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Quake Upstart Mapping Project - In Beta Release, Link Included!
Update: Current release here:

Playtest and give feedback!

Idea is to encourage newbies to build a quake map, and stick them all together. Anyone is welcome to join, just add yourself in here:

The recent DUMP projects for doom have been good motivation to get people into mapping, or for old hands to do something casual. I started building a quake map and decided someone should start a QUMP project, although I'm a total noob to quake mapping, hopefully I can learn what I need to put this project together over the next few months. If a more experienced mapper wants to take over as organizer, I would be grateful, but I'll do what I can in the interim.
Should we promo a bit about this? It is sometimes hard to let people know about this if not using blogs, simple articles etc. It would be idealogy to mention about this in others quake related sites as well. 
yep feel free to share it wherever you like 
Good Luck 
Really great idea, hope new mappers come to join in. 
One Question 
AD Mod or Just classic Quake? 
i would like AD, but i'm totally ok with classic quake. so no pressure.

it's possible to use AD Mod and don't use the new entities and functions?
if someone isn't confortable with them, the only changes are gameplay changes (projectiles shotgun, different AI, etc).

and since we are newbies, we are not familiarized with anything yet. if we don't use AD func, entities, etc features there is much complexity added? is there much difference between classic quake funcs (eg. funcdoor, funcplat) and the respective ad versions? are they mostly the same?
if not, then there is little harm in using AD.

i don't plan to use many funcs, triggers and more complex stuff anyway.

or we can decide later, i guess. 
Vanilla Vs. Chocolate 
You can do whatever you want but I would strongly suggest working with vanilla quake for first time maps. It is the base of what mods are built upon. 
id1 is better for beginners. AD has LOTS of stuff that can very easily be disorientating, even with the in-depth documentation. 
I would avoid AD stuff just for simplicity. keeping things vanilla will be the way to go, and its a good restriction for anyone who wants to work in ye olde style 
You are not allowed to enter this project! You're not a newbie! :) You will discourage noobs.
I'm preparing something different for You, project where you'll be able to show your aesthetics and skill. Will announce it soon. 
A link, I also added myself to the google doc. Feel free to give it a play right now, I'm curious to see what people think.

I don't think I've ever been this early for the deadline for anything before. 
vanilla will be the way to go
If you can edit your first post, you should specify rules like this there, so that people don't have to ask the question. If not, well, just keep it in mind for your next project. 
ok i'l shut up now :D .classic quake it is. put it somewhere in the main googledoc

original map sources!
i put it here for reference:

pritchard. fast map. didn't find second secret. played it two times. didn't like the door :D. i will check the triggers, func and whatnot in your source if i want to do that thing with the lights that reveal objects. 
Pritchard: I Liked It A Lot 
Nice map. :)

I know you've moved on since making this map and don't technically need any of this feedback, but here's what I thought (played on skill 1; not sure if you've implemented skill settings):

Clean construction, nicely designed rooms with respect to varied floor heights and designs that are not just simple rectangles, with rooms visible from other rooms, etc. It keeps things interesting aesthetically and in terms of gameplay -- in that encounters become a matter of height advantage, for instance, or that there are ways of breaking line-of-sight to dodge attacks.

Monster placement and selection was good, I thought. Lighting was good; maybe a tad too dark. Overall it feels very polished.

Having the key right next to the door is of course rarely a good idea, and the "key is revealed" mechanism only really works if the player does not venture into the little cave before killing the fiend; it would have been better, I think, if the key were visible but unreachable until the fiend is killed.

The map is extremely linear; a bit of a loop back at some point would have made things a lot more interesting. It's also a pity that at two points in the map, there is no way back.

The final arena has an interestingly complex trigger/platform/lift setup. It is well executed, although it comes across as a bit forced -- as in, it feels like complexity for the sake of complexity; like the mapper is trying to master as many things as possible.

I like the door to the final arena.

Secrets could be a bit better indicated, I think. It seems to be more a matter of being lucky in hitting the right wall than e.g. spotting a certain pattern.

The end feels abrupt, as the player just walks into a little room and then the map ends. A visible teleporter would have helped. Did you perhaps make the newbie mistake of thinking that your trigger_teleport would be visible in-game?

Overall, despite some flaws, it's an excellent first map.

PS: beginning_pritchard makes me think of Being John Malkovich. :) 
I thought the map had cool enemy encounters, where enemies came from behind, nice use of triggers. Game play was entertaining.

layout of the map reminded me of doom maps, its almost like an S-shape map which is good, however, there is not much exploration that can be made in the world. This is now my personal taste but i like to explore the map and i dont mind if some areas arent vital to the progression of the player.

Visually the world was themed consistently, it was too dark for my taste and i like dark maps.
If you want to come back to the map, you can add some low emission lights around with the value of 150-200.

Are there more of your maps somewhere that i can play? :) 
Am I Allowed? 
For months I've been stuck on the second map of my mod, Schlossherr, and I'd like to try my hand on something different to feel fresh about creating Quake content. 
sounds great.

Also I would also recommend making an id1 map if you're just starting out. 
Daya feel free yo join! Topher thanks for the source maps, always good to learn from the originals :) I added them to the google doc, as well as the specification of vanilla only.

It would be nice if we could edit posts and embed images here... 
You can't embed but you can at least post links to imgur or other image hosting sites. 
Great Idea 
Great idea. I've been meaning to create a Q1 map for years! I just signed up. Using TrenchBroom I'll be creating a remake of Hexen's first level: Winnowing Hall. 
Using TrenchBroom I'll be creating a remake of Hexen's first level: Winnowing Hall.

Loved to play that on deathmatch...great to see more sign ups! 
Extremely competent for what was then a first map. Straying away from the expected box hallways, we even get a little outdoor time. Lighting is a tad dark in areas but it isn't so dark you can't see.

Secrets were not marked well, I just randomly happened upon them being OCD with my ax.

I think the final section wasn't too complicated. It had a nice climatic feel to it...the exit is too abrupt and I would have been satisfied with just a room with a black texture on the back wall.

Leagues beyond what my first map. ;) 
All The Best... 
...with this venture. Patience is your friend. 
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Definitely agree with a lot of what people had to say - when I played through right before submitting and got to the end I was thinking to myself "Really? That's how I ended it?"...

It is quite a dark map, although I do tend to make pretty dark maps in general. It doesn't help that I map in a darkened room...

If anyone wants to play another map by me, check out my Noir Jam submission. It's the only other map I've released for Quake at this point. Perhaps leave feedback on that one in the jam thread, if you're so inclined. I'm always hungry for more opinions :P 
Played on skill 2 in DP. Not much to add to the choir except that grunts always feel weird in a medieval setting. I had a surprisingly hard time dodging ogres' grenades thanks to the architecture making them bounce in my general direction and the relative lack of lateral space to strafe. This is a good thing since ogres usually tend to be a little easy to fight.

You might want to come up with a better name than just "The Beginning", especially since QUMP will most likely not be structured like an episode and therefore have no formal beginning. 
I didn't mind the darkness, it was mostly fine except for those first two grunts on a ledge who were quite hard to see. Maybe add a torch there? 
No worries, I just wanted ask about which mod these people are going to use, since I need to know if I'm going to sent some group mails for some people that might be interested trying out Quake mapping* 
Khreathor was obviously joking about you not being "allowed" to enter this project. HexenMapper's introductory post clearly states that it's not exclusively restricted to total n00bs, plus you're still quite new to the mapping scene yourself. It's fine if you join in. You know the saying, the more the merrier...

As for mods, none. It's vanilla, as stated in the Google doc. 
I know he is joking, just wanted to make it clear anyway. And I guess it is better for me to continue my current projects, so I can finish them faster* 
OK Then, As You Wish 
But You Will Never Know, Maybe I'm Using Secret Name. 
You Guys 
have one great acronym 
Great Idea. 
Gives me a change to finish that mapjam7 entry that never went anywhere :) 
I'll Get Started. 
Haha, ikblue map coming through, haha 
Cripes, Forgot To Sign In. 
We seem to be having some nice diversity here: an underwater map by our project lead, medieval flying castles and submerged towers, a base map, a tomb, an IKblue map (yay!), a Hexen remake, not to mention a runic/metal map chockful of lava by Yours Truly. This is shaping up nicely! 
Don't Forget 
The Generic� by Pritchard! 
Ha Ha, So Instead Of Beginnings You Shoot For Endings Now? 
And do you often talk about yourself in the third person?

Seriously though, I didn't forget, just didn't feel like repeating "medieval something". 
Group Mail Sent 
Hopefully at least someone gets interested about Quake mapping* 
11 entries so far
this is shaping up nicely

in 2016, a 20 years old game, with doom being far more popular in the modding scene of old games

maybe tomorrow i'll post some screens of the work in progress. a very rough boxy sketch of the general layout of the map. if not, after xmas 
Talking about yourself in the third person can be fun, in moderation.

I figured that you didn't actually forget, and really I was just poking fun at myself; I honestly made a point to be uncreative when I built that map. I was just learning the ropes, after all, and I've made much nicer looking things for other games in the past. 
Screenshots Of Winnowing Hall 
I intend to make screenshots regularly and put them up on 
Sweet stuff, keep it up! Love me some Hexen textures.

11 entries so far

That's flupping amazing! 
@Pritch Oh yeah, generic as in uncreative, I get it (I don't agree though). In French, g�n�rique can also mean "end credits", hence my remark about endings.

@Jheronimus Nice screenshot. Do you plan on making a faithful remake or more like a remix? 
@Mugwump Thanks. I want the general layout to be quite faithful and, if time permits, add additional details and secrets. Stay tuned ;) 
Hey Now! 
Generic = high quality speed maps and the trademark is mine! :^) 
How "new" do you have to be? I released my first map a few months back, but it would be cool to submit a small old school runic/metal map if I still count as a newbie. ;) I'm about to go on vacation, so I have plenty of time to put something together. 
Its at your own discretion really, if you feel "new" you're welcome to put something together.

We still need someone to build a hub map, and usually those are best left to more experienced mappers (as this is the one people will have to keep coming back to, and needs to be nicely laid out)
The hub map should have entrances to all the maps, and as you walk down the entrance you get a message "X map, by Y mapper" or suchlike, so you know the map name and mapper 
I would like to do hub map, if there really is that much time. 
Great! The google doc should give you how many map entrances you'll need (11 so far), but be prepared to add more, bound to be some latecomers.

A message with the mappers name and the name of the map near the entrance to their map is a must, so people can browse maps from the hub then choose one. You could even customize the entrances to match the map themes if you like - I guess this will come later once people's themes are finalized. 
I will keep everything pretty flexible, no worries. About the start map theme, a bit like the original start map? 
I think it would be super cool if the start map was a bit like AD's start map, as in "a mix of each level." Of course, it would mean building it only after the individual levels are made, but AD set a new standard that I feel us mappers have to live up to. 
It would be very cool to have a start map in a similair theme to the original start map imo, but you're free to do whatever you like! As long as it looks nice and is relatively simple to navigate. I think it would be cool to reflect the theme of each map around its entrance, but thats more in the "would be nice" bucket, not essential. 
Own entrance for each map. Maybe if maps gets done earlier or at least see a bit about actually maps, screenshots and such. Then it would be possible, but since AD had some rules about each map, it was maybe easier to create unique entrance for each map. We will see. 
Yep that's all good, that kind of detail will be much later, once maps are mostly done. It could just be small detail stuff, nothing too crazy. For example the maps could all have the same shaped entrance, but with some detail variation or texture variation near the entrance. Entirely up to you though. 
What's The Deal With Start Maps In Jam Packs Anyway 
Better focus on making/finishing the actual levels instead of wasting energy on such a gimmick. 
Do The Hub Map Last. 
Do it last, after the map finish date is due, so that you can do it all. 
Maybe I am not good at English, but I just Said that. Hub will be finsihed the last. But the basic layout can be started pretty early. Hub is a nice touch anyway, we have to think about other users as well. 
What's The Deal With Start Maps In Jam Packs Anyway
Because walking through a portal/slipgate is more fun than typing commands in the console? Anyway, NewHouse is not actually making any gameplay map for this, so him making a start map won't waste anything. 
"AD Set A New Standard That I Feel Us Mappers Have To Live Up To." 
Would be nice to make a map first and worry about that later. 
There is only one worrying, surely others are just focusing on their maps. No need to repeat this anymore. Let's say on topic, shall we. 
What's the deadline for this? I went into this but I'll be busy with the end of the year's festivities and I have an internship for the entirety of January.

Though even with that I'll try to make the most of my map. 
Whoops, Nevermind That, Didn't Read The Updated Google Doc 
And cheers for the level design documentation links that was added! 
plenty of time, daya
lots, lots of days to finish the map

some screens with the work i made so far.

it's ok the tower in the third and four screenshots, with half of its base in the air? it's odd, but is a good example and aplication of oddness, or just bad? 
As long as there is no leaks or other errors after compiling your map, almost everything is possible.

Here is some links that might be good to add to the document file if not already there, tools and compiling gui: 
Compile Regularly! 
Friendly reminder to regularly compile and test your maps, this will save any major error finding later on, and if your maps fails to compile, you'll know it was something to do with whatever you've added since the last compile.

You can use the tools posted above by Topher or I've heard the latest version of Trenchbroom has a built in compiler too.

Backups are a must too! have a backup folder if you don't already, save constant new versions so if anything goes wrong you can go back to a recent build that works. You can always delete map files later on and they're very small so might as well save "MYMAP_11", "MYMAP_12" etc, a few times per mapping session. 
And To Be More Organized 
The final version should be named like this: qump_authornamehere 
Water Brushes 
i have 15 water brushes. there aren't gaps or intersections between brushes.
i tested the map in quakespasm and i can swim without problem of any kind.
can i expect problems or bugs with what i did?
weird bugs, problem with other engines, something like that. 
The best way to know if there'll be problems with other engines is to test it in these engines yourself. 
multiple adjacent water brushes is fine, the qbsp will merge them all, just make sure all of their surfaces imply the same contents value otherwise the brush might become solid instead.
water areas with different surface heights are fine (see dm3.bsp). even water above air is fine (see start.bsp). and of course bizzare shapes are fine (see pretty much ANY map with a teleporter).
the only time it might look weird is when you directly load the .map in your editor.

just be aware that water will not seal your map (unlike sky). any water fragments that remain in the void will get filled/removed instead of leaving cavities, so be sure to surround the underwater playable areas with solid brushes just as you would above-water areas. 
good to know, thanks

i know that there are technical specifications out there. but they are somewhat intimidating, academic, dry and extensive to newcomers. 
No worries, if you face any problems while mapping just let us know and someone eventually know how to help you. 
Not sure what your plans are with all of those water brushes, and maybe you know this, but in case you don't:

Water brushes can overlap with solid brushes. If you're creating e.g. a pillar standing in a pool of water, you don't have to painstakingly cut up your water brush into smaller pieces that fit around the pillar; you can just draw one large water brush that passes through the pillar and the floor and walls of the pool.

As I said, maybe you know this and maybe you're trying to do something special with those water brushes, but I thought it's worth mentioning this, as many newbies don't know this. (I know I didn't, and initially went to a lot of unnecessary trouble sculpting water brushes.) 
Count Me In 
I'm thinking of combining aztec/mayan architecture with some Base tech, kinda like stargate. 
My First Room

after one week of mapping for the first time i'm beginning to actually map.
i'm keeping two "maps". one with the general outline, and the actual map in wich i will put monsters, details, funcs and see how it evolves.

some guidelines that i have found useful:
* try to work most of the time with a grid of 16 for brushwork.
* see the sizes of most textures (64x64 , 48x48) and the size of brushes when you get misaligned textures.
* be wary of non-integer vertices on important brushes
* don't think in spectacular ideas and maps. at least not for the first map.
* try ideas in the editor and see how they look ingame
* practice with all the shortcut keys to work faster
* rotate textures when it's necesary. and inspect them when you rotate or flip brushes.
* learn about clip textures and how help gameplay by "smoothing" floors and walls

skacky streamed this:

i can't make rooms like that and make them look good in two hours

but i find useful seeing the "workflow" of making a map by a seasoned mapper 
Looks great topher! 
I'm getting a very id1 vibe from these pics. 
After solving an issue with my map not compiling, I managed to track the problem down to a few brushes. So I can continue work!

A screenshot:

Its a very messy map with a lot of overlapping brushes and errors, but eh it will be a map. I'm sure this messy mapping will come back to bite me at some stage, and I will definitely map a lot cleaner in future projects! 
Looks like a great first room topher!

I like the details in the ceiling Hexen, don't sweat it if things are a little rough the first time around! 
i like the ceiling
play with the lights later, to make it look more awesome

one thing that i loved from the first level of hexen and that i'm missing here is atmospheric effects. we have sounds, and with custom sounds we can do nice things.
but those leaves floating in the air were sublime. i know that the leaves are sprites.

when i played quake for the first time i imagined strong winds, rains, thunders. acid rain, how cool would be that?

oh well. i'm diggresing. i like the broken ceiling, good work.

and overlaping brushes are not that much of a issue if there isn't z-fighting with overlapping faces that are visible to the player 
Yeah I used to use those leaf spawners a lot when I was mapping for hexen, they're great! Being able to make custom sounds and place them in the map was a big plus (As I'm a composer/sound designer), really adds to the ambiance. I'm placing a few of the quake ambient sounds around, and they will suffice for the first map. I can learn how to add custom sounds later on.

I did notice there are little grey dots the player can see along some of the seams of overlapped brushes. I'll go through and try to troubleshoot these later on in the process, but for now I've worked out ways to overlap less and map cleaner 
Custom Sounds 
Quoth and AD allow those easily! I recommend mapping for Quoth, it actually makes certain aspects of mapping more intuitive (like monster spawning/ambushes, which otherwise requires a more complicated setup) and has some other cool added features without being overwhelming. 
Isn't This An Id1 Project? 
It is, but I thought I'd mention AD and Quoth on the topic of custom sounds... for future projects, of course. 
i have teleporting monsters now, func_doors and two secrets. i have yet to try patrols.

my first rooms look too brown..
maybe i will break the brown in the upper levels of the map

altough several id1 maps are very brown...
i'll see. maybe some e1m5 style? terracota? or maybe those city textures, make it look a bit like retrojam1. i will definitily use mosaic windows.

tomorrow and the day after i will have most of the day to slack off, rest, play some ad, and to map several hours. 
Mosaic windows (I guess you mean stained glass) aren't very egyptian... That said, the beauty of themed jams resides partly in how the mappers tweak the theme, as shown by the recent retro jam 5. NewHouse's planned mix of ancient and tech sounds cool. All of you guys have gotten me pumped for this jam and I can't wait to dive in it. 
Sorry, I thought I was in the MJ6 thread, nevermind... 
yeah, i was refering to stained glass, now i know the name
in the few hours after i commented i burned my middle finger. second-degree burn, fuck, i'll get blisters, i can't press the fuckin 'W' key while playing

Ouch, That Sucks! 
I always assumed that the fiend jump height multiplier was intentional. 
You meant retrojam 6? There has been so many jams last year (2016) that it might be a bit confusing to remember numbers*

Anyway, now that jam is over I can start working on start map's basic layout. 
Great! I've been looking at a few iD levels and their layout seems to be almost doom-like. many rooms all spread out, not often vertical or stacked. The Outdoors area of E1M1 with the bridge is positively doom - the way the mountains are perfectly vertical... 
Well after all these guys created Doom, so there is a lot of similarities. ;) 
I thought that one of their design principles when making Quake levels was "If it can be made in Doom, then you're doing it wrong". 
You Must Have Been Watching Devs Play? 
I think Romero didn't mean it literally* 
Quake feels like they started in the doom style, then learned how to map 3D as they went, becoming more vertical and with more intricate detail in outdoor areas. Their editors may have been a limitation too, complex geometry in outdoor areas may not have been as simple as it is in trenchbroom 
@NewHouse No, I Meant 5. 
The wind tunnel jam. But my post was globally about retro jam 6, so I guess it can be confusing... ;)

The Outdoors area of E1M1 with the bridge is positively doom
Most definitely. The demon faces and impaled corpses are straight from Doom. I remember being actually surprised that the game itself didn't feel more like Doom. Pleasantly surprised, because as much as I love Doom, it's... well, it's Quake! :D

may not have been as simple as it is in trenchbroom
Which is precisely why I haven't been mapping until just a few months ago. The tools were simply not intuitive enough for me. Trenchbroom is a gift. 
Testing Nightmare Entrance 
wow looks AWESOME

very nightmarish 
I might try out adding more brightness there, but I really do like how it feels already atm. 
NewHouse, its look is nice. Butmaybe make lava some brightness (by adding some small lights above it)? 
And dss some "misc_fireball" entitees like in the start map. 
Like This? 
That lighting makes a big difference. Much better. 
Looks Great, NewHouse! 
Very hellish. 
yeah. very nice lighting

that's colored lighting right?

i'm still going slow, but here are some screens: 
Thank you.

Yes, I'm using colored lighting.

Looking great so far~ 
Getting Some Dm1 Vibes From That Map. 
Very nice, topher. 
How is everyone going?

I'm slowly plowing through my map, adding a bit every day. probably 60% done... 
some rooms done, general idea nailed. i have to GO MAP! actually. but i am 10% done at most. 
Not a single brush more than the start area I showed before Xmas. Had more pressing matters to attend to. 
Working On Second Half Of The Map. 
Wow that looks great! will the entrance be hidden like in the original entryway? 
Yes, it will be hidden, but every curious player will find it quite easily. 
Very Atmospheric 
i will be creating some brush assets and grouping them in one file
maybe i will do a curve tutorial. like this:
but for trenchbroom, and adding some info, like the angles (0� ; 26,56� ; 63,43� ; 90�), how to build doorways in those arches
i will test if there can be doors in those angles without issues, and with 45� angles.

i will try to do this at least 1 hour each day
alongside i will continue to work in my qump map, but i will focus on assets and trying bad and good brushwork, seeing how monster interact, checking map sources. i also have to check the test maps for arcane dimensions, i never played them or checked the sources.

we can exchange newbie stuff
but not for now, i don't want to post and share garbage 
Nice, good on you topher. 
How Is It Going, Everyone? 
Hopefully there is now a little pause with jams (or maybe I just keep pause). I will continue working on 1/2 entrance, I will show something new at the end of this weekend. Let me know if there is some styles or themes you want me to try out putting near your teleports. Also if you need testing and stuff, just ask hexenmapper or me.

Here is my mail, so you can ask or share files, if you guys want: mikkou90 ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com.

Happy mapping for everyone! 
Ah yep, good stuff, look forward to seeing what you've come up with! I'm getting closer to having the basic layout done, adding a few details and monsters as I go.

some pools of water and broken glass would suit the entrance to my map. (wizwin1_8 for the glass texture)

People can email me too at:

thespidersrepublic (at) hotmail (dot) com 
I am joining!

newhouse you (insert four lettered word of choice) is not a valid email! 
Good Link Fir Motivation 
Good Link Fir Motivation 
Sorry For Dbl Post My Pc Malfuctioned 
Katy Perry Is Motivational, Now?! 
So you triple post just to say sorry for double posting? Yeah, makes sense... xD 
Join To QUMP 
Earlier I made a few maps for vanilla Quake in the different speedmappings and jams. Now I started new vanilla e1m2-like map. Can I join to this project? 
of course 
OF course man, just add yourself to the google document and get mapping! 
Ok, I'm added myself to the google doc. 
welcome DOOMer! 
One of big "rooms" in my map - 
gl_texture_anisotropy 16 
Looks Coo DOOMer 
Very retro hellish :) 
Red Sky Looks Always Good~ 
Ok, i change this cvar for future shots.

Yes :) I would like to make it more modern, but don't know how.

Oh yeah, I love that red sky, vanilla sky from Quake I like less 
Looks great DOOMer! 
So topher where's the assets?

I recommend downloading the file for two texwads. 
ah, i made some
but i want to check typical widths and lengths. numbers that pop up: 128 units (a lot), 96, 192, 160.

also, TB was crashing, so i waited for new releases. with 2.0 RC2 it doesn't crash anymore.

also, now i know how to make torus, pipes, staircases in a fast way. at least with regular forms, then it can be customized with a little vertex editing, or adding detail brushes on the surfaces of the regular form.

btw, there is a program that can record the screen of the computer AND print the keys and clicks that you are using in the video? so i can make a video 
It sounds like great work you're doing. Thank you.

Just wondering whether it's a good idea to make brush prefabs available to other newbie mappers in a project like this. Personally I think tutorials are great, but that new mappers should be creating their own assets, rather than copy+paste-ing someone else's work. I mean, QUMP is mainly about giving people an opportunity to learn and practice everything that goes into making a playable map, including creating their *own* brushwork. 
yeah, that was the other thing that i was thinking
i learn a lot trying to make things.

but also there is a optimum way to make certain things

specially more complex things like pipes or staircases, for example

i'm trying to see if there is a way to make spheres (and aproximation, that is) of arbitrary sizes 
If mappers want to use someone's else prefabs or samples, in sake of learning it might not be that bad in fact. Only the extreme case might be that there is two totally identical maps, and clear cases of directly using someone's else prefabs, but if you can avoid those kind of side effects, then it should be fine I think. 
For The Sake Of Learning* 
little sphere

i don't like it very much 
Arcane Dimensions 
I have uploaded another screenshot to . You may notice that I'm using the Arcane Dimensions devkit.

So far I have used: rotating brushes for the traps in the hall, the entity state system in order to properly link two trigger_multiples, and the a custom particle emitter for the smoke in the middle of the hall. I have a few more ideas but at the very least I need to add breakables (remember the stained glass that leads to the staircase?).

The use of AD has been discussed before, but I now realize that a faithful remake/remix of Winnowing Hall cannot be created without it. I'm really enjoying mapping, but it has proven to be very time consuming. There's a good chance that this will be both my first and my last map.

I don't want to cause any fuss here. If you all agree that AD doesn't belong in QUMP then I will respect that and I will leave the project without any hard feelings. In any case, I want to thank HexenMapper for creating QUMP because it finally made me mapping. And I have every intention of finishing this map!

- Jheronimus 
Winnowing Hall is a great map, AD would be able to do it justice in a lot of ways. 
i'm open to use AD

technical aspects are no issue for me, and i can make it as complicated as i want to, like sock said in twitter 
If you have to use AD, thats fine, we'll make it work (I hope ?). You're right that the breakables are a must for that map if you want to do it faithfully.

Is it possible to have one map in AD in and the rest vanilla? will we still be able to put them in the same .pk3 file or will it cause trouble and will we have to do all maps as AD? I understand it changes weapon physics and a few other things? 
It would be far, far easier to have any maps using AD/other mods be their own separate thing. As far as I know, AD can load/play vanilla maps, but it does change aspects of the gameplay in them. And there's no feasible way to have both AD and id1 (vanilla) in the same gamedir/pk3. 
If one map is in AD, soon everyone will be in AD. Even Pritchard can make his map work in vanilla style, even though it had a lot of breakable objects.

This is just the suggestion, but could you make it work without breakables or rotating brushes? You can always submit your standalone version of your map separately? (extra promo to be honest, if it is in qump too). 
Unfortunately that specific map really relies on breakables - notably all the breakable glass windows, one being "structural" to the flow of the map.

It could be done in vanilla, but you'd end up with glass that opens like a door and doesn't have a smashing sound - not the same... but technically do-able.

Problem is everyone else is mapping in vanilla (and I'd like to keep it that way), and if there's no way to combine them into the same file, it would mean Jheronimus' map is left out in a separate file, and wont be able to be part of the hub that joins everything together.

I guess its up to you Jheronimus, if you can make your map work in vanilla, it would be great, otherwise I'm happy to include it, but it will be a separate file and not part of the connecting hub. 
It Is Doable 
to do everything in that map without mods (no need to use doors to simulate breakables, there is several way better methods), but it won't be completely the same. And it will need to rely heavily into hacking.

On the other way, you really should do keep your hands from any mod for your first maps, or it will happen the same as to Jheronimus: you will end up overworked, overwhelmed and overfocused on the features of the mod and won't have the energy to work on the maps themselves. The result, you'll be tired of mapping long before getting to half the map. The best is to keep things simple to avoid that.

That's why the ideal for first maps are speedmaps: as they can be done fast and won't tire neither the body or mind. Play any besides sm175 and sm177 for reference. When you get the speedmap done, like how it ended, and you still have the energies to continue, is when you can get to think about bigger things, like to continue it or to connect several of them to make a bigger one.

An yes, there is no way to connect maps from different mods. That happened before and ended in the maps that weren't geared towards the mod being broken and lots of problems. 
i like that speed map idea

i will see what i c4n m4k3 1n f0ur h0ur5.
if i have the time, i will map 2 hours today, 2 hours tomorrow, and shove the result unto you here 
Join To QUMP And Some Screenshots Of The Map 
Hello, everyone. I want to join the project. I'm newbie at mapmaking, so it will be my first experience.

Here are few screenshots of my map:
Main arena:,
Prison room(1 of 4): 
Nice Start Kres 
That's some radical looking stuff right there. I like the mix of liquids in the main room. The prison hallway is elongated creepiness! 
Looks good kres 
good screens

don't forget to add yourself in the google doc: 
Welcome, Kres 
Nice screens for start. 
Interesting Work, Kres 
That first one doesn't look like the work of a newbie. 
ok, i played the maps in SM177 and SM178

i will try and see what i can do in 4 or 6 hours. probably a 4h/6h turd.

ofc it will be a experiment, i'm kinda stuck in my qump map. 
Looks great Kres, welcome to the project :) 
Speedmap Experiment Part 1 
this is what i made in 1h30m
it's not textured, it's not playable, it's not sealed. but at least it compiles and can be launched.

i tried to record the session, but i didn't select well the option in the program (i'm using OBS, downloaded yesterday) and recorded a black screen the whole time. damn. 
in reference to SM178, my map was made literally over the span of 24 hours. that is, i stayed up for 24+ hours working on it. 
It's OK, and it is also OK for that time given, but you can give yourself 7 or 8 hours and they will still be speedmaps: The point of me recommending speedmaps is about keeping things simple and focus on whats important and not on the fancy and eyecandy. In how much time exactly, that isn't much important.

About the map itself: you can go even forward in reusing setpieces like those windows, it will speed up mapping and will give coherence to the map. And, that fight looks like its gonna need to tone down a lot or give an armour and SNG to get past comfortably. Seeing the bars i suppose you plan to trap the player and then teleport the enemies. That's probably for the best given the room's layout,if not the player will sit comfortably on the ramp shooting while the daemons are trying to get to him.

If you want more inspiration, the ones i can recommend are sm170 and sm171: they are very good while being speedy. 
So Tiny Change, So Huge Difference 
Now I understand what made the main arena look better in quality.
I made an experiment and added to the prison 1 small detail: pillars with a different texture.
New look of the prison room: 
hopefully this is useful for someone: 
This looks better than previous version. 
Looks more detailed now, I like the blue highlights. 
i was "in the zone" during the 90 minutes.
this speedmap thing will help me, you were right

the fight that i plan is first the demons + dogs when first entering the room, then the knights and vore when picking the silver key, and then putting the bars. but i didn't thing about the ramp, so i have to rework that fight. perhaps some teleportation.. or setups like the vore in other parts. 
Monthly Check In 
So how's everyone going?

Make sure you compile your maps as you go, don't want to "finish" your map only to find it wont compile! also helps to playtest a lot as you go :) 
Now I have a "turtle mapping" phase (up to 10 brushes per day) for building a basic layout of the map. New screenshots aren't available. 
Something like this: 
Hi, I'm absolutely new to quake mapping, I know nothing, I actually do maps for UT2004:

Anyway, I started this Monday, this is what I have so far, it's only the starting point, I'm going to model the base entrance next:

Also, I have a ton of leaks (this doesn't happen in Unreal), is because the sky is open? 
crazy rockwork :)

Yeah, the open sky is causing it to leak - in Quake, the brushes need to form a tight seal between the playable area and the void. Once it's sealed, qbsp will be able to automatically delete the back sides of all of those rock walls. 
If someone who has never touched a mapper before wanted to learn how to make Quake maps, what mapper should they use and how should they get started? 
I would recommend TrenchBroom for the map editor.

Check here and see if this helps you get is what I used when I first began to map. 
i also recommend trenchbroom
i never touched and map editor before.
i tried a little bit j.a.c.k. ; netradiant and trenchbroom, and i liked trenchbroom the most.

also, be sure to read carefully the manual of trenchbroom, it's packed with information 
Don't Touch The Mappers. They're Prone To Biting. 
Not All Mappers Are Prone To Biting. =) 
J.A.C.K. is not less comfortable than in the trenches. On just a bit different in UI. 
Finally Started To Properly Sketch Down My Map 
Well, only 2/3rd of it but the main gist has been thought out, so now things are going faster. Hopefully the map is done before the end of the month.

The map's style is inspired by UT2004's TensileSteel map.

Of course it's lacking details, but that's because I want to focus on constructing the layout first. 
Also Forgot To Say 
I'm still using TB1 because TB2's still in beta and I thus suspect it to be less stable. 
Looks cool, hope to see it soon!

Also TB2 is now in the RC phase, it's actually very stable now! 
+1 to using TB2. Youll have less crashes than with TB1, guaranteed. Especially during vertex manipulation.

Theres lots of little changes that you didnt know you needed either, you can see the changes here:

(first post in this thread just for that) 
Need For Playtest 
The map is in fact ready (some bugs left in the main arena but they are reachable only when you use noclip). I made Hard difficulty, but after hundreds of tests it's difficult for me to understand is the Hard difficulty really hard. So I need someone to test the map.

Cool map krez, I liked the flow and look of the areas.

I feel like some of the monsters could be more aware, like the ones in the first room, maybe uncheck them from ambush, or have them facing the place the player will enter? seems odd picking them off one by one while the other monsters dont notice.

I thought the difficulty was ok, I played on hard and got killed in the dog / fiend ambush, although I was doing fine before then. Perhaps that area is a bit too hard, while the rest up to that point was a little easy (except perhaps the sewer section with the shambler and fiends which was good)

The health kits in the pool in the first room have pretty bad z fighting with the surface of the water (I run on -fitz so no transparent water, not sure if that's what's causing it), and the pedestal that the silver key sits on felt a bit awkward when I tried to walk over it and couldn't.

Other than that, great stuff! Its coming along nicely :) 
i will play this today or tomorrow and upload a demo and feedback, kres 
@HexenMapper, thank you for feedback. I added a bit more difficulty and rotated monsters in the first room. Also I lowered the pedestal of the silver key and added the pedestals for each item in the prison cells in the sewer.

@topher, thank you, I will wait.

Known bug: some parts of lava in the main arena don't work as lava (idk how to fix it)

I reuploaded the map, so if you have already downloaded it, please, redownload. 


commentary un the demo

the gameplay in general is good. you should add an armor in the arenas. some monster are facing away when you first aproch them

also some polishing is needed, but nothing too bad

i can help you with the brushes

if some parts don't work as lava it may be because they have weird shapes or mixed face contents (like lava in some faces and water or solid in other faces) 
Thought I'd check in since I haven't posted anything in this thread since signing on. I started something when QUMP was announced but it ended up going in a different direction, and I want it to ultimately be for AD. So I picked up an unfinished layout I made in an evening last year that I originally intended to be a Qonquer arena, to turn it into a coagula-style map for this project. I'm mostly concentrating on finishing the layout and gameplay at the moment; haven't done any lighting or any detailing aside from what I needed to get a feel for the aesthetic, which is a hybrid metal/tech theme. I might dip into some other texture packs like Rubicon to get a variety of computer screens or whatever, to flesh out the theme a bit.

No title yet.

Lousy in-editor screenshot: 
Looks Interesting! 
Nice going, keep going! 
Looking good lpowell, vertical is best -cal!

My map is mostly done, I'm just plugging like 100 leaks and then a few detail and balance edits 
Monthly Check In 

How's everyone going?

Any problems or need for play testing? 
Basic Layout Is Now Done!

Still want to add some secrets and small details there and there, but that will be done by polishing this guy up and making it pretty! 
Yes... How Is Everyone Going? 
Sound off those of you who are still keen. I hope everyone hasn't forgotten about this!

My map is in dire trouble... degenerate edge got me and I might need to do some serious fault finding, or start from scratch... At least I learned a lot so far :) 
Need Playtesting! 
Hi, playtest my maps please! xD

They're called "shq1m1" and "shq1m3", they're likely very terrible and unfinished, but that's why I need feedback :P

Download them here:

They were made specifically for this mod in a rush so they likely won't work in vanilla quake.

Is it possible to make a bridge collapse? I tried using func_plats, func_trains with path_corners but it always ended up with the player stuck in them. (i.e., in "shq1m3", I want the bridge to collapse behind and/or below the player's feet and force the player to sprint and jump at the end) 
And I post this here because I want to recreate SHQ1M3 from scratch for vanilla quake (for QUMP) 
Guys,my entry might not make it in time.My exams are coming up soon and my parents will kill me if I get low grades.
If I get time I will finish it,but it will be like a testmap. 
no problem man, I'm having to start from scratch as of yesterday so... dont worry too much. real life is more important! 
real life
real life is shitting me these last weeks

i have the idea, theme, layout and expected encounters for my map. i have a few areas mostly done. i learnt a lot. the rest is finishing the map

i'll be posting a beta around 19-MARCH 
I might submit my map if QUMP becomes a series. 
i haven't mapped anything since my last message. i may have a beta this sunday. maybe.
i was busy with other things 
Everyone who is still in for this thing should sound off. I have a feeling we may have lost a few over the months... probably too long of a deadline and people forgot about it... Personally I had to start from scratch so will be a push to finish buy the deadline, but I'll give it a shot 
Some Motivators And Deadline? 

I have been a bit busy with with things, but I will finish what I started. I would like to know who is still in so I can figure out how many library rooms I need to make, original plan was to have 3 rooms (5 - 7 mapper) per each?

Just say "I am in" "I will make it" and that should be enough. If you're struggling with something just freely email me (read the online document mail is there). I can provide demos and feedback the best I can.

If some kind of closer deadline would motivate you personally to try your best, I will give it here, 24th of this month lets try you who haven't got done much to squeeze out some creative spirit, what do you say? I will wait at least someone mailing me, so I can help you to polish them. I know you can create something awesome, and help is always there available.

Cheers everyone, hope you still have energy towards this project. 
I Can Make It For The 1st Of April 
I haven't forgot about it, in fact I had to postpone some stuff because I have to finish my map first.

I just have to finish polishing two areas, put the enemies in and beta testing will be a go. 
I will make it.
my map will be really small,but it may have some nice gameplay.

Can I have a track to go with my map? 
Don't want to spoil anything,but could you make the last date 4 March? My mom won't let me use my PC 
You can use one of the regular quake tracks in your map. Select one of your brushes, add a "sounds" class and set the number of the track you want ("02" or "04" etc.) 
Well I'm not sure how many we have left, and who we have lost along the way. My map is still a way from being finished, but I'm going to try to haul ass on it over the next week (have been putting in some hours over the last few days) and might just sneak in by deadline...

It seems from a rough count we have 5 definite maps, but more people may come out of the woodwork once the deadline rolls around. People aren't really updating the QUMP google doc, so many people are still at the "first brush in Trenchbroom" or "planning" phase. It may be that people realized how hard mapping for quake could prove for a newcomer (I've certainly found it a challenge in some respects) and quietly disappeared from the project :)

So people, please update your area of the google doc with your progress, report in here with "I AM STILL IN" and we'll try to do the best we can :) 
Because we are talking about newcomers, I would recommed extending deadline but this time maybe consider using discord, that way people could be more in touch and focused. And of course help could be closer.

It could be of course more off-topic / less serious, and someone needs be a moderator there but in overall I think that would be ideal. Maybe having own page for each map and then general page where you Hexenmapper could mostly announce news and things that considers everyone. Of course sending betas would be easier and feedback much faster, sending screenshots etc.

What do you say? I am myself a bit busy atm with the episode jam, and finishing/polishing start map will takes some time. And maybe after april 2th it is still under work, but I will do it eventually no worriers. 
Good Idea. I've never used discord, but I'll look into it. I guess we'll find out when the deadline hits as to who's still in. Extending the deadline could work, but probably not too much as people seem to lose interest / forget about the project over the course of a few months. 
Atm I think, it is just better to keep up some noise, and eventually some people might get interested again* 
Work In Progress - Qump Start Map 
Polishing For Mine Is Almost Done 
Sealing the map and adding additional enemies and items are ongoing right now, and after that I'll spend the following days and week doing beta testing.

Setting a discord server would be nice as well, so we're better organized, and I won't say no to an extended deadline, if it's not big, something like 8th of April, but that's something we'll see if there's not enough content on the 1st. 
Looks great as always Newhouse!

I'll look into setting up a discord.

My map is sealing and coming along, I realized it can't be too big (as you teleport back to the other side of the map!?) so I've cut it down a bit. Also sealing up and compiling as I go just to make sure everything is working. Trying to stick to sane brushwork this time - no crazy overlapping rotated brushes all over the place. Make things easier and quicker too.

Rough progress shot: 
Ok We have a discord now: 
Good Progress 
Nice going HexenMapper, keep it up! 
Looking Forward To Playing This! 
I haven't been keeping up with this thread but current progress shots look cool :) 
i started from zero, this is harder than i thought. and i'm not an art or creative type of guy

it's also time consuming. i like it, but don't expect quality for now. it will be a boxy box map of boxes. or perhaps not so boxy, but very small.

in any case, i will submit something. in the worst case it will be a very small map. 
I've been busy, and working on my map on and off, however I should have a playable beta by April 1. If the deadline could be extended to account for testing and tweaks that would be lovely. 
We're going to extend the deadline (slightly)

Try to have your mapping done by April 1st,

And then you'll have until April 17th to test, fault-find, balance, polish, etc.

Good Luck!

Join us at the discord if you haven't already to discuss your map, get help, get playtesting, etc: 
Goal Is To Motivate New Mappers 
Hello everybody,

I'm most likely every day 24/7 available in
We can together discuss via PM, or in your own page locally. I can provide demos and prefabs for more difficult stuff for something you might want to have included in your map. We will together ensure map's quality the best we can.

I will teach colored lighting, how functional entities work etc. if you're struggling with something, it is always faster to ask directly and get the simple answers immediately. And that time you can personally spend on creating something great*

So don't be afraid to join in, there is still plenty of time and you're not alone with this. Main goal is to motivate new mappers, and ensure their first release be something to be proud of. Deadlines are not written in stone. So even if you spot this message a bit later, just freely ask and I think answer is positive yes.

I will be continuing start map, starting from April 2th, making extra teleports there is no big deal. 
Return To QUMP 
In early March, my HDD crashed and I lost some of the work. And about 3 weeks not practiced mapping. Yesterday I setup JACK for Quake, and restart my map from early saved copy. 
Welcome Back 
Hello DOOMer, feel free to visit qump discord page, we will create your own page after that. There should be a quite enough time, deadline is not written in stone and people have rough deadline 17th April, but if some maps are close to finishing at that point, extra time will be most likely given. And even if you're quick, feel free to beta test others maps and share feedback, I think they will appreciate it* 
Hey doomer, join us in the discord:

We can provide playtests / demos and feedback :) 
Manchester's Leftovers Is Done! 
Nice job Daya, looks properly qumpy ;) 
Looks Very Promising 
Kind of e2m2 meets jam6_daya meets quothescape.

Just a minor observation about the name of the map (and jam6_daya, for that matter):

The word "leftovers" in English refers primarily to uneaten food that is "left over" after a meal. Maybe there's a reference I'm missing, but to me, "Manchester's Leftovers" sounds like the chicken and rice Manchester has not finished and is heating up in the microwave the next day. Perhaps "The Ruins of Manchester" would be a better name?

Or better yet -- isn't French your first language, Daya? Why not give your maps French titles? It'd be so much more interesting, in my opinion, than yet another English or German name (e.g. "Shlossherr"). 
I get your question, and indeed, French is my first language.

The thing is about jam6 and my qump submission's name, is that it's kind of a play of words. The idea behind using "Leftovers" is that the place they're referring implies their construction, which then dumped away the unessecary bits to be forgotten, like in a junkyard dimension, hence the term "leftovers", but on a metaphorical level. 
#225, #226 
Thanks guys, I joined discord now. Tomorrow I'm going to figure out how to use it, and see what you've published

Today I finished the basic layout of the map, and proceeded to the creation of detail and lighting. I hope that screenshots will be after the weekend. 
Nice work Doomer! look forward to seeing what you've made :) 
Hey guys, I'm afraid I'm going to have to duck out. I was hoping to finish up my map when I finally got some free time in the last week of April, but unfortunately I got extremely sick and was unable to do anything. I do plan to finish and release the map but to be honest going into crunch mode at this point would be to the detriment of the map. Things are looking busy again so I may not be able to anyway. Sorry! 
All good man, we still have until the 17th to finish maps off, and even then that may get extended if people need more time. Its all about getting people to make something they can be proud of, so up to you if you want to still try for a finished map or just chill :) 

It could be getting towards the time to get HYPED! 
Very Nice 
Congratulations on your project HexenMapper, it looks like Qump will soon see its release?

Nice trailer, cool music. 
We're getting closer, still quite a bit to do, and some maps are still being built. In the end its about supporting those mappers until they have something they can be proud of, so there's no set date for release yet :)

Soon though... 
In Terms Of My Map... 
... it is safe to say this year :D 
Over 9000℅ speed, and it will be 2-3 weeks 
9000 plus* 
I Love Everything About This Thread 
Nice little trailer there. Great job everyone. GO MAP :) 
In Progress 
Oh, my early shot in the trailer. Thanks :)

Now I have finished the basic lighting and some detailing. During the next few days will be to place items and monsters.

Maybe I not be able to finish map at the deadline. 
We can extend deadlines if you need more time doomer, its no problem :) 
Just Being A Dick... 
...get amongst it Qumpers! 
Love The Trailer! 
keep up the good work! 
We are extending the deadline to the 30th of April, as we still have a few mappers mapping, and this project is all about helping people make something they're proud of!

Best of luck everyone, great job to those who have finished so far, we have some very cool maps so far :)

Unfortunately we will not be accepting any new mappers to the project at this stage, those of you who want to join from now on will have to wait until QUMP2 (assuming that actually happens!?) 
Greetings all, we've made great progress over the last few months, we have around 7 maps completed and submitted or in their final stages of mapping.
We still have 3 - 4 maps still being built, and so we're helping those guys/gals out, we have some goals over the next few weeks to help them make some good progress.

So we're likely looking at releasing towards the end of this month, but in the end this project is about helping new guys map, so we'll see how it goes.

Cheers to all who have helped so far, certainly good to have some old hands who know how quake works to guide us. 
Good Luck 

I had to drop put as my school had exams_then family issues and many many other things.

Now I lost a certain wireless keyboard and mouse receiver.

I am happy that you guys are still mapping.Good luck.

You are the future of Quake and I wish you the Best of luck.

Good Luck 

I had to drop put as my school had exams_then family issues and many many other things.

Now I lost a certain wireless keyboard and mouse receiver.

I am happy that you guys are still mapping.Good luck.

You are the future of Quake and I wish you the Best of luck.

Damn It 
Stupid tablet double posted 
We are going to be finalizing QUMP in the next few weeks hopefully, so everyone who has not submitted their maps should do so as soon as possible.

DOOMer - can you post your map in the discord? we haven't heard from you in a while, it would be nice to include your map as it looks like you've done a lot of work on it. But we can't include it unless you post it :)

Anyone else who has finished a map but not yet submitted it on the discord, please do so!

Thanks, look forward to releasing QUMP sometime this month! 
And If It Doesn't Come Out This Month... 
... it's totaly my fault! ;)
Well, I entered Qump quite late (March/April). And like anyone who has at least traces of a real life, it was difficult for me to stay on track and make good progress every day. @OtherQumpers I'm really sorry when we delay into July, I can try to do my best!
I'm looking forward to release, just be patient :D 
No Aaa 
Hey HexenMapper! I'm really sorry for falling off the radar these past few months but I haven't been able to do any work for Quake (see reasons in post #29198 in GA), so I guess my map won't make it. Also, I've been entertaining the very appealing idea of releasing it solo: like someone said, due to its name, Aaa would be listed at the top on Quaddicted. That's a helluva good product placement! And I didn't even do it on purpose... 
All good mugwump, thanks for letting us know. 
Any ETA? 
We have 1 mapper still mapping - he just needs to add in enemies and lights so hopefully shouldn't be too long :) Another few still finalizing a few things, and one who has made a map but we haven't heard from him in a while (DOOMer where are you?)

And we still need to make the start map, but that won't take long, NewHouse will be putting it together once all the maps are mostly done.

So not sure, hopefully near the end of this month or the start of the next :) 
OK Thanks 
We're Still Alive! 
Just 2 maps remaining in the later stages of finishing, our start map is coming along too so hopefully won't be long before we release.

We are still alive! and the extra time has allowed some of the other mappers to really do some great work! 
That's great news. If you want a video - you know who to ask. :) 
Hey thanks dumptruck_ds, I did just watch your jam9 video and enjoyed it :)

We have a trailer which I think should be plenty for us:

Cheers for the offer though! 
so how many submissions do you have in this pack? 
Nice! Looking forward to the pack. 
There will be 8 maps and a new start map 
Almost Done! 
We're looking at putting the finishing touches on this project over the next week or two, pretty much all the maps are done!

If you haven't submitted your finished map yet, you have this last week to do so, otherwise you can keep it aside for QUMP2, assuming such a project takes place :)

Great job everyone, some very cool maps made, look forward to getting them out there 
Can't wait for the final release! 
Good Stuff Guys! 
>>> DOOMer where are you?

I suspended my qomp map developing due to lack of time ^^( Sorry, guys. Maybe in the future I will complete this map for next QUMP (if it takes place in the future). 
Good to hear from you DOOMer - all good man. Your map looked great, look forward to playing it someday, maybe on QUMP 2 :) 
I Should Have Joined This... 
If I my schedule wasn't as crazy as it has been... Looking interesting. Looking forward to playing. 
It seems like a lot of people forgot to finish their maps. I think Lane Powell converted his QUMP entry into an AD map. Anyone here still mapping? 
Yes, Me! I'm Finishing In The Next Few Weeks, Then We Relaease! 
Yep we still have one map in the final stages of completion ^^ and then this project is pretty much ready for release! 
All the maps are complete, the start map is done, we're doing a brief alpha/testing stage and then we can release!

Thanks to NewHouse for his help on this project, couldn't have done it without him!

Congrats everyone involved, you should all be very proud of your maps. There is a link to the alpha test in the discord if anyone is interested 
Fantastic. Way to be closers. :-) 
well we've solved some issues and here's our first release candidate:


Once again thanks to everyone who helped out and answered our questions in the mapping help.
I will submit this in the news as well 
News Is For Final Releases Not First Release Candidates Nor Beta Tests 
That's For Maps. 
Obviously tools and in some rare cases on-going mods / map-enhancing tools might be different. 
Thanks shambler, not only are we new to quake mapping, we are new to the specifics of this forum.
You can delete your re-post in screenshots and betas if you like. 
I mostly blame the retarded way DoomWorld does it where every single release begins as an open beta and you don't get the final version until page 8 or something.

I'll try to play the thing today and leave some demos. 
Doomworld also lets you edit the OP, so you can keep the very first thing people see up to date.
Embedding images is also very nice. Walls of text are nice, but images you don't have to click on are even nicer :) 
Not trying to be a dick but I think general players prefer it if they're not inadvertently testing something that's going to be updated a bit. 
Job well done everyone! 
We might have been just too excited about that it is finally over. It is true though that it was mostly just tested by couple people in project, including me too. It is good to have now more public testing going on before we put it back to news. Thanks everyone for being active around this project. 
Hey Qumpers,

I've found a bug for you: the start map entrance to Brassbite's map links to "brassbite1.bsp", yet the file is called "qump_brassbite.bsp" -- so if you try to enter the map from the start map, you get thrown to console with an error message. 
Other Than That... first impressions are very positive. The start map looks great; I love the way it transitions into the theme of each individual map it links to.

Of the actual maps, I've only played gump_vingal so far. It's great fun, and hard to believe it's a beginner's map. There are a few misaligned textures here and there and some of the large swathes of brown brick look a bit samey in places, but overall the map looks great. The rock work at the beginning is particularly impressive. I really liked the secrets too. 
Brassbite entrance will be fixed in a day. 
if you try to enter the map from the start map, you get thrown to console with an error message

Good internal testing there... 
No need to point that out anymore, it is already being dealt with, you just have to wait a bit. Shit happens all the time. 
Nice, fixed and updated. Current version now qumpBeta2 
Either I've Missed Something Or Qump_brassbite Is Broken 
Still on the previous version you released; I started the map from the console.

Played on skill 1. Am at the top of the last tower, where you take the lift up and find the SNG. 87/90 kills -- I've just killed 2 fiends and a shambler. The way back down is sealed by bars, and now I seem to be stuck. Nothing else has opened up and the last three monsters have not spawned as far as I can tell. 
@total_newbie Thank you for noticing, that will be taken cared of asap. 
We've added your map in, but we're missing your skybox. Some very minor edits would be nice for your map, but I understand if that's not possible... 
Shadows Of Our Forgotten Ancestors 
hey my first map will also be on the pack, newhouse made an entryway for it also. Thanks newhouse for including my map! :) 
We found your skybox too!
very fun map - Impressive that its your first! 
We have updated the files, added in naitelveni's map and the fixes to qump_brassbite, as well as some other minor edits The download link is the same

If I could edit the OP, I would add the link so its easy to find, instead of having to trawl through all posts here, but we can't edit posts here, so I'll just post it again: 
I think it could be time to make a release post with screenshots etc. its sunday so people have time to play it. 
NewHouse still wants to do a playtest run so maybe a few days yet until release. We are very close though.

I understand you lost your map file? There are a few minor tweaks that would be nice for your map - namely the broken floor in the starting area could do with a clip brush, and there is a z-fighting at the top of one of the arches on the lower level of the final area. Its no problem if you can't edit it though - they aren't map-breaking issues :)

Supposedly the news thread is for "finished projects that will never be updated" so I will probably wait until we stop editing things to post it there. I did initially post there (as I would do in a doom forum - post the beta project and get some feedback), but it was moved to the betas and screenshots thread, where there was no feedback. The people who did post on the news topic were more interested in correct forum usage than giving constructive feedback. 
Hexenmapper Don't Be Snarky. 
There's already two threads for beta feedback for this project: S&B, and this one itself. I've added the link to the top post. 
I personally didn;t want to test, sorry, I rarely do so unless specifically asked, as I like waiting for final releases, and I am looking forward to this one. 
I went and tested this bunch. As I understand it you're planning to release tomorrow but maybe these demos* can be useful at the last minute.

* - Daya, Nait, sorry haven't played yours yet, simply wasn't in the mood for more than one big map tonight, from what I've seen they work pretty fine so I'll give them a go at a later time.

I liked the start map but it needs some polish the most out of all the entries:

- the skybox (sky5) is missing
- that trim from nait's map looks really ugly here, remove the fullbrights and recompile
- the colored lighting is good but the reds at the slipgates and the purple (??) at the main skill hall are too saturated
- not obligatory, but perhaps give an angle to each trigger_multiple, like in the original start map

Almost every map (all of them except for Kres' and Nait's) bring up a # textures missing from BSP file, sometimes up to 39 missing textures! I understand TB doesn't make replacing missing textures easy right now but this is still sloppy. Simply open the .map file in your text editor of choice, do a search & replace for __TB_empty, then save and compile again.

I'll do longer/proper comments on each map once the final release is out, but for now I'd rank them like:

6. Pritchard - simply because it's the shortest and smallest
5. Brassbite - nice looks, gameplay-wise not much to write home about
4. topher - felt almost like a dream, would have been 3) but that super dark button annoyed me a LOT
3. Kres - very interesting, if a little unpolished, HARD - will finish later
2. Hexenmapper - cool & ambitious design, some weird brushwork
1. Vingal - best gameplay and layout, could use a second pass at visuals as some places were a bit barren but otherwise nice looking
0. Spud - really makes you think (with slipgates)

Well done. How long until a Tomb Raider Upstart Mapping Project? 
Really Trigger_onces Your Temporal Lobe? 
I thought I'd gotten rid of all the blank faces in my map, damn. Not sure how a last-minute joke map you can leap across in three jumps even wound up with that, better luck next time I guess.

It's surprising Trenchbroom doesn't show missing textures when replacing- wonder if that could be a feature in the future, just include it in the left side of the Replace Texture window with a red X for its icon or something.

not obligatory, but perhaps give an angle to each trigger_multiple, like in the original start map
Whoa, that's a thing you can do? I'd never actually noticed the id1 start map has angular triggers, probably because I never thought to walk into them backwards- can't even find any documentation online that mentions triggers having an angle field other than the actual triggers.qc QuakeC source at QuakeWiki, that seems like something that should be more widespread knowledge. 
Will see how those works out "angle in trigger_multiple"

I will cover everything else except red lights, they indicate difficulty level (more red -> harder), even if it is not the best execution of that concept, it is still an idea. 
Thanks for the feedback otp, very helpful!

I've added in the edits to brassbite / daya /topher and the start map and updated the files (link is the same)

@Shambler thanks for editing our OP for us - perhaps some day we'll be able to do this ourselves and not waste an admins time :) 
Demos, recorded in Quakespasm 0.92.2-admod (if information regarding port used to record them actually matters).
My impressions were pretty positive. I didn't find a lot of glaring and silly mistakes besides few misaligned textures here and there. Though I wonder if this small box in qump_vingal should be visible or not.
Also Bloody Sun by Danzadan and NewHouse is missing in readme file.
I also missed the entrance to qump_spud so it's not in the demos, sorry. 
Cheers Luna 
Good spotting on that dark trigger brush and thanks for the demos!

We've included the text file for qump_danzadan and the latest updates to a few of the maps, will probably be releasing in the next few days 
We Are Now Released! 
We've gone through the maps and fixed what we can, all the entrances and exits work fine.
10 maps in total to release with which is very nice!

Download Link:


Cheers to everyone involved, all those who helped with playtesting and bug reports.
I think the mappers should be incredibly proud - you've all done a great job :)

Stay tuned for QUMP 2 some day... 
Major props to all you guys! "Shipping" is the best feature.

I'm looking forward to seeing the interesting quirks from mappers who haven't had their rough edges filed off yet. ;-) 
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