (3 years or so), something I could do with my unreleased Jam2 scrap, and this :) 
He finally won his battle with his Dark Half and has recontained it into his being. For now.

I dunno, maybe people kept calling him William Marshall because of it. 
I just grew tired of the nickname. There didn't seem to be any point. So I switched to my real name... 
Should go back to being Taskmaster 
Map Submitted 
BSP, map, txt all zipped up comes to 666K. Doesn't get much more Zer than that.

Also, holy fucking shit I made a Quake map. With an exit even.

I hope it isn't too horrible for everyone else. It is _very_ rough around the edges. And the middle. And the margins. I cut a lot of corners and features, to make sure I completed it. And that is what is important to me. I got it to a playable state. 
GRATS Scar3crow 
final compiling going on right now. Need to write a readme then I'm submitting and going to bed :D 
Half-finished Version Sent Off 
Yeah I didn't finish. Almost no monsters, horrible brushwork errors, texture misalignments galore, totally unvised. Sent it anyway.

Off to work. If there's an extension, I'll continue working on it tomorrow until work beckons again. If not, apologies to everyone who plays it. 
Congratulations Scar3crow. Glad this jam gave you the impetus to start. 
I've only now realised that the email I've set up failed to redirect everything to my main inbox. Turns out there's been a flurry of emails behind my back!

I've received maps from:

scar3crow (woop mapping debut!)

I plan to release the pack on Friday evening my time, which is in about 36 hours. I'll do my best to give everybody all the feedback necessary in that time.

If I don't, well, that means that plans have changed. My social life has been particularly distracting this whole past month. ;-)

Huge thanks to everybody who submitted, or wanted to submit (don't give up all hope yet)! 
I will be sending in a late entry Thursday (later today). 
Mine Is Coming Too, 6 Hours To Vis To Go... 
660 Elapsed 
Aww yisss.... 
I can only hope my map is half as well received as my submitting it was, thanks everyone! =) 
If scar3crow can start mapping in 2014, so does Shambler! 
.....says #funcfusion's most talented QUITTER :P 
Holy Shit These Maps 
You posted similar on Twitter, I can't figure out even what basic emotion this is sourcing from. 
Map Sent! 
Gah I'm exhausted :) 
So Looking Forward To This 
Thanks for your help ericw (on this and on other stuff!)

So we're looking at 6 maps total? 
Still Working... 
on the full version, with actual gameplay and such. Should be ready to send out in two hours or so. 
'Hemophilic Clot' Has Been Submitted... 
Brush count: 8099
Monsters: 43 / 61 / 77
Secrets: 1

As close to done as it's going to get. I fucked up my back working out Tuesday, making the entire mapping process hugely unpleasant henceforth. The gameplay probably reflects this. 
Gj Ionous 
Looking forward to playing all these maps! 
Yeah Man 
Which emotions are you sourcing from? 
A Problem Occurred 
I need a someone to vis my map.
Sorry, my machine bites too hard on that one, and the person i rely on usually isnt there:(
Is there anyone willing to help me out?
Puppies and cookies as reward?
Mail me. 
I �ve recieved a generous offer including beach vixens and cash. All is good.

Full: 94.15%, Elapsed:4:02:09.93, Left: 43:00, Total: 4h 45m, 84%

I hope this ends soon.. 
I'm All Lubed Up. 
"As close to done as it's going to get. I fucked up my back working out Tuesday, making the entire mapping process hugely unpleasant henceforth. The gameplay probably reflects this. "

Use that anger to abuse the player. >:) 
It aint that bad - JPL has the record I think - how many months was it JPL? 
It Was Like 55 Days 
Its Done 
had to cool down my machine a bit, took 5hrs total.
Submitting now, here are the numbers:

97/135/169 monsters, 35k marksurfaces.

oh the Hype. Get your lube at hand. 
you're guys rock like LA kings recently 
I'm Not Going To Parcipate Though 
i'm not going to participate though, not this time, sorry

im case someone's wondering :) 
In Case 
The Pack Is Done. 
And awaiting moderator approval. Here are the screenshots!

skacky will be streaming it in about 5 minutes: 
Mine looks positively dorky next to those other maps. I swear I can see tape around its glasses. 
if it's any consolation, I feel the same way.

I was CONSIDERING turning the fog in my map to red...! that does look more evil... feel free to play my map with red fog too everyone! 
I meant about my map not yours! 
Can't Wait To Check These Out! 
They look amazing. Hats off to you guys.

Dolor Non Color 
What a great name. 
Zer Is Real 
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