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Map Jam 9 Released - Contract Revoked Theme
After long weeks of mapping Map Jam 9 is finally released. We have 15 incredible maps from the following authors, including one very special guest:


Download 1
Download 2

Quoth 2.2 is required to play this jam! You can download Quoth here

Don't forget to record demos and share your experience with the authors.
Great Job Guyz 
can't play but enjoy screenshots!
Good job making it to finish line 
Here Is A Gallery With More Screenshots 
This jam is looking damn sexy! skacky, these tall bookshelves on the last screenshot are yours? 
Congratulations To All The Authors And Particularly To PuLSaR 
Congratulations guys this looks like one of the best map jams ever and I'm excited to check it out. Great work with the concept and organization PuLSaR, it doesn't seem too early to call this a huge success! 
Loved your map. Recorded demos. I am horrible at SP and got lost looking for secrets. So hope this isn't too boring. I also forgot to record the final battle which I had to restart multiple times.

Things I liked:

*great layout, beautiful place to visit
*consistent look throughout with great motifs
*loved the severed heads and "story" you were telling about the ritual
*good encounters with plenty of ammo (until the end)
*secrets were challenging I found 6/7
*liked that you used Edie now I regret ommitting him from my map
*Loved the shrine

(MINOR SPOILERS) Things I didn't like:

*Not enough ammo on the way to Gold door. I am eager to see other demos because I feel I am right on this. Could be wrong, I dunno. The final battle was frustrating to say the least. Well designed and cool reveal but without enough ammo it was not enjoyable.

But other than that the map is super impressive and very fun. I loved the sense of place the most. You transported me away for sure. 
Onetruepurple Making Maps.... Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?! 
Can you supply a version of the screenshot without the text for Quaddicted? 
Good job everyone! Cant wait to get home and play all of these maps. 
Congrats Everyone 
Will try to record a full demo of Skacky's map without dying... Tonight. 
Looks Rad Guys 
Kell's Map... 
restarting from a save-game seems to reset the gravity to default. Is this expected behaviour and if so, can all the jumps be completed with default gravity? (I am having trouble doing so...) 
It's most probably unintentional, so just set gravity to 400. A similar thing happens in my map but it's purely visual.

As far as I can see there is a countermeasure against this in the latest Quoth but I had no time to attempt using it. 
might be what you are looking for... 
Seems like all I/Kell needed to do was to put spawnflag 4 to info_command... 
Issues With Some Maps In The Start Map... 
There are many maps (not all) that I can't play from the start map : Murkor, Kell, Shotro, Onetruepurple. I don't know what is happening here, it's the first time I see this problem.

When I walk on the portal of these maps, I'm getting an error in the console. I will try more tests later.

Anyone getting these ? 
What is the error you're getting? 
Did you put the whole pack into a jam9 folder or did you extract the maps into your quoth/maps folder, despite being told before that this would not be a good idea? 
Errror Message With Kell's Map 
Here's what I'm getting : I launch QS (special edition for AD 1.6) and get into the Jam6 start map. Everything is fine then. I directly run into the medium skill portal, then run straight into Kell's portal. I get this message in the console :

"Host_Error : Illegible server message 110. Previous was svc_serverinfo"

What is this ? 
The jam9 folder is not in the Quoth folder. It's placed inside my Quake directlry, like any other mod. I can play many other maps from the start map, so the issue is apparently related to some maps only, not all of them. 
I Meant Jam9, Not Jam6 ! Doh ! 
moderators, please add this mirror link to the OP: 
Resuming My Playtrough Stream... 
Use A Modern Engine 
And don't use the -heapsize command as instructed in the readme. Mine works perfectly. 
Heapsize 480000 
Is that enough ? I use that value for some other mods/maps which I don't remember.

I can load Kell's from the console. But curiously I can't from the start map ! So why would the heapsize value have an effect here ?

Kell's map is awesome, by the way. I reminds me the movie Evil Dead in some way.

And a modern engine ? What is the latest QS_spike then ? 
Heapsize 65536 Not Making A Difference... 
when I try to load Kell's map from the start map. I'm still getting the same error message in the console.

What gives ? 
Skacky's Map Too, Not Loading From Start Map 
And yet, I can load them all from the console.

Wathever the value I'm using for heapsize or other parameters, I'm getting the same results.

I can load about half the maps from the start map, the others give me the same error message :

"Host_Error : Illegible server message 110. Previous was svc_serverinfo"

What is happening here ? 
I honestly have no idea why it's doing this. None of us have encountered this issue.
What's the path to your installation of Quake? Does it have a space? 
Try with the stable release of quakespasm:
or markv. 
Yeah - I can reproduce that with Quakespasm-spike r7. Just use regular Quakespasm or markv 
I confirm that the official "stable" QS solves the issue (apparently), so it appears to be related to the version you gave me by email.

I'll contact you about this (by email). I still have a few tests to do, to try to isolate the cause. 
Pressing The Pale Coloured Demon Head Switches In Jam9_Giftmacher: 
CALL2 596(WriteByte)()
: centerprint
: centerprint_toall
: counter_use
: SUB_UseTargets
: DelayThink
: centerprint
WriteDest: not a client
Host_Error: Program error
Fantastic Work, Guys! 

Seriously, what an amazing turnout this was. There were lots of unique takes on the theme, and I can personally say that this could be another milestone for the community. Congrats to everyone who participated. It's been a hell of a ride.

Favorite maps in no particular order:

@Barnak It's Strictly A Quakespasm Spike Issue (as You're Aware By Now 
Ironically yesterday as I was awaiting the mapjam 9 release I played through Quoth 2.2 and had the exact same error message when loading e1m2; via console or going through the end portal of e1m1.
What's strange is I can load a savegame of e1m2 on Quakespasm spike if I load e1m2 and create the save with regular Quakespasm first. That was my workaround to playing it. 
Having Fun! 
Ok so I've played through 4 maps going in alphabetical order so far. They have all been fun and had some great architecture and gameplay ideas. I have a zip with the first 4 demos if the mappers want to see me play. Played on skill 2.

Bloughsburgh - Jam9_mjb - Very gory and twisted map. I have a sensitive stomach. Loved the spinning blades. Found a few secrets and ended the map without the super secret. Very neat ideas.

Breezeep - Jam9_breezeep - Loved the castle in a canyon idea. Great arena battles here with lots of room. Found all 7 secrets and had lots of fun.

DelusionalBear - Jam9_dbear - A neat little map. Had a hard time with ammo at the start until I got the rocket launcher. Some tough ambushes on this one.

Dumptruck_ds - Jam9_dumptruck - Great creepy music and new sound effects here. An interesting layout with some thinking about where I was to go next. I died so my demo is a second run. Couldn't find that last secret.

That's all for now. Have a crazy work schedule this week, and still working on my own map. Will continue with playthrough later. Thanks all!

Demo zip:

@Redfield thanks for the demo

Seen two playthroughs of my map, not enough for any kind of statistics, but sort of interesting how first secret hasn't been found. I thought connection would be obvious :) oh, well.. next time maybe 
Twitch Stream Play From Last Night

I play pretty much all the maps from the bottom floor except PuLSaR's and I play some of the maps from the top floor. It's a hell of a long stream (5 hours), the first 30 minutes isn't anything so you can skip it. 
Thanks 5th! 
Gonna watch that later since my internet comp is still acting up (or rather, not acting at all) and I can't DL. 
YES! Played Them All 
what other wrote, do not use the heapsize command suggested in readme, some maps do not load with it + do not save/load in Kell´s map to avoid technical problems.

Bloughsburgh jam9_mjb
-this one was disgusting, congratulations, have not finished it yet

Breezeep jam9_breezeep
-superB visuals, had no ammo in the end

DelusionalBear jam9_dbear -nice, short

dumptruck_ds jam9_dumptruck -great horror atmosphere due to new music, some unique tough fights

G1ftmacher jam9_giftmacher
-nice, will play again to find more areas/kill more monsters

Haunter jam9_haunter
-nice, short

Ionous jam9_ionous
-can not wait for the full version

Kell jam9_kell
-perfect, very atmospheric

Mukor jam9_mukor
-was fun

Naitelveni jam9_naitelveni -dark base with q2 feel at the beginning (great lighting), I have not finished it yet

NewHouse jam9_newhouse -fun doomish horde combat

onetruepurple jam9_otp
-the intro reminded me of Interstellar movie

Pulsar jam9_pulsar -top visuals, not huge level in size, intense dark citadel fight

ShoTro jam9_shotro
-I have some more revealing to do

skacky jam9_skacky
-huge library, lots of wandering around, insane battles, one of my favourites

skacky start

Mugwump music
-Sign of Koth is perfect fit, so is the 25min To Infinity and Back track mentioned during development

thank you all 
Sure You Played Them All? 
Thanks For The Feedback 
on my music. Would appreciate a word from others. 
the intro reminded me of Interstellar movie

Thanks for the comment. And yes, guilty as charged, I went to a Nolan marathon (Dunkirk-Interstellar-Inception (all of which are his grade B films imo)) a couple days before the deadline and the idea of recreating the tesselated bookshelf just wouldn't leave my head.

No comments on the rest of the map confirms my worries that the intro was the only good bit... ;) 
Can't wait to see that! Big fan of Interstellar and Nolan in general. 
nah, the rest was good fun too. good sewer/library contrast. sewer part wins second-most-disgusting-place-in-jam9 (pissfalls!) trophy (after Bloughsburgh´s slaughterhouse), lots of deadly traps; upper parts maybe too colorful for me/for quake level tho. discovered only one secret (megahealth)

Naitelveni - some stunning architecture/texturing in the final arena!

skacky - u suggesting some secret level, or just pointing out I have not finished them all to the very end? 
I am certain there's a secret level. Some buttons in the start map. 
Similar Bug As Shambler 
In jam9_kell, if I press either of the blue cross buttons above the bookcases right where you start, I get dumped to console:

CALL2 596(WriteByte)()
: centerprint
: centerprint_toall
: counter_use
: SUB_UseTargets
: button_wait
: SUB_CalcMoveDone
WriteDest: not a client
Host_Error: Program error

I have quoth 2.2 (march 2015 pak2.pak). Happens on various engines (qs, markv, fitz 085)

Awesome pack so far, will post demos! 
Use the Quoth 2.2* from Preach's website.

* - who thought doing an update and not updating the version number was a good idea?! 
Got It. 
The patch and full releases are different. Switching to the full release (november 2016 pak2.pak) fixed it. 
how cool is that? thanks for the tip. additional level was mega, but I somehow missed all of its 8 secrets during first run 
Played 2 Maps 
kell - proper atmosphere and balance, cool idea with low grav. cool to see kell's new creation.

naitelveni - huge, unbalanced, annoying book secret where i sucked to find final book, annoying clipping in bloodroom. and totally unbalanced final battle, died many times and ragequit.

all in all cool to see new maps in this theme! gj everyone!

here are firstplay demos (with alot of death in naitelveni's map ;) 
Went Left In The Start Map And Started With:

What a cool map! Looks simply amazing, an almost dream-like combination of purple fog and yellow lights over a Knave city. Insane levels of detail too, the Silver Key room was gorgeous as was the the main courtyard with the red slime.

I didn't find it unbalanced but still died at the final fight, I think I would have preferred another respawning health pack over a respawning GA...

The starting area was nice but probably unnecessary, IMO.

It definitely didn't seem like it needed to vis for several days, wtf!?

Really enjoyed the underground Vore bits and the use of id1 textures. Did not like the buggy fence textures so much, nor the fullbrights at the final fight.

Basically good map, amazing looking, quite rough around the edges, next map ASAP please. 
Twitch Stream Play From Today

I finish off the rest of the maps in the jam. Good times. 
Played One More 
otp - well, alot of evil non player friendly designs here, also not obvious route hints. resulted me suffereing alot over obvious things from designer's pov. maybe i'm just too old for this shit. anyway, it was goot mind bending map with proper quoth style.

pack of suffering: 
used the quoth 2.2 from quaketastic and level crashes on gift machers map when i press the same button as shambler.

used quoth 2.2 from tome of preach and now the lightning traps dont work?

wtf is going on? 
Here's a link to my demos. Just like Breezeep's demos - it was a late night and I wasn't playing too well. I want to go back and find your secrets.

What I liked: Loved the upper areas looking down. Super connectivity! A+ there. Really good mix of enemies and lots of surprises. Your gray pillars looked so cool against the brick textures. (jealous of that.) One of my favorite looks in the jam so far. All your hanging bodies were creepy and used really well.

Constructive criticism: The plinths with ammo and health were a bit "sticky" in places. I didn't mind jumping up to get items but in some areas the geometry made things tough to navigate and most of the time it was those plinths to blame. (this is really a minor thing tho) The map is a bit "same-y" in places. I'd say next map maybe use different trim and/or lights/shadows here and there to differentiate the areas. I got turned around a few times and visual cues would help a bit. Again, super minor things and just personal preference. 
my quaketastic version was in a folder named quoth.

my tomeofpreach version was in quoth2.

making the tome of preach version named quoth fixed the issue?

really makes you :qthink: 
(i thought the -quoth command just directed to a folder and not some high tech black magic shit. im a certified doodoohead) 
When the installation instructions tell you that the files must go in a particular folder, it's no surprise if it doesn’t work when you put them in a different folder... ;) What made you think it would be a good idea?

-quoth doesn’t direct to a folder. That's the job of the -game quoth commandline argument. What -quoth does is tell the game to use Quoth assets... I think? Like -hipnotic that enables the hipnotic HUD. 
Funnily Enough, Quoth Itself Doesn’t Use -quoth... 
It uses -hipnotic! 
I've only played 3 levels in the Jam and yours so far is my favorite. Beautiful lighting and a very unique visual take on Knave / Quoth. Fucking epic encounters. This felt retro and modern all at once. With tight areas and large construction but great colored lights and effects. I will be studying your lighting closely, especially the perfectly balanced darker secret areas and wonderful warm light coming in from the windows. I really liked the motif of the "blocked" teleporters and what they signified. I died a lot - this is a theme with me so I did have to replay this so most of this is a 2nd pass. I also saw some of Fifth's stream so I knew one of the secrets. So far, I want to replay everyone's maps but yours I will probably go for 100% kills and secrets. THAT GOOD.

My demos. 
Sort of. Quoth needs the -hipnotic switch only for the HUD. Jam9 needs Quoth for assets and progs.

They are both "gametype" switches NOT game "directory" switches in this case. So if you rename quoth you are asking for trouble. It was an honest mistake and a pretty special case Muk. 
So at which point does your 5-hour stream actually start? I've watched listened to the first 11'30" and all I see are the jam poster, a Ranger artwork and the Q logo cycling... not very exciting, even though the Doom PS soundtrack in the beginning brought fond memories back. 

It was fun watching you figure out the MH secret and the general play as well!


Thanks for recording a demo and nice secret finding! You found a few I haven't seen yet in any demos so that was cool. I am loving people's reaction to the exit.

Jaromir: Disgusting is a descriptor I'll go with!

Fifth: Thanks for streaming, was fun to see you get 2 Death Lords down! 
the 5 hour stream starts about 30 minutes in. Sorry about that, I was having a lot of trouble getting something to work. 
Well This Was A Huge Success Or Wot. 
Not much to say at the moment. Very impressive and varied exploration of the theme. Many impressive maps in the timescale from mappers old new and deceased. I did find that most maps had some knacky combat (often arena Gugs or other Quoth-specific awkwardness) that killed me in an otherwise good run, quite frustrating. A few maps I didn't do demos or full demos of for whatever reason. Those people who put in tricky secrets, I hope you enjoy those sections of the demos :) 
A few maps I didn't do

Well, just one, not a few... 
rofl Shambler, why didn't you take that Plasma? 
Thanks 5th 
mappers old new and deceased
Giftmacher Map Is Awesome ! 
Wow ! What a map ! Found the super secret on that one.

This map feels there's a story attached to it, something a bit like in "Myst" (remember that old game ?).

The architecture is so great. I love those round columns and pilars. 
Cos 99.8% of the time, picking up the big obvious item triggers the big obvious waves of enemies. Often before one is ready. 
Thanks for the demo that was fun to watch. I enjoyed seeing some different tactics here like retreating to a better position and creating different scenarios from the monsters. The fight with the Drole duo and 1 hp was intense!

I also really liked seeing you take advantage of some of the ogres and having them rain death on the knights on the sinking platform. 
[8:02 PM] skacky: @Shambler that was a cool demo though otherwise, now go and finish the map you lazy cockgobbler only recorded the last 7 or so attempts out of many from when I had quicksaved with no armour 19 health no plasma and 3 gugs. 
Thanks For The Playthroughs! 
Was cool to see, I'll check out demos this weekend, I'm glad some of you found the super secret as the normal ending was very lackluster, ran out of time and ideas for that one :D 
Gift I Need To Replay Urs With Quoth2.2 So The Buttons Work. 
If I save on the start map after skill selection, when I reload it resets the skill to default 1 (using QS). I don't think it's supposed to be intended behavior. Any idea? 
Found Skacky Psychedelic Room ! 
I don't know how I got in there, but what a surprise ! I just had time to see that naked statue, hear a scream, then got teleported elsewhere. How can I trigger that event again !? That was incredible !

Did I got some kind of hallucination ? LOL that was funny !

We should get more of that surealistic funky things in Quake !

René Magritte :

Salvador Dali : 
Nekkid Statue? 
Skacky, you perv! ;D 
Some More Playthroughs! 
Ok played through a few more of the maps and have a zip with the demos for the authors to check out.

-Giftmacher - jam9_giftmacher: Beautiful map. Great skybox and unique theme. Loved the lighting and very deliberately paced gameplay. Couldn't find that last switch for super secret.

-Haunter - jam9_haunter: A great smaller sized map. I really like this size of map for a quick burst of Quake gameplay. The rocket launcher room was very beautifully made.

Ionous - jam9_ionous: Another great map with a smaller layout that seems to follow Ionous' theme of climbing higher in a very tall room. Found all the secrets on this and they were very well implemented.

Kell - jam9_kell: True form knave theme on display here. Felt like a trip back in time, and yet had some amazing details like the portal and spiny cube-like thing. Didn't find any super secrets, but was lucky to get the red armor.

Mukor - jam9_mukor: This one was very nice, I like when there is a true boss battle. The layout was very traditional Quake style and I found a lot of secrets. Nearly ran out of ammo on the boss but made it!

Naitelveni - jam9_naitelveni: Very nice designs, and I like the base bit too. Some of the rooms were very impressive. I found the final battle entirely manageable on hard, but I think counters should have been used instead of delayed timers because I was waiting for waves of little knights to appear after killing all the shamblers and gugs.

Newhouse - jam9_newhouse: This map is insane. I was glad to get the lightning gun from the start. This is definitely a horde style Serious Sam/Doom type map. I died a lot. The layout got me confused a little. I really liked falling into the pit and being attacked by the gugs. Also the skybox wouldn't load as it isn't included in the files for download, its not in the jam9/gfx folder.

OTP - jam9_otp: I really liked some of the ideas on this one. The beginning was cool and I liked the area with the stained glass windows that can shatter. The sewer was unique, but I did loose track of what I was supposed to be doing. After returning to the start I choose one of the portals and won the map, maybe the other leads to secrets... Nice job.

Here is the demos:

Great maps everyone. I will have the rest played soon. 
Sweet Fuck 
I cannot drink and play these maps. 
I Cannot Stay Sober And Play These Maps. 
Hunk Malloc(?) Error 
I tried scanning this thread but didn't see if this was posted...

Was going through the maps last night with Pete(gotshun) and when we tried to play "Naitelveni's" map(from the start map) we got booted out of QS with, I think it was a "hunk malloc" error.

We have Quoth 2.2, jam9 in it's own jam9 directory, stable QS from link posted in this thread and used the launch params found in the readme for the windows shortcut.

Again, apologies if this was asked already, I just did see it.

Any solutions? 
Oh Also... 
I used the quaketastic link for the jam9 download. 
Remove the heapsize argument from the launch params, it was added in error. 
Okee Dokee 
Thanks much otp :) 
A Little Qonfused... 
Sorry if this has already been asked and answered; I did skim the thread but I'm also trying to avoid spoilers before playing this, so maybe I missed something. It seems like some people are having trouble when playing with the wrong version of quoth, and if I understand correctly there are different versions floating around with the same name, and I'm no longer sure if I have the right version...

Is there a difference between quoth2.2 on quaddicted ( and quoth2.2 on Preach's page (

Or is there a difference between quoth patched with the 2.2 patch, and the full 2.2 version?

Or are the full and patched versions all different, i.e. is it possible to have four different versions of Quoth, all called 2.2?

I have quoth2.2 from Quaddicted, but I can't remember if I patched my old quoth install or if I downloaded the full 2.2 version. Do I need to change anything to be able to play this map pack correctly? 
Yeah It's A Good Question 
about quoth versions 
Since you're not sure, the easiest way is this, from otp:

"Use the Quoth 2.2* from Preach's website."

Reinstall using the Quoth 2.2 FULL link. 
skill 1. awesome level with proper balance and design. even so hated by me arenas were oneshotted (was one critical moment tho).
grand visuals and atmosphere. thanks! 
Yo Skacky. 
Did u find that death knight yet? 
I'll take a look in the afternoon. Gonna watch Vondur's demos first. 
Figured Out Where He Went 
Got stuck in a space I forgot to fill, half-stuck in a solid. He couldn't be killed and thus one couldn't obtain 100% kills, so I fixed this for the upcoming pack update. 
Was The Wee Bugger Visible Anywhere? 
No, he was programmed to spawn during the last fight but found himself spawning in this area for some inexplicable reason. I've moved him back where he's supposed to spawn. 
Is there a difference between quoth2.2 on quaddicted and quoth2.2 on Preach's page
Yes there is. If you take a look at pak3.pak, it has different "last modified" date and filesize. The latest version is on Preach's site. The patch is identical to the full version on Quaddicted. 
Maybe this thing with Quoth versions should be touched upon in the update's readme? It would prevent this kind of mess. 
Plowing-on Gamely, But Still Some Issues... 
After a delay, I played some more:
-the start map has a loading error when it fails to find track09.mp3 - no problem, but where is the track?
-several maps do not load from the start map and just crash (freeze) FQm4. I have to exit back to Windows, close FQm4, and start again.
- one of the maps (maybe Mukor's?) has a screen shake at one point but no sound as the rumble3.wav is missing.
-breezeep's map has a track missing

I am playing through by loading the maps manually but even then Naitelveni's map still crashes.

One of the maps was too dark for me, so I used FB and realised what great architecture I was missing - there was a superb wooden vaulted ceiling (at least x2) that nobody will ever get to see in the dark; such a shame.

Anyway, I'll finish off playing what I can. Overall, it is good fun. 
Mugwump, Mike Woodham 
Readme says you should use quoth 2.2 from Preach's site and the link 
Do you have preach's quoth update installed (2.2)? Did you launch jam9 with the -quoth command? Either way, I don't remember my map having a missing track when I was making it. Seems like you don't have the q1 music files installed. 
Skacky Is The Worst Once More. 
I downloaded and installed all files from the links at the top of this thread. How do I tell if I have the 'correct' 2.2 version?

My bat file is: fitzquake_mark_v.exe -heapsize 256000 -quoth -game jam9 +map start

And no, I don't have Q1 music files installed. They were never installed with the original game; they played direct from the CD. 
Let's Troubleshoot In One Single Post 
*If you are not sure what version of Quoth you have, rename the directory to Old_Quoth.

*Download and install the FULL Quoth 2.2 from Preach's site.

*Ensure this new folder is called Quoth and lives in your Quake directory (it needs to be named Quoth to work!! Not Quoth2 or NewQuoth)

*Install jam9 files under your Quake directory

*Do not use Quakespasm-Spiked r7 to run the mod

*Launch game with this:

-hipnotic -quoth -game jam9

If you have followed these steps the mod should work. 
Going Back A Few Posts... 
If you take a look at pak3.pak, it has different "last modified" date and filesize

There is no pak3.pak in the download from the link shown in the first post above? Have I got the wrong download? 
Skacky's Update ? 
There's an update coming for jam9 ? When is it to be expected, approximately ? 
...Or Is It Pak2? 
I thought it was pak3 and I won't be able to check on my computer until tomorrow. The from TomeofPreach IS the correct version anyway. 
Update Will Come Tonight 
I think 
If You Are Having Issues... The Update Won't Fix Them 
You STILL need to follow the directions above. The update has little or nothing to do with any trouble people are having with goofy installs/wrong versions. 
The jam9 readme does not mention -hipnotic.

-heapsize 65536 -quoth -game jam9

Are you saying that it is an absolute requirement to have -hipnotic as part of the loading script (I do not have anything in my Quake folder that relates to Hipnotic)?

Are you saying that I cannot have the +map start in my .bat file, because surely that is simple convention? 
I Love The Pesky But Charming Vorelings ! 
I'm sure they could be trained. I want a real one as a pet.

It would be usefull to scratch my back when I need it, and would be fun watching when thrown at the mail guy.

Come on boy, sit ! 
-hipnotic Is Not Neccessary 
it just changes the hud a bit to display new powerups and weapons afaik 
and you don't need -heapsize for QS or Mark V. readme will be updated with it. 
PuLSaR is correct you don't need it but it's the correct way to run Quoth. From the Quoth readme:

The -hipnotic option enables the Scourge Of Armagon HUD layout that we have utilized for our powerups and weapons. You do not need to have Scourge Of Armagon installed for this to work.

I don't see why +map start.bsp would be an issue either but I would omit it. It should default to the Start map IIRC.

One other note: The earthquake sound in Mukor's map is a known issue and will be fixed in the update.

I want to restate that the update will not fix these compatibility issues. 
I will wait for the update and have another go then. 
Quakespasm (and other modern game engines) will implicitly enable -hipnotic if you specify -quoth. 
You map is so cool. Fantastic work. Saw this yesterday in a architecture book and then played your map today! 
Going To Be Streaming This Shortly. 
A few maps before bedtime. 
I kinda hoped Haunters map would have been longer 
The archive has been updated (Download 1), the mirror will be updated soon.

Patch note in readme. 
Download 2 is updated is well 
Update Details ? 
While I'm downloading the update, could you describe in brief what are the changes ? 
Minor Fixes In Map Mostly 
Patch note

- modified readme to delete heapsize mention and mention that QSS R7 is unsupported

- fixed locked door after the silver key is obtained

- fixed missing sounds

- fixed void
- fixed some alpha problems
- fixed racing elevators, they now have same speed value (so one doesn't go through the other)
- moved one elevator to the left in factory section, now gug with its huge box can move like it should

- added music track for the people who need it
- added ending message to the final fight
- fixed sky resetting to nebula skybox after loading a save
- fixed "textures missing from BSP file" error
- fixed pickups falling out of world
- removed erroneous colored light
- removed misplaced ladder handle
- moved some misc. entities around to make them easier to spot
- made some health pickups easier to spot and placed more health pickups overall
- reduced attenuation of "waterfall" sounds and placed more ambient sounds overall
- reduced strength of the final jump pad
- reduced bounding box of the cistern pad and added clip to the shaft
- replaced clip with skip in a certain secret

- added megahealth in the final battle room on skill 1 (was on skill 0 only)
- some cosmetic changes

- tweaked clipping a bit, especially near the cross of deflection

- fixed exploits
- fixed broken doors/teleporters
- fixed items not spawning
- implemented better messages
- toned down color lights

- fixed bad texture
- fixed death knight that spawned in a wrong position and couldn't be killed
- fixed sequence break that could get the player permanently stuck
should be included in the zip file. 
Don't forget to upload this to Quaddicted, guys. 

Too tired to write anything too coherent or meaningful:

- Nice little map
- Great use of revisiting older areas from above
- Hard as hell on Hard, possibly quite a bit unbalanced actually?? 
Completed Three Maps Tonight (will Post Demos When All Are Done) 
jam9_kell — A Conspiracy Of Cartographers
An excellent map throughout with great visual design. The stargate that's sitting in the middle of the map is probably one of the most (if not the most) impressive and coolest piece I've ever seen in Quake. I really like how you can tell something terrible happened there but you don't know what or why.

The map has a great flow, alternating between the low gravity exterior with a black void of doom and then a square indoor area revolving around a strange, spinning contraption with a levitating corpse. I had the chance to beta test this and it is a pretty devilish map that rewards exploration. Some of the secrets are rather hard to find but aren't needlessly difficult or unfair.

This is just a very, very good map by the master himself.

jam9_giftmacher — The Brimstone Mine
Pretty kickass level with a very peculiar aesthetic I had never see done with Knave before. I really dig the mix of copper-heavy runic decorations, the warm orange light seeping through the barred windows, the rotating fans keeping that strange structure from plummeting down to the surface, the quiet gardens, the heavy machinery everywhere, the orb teleporters, etc... It's just very very well done and particularly original.

Gameplay is well balanced and never unfair, though with the possible exception of a Night Gaunt backspawning and two Polyps spawning as you are on a platform above the void in a secret. The arena fights are well thought out and ammo is plentiful. Secrets are fun to find and rewarding. While the ending is anticlimactic, the final secret really makes up for it.

jam9_newhouse — Mouth Of Yraal
This has next to nothing to do with Contract/Knave but this is a pretty damn great map in its own right, particularly if you enjoy pure carnage. And boy you have about 280 monsters to massacre in this one on skills 2 and 3. I think NewHouse just wanted to make a Doom 2-like slaughtermap and found his perfect playground with Quoth.

The layout was pretty weird and the map is rough around the edges, but it is still a whole lot of fun and I never got lost. I also really dig the style, this sort of corroded factory thing over pools of noxious slime. Ammo is plentiful, there is just enough health to survive comfortably and a few secrets are pretty devious and offer great rewards. No idea how to get to the third silver keycard though, the one that's ironically behind a silver keycard door. 
Still Crashing 
There are two maps that I cannot play: naitelveni and shotro. The former sometimes loads (about 50% of the time) but crashes almost immediately - no messages, just a freeze and I have to use windows to exit. The latter just crashes on loading, whether via the start map or via the console. Oh well, I enjoyed the rest. 
The Playthrough Marches On 
Starting with dumptruck_ds' map.

Starts in thirty minutes. 
@Skacky @Redfield 
Thank you for giving feedback. This end up being just weird piece of map, but at least I had fun mapping it. There was intended to be story where player starts in a cage in black void and talks with the old one, player must found the contract that is held in giant building (some twisted business man)... But that never happened, it was too risky for this time frame.

Then I started an another red brick castle map, with nasty traps and darkness.. had a bit of feeling of American McGee Alice castle maps.. but I think it is better appreciation comes later in a different form, I wouldn't release this one ever otherwise if mjb wouldn't have motivated me to finish it. 
Well I'm glad you finished it because it's a great map, probably my favorite of yours. Strikes a good balance between difficulty and fun. 
The Pack Is Now Available On Quaddicted! 
I was playing around on Kell's map and found several possible quick routes to the exit! This one seems fastest (7 seconds): 
LOL Mandel ! 
That's awesome !

Kell's now pissed ! 

Let me know if there are any problems viewing the playlist. 
Consciousness Outpost By PuLSaR.

Another gorgeous map. Rather amazing how much the big copper ring/stargate adds to the atmosphere by simply rotating. Very imposing architecture. Loving the classic gothic openings in the walls - if I had the time to explore the outside of my map I would have gone for a very similar look.

The aesthetic reminded me of Q3A quite a lot, with the focus on spires, spikes, and flesh (and the orange skybox of course).

Found the beginning of the map somewhat frustrating but the gameplay improved past that by a fair bit. I messed up and completely wasted the RA so had the cheese the final fight on my second attempt. It was also pretty dark on gamma 1 somehow.

All in all a highly enjoyable map! 
Skacky's Map Also Crashes On Me 
I had crashes on a couple maps until I updated to the latest Quakespasm, .92 I think. 
Great Playthrough Zwiffle 
You may want to look around the start map carefully though.

#134: Do you have the latest versions of Quakespasm/Mark V? If not, update. 
Easy Victory On Shotro... 
This may have been reported already, but I have encountered a glitch, seemingly with the change level trigger on Shotros map. It seems the player is supposed to gather a series of runes in order to progress. I collect the first rune from the Chthon battle and jump in the void and the map ends, 14/200 some odd kills.

My demos are here. Note: I found the Chthon battle impossible, endlessly killed or knocked into the lava, so the 2nd demo picks up after the fight and then the map ends almost right after.

There also seems to be a lot of unfortunate bleeding of rooms through the skybox but I'm not sure if that is fixable. Otherwise the really trippy vibes and crazy Austin Powers teleporter were cool. 
Still Getting Some Errors 
I have Preach's Quoth 2.2 full release. I have the latest QS. I am missing several CD tracks apparently, but I do have the .ogg music files installed in id1. I'm pretty sure .ogg should work with QS. I'm also not able to load Mandel's demo due to a host_error when I load it: missing model *203. 
That last message is because Mandel's demo was recorded on the old version of the map bundled with the first release. 
Good thinking. What's up with the CD tracks then? I've noticed CD tracks missing on a lot of maps I play, but I can still hear global ambient noise. I guess that's built into whatever theme is set for the map in worldspawn? I forget how that works in Quake. 
I'm not too sure. The tracks should be placed inside id1/music and named trackXX.ogg (or mp3), from 02 to 11. Jam 9 features two new tracks inside quoth/music, named track13 and track128 respectively. 
Going To Resume Streaming 
Starts in twenty minutes. Continuing forward, with Mukor's map on deck. 
Yup, that's how my files look. Maybe the message is wrong and it does actually read them? Not sure. 
The particular maps that don't play a track, delusional bears comes to mind, are because the author did not specify a track. It defaults to track 0 and nothing plays as track 0 is data and does not exist. You see this in the console. You can simply command it to play a track of your own at this point. 
Gonna go through the maps real quick and see which maps give me CD errors. To clarify, this is the error message I get: "CDAudio_Play: Bad track number xx". 
Demos For The Whole Family! 

All of the demos have been recorded using QuakeSpasm 0.92.1 (Aug 23 2016) and been compressed through 7-Zip 15.14 (x64)'s LZMA2 method. I've played the maps following the filename order - maps from the original package was used for the first seven, and the ones from the updated package was used for the rest (since the update came right in the midst of my session). All demos are more-or-less complete first-runs on skill2: expect wandering for secrets, gazing for screenshots and dying here and there.

Have to mention that ShoTro's is an exception - not a first run since it took sometime to get the idea behind the map, not a complete run since I couldn't find a newly opened-up area after getting hold of the second rune and going for the third run.

Comments will follow. 
The ones with track 0 errors also give an additional error about how it couldn't find track 0; makes sense.

Breezeep: track 6
DelusionalBear: track 0
Dumptruck: track 1 (track 1 is not audio)
Haunter: track 7
Ionous: track 4
Kell: track 11
Giftmacher: track 0

OK, you get the point. On some of them - like track 4 and track 7 - I still hear music, but track 11 in Kell's map just sounds like the ambient noise. I'm confused. 
Some of the authors may deliberately not specify a track because they may assume the player is going to have there itunes (or whatever those kids use today) playing anyways.

Dumptrucks map uses a new track that must be in your jam9/music folder. It is track 128. It is a very good original track by Mugwump.

It seems from your error messages you aren't using Quakespasm. I don't know how music works in your engine of choice, but if installed correctly Mugwump's track will play on Dumptruck's map, at least in Quakespasm. 
Mugwump's Track Is Track13, Not 128 
track128 is an original composition by dumptruck_ds. 
I did check out the new music tracks already, they are both very cool and sound appropriate for Quake. Which map uses track 12?

I am using Quakespasm 0.92.1. I am hearing track 128 in dumptruck's map. 
Meant track 13, not track 12. 
That... Cannot Be Revealed... 
My Bad 
Sorry, dumptruck_ds your track 128 is very good. Mugwump's track is also excellent. If by track 12 you mean track 13 (Mugwumps) that track is a secret - Hint, Hint... 
Jam9_secret It Is 
@erc thank you for the demos 
Very Nice Demos Erc 
You're the only one so far to have found that first Megahealth secret, despite how obvious it is. :D
Also excellent demo of the other map. Well played. 
Thanks Man 
Yes, you found the reference. I love this piece of architecture, it's so simple yet so brutally evocative. I knew I wanted this in my map with all the Quoth corpse entities at hand! 
Kell's Loop Hole 
I was able to replicate the trick exposed by #129 posted by Mandel, on Kell's map. It's pretty easy to finish the map in about 20 secs or so by jumping directly to the big central portal !

Kell, I suggest that you flip that portal in an horizontal position, with a vertical offset so we can't jump directly to it, using the low gravity. At the end, you could trigger some partially destroyed floating stone bridge to the center, just under the portal (with a hell lot of scraggs to annoy the player), and make the player be sucked into the portal.

I think that a "horizontal" portal would also be better looking, floating on top of everything, instead if its current central vertical position. 
Here's A Demo 
11 seconds on jam9_kell. 
Final Demos - Great Work All 
Ok last of my demos are here:

Pulsar - jam9_pulsar: Extremely impressive vista of floating gothic castle. Also loved the interior with the giant mouth. Had a lot of fun secret hunting on this one.

Skacky - jam9_skacky: Huge and detailed map, with great interconnected layout. Huge ending battle that forced me to do some more secret hunting to beat it. You can see some foolish deaths in the demos. Great map.

Skacky - jam9_secret: A great floating castle in the void. The ending was insane but their were powerups everywhere and I found the Quad. Fun stuff.

Skacky - start map: A massive start map for these 15 maps, actually gets me lost and I just used the console to play the maps in order, but still impressive.


Thanks everyone for all these maps. I have demos for the rest of the maps, but you will have to hunt for them in previous posts if you missed them. I'm sorry my reviews are only like 1 sentence, but I hope you see how I enjoyed them from the demos. Also thanks to dumptruck and Mugwump for making new music, and skacky for organizing the whole thing!

Part 1 Of Map Jam 9 
I posted this on Quaddicted but figured I'd post the feedback here too. Part 1 houses the first 5 maps by alphabetical order, not a bad one so far! Nice job everyone!

Cloudy With a Chance of Gibs by Bloughsburgh:
You've so far made the craziest map with all of the grinders and gibs all over the place! I felt gross just walking through all the falling body parts and swimming through all the blood. Really visceral! This one felt a little cramped to me at times, almost making it feel more like a map made in the 90's at times but I don't think that's bad thing. You do a lot with the small space available and somehow there are 10 secrets crammed in here? Crazy! This is definitely the grossest Contract map, nice work buddy!

Mensis Keep by Breezeep:
I loved the flow of this map Breezeep and wow was it challenging for me! This feels like a pretty epic adventure, how it starts in the caves and winds you through all these difficult fights through the castle. This one felt like almost a prequel or sequel to Contract Revoked, in that it fits in with the episode but also tells its own story. Really nice work!

DelusionalBear's Map:
I'm pretty sure this is your first map Dbear (I apologize if I'm wrong on that), but for a first effort this is really good! This has been the shortest map so far, but i love a good short map myself. I think your map tells a great story in and of itself, with you starting in a dungeon and finally making your way to a gladiator style arena, suggesting that prisoners were used here as fodder...that is, until you showed up! Great visual storytelling! My only real critique is with the big middle room where like 20 skrags try to come at you all at once. It made for a silly fun fight, but there is always something a bit off about a ton of enemies agroing at once in a huge room. Check out my playthrough for more details. Nice work on this one, looking forward to more from you in the future!

Knight Gaunts by dumptruck_ds:
Wow, Dumptruck, this map was wild! Huge rooms, lots of variety to the combat throughout and a really, really tough fight at the end. I really liked the center courtyard area as it was a ton of fun running back and forth from enemies. While I was playing that fight at the end, I wasn't really having a ton of fun with it because it was kicking my ass, but I will say that it was REALLY satisfying finishing it. On the other hand, it may have taken a few years off me. =P Excellent work man!

The Brimstone Mine by Giftmacher:
My favorite of the pack so far, I love the space in this map as it feels like everything fits and flows perfectly. The beginning was perfect where you see this dirty mine shaft and then turn around to see a beautiful skybox. I loved how further into the map, you could look down in the skybox and see a town below. Really nice touch! The amount of variety in the gameplay of this map is outstanding. It contains small horde fights, crazy boss introductions witht he shamblers, elevator fighting...there is a lot and really helps this map stay fresh around every corner! This is definitely something new mappers should play to understand spacing and pacing of a Quake map as this was just my speed and still had a good challenge to it!

Part 2 coming soon! 
You almost found the Plasma Gun secret in the secret level!
Also not sure why the bridge to the Thunderbolt teleporter extended, the Great Old Ones were feeling extra generous today I guess.

Great demos! 
Also I didn't really organize anything, I just went and made a few maps and pestered a few people on discord to know how they were doing. PuLSaR and OTP did most of the work. 
still feels unfinihed, on skill 1, attempt for I think third rune, got stuck before Shub, no new waves of enemies coming, entry blocked 
still feels unfinished, on skill 1, attempt for I think third rune, got stuck before Shub, no new waves of enemies coming, entry blocked 
A QUAD Of Demo's 
Haunter's Map
Ionous's Map
OTP's Map


Pulsar's Map

Haunter's map is Skill 2 the others are Skill 1.

The Tugging - Haunter
As with others, the only thing tugging was this map to my heart strings, short but oh so suhhhweet. Loved it. The close red fog bathing the walls was really cool. The only niggle I could say is, when you spawn in and look behind there's only void. BUT... the map corridors actually lead you back there! Other than that, simply wonderful.

Amputated Extremities - Ionous
This was an accidental Skill 1 demo :( I tried several times with Skill 2 but kept failing. I gave it a rest and came back using the console to start he map, forgot about Skill setting. Didn't realize until I had a fiend instead of a Shamby, hehe.

This is everything you expect from an Ionous map... minus about 10,000 brushes ;) His patented "clean" design with great monster selection for challenging fights scenario's. A great map. Sorry ionous, pretty sure I missed all the secrets :(

The Book of Disconnect - OTP
That start, albeit simple, was a fantastic idea, gg. Suffice to say, I just instantly took a liking to this map. I haven't played many otp maps, I think they're rare are they not!!! I know this one I have enjoyed the most so far. I don't really have anything genius to say about it, just enjoyed the map overall as a whole. All the ups and downs, with vertical combat and me being vertically combat challenged, hehe. The lighting was good, with good contrast. It was subtle things really. Spike shooters, the flashlight(I forgot Quoth even HAD a flashlight, so under used) the below water level health boxes that trigger ankle biters... BELOW water level to. FUN.

Consciousness Outpost - Pulsar
To be honest, when this map first loaded, and I was having beers with Gotshun, I was like "meh, not another space maps. So over those." BOY, was I fuggin' wrong. BOY was I fuggin' wrong! Yes, it needed saying twice ;)

While I appreciate the larger maps this is like a perfect(imo ofc) Quake map. Most likely anyone reading this has played it, so I won't restate what is known, Everything is simply a treat to look at and play through.

Oh wait, the perfect Quake map MINUS the END boss fight, grrrrr... Ya know, I thought on Normal it'd be easier, a different setup, but nooooo. After many rip's, between recordings, I found the secret that changed it all at least. It was either that or submit a non finished demo, cause I was getting my arse handed to me.

Sadly I watched erc's demo and mang, I just didn't have it that easy.

Anyway's thanks guys for the maps, truly. Love what you do with your creativity, an editor, and Quake. 
@ArrrCee thank you for the feedback and kind words. You're correct, this is my very first fully realised map, before that I only made couple boxes filled with stuff, just to test things :) Your assumptions about the story are also mostly correct. 
Glad you made it through that last fight. Can't wait to see your play-thru. Always fun to watch your channel! 
Great Maps By All! 
Will give my detailed thoughts later. For now, demos of each map, hard skill. 
@Orl thanks! 
The Deathmarch Continues 
Starting with the long-delayed conclusion of Naitelveni's map.

Starts in an hour. 
Next would be Kell, but he's already seen demos from me before releasing, so next;

Then there's ShoTro, which I am itching to play but it's a commitment I don't have time for tonight, so next;

Taking the jump pad to the top floor and the first exit I see is to my map, I've played that time enough, so next;


It's practically jam tradition by now to have a small map from a newcomer and this time it's no different. The smallest map from all 16 but not the worst by any means.

What it lacks in length it makes up in level of detail, it's easy to notice how much effort went into decorating each and every room, either with lots of trims, or lots of bodies (the final area is almost unsettling looking).

It also makes up in intensity - it's probably easier to die in this 17 monster map than it is in others with ~100. It's relentless from the get go and doesn't really let on. Some of the difficulty comes more from the (small) map scale, too, however.

Overall a nice map and a fine debut! 
Nice demo, you were not nice to that poor drole! I actually intended to spawn him from the get go so he could snipe the player from the balcony during the brigade fight, but I quickly realized that woulndn't be a good idea.
Also regarding the possibility to give a minlight to brushes - I thought this was a worldspawn property that couldn't be applied to individual brushes. Maybe I'm wrong.

Thanks for the commentary anyway. I've recorded a bunch of demos for everyone but I end up dying before the end most of the time, will post them eventually. 
Thanks for the demo of "Knight Gaunts!" I enjoyed watching you play. Probably the best overall player who has played it. Conservative with ammo, patient and good with finding secrets. AND you've found the most secrets out of anyone!

The one secret )green armor) you and everyone has missed is in the first large room. It's hard to find, but if you aim high you just might...

Redfield did find it, but accidentally so his doesn't count!

I am blown away more people are missing the RL and SN secrets!!! 
Finished ShoTro's. 

It's practically jam tradition by now to have a map from a newcomer that just gleefully ignores as many mapping conventions as it can.

Feels like everything that could have been said about this map has already been said, really. Quite a lot of commentary within the demos.

I intended to play more maps tonight but this one just really wore me down. :( 
Finally got to your jam9 map tonight. Really liked it. A little tough on ammo but not impossible. There are some imaginative encounters and I really liked how expansive the level was even though this is just a short-ish map. I liked the ending battle. Here are my demos The last demo was me trying to find secrets and well... you'll see what happens. :) Great first map! 
The Demos 
@Mike Woodham - Not sure what the problem is. Have you tried the updated version?
@Redfield - You didn't encounter a glitch that is how it is supposed to work. About the bleed. I fixed a lot of the bleeding in the update and eventually figured out what causes that and how to prevent it but different engines had different results and I had a lot to fix in the map. You should see the rest of it sometime.
Although. If you don't want to go through the chthon encounter again, just clip through the bars at the top and impulse 11 before jumping off.
@erc - You did really good. The map gets a little redundant on that third run through, which is where your demos end. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the map after that.
@Jaromir83 - You can jump across the pillars and smash the window to get out. Just go up the ramps and look out towards where shub is.
@OneTruePurple - Yep. It seems like a coin toss if you find the chthon fight difficult or too difficult. I enjoyed your play through. I am glad there were at least SOME things you enjoyed. I was torn between two comments about the map "The timings are too short" and "the timings are too long". I guess the lesson is... don't put too much in your map that depends on timers because people want to enjoy things at a different pace... Also it takes too much time to debug and test. 
I was torn between two comments about the map "The timings are too short" and "the timings are too long".

The latter referred to buttons taking too long to take action, most noticeable in the Chthon fight.

I don't remember what the first one referred to but i don't imagine it was the same thing. 
The parts I enjoyed outweigh the parts I didn't, on average. 
Doomed Spacemarine Is Streaming 

Another debut, another small fun map. With this one it really shows that you ran out of time and couldn't do the full map you wanted to, though.

Loved the first secret. However, is that the only armor available in the map? That would make everything a LOT harder!

Shame you weren't around on the Discord, since it seems like you submitted the map first and didn't know about the unofficial second extension. :(

Hope to see this released in its full one day! 
ok, for some reason there was no staircase on skill 1 first time I played it, now it is ok, unable to find the last red "button" in the Shub room tho. exit bars were not lowered after picking up the first rune on my todays run (skill 1) 
hey, thanks for the demo :) glad you liked it.

The map is actually fully completed, its the graphical fidelity that suffered because of my bad time management. You could tell in the beginning its much more detailed and in the end I was just argh, fuck it, this will do.

Obviously I did some mistakes such as no other source of armour, although to be honest you kinda don't really need it. Last secret and tbh whole arena fell victim of me not being familiar with Quoth mod capabilities. I sort of expected that last monster to be much tougher than it was. I tested it of course, but at that time I was already using matches to keep my eyes opened, so yeah, derp.

Some pacing issues that I've noticed only when demos started coming in. Play testing by someone other than yourself is obviously needed, because I tend to play the way I envisioned it, and you guys already proved that there are much more ways to go about it.

Anyway idk if I should go back and try to fix it maybe? Feel more like trying to do something completely new with what I've learned. 
Hit The Bullseye 
Play testing by someone other than yourself is obviously needed
I second that. As for fixing stuff, if something is really broken in your map it's fine to release a patch, otherwise don't bother and move on. 
Well Then 
I saw the barred off doors at the end and assumed you wanted to expand the map more in those directions but had no time.

Feel more like trying to do something completely new with what I've learned.

In this case, yeah, this is probably a better idea. 
Barred doors at the end are just supposed to give you an idea that this place is much bigger than it actually is. Something that I've picked from all the articles about level design lol. Not sure if its working actually, but feels better than just walls. 
As you may have seen in my demo I missed the first secret and it was driving me crazy. I also was not sure how to get to the Quad. Watching OTP's demo I was so pissed off at myself!! As far as playtesting it's a must and I'd be happy to discretely playtest your next map, just reach out. My oldest son plays Quake quite a bit but I hate watching him test my maps because he's always in a rush. Misses obvious things, bunny hops all over the place and just plays to kill monsters. My youngest isn't as into Quake as I am so he kind of derps along also missing things etc.

The disparity in skill levels here on func is pretty vast. I never play on hard as I am not that good. But take a look at other levels and other demos as you will learn a lot about how people play. Ionous and Arrrcee really conserve ammo and health when they play. Other players play very slowly and methodically looking for every secret. It's fascinating and frustrating to try and guide the player.

Anyway, I really liked your map and I agree with the others - unless something is broken badly, move on to your next project. 
DBear, 2/3 of your secrets confused me. I figured the first room contained a secret since there were zombies behind bars that you can't kill without a GL. But where's the GL? You don't get one until the final arena. And to go back, you MUST take fall as you drop down the elevator shaft. And unless I missed something (which is totally possible), the 3rd secret requires you to take a substantial amount of damage as well, since you must rocket jump to it. Was this intended? Secrets should never require the player to take damage. What if they're too low health to attempt it? 
@sevin OMG, First, "under The Lift", Secret FAIL! 
Shame on you, hehe 
I'm so ashamed. The rocket jump at the end still stands though. 
Enjoyed your map. Yours are always a a highlight although I had some trouble finding the secrets on this one. Here are my demos I omitted the last one of me searching for secrets. Lots of derping and well... you know where they are. I only found 4/6 and ran out of ammo so I figured that was it. no_clipped with r_fullbright 1 and still could not find them!!!!! (well their triggers anyway.)

Very cool vertical feeling we all love from your work. I will play it again and hopefully get all secrets. 
Jam9 Mappers 
Please list a good demo from another player here (by post number if possible) I'd like to get some highlights for a promotional video for jam9. I will record the demos and cut a shot trailer that features some good moments from as many maps as possible. The more I play this the more impressed I am. I'd like to get the word out so more people play this fucker.

Mugwump I'd love to use your track if possible for the music. 
Possible it is. 
Great. Will start collecting footage and cut something very cool. Hoping map authors will share their favorite demos so I can get some great clips to cut to. 
Thanks for the kind words. The secrets are a bit hard; I'm far more adept at making secrets than finding them. 
thanks, I'll keep you in mind when its time for my next project :) Being newcomer here, I'm kind of shy to ask people who never heard of me before, to do stuff for me. Actually I'm always like that :) But now that you mentioned it, I might take you up on your offer :D

@sevin Third secret is poorly made on my side, but it doesn't require rocket jump to access it. Just careful observation, although I admit it could have been made more obvious. There is no way you can spot it during the final battle, and after that you won't need quad damage anymore. I'll try to do better next time :) 
Custom Knave .wad? 
I can't remember exactly, did someone here post a custom knave.wad with some modified textures or something? I can't seem to find the post, wondering if it was a different thread or if I'm thinking of something completely different and just getting confused. 
I posted an edited version of the jam wad here with the fullbright pixels fixed: 

Sorry you had to wait so long for this demo. :P

Anyway, this map is outstanding! Easily in the top 3 maps from this jam so far. I can hardly believe you didn't spend the entire 6 week timeframe on it. This could have easily been a standalone release with 5 stars on Quaddicted, that's how polished it is.

As usual with a Breezeep map it wears its influences on a sleeve. My favorite areas were the ones that appeared original, though, as in the SK dungeon (and how it intertwined with the start, such a cool moment) and the tall library above it, I very much loved the breaking of symmetry in the latter.

Some of the most difficult secrets in the jam so far too. I finished with 4/7 and only found 2 more (Cross and rocket ammo) way later. If anything, the HPL secret was possibly the easiest secret of them all - I don't mind making some secrets easy if I'm very happy with how the areas turned out (and your HPL secret was AMAZING to look at), so that more people can enjoy seeing them, but this was a bit funny.

Again, pretty challenging on skill 2 but the difficulty spikes weren't as sharp as in the retro6 map. There was a surprising lack of Shamblers through the entire thing...

Overall a great map, one of the best in the pack. Time for a standalone release now! 
Part 2!

I also posted this on Quaddicted, so I figured I'd post it here for the authors like last time. Part 2 houses the next 5 maps in alphabetical order. All ten maps I've played so far have been super high quality, again, still not a bad map in the bunch!

Haunter's Map:
First off, welcome to the community (if you are indeed new?) and I really liked your map! I have a very special place in my heart for short maps and your map here is short but it not only offers up a good amount of variety in the gameplay and combat but it also just looks beautiful! If I had to nit pick anything, it might be that the first room with the 2 buttons is a little uneventful but not a big issue really. Absolutely love that last area with the 2 Vores. Based on the presentation alone, the stone tablet, the broken stone floors, the spinning monolith and all the dead bodies... This one room tells such a frightening story and it rocks! Really looking forward to seeing your next release!

Ionous's Map:
I'm going to echo a few of the same sentiments I had for Haunter's map, which is that it's also awesome to have a short map and it's really well crafted! The flow of this map was great! It felt very organic and natural the way the enemies were spawned in and introduced. I also really liked the idea that this castle was on top of or surrounded by lava and I would've loved to see a bit more of that used in the map. Really not sure how to get to any of those secret areas I saw. I was able to get to one, but I had no clue about the others. Awesome job on this one Ionous!

Kell's Map:
I really enjoyed this one as it was so different from the rest! I wasn't expecting a map with low gravity and I really wasn't expecting a void map at all from the man who brought us the original episode! This one did well to stand out from the other maps so far and it's actually really good too! Good flow, lots of fun jumping form platform to platform. The custom pieces made for this map rock. The prisoner in the weird floating contraption... I had a hard time not looking at it when I walked passed it. I will also echo what most others have already said and that is that the stargate in the middle of the map is amazing looking! The way it's introduced is even better though. You jump to the first floating dock and turn to your left to see some pointy spikes and you wonder what the hell it might be. Then once you get in front of it, you see it in all of its glory and it's stupendous! This map feels like the beginning of a brand new episode or the end of one. Like the Quake guy has defeated a demon in a castle and created a rift in time, revealing the stargate and ripping the castle apart. You jump from platform to platform, castle brick to castle brick to reach the stargate, but where does the Stargate lead? I love how some of these maps suggest stories like that and yours really allows for some of that creativity. Great job on the map and thanks for Contract Revoked!

Mukor's Map:
This map was very interesting in its approach. The first half of it is a normal Quake map, with several rooms and enemies leading to the silver key. I actually really enjoyed the pacing of this part. Then the last half you're thrown into a wave-based/horde fight and this fight is tough! I was able to cheese the boss monsters to take them out at each interval, but had I not been able to do that, I'm not sure that I would have finished it. I love the skybox used on this one too, but there are very few times you actually get to see it. All around, great map, love the atmosphere and pacing of the first part of it but that last fight was pretty damn challenging, you sadistic man you! =P Great job nonetheless, there were some great moments in this playthrough!

Nailelveni's Map:
Nait, I've played through a few of your maps for jams over the time I've been doing the show and I have to say that I think you really out did yourself with this map! You've never made a bad map in the past but this one, I feel, puts you into a new bracket of talent. This map starts off in a base, a very Quake 2 feeling base... I wasn't expecting that at all! Then while I'm thinking, is this just a base map? You have the player walk through a portal into the hell of the Contract series. Nicely done introduction! The rest of the map is really well done as well, as it flows you through MANY different areas. You go through courtyards, castle halls, the underground, the moated area, the library which all leads you to this immense horde fight at the end! It's all very well paced, well put together and an all around great map! Excellent job on this one Nait!

The final part coming soon! 
If you'd like any clips for your trailer from my playthroughs, let me know. No demos for them but they're recorded in 1080p. 
I have a bunch now. Just grabbing demos here and recording them. But thank you! 
Awesome Pack 
Been trying not to read the thread until I finished the pack, but I have to say it's a really fantastic job everyone's done here. I've got some demos and some short round-ups on each map coming up now. I played through on nightmare of course...which did mean I died on the first playthrough quite often. So what I've tried to do is include my first attempt, plus a demo where I got to the end of the map.

Kell: loved it, the teleporter gate made a fantastic centrepiece, and the changing gravities is something I don't remember seeing in a map like this. On a technical note, did you try using a big trigger_gravity first? It might have been an easier way to preserve gravity in save games. Managed to get through in a single sitting (thanks for not making the void a death). A real scavenger-style gameplay, making do with limited resources throughout the combat. I didn't make good use of the power-ups, but found more secrets than my average.

Mukor: another great map, really dig all the pillars(also featuring in future maps) and the consistent style. I love how a little bit of compiler tech like phong shading breathes new life into the old engine! I liked how in the final arena, despite how large and complex it was, Vermis was always present as a threat (which killed me after I got stuck on a knight in demo 1). Cleared on the 2nd attempt.

Naitelveni: although I was slightly thrown by spawning in a base, once the level proper got going it was another fantastic Knave map, especially liked the curved architecture and rockys parts. My first attempt ended when I fell into the void near the vores. Attempt 2 died when I got trapped in the slime before the library and got pelted by fireballs at the same time, and attempt 3 ended in the final arena, so I included attempt 4 where I used the quad better and survived.

G1ftmacher: a really great sense of place in this map, from way the tight dark maintainence shafts corresponded to the actual lift mechanism, to the light airy gardens where some refined villian could pass an afternoon pleasantly. Reminded me of Bioshock Infinite a bit! My first attempt died trying to make a risky jump to a secret, but thankfully I saved before attempting it. The double shambler ambush was too much to survive unwarned in attempt 2, and attempt 3 by the overly deadly abmush in the double secret, so attempt 4 is included (I defeat the final gug, then go secret hunting and die again to the double secret - I conquered it off-camera I swear)
Round-up Part II 
Ionous: A distinctive map in gloomy grey with nice angles and verticality. Combat was tense throughout, as the monsters used the loops in the layout to great effect by repeatedly flanking me. At the very end I was out of health packs and inches from death, with a Drole raining fire from above me, and a Voreling whose life I spared earlier starts nipping my ankles from behind. I'll leave the demo to tell how that one ended... I know I missed a lot of secrets here, and felt like there was more left to explore, a map to revisit now.

Skacky: a huge, epic map, I'm amazed you could do this and the start map as well! Loved the skyline. The eerie atmosphere of the creaking platforms between shelves stretching into the darkness was great (and getting the lighting to fade to black like that is not as easy as it looks). The RL area was also a really effective multi-level combat space, fighting monsters from all angles. The two major arena combats were very enjoyable fights, although sadly the final one was a bit too hard for me to survive first time. Sadly I didn't record the second time through, but I cracked it in the end through slightly more cowardly play.

Haunter: a neat, small scale map with some lovely detail in the two main arenas. The death brigade chipped me too much in the first playthrough to survive the Drole, so I gave no ground second time and made it through. Would have loved to see more! Didn't have any luck on the secrets, but I never do...

ShoTro: An enormously creative level, taking full advantage of the idea of multiple revisits to the same space. I liked the sense of progression, on the first time through, fighting the Nail Ogre and the Death Guard on the way to The Gallows is a test which can cost you dear in HP. By the 3rd time it's a breeze that you swing through any time you want to stock up on free rockets and nails!

0 runes: This took by far the most attempts, and might have soured me on the whole map if I hadn't revisited so much afterwards. I don't know if it's just because skill 3 Chthon leads shots better, but his arena killed me. After about 20 attempts I came up with the strat in the final demo to skip half a round of fighting, but this still took another 15 tries to record. And of course I get glitched into the lava immediately after surviving...

1 rune: the library was my favourite bit of all the runes, and I found it neat that later on you had the idea to remove the books from the shelves, to explain why that part stopped working!

2 runes: another cool change to the map to create shortcuts and new paths. I died to the edie rush first time, barely survived second go.

3 runes: took me ages to discover the new gold key location, the whole new tower on the map was really cool. I mistook an outcrop of rock below the tower for a secret, and willingly jumped to my death. Shub lair was a really cool texture theme and design, took me a while both to crack the gimmick, and then find all the sigils. Definitely some hair-raising combat moments, but the respawning items kept it fair.

4 runes: the combat in the underground was tougher than Vermis, I guess having the run of the map made it easier to pick a fight with the latter. The demo is a second try as I died to an Edie first time. The specimin tanks were really cool down there!
Round-up Part 3 
Pulsar: surely the most spectacular opening shot of any map in the pack, and the rest of the map lived up to the design as well. Some tense moments in the combat, getting sniped while precarious about the viod, or trapped in a tight space with a shambler, but they were always fairly constructed. Some nice puzzles too, although I spent too long trying to get the SNG and still failed (ending attempt 1 with death). Attempt 2 got as far as the last two Gugs, but I died - I recorded the 3rd attempt but I think it's more interesting seeing the demo where I saw the 2nd half of the map for the first time so I included that instead.

onetruepurple: Another wonderful looking map, I really liked the contrast between the opulent library above and the decrepit sewer below. I also really appreciated the way that although on the surface the sewer had a lot of symmetry, there was lots done to break that symmetry up, or in the case of the spikeshooters at the far end, have the two halves interact so they felt like more than just mirror images. Combat was varied and never unfair, although in the early stages I near came unstuck, and the final combat made a pair of fiends a threat. Also must know how you did those weird shimmering colour effects on the books at the start, that was so cool!

dumptruck_ds: There's a really grandious scale to this map, in my mind somewhere between Doom and Quake, especially with that wonderfully hellish secret lurking under the first room. Some very unique combats in this one as well, like hiding from a Shambler whilst fighting off endless hordes of Vorelings. The final combat has a kind of tribute to e4m2 in it, except the water ceiling becomes a usable feature in the combat. I don't quite make it in the first play-through, getting trapped between a Shambler and a ladder. I prepare much harder for the second attempt, which goes much better as you can see!

Bloughsburgh: A design like no other in the pack, sort-of where chapters and zerstorer would meet (or should that be meat?). The spinning blades with sprays of gibs are really well made, and I liked the intricate cages made using fence textures, which also allowed for interesting exploration and secrets. Combat here was REALLY hard, I've got 7 demos recorded and must have made a half-dozen other attempts wich I didn't save. Attempt 5 got me as far as the silver key, and things got better from there, I think it's hard to keep up with nightmare rates of fire from the water. Missed most of the secrets in this playthrough, which was a shame as the map has lots of cool ones. I've gone back and defeated the Death Lords since, although I needed the walkthrough to get the waterfall one!

NewHouse: Another map that carves out its own style, asking what a Contract Revoked map turns into once the Base monsters take over. There's an atmospheric, almost horror-movie moment where the player is in a pitch black room, then a stray gunshot happens to light the room, revealing all the corpses hanging from the ceiling...Combat was firmly set in the "romp" mode, where if you have fewer than two power-ups on the go at a time you're doing it wrong. However, there's no armour in the map making the player a glass cannon. This makes nightmare especially hard, because the monsters aren't any harder to kill, they just do more damage. So this took more than a dozen attempts (some unrecorded). I think when I beat the map it was only my second time past the silver key door though, so the back half of the map is easier to survive.

DelusionalBear: a solidly built map with a really nice central atrium - I thought it was a shame that we never got to revisit it through the upper levels where the Ogres and Death Knights were sniping from. The warm lighting/cold fog colour scheme really worked well, especially around the lift area. Combatwise everything was fair - I didn't pay enough heed to a shambler and got killed in my first attempt, and I spend a long time in the demo failing to set up a big infight with the Scrags (they just wipe themselves out with friendly fire). I got two of the secrets, although because I missed the GL in my playthrough, I couldn't see how you'd manage to get the armour secret until you'd beaten the map, so it seemed strange at the time.
Round-up Part FOUR? 
Yup, still going, that's how huge this pack was!

Breezeep: exquisitely designed map, just wonderful. The inside and out were built with the same precision, down to the little things like the trees on the clifftops in the distance to give a sense of scale. The combat was also really well paced, giving the player the upper hand on unsuspecting monsters at the start, then gradually building up more dangerous scenarios, all the way to the top of the library, which was really hard to safely unpick because the monsters covered each other so well! I had several close calls during the map, then managed to drop the ball on the very last combat. I was fixated on the Gug and didn't acknowledge the Droles, causing me to break the infighting up without thinking.

Secret: Wow Skacky, really working overtime here! Another great map, this one with a big vertical presence looming over you from the start. Some fun combat on the way (I enjoyed playing matador to get fiends to leap void-wards) but it's all about the final arena. Given the sheer volume of monsters (and the way they spawn a few at a time rather than all at once) it's amazing that it works as well as it does. I just about kept up until the Gugs came out, then I got wiped out pretty quickly. Second play through I took much better advantage of the secrets, got to the final arena faster and with more HP...and still died the same way. Luckily I saved a few seconds from death, and from that save finally defeated the Gug horde.

Wow, that was amazing. I have to say thanks again for this huge, amazing pack. And sorry for the confusion over Quoth 2.2b, in future if I ever fix a crashing bug I will always make sure to bump the version number.

While playing through, I was also testing the new "pak file" version ready for posting on
I had to make some ever so slight modifications to the maps to make the pak file work (renaming the start map to "jam9", tweaking the exit triggers to point at jam9, sorting the item removal flags out). Does anyone object to me uploading and publishing that? 
Fingers Crossed Part 4 Describes Two Maps And Not Just One 
Woop He Did It! 
Thanks for the great write-up Preach, off to watch your demos now! 
Confirming. So are you rolling this jam into 2.3 release soon? I am cutting a trailer for the whole pack that will be ready by QuakeCon. Would love to have a central all-in-one ling to send people to in the trailer and youtube comments - plz let me know. 
Confirming. So are you rolling this jam into 2.3 release soon? I am cutting a trailer for the whole pack that will be ready by QuakeCon. Would love to have a central all-in-one ling to send people to in the trailer and youtube comments - plz let me know. 
thank you for the demo! 
If you wanna use my track for that trailer, please preferably refer to me in the credits as The ?uestion Mark rather than Mugwump - or both if you want, even using my real name is fine as well, as long as you put The ?uestion Mark forward. And please also include my Bandcamp address. I'll release my Quake tracks there as soon as I get my internet up and running again (not sure when this will happen, though). 
Sorry for the confusion, didn't mean as part of the main mod. I package up some of the map releases for Quoth into a single pak file which can be played just by drag-and-dropping it onto the batch file in the Quoth mod folder. This board isn't really the target audience for that, it's intended for more casual players who would be put off by the need to use a big long command line to run this map. Same niche as Quake Injector but just comes with the mod.

No promises about 2.3, although I suppose it might help ease the confusion about the multiple point releases of 2.2 if I did something separately... 
@mugwump will do!

@Preach got it. Now I recall your "map packs" page for Quoth - thx. 
Thanks for the demo and review. I changed the chthon fight at the last minute removing a mega health at harder difficulties. The big problem is that, by this point I could run the map without taking my eyes off Chthon to dodge his attacks... it didn't translate well. It has caused some people a lot of headache. Thanks for all the feedback Preach!

So if you are rolling out the Jam along with a 2.3 release is there a chance to patch? I already have a revised map that fixed the graphical glitches and addresses some of the problems I have seen in play throughs. 
A Modest Suggestion 
I'm a mere lurker and nonmapper, but is there a place where I can suggest necros' "The Altar of Storms" as the theme for the next map jam? The Ayleid ruin style works so well in Quake but no one else has ever used it! 
Clarification: Do Not Anticipate 2.3 
I did not intend to ever suggest 2.3 was more than an idle thought in my head. The packaged version Jam9 will be done separately, and much sooner.

That said, if you do want to patch some things, that's fine by me, just drop me an e-mail or a download link with a new version. 
@ Venderant [yeah..] 
i still think of altar of storms at random moments throughout my life even now!

loads of maps in that theme sounds pretty great to these ears :) 
Thank you guys for giving thoughtful feedback, it means a lot* 
Still Working On A Trailer For Jam9 
The last few nights I've captured demos (mine, OTP's, Orl's, Preach's and I think Shambler's) and recorded some nice fly-thrus of maps Daz-style. I will use Mugwump's music (The ?uestion Mark) and add some sound design to give it a bit more trailer energy.

Since QuakeCon is in a few weeks I think it's wise to get a trailer out to the broader Quake audience. Forgotten Sepulcher being on PC Gamer is a great thing for the Q1SP community and after spending a month on a map I want people to find it any play it.

Thoughts? Concerns? Opportunities? 
The Altar Of Storms 
Was a great map... but how far can the theme be taken, if it was neon blue lighting on grayscale textures? 
Purple lighting on penis textures! 
40k Brushes? 
If Skacky really placed that many brushes for this map jam then that's more brushes than I've placed since I started mapping for Quake 3 Arena. Even for my most recent stuff I hardly go over 3000 brushes, and back in the days of Quake 3 Arena everyone's PCs were so crap we had to consider r_speeds above all (and horrible compile times on old Pentiums).

Now I'm curious to see a screnshot of a brush count in a level editor if possible. 
The map source is provided. Too lazy to open? 
It's easy, for SP. For example, just create a complicated setpiece and make it a base for the map or use it for details like a lamp which is the source of lighting all across the map, with small variations. Using long stairs over ramps also increase the number, or heavily detailed rock brushwork on big areas.

The right layout can lower the r_speeds. On DM maps that high count is hard to see, more than because of engine constraints, but because of a custom about lowering r_speeds as much as possible.

It's easy to get crazy with brushes, not that it helps with making good maps. I have made some speedmaps with over 5k brushes easily that looked simple, like the one for mapjam2. 
I think the ikblue/ikwhite jam has shown that monochrome textures aren't a barrier to creating interesting maps. 
But that was partly because even if you add differently colored lights to ikwhite you've still got ikwhite.

Take away the blue lights from ne_altar and you've got a chico's ruin map with different colors. 

breezep, haunter, mukor, nait, otp, pulsar

later the reviews, but suffice to say i liked all the maps. pulsar map is awesome 
The Roadhouse is proud to welcome: The Skacky
The plasma gun gibs zombies. 
breezep. i really like the architecture and the fusion of the castle into the caves/cliffs. very well done. the fights are also good too.

haunter: small map but with two good fights. i like the doors too

mukor: nice library map. i ran out of ammo with the final boss so i started again.

naitalveni: architecturally is a really good map, but it's the weakest of the maps that i played so far (or the only one weak i should say). i replayed the map again, but i cannot tell what are the things that i don't like, beside some technical errors.

otp: if only the maps had smells attached to it. didn't know that the plasma gun can gibs zombies :D
also i did get the fourth dimension interestelar thingy. good map overall. also, the best lovecraft secret so far.

pulsar: the best map of this six that i played. good fights, good architecture, good pacing, awesome begining, rotating brushes. fell a few times to my death. the only thing that i didn't like it's a polyp when you are in a platform and the polyp pushes you to the void. 
So happy you found the HPL secret after all! I have lots of reservations about my map but that one bit I am 100% satisfied with. 
yeah, i played a second time 'cause i had like 30 kills left the first time but i didn't record the demo 
The Final 5...

Here are the final 5 maps of the pack!

This map had a really awesome looking beginning area and the main courtyard that is revealed to you right after looks very demonic, dark and hellish. The map itself sort of feels like an old school custom DOOM wad. The unfortunate part of it is that I just couldn't find my way around well enough to actually finish the map. Confusing corridors and buttons sort of kept me from progressing much in this one. I really like the look of it though!

This is a great example of how to do a lot with a little. OTP was able to take a smaller sized level and add quite a lot of variety to the visual story and gameplay here. This map is sort of the sewers of Contract Revoked. I love the flow and pacing of this map, but my only really gripe is the use of spawns. I can't stand them! Other than that, this is an excellent map!

This is definitively in the running for favorite of the pack. It's in the same line as onetruepurple, where a lot is done with a little. The flow and pacing of this map is perfectly my speed, as it offers a fun challenge but also offers nice little breaks in the action. I'm glad that the tongue and teeth make a return here and little bits of flesh are used throughout to keep the theme going. I also LOVE the orange skybox on this one! That end fight was brutal and I expected to beef it when I saw all those big guys but surprisingly I made it out alright. Really nice work on this one Pulsar!

I wasn't expecting what I got with Shotro's map here, as it's basically a whole episode! A very cleverly built episode. There are around 5 stages to how his map works, where each one uses a well known Quake trope and makes a separate level out of each. So in one you will fight Chthon, in another you will fight in an arena, in another you will fight another boss and so on and you collect a rune for each one and then finish the map with that rune. Once you restart, it automatically puts you right at the start of the same map. So the first time you play it, you learn the map and where to go. Then when you finish, the second time you play it, other areas have opened up to reveal the next step or task. It's like the Groundhog's Day movie but in Quake. I wish I knew going into this that the map would be sort of its own thing because I would've given this one it's own episode!

Anyway, I thought this was very clever and I'm not sure how you had the time to do this within the time for the map jam, so congrats on that! There was a lot of variety in what you were offering here in this map (or should I say map pack?) and I think a lot of people will be inspired by what was created here. The library comes to mind as one of my favorite areas, because different things happen as you touch different book shelves. The arena fight with all the grunts was also a good way to blow off some steam. This map had so many sections though, it's worth watching my playthrough for more thoughts as they happen. Nice work on this!

Great map here Skacky! This probably felt the most like Contract Revoked of the 5 here, as the whole level is a gigantic library! That's sort of a blessing and a curse because much of it looks the same and I felt like I got turned around a little looking for the next thing to do, thankfully those teleporters were there. Lots of books! I would've liked a little more variety in the gameplay for such a long map too. Maybe have it so you have to solve a puzzle for the 2nd pillar or something to that effect just to change it up? It's nit picky though because the map is a really good, straight forward Quake map. I did not expect to survive with the odds stacked against me at the end there, but somehow I pulled through.

Also wanted to do a special mention for the start map for you as I think this might be one of the best start maps I've seen so far!

I love how everyone sort of brought a different approach to CR here and it really made the map jam unique. it felt like everyone had a separate adventure they wanted to show off in the CR universe and they were all very cool. Great job everyone! 
Not Exactly The Final 5. 
I Was About To Say... 
Seems like you still have unfinished business. 
Finally finished it (more or less) in several sessions.

A couple of observations:
1. Secrets are the new crates.
2. Fucking Quoth.
3. The reskins feel unnecessary and quite bad
4. Use developer mode - several maps have items fall out which went by unnoticed; also, in many cases where misc_model was used there is warning spam about invalid frames or skins (likely due to improper use of the entity/lacking documentation in Quoth progs?)
4. Colored lighting all over the place in some maps. Not pretending I'm an expert on this, but while it can generally serve to enhance the atmosphere, I feel like it's often used in a more gimmicky way. E.g. is it mandatory that red windows have to glow like that? Or where colored lights are used to light entire areas. Might work with a bright yellow; not so much with dark colors which lower the overall light level and often doesn't look that good to begin with.
5. What's with all the HPL secrets.. Not to mention the fact you got it all wrong: HPL has no eyes!! (Voreling barf seems about right, though)
6. Pulsar's and skacky's secrets can fuck off.
7. Clipping is an issue in a few maps. It's a good idea to clip off small recessed bits on the walls and particularly the floor to make for smoother gameplay, because Quake physics are really dodgy in this regard - movement (or jumping) is easily impeded by ever so small height differences.

By and large, the maps in this pack are all very good; nice to see some new(er) faces. I was a little bit worried a Knave jam would yield grey brick maps exclusively, though luckily there were some thematic exceptions as well.
Generally, I prefered the smaller maps. I found that I tire easily playing such big packs with many maps, but that's my problem. Sadly, I didn't take notes and forgot about things I noticed, so I can't really make satisfying individual comments for most of them. All levels had some nice features and/or visuals in one way or another.

Some demos of varying quality (meaning sometimes I play terribly).
Skill 2 may not have been a good idea. Didn't finish ShoTro's and skacky's map (at the end fights, so not much missed. Meant to return to them, but then didn't).

Shotro: quite experimental, which is appreciated, but also awkward in terms mechanics and gameplay, causing frustrating situations/deaths. I applaud the unique approach, but I can't say I enjoyed playing it that much.

NewHouse: Pretty abstract regarding the theme in addition to being altogether somewhat crude, and I sighed at the excessive (almost exclusive) use of Quoth enemies which is normally bound to make things not-fun. However, to my surprise it all worked out due to all the powerups and supplies. Good.

Naitelveni: Wtf moment when spawning in a base. The Knave level was good, although the clipping and colored lighting issues peaked in this very map. Some situations where I got a little annoyed items were put in my way forcing me to pick them up even though I didn't want/need them.

I didn't bother with the start map, but it's fine, and with some things to do and discover. Re: stupid argument - both opinois are valid. If you consider this a pack in the same context/tradition as Chapters, then a start map like this has its place and works as hub tying the whole thing together. If you regard this as a casual mapping jam like they were originally envisioned, it's quite unnecessary, especially with such a complex structure. Nothing to complain about considering skacky made three other maps beside it.... ;) 
3. The reskins feel unnecessary and quite bad

They're straight from the contract pak0.pak. As is the sky sound and the menu sound. 
I didn't notice them in Contract or didn't remember, then.

Re: clipping - recessed and/or protruding architecture 
What does that stand for again? 
Howard Phillip Lovecraft 
Howard Phillips. 
Thank you for Map Jam. I am loving it so far! 
ShoTro: New Version 
Hi ShoTro, can you drop me an e-mail about your updated version of the map (with the fixed skins etc?). I went to e-mail you but I can't see your profile on the registered accounts page... 
Jam9_pulsar Crash 
'movedist' is not a global
'centerprintcount' is not a global
'angry_monsters' is not a global
's' is not a global
Can't find function trigger_start_go
Host_Error: ED_ParseEdict: parse error 
With Qs 0.91 
and while falling into some abyss 
Save Error? 
Hi mfx! That error message looks like the engine was trying to load a save file, but the save file was corrupt in some way. Pulsar's map has an autosave features near the gold key, one trigger makes a save file before you go past the gold key. Then if you manage to go past the gold key without collecting it a second trigger loads the autosave so you can have another try!

Looking through the source code, Quoth 2.1 had a function called trigger_start_go, but it was renamed something more descriptive by the time 2.2 was released. So my guess at a diagnosis is:

  • you played pulsar's map at some point using Quoth 2.1, which created the autosave file
  • you upgraded to Quoth 2.2
  • you played Pulsar's map again, tried to get the hammer secret, and fell into the void near the gold key
  • rather than hitting the void trigger, you managed to steer into the trigger which loads the autosave
  • because you didn't hit the "create autosave" trigger yet in this playthrough, it tried to load the autosave you created in your original playthrough using version 2.1
  • this crashed because save files created in different patches are incompatible

Does that sound plausible?

PS: spent a while replaying pulsar's map to try and figure this one out, I finally got the SNG early! 5 secrets to go, and I can see two of them on the islands... 
Very very very good job!!!!!!!! 
Hey Preach, I got pulled into a week and a half long business trip (actually two trips) at the last minute that took up all my time. I am home now and I will see if I can wrap up what I was doing tomorrow. I need to test what I have done and make sure it all works and almost everything is in place. I can always just cut things as they are and ship after a quick test, but testing the map can take some time.

- Added some things to the Chthon fight to make it more interesting, easier even at high difficulties, but... don't get cocky
- Texture fixes that were needed
- Lots of small fixes that I made "just to see" if they work and kept the working ones in on this version of the map
- Made the 3rd arena a little more interesting, a bit easier, but crazier
- Made the shub fight blatantly obvious what to do now (glowing spots) Fixed a few things about the battle leading up to that
- Shub now moves (testing)
- Moved the SNG to before fighting Shub instead of the end
- LG replaces SNG in the final room
- HPL secret will now make more sense (WIP)
- HPL room is now built out
- Revamped last seconds of the map and intermission

I will email you about the status tomorrow. 
No worries, just thought my message accepting a new version might have got lost amongst the thread. 
Moar Com Mentz 
I didn't comment properly before so here's a bit more based on partial replays.

The main thing that stood out, apart from the general high quality, was the sheer variety of not only the mapping within a set theme, but the really varied strengths of many maps. From Ionous's build quality to Muk's lighting to Pulsar's spectacle to many many more, it shows just how individual the mappers are with their approaches. And how everyone needs to map more to keep showcasing their talents ;)

Bloughsburgh jam9_mjb
Cool interpretation of the theme, really like the gory stuff. A bit crude in some designs are very hard, but also interestingly tactical with the options it gives you.

Breezeep jam9_breezeep
Lovely outside bit, lighting fog rock and castle all spot on. Inside good but not quite as impressive. Solid gameplay but very fair and well supplied. Very nice.

DelusionalBear jam9_dbear
Great lighting and fog in the early bits, I like the first small bit as it feels so chic, also cool secrets there. Big room is impressive but the change of scale is a bit jarring. Gameplay was fun although finish felt unfinished.

dumptruck_ds jam9_dumptruck
Interesting and tricky. Design design and atmosphere but scale is a bit ott for lack of details. Gameplay was thoughtprovoking and cool in places but frustrating at the end.

G1ftmacher jam9_giftmacher
Very very interesting. The Quoth version of Alice Madness Returns? Lovely balance of Quakeiness and pseudo-real designs, great details too. Fun gameplay and good ambushes although super-secret is essential.

Haunter jam9_haunter
Short and sweet, apart from the death crushers. Cool room design later on although areas were quite disparate. Shows a lot of potential.

Ionous jam9_ionous
Obviously only a small part of a greater plan, equally obviously perfect for it's size!

Kell jam9_kell
Very cool and stylish. The stargate is an epicly ominous design (could have been used more gameplaywise tho). Good vibe that works well in Quoth. Gameplay and progression was fun although puzzle rooms were bland. The n0n-lethal void was a massive plus.

Mukor jam9_mukor
Really enjoyed this, classic Muk build quality and smooth lighting. Good solid map that hits the mark in design and fun and fair gameplay. Vermis is quite gentle which is nice.

Naitelveni jam9_naitelveni
A little bit rough around the edges, but great spectacle and some cool designs (esp the flesh)). The main blood room is a good current example of cool Quake/Quoth design and aesthetics. Gameplay was proper meaty and good fun apart from the walkway lip in the blood room.

NewHouse jam9_newhouse
Sorry didn't get on with this, so no real comment, although the OTT idea seems cool.

onetruepurple jam9_otp
Not as elegantly themed as some but some really cool designs and details and nice variety. Good thoughtful gameplay and secrets albeit ending too early!

Pulsar jam9_pulsar
Really beautiful design and style, definitely the aesthetic highlight of the pack, I loved it. Good gameplay and progression but the death void got a bit annoying esp secret hunting.

ShoTro jam9_shotro
Sorry didn't get on with this, so no real comment

skacky jam9_skacky, start
Great map, very proper in all ways. Not much to say, probably the most complete "all-round" map of the pack. 
Thanks for the comments. Each one of these jams is a great learning experience. I am making all my levels too large. I am going to try for smaller corridors shooting next so I break the habit. The ending IS tough but only because I think players aren't exploring enough. I have 7-12 seconds between the successive boss fights and respawning ammo in the side rooms. I think if I signposted things better it would have helped. And dropping down to the side rooms was way too hard I will give you that! 

Lots of lunch break changes to start, arena 1 and arena 3 kept in. Start was moved up and got some more TLC for co-op. More ammo. Revamped Shub fight... Shoot the glowy bits and very obvious when to shoot shub now. Item/Monster remixing. Fleshed out HPL secret (injoke) and changed ending/intermission.

Playtested with coop. Unstable at times while in the main hub, but playable. 100% completion tested as well. Still the same map. Just better balanced and less frustrating. 
Nice. Looking forward to this newer take. 
No Playthrough Right Now

But probably at some later point! 
Hm, Maybe I WILL Stream It Now

But nah, fuck it. 
Are You For Real? 
So, because people won't comply to your will, you're just gonna spam all Func_ threads with your fake Twitch links? How old are you, 5? 
Well At Any Case. 
Having already seen & played the secret map and Ionous' map before release, next up is G1ftmacher!

Enough has been said about how this map is beautiful (which it is), has a strong sense of place (which it does) and how well paced the encounters were (which they were). So what I'll talk about instead is the audio, which is probably the best from all the jam 9 entries - every time an ambient sound was present, which was more often than not, it added to the experience considerably and helped make the already distinct areas stand even stronger on their own.

The way the map is constructed makes me think that in the "universe" this map is set in, massive half city, half machine hybrids are built on ground and then sent upwards to float next to the huge rocks that can then be mined on. Maps rarely make me think of their backstories like this but the "environmental storytelling" here was so strong that I couldn't help it.

And now it's time to sleep since I've been typing this post for nearly 2 hours, hope my dreams look half as nice as this map does. ;-) 
Trailer For Jam9 
I wasn't joking. I really wanted to get this finished before Quakecon but RL got kinda crazy over the last two weekends. I think you will like what I've done. Should have time to finish it this week. 
Three maps left but sadly there will be zero demos coming. Respects for the rest for raising hype for the jam before, during, and after, but the maps despite above average build quality just did not mesh with me.

Not wanting to end my playthrough on a sour note I'm going to reflect on the jam as a whole, which is fitting as today it's one month since the whole thing came out.

I'm not one to seek credit for "organising", but I cannot help but feel very satisfied with how a random idea for a Knave jam I had around January has matterialised into one of the very finest releases we've had. Some past jams were just as successful, if not more, in terms of raw output of maps. However, it wasn't until this one when it became a major event pulling the community together and bringing out the best out of everyone involved.

An event like this, uniting newcomers to mapping with mappers long since thought gone, in one place and one time, to map, exchange ideas, support eachother, and otherwise to shoot the shit... a pretty incredible thing to happen for a 21 year old game. We tend to look in envy at how "better" Doom is doing at its age, but let's be honest, there isn't really any other game that we can compare mapping to.

Some say that this community is winding down, shrinking, divided, etc. but I have not felt this sort of sense of unity and purpose for quite some time, if ever. The brief slice of time after jam 2 came out comes close, but even that went sour in less than an hour (for reasons I have promised to Shambler to not bring up on this board again).

Thanks to PuLSaR, Ionous, and skacky for masterminding this jam from beginning to end, you guys are top guys. Three cheers to all the participants, I hope to see some more maps soon. Thanks to everybody who left a post and/or a demo, your reactions, good or bad, make all the hard work worth it in the end.

And that's enough of being sentimental, go map all! 
Just The Fact... 
That you briefly brought our master, Kell, back from whatever dark corner of the universe that he has been in is a huge success! Thank you!!! 
My Crappy Drunken Demo 
A 5th Or Something Attempt 
First Batch Of Demos 
Finally have time to sit down and plays these wonderful maps!


Totally crazy and original looking map here! Transforms the knave theme into your own vision and it was pleasing to explore for the most part. The base intro is a nice tension build up and I liked the use of all of the curved brushwork in the map. The purple colors were pleasing to say the least.

Gameplay was a bit bland for me and I was disappointed by the lack of originality of the secrets when comparing to the actual map's visual design. I was hoping to break into windows on the upper floor balconies and use vertical layers to locate cool places. The last horde fight seemed a bit off in timing too as I either waited a prolonged period of time or was able to exit while monsters where still spawning in. Awesome job!


Solid gameplay with nice and condensed flow. Lighting was warm and cozy as I come to expect from you. The map got me a little confused with all of the samey bookshelf alcoves. In addition, I wasn't a fan of the compulsion to whack everything as secrets were tied to stone faces, books, and other common pieces of the theme. The RA secret was a nice little treat and I unfortunately most likely missed some larger secret.

The Vermis fight was probably the best fight of this type I have played. It was panic inducing but also exhilarating at the same time. Feeling the desperation to seek out that little bit of health is something I don't always get to experience in maps so thanks for this. I would go as far to say this was a masterful execution of Vermis and friends.


I couldn't help but look up constantly as the vertical detail was staggering! Lovely small map full of your personality. Loved the double secret and the placement of the red buttons. I couldn't find the last one though! Gameplay was tight, a good challenge! Cool map titles from all as well! 
Agree one hundred percent. We were happy enough to see that Kell responded to PuLSaR's initial e-mail about the jam in the first place. You can imagine what the reaction was when this happened:

PuLSaR - 07/09/2017
more good news
Kell has almost finished his map
Really have to say single player Quake is still my favorite FPS of all time. All of you guys have outdone yourselves but I think Consciousness Outpost was my favorite of the bunch. I really love the Contract Revoked/Quoth/Warpspasm theme of Warhammer 40K esque gothic daemonolatry mashed up with high technology and I wish this was more explored and fleshed out in mainstream Sci-fi and video games. Absolutely epic, mindblowing and ponderous imagery. I'm sure HPL himself would be stunned. 
Jam9 Trailer Finished 
As I said before, I wanted to have this ready for QuakeCon but I still think this is worth sharing, re-tweeting and getting out there even now over a month after release.

Happy to answer questions about how this was produced. 
WOW ! 
Superb video. Very well done! 
Very Cool! 
great job! 
That's Amazing. 
Maybe now somebody will finally find the secret in the area of my map that appeared first. 
Thumbs Up! 
Left a comment on the vid, felt it was unnecessary to copy/paste it here. 
Maybe now somebody will finally find the secret in the area of my map that appeared first.

I want you to know that I went back and did all secrets playthroughs of all the maps (except Shotro's because I'll need a whole free day just to try that!). So none of that went to waste! 
Have you recorded demos/videos of these 100% secrets playthroughs? 
The HD Texture Pack For Jam 9 Is Released! 
If some of you are interested, head over there. Of course, it also works with the original Contract Revoked. 
This Is Great If You Ever Need A Quick Way To Throw Up 
Jesus Christ 
No Demos I'm Afraid 
I suspect they'd make for really dull viewing I'm afraid, lots of shooting at random stuff, wandering around completed levels trying to find something of interest. Nicely prepared "runs" when I beat the level while visiting all the secrets (now that I know where they are) would be good but an extra level of effort to go to. 
I almost linked to that but knew there'd be a certain contingent that was instantly snooty about it. Good for you for at least making the attempt. 
Yeah, I Was Prepared For Some Flak 
but decided to post anyway. I remember another HD pack (advertised by someone else than me) got at least some positive feedback here, so I figured this one could interest some people.

At any rate, even though I disagree, I can understand that some can perceive a dichotomy between vanilla Quake map architecture and HD textures, but the complexity of recent maps has mostly erased that dichotomy out of existence. 
Who Gives A Toss! 
i'll give it a whirl after arcane dimensions. 
Here Is A Demo 
for my best buddy Never make a HD texture pack for any of my maps again. aka 'one thru poopie'

i like the map, not sure if i played it the right way tho, skill 0 
For The Record 
I hate what those textures look like on my map but that's fine. If it means a few more people check out jam9 it's worth it. 
HD Textures. 
They don't like look quite right, and not just for the objective dichotomy between map architecture and texturing (nor for that matter the same dichotomy between monster / model / prop texturing and hd wall texturing). The brick and tile textures have too much contrast and too obvious gaps / shadows around the bricks etc. It makes them look quite cartoony and a bit distracting. The non-HD fuzziness / blurriness overrides that, usually. 
These textures really don't look good at all but that's not really the point here. The point is People have had to use the original textures to build their maps. Replacing them with any other textures simply betrays the whole point of the jam in the first place, especially when the replacements are of vastly inferior quality. You don't get the intended experience and you, probably unconsciously, think that the hard work of the original artist and the mappers isn't good enough for you. 
You don't get the intended experience and you, probably unconsciously, think that the hard work of the original artist and the mappers isn't good enough for you.

I agree but there's nothing you can do about it so why bitch? You can't even effectively discourage people from using them. HD textures suck - they look like shit IMO but coming from a business that's entirely subjective (entertainment) I get that someone else may think our 21 year-old game looks like shit and needs to be updated. Again, I disagree but I am willing to bet the number of people that use this texture set is tiny. So big fucking deal. If one more person plays my map because of these textures I am fine with it. I mean fuck I hate that anyone would play my map in Darkplaces but many people will and have. Nothing I can do about it. 
Packaged Version 
While I know that this board isn't really the audience for this, the "packaged" version is finally done.

One more useful bit of news for the thread is that it contains a revised version of ShoTro's map, which I expect he'll share with the thread separately so you don't have to redownload the whole pack to get it. The first rune in particular is a lot better balanced for an "intro mission", and there are lots of nice tweaks. As a side effect, while testing it I did a 100% playthrough, so now I've found all the secrets in the pack! 
Great news. I will add it to my links advertised in the trailer. 
Package Version 

Just tested the map pack ! Pretty amazing pack from what I saw. Tested both the package version and the "normal" version. The Quoth packague version (jam9.pak) seems to have at least shotro map not updated ;) Sorry if this was the wrong place to post, just figured I'd warn about this. 
Nevermind, my bad, it's actually the opposite :S 
Wait Wait Wait 
Does -quoth let me piggy back another mod folder off of the "quoth" folder?

I tried to follow the readme to a T since so many people had install problems, so in my clean directory for playing/testing (just an ID1 and engine), I put a jam9 folder with all the jam9 zip contents in it and ran -quoth -game jam9 but had lots of obviously missing stuff. Looked at the jam9 folder and lo and behold there isn't much in there, certainly not the Quoth 2.2.full.patch files.

I'd have to rename pak files to copy and paste jam9 into the quoth folder to get it to work which is fine, but that's not what the readme says.

So what magic is going on when I use the -quoth command? 
In Short 
Yes - it's the same as the -hipnotic and -rogue commands. Quoth itself used to be ran under "-hipnotic -game quoth".

This was used so the replacement content from Contract and some extras (the conback, and the blank sample for the water splashing sound) would work seamlessly. ne_tower is another example of this.

Obviously this will not magically combine two different progs. 
That's cool. Now I can finally play this when I have time. Why didn't the readme say so? That's probably why myself and others keep having issues with jams that use quoth. I always thought the mod directories were mutually exclusive and that if I ran -quoth -game jam9 it didn't matter if I had a quoth directory alongside it.

Hmmm...I've more questions but I'll go ask them in an engine thread.

Yay, this is going to be fun. I love knave. 
Secrets Guides 
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