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High-Resolution Unreal Skins
In case anyone missed this project, I released it on Moddb a while back.

This mutator for Unreal 227 and UT99 will replace all those old, blurry Unreal/RTNP skins with detailed, high-res versions over the same old low-poly models. Unlike most skin projects, almost everything looks identical to the original from a distance, but far more detailed close-up (no more pixelation). Each skin has been manually reworked (no simple filters or cheesy sharpening techniques used). The most obvious improvements are with the big meshes, like the Titan. Most skins have been increased from the original 128x128/256x256 to 2048x2048/4096x4096.

View screenshots, videos, and more information as well as download here:
Thank you for the news. There are plenty of screenshots as well as a video on the Moddb page, so I didn't put any of that in the post itself. 
Heh, just saw the edit that was made to my post about "low-poly" models. Honestly, I don't care. It was either we all wait 1,000 years for someone to make new models - or, I make high-res skins now in the hope that it inspires someone to make better models in the near future (which, by the way, is already happening). I have received noting but compliments so far with this project, so this thread is of no concern to me. I only created it out courtesy to my old friends (or so I thought) in this community who enjoyed my previous projects like the Return to Na Pali: Ultimate Edition and the Frikbot waypack. Oh well, can't win them all...

Lightning Hunter out. 
Looks Like Shit In High Resolution. 
Like I Said 
Looks like Unreal. 
Appropriate to post this too: 
Very Rich Coming From You MH. 
Correct me if I'm wrong, but detail texturing and somewhat big world textures were a thing ever since the official releases. Which means that the model skins were lagging behind.

Comparison shots would be nice here. 
Haha, I can tell you guys obviously haven't even downloaded or even looked at the project. This is NOT like other high-res skin projects. Every skin looks more faithful than you have ever witnessed (to quote others), while adding PRACTICAL detail up-close. But don't take my word for it...

Comparison shots:


Random Decos:

Random Inventory:



And for crying out loud, just look at the volume of views, downloads, and ratings on my Moddb page, as well as the official tweet/endorsement of Epic Games, THEN make your decision.

Don't just get out your pitchforks and torches at the title "high-res skins". Maybe be a bit more open minded... I don't typically like HD skins and textures (or any game made after the year 2000) either, but I was also getting tired of the non-existent detailed textures when viewing objects up close in Unreal. 
I'm loathe to join in on the negativity here, but I have to say this: the original skins were high-contrast, blobby, very obviously cartoony things, and it doesn't really make sense stylistically to just blow them up and then overlay a bunch of "realistic" high frequency noisy texture to them.

It's just a awkward superposition of two utterly different art styles. 
Look, I am not against anyone having their own opinion, and I understand that some people refuse to use or enjoy high-res skins. However, I wonder if even one person here has actually downloaded and tried this mod? So far everyone on the classic Unreal forums have enjoyed it (,, etc.) The very FIRST thing they said was how faithful the skins looked, and these people are diehard fans of the vanilla game.

However, I guess I am barking up the wrong tree here, because this thread has already become a mosh pit of vipers who are joining the hate bandwagon (there is no way out of these hate-fests once they start; I know, because I've seen it hundreds of times in the past). The only constructive post here was the anonymous person before me, so thank you whoever you are.

An admin can do what they wish with this thread: Delete it, modify it, send it to "general abuse", whatever. I will kindly take my leave now. ;) 
And for crying out loud, just look at the volume of views, downloads, and ratings on my Moddb page, as well as the official tweet/endorsement of Epic Games, THEN make your decision.

If everyone likes it, it must be great. Not. Neither if Epic likes it
What happened to this site? I used to get such great feedback - even when it was negative. Now there is so much hate without any reasoning. Be honest: has anyone even tried this mod? Can someone give me CONSTRUCTIVE criticism? Where did all the old members go who used to be friendly? 
The original skins are slightly better than I remember, but their resolution makes them look bad with filtering. And Unreal never seemed to be the game you should play with Crunchy Pixels.

I'm gonna nitpick a little here. Behemoth's armor has some pretty obvious "enlarge and apply dirt" places, with little editing. His guns aren't very authentic, but it shouldn't be a problem unless they look bad (they look like everything else). Where there's stuff drawn from scratch, it's pretty basic.

Then again, no one paid you for this, so I dunno.

It's just a awkward superposition of two utterly different art styles.

Unreal's world is kinda like that. There are world textures, and then there's a layer of detail noise.

Of course, when it comes to combining general shapes with small details on one image, there's a much greater degree of control, and it should be utilized. 
People would be more inclined to give you proper feedback were you not being such a histrionic, self-aggrandizing fart. 
Mods, please delete this thread. Obviously, there is no way out of this war now. I would also like to see the following threads deleted:

Definitive Frikbot Waypack:

Return to Na Pali Ultimate Edition:

I will then be on my merry way. 

for what is worth, i concur with dwere

unreal don't work well with crunchy pixels. if i remember correctly, the software mode has dithering, and that enhaced the visuals. so, hd textures can add much to the game

the hd skins seems faithful

but i doubt i will be installing the game this month. or the next. or this year. if i do that, i will try your textures. 
That Was Me. 
Sorry, that was me in the anonymous post. I will say it again though; I would like my history erased from this site. I must sadly end my 10+ years here (I'm sure I won't be missed, rofl). Mods, please delete the following threads, which are also my projects:

Definitive Frikbot Waypoints:

Return to Na Pali Ultimate Edition:

Its All My Fault 
Titan's eye is a decent example of misusing detail noise. Why does it look like it was painted on a stone surface? This is eerily similar to "other high-res skin projects" the author tries so hard to distance themselves from.

But it can be made better with some more work.

People would be more inclined to give you proper feedback were you not being such a histrionic, self-aggrandizing fart.

I'm assuming the author started misbehaving before you started calling them names? I must've missed that. 
Thank you for the feedback dwere and topher. If you want to continue this discussion, please go to one of the many Unreal community forums I am part of, or my Moddb page. I am resigning from Func_msgboard, and request again that my history be deleted. 
I wouldn't hold my breath on those threads being deleted. Especially considering that one of them wasn't even started by you. 
Well, it's up to the mods what they want to do. It is only my request before I take my leave. The thread was not started by me, but it is my project. 
How is it you have a right to have other people's comments deleted?

How very self-righteous of you! 
Well, the guy who started the thread about my project seems to have only started that one thread. I will e-mail him, since he put his e-mail in his info. 
Here's An Idea 
Just call it a day and logoff, leave... forget about this forum. No need delete anything. Done.

Do you not have the will power/control to do that. 
You have 4 comments in the Definitive Frikbot thread. There are 61 comments in total

57 comments made by people NOT named Lightning Hunter.

What is this special right of yours to have 57 comments deleted made by 15 other people?

How very self-righteous of you! 
If it wasn't for the fact that a moderator modified my news post to make me look bad, I would leave quietly. However, I must now do this to preserve my honor. I have never done this before, but that is because I have never seen such unprofessionalism before.

The part of the news post that states, "on the same old low-poly models" is not my wording. 
To the person above: the definitive Frikbot pack is mine, and that thread would not exist otherwise. 
i was going to say why do you care so much, but now i see it.

i mean, personally i would still don't give a fuck and i would just leave, but your petition is looking more reasonable now. 
However, I must now do this to preserve my honor.

Lol. Literally no-one cares about those threads, and literally no-one would care about this thread if you just left it be. Func is just a troll forum now, populated only by tards, noobs and trolls, and has been for some time. Ever wondered why you never see any of the old guard here anymore? 
Good point. I have not seen any of the old members who I used to get along with. Even the mods now seem to be trolls. I guess this site has now gone to the dregs. 
I see you point about the news edit but, once you decide to put something out for public consumption it's not really up to you whether people on forums can or cannot post/talk about it.

Either way, hope you find a way to move on and get back to doing what you enjoy doing. 
If the mods are this bad, the chance of them complying with the request equals zero. So it's a bit like banging your head against the wall.

Not sure how honorable that is. 
I guess this site has now gone to the dregs.

Exactly. On the bright side, this has been a positive experience for you - you have seen this forum for what it truly is, and you now know that you don't need to waste any more of your time posting in it. 
If any game is a 'correct' fit for high res textures it's certainly Unreal. It even came with super high res textures in the box (S3TC) on launch.

It's a shame to see people jump on L_H in the way they did. The trolling is uncalled for tbh but that's basically how Func_ is it seems. I can't speak 'for the old days' as I've only been here like 3 years. 
mmm... i been here less than two months

i strolled in the wrong part of the internet? food for thought...

i mean, i'm definitely a noob, but i didn't seem that bad. 
As some people mentioned earlier, sometimes it looks like scaled up original textures with sharpening + some random noise textures and emboss filter. It looks bad imo. Good example is Behemoth. Problem is it looks very dumb on a super low poly model. Best scenario would be:
- work with a modeler on a mesh;
- repaint texture (based on original) over modeled mesh, with all details;

Of course it will take more time than just "upgrading" textures in PS, but it will look much better. Considering you like to work on such stuff, you should be able to do this right.

Now my little rant about HD texture projects...
Making HD textures for outdated technology is a waste of time imo. It's like updating 1998 game to 2005 tech state, which was 12 years ago... It just doesn't look good.
Most of HD texture packs have diffuse and normal maps. That's it, no specular, no gloss etc. Such textures looks like plastic shit full of noise. It's very common in Quake HD packs...

What I would like to see is "HD pack 2017 edition".
Unreal 1 on UE4:
- PBR shaders;
- High res models;
- High res textures with proper Albedo/Roughness/Metallic/Specular and normal maps baked from high-poly;
- Realtime GI;
- Particles with physics;

Of course it's like creating a new game, but I think you got my point ;) 
Thank you for a constructive post, Khreathor. Actually, the Brute skin was my second ever, so I should not have used it as an example screenshot. The decorations and inventory were made last. They were completely reworked, unlike the Brute. Do you like the work on those skins? I did not see you mention those, and those are my latest works. Also, the first person weapons are newer.

Someday I will go back and redo the oldest skins, but for now they are at least somewhat ok. I of course respect your opinion not to like high-res skins in old games. Personally, I like them :) 
There are a couple of holy cows and taboo topics here that you better not touch. Not a lot of people will jump on you, but, unfortunately, even a few determined individuals can be very loud.

Which would be tolerable if this community wasn't so artistically impotent. I think it's about time I gave up on it too, because I'm yet to see anything worthwhile being produced here.

Maybe I'll return under a different nickname to be this really cool person who speaks the truth and warns the newcomers. 
Decorations And Inventory 
I know I'm not khreathor, but I'm not sure I like how the seams were done here:

Then there's the painted symbol that turned into a relief symbol, but it's an authenticity problem rather than a quality problem (i.e. I don't really care). 
Yeah, I did take some creative liberty with the steel crate, I admit. More so than the other skins for sure. I have another faithful version, but I dont like how it turned out. The steel crate isn't in the game much anyway. 
Boxes and metal barrels looks ok, but wooden barrel needs new model for sure, now it looks kinda ridiculous with Hi-res texture ;)

Most of pickups looks ok, but there are few bad ones.
Toxin Suit has this cheap repetitive scratch texture. It doesn't look good.

I'll write up more detail tomorrow when I get some time to test it. 
The main problem with most HD texture packs is a lack of understanding of how lighting can be used to give depth to a texture.

In many cases, HD textures makes the game look more flat because their lighting is more flat - and not because of the low-poly models.
For example, in the original behemoth skin, the chest area below his neck is heavily shaded, to give a strong impression of depth. This was lost in your HD skin, with the shading reduced to an outline around the chest plates - which looks cartoony in the side with the brown symbol, due to the skin becoming brighter in the area directly below it.

When the human brain sees contradictions in the lighting of an area, such as the one mentioned above, it flattens out the interpretation of the geometry in that area.

Also, details lit from an edge should not have a shadow under that edge, unless they're meant to look separated from the material below them. The overuse of thin shadows around all edges of a detail makes it look cut out.

In the screenshots of the crate, all metallic materials such as the weapons looks less shiny in your HD skins, and the lighting on them is a lot more regular. The original skins are more shiny and the lighting on them is a lot more irregular, giving a better impression of worn material.

I'm also studying texture creation, and it's not easy. There's a lot of subtle aspects involved. But don't worry about negative opinions, as long as you're satisfied with your results. 
I Have Some Constructive Criticism 
Please note that I've not played the mod, this is just going by the screenshots you've posted.

The titan: it appears to lose detail and embossing in the leather areas. I think that this is a shame. The high-res texture adds "material texture" but removes detail in these areas. This is particularly noticeable in the shoulder, shin, and forearm areas.

The box looks like it has lost a bit of its grittiness, it appers to have gone from an effective but cheaply manufactured military box, to a precision manufactured expensive box. I think this is a shame. Small things make a big difference. The size and round shading of the bolts, with the apparent rust or dirt around them, has been removed for a flush bolt. The other decorations behind this box seem to have been recreated more faithfully.

The armour looks good.

The plant is great.

The brute / behemoth: There seems to be a discrepancy between the sharpness in the lines in the face and the chest. But overall an improvement.

It is a really hard thing to do to make it all fit in well. Normally the hit rate on this kind of thing is about 50% IMO. That's why I don't use these kind of things. Anyway, that's my $0.02. 
What A Thread 
This was a good laugh. 
Top Thread. 
10/10 AAA+++ would TL,DR again 
I Have Always Thought... 
Whenever I think of what the hi-res texture equivalent of the Unreal textures would be, I think of a painterly style like what you see in Blizzard games.

It helps that you tend to get away with a painterly style on low-poly stuff, even when the textures are quite hi-res. 
Haha, I can tell you guys obviously haven't even downloaded or even looked at the project.

I have looked at it.

The combination of high-res textures and low-poly models looks absolutely dreadful.

The combination of high-res textures on the monsters and low-res textures on the scene geometry looks absolutely dreadful.

A cohesive, consistent look will always be better than a mixture of high-res, low-res, high-poly, low-poly and 8-bit, 32-bit.

If you get past looking at individual components of the scene and look at the scene as a whole you can see how jarring it actually is. 
Like I said, Unreal wasn't that balanced in this regard to begin with.

I don't remember any 8-bit textures in it either. 
Great Looking And Faithful HD Textures 
Normally I can't stand HD textures for older games especially Quake 1 and 2. They ruin the original game's atmosphere and artistic nature.

However, this is one of the best looking HD texture packs I've seen for any game. Originally I thought "HD textures for Unreal?! No one needs that; the game still looks amazing today as it did in 98" but after seeing some screenshots I see that a lot of care went into preserving the original look and style of the game.

I've been meaning to replay this classic again (everyone should play it at least once per year) and now I'm more stoked than ever to experience it with these new higher res textures. Thanks dude.

I honestly don't know wtf is up with all the hate and attitude towards it and your hard work. Ignore it man; in one ear, out the other. If the Unreal community on those old sites approve, then that's all that matters.

Thanks again for reminding me about this; I actually had forgotten about it. 
Nice Thread M8 
All in all the new skins are a welcomed addition to my game, they are a whole different story compared to the map retexture project: 
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