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MapJam 8 - Film Noir
Cool jazz slides it's way into your eardrums, your companion draws in her cigarette, letting the smoke curl out slowly from her mouth. You take a sip of your vermouth and realise that it's time to get your black and white on.

This jam oozes sexiness and grittiness.

The rules are, greyscale only (fullbright color highlights are allowed). Being that making textures may be required, the deadline is Saturday October 8th.

The maps should be designed for or compatible with ARCANE DIMENSIONS so get with that shizzle yo.

For your consumption:

A small album with some theme images:

Some musics to get you in the mood:

Have fun mapping!
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Kinn is right, quake gray ramp blows. I have a 32 shade palette with a mid/low mid focus that might work well for quake. I can upload that or a couple texture tests using that palette if people want to experiment with it. 
Interesting Theme... 
If I was experienced enough, I might have given it a try, but I still have much more to learn before attempting to release anything. Here's hoping to see Rick's bar from Casablanca in Quake. Good luck to everyone who'll be participating in this jam. 
Sepia Palette ? 
I think this theme is awesome.

Is a "sepia" palette allowed ? 
can you post some screenshots of it used on a map / hud?

I'd like to keep the coloured fullbrights in case people want something to stand out from the B&W 
Sorry, a little too restrictive for me.

Fire and Brimstone was good. Pipes and Water would have been good. Pipes and Water, must be Quoth, must be Base theme, not so good. 
THIS! is an awesome idea. 
if you want to use sepia, then use truecolor textures in your map. I don't think it will be easy juggling too many palettes. 
I'm abroad currently, but I'll return home at the end of the week and I'll upload some screenshits, the palette and some textures for people to play with. It may or may not save some people a little footwork.

I'd like to keep the coloured fullbrights in case people want something to stand out from the B&W

Yep, that could be lovely. 
Don't want to rain on your parade, but you'll have severe technical problems trying to use a custom palette with Arcane Dimensions.

Rather than ruin all the fun, I let someone else figure out the "why". 
(But a couple of small tweaks to Quakespasm will make everything "ok") 
Would need multi gamedir support (-game ad -game jam8) 

Otherwise someone must choose that all AD games be black and white ;-) 
DP does multi gamedir. 
Just Testing Quake's Palette With BW Textures 
screenshot 1
screenshot 2 (I know... yellow sucks)
That's The Default Palette? 
To be honest, judging from the comments here I expected those screens to be a lot worse. I'm sure a custom palette wouldn't hurt, apart from the technical troubles of implementing it, but I think that's perfectly serviceable.

Anyway, If I find the time I might give this jam a shot. I flaked out of the last one quite early, but it'd be nice to take a break from working on Lava Bloom to whip out a quicker, simpler level. We'll see. 
#25 Yes, Default. 
I suspect we'll end up with a custom palette for coloring the enemies/hud/weapons regardless, but it's nice to know that most of the effect can be reasonably achieved through simple texture work. 
Quakespasm could absorb the trivial Mark V feature "gl_grayscale 1" and you wouldn't even need the custom palette at all. If switches on/off in real-time. 
(Even easier from an engine standpoint would be a shader like what is already used in Quakespasm for the gamma/contrast control.) 
Does Quakespasm actually has custom shader support? 
As Cool As That Is Baker 
we're leaving coloured fullbrights in 
Changing Palattes 
I would not recommend asking everyone to create custom artwork for one jam linked to a custom palette. Not sure why use AD either, you could easily make this jam for vanilla Quake and put the focus on creating a Noir environment instead.

Why not use a Noir like texture set? Enjoy the colour difference of the monsters being alien to the environment? If you make everything black and white no one is going to see or find any items easily and will be frustrated even before fighting/exploring the maps! 
The guys on #tf wanted AD, so AD it was. The were excited about the extra effects that it would give them. There was also concern over the amount of grey in the default palette.

In terms of textures I'm starting with the kingpin textures (which are awesome for this jam) and will desaturate them in an editor once I've got a bunch of geometry down.

You gonna join in man? 
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