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This is a map that was developped in response of the "Inspiration & Reference" thread of a cavey entrence and acient castle.
I covered it up with some new monsters and static models.
Qtest had a serpent and elden ogre, I think they should be in the quake world.



Note - The download now links to the updated version.

My vote for the Quake20th Anniversary.
Damn, too late to play... will download ready for tomorrow morning!

Glad you finally finished it, it feels like 10 years ago when I shared that picture on that thread!! :D 
Quomody Quake!

And there's some great stuff in here. 
Already need an update as the rocketorb was shooting a twisted launcher.

I keep the max 32978 planes error - no ogridle.wav.
Dragonite sinks in the ground (max_Hull?).
My small concerns, as with sound.
The best results I have with Fitzquake085, quakespasm errors the model frame rate.

Ogre idle sound not looped

Startsound not precached 
Not Your Average Quake Map! 
Skill 1, 3/5 Secrets.

First run I died quite early due to running out of ammo with a fiend. There are a ton of large shotgun boxes right at the start and if you don't know to save and backtrack for them you may run out of ammo during the part I die.

Second run was much better as I reach the exit with 3/5 (feathers)

Love the new models and design. The different elden ogres fit quite nicely into the Quake world. The Bender monster was a surprise to say the least. I feel like I was playing some sort of mashup fantasy castle where anything was possible!

The actual castle design and large bridge was stunning work and I am sure it took a long time to get right. Loved the mashed up industrial mixed with medieval bits.

Great work Madfox, certainly an original! 
The Best Model 
I really want to use that fishing ogre for secret areas! That thing is brilliant! 
After opening exit and killing shambler that was guarding it, I went back to search for some more secrets and couldn't find a way to get out of zombie pit 8(

Bender screaming while fighting vore, orbb doing backflip of fate from the roof, fishing ogre. Those things create awesome jolly mood.
Gameplay was a roller coaster of shitting bricks and laughing my ass off.

Very strange but cool map, the mixed themes gave it a very surreal, bizzaro-quake type of feeling plus the Quake 3 models were hilarious and unexpected! 
Yes Demo's! 
I overwatched the demo's with great attention, thanks very much, I hope they keep coming.

@0bloughsbur - I admit in the start the ammu is kind of low while the health well supplies more than the skill level provides. You wonder where the the teleporter corridor went?

I have a version of the fishing ogre that he stands up and walks away when shot. Shame I couldn't make it turn back so the proto just walked out of the level.
Go ahead, make it a func_secret.

@-DeeDoubleU - You're an inventing map player! Much courage to take the hard skill. Surprised you could get up in the back of the waterfahl side. There's a stepway aside the boat, I had pronounced it better.
You can use the health well more than once, it takes 16 sec to replenish.
I don't know how you can get stuck in the zomby pit. My only fault is to place a deathmatchplayer there before the ceiling has gone down.

@quakeisdead - yes, it's more a proof garden for new monstes. 
Congratulations On The Release 
Yeah Good Work Finally Releasing This One Madfox 
Good Work, But A Heads Up 
The tentacle cockroach monster at the cell factory (and at the exit bridge) crashes the map. Only way I've found around it is killing it instantly without remorse. Waiting a little bit makes it happen.

The thing it dumps to console:
call1 808 (ai_run)ai_run()
dark.qc : dyong_run1
dark.qc : dyong_run1
dark.qc : dyong_melee
fight.qc : checkattack
ai.qc : checkanyattack
ai.qc : ai_run
dark.qc : dyong_run1
dark.qc : dyong_melee
fight.qc : checkattack
ai.qc : checkanyattack
ai.qc : ai_run
dark.qc : dyong_run1
dark.qc : dyong_melee
fight.qc : checkattack
ai.qc : checkanyattack
ai.qc : ai_run
dark.qc : dyong_run1
dark.qc : dyong_melee
fight.qc : checkattack
ai.qc : checkanyattack
ai.qc : ai_run
dark.qc : dyong_run1
dark.qc : dyong_melee
fight.qc : checkattack
ai.qc : checkanyattack
ai.qc : ai_run
dark.qc : dyong_run1
(no function)
stack overflow
host_error : program error

it seems really specific (only when this monster is around) to be a problem with my computer? anyone else had this happen?
The bug was attacking me while it happened. 
Now Heres A Map I've Been Looking Foward To 
From seeing the screenshots you've posted in the past, I knew this map would be a bizarre trip from beginning to end, and it doesn't disappoint. With strange and hilarious monsters, creepy landscapes, and some of the most impressive models I have ever seen, I was always anxious to find out what awaits for me in the next room.

First run demo, hard skill. 2/5 secrets, only one death. Recorded in Quakespasm.

Great job Madfox, this'll certainly go down as one of Quake's weirdest maps :) 
What's the word on engine/compatibility stuff then? I see people talking about using Quakespasm, but also Madfox saying that QS would encounter some errors. 
If QS Encounters Errors... 
...what the hell do other engines encounter? 
This Is The Best Map You've Ever Made MadFox 
Great brushwork. 
The referential engine I tested in was Fitzquake085. QuakeSpasm And DarkPlaces mix up the static entities by missing the groupframe count. It's an odd thing to see but uninvoidable.

@-lovethetheme - it might be you had the first download, the update can clear this.

@-Orl - thanks for the demo, I'm looking foreward to see if my wit's end were their skill worth.

@-JohnnyLaw: engine/compatibility would be something like JoeQuake/MyWinXp runs it DosQuake/MyWin7 won't.

@-Kinn: Apple. 
Small Bugs 
I didn't overcome the missing path_corners of the serpent and the sinking of the dragonite.
Also the rift code seem to block the escorting zombyfriend. 
Hey great stuff. Love the waterwheel chamber/amphitheatre and plasma factory. Gibbing Bender with the RL - very satisfying laugh. Shame that bigarsechainguntoting ogre is such a pussy to kill.. but that shield ogre is a butcher.

I missed out on a heap of gameplay and weapons stuff, going around the back of the lake... had to double back. 
The referential engine I tested in was Fitzquake085. QuakeSpasm And DarkPlaces mix up the static entities by missing the groupframe count.

I like to keep track of FitzQuake derived engine bugs. Sounds interesting. Your map with the Q3 skeletons in Italy was a fun compatibility test back at the time. 
Glorious map. Insanely creative and fun.

It runs in my engine, but it crashed at some point. 
@stevenaus - I know MrBig hasn't that much health, 250 that's the same as the hellknight. You almost made me doubt.
While I was testing I came out on T_damgage 15 on his attack.
But three attacks in one pose can almost kill the player instantly.

@baker - I've been quiet bizzy to get the models synchronical. The different behaviour in normal and frame_groups made it a challenge.
Framegroups glide better, but there is that funny error with restarting the frames at the end. Every engine acts different.

@mankrip - was it my mapping fault or did I hit the limit? 
It should be my engine's fault, it's not stable enough yet. 
Going To Be Playing This Tonight 
Probably in a half-hour or so. We'll see. 
This map was thoroughly fun! 
@-mankrip: My 33457 vertices and 32978maxsurfaces and 256 model limit wouldn't be usefull in ordinary Quake. Loading it in dosquake fades the skybox.

@-ionous: down the spiral tv?

@-orl: thanks for the demo. You made it on hard skill.

Didn't think of it earlier, but does nightmare skill needs extra qc. 
I've been slowly raising some limits, that may be why it worked. My engine also supports skyboxes.

Also, I think that previous crash was related to my buggy MDL renderer. It didn't happen again.

This mod is a damn good test case for MDL rendering. The MDL renderer in my engine is still using low-res dithering kernels with no color/brightness correction and no perspective correction, and the difference from my BSP renderer is really noticeable.

I've got all secrets, minus the underwater gate with the megahealth near the fishing ogre.

The last Orbb at the top of the castle backflipped to oblivion, so I had to jump down to hunt him. That was kinda unexpected and fun.

The healing pool can generate a max edicts error if we heal over and over. To avoid this, I only used it after getting the other items I needed, to free some entity slots. 
Entity Garden 
The first version had a darkyoung with deathpose unused, so when it went in melee it shook out a default movement.

It was quiet an experience to use the models, at the last moment I could dimm the skinnoverbrights.
But I'm no coder, The Elden Ogre has its defend shield and became a worthy warrior, thanks Ijed and the rift code.

The Orbs have a kind of chicken move I also enjoyed, they can jump wide range and have a straight hard attack.

The health pool has a wait arg of 16 sec, but standing on it when recharging it shoots up to 100. It can be a real game killer, and I couldn't get the qc on SUB-regen right.

But my dragon breezes fire finally. 
link no work 
Could it be archived at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine? 
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