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New Q1SP: Symphony Of Science
"Venture into a dark and depraved underground laboratory to find what horrors await within."



I'll have a Quaddicted link up soon, and will post it below.
Quite Nice. 
Boxy rooms but some neat details and decent build quality. Lots of promise there. Gameplay seemed tricky. 
I'm Probably Retarded 
but I couldn't figure out how to proceed after reaching the door to the laboratory. I shot two out of four base-buttons, unable to locate the last two, and every door seems to be either "rusted shut" or requires a key?? Alas, no demo for you, have this speedrun instead 
Do you have fullbrights disabled? 
Very nice dungeon with a Honey vibe. Lots of neat little touches like those cozy carpets in some places, and especially the lab room itself. 
Apparently I Did 
blind demos

Enjoyed this a lot over all. Nice details and felt pretty old school in its layout and combat. Some things I noticed:

- Lighting was too dark over all
- Grenade bounce puzzle needed more affordance given to it. As it stands it's one of those "all or nothing" puzzles where the player gets it quickly or runs around in frustration for a while (me! yay!) not realising what they have to do. If the player could see the button but not shoot it directly, it would have helped a lot. Another idea would be to train the player that buttons open those sorts of doors and are always adjacent like that, so the player can make the connection between the GL and getting a non LOS button hit off.

+ Cool small details that didn't get in the way of gameplay.
+ Some well thought out traversal areas towards the end.

I think the lightning issue could have been solved with some nice fill lights in most of the areas just to illuminate the corners a little. As it stands it can be quite hard to understand the layouts of some rooms and areas when there is pitch black lighting in a lot of the playable space. I'm sure this is somewhat subjective however :)

Cool map! 
Room With Black Ceiling 
There's a little room which appears to be missing a texture : its ceiling is all black.

Many corridors are too square (old school) for my taste. Needs more details or complex geometry.

Overall, it's a nice map. 
Do you have a custom texture pack installed? If the answer is "yes", try to remove it and see if you still have that texture error. There's a good chance that it's a conflict between two textures sharing the same name. 
Very Nice Level 
Sadly this isn't a blind playthru :( But here it is:

It's on Nightmare and... I played a little cautiously so I didn't die and break the demo. It was close a couple of times!

This is a great blend of the original Quake feel combined with improved level design, modern touches and detail to make it fabulous.

Really nice work Ubiquitous, thank you,
- danage_ 
Works fine in Darkplaces with RTworld turned off, not too dark for me. I noticed a misaligned texture after you take a swim, in the dead end behind where you emerge. Also, you can actually skip most of the level by jumping to the silver key from the highest pole of the scaffolding next to it. I'll save my review for Quaddicted.

@DaZ Grenade bounce puzzle? What grenade bounce puzzle? You mean after the short swim, right? You don't need to do that, just hop on the railing and you can jump to the other side from there. 
Thanks for the feedback and demos everyone. I just posted a new version with a few fixes.

+ I changed the wording of the door/grenade puzzle a little to more clearly hint what is going on (but I don't want to make it too obvious, otherwise it wouldn't be a puzzle).
+ I fixed a ceiling that was, indeed, textured black by accident
+ I fixed a misaligned texture.
+ I fixed a couple of places where sections of the map could be circumvented bu jumping (darn you and your jumping skillz Mugwump).
+ Fixed some random world geometry saying "You Need The Silver key" because it was configured as a door.
+ Added a couple of fill lights, although the map remains low key overall. 
Forgot to say, the link to the new version is here: 
I Don't Think 
It's a good idea to submit a map as news if it's still in beta. 
darn you and your jumping skillz Mugwump

Ha ha, I'm not that good but I like to explore... 
Last time, I posted my map in the beta thread and metslime transferred it into the news. You can't please all the people all the time. 
So rekt. 
It wasn't said "I posted it here because it's a beta" when I asked why it's not news. It didn't say it's a beta either in the func post, or in the website post. In retrospect it shouldn't have been moved to news if it wasn't complete, but there was no way of knowing that. 
I Agree 
Just Like The Pied Piper 
Played your updated version.

Skill 2, 83/83 Kills, 2/2 Secrets

Wow Ubiquitous, you really stepped it up here. There is nothing but improvement from your previous map offering. Lighting is much better this time around and they have believable sources too! Lots of unique little odds and ends found here that help give it a more original theme. I love the rugs and the study/research room. Gameplay wasn't overall challenging but it wasn't a walk in the park either.

Small nitpick I personally have is requiring the player to use ammo or shoot to solve a puzzle. It is unlikely but what if the player runs out of grenades before figuring out what they have to do? I also got utterly lost at the start for about 5 minutes not knowing you could climb over the rubble (Looked like obstructed background to me). Other than that, nothing jumps out as me as critical. Love the vertical layers introduced and the fact you created a shortcut back up if you fall. Very cool map title too!

Now I expect the next map to outperform this one! ;) 
(some SPOILERS below)


+Lovely work; much improved from your previous map.
+Loved the use of a special item as key (felt very negke-ish).
+Really liked the somewhat realistic props.
+Liked the puzzle-based progression overall.


-Agree with Daz that the lighting is too dark.
-Agree about the grenade puzzle too.
-The teleporter that appears at the end traps you if you try to backtrack for secrets (as I tried to do): you get stuck underneath the teleporter brush in the windtunnel and there is no way out. Maybe you can place a shortcut teleporter somewhere else, e.g. have a section of wall open up or something? 
... or make the trigger_teleport bigger, I guess, so you get teleported instead of getting stuck underneath a world brush? Maybe that was the idea? 
I expected people to complain about the map being too dark. But I don't think any changes are required. I don't even think the grenade puzzle had to be changed. People don't like being inconvenienced today, but I fear that following every advice of this kind may lead to a diluted experience that you just stroll through, shrug, and forget about it.

BTW, there's a floor switch closer to the end that's repeatable for no apparent reason. 
Nice map. Too dark for me as well but other than that great. Hope to see more from you. 
well that was quite nice. right up my alley stylistically. Nothing overbearingly impressive but consistent use of a few nice unique elements/ textures etc to spice things up and some nice combat setups... quite a pleasant layout too.
Definitely a step up from your last effort, with not a lot of time in between. Looking forward to more medium sized maps like this in the future!
Liked It 
I didn't think it was too dark, or maybe its because I played the updated version first. If there was some sort of visual hint about a shootable button on the other side of the door, it would be very helpful. The message given is sort of vague, as it doesn't relay to the player that the button can be shot, just that its a button.

Other than that, it was a fine map with exceptional gameplay. I just barely made it out alive, one vore in particular got me good. Nice little Half Life reference there too :) I give it a thumbs up, and hope to see more from you.

First run demo, hard skill:

And please for the future, don't use Mediafire. It kills pandas :( 
The thing with the grenade puzzle is that it locks you in a very small area, and you don't see a lot of possibilities to get to the other side of the door. Which means that running in circles for hours is nearly impossible.

I found that OK. 
I played it last night. I thought it was an overall pretty nice map and didn't have too much trouble. I didn't find either of the secrets.

I didn't think it was too dark, but without fog I think it would have been.

Probably one of the armors should have been made available much sooner (like near the start).

Those endless, instantly repeating door messages really should have been fixed. 
Constructive Feedback* 
Maybe I'm stupid, but I think your previous map was a lot more consistent experience and had better flow and enemy placement/use. This one offered way too less health compared to situations were you easily get hurt and almost died.. and grenade bouncing mechanism.. I didn't figure out it and quit there after spending about 5 minute trying to figure out what to do. Whenever there is a new mechanism, it need to be represented in a way it is easy to understand, there wasn't hints or any clues what to do.

Also map is no where near "too dark" and people can use their options screens to set up brightness/contrast, so complaining about it is a bit of unnecessary. Sure you can try out using different ways to make smoother transitions from bright to dark by using for example base light = delay 2 and bigger area light = delay 5 together if you prefer more moody lighting and maybe increasing default values by 25 - 100 depending on place you're lighting. So basically it is nothing that dramatic, it just sounds like it is world's biggest problem in here Quake community. 
Actually, delay 2 would probably do a better job as an area light for big rooms, as long as you keep it away from any surfaces. At equal "light" values, delay 5 doesn't have anywhere near the reach of delay 2.

Delay 5 is my choice for the best all around light, but I have to bump the brightness up to around double of what would look okay with the stock delay lights.

The bad side is that delay 5 suffers from not having much of a "hot spot" near the actual source. When using it for obvious point sources (such as light3_8) I often have to add a second light, with high brightness and high wait, just for the "hot spot".

What would be nearly perfect is a delay that was a mix of 2 and 5, with a center hot spot closer to delay 2 but with falloff like delay 5. 
What I mean was that delay 2 works as hotspot combined with delay 5 makes a much more smoother/realistic results, but that is just my opinion. 
Ah, then we pretty much agree.

You have to really watch out with delay 1 and 2, they can totally wash out a room if you don't crank the wait value up (or gate). It's ridiculous how far delay 1 can reach. 
I'm still dying at 38/82 enemies.

So far, this map is great. At first it seemed to be very Half-Life-esque, with all the puzzles. But when replaying it, the pacing got back to Quake levels, with the puzzles not getting in the way of the combat.
(That is something I dislike about Half-Life: its puzzles still lowers the pacing when replayed, even if we already know what to do, which kills replayability.)

The environment is great, and reminds me a lot of Amnesia: The Dark Descent (which is the game with the most Quake-like art direction I've ever played). 
Amnesia? I don't remember (pun intended) it looking like Quake. This map reminds me of Honey instead. TBH, it feels more like Honey than Gotshun's Requiem... 
Amnesia? I don't remember (pun intended) it looking like Quake.

Not the whole game, of course. But in my opinion, areas like these would be great for a modern Quake game. I can't help but imagine battling a bunch of Quake monsters in there:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 10 
That last screenshot was a teensy tiny thumbnail for me. Here's a fixed link. 
Ah, Yes. 
I see what you mean. I actually mixed up Amnesia and Obscure.

@Pritchard Nope, still a thumbnail. Try again. 
Well it did show up as a tiny thumbnail in Firefox on a PC when I clicked on your link. I just checked it again on my phone and it seems fine. Weird. 
they're both thumbnails for me. Maybe it depends on which previous URLs you clicked on. 
How Soon Is Soon? 
I'll have a Quaddicted link up soon, and will post it below. 
Excellent, thanks! 
Why are you thanking me? I was only citing you from your original post. 
Ah, I see. Well, I sent the map to Spirit on 9 October, so as soon as he has time to process it. 
Here's The Quaddicted Link: 
Very Nice 
get stack overlow error when trying to pick up the crowbar tho 
For Some Reason 
works under quoth, oh well. best level I have played in a while, stunning details 
Crowbar Crashes The Game Again 
how do I start the game so this does not occur pls? 
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