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Shambler HD Remake Released!
Its time to upgrade the old shambler with a new model that it always deserved! I always felt that for such a fearsome an imposing beast the vanilla version was a little lacking. So with no further delay I give you the new and improved Shambler HD remake!

It comes with a brand new mesh and animations, plus an additional head gib replacement for consistency.

I hope you like it and take it for a spin! If you take any snazzy screenshots of him in action please post it in this thread.


Download Link!!!!
Compare Video!!!!!
Combat Video!!!!!!
Nice! Thx for that! 
Danget formatting broke for the main post.... can somebody edit those to be labels please?

Oh well.

Forgot to add the video

Compare Video

Shambler Fight!

Media Request? :) 
If you take any snazzy screenshots of record some videos with this evil beast in it please share them in this post! I would be most grateful. Besides its fun to see other folk maul or be mauled by the new guy. 
I'm so impressed with this model. It works with Winquake too. I'm actually very surprised with the information in the readme that the dog model is higher poly than the original shambler!

I'll schedule a tumblr post later to try and get maximum coverage. 
Very Nice ! 
This model is realy cool !

The only problem is when we have a nice looking and smooth model like this, we also would want a similar upgrade to all other models !

The **fiends** need an upgrade too ! (they are my favorite Quake pet !) 
Vore And Fiend Are On My Hit List 
The Fiend and Vore are on my list of creatures that need some revamp love. Glad you like it! 
Vore First Plz!! 
seriously, that thing is in need of TLC... I know the original game doesnt have idle animations for it but you should make some so it can be added in by modders (mostly AD).

I hope you can add some extra animations for Sock, I know he'd love to expand on the shambler for AD. 
The Vore Doesn't Need An Idle. 
Don't fuck with it.

V good & faithful Shambler update though. 
the vore definitely needs an idle animation, it's a crime that it doesn't have one. 
Oh I would add idle animations. I would be amused with folks getting upset with a Vore that has more character... I wont fuck with it.. cuddle though for sure.

For the Shambler I am planning things and hope to get it implemented in AD. New idles and death animations would be a start. Small steps first. 
It's The Only Non-spawn Monster Who Doesn't Have To Breathe 
Changing that is taking away character, not adding to it. 
OTP... it will still not have an idle animation in normal quake you spoon licker, it needs to be coded in. 
It's a shit idea and I hope Sock knows better than to do it. 
That's just like your opinion, man. 
Really? is this worth arguing about in here? Not even on subject OTP... Would you be so kind as to make me a cool screenshot or two of the shambler instead? :) 
I'd post some stuff Skiffy, not really sure if there's a lot of shambler-heavy maps. I think theres 4 shamblers in my retro jam 4 map on hard? 
Sounds tasty! 
Congrats on the release, must have a ton of work! +1 for having a video 
I've created a video which shows the shambler off nicely, but it's a 2gb upload to youtube so... it's not going to be seen for a little bit 
Convert It To Webm Or Mp4 
it IS an mp4!!

Shadowplay doesn't mess around. 
webm's are the future 
We Can Wait :) 
The Fiend and Vore are on my list of creatures that need some revamp love.

<3 <3 <3 
It's a shit idea and I hope Sock knows better than to do it.

Jesus christ there's nothing wrong with giving the Vore an idle. 
Lol Otp U Such A Bumder 
Good Work Skiffy 
Good work. Thank you, Skiffy. 
good model. I love how you made him open his mouth. did you just stretch his face to do that? 
Yeah, This Is Fantastic 
Great work man! 
oh i didn' notice that before! very clever, hiding a pair of tris between his teeth! 
Vore Idle Tip 
If you want a vore model which is drop-in compatible with the existing model AND has an idle animation, you can make it a grouped frame, and it will idle away without any changes to code. 
that is a great idea 

How do you do a grouped frame and that sounds awesome?

Love the new shambler, he feels bulkier and just...shamblery! 
My video will hopefully be done tomorrow. 
Ogre Next, Please 
It still pains me greatly that capnbubs never released his version. And besides the shambler and the fiend, the ogre is the most iconic Quake monster (he's everywhere!).

The vanilla vore, fiend, scrag, enforcer and fish are good enough for me. Dogs and grunts already have good replacements. 
There's a mistake in the readme: This model doesn't actually conforms to stock Quake standards, because DOS Quake has a vertical limit of 200 lines for MDL skins. But I kept my mouth shut to enjoy this higher-res skin! 
Who Cares About DOS Quake These Days? 
Limits And Cheats! 
200 triangle limit for skins yet the expansions for standard quake ignored this? The dragon boss was 640 x 315 pixels in size. Must have been an odd arbitrary limit for that to still work because I tried it in the most basic engines I could still get running and it was not complaining. Weird. You live inside quake Mankrip, why did they ever do that hard limit?

As for the shambler opening its mouth Yes I do hide a strip of triangles that I stretch open but they are solid black. :) 
The 200 texels height limit was likely poorly planned, since id software themselves raised it later.

Any open source software-rendered Quake engine is based on the WinQuake version of the source, so there's no problem. Maybe it's only the DOS Quake 1.0 version that has this limit.

The official mission packs also included an update for the executable, since they required several engine modifications (network protocol, HUD and so on). The raised limit for MDL skins may have also been implemented because of them.

The inside of the shambler's mouth isn't fully black in my engine� that's probably due to the texture filter. But I liked the result, it looks a bit like the saliva in the Doom 3 hell knight's mouth. 
Kinda Intended When Filtered Indeed. 
Yea filtering does look like spittle strands. But yes I am glad folks like the result! So Preach regarding the animation group... will it just play regardless of where I put it in the MDL for the Vore idle addition? 
nice screenshot 
Awesome work. This shambler shamblers more than the original. Seriously, it has more of the monster. Kudos. 
This Looks Awesome. 
otp being a cunt as usual. Dont use a new model if you want to. FFS. 
Don't Be Mean To Cunts Pls 
Awesome model by the way. Looks terrifying. 
Awesome model by the way. Looks like a fucking Shambler. In fucking Quake. 
Any more juicy screenshots out there from folks enjoying the update? :) 
I Love It :-) 
It is great. My only nitpick is that the original seemed fatter/blobby where in this remake you can see his waist :-) 
Shambler Got Swole 
He loves to drink dat protein 
Fantastic work Skiffy!

Absolutely brooding beast of scary white fur proportions!

I'll try to remember to take a screen the next time I encounter this monstrosity! 
Looks Great 
So Preach regarding the animation group... will it just play regardless of where I put it in the MDL for the Vore idle addition?

A framegroup counts as a single frame from the point of view of the QC. So you need to replace the frame used in the stand "sequence" for the vore with a framegroup. That frame is ... $stand1??????

OK, but you'd have to worry about that a bit anyway. The first frame of the vore's walk animation has to double as the idle pose, so for starters you need to make sure it's balanced and planted on the ground at that moment. The trick is then to animate an idle there where any of the frames within are reasonable to sit between $walk12 and $walk2. I guess you'll need to keep the idle simple, but it should be fine to add some motion. 
That frame is ... $walk1??????

Obviously if there was a "stand1 then all the question marks would be gratuitous. 
Shambler Vid 
I created a vid of my own map that shows off the shambler. There's 4 shambler fights in this map... 
Shalrath With Idle Animation 
Holy Shit That Shambler Looks So Good 
that now all the stock monsters look out of place ;-) 
Weapons And Items Remakes When? 
IMO, The Ogre Should Be Top Priority Now 
And after meeting this shambler, the vanilla fiend looks outdated. 
The walk cycle on that model is really bad. The idle animation works nicely though, shame. 
This New Shambler Model's 
looking awesome

but his idle(breathing) animation is sorta jello-ish
similar to kingpin's model animation
or is it just me?

anyway it's a HUGE upgrade over the regular shambler 
Blame MDL Sadly. 
Cant be helped. THAT is MDL format limitations. I'm going to try out an MD3 version in darkplaces later. But this is why I would love MD3 support for Fritz and Quakespasm too!.... 
Yeah the polygon density has gone up a lot, which makes the jello effect a lot more pronounced unfortunately, as there are just a lot more verts to be wibblin' and a wobblin' all in different directions :(

md3 would be nice. 
i'm not supposed to sound such harsh, sorry
i love your shambler model, thank you! 
I didn't notice any significant wobbling, not more than in the regular models. 
No Worries! 
No worries Spy.
Mankrip indeed it just wobbles as much as the default. About the only fix would be to do a much less subtle idle :P 
The Vore Of Skiffy 
Please, no boobs !

I suggest two small red spikes as puffy tits, and a bloody slut mouth with teeth in place of a vulva, between the front legs ("her" periods are ON).

That way, the Vore would be a very horrible and terrfying Quake monster !

I would like to see a sex scene between that new Vore and the new Shambler. 
Holy Shit 
well that didn't take long...

anyway, if the vore is gonna have tits, clearly it should have 3. 
It Wont Have Any...

The torso section minus the exposed guts is what I am aiming for. 
That Would Make A Nice Zombie. 
Yes That Is Good Zombie Ref. 
When I get to remaking the zombie this is my quality target hehe. 
It would be nice to make a useful Shub-niggurath. 
First Make A Proper Boss Out Of Her.... 
One that does more then just sit on her butt? Because right now its a glorified prop.... If I redo that one then I want to work with a programmer to also turn it into a proper boss fight. Have it multi stage with tentacles coming out of the lava attacking you and even have her detach from the ground and fly around or something. 
Animated Giblets... 
I just realized I can use the frame groups hack to make animated giblets.... twitching limbs and pulsing beating hearts and goop anyone?? :) 
One More Picture 
Here's the Shambler, about to shoot Quake Guy with lightning. Fortunately, he picked up Quad Damage just moments ago. The place is very familiar to Quake players. 
:) If you wish, go wild. 
Plenty of concepts on internet. Along with eyes, mouths and tentacles, she should fly like a jellyfish. 
Awesome Model 
Well done!

Animated Gibs +1 
The Vore doesn't breathe, or id ran out of time to animate it? 
Shub could be used as a static mini boss evil outgrowth of a beast guarding progression to a new passage. Only over its dead body kinda thing.

Maybe give it a temporary 1 second flash teleport to provide it some dodging capability.

Or several could be used, behold and witness the ultra hardcore horrifying cave of the nigguraths! 
Please, no boobs !
I suggest two small red spikes as puffy tits, and a bloody slut mouth with teeth in place of a vulva, between the front legs ("her" periods are ON).
That way, the Vore would be a very horrible and terrfying Quake monster !
I would like to see a sex scene between that new Vore and the new Shambler.

i remember there were pics of the vore similar to your description 

and it looks every bit as daft and un-Quake as the Spider Daedra from Oblivion. 
That Vore... !

It's not creepy enough. Not Quake.

The tits could be flat old, at least (no boobs !).
(I would prefer puffy red spiked tits)

And the snatch should be much larger and wide open, with teeth.

A kind of The Thing monster, mixed with H.R. Giger concept. 
stop sexualising quake monsters u wierds 
Good lord folks not going down any of those weird paths. You can go their on your own hehe. 
id ran out of time to animate it?

Considering the amount of unused animations on many other monsters I find it rather unlikely that there was no time to give the Vore a few inhale and exhale frames. 
About The Shub 
is it possible to make the shub continuously spawning its minions?

and you're not allowed to telefrag the shub until the spawning process would be over 
You're Not Allowed To Telefrag The Shub Until The Spawning Process Wou 
That's quite good ! Almost like Shub was engaging the player in a fucked up Giger like foreplay:

"OK, enough games, now enter me soldier !"

Hehehe ! 
stop sexualising quake monsters u wierdo 
This Is Borderline Fanfic Territory 
Shambler is the husband, Vore is the wife, Fiend is their kid, and the Spawn is their dog.

They walk around for a picnic in the woods, while scrags sing in the trees and rotfishes dance in the water. Shambler asks "Did you bring the canned meat, honey?". Vore answers "Here, my love", and hands him a knight's head soaked in blood inside of a helmet.

They eat the head, they eat their child, and then Vore starts to have sex with Shambler while he slaps the Spawn into her ass until it explodes. Everyone is happy, everyone is dead. Le fin. 


lol... I posted this on my tumblr 2nd birthday, oddly my follower count went up instead of down :P 
"stop sexualising quake monsters u wierdo "

For real. Man ... 
What's Wrong With Quake Sex ? 
Giger knew that. 
The Practical Shub-Niggurath 
Ok, what about an aformentioned static shub based a bit off the Doom revenant ?
Can summon or resurrect beasts, maybe indicated visually with an electric bolt from its "arms" to indicate which monster is being revived. Make it interruptable if a decent shot is landed.

Additionally could fire short electric bolts from its "arms" when player is in range.
Give him a hp count of maybe 1.5x/2x the Shambler

Also the ability to very shortly and occasionally teleport away and back as a dodge mechanic - only if it is not busy resurrecting or attacking you with bolts.

Place him in a room with some other beasts to contend with whilst avoiding getting too close (light punishment from bolts) and interrupting his resurrects, all the while landing damage in him, made harder if attacked whilst idle as he can then occasionaly teleport 1 second to the aether out of the projectiles way.

Probably a nightmare to code but that would make a cool mini boss to drop here and there. 
"Doom revenant"

You mean the archvile.

Considering the amount of unused animations on many other monsters I find it rather unlikely that there was no time to give the Vore a few inhale and exhale frames.

If they had intended for the vore to have a non-breathing stand frame, and had plenty of time to create animations, why didn't they create a frame for it? They just reused a frame from the standing animation. It smacks of a placeholder nobody remembered to revisit, not a conscious artistic choice. 
"No Vore idle" was not an artistic choice. In the same way, the axe having no impact flesh sound, and the rotfish not having a gib, were also not artistic choices.

When you are rushing to get a game out the door, certain little things just never get round to being done. 
Loads of stuff gets lost and forgotten during development.

Six months later you're playing it on disc and see something "oh shit who left that in there?" 
On Sexualization 
Humans have a tendency to sexualize everything. Giger knew that, and his designs are actually a parody of the human mindset, I guess (something like �You want sex? Then I'll make it gross for you"). Just like Beksinski said that the morbid and depressed designs of his own art felt actually humorous to him.

However, in Lovecraft�s works the monster designs are actually serious. The twisted ones in his works are not the monsters, but the humans (the more human-like a creature is, the higher the chances of it being a mutated human). This may have to do with the monsters in his works usually having some kind of religious role, either as servants or as gods.

In Lovecraft�s work, the lost and the twisted are usually humans. Gods like Nyarlathotep may be chaotic to mortals, but they're actually following their own rules. 
OK Warren yes the Archvile.
I hang my head in shame. 
DOS Quake 1.08 Has The Limit Too 
"Error: model progs/shambler.mdl has a skin taller than 200"

says the DOS Quake version that comes with the GoG installation of Quake. It's version 1_08 from Mar 11 1997. They must've upped the limit later than that, if it ever was changed for the DOS version at all.

I'm not planning on playing Quake with it, so it's not an issue. 
can not wait for the revamped fiends! 
Long Wait 
I wont be getting to the fiend any time soon. Once I am done with the Vore I will be taking a break to finish my Anatomy course which will take me till end of July before I will resume any personal projects sadly. Then again folks lasted this long so what is a few more months? :) 
No problem, take your time. 
HD vore first? ok, looking forward to. good luck at the exams 
Vore Before... 
Yeah, a vore with a bloody dripping snatch with teeth, and puffy tits ! 
More Custom GIBS! 
Well everyone I've finally got around to adding custom giblets for Arcane Dimensions to go along with this HD shambler release.

The above links have all been updated so the ZIP and readme "should" be the latest versions.

New Screenshot!!

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Looks Great... 
But what about a remake of our favorite bitch on three legs, with a bloody oozing snatch and puffy tits ? 
Vore and shambler are among the best models in the game. I think of all the monsters they should've been remade the last (unless every subpar monster model was remade already).

Anyway, looks great. 
The bones sticking out on those gibs are so effective yet so simple.
Loving it! 
NICE Gibs! 
Great job! 
Wow, Nice Job! 
Tasty barbecue material. Yummy yummy. 
the axe having no impact flesh sound

Actually, it has, but it only works on other players, and is a horrible hack. 
Gibs Gibs Gibs. 
Barnak later end of the year I will resume that project. But your dream version will stay a dream. I wont go down that path for the Vore. Feel free to make it yourself though.

Dwere - Nope the Shambler was the worst offender next to the Vore when it comes to a model that was lower that the most basic enemies in terms of polycount and pixel density. That is why I put them on my list first. You can find some notes of that in the text file.

Happy gibbing everyone! 
Polycount and pixel density don't mean much to me. 
Bloody Pixels? 
Thats ok it does to me and its the reason I made a new shambler and eventually I will get to various other members of the Quake cast. 

Your HD Shambler is how I see the Shambler should have always been. I have used it since the day of its release!

Looking forward to future models and well done. 
Bloody Pixels 
They aren't that bad, especially in engines that can display NPOT skins in their original resolution (judging by your preview/comparison picture, your engine of choice can't). Not that I'm trying to convince you.

If I was to nitpick anything, it's the overuse of dithering. It only looks noticeably messy where red meets brown, and pretty much only on the head gib, but still. 
Sexualising Does Not Make Them Creepy! 
You weirdos disgust me the vore is a monster not a demon hooker!! The old vore sounds way creepier than that pervertery! Fuck you! 
You created a new account to bump this and say that? Come on man, I thought Skiffy had posted the Vore model... 
I Have A Logic Reason To Critisize The Vore: 
In Quake none of the lovecraftian enemys have 'heads'. Only a teethy opening to devour lesser creatures. :D 
This model won't work for me.

I'm using it with Quakespasm, I have the progs folder in the id1 folder...what gives??? 
Unfortunately, *.pak files take priority over anything that simply lies in the folders in Q1.

Either shove the model into a new pak (make sure to name the pak properly, Q1 is picky about that too), or use a mod directory instead of id1. 
That seemed to work thanks, I named it PAK2 and put the progs folder in.

But if I put the gib files it, it says invalid filename. 
Oh wait see it only works for Arcane Dimensions... 
The filenames are simply too long. It's not a pak format limitation, it depends on the pak editor used (PakScape doesn't have this problem, IIRC).

But yeah, there's no point in including those gibs for regular Quake. 
Ah thanks, I was using pakexplorer...

works fine now, I'll keep those files in the id1/pak2 file :D 
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