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Map Jam 9 Released - Contract Revoked Theme
After long weeks of mapping Map Jam 9 is finally released. We have 15 incredible maps from the following authors, including one very special guest:


Download 1
Download 2

Quoth 2.2 is required to play this jam! You can download Quoth here

Don't forget to record demos and share your experience with the authors.
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Save Error? 
Hi mfx! That error message looks like the engine was trying to load a save file, but the save file was corrupt in some way. Pulsar's map has an autosave features near the gold key, one trigger makes a save file before you go past the gold key. Then if you manage to go past the gold key without collecting it a second trigger loads the autosave so you can have another try!

Looking through the source code, Quoth 2.1 had a function called trigger_start_go, but it was renamed something more descriptive by the time 2.2 was released. So my guess at a diagnosis is:

  • you played pulsar's map at some point using Quoth 2.1, which created the autosave file
  • you upgraded to Quoth 2.2
  • you played Pulsar's map again, tried to get the hammer secret, and fell into the void near the gold key
  • rather than hitting the void trigger, you managed to steer into the trigger which loads the autosave
  • because you didn't hit the "create autosave" trigger yet in this playthrough, it tried to load the autosave you created in your original playthrough using version 2.1
  • this crashed because save files created in different patches are incompatible

Does that sound plausible?

PS: spent a while replaying pulsar's map to try and figure this one out, I finally got the SNG early! 5 secrets to go, and I can see two of them on the islands... 
Very very very good job!!!!!!!! 
Hey Preach, I got pulled into a week and a half long business trip (actually two trips) at the last minute that took up all my time. I am home now and I will see if I can wrap up what I was doing tomorrow. I need to test what I have done and make sure it all works and almost everything is in place. I can always just cut things as they are and ship after a quick test, but testing the map can take some time.

- Added some things to the Chthon fight to make it more interesting, easier even at high difficulties, but... don't get cocky
- Texture fixes that were needed
- Lots of small fixes that I made "just to see" if they work and kept the working ones in on this version of the map
- Made the 3rd arena a little more interesting, a bit easier, but crazier
- Made the shub fight blatantly obvious what to do now (glowing spots) Fixed a few things about the battle leading up to that
- Shub now moves (testing)
- Moved the SNG to before fighting Shub instead of the end
- LG replaces SNG in the final room
- HPL secret will now make more sense (WIP)
- HPL room is now built out
- Revamped last seconds of the map and intermission

I will email you about the status tomorrow. 
No worries, just thought my message accepting a new version might have got lost amongst the thread. 
Moar Com Mentz 
I didn't comment properly before so here's a bit more based on partial replays.

The main thing that stood out, apart from the general high quality, was the sheer variety of not only the mapping within a set theme, but the really varied strengths of many maps. From Ionous's build quality to Muk's lighting to Pulsar's spectacle to many many more, it shows just how individual the mappers are with their approaches. And how everyone needs to map more to keep showcasing their talents ;)

Bloughsburgh jam9_mjb
Cool interpretation of the theme, really like the gory stuff. A bit crude in some designs are very hard, but also interestingly tactical with the options it gives you.

Breezeep jam9_breezeep
Lovely outside bit, lighting fog rock and castle all spot on. Inside good but not quite as impressive. Solid gameplay but very fair and well supplied. Very nice.

DelusionalBear jam9_dbear
Great lighting and fog in the early bits, I like the first small bit as it feels so chic, also cool secrets there. Big room is impressive but the change of scale is a bit jarring. Gameplay was fun although finish felt unfinished.

dumptruck_ds jam9_dumptruck
Interesting and tricky. Design design and atmosphere but scale is a bit ott for lack of details. Gameplay was thoughtprovoking and cool in places but frustrating at the end.

G1ftmacher jam9_giftmacher
Very very interesting. The Quoth version of Alice Madness Returns? Lovely balance of Quakeiness and pseudo-real designs, great details too. Fun gameplay and good ambushes although super-secret is essential.

Haunter jam9_haunter
Short and sweet, apart from the death crushers. Cool room design later on although areas were quite disparate. Shows a lot of potential.

Ionous jam9_ionous
Obviously only a small part of a greater plan, equally obviously perfect for it's size!

Kell jam9_kell
Very cool and stylish. The stargate is an epicly ominous design (could have been used more gameplaywise tho). Good vibe that works well in Quoth. Gameplay and progression was fun although puzzle rooms were bland. The n0n-lethal void was a massive plus.

Mukor jam9_mukor
Really enjoyed this, classic Muk build quality and smooth lighting. Good solid map that hits the mark in design and fun and fair gameplay. Vermis is quite gentle which is nice.

Naitelveni jam9_naitelveni
A little bit rough around the edges, but great spectacle and some cool designs (esp the flesh)). The main blood room is a good current example of cool Quake/Quoth design and aesthetics. Gameplay was proper meaty and good fun apart from the walkway lip in the blood room.

NewHouse jam9_newhouse
Sorry didn't get on with this, so no real comment, although the OTT idea seems cool.

onetruepurple jam9_otp
Not as elegantly themed as some but some really cool designs and details and nice variety. Good thoughtful gameplay and secrets albeit ending too early!

Pulsar jam9_pulsar
Really beautiful design and style, definitely the aesthetic highlight of the pack, I loved it. Good gameplay and progression but the death void got a bit annoying esp secret hunting.

ShoTro jam9_shotro
Sorry didn't get on with this, so no real comment

skacky jam9_skacky, start
Great map, very proper in all ways. Not much to say, probably the most complete "all-round" map of the pack. 
Thanks for the comments. Each one of these jams is a great learning experience. I am making all my levels too large. I am going to try for smaller corridors shooting next so I break the habit. The ending IS tough but only because I think players aren't exploring enough. I have 7-12 seconds between the successive boss fights and respawning ammo in the side rooms. I think if I signposted things better it would have helped. And dropping down to the side rooms was way too hard I will give you that! 

Lots of lunch break changes to start, arena 1 and arena 3 kept in. Start was moved up and got some more TLC for co-op. More ammo. Revamped Shub fight... Shoot the glowy bits and very obvious when to shoot shub now. Item/Monster remixing. Fleshed out HPL secret (injoke) and changed ending/intermission.

Playtested with coop. Unstable at times while in the main hub, but playable. 100% completion tested as well. Still the same map. Just better balanced and less frustrating. 
Nice. Looking forward to this newer take. 
No Playthrough Right Now

But probably at some later point! 
Hm, Maybe I WILL Stream It Now

But nah, fuck it. 
Are You For Real? 
So, because people won't comply to your will, you're just gonna spam all Func_ threads with your fake Twitch links? How old are you, 5? 
Well At Any Case. 
Having already seen & played the secret map and Ionous' map before release, next up is G1ftmacher!

Enough has been said about how this map is beautiful (which it is), has a strong sense of place (which it does) and how well paced the encounters were (which they were). So what I'll talk about instead is the audio, which is probably the best from all the jam 9 entries - every time an ambient sound was present, which was more often than not, it added to the experience considerably and helped make the already distinct areas stand even stronger on their own.

The way the map is constructed makes me think that in the "universe" this map is set in, massive half city, half machine hybrids are built on ground and then sent upwards to float next to the huge rocks that can then be mined on. Maps rarely make me think of their backstories like this but the "environmental storytelling" here was so strong that I couldn't help it.

And now it's time to sleep since I've been typing this post for nearly 2 hours, hope my dreams look half as nice as this map does. ;-) 
Trailer For Jam9 
I wasn't joking. I really wanted to get this finished before Quakecon but RL got kinda crazy over the last two weekends. I think you will like what I've done. Should have time to finish it this week. 
Three maps left but sadly there will be zero demos coming. Respects for the rest for raising hype for the jam before, during, and after, but the maps despite above average build quality just did not mesh with me.

Not wanting to end my playthrough on a sour note I'm going to reflect on the jam as a whole, which is fitting as today it's one month since the whole thing came out.

I'm not one to seek credit for "organising", but I cannot help but feel very satisfied with how a random idea for a Knave jam I had around January has matterialised into one of the very finest releases we've had. Some past jams were just as successful, if not more, in terms of raw output of maps. However, it wasn't until this one when it became a major event pulling the community together and bringing out the best out of everyone involved.

An event like this, uniting newcomers to mapping with mappers long since thought gone, in one place and one time, to map, exchange ideas, support eachother, and otherwise to shoot the shit... a pretty incredible thing to happen for a 21 year old game. We tend to look in envy at how "better" Doom is doing at its age, but let's be honest, there isn't really any other game that we can compare mapping to.

Some say that this community is winding down, shrinking, divided, etc. but I have not felt this sort of sense of unity and purpose for quite some time, if ever. The brief slice of time after jam 2 came out comes close, but even that went sour in less than an hour (for reasons I have promised to Shambler to not bring up on this board again).

Thanks to PuLSaR, Ionous, and skacky for masterminding this jam from beginning to end, you guys are top guys. Three cheers to all the participants, I hope to see some more maps soon. Thanks to everybody who left a post and/or a demo, your reactions, good or bad, make all the hard work worth it in the end.

And that's enough of being sentimental, go map all! 
Just The Fact... 
That you briefly brought our master, Kell, back from whatever dark corner of the universe that he has been in is a huge success! Thank you!!! 
My Crappy Drunken Demo 
A 5th Or Something Attempt 
First Batch Of Demos 
Finally have time to sit down and plays these wonderful maps!


Totally crazy and original looking map here! Transforms the knave theme into your own vision and it was pleasing to explore for the most part. The base intro is a nice tension build up and I liked the use of all of the curved brushwork in the map. The purple colors were pleasing to say the least.

Gameplay was a bit bland for me and I was disappointed by the lack of originality of the secrets when comparing to the actual map's visual design. I was hoping to break into windows on the upper floor balconies and use vertical layers to locate cool places. The last horde fight seemed a bit off in timing too as I either waited a prolonged period of time or was able to exit while monsters where still spawning in. Awesome job!


Solid gameplay with nice and condensed flow. Lighting was warm and cozy as I come to expect from you. The map got me a little confused with all of the samey bookshelf alcoves. In addition, I wasn't a fan of the compulsion to whack everything as secrets were tied to stone faces, books, and other common pieces of the theme. The RA secret was a nice little treat and I unfortunately most likely missed some larger secret.

The Vermis fight was probably the best fight of this type I have played. It was panic inducing but also exhilarating at the same time. Feeling the desperation to seek out that little bit of health is something I don't always get to experience in maps so thanks for this. I would go as far to say this was a masterful execution of Vermis and friends.


I couldn't help but look up constantly as the vertical detail was staggering! Lovely small map full of your personality. Loved the double secret and the placement of the red buttons. I couldn't find the last one though! Gameplay was tight, a good challenge! Cool map titles from all as well! 
Agree one hundred percent. We were happy enough to see that Kell responded to PuLSaR's initial e-mail about the jam in the first place. You can imagine what the reaction was when this happened:

PuLSaR - 07/09/2017
more good news
Kell has almost finished his map
Really have to say single player Quake is still my favorite FPS of all time. All of you guys have outdone yourselves but I think Consciousness Outpost was my favorite of the bunch. I really love the Contract Revoked/Quoth/Warpspasm theme of Warhammer 40K esque gothic daemonolatry mashed up with high technology and I wish this was more explored and fleshed out in mainstream Sci-fi and video games. Absolutely epic, mindblowing and ponderous imagery. I'm sure HPL himself would be stunned. 
Jam9 Trailer Finished 
As I said before, I wanted to have this ready for QuakeCon but I still think this is worth sharing, re-tweeting and getting out there even now over a month after release.

Happy to answer questions about how this was produced. 
WOW ! 
Superb video. Very well done! 
Very Cool! 
great job! 
That's Amazing. 
Maybe now somebody will finally find the secret in the area of my map that appeared first. 
Thumbs Up! 
Left a comment on the vid, felt it was unnecessary to copy/paste it here. 
Maybe now somebody will finally find the secret in the area of my map that appeared first.

I want you to know that I went back and did all secrets playthroughs of all the maps (except Shotro's because I'll need a whole free day just to try that!). So none of that went to waste! 
Have you recorded demos/videos of these 100% secrets playthroughs? 
The HD Texture Pack For Jam 9 Is Released! 
If some of you are interested, head over there. Of course, it also works with the original Contract Revoked. 
This Is Great If You Ever Need A Quick Way To Throw Up 
Jesus Christ 
No Demos I'm Afraid 
I suspect they'd make for really dull viewing I'm afraid, lots of shooting at random stuff, wandering around completed levels trying to find something of interest. Nicely prepared "runs" when I beat the level while visiting all the secrets (now that I know where they are) would be good but an extra level of effort to go to. 
I almost linked to that but knew there'd be a certain contingent that was instantly snooty about it. Good for you for at least making the attempt. 
Yeah, I Was Prepared For Some Flak 
but decided to post anyway. I remember another HD pack (advertised by someone else than me) got at least some positive feedback here, so I figured this one could interest some people.

At any rate, even though I disagree, I can understand that some can perceive a dichotomy between vanilla Quake map architecture and HD textures, but the complexity of recent maps has mostly erased that dichotomy out of existence. 
Who Gives A Toss! 
i'll give it a whirl after arcane dimensions. 
Here Is A Demo 
for my best buddy Never make a HD texture pack for any of my maps again. aka 'one thru poopie'

i like the map, not sure if i played it the right way tho, skill 0 
For The Record 
I hate what those textures look like on my map but that's fine. If it means a few more people check out jam9 it's worth it. 
HD Textures. 
They don't like look quite right, and not just for the objective dichotomy between map architecture and texturing (nor for that matter the same dichotomy between monster / model / prop texturing and hd wall texturing). The brick and tile textures have too much contrast and too obvious gaps / shadows around the bricks etc. It makes them look quite cartoony and a bit distracting. The non-HD fuzziness / blurriness overrides that, usually. 
These textures really don't look good at all but that's not really the point here. The point is People have had to use the original textures to build their maps. Replacing them with any other textures simply betrays the whole point of the jam in the first place, especially when the replacements are of vastly inferior quality. You don't get the intended experience and you, probably unconsciously, think that the hard work of the original artist and the mappers isn't good enough for you. 
You don't get the intended experience and you, probably unconsciously, think that the hard work of the original artist and the mappers isn't good enough for you.

I agree but there's nothing you can do about it so why bitch? You can't even effectively discourage people from using them. HD textures suck - they look like shit IMO but coming from a business that's entirely subjective (entertainment) I get that someone else may think our 21 year-old game looks like shit and needs to be updated. Again, I disagree but I am willing to bet the number of people that use this texture set is tiny. So big fucking deal. If one more person plays my map because of these textures I am fine with it. I mean fuck I hate that anyone would play my map in Darkplaces but many people will and have. Nothing I can do about it. 
Packaged Version 
While I know that this board isn't really the audience for this, the "packaged" version is finally done.

One more useful bit of news for the thread is that it contains a revised version of ShoTro's map, which I expect he'll share with the thread separately so you don't have to redownload the whole pack to get it. The first rune in particular is a lot better balanced for an "intro mission", and there are lots of nice tweaks. As a side effect, while testing it I did a 100% playthrough, so now I've found all the secrets in the pack! 
Great news. I will add it to my links advertised in the trailer. 
Package Version 

Just tested the map pack ! Pretty amazing pack from what I saw. Tested both the package version and the "normal" version. The Quoth packague version (jam9.pak) seems to have at least shotro map not updated ;) Sorry if this was the wrong place to post, just figured I'd warn about this. 
Nevermind, my bad, it's actually the opposite :S 
Wait Wait Wait 
Does -quoth let me piggy back another mod folder off of the "quoth" folder?

I tried to follow the readme to a T since so many people had install problems, so in my clean directory for playing/testing (just an ID1 and engine), I put a jam9 folder with all the jam9 zip contents in it and ran -quoth -game jam9 but had lots of obviously missing stuff. Looked at the jam9 folder and lo and behold there isn't much in there, certainly not the Quoth 2.2.full.patch files.

I'd have to rename pak files to copy and paste jam9 into the quoth folder to get it to work which is fine, but that's not what the readme says.

So what magic is going on when I use the -quoth command? 
In Short 
Yes - it's the same as the -hipnotic and -rogue commands. Quoth itself used to be ran under "-hipnotic -game quoth".

This was used so the replacement content from Contract and some extras (the conback, and the blank sample for the water splashing sound) would work seamlessly. ne_tower is another example of this.

Obviously this will not magically combine two different progs. 
That's cool. Now I can finally play this when I have time. Why didn't the readme say so? That's probably why myself and others keep having issues with jams that use quoth. I always thought the mod directories were mutually exclusive and that if I ran -quoth -game jam9 it didn't matter if I had a quoth directory alongside it.

Hmmm...I've more questions but I'll go ask them in an engine thread.

Yay, this is going to be fun. I love knave. 
Secrets Guides 
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